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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  September 17, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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under a tornado watch until 10:00 tonight. this long line from baltimore all the way down toward h,rale an area blocked the flooding. look at the storms. a tornado warning still in effect. theity of richmond had a tornado go through and now we're looking at this aa along i-95. extremely heavy rainfall and we geto aftrm movg over the same area. so a tornado watch in effect but also a flash fod watchful we could see it along i-95. especially along i-95 and points east. so we're on iop offor you. a tornado watch until 10:00. a flash flood watch until reminder tomorrow morning morning because of chance of extremely heavy rainfall. we'll talk about today's threat, tomorrow's threat, and when thi stor finally gets out of our
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hair. >> wow. we'll stayn close touch. >> many parts of the state are underwater. we want to show you some new drone video from maple hill. this is about 30 miles from wilmington, north carolina. so many loam submerged, so many homes are submerged. chris lawrence is in north carokina. he is l at the damage in new bern. you're getting an upclose look at the devastation there. >>eporter: yeah. you saw it first hand. some of the families are having a hard time describing the sheer power of all the water. look at this woman's home. you can see the damage. we're talkingfo , five, six feet of damage on the first floor. >> this is melissa daniels' home before the storm. then the hurricahit. >> yeah. >> and by 7:30, there were major waves coming in.
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it looked like ocean wav and crashing into the side of the house. >> her camera caught images of it. >> it started working like a battering ram against the house. ve ir.>> >> ithased her neighbor right to the second floor. >> this wholet bottom p of the apartment was covered in water and got about as high as that middleti secon there. >> tha when you get real cle to god. >> reporter: they all say that wall of water was roaring through their doors. >> you could see it coming over ohe street, the walk, right i my apartment. >> my neighborhe across t street. part of his dock is across this fence here. >> and he says, they're all in the same boat. recover what you can and rebuild. >> just lug out the furniture
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and just, what i can save, try to save. >> melissa allowed to us walk around her home. some say it is a complete loss. what if anything they can salvage. not one person we talked toth s anyone plans to move. >> and they love it there. such a. but part of the country any other time. it looks unrecognizable. a quick question. are they out of the woods right now? it is good that they're allowed to go back in in terms ofn flooding that nuese river and water coming down from higher elevations. >> where you will the flooding is where we were this yorning in kingston and that area. have the inland rivers. they're sti swelling.
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still a risk of some flooding.t they caneast start to start over. >> all right. rebuilding fromew bern north carolina. thanks so much for us. >> lawrence could become costliest storm to hit the u.s. in terms of property loss. way too early to ess right now range from $50 billion to ll$170 n. the costliest storms to date remain hurricane katrina. noaa said it cost the are $161 billion. and hurricane harvey cost the houston area an estimated $125 billion last year. if you are looking to help people, go to the nbc washington app. you can help w clothing and foodnd you can help by
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ilding rescue organizations to save animals. now to the controversy of president trump's pick. those on both sides of the aisle ar calling for a delay in the hearings to confirm brett kavanaugh after claim of a woman claiming sexual assault. whatre you hearing? >> well, things don't look so certain. the senate judiciary committee was planning to vote on this. thursd he may face some tough questioning before that happens. if it does happen on thursday. senators say they b wanth judge kavanaugh and his accuser to testify under oath aey th want to it happenon as as tomorrow. kavanaugh has presumably faced somef these tough questions at the white house this morning. president trump said he stands behind kavanaugh saying that ford should be heard. she accused him of sexually
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assaulting her at a house party in the1980. ford's attorney addressed those claims on the "today" show. >> she has taken a polygraph. she is a credible person. these are serious allegations. >> i would likehe see a complete process. i would like everybody to be very happy. i want the american people to be happy. they're getting somebody that is great. i want him to go in at the absolute highest level. i think to do that, you have to go through it. >> and kavanaugh says the allegations are completely false ande says, i have never done anything like what the accuser describes to her or to anyone. i am willing to talk to the senate judiciary committee. ford is a graduate from a school in bethesda and 0f alumni thanked her f stepping
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forward. evidence of a desperate attempt on save the victims of an appareny murder-suicide. we're learning more about what drove a man to kill. >> the911 call for help came from one of victims in the house. theear-old step daughter of the gunman. the only way they could get to the vtims was by busting the back sbi the home. they encountered bloody shootinn after bloody shooting scene. around midnight, this two-story a ver spring colonial became house ofs. horr
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police say he shot and killed his 48-year-old wife. sh and killed his 10-year-old son. shot and criticallyounded his 11-year-old daughter. shot and critically wounded his 22-year-old step daughter and then shot and killed himself. he was a 57-year-old auto body mechanic. here he is, working on a friend's ca his friend said he can't believe what happened here. >> never in a million years would i have thought something like this would happen, not with him. >> for several years, kim worked at the white oak service shot. they too were shocked by what happened. >> unbelievable. this was a really quiet person. on time at work every day. never had any problem with him whatsoever. never, ever. >> reporter: police say there
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was a sig of trouble in the marriage. they say that could be the motive for this shooting spree. >> investigators have determined that they may not have been getting along. >> were they living under the same roof?ar >> that's of it. they don't believe they were together. >> reporter: police believe that kim actually planned this that a list of contacts, names and n obers next of kin for the cops >> so tgic there. a prince george's county man has been charged with sex assault while hea worked a montgomery county childcare central. police tell us tlig-year-old thomas henry ridges working at horizon childcare center in silver spring faces twoount of sexual abuse of a minor. police sayidges worked as a
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teacher assistant in montgomery county schools and coached boy's basketball at springbrook high school. parents worri about their children having contact with ridges should call there is a heated debate underway inside d.c. council chambers. a hearing to overturn a law that would raise wages for restaurant servers and others who earn tips. >> reporter: initiative 77 was already passed by d.c. voters. now the d.c. council may repeal it. some say that would be overturning the repeal. others say it would repeal a bad law. >> hundreds of people signed up to testify. some want the council to repeal the initiative. >> listen to the work here's are herwhelmingly telling you, we donal want thise and never consulted in the first place.
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>> reporter: some say itould be wroo throw it out. right now tip workers get $3.33 an ur. the initiative would boost pay to 5 an hour by 2025. lower gue would it help income workers, others say could it close job lossesce and p likes when businesses have to pay the higher wages. >> i thinknt it is impor to remember that $15 an hour is actually $zero an hour if that job doesn't exist. >> reporter: some say repeal would be accepting the wrong message. >> 56% of the votersse p this initiative. for the city council to turn around and se will repeal it,ay w basically, thumbs its n r every single voter in the city. orter: is there a potential for compromise? some say yes. he says no. >> reporter: the hearing is expected to las well into the
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night. maybe as late as >> w just getting started on ws4 at 4:00. police describe i as a life and death struggle between officers and theuspects in some early morning car thefts. >> when i called 911 -- >> reporter: coming up, one of the victims described the incident that ended in a deadly encounter. >> plus, he delived $40,00 held hostage and then killed. the assistant to the savopoulos family tells his story for the first time. and mechanical walls in schools. a look at the dgers is that a look at the dgers is that what is bng doneei
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i and changed diaperight. during the dayat i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, later, when i had a law practice, i vollnteered to help moms ect child support. then, as state senator,
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i worked across party lines to target sexual offen theand take guns awayr, from domestic abusers.ders in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this messaause, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror. >> storm-team 4 has issued weather alert. >> doug is back wit an updated forecast for the night in a couple minutes. al emotiestimony from the man who delivered $40,000 to the savopoulos hou on the day of mansion murders, inside the family was being held hostage.
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it was at times f an emotional family. he told jurors that he m salva and his son phillip while he was working at the raceway in maryland in the winter of 2015 phillip was just learning how to drive race cars. wallace was let go and started working at the personal assistant in march. on the evening of may 13, he he left theat second business in chantilly, virginia, and received a voice message later that night. he asked him to pick up a package in the mning and he would call him with more details. at the time of the call, his wife amy,heir 10-year-old son phillip and housekeeper vera figueroa were already held hostagethe n day. a said he went to the bank with the comparican iron works and was given $40,000 in cash.e wallestified at 10:15ering
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gets a call from salva telling him to putn he cashe red seat of a car parked inside the garage. he said he did as he was told and never realized the family was in danger. the half sister deborah who alse works for family business took witness stand. she testified that she helpeda saigured out a way to get the $40,000 in cash after he called her asking for the mo masser said she never thought to question salva about the money because he was the boss. >> the defense just finished wrapping up, questioningordan wallace. and they tried to poke holes in his story and they tried to show that he is not credible by showing that he l td police several times about how he delivered the $40,000. they also mentioned, made it very clear, that he shared with
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several friends andoc onl media that he was working for this very wealthy family. coming eup, we'lllain how the defense is trying to pin jordan wallac to the crime. bring us up to speedn e watches and warnings. >> we have a lot going on. very heavy rainfa. u saw the big umbrella. right now,ckg this line, in a new mine developed over the blue ridge, all the way den to central portions of virginia. right along i-95, some very heavy rainfall. >> everybody is south and east. now, no warnings. you can see, we have a tornado warning there.reports. a lot of damage done and these
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way. that's why we have the tornado ewatch in effect. the heaviest rainfall arnd the hello, youave lot of rain coming in. look atin wiscoavenue. a nightmare of an evening commute. the gw parkway which floods often and we've seen it. some very heavy rainfall. you follow the parkway down int. arling yeah. you're seeing the very heavy rage as well. we could see some flash flooding and a flash flood watch is in effect right through the overnight hours into the morning hours. right aroun newington, woodbridge, lake ridge. the wider view showing everybody watchnder that tornado including all of southern maryland, d.c., presence william county, stafford, e erybody to uth. the only warning right here for
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the city of richmond. i've seen numerous video showing these tornadoes and they're big. these are not small tornadoes. thesere big around the richmond area. a lot of dama. all because of theemnts of florence. you see the little bands here and you see anotherne here. i want to you think about that. most of thetively moving out.av we it along the blue ridge. that's an area i'm really concerned about. a couple of thunderstorms. 7:00 a.m., some showeactivity. most of us on the dry side. tomorrow around noon. we see the showers redevelop. >> we could have another strong storm or tw the threat is not as high as what we've got out there today.
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so the forecast,ee degrees. maybe a couple rumbles of thunder.ot we have seen much of it. it goes away for the weekend. sunday, monday, psibly into tuesday as well. the temperatures cool as we head into the first full week of any war nings that are issued by the national weather service when we first bring them to you in the storm center. >> all right. we'll get back to you. we continue to follow breaking news. a massive fire burning at an apartment in lanham. plus, tracking a potential dang in your child's school. susan hogan has the investigatn intoio waiting for a transplant..
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we want to get you to the breaking news. as many as 100 people are evacuated from their homes because of a fire at an apartment complex in lanham. shomari stone? >> reporter: the people are
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outside standing outside umbrellas. some weren't able to grab them as the rain comes down. the fire is continuing to burn. moments ago,efighters were able to spray that part of the roof that you're looking at through the trees. you can see there's white smoke. it was dark plumes of smoke right there. what they're doings monitoring this fire to see if there are going to be any more hot spots and continue to spread y let's sho where the fire started. you can see the fire raging. it has gone through the roof. good news, we haven't had any reports of injuries. bad news, hundreds of people displayed. a horrible way to start the week.m some of tere only to five their building is on fire.
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firefighters are continuing to work here under these rainy conditions. certainly, it doesn't hel things from their standpoint the water falling from the sky isn't helping because it is continuing tore f up again. >> let's hope the communitys organizatian get involved too. >> coming up, a serious situation in north carolina. rescues now happening in a town where the river is expected to crest at more than 60 feet above normal. we're going to have a live report. multiple crime scenes pe id lvainvon ed i
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some people the tornado watch across oar . we have had can you be firmed tornadoes around the richmond ea for us it is just hvy rain. right on down i-95. but look down toward the richmond area. the ar numerous storms including a tornado warning. we haveideo of a tornado that was on the ground around the richmond area. this is a fun cloud. have seen numerous reports of
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tornadoes and numerous tornadoes on the ground from these storms. mecklenburg right around the rich mohammad area, chesterfield, virginia. all reporting tornadoes. that whole system trying the w make its toward the north and we'll continue to watch it as we move through. once again, a tornado watch through region. much more coming upro the weather center. wyle we'll bring you any new warnings that come available. thousands of people are now living in shelters in north carolina, spread out at least across seven states including here in our area. three generations of one fram now living together. >> she is now living herve at this uniity campus with her children andld grandchin. they left their homes in
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jacksonville, north carolina, when the evacuation order was given. >> i was told to go as far as you can. we definitely don't want to stay in north carolina. >> reporter: she and her family left north carolina with family members and neighbors as the hurricane w bearing down on her home to. somewhere along the way she got separated from the other he d cross officials wouldn't let our cameras inside the she'ter. >> assisting with their health care needs, food and shelter. reporter: while this shelter at the university of maryland may be one of the furthest from the carolinas, it is far from the only one. in north carolina alone, there are 153 shelters housing more than 10,000 evacuees. the r cross had 22 additional shelters in virginia, georgia, tennessee, kentucky and maryland with nearly 500 evacuates living
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there. as for rosie and her family, they'll be here until they're allowed to go back into their neighborho and if they have anything to go back to. >> going back and snakes are in my house or something like that. >> she hopes she can begin the drive homey the end of this week. the red cross is asking the people who warm to donate to help donate cash rather than taking supplies dectly to the shelter. and the images out of orth caroliremind us of just how powerful wateranbe. carrying cars and boats and sometimes homes. police tape and numerous vehicles on the scene at prince george's police shot and killed a man after he wounded an officer.
5:33 pm
the man was trying b toak in to a home. tracee wilkins has the exclusive interview with the man who came face to face with the suspect. >> reporter: we watched his car get towed here. it all started here at this apartment complex but then ended up across the street. prince george's county police say th gave the suspect a command. they told him to listen and he didn't do it and that's when this turned into ae l and death situation. >> i am describing a life and death struggle betweenur officers and the suspect. >> reporter: the car theft and one suspect dead. he struggled with three prince george's county police officers.
5:34 pm
he was seen stealing license plates. he got away but cke bac minutes later. the owner of the car spoke with us but did not want his face shown. >> did you see the gun? >> no. had the audacity to come back again. >> wivn police a there was a chase that ended across the street at the apartment complex. one resident said they noticed the suspect suspiciously. >> it was real ngst real fidgetyoond lng around too much. >> reporter: police say he was hiding in a laundry room when three officers confront him e. th there was a struggle and police say he fired this gun. they say it was hidden in a waist band. >> officer grabbing it and pushing it away occurs a fraction of a second before the other officer who tased him, drew his service weapon. all of that was in abo one
5:35 pm
second. >> reporter: was the onner received injuries after grabbing the spect's gun as it was firing. >> the officer in grabbing that weapon, like you saved the lives of one of my officers and he is to be commended for that action. >> reporter: the prince george's county police have not identified the suspect who was involved in all of this. reporting live in temple hill. back to you in the stud. >> all right. thank you. a maryland man charged in a sche to defraud hurricane victims. and it is kindergartenen class with a 21st century spin. the youngest stunts are the youngest stunts are de
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opener and it was glaring. so many empty seats. at the start of , e gae seats are empty and fans start to trickle in. en kickoff and you see how many of the seats are still empty. you have to listen to some of
5:39 pm
these numbers. the capacit is 82,000. but the attendance, oy bit over 57,000. that's the lowest attendance for a redskins home opener in fedex history. down from last year against the ac rsionival 50ear sellout dating bto the days at rfk stadium. the running back chris thompson felt it. >> i noticed it. and i also nsiced boo we got and that's it something'm a big fan of. if you're a fan, you shouldn't bee' booing whetherre doing good or bad. i wouldn't say it affects us as a team but i ,know we want to have our stadium packed out. it makes us feel good. it makes us feel like we've got
5:40 pm
the support in the area. for it to be as empty as it was. >> he is not calling up a they need to put a better product on the field which could help the attendance. only time will tell. news4 sports. som new ice for the stanley cup champs. down. being laid we see some space in the rafters will stanley cup ban per be raised october 3rd. and when the caps open tso regular s against the boston bruins. tonight.ws4 investigation a concern vowing motorized partitions in schools. also ahead,
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the remnants of florence sweeping throuhe d.c. metro area. we've got new video of the tornado in richmond. now, to new concern surrounding the large motorized pa iitions found so many schools. >> you may remember the tragic accident in fairfax county last may that claimed the life of a 9-year-old boy. wesley died after getting caught between a mfg partitionoving pa the wall in the school gym. most of the school districts i our area don't have formal
5:44 pm
policies in ple about who can operate these moving walls. >> so we wanted to know more about these mechanical walls. w many are in the schools in our region? and what is being done to make sure our kids are safe around these powerful devices? what we learned may surprise you. carol is a retired fairfax county >>teacher. he kind of kid that wanted to help, wanted to do the right thing. >> she is describing the 9-yearld wesley. she never got a chance to meet him. however, she is friends with his grandmother. >> she and i talked together. ss grandmother a teacher. his mother is a teacher. wesley was killed last may while helping a teacher open the
5:45 pm
partition. his head got caught between aving partition a wall. how it happened is still unclear. the fairfax county police tell usir t investigation is ongoing. >> that's still a question i have. how could that have happened? and it shouldn'tav happened. >> she started writingletters. her letter was published in the "washington post." >> i feel like somethi has to be done. >> so how many of these are in our schools and what are the rules when it comes to who can operate them?we found there are about 500 of these d get is. out of the 2 districts that have these partitions, 17ave no formal written policy stating who is allowed toperate them.
5:46 pm
>> it is just mind-boggling. you can't imagine. and particularly after this? >> reporter: the fairfax county schools did issue new policies following wesley's death but she says they don't go far enough to protect students. she wants e school district on require training for staff members and would like to see additional devices added to every mechanical wall. >> once activated, it surrounds both sides of the partit >> reporter: this is called safe pass. it will stop a partition from moving i someone o something gets in its path. we were told it costs about $5,000 to $6,000 to install per wall. our investigation foundun fairf schools looked into it after wesley's death. but school officials say as of man'shey have no current to install it.
5:47 pm
>> it seems to me there has to be some w to make it absolutely fool proof. out of nearly 500 motorized partitions in our area, we've learned only one has a safety device. that's drew elementary school io arli that has a safety device in e gym. parents, you may be wondering, does my school havene of these? we collected information over single school in our region and we've built this map for you. simply click on your child's school and the location. the partition, as barnl a child in the school system. it isou information want to know. as far as getting the safety devices, my gosh. >> it seems like no brainer. the fact that they're out there is a total no brainer.
5:48 pm
does it come down to money? maybe. we're not sure.well tce is >> per wall. >> we're talking about a leaf here. >> solutely. we are staying on top of it. >> great work. >> let's get the word on the weather. got more in ore. >> we're watching what's happening to the south. >> we've seen multiple tornadoes reported down there. anunfortunately, we're hearing of one fatality. >> we had some video. do we have that? i want to show this. just south and west. look at this. is is a very strong tornado. just looking at that. watch this.yo can see the tornado and then
5:49 pm
watch it as it pans to the sky here. we think maybe four tornadoes. you can see that's another version of it. let's show you what's h pening across the from richmond to southern maryland. not much going on back to the west some of the rain around west virginia. but shenandoah valley, not seeing much ofanything. we're watching this along the blueridge. just west of there, you could see some flash flooding. this is where we're seeing the heaviest storms in this line around richmond. it was a tornado warning until 5:45. that has been allowed to expire. this moving right toward
5:50 pm
northern neck. we're tracking in toward parts of montgomery p countynce george's county. very heavy rainfall. around the columbia pike, wheaton, dansville area, rain.ely heavy and then inside the d.c. metro area, out on 50. s seeinge very heavy inra tyson's corner, 66. a very g slow of things as well. and most of the area. d.c., fairfax, prince william county until 10:00. we are not out of the woods yet. the flash flood watch tensro rit h tomorrow morning. we've been talking about it. tomorrow is one of those where you could be dealing with rain a any point.
5:51 pm
especially compared to today.a pretty low threat. a better threat for some moderate to heavy rain on your tuesday.rr to is a die grab the umbrella. tomorrow is a grilled cheese and tomato soup kind of dinner. the humidity levels come down a week. at the bus stop, not only is a shower possible but some patchy fog as well. if they are outside, oppressive humidity levels feeling al trop we do see the humidity hefls
5:52 pm
coming down and really nice out there on thursday. the pollen, ctrees, alling in. if your allergies are bothering efyou, it isitely the seasonal allergies. specially mold with all theain we'v had. >> all the rain for sure. one of the wettest summers we've had. let's show you tomorrow. 80% chance ofshowers. 85 on wednesday. drying out later this week. we see some shown. and boy, do we need it. we have not seen much in the way of clouds. saturday and sunday. a chance for shower activity. we'll wait and see about any games. e big part is 70s. we've got some weather. >> money meant for hurricane help stolen by a man from maryland. those are the aegations behind
5:53 pm
a recent fraud arrest. only scott mcfarland reports how a man is accused of stealing taxpayer money. authorities think he is not the only one involved. he has stolen social security tumbers and bank account information from least a dozen hurricane victims from 2017. th affidavit, they registered them for aid and put the money on green dot preaid gift cards. he is accused of buying at the dollar tree in capital heights and cashing in the cods t local walmarts, pocketing tens of thousands in the process. as it does with all major storms, female thank offer financial aid to people last
5:54 pm
year. fema's guidance says it offered help but there is no word on how or if he avoided inspections. okirika's attorney has not answered any questions. reading,writing, how the play well with others. >> those are all skills children learn in kindergarten. now add t something elsthe list. list. a hoke
5:55 pm
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i put criminals in prison during the day i'm sennifer wexton, and astor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party liens to target sexual offrs and take guns away from domestic abusers. d in congress, i'll stan to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom,
5:57 pm
what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror. now to a groupho is writing computer code all before snack every day. >> teefg kindergartners how to code. >> are you ready? >> if you ask the kindergartners how their day is going, it an easy answer. >> you just do code all the day. >> 30 minutes a day, to be exact. they are learning a platform relled scratch. theye their own scenes and write commands for the characters. >> they did a wonderful job today. every day they come in and work so hard. wl is just growing kge and love of computer science.
5:58 pm
aimed at getting the children ready. >> now we're doing coding. >> what the kids want you to know they've learned some other skills. >> i can jumpgh watchful is that cool? >> good job. >> no matter what job they do, they'll be using computers. >> go build the next one. >> at least one kid kno what he wants to do. >> i'm going to be aeacher and i'll do the same stuff that will help them in the years to co. >> are those the cutest little coders or what? meadow lands ands two oth have computer immersion. >> so all the students get chance to learn coding.>
5:59 pm
dramatic new video just into tornado m as the touches down in virginia. this was the scene in richmond a ago as the remnants move our way. another one blew through chesterfield county. >> the death toll is rise go as the floodwate are rising. we're tracking the teenages on the ground and the impact florence is having here. chris? >> we start with the latest. >> very heavy rainfall and a tornado watch has been issued until 10:00. ittle earlier this afternoon. as a result of a big storm around fredericksburg. take a look. you can see the areas in yellow extending from richmond toward
6:00 pm
the baltimore area. it includes all of southern maryland, the heavy hijack of storms from richmond. some very heavy i rain some areas. i want to take you into this areaere around the university of maryland. they have an alert fg out about a tornado warning. there is to warning for the university of maryinnd. we're gea lot of calls on it. they're taking kids and putting them that interior rooms. that does not need to happen. it is a strong warning but no tornado warning. wre to the south. a tornadoch for areas in yellow. >> thank you.


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