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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  September 19, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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>> how about that. first we'll turn to chuck bell with a look at the forecast. looking for aeason to likehe weather man today, too. >> well -- >> we always like the weather man, aaron. >> come on, there's always a reason to like the weather man. you may not go ahead and like him, butthere's always a reason. skies have tried to clear out rather significant can'tly curi ng the overnight hour there's patchy fog, nothing major. visibility slightly reduced in some of our sheltered valleys. file that away und the just in case. look at that, dry weather up and down the i-95 corridor. well,this's a little chance for a shower in jacksonville, florida. most of this section of the i-95 corridor nothing to worry about. these rain drops could bring the slightest little cha of a shower today. not really so much around the washington area. our friends in the shenandoah valley, you have a chance to get an isolated rain drop. nothing in c wparison tot
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we've been facing. mid 60s in the shenandoah valley. mid 70s closer to cloud. your planner today, anan abu of sunshine. melissa mollet, you've got to lo that. >> i do. video from chopper 4 last night. this is peyranch road shut down between east-west highway and this i because of a large tree down there. road closed through the rush hour. let's take a l at the maps. it's a little dark but just showing you what's going on this morning. that is going to be shut down. e detour is posted so you can get around it fairly easily here. taking a look elsewhere this morning, ma colombian inner loop after the toll zone, right lane getting by and green belt northbound bw parkway and that work zone. 4:01 and right now police looking for the man who stabbed a woman in a logan circleho neighb. >> this morning she is listed in grave condition. police say the man staed her on the sidewalk outside of the
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asian-american two chinese carry out on p seet lastnight. she stumbled into the restaurant and collapsed. when paramedics arrived she was not conscious. employees of the restaurant reported seeing the man run down west street and 11th northwest. new details against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. his accuser christine blaseys ford say she will not testify unle there's an fbi investigation. republicans want to move forward and question kavanaugh with or without ford. on cnn ford's attorney said testifying will be premature. >> a hearing is not an investigation. >> it is under oath. >> it is but the investigation should occur before the arg. the hearing should be as a result. investigation. noing of substan or legitimate can happen by monday.
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>> judge kavanaugh says he is eager to testify. today president trump will get a closer look at the damage from hurricane florence in north carolina. the president is scheduled to visit the marine corps air station cheri point. there are repor he may visit south carolina before returning to washington later this deening. and the pre will have plenty of damage to take in. take a look at the flooding left behind nearly a week after florence hit. roads are now pretty clear and the problem is now only expected to get worse. several rivers are at record levels in areas swamped by significant franl. fema officials say it is going to take years to recover. the flooding is hurting farms in north carolina. nearly 2 million chickens have died and that number is expected to climb. feed trucks c't reach 30 farms
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meaning more livestock is in danger. north carolina is a major poultry producer ranking fourth in the nation. people inirginia are working together to clean up fr destructive tornadoes stirred up. six tornadoes were in the richmond area on monday. this is a look at one of those twisters as it hit chesterfield county. stro buildings were ripped apart. one person died. th was an ef-2 tornado. workers from a nearby chick-fil-a helped with the cleanup. there was a forum on climate change in vienna, virginia. kane pointed out president trump and stewart both dismiss the science behind global warming. stewart said many environmental regulations cost too much f too little in return. the two men will share a stage again one week from today for debate in maclean.
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"meet the press" moderator chuck tdd will be there. i'll bere and julie kerry. et> your time is 4:05. newls about some breaking news we first brought you yesterday morning. police hav intified the man killed in a crash that brought traffic on 66 to a stand still. juan sepatas of manassa was kwhild his vehicle was hit with three other vehicles in vienna. reere was another crash in the same a short time later. at one point traffic was backed up for 15 miles. we've learned the name of the police officer who shot andn killed a man temple hills. we're told prince gorges county police corporal joseph kepline killed jose alvarez during a struggle inside a laundry room in an apartmentdi bu. they were searching for alvarez who was believed to have beenst ling license plates. when they found him, there was a struggle. varez fired his gun as
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officers grabbed and that's when he was killed. this morning investigators still have no idea what caused a prince gorges county apartment building to burst into flames. part of the roof collapsed atpa the ament on 85th ave.. that fire started just as the chirp were getting home from school. now they have to find a new place to live. among them ar new mot and a five-month-old baby. >> i had a baby in april so if anything i want to get his. thin he has a lot of things that i want to get. so even ifyou know, it's his stuff that's salvageable, i want to get tha for him. >> the fire caused more than $2 million in damage. areas surrounding dulles internationalirport is crowded now, well, you may be in for more surprise. last night the metropolitan washington airport ahority
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approved a deal to develop 424 acres near the airport. a n company will buy the acrea acreage. the development could lead to more >congestion. ob woodward's tell all book about the inner workings of the trump administration hit a majot milestons week. "fear, trump in the white house" has sold more than 1 million copies a week after it was published. it's one of the fastest selling books in history. it depicts a chaotic white house under an uninformed president. trump calls the book a joke qu that, e, contains so many lies. former fbi deputy director andrew mccabe has his own book coming out. it's titled "the threat." that will be released in december. the publisher dauls a candidate's acunt and mccabe was fired from the fbi earlier
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this year. after a really short but apparently restful off season, the washington capirals dusted hockey sticks and took to the ice. the team squared off against the bruins for the first home preseason game. the bins picked up the win, 5-2. good news for those of you involved in betting. they're voting to legalize it. if this hpens you can bet at certain areas. the fans are split. >> going to a game a y if're betting on the game, it makes it that much more exciting. >> it's a problem for families and people who abuse it. >> the revenue collected by the district would be split 2009 health and wellness for children aand the commission on ar humani humanity. the commission's first meeting is next month. it's .4:
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we're getting a better idea of at the new sports arena will look like. the new building sits where saint elizabeth's hospital was. news 4 was able to get a behind the scenes lo he arena can hold 4200 concert goer it will be the new home of the washington team next month. once somebody buys the rights te it it wil bank, company, exactly. >> it looked nice though. >> yeah yeah. very nice. 4:09 right now. still ahead, health care sticker shock. a look at the nationwide practice driving up medical couss. pl a former reality tv star now accused of a terrible crime y. police say he may have drugged and assaulted nearly1, 0 women all with the help of his girlfriend. and we're showing you the new link between pollution and a debilitating bchin condition.
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k in. >> all right, everybody. four things you need to know about the next coupl ofdays. rain chances, although not zero, the rain chances have plummetedh e's lovely september w
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you're watching "news 4 today." >>13 right now. we turn to a shocking story about a reality tv doctor. >> the surge gone and his girlfriend are suspected of preying onlose to 1,000 women. dr. grant robichaux once appeared on a cable dating show. ccthey're aed of drugging and sexually assaulting women in newport beach, california. so far the couple is charged with sexually assaulting two victims. inase the pair allegedly
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met a victim at a care, lured her to their apartment and assaulted her after she passed out. investigators say there could be 1,000 potential victims based on videos they found on the couple's phone. pennsylvania's attorney general is making a new push to punish people who don't report child abuse.'s alling for support for a bill which would for child abuse. this details years of alleged sexual abuse inside the court and coverup. the bill is being supported by ny people. cardinal wurleays he will ask pope francis about resigning from his position as archbishop of washington. it's now 4:14. air pollution may increase your risk of developingdementia. researchers in the unid
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kingdom found people living in the most polluted areare more likely to get dementia regardless whether they were smokers or had diabetes. it may be a contributing factor. >> news 4 consumer alert this morning about a surprise medical expense that could cost you thousands. >> we're worki for you shining a light on a practice that could blindside you. consumer reporter susan hogan has what you need to know. >> reporte when you go to th emergency room probably the last thing you're thinking about iss does t doctor take my insurance. you're probablyin ass if the hospital does, the doctor does, too. that assumption can be a costly mistake. it happed to the hamilton family when their son zach went to a local e.r. after breaking his nose during baseball game. two weeks later they received a
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billor $34,000. at first i was like, wow, you know, i was confused because we had already gone through the process of settling the bill t wi hospital and i was like, what could this possibly be for. >> reporter: that bill came from the doctorhat treated zach in the emergency room. how could this be possible? he hamiltons have healt insurance. tonight we'll make sure you have the information you need so you're not caught off guard with ae surpr bill. happening now, companies across the country are already staffing up for the holidays. this year though workers are in demand than ever before. >> dhatand is pushing stores to oer more percs and higher pay. companies like target, macy's and ups are going to hire thousands of wovgers we're told
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many people can be paid, pageti off and items on the store. >> i know people who get jobs for that purpose. >> we're three months and a week before christmas. >> i can't believe you said that out loud. >> somebody in our studi was trying to play christmas music yesterday. >> really? a>> during commercial break. during midday. i had to draw the line. >> turn that offight now! >> turn that off. anything but that. we are talking abo the return of all things, sunshine. if you had a late dayy opportuno take the dogs out yesterday, i was out from about 4:30 to 6:00 yesterday afternoon, peaks of sunshine. after what turned out to be a very lovely day. there could be fog around early this morning but nothing compeaed to any weather problems. the weather system we've been dealing witas is florence been smeared out across the eastern seaboard.
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more importantly, the of the carolinas as well. now as far as rain chances for today, let me just put a little tiny quaitfier on i don't think it's going to rain rround the washington area today. ain chance is 20% or less. here's the or less. there's this little ripple of rain drops up here across parts of northern ohio and i think if it's going to make it a it's going to stay confined out to the shenandoah valley and the mountains of west virginia. i don't think that rain chance lives over the blue a ridge onto the i-95 corridor. will beure wise, i nice to be outside. 74 in arlington, 63 in front royal. 72 now in prince gorgesco ty. your planner then for today looks good. commuting weather, nothing to worry about. maybe a little fog early but a really pleasant day today. but let me show you future weather and say why there's not a 0% chance of rain. by midday i think few fair weather clouds will bubble up and by mid afternoon tthere's
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tiny chance lingering out of the mountains of west virginia. this is what a 20% chance of rain looks like. not everybody will get it. i think most if not everybody will be left alone from the rain chances today. i don't want to go out there and say, it couldn't even possibly happen. it could. it's unlikely. this ng could happen in weather pattern. then for tomorrow and friday, guaranteed, 100% dry weather for thursday and friday. warm, too. tmperatures well up into the 80s. ov weekend we go. clouds increasing on saturday. any little chance for rain saturday is very, very late. off and on chances for rain though do reach the forecast for your sunday. all right, melissa mollet. that's att p big hedge that i put on the rain chance for today. >> that is a big hedge. taking a look at tacoma park. piney branch shut down between east-west highway. that's because of a big tree that's down there. the road should be closed through rush hour.
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it's a msive tree. mcclain after the dulles toll ne. nothin slowing anything down too much. 66 fairfax county parkway. it will get you there in 8 minutes. still ahead, if you suffer from allergies but he the idea of allergy shots,n you're i luck. we're working for you with a treatment that could change your life. >> plus, a shallow bench. more students are deciding not play football andoo they at players and why they're refusing not to suit up. >> cute little boy. i don't know if yo're trying save money. you're doing pretty well, you're ngnancially okay. he's pla with a potato. that's her son's toy, it's a potato. >> carrie underwood is stopping by and she's talking about her growing family.
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i think she canor a more toys than that. ellen airs right here on nbc 4d hen
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you're watching today."4 macy's is teaming up with facebook to add hundreds of ands to its pop-up experience. the company announced plans to bring in 150 brands thaten curry advertise to facebook to its pop-up shelves across the countr macy's is also adding virtual reality head sets to enhance the possible experience. the virtual tour, we're going to do that so u don't havo pay
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for this. >> wouldn't that be nice?f half doctors are feeling over stressed at work. the mayo clinic found 45% of doctors experience one symptom of burnout. that could lead to to being tors making a mistake. those practicing in neurology, general surgery were at the highest risk. >> doctors stressed out? >> exactly. especially if you have some kind of special treatment. >> cusakes. >> alwhelps. >> sorry. i digress. especiallyocolate >> i want a cupcake now. if you suffer from allergieu don't like needles, there is a treatment that may help u.yo >> it's calledsublingual immunotherapy. we explain how it works. >> reporter: for angelo almond and his three young children, heasonal allergy symptoms have gotten so bad that have had
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to make changes to their daily lives. you can't breathe properly or see probably, driving becomes an issue. >> his doctor recommended allergy shots to reduce his symptoms over time. >> i personally have a bit of a fear of needles. shots for me are not something i would be okay with. a new idea, no shots required. >> sublingual immunotherapy is easy to use. once you have a conversation with your doctor, all it is is putting a tablet under your tongue for a few minutes a day. >> right now there are few treatments available on the market, therefore, dust mite allergies, as far as the lan fear family, it's big.
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>> reporter:ga doreenst ler, news 4. the time is 4:25. coming up, an alleged predator arrested charged with targeting children ahead in their own neighborhood. coming together, how parents came together to get him off the street. good morning, everybody. for the first time in a long time i've bothered to even break out the car washing forecast. yes, indeed. that like at the car wash is going to be long. see you in a minute in today's forecast. plus, a dc musician just hours away from his shot a a million dollar prize. a look at his elericct
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"news 4 today" starts now. right now at4:29, a live aok outside as you wake up on wednesday and guess what, ladies and gentlemen? we have some good news in the forecast. it's still dark out there right now, but chuck ss we are going to see the sun once it comes up.
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i do. how i cuteis. >> i saw it yesterday. for the first time in a week rain will not be a big concern for our area. good news all around with the weather today it seems like. 4:30 your time now. good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilcunist. >> i yang. we're going to head over to chuck bell. >> chuck, you promise? >> i promise. most of us areng not g to have to worry about that in the showers perhaps lingering into the shenandoah valley. those are the reason why i n't give you 0% chance of rain. most of us won't have to worrya about drops today. temperatures are going to be way above average. 66 at naas. 65 next to the


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