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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  September 19, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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scene. obviously, we' near the navy yard. there's a marine corp. facility or severalex buildings to the annex here on 7th street in virginia avenue. this is captain trey gregory helping with the evacuations. tell me what yound your fellow marines did here today. >> we're marines, rushed to the danger, these are our neighbors. we held them t, they are there for us, so we tried to be there for them during the fire.> you saw fire and ran to help, right? >> exactly. we wanted to assist the first department. ou reporter: w y dha the go into the building? >> we did. there's a bunch of elderly,ry helped chem out any way we could, take belongings and everything we could andem helpe et to safety. >> reporter: you went up the stairs as the building was on fire to pull them from apartmts, hallways, and stair wells? >> and several marines all went in together to pull people out. >> reporter: a matter ofpicking them und carrying them? >> over our shoulders, any way we could, taking chairs,
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needed.r assistance they we were there. >> reporter: were you able, onl any le assess what condition those folks were in? whether they had injuries or burned or had dealt with smoke inhalation? >> we did not assess anything. if they needed hel we picked them up to take them over to help. >> reporter: there's building that are c marinep. buildings, annex, garage down closer to the capper center. where did youfo taks? they are sheltering. >> to the annex, a facility inside, and our doctors down there gave them basic treatment, and just take them away from the fimo and and water and food. like i said, they are our neighbors to help out in any way possible. >> reporter: i dealt with military folks in the area for a w years now, and i know it's second nature rngning into of this way, but, you know, you're done now? you walked from the scene, help has been very useful. how are you feeling about what you did today? >> i'm just apprecicoive we d be there to help out. this is what we do. marines answer the call every
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sing w time. e there to help the people, andd g and appreciative of that. appreciative of the marines i was with ready to go in a moment's notice. >> reporter: thank you for the help today to the citizens o o the distric columbia. again, jim, and erica, it looks as though from our p vantagent that the flames appearing to out at this point, although, there is still water put down on the roof of the building. we see smoke. when i drove up here, around 3:30, there was a huge plume of black smoke coming from the k street, 5th street side of the 'sbuilding. thow abated significantly, and, still, this four-alarmss e response from d.c. fire and neighboring fire facilies, firedepartments, we are standing right next to an engine from the u.s. navy that hooked up to a fire hydrant here to run a hose -- looks like the length of a block or so through the construction site here on virginia avenue, over to the units that are already set up
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closer to the building trying to douse the flames a roof with water. >> aaron, you have shown us so mu into the ene. have you seen any ambulances coming in or any idea of any transports from some of the people who were pulled out of that building? >> reporter: so, when i drove up, i saw one ambulance coming into t scene. i'm told the ambulances have been lining up on the other side on l street so if you think the building is here at 5th and can, go over a block to l street, i'm told that's where some of the ambulances were set up, i don't know if they had totransport anyone. only sirens i heard as we stood here are sirens coming into the area. i ha been able to detect sirens leaving. i can tell you, though, as i look at my phone here and the d.c. housing authority tweetinh that community building at 1,000 5th street southeast is open now for residents imcted by this. this capper community building
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is at 900 5th street southeast. a block away, there's a community center to help folks. there's a schooig in the orhood as well. it seems as though everybody who could jump into action to help t in the neighborhood has tried to do that. >> all right. aaron fgilcrest on scene. staying in touch with you throughout the hour and 6:00, too, thank you so much f bringing us that interview and all the new information too. >> and we go nns to jackie , located on 5th, a fire that started as a two after alarm doubled in response to a four alarm fire. what are you seeing from your vantage point? >> reporter: well, i wanto show you that is the building nd on the other side of that, there's a- >> nope. [ indiscernible ] no audio ]
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stay on theive picture for now.[ no audio ]
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>> you can css talk with her and go to scott after. [ no audio ] [ indiscernible ]
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[ no audio ] [ no audio ]
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>> heading eastbound, it's going to be an issue for a lot of eople trying to get around this. if you're trying to go down to the navy yard area, folks, steer clear. scott mcfarland, give us the big picture sense of where we are talking about and just how close recognizable things are like the bam.ball stadiu >> yes, this housing complex -- we kw at a minimum that a prized redevelopment for the district is severely damaged. this was a prized project, part of capper senior center here's why it's so -- redevelop moderate incom housing in the same community, the same neighborhood of which the district was raising and knocking down other moderate
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priced there's so much fire prevention in major city codes, major city regulations, d.c. has a fire martial that inspects not just housing complexes, but public ol scho in fact, offers services for the white house and president and secret service requests. these places and buildings are inspected fovifire code ations. what's more, if it's found a fire protection system is not working, if the smoke alarms are down and firehe extingu are not up to par, there is to be a trained professional walking the hallways, walking the hallways 24/7 to ensure there are no sks or signs of fire. >> fire protection in america, the u.s. department of homeland security is unequivocal. the risk of fire is gnificantly higher in residences of seniors. there's a lot of reasons for
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that. we won't go too deeply into the com complexes, but there is information to helpe reduc the risk of a fire. hese tend to be more prevalent in senior housing. back to you. scot, thank you. this, again, a ground shot from benson's crew, and you're right, thick haze, we see someone there in a wheelchair and seeing gurneys too. this is a five story building. we talk about the senior center here, this arthur capper, but this whole area is so ripe with redevelopment and a o ton young people live down here. we counted in the distats s the number of cranes, the construction, thist is a ea ee town, trending restaurants, wineries and gardens down there too and a number of office buildi,s, and this, of cour is right by the navy yard.
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>> this is a vantage point from the marine corp. facility and in aaron's interview, there were several marines as one gentlemen described it going into the building and carrying the eld elderly out of the buildings, i some cases, throwing them over the shoulder to evacuate a quickly as they could.tu this live pre here is the 1,000 block of l, if i'm not mistaken, the community centerw ere evacuations a being taken to, the same neighborhood that jackie benson was at moments ago. look at the smoke throughout that. it started as a two-alarm fire, quickly moved to four-alarm, and you nowav hresponse from amp around the area. there's another gentleman there trying to get into the community center. >> this isla the where they go for safety. look, it is just engulfed in a haze around it. again, we are waiting. the mayor is makin her wayown
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to this area, and the fire chief as well. we hope to hear from both as live team covage continues after this short break. stay with us.
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>> look at that, a firefighter rescuing a woman from a burning senie. crews on scene at the arthur
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capper senio apartments near the navy yard. four alarm fire that began at 3:30 this afternoon. crews on the scene. we'll have a live update moments reaway. behis awful fire that is still developing right now, the big story since last night, a s that has rocked the d.c. community. a d.c. woman, a georgetown graduate, goes running and never comes home. she's murdered in a ranoom and attack. >> developing now a man hunt for a shadowy figure captured on surveillanceamera ind.c.'s logan circle neighborhood. >> the victim is wendy martinez, 35 yearsold, just engaged last week, had a master's degree, and washief of staff for a d.c. media company. >> and this is investigator's best clue. they say the man seen in the video is considered a person of interest and is wanted for estioning. ne4's pat collins starts coverage from the scene. pat, what d we know at this
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hour? >> erica, flowers here at the plac where she died. she was from florida. she cameo our city, got a great ajob, stylish apartment, and she was active, she liked to workout. she liked to run. last night, she went for a job, and it cost her her life. this is the man police believe responsible for the horrific rder of a jogger last night near logan circle he has a distinctive mustard colored shirt that goes down to his thig he has a distinctive gait. this is another security video showing him right a murder with the knife in his hand. that kni found nearby the scene. the victim, 35-year-old wendy martinez, the chief of staff of a data management company here
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in washington. she lived in a swank apartment just three blocks away from the place where she was killed. it happened on p street northwest. it was around 8:00. ms. jartinez wasogging down the street when she got to the corner here, she was attacked and stabbed. she went into the chinese carry-out for help. today, i talked to a man who was working here at the time. he asked not to be identified. >> i heard her scream, i don't know what haened. i hea the scream. >> reporter: that's when you saw her come in, and she had a hole in her n k. she was trying to get help and couldn't. >> yes. customers como inlp save her, but it was too late. >> everybodyed sc me scared too. >> reporter: back at the scene today, police chief promised to get the killer off the streets. >> i am sure that we will get to the bottom of this, but i think because of the fear that when an
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incident like this occurs causes a neighborhood, we want to do it sooner rather an later.r: >> reporte after the murder, the suspect made his getaway down 11th street here. now, coming up, weare going to rom a neighborhood woman who says she had a scary encounter wh the person of interest in this murder case. you'll want toer hear story coming up at 6:00. now back to you. >> yalk about that recognizable gait. was he recognizable tohaeople like in the community? this one person we'r fgoing to hem. he was known from people, is that right, or do we know, pat? >> reporter: she believes she knows this guy, that she's seen the guy, and that heerives around and, again, you'll hear her story coming up at 6:00. >> all right, we'll look forward to it, and apparently he got away on foot, is that right, pat? >> reporter: that's corrects. >> okay. we'll see you at 6:00. erica? >> wendy martinez was
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accomplished, two degrees, a top job in a local company, she was newly engaged. we pick up team coverage live near logan circle close to her home. the thought this could be a random attack, it makes you think this could have been any one of us out for a run. mark? >> reporter: good evening, erica. that's the mood in the now.hborhood right we're across the street from the apartment building where wendy martinez lived with her fiance. we just, moments ago, got a statement from the family saying that this is a senseless tragedy they are dealing with. their daughter was not only an avid runner, but devout christian, and they also say that they are grieving and they want the public's help in getting this suspect off the street. 35 years old, chief of staff to growing tech firm, wendy martinez had just family she was getting ready to get married, becoming engaged to
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a young man j over a week ago. last month, she and some co-workers spent their days in d.c. central kitche last night, she left her condo to go for a run, and she never returned, stabbed to death blocks away. today, her company where she worked for the past two years posted thisstatement, "the entire fiscalnote family is shocked and deeply saddened to enarn that martinez was killed last night. wendy was an invaluable member of our team and a vibrant member of the community. our thoughts and prayers are with wendy' family and friends." sws that one of their neighbors wasbbed to death sent shock waves through this community. >> as a runner, it's terrifying. you think runningtr onts you are safe. >> a random jogger stabbed, it's, i mean, that's terrifying, like super scary. >> thanks to mark for that report.
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what must be a very difficult time for wendymartinez's family. we want to show you, go back to the top story this evening, live pictures from the scene in southeast d.c. a senior living apartment complex goes up in flames this afternoon. what started as a two-alarm fire has nownt quickly grown a four-alarm fire,no and we kw that at least two seniors have been transpted from this scene, and that several marines went to the scene and weree actually in building carrying people out of that building in some instances, one marine described it as throwing people over their shoulders try to do anything they could to get them out. >> and, look, here we are, two hours in, almost, and you can still see flas pouring out of this five-story building. thick heavy smoke, which we ha seen all day, and there is a haze that is filling this entire neighborhood in southeast d.c. this is right near i-695 shut
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woing to be headed back to team cove rara on the
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fire in southeast washington, but the reason we s can the thick black smoke because it wau a clear ful day out there today. >> that's right. we go over to our chief do meteorologist,, and looking at the picture behind us, and you can see the haze behind us. doug? >> absolutely. it's kind of a good thing weather-wise it is a day like today because that alls the smoke to move away from the scene, where if we were dealing with cloud cover in thar , that would create a very unstable environment and the smoke would sit in the down towards downtown, 87 degrees, hot day for t i firefighte they are out and about. we have a heat index close to 90. it's a warm one as they battle the blaze. in frederick, a beautiful dayth un in the area. nothing onnl radar. the exception is orange county with a couple strong thunderstorms here and page
5:26 pm
county saw rain. e area is dry today. you see the storms here, came down as a frontal boundary, down to the south as well. that's going to help lower humidity heading into the night tonight and tomorrow. not much out thereis after we're going to see tomorrow, however, is our winds are going to begin to shift off the southeast, and that's right off the ocean. that up of year, butt against the mountains, there's more cloud cover. take a lk. 87 in d.c. in the 90s to the south. tomorrow, the winds are east to west, and that's cooler numbers across the region. temperatures tomorrow, 82. about five degrees cooler than today. more clouds in the morning hours, but i think sun in the afternoon, but still a nice thuray out there, and i think friday's just as nice. 70 degrees at the bus st, nice for recess, 79 degrees and 82 at pickup. clouds early and sunshine late during the afternoon, once again, same dea on friday, clouds early with the sun in the
5:27 pm
afternoon, andh h 83. 80 on saturday. we say mostly cloudy here, but we can't rule out an isolated shower in the evening and better chance of showers, if not just plain rain sunday. 7 71 degrees. the next week, dry for rest of the week, but we have a chance of showers and storms all the way through the first week of september -- or first week of fall rather. >> it's alreadyhere. all right, doug thank you so much. heading back to the live team cerage from southeast washington. you can see the thick black smoke sti pouring out of this five-story building, and these flames are not letting>>up. hat's right. we are expecting an update from d.c. officials, and the mayor coming up here soon, from the 5th and l area of southeast 5th and l area of southeast where jackie benson is.
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jeez m it's just olive oil. op being weird. we hand pick only the most amazing products. that's changing shopping for the better. aldi. shop differentli. you're wching news 4 at 5:00. and welcome back now at 5:30ef fhters dousing the flames of a four-alarm fire. this is the author capper senior apartments in southeast d.c seniors evacuated, and rescued from this massive burning building. we have good news as we come back to you live here. everyone has been accounted for building. about 162 units, one and oo
5:31 pm
two-be senior apartments there. a lot of people rescued, though, as we've been telng people and evacuated now. >> that's exactly right. we are hearing from d.c. officials they wl be working throughout the evening to make sure that every single person that was in the building h a safe place to stay this evening. we do know that close to where jackie benson is at the 1,000 block of 5th street in southeast there is a center where residents are being taken. we are live now on that scene. >> reporter: i'll have my photographer, matthew murray, show you black smoke coming up from there, literally ten seconds ago flames were shooting from the roof of the ilding. u can still see it a little bit as they put them out. we g anticipateting swamped with another wave of this thick poisonous smoke blowing through the air here, you know, come busting plastic, allinds of things like that that are not
5:32 pm
good to breathe. that's why the seniors here are wearing face masks on their face as well as other people in the neighborhood. now, that smoke is blowing all over the community center where people are being taken, the seniors from the c arthurper dwellings are being taken to get out of the smoke and to get into a cooler place. a short time ago, we talked to p couple ople who were evacuated from that building. we're just going to roll that tape an let you liso what they had to say. >> over there, knocking on the door, knock, knock, knock, get out, fast, fast, fast, get out now. noprinklers or anything went off. we got my father who was laying in the bed, in the pr oess of allf this dilemma, and we put his cloth on, and vacated the building. >> they were banging on the door, i was preparing for bible study, and i was coming out, and i hea all the noise, and they said, get out, and i was going ut to bible study any, and i just decided to go downstairs
5:33 pm
>> reporter: back live, you can see the flames shooting from that newly built, i think, it's 10, 11 years old, and, you know, fr what i'v seen of fires over the years, i am going to guess that it is going to be a loss, but they are not going to be able to put the hundreds of seniors who lived in that bedding back in theire any t soon, and, viously, disastrous situation for the people who live there, lost everything, and we are awaiting the mayor here at this location. we expect her t arrive any time, and as soon as she's here, you come back to you so can hear what she has to say. back to you. >> i have to ask you, that haze is still soeavy and thick around you, is there concern for people driving through or other homes or buildings around it? >> reporter: you know, peo te hair windows closed. i will tell you, we ta oed to a numb neighbors who came out here in addition to those wonderful marines who stepped n up,ghbors who came out here
5:34 pm
to try to help the seniors, i talked to an 18-year-old man w went out and bought a bunch a water and was taking it to tlm unhey figured out where to take people, but this is, it's bad, i mean, i'm looking at members of the mayor sff here, and pretty much everyone not on camera hasca a or whatever they have over their mouths because ofow thick the smoke is. >> you and matt get back in the vehicle and we'll check in on.ter jackie, thank you so much. and aaron is located kind of on the backsidef that. really close to the marine corp. facility that's there. when d.c. fire and ems i put the call out as a two-alarm fire, they said that the fire wasitted on the top the five-story building, and even in the attic, interesting to note in jackie's inteiew, the person did not hear or see any smoke alarms or anything like that. >> we learned this is a bri building, folks, and we talked about why hasn't any of it
5:35 pm
collapsed yet, and that could be reason why. you see this aerial view now from chopper 4. impressive smoke from all corners of the district. you can see this billowing up still, and it's grown to four alar, as we've said,o letup in sight, but this is a massive building. before we looke at one end, iten the other, and then in the middle. s taking over this entire top floor here. >> right. look at the water there. let's go to aaron. how are things looking from your vantage int? >> eric, it's bad from our angle, a few blocks rom where benson is standing. backside of the building along k street here as well, as we are g still seemoke and flames minutes ago, and new flames popped up, if you remember, when we started covering this around 4:00, we saw fire on the k street side of the building, that was p out, and then there was flames on the virginia avenue side of the building.
5:36 pm
those flames now appear to be out,ut the fire has reinvigorate ed itself on the k street side of the building. the way it was explained by one firefighters in the attic, flames travel easily f part of the building to another along the beams and woodwork on the inside there. you may see a mixture of white smoke and black smoke as we're in the live picture here, the white smoke indicating where they have been able to put out some of the fire. black smoke means it's fresh flames doused with water at this point.we ave seen some of the k street side of the building crumbling. i assume that's the roof, at least pieces of the shingling falling from the roof there. we have heard that there are still a firefighters w fighting this fire from inside the building. this is an attack that we can see the ladder trucks putting water on this from outside, but there's still firefighters, seeing them move on adg bay between the portions of the building here on the auds, and
5:37 pm
we believe there's othersg attackhese flames from inside the building as well. this started around 3:30 when the calls came in. we are two hours into this fire fight, and we've seen more and more units arrive on scene to help. you talked it being four-alarm fire. that means there's upward of 100 firefighters on scene here. bust looking around, i heard sirens, another nce coming to the scene. to help with folks evacuated or help with the firefighters who are right in the thick of the smoke here. weeard from one woman who works on the -- s smelled the smoke in the office building,bu worried heding was on fire. she came outside, saw that was not the case, but you thinkhe about fact this neighborhood did not exist in large part 15 years ago. it was warehouses, some apartments here, but a lot was torn down, new townhouses popped up in the eight years i lived in the neighborhood, and those
5:38 pm
people are being impacted by smoke that's coming off of the fire into the neighborhood, billowing into office buildings, a grocery store here now, and, h again,ring more sirens coming into the area. looking toty see whas of -- what type of vehicles they are. more help coming in, obviously, more help on some level coming in. the highway is blocked off, you see the exit here for the 6th street exit, blocked off, and another fire engine being brought into the neighborhood as well. this fight far from over iag e jim and erica. >> they are throwing everything they got at it. aaron on the scene for us, again, it's important to note, everyone, as we told you moments ago, everyone in the building of 162 units has been accounted for. aaron talked about the neighborhood, it was not much down there about 10 years ago, but now there's congestion, a ton of construction down the, and this would be a busy night. people eat outdoo there after
5:39 pm
getting off work. this is an area that's becoming very popular, but tonight, look how much that smoke has engulfed this part of the town. >> in fact, that building was only built in 2007. at now that two seniors, least two seniors have been transported, but as jim mentioned, so important to nree hat every person that was in the building has been accounted for. stay with us on thi developin story. agam covere continues after
5:40 pm
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5:42 pm
t> scott the live desk with the latest on the fire at southeast washington, d.c. a live picture shows a wall of smoke billowing from the scene. this is ward 6 of the district of columbia. we have an update from allen who says every resident is enior ted for at this comple no certainty as to how the fire started, but he says when neighbors sawhe smoke, they ran into the building, started to alert residents by knocking their doors. d.c. counsel member said staff called known rez didnsidesident building to evacuate as well. d.c. fir union said the rescues were multiple from this fire, multiple residesidence taken ou but progress is being made. we are seeing more smoke, but
5:43 pm
also flames. there's vertical flames there. d.c. fire yun younion reports s progress in combatting this fire in southeast d.c. they have help from prince george's couy fire responded. naval fire is on scene. naval district washington has a fire houhe at navy yardnt adja to the complex. >> scott, thank you. >> we're waiting for the mayor right now, andhe could be coming to another area of that shot we saw jackie where the haze is clearing. this is a community center where the evacuees have been taken. we'll hear from her righafter this. stay with us for continuing coverage of this fireappening in southeast d.c. at the arthur capper senior living apartments. news 4 at 5:00 con
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four alamrms fighting this huge fire in southeast washington. flames andmoke relentless since 3:30 this afternoon, folks, still livees pict and it's pouring out of the roof of the five-story building. good news all residents there have made it out safely. they are accounted for. alot had to be rescued. we'll hear from marine who ran intoul units to p people, and some of the seniors out, they ran them down the stairs. we also saw some rescues coming down a ladder, too, of this brick structure. we saw marines rush in with wheelchairs. t amazing day where different sdictions come together. again, it's four alarms now and no letup in sight. >> these are the senioriving
5:47 pm
apartments at 5th and k in southeast arthur capper senior living apartment, and the scene on the 1,000 blo of 5th street where jackie was , there's a senior center located there so that's where they are being taken. d.c. officials are trying to figure out a s place for all individuals to go to ensure they have a safey place to s tonight, and speaking of, we're awaiting our first real upda.c from officials including the mayor who is there at that scene of 5th and l in southeast gere jackie's at. we should beting that update from them momentarily. >> that's the press conference right there, but aaron is watching fire truck after fire truck go in. this is where the ambulances are and where the evacuees have been ken. look at pictures. it is still aggressive flames.
5:48 pm
it started in the attic. we don't know how it started or what is fuelling these flames. it's a beautiful calm day, no winds kicking it up, that's for sure. no idea whether any gass fuelling this or why this is so sub bo stubborn. >> we learned every person in the building, 162 units, single and two-bedroom apartments as well, every single person in the building has been accounted for, so so many people in that neighborhood really a sigh of relief wondering how their loved ones are doin >> if you're driving around the area, folks, particularly on hat major artery out of town, 695 headed east, don't do it, it's closed down. this is just next door to that, and pretty close to the navy ard and the baseball stadium too. scott mcfarland has new information at the live desk. scott, what are you hearingnow? >> reporter: some of the new images we are seeing coming in, jim and eerica indichis fire is getting more intense on the east side of the complex.
5:49 pm
this is our photographers there reporting flames are growing larger in size and amplitude. this is closer to stretches of 69 695. 's that part of the complex. worth reminding folks charles allen represents the district, this ward in d.c. in this community ss eve resident has been accounted for. it is aorceful fire to fight. that's why we see so many responders on scene. of -alarm fire indicative having maybe 100 or more fire personnel there. not just d.c. fire, but some suburban departments helping out as well. the fire is, if not contained, had issues on the east side. >> that video of livepi ures, was the fire jumping from the west to the east side of that building from our photographer,
5:50 pm
b.j. forte, one of the first on the scene photographers with aaron and jackie too with the evacuationsok right now. ow heavy the smoke is, just pouring up out of the 5 oor of the building. beg again, this i a brick structure. that's why we have not seen a collapse. nothing has come down on the building, and, again, we're going about twond hours 20 minutes, aaron, you were first on the scree. what you seeing from the vantage point now? >> jim, i heard you say, as you're right, the fire spread yet again. we're at the east side of the building standing on 7th street looking over towards whatld be 6th if the street ran along the backside of the building. looks like the backside of the building is on fire. smoke see smoke, a lot of coming from the top of the building here as well as a window, what i would assume an attic window oking. we s flames, fresh flames shooting out of there a moment ago. the wte smoke indicates
5:51 pm
there's some success putting flamgs out, b -- flames out, but black smoke indicating there's fire there. i'm trying to count how i see i spread froe, two, othree, now fifth time we've seen fresh flames pop up on a new side of the building. still, d.c. fire along withm units fro the navy yard, from joint base bowling on scene here puttingat wer on this. you know, guys, it is just amazing when you consider watching this for as long as we've been watching ait, there's still fresh, not small areups, but big flames, big spots where fire i cgin som a in the roof now indicating trtt f the roof is not there anymore. we've seen pieces crumbling on k street side here. this is not going to be a building anyone's living in again any time soon, i'd
5:52 pm
imagine. >> aaron, let me ask you. his is a tremendously long building. how close are other buildings to the structure? is it an island of its own in terms of being surrounded by other streets? >> reporter: no, not at all. directly across the street from this buildin there are several town homes across 5th street from the buildg on t k street side, on the south side of the building, there's a marine parking structure, and then as you work your way down 5th street, there's other buildings there, more townhouses a community center, a school not far from here. i know where i go to vote on the opposite side of the building, the north side, virginia avenue, under construction for a long time here now, that sort of butts up against t highway here, but all the wind and smoke here is blowing arsouth, t m street, towards the navy yard and the river into thosehomes. when i came walking over here
5:53 pm
fromhere i live, six, seven blocksaway, you can see through. the smoke was not that dense yet at 4:00. no i can't see anything beyond fire trucks closest to me on what would be 6th street if it ran through here. >> i think in that right box we're seeing, i aaron,hink we're seeing somebody being evacuated from, i believe, from that building or from nearby that building, a man on a stretcher there. looks likee's okay but going to be checked out by emergency personnel there. >> that'sjackie's camera where the evacuees are >> when we came on the air minutes after the 4:00 hour and we were seeing people racing ta building with wheelchairs, marines rushing to the scene, frightening to witness, and we're trying to play back that interview you had with one of the marine, have you spoke with
5:54 pm
anyone else there, any other marines that may have responded to the scene when this started erupting? >> reporter: we talked to a couple of young marines who were leaving the area saying that they cameau over b they saw smoke. they were not called into help. they came over because they saw smoke. somean into the building. they went apartment to apartment, knocking on doors g alith d.c. fire and others who had gone in to help out to alert people to the fire, to help carry people out over their shoulders. carry them to safety. some of the adjacentgs buildin here, annex building, next to the parking garage here,e bringing peon there. if you look at the live picture, you can see now firefighters have redirected the water streams on to the building closest to me here, as we are standing on 7th street on to the east side -- >> i think we mayave lost aaron's microphone there, but look at the force of that water
5:55 pm
there. coming back, aaron, towards the navy yard. you got to wonder who is going to evacuated in the adjacent buildings and buildings close ow ugh to the building and concerned they are, not just about the smoke, but flames could jump to some of those other buildings. everyone, as we said, erica, accounted for. we do know that jackie mentioned two people, she thought, had been transported to e hospital. she believed to be some type of smoke inhalation likely the cause. >> we are hearing an update from the mayor is ls than ten minutes away. stay withew us as n4 at 6:00 continues right after this.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror.
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news 4 at 6:00 begins with breaking news. two big stories as we come on airtonight. an intense man hunt in d.c. after a young woman is stabbed to death while out jogging in busy logan circle. the victim was recently engaged, and police believe her killer is a stranger. this grainy video on the right, the best clue yet as investigators try to zero in on a person of interest. first, dramatic scene playing out on live tv here, flames racing through a senior apartment building, a massiveon five stories in southeast
5:59 pm
for about two and a half hours now. smoke and flames still pouring out. major streets shut down. this is right by the ballpark, right by 695. marines were called in to rescue sces of residents. here's a live look at that scene now from chopper 4 to give u some perspective. this is right near the navy yard as jim said thick haze fills the air, and it appears after two and a half hours that the flames are growing. >> there is no letup there. >> no. and it's a four-alarm fire now, which means fire crews from outside the city are coming in to help out, d, still, the fire is clearly not under control. it's been a stubborn fire, and flareups are still happening hours after t firestarted. >> relentless and aggressive. there's just one of the seniors who was evacuated as people went door-to-door to pull them out of the building. the mayor is on the way to the scene right
6:00 pm
a news conference, and we'll bring you that live when it happens. >> we have been talking to people who had to evacuate from that building. jackie, everybody is accounted for now? >> reporter: everyone is accounted for. two people transported. we understand t i mayor very close so they may have to dip out of my live shot so you can hear what she has to say because, obviously, this fireat has very g consequences for the district of columbia. this is a building that housed hundreds of senior citizens. o they are not going able to go back in there any time soon. i mean, there's stille fighting fire, the roof collapsed. people were here earlier today, just, panicked trying to find their relatives. here's wt some of them had to say. an


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