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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  September 21, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> breaking news. breaking first at 4:00, a bombshell report says a top government official considered secretly recorded president trump and to invoke e 24th amendment. >> rod rosenstein made the offer. news 4's erica gonzalez at the live desk with the pushback. >> let's go through the story from the times. the paper says izen stein suggested wearing a wire to secretly recor t in the white house to expose the administration's chaos. he alsoiscussed recruiting cabinet member it is try and remove the president from office for being unfit. these suggestions two weeks after he took the jober and a the president fired fbi director james comey. thno aft, rosenstein calls the story, quote, inaccurate and factually incorrect.
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nbc news reached out t department of justice. a senior official say it is suggestion of weang a wire was made sarcastically and the official said rosenstein did not suggest invoking the 25th amendment. the allies said he should fire rosenstein. leon? >> thank you so much, erika. now a tragedy in one of d.c.'s busiest traffic circles.s >> a suv colliith a man on an electric scooter at dupont circle. >>he man did not survive. >> it's raising new questions about the safety of e-scooters. amy cho is live with the latest on the investigation. aimee? >> reporter: these electricot s are a familiar sight to people in the city. you pay by the minute. but as we have seen today, marks the first time somebody has died using one of these scooters in d.c.
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arantic rush as firefighters tried to rescue a man trapped beneath this car. an ordeal of 15 minutes before he was freed. police say the man was riding in scooter when he was hit and later died at the a man nearby didn't want to shoe his fa but saw the crash. >> when you see something that a it is a big blur. >> reporter: hours later, the scooter in the middle of the road along headphones and a single shoe and you couldic see elec scooters whizzing by, people saying they'll now think twice before using one. >> yeah. my kids. they're very insistent saying don't do , mom. ridiculous. >> reporter: other people say they'll use them like lance who rides them every day. wearing a helmet? >> no. >> do you worry about your safety? >> noment n at all. i mean, you go with the flow of traffic and all good do go. >> reporter: riders aren't required to wear helmets in d.
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. it's not clear if the man hit today had one on. police have not yet released the name of the man that died and the company said they're saddened by what happened and cooperating with the investigation. live at dupon circle, aimee cho, news 4. >> thank you,ai e. now no doubt many of you may be wondering about the road rules for these types of electric scooters. did some digging and we're told the rider has to be at least 16 years old and not required for a helmet or a license. in d.c. the rules arer similar cyclists. ride them in the street and in a bike lane ande on s of the city's sidewalks. riders are expected to follow the traffic laws, as well. new at 4:00, a sad update to auntory that shocked a commity in montgomery county. a second child died in murder/suicide. investigators found the bodies in the home early monday
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morning. police say a man shot and killed his wife and 10-year-old son and wounded his daughter and st stepdaughter before killing himself. his stepdaughter is in stable condition. detectives are still piecing together a motive in the case. right w, the university of maryland board of regents is in a closed door session getting the results of an investigation eainto the of football player jordan mcnair. after they have received the results they're expected to come out and give them to reporters. mcnair collapsed at a practice over theummer and died weeks later. he was 19 at theime. pn is reporting that they hired a consultant to see they were following protocol. the family said they did not learn if thebe results wil released today and asked for the school to give them a chance to revi the results before they're public. chris gordon will have a report
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ahead here at 5:00. expecting new information within the hour after that huge fire that raced through a senior living facility in southeast d.c. this week. we brought you the story as it was unfolding on live tv. fire alarms didn't go off to warm residents when the fire started. ten residents had to be taken to the hospital. nearly 90 seniors have been displaced. still no word, official word on what sparked the fire. looking now to the weekend. we have a mix of clouds and rain for us in th forecast ahead. let's go to meteorologist amelia in the storm center. >> much cooler temperatures moving in on sunday, as well. fall beginning tomorrow and especially on your sunday. butight now, 76 degrees. the sunshine making an appearance f some of us especially here in the district. mostly we are looking at cloudy skies throughout this evening and most of us are dry
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and pretty comfortable. by 7:00 p.m., around 75 degrees. dpoun to 73:0 at and 72 at 11:00 p.m. you can probably open up the windows tonight for the most pa a radar. these are trying to push east into the area. and again, looking dry in the evening hours and very late tonight rain is psible and then more rain likely especially on sunday. i'm going to be timing that outw with futurether coming up in about 15 minutes. >> all right. you goit. now to the controversy over the supreme court confirmation of judge brett kavanaugh. >> for the first time we are hearing from the family of the woman who was accusing him of sexual assault as presides trump dropweek of restraining and questions the accuser's credibility. blain alexander is here to break it down. will there be a hearing next week? >> rorter: that's t million-dollar question we are trying to learn the answer to.
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the two a camps back and forth over the terms of that potential hearing. but this new tweet of presidentw trump has t something else into the mix. it's taking the tone from she should be believed or heard to can she be believed? after days of restraint president trump for the first time going after the credibility of judge brett kavanaugh's accuser dr. christine blasey fo. if the attack on dr. ford was as bad as shehe says, president tweeted, charges would have been immediately filed. an idea he teased last night. >> why didn't somebody call the fbi 36 years >> reporter: today from ford's sister-in-law -- >> there'so reason why she would fabricate this. i feel 100% certain. >> reporter: the president's tweets marking a shift inone with the white house suggesting kavanaugh is the victim. >> not attacking her. kia lot of people are att him and his family and it is
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awfur: >> reporte negotiations around the hearing still ongoing. republicans moving the date to wednesday but with ford testifying first. she requested the opposite. as women speak out to defend ford -- >> i think survivors need to be heard andbe eved. >> reporter: and kavanaugh -- >> brett treated me and everyone know wit respect. >> reporter: republican senate leader mcconnell suggesting regardless of the hearing's outcome -- >> he will be on the united st >> reporter: reassuring conservatives they will have their man on the bench. and about that possible hearing, another detail with t two parties trying to reach theement, who will ask questions. senatorings wa senators want to see an outside lawyer doing the questioning. ford wants the lawmakersse thes. back to you. >> got to keep your eye on this and see where it lands. >> thank you. three ntinwos,fa no adults in critical condition after a shocking stabbing at an
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overnight day care in new york city. police found a butcher knife and a meat cleaver there at the scene. details are disturbing. an adult victim is the father of one of the babies we're told. the otherd adult wor at the daycare center. police found the suspect unconscious at the daycare from a self inflicted injury and now being treated and charges are pending as investigafors search a motive. a heartbreaking scene unfolding off t o east east africa. bodies are being pulled from the waters of lake victoria after a ferry capsized yesterdain ta tanzania. more than 100 people are dead. the ferry taking people h ae fr nearby market. overcrowding may have been a factor in this tragedy. two people are critically injured after a home explosion in a suburb of detroit and now only debrisnc where it stood. the two people who were injured just openent up the f door and the force of the blast blew them back into the backyard.
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they believe a gas leak is behind the explosion. decision 2018. it is one of the most closely c watcgressional races in the country. one democrats think can help them win back the house. today the two women running in virginia's 10th congressional district faced each other for the first time. republican barbara comstock is seeking a third term pointin to her leadership on the hill speaking out against sexual harassmentut her democratic challenger state senator jenner wexton said it's a reliable vote. cotock's critical ofca oba legislation. wexton in support of >>it. bamacare itself was a totally partisan bill. it wasn't done collaborateively and continued to see problems with it. >> for past eight years, my opponents and republicans in
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congress preachi a message of repeal and replace. their actions show t thaty have no interest in solutions, only sabotage. >> this is the only schdeuled te so far between the candidates. next on news 4 at 4:00 -- on a new law to protect your personal informati from getting hacked. what you need t know about freezing your credit. an local man disappears his honeymoon in hawaii. the new wife explains a desperate plea for help. amazon i locking to solve all of the problems in your life
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storm team 4 is tracking some changes for the weekend. sun, showers and cooler temps coming up sunday. next week, expect more. you can now add credit report freezes to the listf things in life free. you don't have to pay a fee to credeporting agencies to protect yourself against identity theft. susan hogan is working with you why it might be especially important for your children. >> absolutely, leon. last year alone, get feis, ral trade commission received nearly 14,000 identity theftt of minors.
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stealing the identity of a child is appealing to scammers becausc they have cledit profiles eo while you freeze your credit you should take c of your child's, as well. that freeze, though, restricts cess to your credit report making it difficult for identity thieves to open new accounts in your name. remember, though, a credit freeze also blockr a len from checking your report. wever, under the new law you can now unfreeze it without being charged and then freeze it again after the lender obtains your information. >> freezing the credit is the best way to lock dow your identity, make sure that nobody lse can open credit in your name. it is way better than cternatives of monitoring and checking thedit score and credit report. >> so remember, freezin your credit does put a complete lockdown on your credit. nobody including you can access your credit file without your permission so that is why you need to make sure that you keep your pin number handy so you can
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unfreeze it when you need it. >> all right. little bit of a hassle but worst it. >> totally worth it. >> definitely. thank you. >> sure. the escalating trade war between the u. andhina may mean higher prices when you go to walmart. the retail giant said it may have to raise prices on everything from fd to christmas lights because of president trump's tariff on chinese he just placed $200 billion of tariffs on chinese goods. cnbc confirms walmart wrote a letter to the u.s. tradeta represve urging him to find other solutions with china. my parents work hard to keep their kids on a sleep schedule. a new study stresses why it's that's important for the adults, as well. at duke universit looked at more than 1,900 adults and people withrrular sleep patterns weigh more and have more of a chae of heart attack and stroke.
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irregular sleepers more likely to suffer fromepssion and stress. well, nothing is stressful about sunshin so, give u a little more. >> give us some! >> unfortunately, we are nott looking a lot of sunshine in the forecast throughout the weekend but it is not a terrible weekend. tomorrow looking mainly dry. some peaks of sun out there and sunday rain showers at times. nothing heavy in the folk and not a washout but you want to plan for rain out there on sunday. take a look w at thether headlines for tomorrow, again, mainly dry. i'll show you a small chance for a shower coming up. much cooler on nday. it is going to feel like fall it there on sunday. temperatures onlythe 60s. along with that, some showers, at times. keep the umbrellas handy next week. the chance of rain in thest forelmost every day. currently our temperatures are in the 70s. washington. as well as manassas. 81 degrees in fredericksburg.
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for tomorrow, a high of 76. very similar feel as to what we're having right now.n, ag mostly cloudy skies tomorrow and then a bit of a breeze outdoors ear but as the day wears on, the winds die down and mainly dry. take a look. this is 5:00 a.m. on saturday. plenty of clouds out there. maybe an isolated shower around as a cold front pushes south through the area. by lunchtime, though, dry. notice the sunshine breaking out. where elsewhere, plenty of cloud cover out there. w as head on into the afternoon and evening hours, mainly dry and outdoor parties, barbecues, just fine on the saturday in the overnight hours, i do see rain movingnto the area and then on sunday is, notice rain out there. 6:00 a.m. until noon. heading on into the afternoon and evening hours, the potential for dryingheut but t's still a chancho for srs and sunday really a chance for rain at any point and that includes heading
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down toedx field for the red skins game with the packers at 1:00u'.m. want to bring the poncho. i don't think it's wet the entire game. but it'sn the coo side with temperatures just kind of hanging out in the and cloudy skies. so what i like to say with mid-60s, think of the thermostat around 70 degrees, comfortable. take five degrees off of that. that's how it feels at the game on sunday. with, again, a high of 66 on sunday. as we look to monday, a high temperature around 70 degre and 60% chance dealing with some rain. the best chance for rainnd on looks to be later in the day. the kids heading back to scol, the afterschool activities could be impacted. tuesday, upper 70s. with chance f some rain and possibln and storms wednesday and thursday. we don't keep the cool temperatures around. notice 80s on wednesday and next friday. >> thank you. after just t months on the job, the new interim ceo of
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prince georges countyublic school has made major changes. dr. goldson isiring some executives and central office staff hired by the controversial predecessor dr. kevin maxwell. in a taping of news 4 goldson outlined a plan to improve efficiency and bring more transparency and accountability to the school sysm in order to restore the public trust. >> first is being honest with our parent community. it's my job to make sure that en a situation happened that we get in front of it, we tell them the facts. if we have made mistakes, we only it and talk about what to improve. part of that accountability and transparency i hding ourselves accountable and creating a quartly monitoring stem to see what we're doing to hit the end of year goal and target. students get a report card every quarter allowing them to change the pnuctices or con on the
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great momentum they're going and this will allow us to do the same. >> you can watch my entire interview with dr. goldson this weekend 5:30 a.m. on news 4 your sundayt well,ll started with amazon's echo and now the company wants alexa to be in every single r ym ofr house and even inside your car. we'll explain. o ine backlash. the costume based on one of the costume based on one of hulu's most popular
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jeez mom it's just olive oil. stop beingeird. we hand pick only the most amazing products. that's changing shopping for the better. aldi. shop differentli. i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror.
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next one's going to have you already gotuse it's us talking in here about it. alexa. soon alexa' going to do more inside homes and garages across thtry. >> dear alexa. amazon is launching a slew of new products, including new smart hom deviszces. >> you don't usually see a potato at a tech event. but that was one of many firsts r amazon thursday when the company unveiled more than a dozen new products. including the amazon basic microwave. >> yeah. a microwave. you got to a giggle little bit.
4:25 pm
>> it's the voice assistant. >> starting popcorn. >> reporter: you can use it to order more popcorn. >> amazon wants to g you used to the idea that the alexaai can be in >>anything. reporter: including your car. >> this is echo auto. >> repter: the fir smart car gadget puts alexa on the data with features to turn on the lightshen you pull in the driveway. >> automobiles are the next ttleground. apple has a smart car. google does. ants to beobviously in there with alexa. >> reporter: introduced an array of new deces. security camera, smart plug and dvr. it wasn't all smooth sailing. >> that's not going to work. >> this is clearly throwing things again a wall and seeing when's going to stick. >> reporter: but the company's also safely sticking to the smart speakers with updates for
4:26 pm
the entire line. >> give me the news. >> reporter: hoping that blue ring will ring in holiday sales. nbc news. >> hmm. that's what it's all about. >> a-huh. alut getting more and more of your information, getting itself more embedded in every detail of your life so somebody out there can be and listen to everything you're doing. is that a good idea or what? >> i rather press my own microwave buttons. i can pop my own corn. >> sorry. somebody out there will be upset about me saying that. but k yw what? i don't think i like that. >> for folks that like the 's convenience, reat to have the option. >> okay. leave it with them. >> freedom of choice. >> you buy them. tell me how it works out. local man hiking on the honeymoon and never returns. >> his new wife pleading for help from the public after he disappears. calling on the nation to join together and fight cancer.
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athildren's national, ronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthi children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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a dream heymoon morphs into a nightmare for a local couple that just said "i do." >> rescue teams in hawaii searching for 27-year-old steven cramer. he went out for a hike and never returned to the hotel.
4:30 pm
derrick ward spoke to his wife who ll in hawaii. derrick? >> volunteers are searching a fm th and on the ground for cramer. the m s isn'tn since monday. time is running out. steven cramer's wife stephanie said they planned to go on a hike and said steven hit the trail alone to make sure it's safe for her and texted that ternoon and said he was slowly making his way back. and that was the last commadication she h with him. last es spoke with wrc evening via skype and she said locals that know the mouain say it can be tricky, even f them. >> they said there's a lot of trails out there tha you would think takes you to one place or one direction and really takes you to a completely different spot. >> reporter: the search began first light tuesday morning. the helicopter up today and a canine enlisted in the search but a t relativels news 4 it's a critical 72-hour threshold and the search maye called off.
4:31 pm
now, jeffanie said steven left with a full bottle of water and the weather is on their side. sh hsding out hope. they were supposed to fly out today for d.c. but she said she's not leaving until he's found. back to ouu. >> thankderrick. arlington county police are asking for the public's help in solving a violent attacknd rape. look at the man in this video. he appears at the top of the screen there walking there. investigators say they believe that this is their suspect saying the man connected with the victim monday through an online advertisement she posted. police say it was not sexual in nature and the suspect arrived investigators say he beat and assaulted the woman before taking off. if you recognize this man, police want to talk toou as soon as possible. it's a story that is resonating with a lot ofe. peo a jogger murdered in logan's
4:32 pm
as erika gonzalez shows us, we'reearing morrom the victim's mother. erika? >> listening to wendy i was speechless. you know, how could somebody who has lost so much exhibit such strength and such grace? maybe it's because she knows that she needs to be song for so many people around her. maybe it's sometng else. but one thing is for sure, when you hear her talk about her beloved daughter, cora iso determinedive out fear with love. >> the last moment i saw that warrior. iner life. >> cora martinez is describing her finally moments. running into the corner restaurant in logan circle for help, ultimatel the 35-year-old would die in what police
4:33 pm
describe as a random and unprovoked attack. and perhaps that's why this story has struck a cord with all of us because it could have been any one of us. she said she forgives if alleged killer but she doesn't eve want to see what he looks like. she says the faces she wants seared in her a mind those of all the people who loved wendy, knot one who t her away. what's been so evident listening to mrs. mart needs inez is they family of faith and the roc on which they stand in this their darkest hour. >> as a mother, i want everybody to b safe. and for the parents just tell your kids to be careful. but also, to tell them that there is hope of god and there is hope in one. that is chrt. an wendy knew that there was.
4:34 pm
>> mrs. martinez said wendy called d.c. home for 12 years and tha she was so proud to be capital. a gound me page is set up to cover funeral costs. you can search wendy martinez in our nbc washington app. pat and leon? >> thank you so each. >> our hrts out to her, to the whole family. thank you. former vice president joe biden carrying on with the cancer moonshot mission. he and his wife dr. jill biden challenge all of us to unify to find a care. >> we can't afford another minute for better solutions, better treatment, better cures. nd that's why we're all here today. >> today the bidens are in d.c. hosting the first-ever biden cancer it. they bo to cancer in 2015.
4:35 pm
ther summits are held today around the world. can you say order up? the building housing the original bob and edith diner is for sale. it's on a fixture along columbia ke for 50 years. one of four locations in northern virginia. the owner of the restaurant hasn't comment but a local realtor tells arlington now just because the building is up for sale doe't mean that the restaurant is closing. any buyer would have to honor th current lease but would not be required to continue it.ou >> you just say alexa, buy me a diner. >> nhing it won't do. >> exactly. all right. did you know that before she came the duchess of sussex, meghan h marklead a food blog. >> details about the first solo project. a cookbook. but none of the recipes are hers. we'll explain that. plus, shoppers outraged. the $500 shoes that look like
4:36 pm
they're one good run away fowm being tin the trash can. and here's a look at the pollen repor for today. grasses and weeds coming in moderate. mold spores on the high side. coming up, the friday night lightshe forecast. ing out to a football game tonight, i'll let you knowhat tonight, i'll let you knowhat to exp wec
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z2ydoz z16fz y2ydoy y16fy
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pping ghan markle is s out on a solo project. the duchess of sussex isaising money for charity with a cookbook but the recipes aren't her own. sarah harmon explains who contributed the delicious recipes to the book. >> meghan markle launched a first solo project as the duchess of sussex, supporting a charity cookbook and theds proco to communities that were affected by the deadly fire
4:40 pm
atgrenfil tower in london last year. some of the guests were women whoost theiromes in the fire. the cookbook is their recipes. >> this is more than a cookbook. and what i mean by that is, the power o food is more than just a meal itself. the story behind and when you get to know the story of the recipe you get to know the person behind it. >> reporter: the duchess got a little helprom her mom in her first royal appearance since meghan and harry's wedding. it seems this imerican royal making her mark. the book won't be released until tuesda a but it'seady topping the charts. the number one r ckedkbook on amazon in the uk. sarah harman,bc news, london. the man behind nbc's hit tv show "this is us written screenplay coming out on the big screen today. >> i'm waiting for the right moment because when i ask you out it's going to be the most important moment of my life and
4:41 pm
i just want to make sure i get it right. >> life itsel is a multi-generational love story involving several couples, several continents and several decades. >> it's okay. it's not -- i'm a little mixed on it. i'll say that i admire the ambitious. the idea is all of these people are interconnected by one tragic event. i think you could love it or hate it. it's one of those that's polarizing "l think. >>ife itself" is rated "r." "this is us" will be on nbc and not rated "r." >> a bigclue. well, they look fun. but they're proving to be extrem >> that's right. consumer reporter susan hogan is looking into the laws, what to
4:42 pm
know before renting one this weekend. >> the hollow wean costume depicting character o a popular tv showot going over n
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there wour things to know this afternoon. let's get you caught up. >>the new york times" says deputy attorney general rod rosenstein suggested wearing a wire to secretly record president trump and also discdusok iin tnvhegm president f office. the proposal came in the spring of 2017 just weeks aft rosenstein took the job. he says the story is inaccurate and incorrect. negotiations are still under way about a possible hearing next week in the controversy over the supreme court confirmation of judge kavanaugh. e woman who accuses him of sexual assault during a high school party years ago has agreed to testify next thursday if a number o conditions are met. republicans want to move it up
4:46 pm
to wednesday andhey countered with their own>>onditions. growing mystery of the aloha state. a maryland man on the honeymoon there issi m. steven cramer's wife said he went out for a hike on mon ny aner came back to their hotel. the couple supposed to return home today. police in the district shed to sav a man who was hit and trapped under a suv incl dupont c today. the man later died at the hospital. this is the first electric scter death in the district. riders are allowed on some city sidewalks and they can be ridden in bike lanes. news 4's wking for you and getting you som information that you need to know before renting one of those electric scooters. susan hogan has more. >> you have been looking into the rental scooters. >> it is interesting. so the first thing to know is whether there's any da basically on scooter related injuries. we contacted the consumer product safety commission this
4:47 pm
morning and they tell us that electric scooters, lumped in this point along with hover boards and since 2013 more than 95,000 people went to the e.r. due tonjies. the majority of those injuries including fractures. as i said, again, no spefic data on, you know, t spraeparat out electric scooters. >> what about the laws in the distrect? >> thereaws in the district and there aren't. we reached out to the district department of transportation. here's what we have learned at this point. there is a 10 miles per hour eed limit with these scooters and they can get up to about 15 to 20 miles per hour and not allowedksn sidew in the central business district an allowed on other sidewalks roughout the city and you are urged to be courteous to everyone on did sidewalks and riders 16 years of age or older to use one and unfortunately we're told there is pp helmet
4:48 pm
lawing to the age group or a license required. bottom line, i meant is -- when we reached out they said only thing to u je ist a helmet but these things are -- pick them up, on the fly and you're not -- bringing a helmet with you. but a l of cities throughout the nation doing research throughout the day and there are some states and jurisdictions beginning to put laws out there to tryo crack down on them to be safer. >> even with a helmet law, the company can't keep you from renting a bike without the helmet with you. i it is. think more and more you see these things and accidents happening thingsrechange. >> yeah. >> no doubt. >> thank you. >> thank you, susan. all right. halloween costumes are hitting the store shelves and one controveial outfithere yanked after outrage and anger bubbling you will onl media. it's a play on hulu's wildly popular show "the handmaiden's
4:49 pm
tale." the show paints a grim future society. women have no rights and raped to further the population. one online taer is yandy and pulling it wld have uproar. they said it's meant to be a symbol of empowerment. nordstrom is selling beaten up, grungy sneakers. they have tape on them. the price tag? between $400 and $5 per pair. can you believe this? some of the comments -- somf the comments are lighthearted and others are outraged. shoppers say the retailer'sof ing or making fun of poverty. nordstrom said it realizes not every customer will like every product that it carries and they're passing the comments
4:50 pm
along to their team. >> wait. the retailer doing that or the customer buying it doing that, maki funf it? poverty or whatever? >> not sure. i know they don't look like they're worth from the money. >> from the jeans with the holes in everything and the knees and ripped up and -- >> some look stylish.os just look dirty. don't you think? you need to get rid of them. >> as long as they don't smell like it. >> i don't know what they smell like. right now, members of the university of maryland board are meeting and they're meeting about the death of a football player. >> we have been following thi story so closely. we could learn the findings of the panel within the hour. erika gonzalez with a look at when's coming up at 5:00. >> hey, you rememberhis story. jordan mcnair dd after a football practice this summer.e
4:51 pm
board of regents is expected to release thedi fs of an investigation. plus, a teenager girl takes arip to new york and doesn't come back. her father is talking about t concerns for her safety with our tracy wilkins. wel seeou soon with those stories and more. pat and leon? >> you got it. >> thank you. >> see you in b a. maybe the sun, as well. just a bit. apparently not, huh? >> not a lot of sun in the forecast this weekend but this point without rain. a day >> will we get that? >> we are tomorrow. there onainly dry out the saturday. on sunday, though, you do want to prepare for at least some rain and not looking like a complete washout. look for the outlook. an isolited shower possi tomorrow morning and then saturday night. but the daytime tomorrow is looking dry. we will have ocassional showers on sunday and then monday, a tuesda wednesday right now
4:52 pm
some scattered sewers are in orecast, maybe thunderstorms out there on wednesday. currently the temperatures are in the 70s wh plenty of clouds today. we didn't warm up all that mh. 73 in gaithersburg. dulles. yes, the rain today was not in the forecast, unfortunately. yesterday. there's nothing ithe computer dels to suggest the chance of rain. sorry about that ihtyou were ca off guard. never our intention doing the forecast. tonight it's looking nice out there. comfortable, humid and dry. we have quince orchardt bullis tonight. 6:00 p.m., 60s and 70s and it is looking dry for friday night lights tonight as we look to your weekend and the impact of the weather, if you have to get outn the yard, cut the grass, get into the garden, do that tomorraw with looking likely on sunday. outdoor parties, again, fine
4:53 pm
tomorrow but on sunday you want to have a backup plan movehe party indoors if you canment probably went a tent out there in the yard so you're not getting rained on. hold off on getting the car washed and raines chan the forecast on sunday and on into the early part of next for rrow, we start off as 69 degrees again. there's the small chance for an isolated shower around 7:00 a.m. maybe even an a lite bit earlier. after that, we are looking like we'll be dry throughout the day with plenty of clouds around washington and the south. up around the mason dixon linein of sun tomorrow and a high of 76. at 7:00 p.m., still 71 but then again we see showers moving in overnight and on sunday we continue to track occasional showers. otherwise cloudynd cool. it is the perfect indoor day on sunday. 66 for aso high. that's a chilly day out there. and then take a look. here's the ten-day forecast. 70 on monday and 60% chance for
4:54 pm
rain and then areas of rain are looking likely. 78. 82 on wednesday with a chance for late day showers and thunderstorms. >> thank you. this weekend you can get fresh,ew ideas on ways to renovate your home. from the experts. e annual capital home show under way at the dulles expo center. vern p is a star of "trading spaces" and talked toce chris lawr earlier today. he is an mclain high school and uva grad. he gave us a preview of what to expect this weekend. >> i travel a lot durndg the year i don't have a lot of opportunities for one on one interactions with the fans but i say yes especially in my hometown because we're talking about the best rulera toform your house into a home that's iplicable to everyone. talking about tha love to do it. >> the capital home show runs
4:55 pm
through sunday at the dulles expo cen and you can get ticket information in the nbc washington app. >> fall starts this weekend. don't let e summer without one more day outside with the family. >> tomorrow is nationa public lands day. to celebrate entrance fees waivedt all of the national parks. >> start making plans tonight, folks. open up the nbc washington s ap anrch parks and have a good time. all right. coming up next at 5:00e, her high school football taking a big hit right now. >> thousands of local you people passing on the sport. why friday night lights are flickering. a heartwarming reunion. this man finds aafe and loving home decades ago. how he is opening up about ito her and giving us waiting for a liver transplant..
4:56 pm
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i put criminals in prison during t day and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a lapractice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away om domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like ery working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror.
4:59 pm
right w, at 5:00, tragedy strikes in one of bd.c.'siest traffic circles. >> a manen appy riding an electric scooter hit by a car. >> raising questions about the safety of e-scooters on local streets. plus, why did she do it? ake senses no way to of something so senseless. >> new clues about the mottive in a workplace shootinghat left three people dead in maryland. and the warning for pet owners. the product you use to protect them that could be putting them at risk indeed. news 4 at 5:00 starts now. all-out scramble to save a man's life in one of the busiest traffic circles ends with heartbreak. >> firefighters seen here in video here did all they could to rescue a man who was pinned beneath this vehicle. >> that's right. he was riding an electric scooter and he was struck in dupont circle andust minutes
5:00 pm
aid d.c. police chief they're combing overid surveillance for clues into what happened here. >> news 4'sme cho joins us with details. aimee? >> reporter: the accident raising serious questions of scooter safety. scooters like this one around for about a year now in d.c. and today marks the first time someone is killeng u one of these here in the city. police say the man was riding in scooter when he was hit and later died at the hosp a man nearby didn't want to show his face but saw the crash. >> when you see something that bad, it is a big blur. >> reporter: news 4 looked into the rules around the scooters. you have to be 16 to use one and don't need a helmet or a license. allowed on some sidewalks in the city and ridden in bike


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