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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  September 24, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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for a killer. hundreds of university of maryland students will be up in a hotel this morning. find out why school officials pulled them out of their dorm. od>> news 4 starts now. >> it's 4:00 a.m. good morning,od ever >> thanks for joining us on this monday morning. it's going to be a soggy start to your week. but right now breaking news on the roads. >> bethesda inner loop at vi roe pike. the right lane is the only thing getting by. this tractor-trailer hit a guard rail and took out a lot of guard rail and now they're saying 4 to 6 hours before this will be cleared so we're sending chris lawrence to get eyes on this one. inner loop and outer loop the rest of the beltway is looking good this morning.
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no other complaints rightow and fairfax, eastbound 6612 befe crash with the left lane blocked there. good morning, sheena, you must have better news than i do, ght? >> yes. it's going to be rainy and clou and chilly. >> and the weekend is one day closer than it wasst day. >> that's a good way to look at it. >> it's chilly outside and patchy fog and visibility, but as we zoom out, for rain throughout the southnd southwes visibility is not too bad. we're above about two miles for most of the area and it could be a little bit difficult in some
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spots. 63 washington, 62 clinton, take a look at how they're going to go as we go through the morning, not moving too much. even through lunchtime we should be in the mid 60s. some sub persons in the late 60s. we'll talk about our rain chances for the rest of the wee comiup. >> it's 4:02 now. to a developing story this morning, aasther woman come forward accusing brett kavanaugh of sexual misconduct. >> this dates back to his days at yale university. ramirez says kavanaughos exp himself to her while they were classmates. he's already expected to testify this thursday. he denies both claims. kavanaughe stands by and democrats want to have the
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fbi investigate both investigations. >> the hearing is sll expected when the first accuser goes before them. but the white house pointed out judge said he doesn't remember the party. senate republicans say they are willing to listen to dr. ford. >> unless there's something more, no i'm not going to ruin judge kavanaugh's life over this but she should come forward. she should have her say. she will respectfully treated. >> for him to not even testify, thst isnding to me. he was right there in that room. >> t other high school friends nalsd by ford deny any knowledge of the alleged incident but o of tho friends told the washington post, she does believe ford's . clai >> at the time of the alleged
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assault she attended -a holtons. lumni from that school held a support rally outside the white house. more than a dozen women held signs saying we believe her. they also l candles in honor of other survivors of sexual violence. >> this is not 1991. ings have changed. women have the back of other women. survivors have the back of other rvivors. >>opholton arms alumni also spet support to otherak las. bill cosby could spends decan prison. some of the dozens of other accusers are demandinghe maximum penalty. 30 years in prison. that could mean life since he's 81 years old. cosbyould get much less time.ue he'll a his age,
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philanthropy and we'll give you the latest when sentencing begins in the nbwa ington app. >> a violent weekend in the district. d.c. police investigating five homicides and at least 8 shootings all since about 11:00 friday night. take a loo here the map on the 8 separate shooting scenes. least 14 people have been shot. this morning no word on a possible connection. police have act sus in custody for only one of the shootings. >> a deadly shooting investigation is underway in silver springs. a fight at a 7-11 turnedat early sunday morning. a security guard shot a customer outsidre of the s on georgia avenue. authorities say deon christopher mcdonald was arguing with the store clerk. a security guard stepped inignd a f spilled outside between the guard and mcdonald.
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the guard shot mcdonald. he died at the scene. it's unclear whether any will be filed against the guard. >> police are investigating a crime.e hate they're searching for five suspects that beat two gay men on u street. we're not showing their faces at their request. according to the police respect the attack happened last sunday night. the men tell news 4 that a car cand along the people insidear ted yelling homophobic slurs them before attacking them. >> there was a lot of blood everywhere. and then i got to the emerghecy and next thing i remember they were putting stitches in my lips and trying torient me to make sure that i was all right. >> d.c. police are asking anyone that may have information about the attack to give them acall. >> a baltimore police officer is
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expected to survive following a deadly shoot out with a suspectk it t place in west baltimore. it's unclear what lead up to the shoot out. baltimore police said the suspect shot the officer and the officer shot back kling the >> this mor parents are frustrated and worried that their kids wereed expo mold at the university of maryland. hundreds of freshmen are staying at a hotel while the university cleans the entireng buildi some say this isn't how they anted to start their college careers. >> it's very frustrating. school is pretty stressful so it not theest thing ever. >> i also have severe lung spasms now that require me to use an inhaler ery fourr five hours. it's not fair that we have to go
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through these medical expenses. >> we asked aut the health complaints. the university said students should visit their doctor. story outa developin of iowa this morning we just goi video the newsroom. this happened early yesterday morning but the clean up is still underway. according to an nbc news afill t -- affiliate, this is a union pacific train. it was csed by a bridge failure and you might recall that story by nbc news earlier this year tt found more than 50,000 bridges across the u.s. are falling apar o mo this to come. >> former first lady michelle obama isd hitting the r urging people to vote in the midterm
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elections in november. she was in las vegas yesterday at a campaign style rally. it was the first of stops for henon-partisan group. she is the co-chair of a nonprofi organization that encourages people to participate in the voting process no matter for.they vote her next stop will be in miami on friday. >> residents are stillrying to pull their lives back together following last week's devastatin fire at senior apartment complex in washington. >> we watched that fire tear through the building right here on news 4. it was o of the most moving images of that day. a firefighter rescuin a woman from the fourth floor. he managed to get her to safety. yesterday, the two were reunited and carter had a chance to say thank you to the man that saved usr life.
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he was doing his job. >> i was up there on the ladder but it a really team effort. she wasn't the only rescue.e thas other people making rescues at the moment. i was justo happened to be at the right place at the right time. >> bravery runs in his blood. his father was also a d.c. firefighter. he was killed on the job in may of 2015. >> it's just doi my job. just part of the training but they're saving lives. every day. >> all right. the skins didn't need any sunshine to g a win on sunday against the packers. >> they bounced back from a week 2 ls to pul off an impressive win. >> a dark rainy day brightened by the light of the redskins offense finally turningon. after six straight quarters withoutow ton, the redskins scored four in a 31-17 win over the packers.
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>> we're her to win and we're here toin thedivision. that's the main goal. >> a not a factor for 3-year-old a ddrien person. a huge turn around for the burgundy and gold after the loss in last week's home opener. >> thahes probably t worst game i've ever been o apartf last week and, youknow, for guys to bounce back, y know, it shows guysre resilient. >> it comes to an abrupt pause wi bye week up next but more time for the redskins to enjo this win over the packers. >> there's nothing wrong with your tv. you' seeing tiger woods back on top of golfing world. who would have thunk it? we'll show you how he did it.
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>> the thing in this bag could have killed a woman while she was gardening. the lucky break that may have saved her life. good morning, everybody. monday off to a cloudy and dr drizzly start. four things to know about the next couple of days. cloudy andwet. cloudy and wet.
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teroods is back on top. after five years and four surgeries he ended his come back season with a win at the pga tour championship. he's expected to move up to number 13 in the world after dropping to 1,000 199th la199th.
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many are calling this the best come back ins spo history. >> not me but there are so manyo people that f tiger woods so closely and have been waiting for this day. >> 4:16, comcast now owns british badcaster sky news outfitting 21st century fox for the $39 billion takeover. comcast exetives wanto grow operations in europe. 23 million europeans, it's called the biggest takeover ever seen in europe's mediast in. >> museums are supposed to be pretty calm and even sacred spaces in some case but that was not the case f one group of visitors.
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watch this. a performance artis was hit in the head by a painting by a man in the you can see a man approach the artist and attack wasn't hurt but wanted to ask why he hit her. >> you can damage the art. >> don't hit the artist. >> 4:17. a texas man known for his atmpt to post online blueprints for a 3-d printed gun is now facing a sex assault charge. cody wilson is free on bond after being accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl. court documents said wilson made
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the girl $500 for sex at a hotel. tigators they inv met on sugar daddy wilson flewo taiwan to avoid questioning but was extradited to the united states. he wasumacing a max sentence of 20 years in prison. >> a monomery county resident had a encoter with a copperhead snake. this is a picture ofhe snake after it was captured. the bite was not life threatening apparently. it was csidered a dry bite. when the snake moved to bite but didn't inject venom. they captured and relocated it. >> what is a venomous copperhead doing in montgomery county? >> living where we built i guess. >> chilling. just hanging out in the woods. >> you knowt's monday.
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well, h do you avoid that anyway if you're gardening? >> you can't. >> put on gloves that go up tore >> doesn't rain bring out critters like that? >> it brings out insects that's for sure have y noticed insects trying to come into your house when it rains. >> it's 4:19 and i wore a shower p into work >> no, you did not. that's what you told us beforet when was bad weather but i think it was just humid. >> this rning, very light rain so the windshield wipers will need to be on in the car thisin mo also areas of fog out there so the visibility may not be that e good as you'r driving around this morning with the wipers on. we have a little bit of light rain right now. take a look at the west and southwest. this is the rain as we g through the day today. what we're expecting, cloudy, il
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, rainy conditions. it's mostly going to be lighter rain. right now it's 63 degrees in washington. by recess chilly with showers around mid 60s. we'll still be in the0s. we're not getting out of the 60s today so we'll stay cool. as we go through the day today, light rain moving through the area. periods of light rain fall for tomorrow starting off your morning with showers around. we'll have a bit of a break dnesday.
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we're about 10 degrees warmer wi the rain around and by wednesday in the mid 80s with thunderstorm cooler on thursday and heading intond the wee we're looking at dry air. so that's good. 10-day forecast coming up inner loop there at rockville pike. not seeing a big impact because it's so early but the right lane is getting by. this should be 4 to 6 hours before it's cleared out of the way. taking a look at another problem. crash there as well. >> if you're looking for a part time jo i you are luck. coming up how businesses are tfering more
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> welcome back at 4:24. getting ready for the shopping season. >> the challenge is different this year. instead of people struggling to find work, it's the stores that are struggling to find workers. >> whi is creating some nice holiday job perks. >> there's nearly00,000 retail job openings across the country as of this summer. that's 100,000 more than last year. seasonal hiring is now underway at target that plans to add 120,000 workers. macy's hiring 80,000 and ups is
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bringing in 100,000 seasonal workers. with consumer confidence hitting an 18 year high, employers are offering incentives toe retain workers. >> they're doing whatever. that could be higher pay, that could be paid time off or other benefits such as getting discounts on things sold at the store. >> workers already casng in on the holiday season. >> if you're looking for a job check out some in our area. >> still ahead today, a new week, two new road projects to keep an eye on. >> where the wor is happening and what impact it may have on your commute. cont duingelopments on the confirmaon hearing of judge kavanaugh. a new accuser has come forward.
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>> fresh real estate scams going on here in thest ct. >> your monday is going to be covering up with clouds and rain chances on the coo side. the daily grade for today, an
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monday morning has arrived and with it, a forecast, t ling e look outside right now. while it may look lm, storm clouds are on the way. it's 4:29 right now. good morning, everybody. >> we'll talk about monda and
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we'll check in with that forecast. >> not that bad a monday. >> i appreciate that perspective. we were going to say it's a blah monday but we're alive and well. >> right? >> what's the worst that could happen, right? >> and melissa is here tracking eaking news that's going to impact your commute. what's happening? >> good morning. first of all traffic alert here in bethesda. it a jackknifed tractor-trailer. sounds like when this crash happened the tractor-trailer took out about 100 feet of guard rail and is across the roadway. so because of how it is blocking things just have the right lane getting by. this would be 4 to 6 hours before it's cleaoid. we're to get some pictures here shortly. the rest of the beltway is looking good here this morning. no complaints. the rest of the be iway,er loop and outer loop.
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the ramp nown has overturned vehicle. good morning chuck and sheena the rain isn't going to help anything. >> no, n it'snot. if anything it's going to slow down this morning because when the wips start going, people start hitting the breaks. >> they're swerving to misll the rain drops. >> that's not a good idea. don't do it. >> well, i mean, i tried to work in the middle of the night. >> rain drops? >> absolutely. >> please don't. >> okay. it's a very cloudy sky at the time. the overnight period moving out. not a lot of rain on the roads yet. a lot of puddlesea to with out there this morning. more rain coming our way later onn the day. you can see that redevelopment of like rain here during the part of the morning commute and that continues on into lunchtime and then drags on into thern af


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