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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  September 25, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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minutes but we begin with a check of your commute and. foreca melissa is standing by with your first 4 traffic but we begin wi the forecast. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and sheena. i can't remember the last time i saw the sun all day. >> we're going to have a little sun tomorrow but then it's going tol f some storms. >> normally september is 70% sunshine. this september, only 27% sunshine so we are way below average on required amounts of sunshine here in september which is typically one of our more pretty months. at you need to know about the weather then, another messy morningcommute. umbrellas required through at least lunchtime but you will notice it's much warmer today and it will be warmer still tomorrow. that's the reason for thunderstorm chances tomorrow eveninon and it could be on the stormy side around here for tomorrow.
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my computer is refusing to move gre hics. let me walk over here and give it a kick on the har drive and see if we can move it forward. rain all over the d.c. metro area. all covered up in rain drops. low visibility but nothing too bad in the fog category thisis thmorning. temperatures warmer. mid to low 60s now. another f for today. not going to be a pretty day to get outside. >> a failuren the roads here. not so hot. nohbound 95 on the left side of the road here still have this crash closing slow a downs you're heading inbound on 5. beltway looks okay now. howing you green where it's raining around the area. that's something that you'll have to deal with this morning in lots of different spots. into arli this changed us in the past couple of minutes. northbound os395.
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th hov lanes near washington boulevard there, all traffic stops right now because of a vehicle fire. widening back out, crash and that should clear some and bladensburg sb bw parkway diverted to 50. >> detectives are investigating an overnight shooting. >> it happened near a gas station and continues a days long streak of violence in the district. chris lawrence isive in northeast now with what we know. chris. >> the latest that we got is the victim is in cardiac arrest. i'll tell you why that's significant. that shooting happened tsoue this shell station on eastern avenue right at the corner of avenue inir northeast d.c. you can see the officers and detectives, homicide detectives here at the scene.
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as we pan down, down the street there, wha we're trying to determine is whether the shooting happened here at the shell station or if it started here and extended down the street. we have beeneeing them collecting and identifying some of the shell casings during down the road about 40 or 50 feet from the shell station. at this point what we're hearing ishey're looking for a man wearing white shirt, black pants, a brown derby hat and the victim ie're told in cardiac arrest. why that's important, right now d.c. is just one shy of the total homicide rate, 116 for all of last year. so we're not even out of the month and d.c. poised to hit mark it hit all of last year. we'll stay on top of this story. we'll still piece together how and when this happened and bring you more informationhroughout the hour. back to you. >> livs for u in northeast d.c. thank you.
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>> that shooting is the latest n a string of shootings that plagued the district since friday. four shootings happened yesterday all within hours of each other. the most recent, a man was found shot on downing place northeast last night. his was near the brentwood recreation center. >> an hour earlier another person was shot in the 180 block of benning road northeast. it's the same block where people were shot onfriday. it happened as peoplere ppared for a crime the nborhood commissioner there was at that walk last night and said the community is sick of the violence and it must stop. >> now to a developing story, supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh was unapologetic as he declared his innocence on national tv. kavanaugh says he is i and not going anywhere despite a second woman coming forward accusing him of sexual misconduct. >> last night on fox news kavanaugh repeatedly denied all algations against him. he insisted he always treated women with dignity and respect. his comments come as he and his
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first auser prepare to testify in front of the senate judiciary committee on thursday. kavanaugh says he wts the process to be fair. >> i'm not going to let false accusations drive me out of this process. america's about fairness. and hearing from both sides. and i didn't do this or anything resembling this. these are -- this is wrong. >> stormy daniels lawyer michael avanati says a third woman will come forward tomorrow. yesterday he declared that is 100% credible. >> the kavanaugh controversy isn't only causing drama at the white house, it appears to be taking a toll on senate republicans standing by him. justin finch is live now with more on how protestors confronting senator ted cruz. >> that's thght.
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is another turn in the drum up to thursday's testimony. we'll get you right to that video racking up thousands of shares and views online. >> we believe rvivors. with se are activists senator ted cruz and his wife at dinner. they're chanting we believe survivors and cruz can be heard saying god bless you as he and his wif leave that restaurant and now to capitol hill where dozens ofs protest were arrested yesterday. those protestors also chanting their support of dr. christine blasey ford and urging the senator to not vote for judge kavanaugh. it turns out that one of em,
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senator cruz, actually and susan collin c issidered a swing vote and could decide whether judge kavanaugh becomes a supreme court justice. back in to you. >> live for us there, justin, thank you. today bill cosby, the man once dubbed america's dad will be sentenced for drugging a sexually assaulting a woman. prosecutors are askingor 5 to 10 years in prison. the defense asked for a sentence of house arrest citing his advanced age and blindness. the victim in this case gave an impact statement during the first day of sentencing. she says, s quote, wants justice as the court sees fit. cosby was convicted in april. 5:07. happening now, concern amongnt resi at the ingle side of rock creek community northwest. >> a person living there has beeniagnosed with leonnaires
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disease. it's a kind of pneumonia gotten from breathin breathing things y won't let us use the water any place other than one bathro which they finally put a filter in. >> d.c. water says the public's drinking water is safe. health officials say the problem is isolated to this retirement community. they have installed filters as a erecaution and they are evaluating the w quality. a plan to crack down on k-2 in the district we have been following a huge spike in synthetic drug overdoses in recent months and now the mayor willce intro emergency legislation to the d.c. council and will change how synthetic drugs areclassified. it would make it easier for police to arrest people that make and sell synthetic drugs.
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they're trying to determine if k-2 played a role in the murder of a jogger last week. the man charged with killing wendy martinez was a kno use of k-2. >> district detectives hope survilllance video help track down the driver that hit a cyclist and kept on gyeng erday morning. take a look. you see the badly damaged bike on the corner of 12th andti cotion northwest. injured rider bikes to his job at the signatunatural history m every day. he's srecovering torning at the hospital. >> an elderly man trapped in a d.c. apartment building for five days after massive fire is expected to be okay. the 74-year-oldou was yesterday in the navy yard neighborhood. the man is believed to have been inside his apartment for when the fire started on wednesday afternoon to when a crew member found him. he had no electricity and was
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stuck in his apartme because the door was jammed. they searched ihh by i to make sure that no one else was in there. the l hear directly from engineer that found him. >> outrage in indian some parents there can't believe their eyes. >> a bus driver was fired after new video shows her letting an 11-year-old g behind the wheel wand driveith children on board. wah this. >>okay. okay. first you got to put your foot on te. br >> now this video was taken by seems to s the driver he coaching a student behind wheel. therently the child was n only one allowed to drive. police say she also let a 13-year-old and 17-year-old take the wheel. h it's terrifying. >> anything couldave happened to not only the kids on the bus but a pedestrian or another car coming by. >> police charged her with
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felony negligent. the school district says it's angered and disappointed in the actions of the driver. >> still ahead, we're working for you with new ways you can save on homeowners insurance. >> how you can save and improve your home at the same time. plus walking again. decades of research finally paying off for some men that t neveught they would walk again. >> this morning we're looking at rain again aroun. the ar be careful as you're driving. you'll need the windshield wipers on and have the umbrella wipers on and have the umbrella all day
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what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror. several people that have
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been paralyzed for years arein beginng to walk with minimal help. they had an electronicul stor implanted in their spinal cord. >> it doesn't happen the first time. it doesn't happen the hundredth time but tiov, each time that remembers and really relens to do those motor tasks. >> these findingsring hope to more than 1 million people in the country that are paralyzed becaus of a spinal cord injury. so what makes a pot of chili a winning recipe? today a local firefighter is putting his recipe to the test. >> the dale cityire chief has te hour to beat out four others from around country at the hormel cooking challenge in new rk. >> firefighters and chili.
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we know something about that, right? we're here with ctain edd dy dumire. all of your ingredients are layed out here, captain. you're in this big competition. nationwide, you're one of five finalists competing for the title to win. >> absolutely. >> what's the secret ingredienti >> i t bacon. most peoe don't expect it but it really sets it apart. >> you're stirring that up. when you win, let's say you will win, what do you get? >> $10,000 for our department and we're going tose that money for our santa visit we do every yearre we put santa on a fire truck and he goes around and visits terminally ill children. >> let me sample the winning reci right now. okay. here we go. there we go.
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you're going ton. coming up on tuesday, in new york city, captain eddy dumire competing. one of five finalists in the hormel chili cook off. give me a high five. let's go do it.ha >> whole pot of chil and she couldn't bring some by here. >> i putting in bacon the next time i make it. fhat's a great idea. >> that pot chil probably never made it out of the firehouse. >> exactly. i wish i had more sunshineouo tell about. >> so do we. >> we are getting close to the end of september and our sunny day chances are coming to a close.hi but i our best chances are coming this weekend. yesterday another quarter to half an inch of rain across the area. pushing our rain fall surpluses to the year to ridiculously high levels. almost 1inch above average rainfall total. more than 19 inches above
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avere at reagaational and more than 21 inches above average at bwi marshall and guess what, more rain in the forecast for today. the heaviest of the rain today will be north of us insy peania and new york but nonetheless, a big batch of southerl w breezesl not only keep the rain chances high but it will make it warme today. yesterday we're only about 66 or 67 degrees throughout the afternoon. we'll be a solid 10 degrees warmer than that today but take ou thisrella with morning on your way outside. it's a rainy start to the well up into the 60s now. and it's a ltle cooler in the valley. now until about10:00 or 11:00, pretty high chances for rain. but after 2 or 3:00 maybe a peak or two of sunshine. t anorrow sunshine early and then a chance for stronger thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon
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just enough late in the day to t us up close to 80 degrees. mid 80 tomorrow. a littl hint of summertime still around with some humidity and possibility for a weath alert needed tomorrow for severe weather in the afternoon. then another cool showery d on thursday. friday we turned the corner and set the stage for two dry days in a row over theen we that has to put a little smile on your face. >> it does. already making plans for saturday. hbound 95 before dumfries here. the crash clear off t left shoulder this morning. you can see that chain on the roadway here showing you where 's raining across the area. so slow going this morning because of the nasty weather. look at that green on our radar. arlington northbound 395, those hov lanes near 27 there. traffic was all stopped because of a vehicle fire. at this point we know one lane is getting by. the rest of the ltway, inner loop and outerloop is looking
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good this morning. no big complaints there. one thing to mention, this is new. highway 29. the rampo 66, a brand new crash reported there. aaron. 5: melissa, thank you. it's now. do you have any home improvement projects you have been putting off? why getting those upgrades done could help you save money on insurance plalater. >> what are you going to wear to ellen? >> is it cocktail? well i'm l wearie trousers. but cocktail. >> check out ellen a today 3:00 >> check out ellen a today 3:00 right herehe
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welcome backt 5:23. nbc's the voice is back and stronger than ever. we have returning coaches kelly clarkson, jenniferhudson, adam levine and blake shelton to re aim their red chairs for seon 15. >> here's a look at one of the dreams jennifer hudson had made comeherue at blind audition. >> i dreamed to sing with you. >> i'm ready.
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>> it's tonight at 8:00 p.m. >> that tough song. home improvement projects can add valueo yourome but did you know they could also lower your home insance rates? >> some of the upgrades that can help you save. >> it prevents even more expensive issues caused by water esaks and insurance compa know that. >> it will reduce the insurance ouaims. >> you see discounts from 5% to in35% edg on where you live and what kind of roofing materials you choose. >> no surprise, insurance companies are looking for
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upgrades that will improve safety and security. it's worth considering a security system. >> any type of accidental misuse of an outlet it will trip. >> upgrading you he electrielec system is not glamorous but it is a plus. >> we found one company that u would giv to 8% off your premium if you upgraded your electrical and plumbing. >> add in a stationar generator to keep everything humming in a power outage and yo might a get a discount. >> don't forget simple precautions like upgrading your smoke detector could save you 2 to 6%. they all raeeally add up t significant savings. >> 5:25 now. coming up, ditching diets. the company known for weight w loss, nowght watchers is changing it's mission and it's
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name. take a closer look at the new goals. >> good news morning, it feels like a repeat of yesterday mornin we still have the light rain as you're driving and you could be running intohy patc fog. coming up a look at what you can expect as we go through the afternoon straight ahead. >> plus a baby found in traffic crawling across a road. we hear from the that found him next at 5:30.
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that breaking news at 5:29, a huge police presence after a man was shot several times at a gas station overnight. this is happening just inside the d.c. border. only about a block away from prince george's and montgomery counts. chris lawrence is at the scene right now and we'll check in with him for at live repn just a few minutes. >> also right now, a live look outside as yake up on this tue tuesday. a soggy start to the day folks. >> look at that. it's going to be warmer out
5:30 am
there in the rain. i'll take warm rain over coldra . >> chuck and sheena here with a look a forecast. what are you laughing at? >> sometimes you have to measure progress in inches and not files. another rainy day. it's going to feel a little bit more like a late summer. >> and especially tomorrow. >> i worry about being in the 80s in september. >> why do you rry? >> because it leads to severe weather. >> and it might. t tomorrow i day we're calling for surveillance veer storms. today we're not looki atthat. light rain around mostly for the area. heading up across 66. 95 very lig rain across the bottom of the beltway. this morning the commute a like yesterday.
5:31 am
take the time and the umbrella yr the raincoat with you. still a v unsettled weather pattern this morning but it's not as cool out. you'll notice it's a little bit milder. 68 in washington. 69n quantico. and 73 in anapolis. this morningpp the 60s and then by lunchtime the low 70s for our suburbs. many areas by the afternoon should be in the upper 70s. yesterday we made it to 68 degrees for a high. today about 10 degrees warmer and tomorrow back in the 80s th that chance for potentially severe stor. and also nice weather for the weekend. great weather for your saturday and sunday.k we'll lt that straight ahead. let's get over to melissa with a
5:32 am
check onour commute this morning. >> arlington, northbound i-395. we nowave that one lane getting by an earlier vehicle fire but you can seehe delays. >> detectives are investigating an overnight shooting. >> it happene near a gas station and continues a days long streak of violence in the district. chris lawrence is live with the latest, chris. >> well, the latest that we'r aring is that a man was shot several times and right now he was in cardiac arrest. i'll tell you why that is so significant in a second but first what we know. this shooting happened just
5:33 am
outside this shell stati on eastern avenue. right at the corner ofmp new ire avenue. i want to show you a little bit of video from the last 30 minutes. you can see some of the k-9 units right on the sidewalk outse of the shell station. that ave been looking in area. we saw the detectives down there sele collecting the shellgs from that area. we're not sure if the shooting happened in the parking lot of the she or right on the sidewalk right outside but one person shot multiple times. why this is significant because right now d.c. stands at 115 homicides. all of last year the district saw 116. so again, one more homicide and we wedl have reaur total for all of last year and again, at this point, we're not eve out of the month of september. we're here at the scene and trying to get more on the victim's condition. i can tell you they're looking for a man wearing a white shirt
5:34 am
and black pants a a brown derby hat but at this time, the suspect is still outthere. news 4 back to you. >> chris, thank you. >> that shooting is the latest in a violent couple of days in the district. yesterday there were four shootings in a couple of hours. last nht a man was found shot. the man was not breathing when paramedics arrive an hour earlier another person was shot. that shooting hpened just as community members prepare for a crime walk aimed at stoing the violence. we don't have an update on that victim. >> a complete and total denial. brett kavaugh declared his innocence while denying all sexual misconduct allegations against him. >> last night on fox news he said he's not going anywhere and that he has always treated women wi dignity and respect.
5:35 am
f good ied to do a lot for a lot of people. i'm not perfect. none of us is perfectut iave never done anything like this. >> a second woman came forward v accusingaugh of sexual misconduct and yesterday stormy daniels attorney announced he ii representing a woman. this thursday kavanaugh and his first accuser will testify before the senate judiciary committee. president trump and many senate republicans say they stand behind kanaugh. >> thatex isas senator ted cruz in video obtained prtors angry about the kavanaugh confirmatio process forced him and his we out of a local restaurant. justin finch will have more on this coming up at 5:45. >> it's 5:35 right now and this fire at the apartments in southeast d.c. burned for hours.
5:36 am
>> crews rushed to get all the people out. we were told everyone was safe and accounted for and that was not the case. the man was remarkablyoing fine. >> when i was messing with the door i heard a voice. i said is somebody inthere? and he said yes. i said we'll get you out. he said i'm not going any place. >> a tree fell on top of 7-year-old girl while she was swinging in a hammock. she was in the hammo with another child on sunday. the tree that it was fastened to suddenly collapsed. the other child is expected to in a statement to news 4
5:37 am
sabina father sayshe was amazingly kind and completely loved. he goes on to say his family will never recover from this only survive. >> it's 5:37 right now and yoming up spotted in the street, a b crossing a road. up next, hear from the man that stopped traffic to g this little boy to safety. >>till ahead, mascot mania, philly's hockey team has a new face but the reaction from t fans taking on a life of its fans taking on a life of its ow
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i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor,
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and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, ithen, as state senator,ms collect child support. i worked across party lines toarget sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up tlike every working mom,pro, what's ahead is as important as what's ithe rearview mirror. not to the finish.t. but to the t that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause.
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him. expert car for every new beginning. >> he told the associated press he ran out of food within a wdk survived on fish and water and even recounted being circled by a shark.
5:41 am
the storm snapped the rope that anchored his fishing boat to the sea floor. he was finally rescued in august and was reunited with hisfa ly. the survival skills and the will to live had to really kick in. he ate fish and read his bible every day. >> what a story. >> now to shockingvideo. you have to see this to believe it. take a look at this picture here showing a baby boy crawling across the road in new jersey. police are investigating now after that 10 month old was found on saturday in lakewood. slipped spect the baby out of the door that was left open. >> a man and woman stopped traffic to save the baby. really scary to see. the man held his own infant as
5:42 am
he talked about rescuing someone else's child. >> another neighbor then helped return theaby to h parents. people in the neighborhood describe the boy's family as warmnd caring so far no charges have been filed against the parent. >> they're so fast. >> they really are. even on their hands and knees. 5:42 right now. mr. bell. >> kids a little older than that need to go to school today. it will be up close to 80 degrees today. have your rain a boots your umbrella ready to go first thing this morning. game tonight, the gnats and the marlins, it will be cloudy but they should be able to play ball. >>s dropping weight watchers. a new name and a new mission for a new name and a new mission for one of t most popular
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kainrk my dad ran an ironwog shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. then i went to hondus as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders. our economy works best when everyone has a skill, like shipbuilding. that's why i created career and technical academies our economy works best when everyone has a skill, across virginia anjopassed a law to expand training for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. re in virginia,we have to build an economy that works for all.
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he turned around the naacp. businessman. ben jealous. "marylder of the year". he's helped grow twenty companies and a thousand jobs. ben's vision: medicare for all. a pldr to lower prescription costs and fully fund our schools. the sun says jealous has "the stature and gravitas" to lead maryland. we can do much better on jobs, on education, on healthcare. t it means we've got to believe in each other. ben jealous. governor. all eyes and ears will on president trump. he is expected to be
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unapologetic about his to engage with north carolina and to remove the u.s. from the iran nucar deal tomorrow he'll chair a meeting of the u.s. security council for the firsttime. president trump is also dealing with the confirmation controversy involving his supreme court nominee. brett kavanaugh says he's not going anywhere even though a second woman accusing him of sexual misdconduct. >> news 4'ss tracie potts live on capitol hill. what else did he say during that interview? he had no, he did nothing to these women. the first accuser and second accuser or now a thi who is yet to be identified but her attorney says she is coming forwd in the next 48 hours before that hearing. kavanaugh wants t clear his name and he wants a fair hearing. he's not giving up. he will fht for this nomination. republicans say he will get an up or down vote. they are accusing democrats are
5:47 am
pushing fegse aions as has the president. while democrats are still tpushing fort fbi investigation which it doesn't look like is going to happen before thursday's hearing. >> tracie potts on the hill this morning. we continue our team coverage of the kavanaughcontroversy. >> justin finch is on capitol hill as well this morning. he has moren the protest that interrupted one member of congress's dinner.ju in. >> that's right. we're talking about texas senator ted cruz that came face to f with demonstrators last night at a d.c. restaurant and that confrontation was caught on camera. >> we believe survivors. >> you can hear them chanting we believe survators. th video b postedy the group, they d support christinch
5:48 am
ristine blasey ford that accused judge kavanaugh of sexual misconduct more than 30 years ago. cruz can be hea saying god bless you as he and his wife enave that restaurant and there were d of arrests monday onll capitol hi where protestors gathered outside of the office of susan c tlins andhey wore black and urged collins not to kavanaufavor of judge to join the supreme court. back out live, these republican senatorseing targeted on purpose because they have ties that could essentially influence kavanaugh's arrival to the supreme court. thought to be a swing vote that join decide his fate to the bench and ted cruz is on the senate judiciary committee. justin finch, news 4, backn to you. >> thank you, justin. >> 5:48 now, we turn to dision 2018. maryland governor larry hogan is mpaigning for re-election against former nccap
5:49 am
>> both men squared off in the first and only debate before november's election. in that debate, those men ou ined why they would be best for the position. they passionately discuss health care, gun control and the economy. >> my four year record is clear. we lead the nation. we increased jobs. increased wages and y just can't keep making up these s. stor >> governor please, all the reports are there. >> io not going go to ben >> all the facts are there and all of my plans are there. >> a poll released last week shows governor hogan leading by 22%. >> we want to remind you asatell ews 4 is hosting a live debate with the candidates for virginia's s. senate seat tomorrow night. incumbent democrat senator cain will go up against corey stewart. thatebate will be moderated by chuck todd with questions from julie cay from here at news 4
5:50 am
and me. >> a newy hoc mascot is taking the world by storm. >> this is gritty. 7 foot tall orange thing. >> i'm sorry. i'm having nightmares about this thing. >> the kids ithe crowd are like what? >> look at his eyes. look at him. >> he made his debut at a preseason game against the boston bruins. not everybody a fan. ptheguins poked fun at him. he's firing back with that you saw a second ago. sleep with one eye open tonight, bird. >> i'm surprised that's all he said. >> the philadelphia flyers used to be called the broadstreet
5:51 am
bullies. 's supposed to reflect that. if you ever watch the flyers play, they are very aggressive. >> the fans. >> they boo you. they used to throw things at the players coming tout. ir own team. not another team. oh, let's talk about the we her. we had some showers around again this morning. here's a look at the it's a lot like yesterday. if you're about to leave just know that we have rain fallin it's that anoising rain where it's light enoug in some areas where you need the windshield wipers but we're also seeing low cloud and areas seeing patchy fog. in frederick, some light consistent rainfall here but into the beltway, we have light rain aund thedistrict. wet roads here allorng long. and that's showing us a little bit of heavier imbedded rainfall and that's going to continue to
5:52 am
head to the north. for today, know thatou need the umbrella. the first half of the day and te the oon. very unsettled weather pattern but for tomorrow we'll startbe dry. 68 in washington. 64 in gaithersburg. so it's a little milder this morning. 59 in leesburg. this morning we have wet roads. some area of fog. by thers afternoon h cloudy. by the afternoon the chance goes down but keep in mind c we still see a couple. future weather showing that rain still around through lunchtime. the afternoon seeing more cloud cover. tomorrow is going to be different. we'll be dry most of the day. severe storms possible in the yell shaded area. that's going to be mostly north and west of d.c. that's tomorro evening so most of your wednesday will be dry but late tomorrow. that's when we could see some strong t severe storms moving. so we have a weather alert because of that thursday-friday we're cooler with still that chance for shower. the weekend looking fantastic.
5:53 am
more sunshine and comrtable temperatures. >>mo good ing. northbound 125. we have one left lane getting by. this is a crash on the right side of the roadway. you can see the delays are going to start to kickn in the next couple of minutes. inbound 395. we had that earlier problem at washington boulevard. you can see those delays as well. that's cleared. it was a car fire but we still have the show down. all the green showing you where it is t raining arounn this morning. as you're headed inbound there near washington boulevard it's going to be slow. northbound bw parkway before 202. right side still bloed by the crash there. beltway not bad this morning looking good all things nsidered, especially considering the rain. 270, top of the beltwayve looki normal for your travel time. 66 inbound. no major prlem. 95 north quantico to the beltway. 30 miles per hour. remember to listen to wtop 103.5
5:54 am
fm when you hop in your car. you got something -- >> what? >> it's a piece of candy. >> can you get it >> may get it? >> ah. thank you. >> oh, jack. the wait is over.nb tonight' this is us returns to tv. season 3 kicks off right after the voice. it starts tonight at 9:00 right here on nbc 4. be sure to stick around for news 4 today to catch this is us star mandy moore on the "today" show. listen, the acting,he writing, the emotion. >> jack is >> oh, he is. i love them all. >> mixed reaction to weight wa thers decision rebrand and change it's name. >> it's changing it's name as consumers ditch the diet for overall so the will simply be ww. the move is in part to expand the company's focus beyond just weight loss to encompass overall
5:55 am
healthy living. it also has a new logo and slogan wellness that works. it also announced itsin elimin all artificial ingredients from its products and starting a new program called wellness wins. >> a local fpastry c making his first appearance on the steve harvey show today. >> the 19-year-old is from maryland he's on the autism spectrum but not let that stop him when it comes to achieving his dream. he already hosted his own show on youtube and co-written aook with his mother and now he's ready to take his talents to th. next le >> how does it feel when you're in the kitchen? what is it like? >> it makes many he feel confident. it also makes feel happy and that i can accomplish anything. >> you can watch the entire interview t0 ay at 2m. right here on nbc 4.
5:56 am
>> good morning, i'm eric chemi at cnbc headquaters. new see, snap, buy. they're testing a new feature to let them buy items from amazon. you take a picture and it brings it up showing price and availability. you'll be sent to the website to purchase it. it's currently available to a small number ofth users i united states. with your cnbc morning business report. i'm eric chemi. >> still ahead, a resident of a local retirement community diagnosed with legoinnaires disease. where it happened and what's being done. >> plus we're working for you. why some improvements to your home could lower the cost of your insurance. stay with us. we'll be right back.
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ews 4 today begins with breaking news. >> that breaking news, a violent fewth days i district continued overnight. this is a live look on eastern avenue. news 4 learned a man has been sh at a gas station there. investigators are still on the scene working to figure outt exactly whappened. coming up on 6:00 a.m. right now. good morning, everybody. >> we have a live report from the shooting inscene. just a few minutes, though, we begin with a check on your commute and forest. ralissa is standing by with your first 4ffic but we do want to check on this rain because it seems like it's never ending.
6:00 am
>> it does feel that way, doesn't it? this morning we're still seeing it scattered showers. >> more rain now and so now we have officially eclipsed. as have more rain this september than in the five septembers combined. that's how crazy wet this one has been and it's also a testimony to the fact that the last five septeers have all been unusually dry septembers. another messy morning commute. it will be 10 or 12 degrees t warmay than yesterday. we're watching a thunderstorm chance for tomorrow. right now though there's the rain across fairfax, loudoun and montgomery county. that's higher than our high yemperature yesterday. we'll eas jump into the mid and upper 70s for highs today. have that umbrella ready to


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