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tv   Today  NBC  September 26, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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on offense. the preside takes on the seco accuser who claims judge brett exposed himself to her in college. she was tot up.e was all messed it might have been him. ahead, reac here. the clock ticking on capitol hill. 24 hours fm now, the first womas unde> downfall complete. bill c beh bars this morn sentenced to up to ten yearsssor sexuallt. a moment his dozens of accusers his team already planning nnot their appeal. this has been the mot
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and sexist trial in the history states. this morninghe prosecutor the center of the case joinsor us f an exclusive live > emotional p maddox is my whol reason for living. y missing in north carola -old spea out, begging for her son's safe return. i just want my baby home, please the massive search using drone, helicopters, and scuba dive entg its fourth day. > all that plus flooding emerge heavy rains washi rs the northeast. a new round of downpours victim of a sexual ns up ab assat asna ager and why silent until now. three, two, one!plunge. >> hollywood star will smith bung jumps fromic aopter over the grand canyon tole
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cee his 50th birthday. why he says he had to make it a day he'd never rget. y is wed >> from nbc news this is "today" with savannah gue and hoda ko live from studio 1a in rochr plaza. good morning welcome t "today." ice to have you with us on will smith jumped out of a a bungee cord. hes a daredevil, that one. he > fast develops in the mattedle over the supreme kavan. e day away now. the president is going into atta mode against democrats and one of kavanaugh's accusers. wl talk to her attorney just ahead. > first, nbc's national
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corrt peter aer is here with us. lo to catch up on, peter. we go.good morni when the first an t brett kavan came out pres th out the window,laming de f what the president calls the politics of dest and new this morning we are lear about the veterar a prosecutor, the repus just hired to handle their questiing. presid lashing out, accu democ of trying to sink brett kavanaugh's nomina the democrats are playin con game.n, c- con game. they know it's a con game. they know he is highuaty and they wink at each other. the president also attag kavanaugh's second was totallybr ited and she was all messed up and she doesn know if it was him, m but itht have been him.
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oh, gee, let's not make him a suprt jud bec of that. ramirez told "the " kavan exposed t hims her during a drunken dorm room party at yale in the 1980 she had memo gaps because she had been drinkihe second accuser has nothin admits that she was drunk. she admits time lapses. ramirez's lawyer firi back, sayinghere are witns who can corroborate she disclosed to her mother and sister5 3years ago about what happened. if there is goi to be a real inven to find out what happen a source familiar with the process telling nbc senate judiciary staffers r by phone and kavana aga denied it. democrat blasting republica for scheduling the committee vote on kavanaugh onriy ford. dianne calling it outrag, arguing it's clear
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to mt t republicans don't upsetou to be a fair process. repub hiring on outse female attorney to ques ford and kavanaugh at thursd hearing. ernit sen grassley's offi revealing that rachel mitche, an ari with decades of experience prosec sex crimes, will be aski the questions on behalf of r mitche m pr confid. lisa murkowski, a critical repu swing vote, warning her colleagues not to prejudge thes, while indi fbi inven is warranted. an investi certaiertainly clear up some of the questions that are and this morning new dey what tomorr hearing is going to look like. sccuser christine d is going to first starting wiem n time limi.
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then a round of questions between republicans d democra where the 11 res all of them men expect hand their time over to the female procutor they just hire kavanaugh rill for him. what's unclear is whether the re questions will ask the questions of kavanaugh or rs well. is going to be something e ha nevere. seen bef these days, we seem to say that thank you. by john cloo good morning, msavannah. i su presids comments about your clie saying she was junk, she had memory lapses. hearing her reaction to the president say those things? >>ell, it was distur, especially since it doest seem to be of iaverest ing any kind of inven into what ha i know you have been goi
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and forth with senate staf about how your client might provide testimony to the commit we w get to that in ainute. bottom line, is she willing to testy und oath about what she says happened? >> she would be willing to e cak with the senate judiciary e abo like like. they certainly haven't invited her. that point it's a moot fbi as a condn on her testifying?t >> i would call it a condit but it's the only intet way to get so if they called her today and said, come tomorw andou can testify, too, she would say yes? i would let her make that decisii w be concerned about he doing that without them doing an actual investi into what happ. look, we don't go straight to trial and skip the investigati proces inveprocess tt set upe backgrou
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cheat that process is going p with an unintelligen dr. ford requested an fbi inve the senate rep said, no, we are not going to do it and e is invited to testify, will she testify even if there isn't the inven she would prefer? >> again, that' a decision that i'll certainly let her make. i would be concernedbout doing that, but it wouldn't surprise me if she agreed to do that. we will see if she gets that invi and go from there. fair enough. s talk about what sheold "the n get into the nitty-gritty detail she says that brett kavan expod himse to her in colleg but according t "the " they wrote, in her initl conversatio with the maga she was reluctant to char kavana role in
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the e sit here today,ou is clie certain it was brett h who exposed himself to you know, she has inrynt bee very caree is putting out shere. " is exactly what she recalls w clarity. t she recal incident. she recalls the genitalia i. e recalls seeing brett s as though somy was zipping up theibo there after saying brett va just did that. those are the facts she is comfe with putting forwd she was deliberate to not sacificay that in that exact moment she knew it was breth and she sawwa it one of the things that has made her, to me, so cre is now putting forth more conc informatione has been care she is comfortable saying er thing the new yorker
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rights aft six days of cons hernd memories cons with her attorney, she fe confident enough to those six e magazine. on, you either remember or you don't. what's the six days about? first of all, maybe that gives an impression that the twa of them in a locked down for si how it went. ba to the point i was makingte she w to make sure that her recoll of what happened and what informati she was " was accurate.edin "the new she h stan garnett, a career prosec and someby experi in handling s crimes, knows how to work with vict how to talk with victs in a way that is not suggesnformation to work throh the recollectio "the new d that your client, ms. ramirez, had been contacting at yale as
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they recalled the incident and told some of themhe couldn't be certain that was mr. kava did tt happen that happened. i wasn't representing her at the time that may have taken place. it goes back to the exact same poine wanted to be very, very care put forward a fo information the new yorker.s mindset right now? suddeny papee has been brought out here publ. e is she, how is she today? >> i think b she hasn kind of receiving., you know, it is frusg to see some of the remas by the senate,ut some of the remarks by the president. sheep is frustrated to see those and is becoming more and more the judiciary fate will allowerto. >> june clune, the attorney for miss ramirez. thank you. craig joins us wit.
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waking up behind bars x offender g. sentd tue to three to en years in a pennsylvania pris a moment we will talk to the pros who helped seal cosby'st, face. stephanie goskk is outse that prison where cosby spent the night. good morning. th right. he was here at this maxit streed like any other inmate, given a jumpsuit, towel, bar, soap, a dinner oeaalls and rice. will be here for a few days while the state of pennsylvania looks for somewhere more america's funniest dad. brain?ill bopping to >> to one of its newe inmaors, thisning bill cosby's stunning fall, ending in a pennsylvania prison. theed1-year-old sentenco three to ten years behind bars.
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handcued a led away. he is hidden behind a f hux that balance. ow finally bill cosby has been the decision nearly five months after cosby was convicd of drugging and sexual assaulting andrea cons atis home in 2004. judge steve o'neill considering several factors before handin g constand's emotional writn victim impact statement. bill c took my beautiful hey young spirit and crushed it. robbed me of my health and, y open natured my trust in myself and otheref the pushed for house arre. to cosby's age and heal. later d comedian, nobody is above the law. cosby, who must serve three yearr parole, is now classified as a sexu spre,
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meang monthly counseling for the rest o his life and must regi with police anywhere he goes after serving most racist sexistrial in the historyf the unitestates. many adding cosby drugge, it's justice comeed i d any of us ever day the search for a more permanent fasly depends hn hit. he is nearly blind. he has trouble walking. he usee facilit that cater to people who are older. he will likely end up in one of those., bk to you. stephanie gosk in penn> cup, the prosecutor who put bill cosby behind bars will speak out i life interview. > preside will a to the of u.n. securi gene tuesday he asd oth nations to isolate
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ssan regime as long as their nuclr aggren continues. it was t line from the prest that drew the most no >> in less than two years my admini has accomplished more than almost any admi in the history ofr -- so true. i didn't expect >> the president spent much of the speech pushing his america first message, saying the u.s. y longer. e taken ad moth of that missing boy in nort who vanished in a park four days ago is now brea her silence. the fbi now expanding an already massive seash. nb gabe gutierrez joins us with the very latest. d story. hey, gabe. hoda, good morning. the gut wrenching search of this
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park has captured the nation's fte now we are hearim the boy's mother for the first time as police say they are busy tracki down more than 150 s in a race against time. this morning the mother of 6-ye maddox ritch with a despplea. j my baby home, carrie ritch her silence. i maddox my whole world and reason for living. he isma 's boy. maddox was the park. he loved bouncy balls and he loves his teddy bear. police have been playg recordings of his pant voices hoping that drs him out if he is lost in the woods. the fbi says hisather has join searc teams at the park wher missing near char hend another adult were walkg wit maddox when his son took off running ahead.
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author hope someo at the busy park that day may hold a clue talk with a profes and a jagg who may have been nearby. a specific ti li boats and sonar have been brought in to search a lake. specia choppers fly over held. i hope they find him ali hoping that the young boy last see wearing a t-shirt that says i'm the man will beis back with family soon. thank all for your love my baby back in myust want to arms. my gosh, so sad hearing from the mom. , as you mentioned, it's been four days since maddox disapp s going from the of offi hi there, hoda. authors b haven very tight-. they tryg to search this park. its a sprawling p acres. they he expanded the search.
7:18 am
they he not ruled out foul play and the fbi is now offering a $10, for any infon inda case. gabe, thank you. > it is 7:18. has the forecast. good morning. a look at the scene in the nort ye folks had to be rescd by front-end l in new jersey. way.literally getting mov massive flooding, eight to ten inch o rain throughout parts of new york, new jersey, and conn in fact, kids even had to b rescd in connecticut by school bus. unbeliev rain. we have more on the way. in fact, as you look here with a fron, br strong stor for 47 million pr seve r today, into tomorrow mornin that front stalls through the soutt bringing a flood thre through the southern appala. e heaviest in the southeast,
7:19 am
from three toive inch or more of rain from roanoke all the way back into texas. we wl get to your local fore > good morning. i'm meteo chuck bell. a cloudy sky over washingtonng this mor yet.ha on storm ter that wille with a chance of thunderstor coming in duri the evening commute. a slight risk for strong to
7:20 am
t out around e i-95 c take your n high, a nice warm day cooler rain showers latest > just h ahead, did the woman who prosecu feel sen himnced and d away in handcuffs? she is with us exclusively.> pl she is speaking out about being a victim of sexual assault e kept it a secret until now.
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coming up, help for parents like natalie who want to say game over to their kids' video games. also, inside will smith'g leap to mark a major miles ♪
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from the family of the most dependable, longest-lasting full-size pickups on the road. gorgeous. chevy hit it out of the ballpark with these. this is a news4 today news tonight on nbc4 the ca for virginia's u.s. seat will debate. chuck tod will modere that debr between democrat tim in and republican challenger y carrie and i will be on the pan ask questions. the debate starts at 7:00 p.m. working to learn more about this bad overnight crash invog a d.c. police suv. the crash happened in the d bladensburg road in nort for updates in the nbc app. > your first4 traffic. ho is it
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[ inaudi]. >> all right. thank you. we wl take a break now. i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help moms collect child support. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom,
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what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror. good morning. to bem a w and humid day and thunderstor are like later on today. a slight riskor severe weat fu weath times it out reachi the d.c. metro aa in the 5:00 to 6:00 timeframe. be weather alert laterhis afte wise in the low 70s now. a very warm and humid 86 degrees again wht likelihood of thuns later on today. omorr cool, cloudy, and showy all day long with temper stuck in the 60s. the sun will be back out. >> tha> wwill have another loca news update in 25 minut backod
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back now, 70 on this is a sign that fall is on the way. winter is on the way. they atarting to get the skating rink read gets together on october 8th. book your ticket i haves mixed that. i love ra but that means winters is feel now let's get a check on todas headlines. several develops surrounding suprem on tuesday the senate judiciary an outsi attorney to question kavah and christine bla ford, t first woman to him of sexual assault. arizona prosecutor rachel mitche has been tapped to ask the questions. also, tuesday the committ
7:31 am
schedud a confirmation vote on kavanah friday morning. meanwh o president t trying to sink kavanaugh's nomination. he says democrats are playing a, quote, cgame. > a vehicle explode inside a parking l in ohio. the frightening moment caught on camera. witness saidst the bla sounded like a cnon being fired. cincin fire officials say the woman was able to get out of her vehicle on her own. e extent of her injuries are unknn a this time. e tank in the back of tha > bill tues to three t ten years in state s assa a woman a decade ago. the 81-year-old was seen being walk hallway in handcuffs.d bail. the judge says a > and we are now jind by the
7:32 am
womanel whod put him behind bars, good morninto. what an image to see bill y in handcuffs walking out of that courtroom, going to pris. e sentenc three to ten years. do you think justice was served >> absolutely.. andrea constand and her family got to be heard. many women got to be heard. many women gave their victim impa statements in that difft forum. justice was definitely served. bill cosby statement. there seemed toe very little remo reactn. had h demonstrated any remorse thro the course of the trial, eve the sentencing y phas think that perhaps the outcom wou been difft for him? >> that would have been a miti factor the ju coul considered when senten an individual. i understand that he invoked his right to remain silent, which is his constitutiona right. that's why his counsel argued thers a lack of showing of
7:33 am
remo certai tha could have come in play. could bn a mitigating let me ask you about some remas his publicist,rew wyatt, said on the courthouse step. he said this was a racist and sexi trial. he said they persecuted jesus and see what happened. wew what this country has r centuries. you we the prosecutor, the pers. did those remarks sit wit u? e system dens me that someone wanner. a manho admitted administeri medica to a woman without ideng wha it was and then engagi in sexual contact with him, a man who admitted to givi quaaludes to woman to have sex, tot eequival in that man to jesus is you have worked in s crimes for a long time. you watch bill cosby in that cour you heard two trials. do you think was going on
7:34 am
in his head during all of this, he committed. i can only imagw going t his head. just from watching him and lookg at his body lanage, you know, i don't even know that it was clear t him that this was judgment day. judg day. it didn't appear to me that he thout this day would ever come.d you kw what? it cam most of us knew bill coss americs dad. you really dug d to paint a pic him for the jury and in the p tt i owin studd in terms of bill cosby we should charge this case or and then, obviously, once weas chard the i had to convey a picture to the jury of wh bill c was. i don' who he was in terms of how we should remember him.
7:35 am
y i can tell you that the individl who sexually assauld andrea constand wan art. a man who was two different indi a man who we saw onv and he utiliz tha as a cloak so he he coulde women, groom them, o then administer an intoxicant and sexually assault them. this was a long road and not easycase. i don' to tell you. the first t ended in a mist, a hung jury. u tried to again. was there ever a time in this whole periodre w you thought maybe we'll just give up? did you ever feel discouraged and think i tried but that was we are not going to getvi the cn we want? you know, that's an intereg question. i always look for my strength in the vi constand was amazing. emained like so courageous d brave throughout the entire proc did i ever consider whether i want to give up? i don'k so because her coure and her strength was
7:36 am
enou for me to say, you knowwh ? keep going. i just got to ask questions and deliver a closing and opening rema which i did so many times before. d was her whoad to withstand she was able to remain steadft and keep going. i had to. >> what did she say to you yest andrea constand? >> many things. i think most important was, i askedr, is she happy with the sentence, and she said yes. thank youei so much for with us this morning. we really appreciate it. > let's get a check of e good rning, guys. s in our temperature as we start to adjust to fall while to theayi warmer ong the east south. air in minneapolis, kans city even in lubboc texas, a 25 degree below avera mper 57. temper are warmer and more humid on the eastern seaboard. we move into tomorrow and that cool air stretches from the east coast all the way to the plains t happens this 57, washing
7:37 am
weeken cooler weather, fall is here for new york ci with in the 70s. raleigh sam thing for the week minneas wil see in the 50s. that's what's going on around the country. here what' happeni in your neck of th woods. good morning. we are we have some patchy fog. we are watch storms off to the west. some of those later today when they move in could be strong to seve. be tracking those through the afterno. in the low. by lunchtime still dry. temperur will get into the 80s ler today. the severe storm chance comes this and into the early evening hours. tomorr we are cooler but we also have shs still in the , even through friday. t so farhe weekend is looking ab >> and that's your latest weathe thank you, al. coming up, are you kids g autoames. what happene when natalie deci to take a little
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inte forys her two how would you like to get a singg telegram from james cord neil poot richarris > and how "frozen 2" coming along.> first, an emotional she is coming forw.i.
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a stunning revelation from now in a "new yo t" op-ed she says shs sexually assad when 16 years ol mole as a child and has not spok publicly about this now. kate s here with the good morning, guys. is an outspoken critic of prest t she says she is coming forward becae of e allegations made agait supreme coukavanaugh, whi es, and she says because the presids quioned why one kavanaugh's accusers didn't ago.anyone years now shari her story to make a point. padma laksh says she understands why women don't s because, she says, she didn't. she writes in a new york sometis op-ed her then 23-yead b raped her at age6 while she was sleepi. she said she tolhe himas a virg and not ready for sex. ior is didn't it, not to my
7:44 am
mother, not to my friends, and certy not to the police. she began to blame herself. i always thought when i m lost virgin it would be a big deal or a conscious decision. the loss of control was disori she says by t thee she was raped, she had already been sile. when i was 7 years old, my step relative touched me between my legs shortly after i told my mother andstepfather, they sent me to india for a year to live with my grandparent thle speak up, you wi be cast out. sharg now, she says, because of the allegations against suprem kavana which he denies. say a man shouldn't pay a ice for an act he committed as a teenager, but the woman pays th f price the rest of the peo love her. prestrump's tweet on frid questioned why kavanas i accuser didn file a police rort. since then, padma lakshmi, alys milano, ashy judd have
7:45 am
join thous of celebrides ordinary people alike sharstories, spark agg a response on line with the #why iidn't support. member of the time's up move wore all black and post photos on sial medi with the #believ. nowhe says she is trying to pass these lessons on to her 8-ye daughte i have been telling her the simp and most obvious words it took me muc tof my life unde. if anybody touches new your privak or you feel uncomf you yell loud, get out of the t andl some. is allowed to put their hands on you. your bodys yours. this came out just a day before the kavanaugh ho coincid? >> no right. she wants people to remember, as we consider whom we appoint to
7:46 am
make decisions on the highe court of the land. again, kavst denies all the alles aga him and the white istanding by him. kate, thank you. > still ahead thismorning, help for parents. parents like nataliele mo you want help with your kids who are obsessed with video games. ever since i started renting from national. beca...and choose any car ose the in the aisle.ounter... and i don't wait when i return, thanks to drop & go. e at national, i can le wait...and keep it off. looking good, patrick. i know.(vo) go nati.
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this is a news4 tod news break. 7:56 is your time onhis wednes sep 26th, 2018. gom eun yang. we wanton to checour morning good morning.lissa mollet. a couple of trouble spots oxon inner loop of the beltway. c southbound 270 local lanes be montrose, crash in th left lane. those delay headed into ck near the fairfax couy parkway dela inbound because of an earlr crashlocking two t you. .e will take a break and check stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart...
7:57 am
and restoring a father's faith.
7:58 am
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7:59 am
news4 todays broht to you by next day blinds. > good morning. in the mid-to-ur s right now but even though we are dry have the umbrella before you leave through the afternoon we have g7:ov00or.mein i could betrong o severe, starting to cle out later tonight, but we have rain in theorecast tomorrow. have the umbrella with you tomo. temperature upper 60s. the weekend though nice and dry with temperatures seasonable for year. > another local news update in 25 minutes. for now back to "the t.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, on the . presidp takes aim a sheas totally inebriated and she was all messed up. >> and goes af they are tryg to they know it's a con game. they know he is high quality. and they wink at each other. the countdown on for tomorr hearing. >us pl, game over. natali exploreshe struggles many parents have getting their kids to put down the controller interv? you kn wha that means? i think you guys play too many video games. do you think y video games, josh? >> no. >> is too much screen time
8:01 am
reallyt harmful and sed by the bell. sel kristen b is stopping by to talk about the new season of the good place as well as her hilaris takes on fame, family, frozen 2." wednes >> ski school to celebthte myth by on plaza. ra celebting our anniversary celebrating no's 13th tot fro douglas, georgia. celebrating my 75th birthday ! >> oh, i lsemo in we to "today" on a wedny morning.
8:02 am
nice to have you withth us. rain stopped for that crowd. it was still a downpour. they are. standing. t get to. one day until the showdown over mis supou e, the prest is on offense attackg democ andocng one of brett kavanaugh's accu peter ale is here with t test on that. morning. good morning. presidp initially showed restra but notnyre. the president u kavanas latest accuser and blamins for what he calls the politics of destru arth morning w learning about the veteran arizona pros the republicans presidp lashing out ttcu democra of trying to sink bavanau nomina the democrats are playin con game. con game. they know he is high quality and they wink at each other. the predent also
8:03 am
attag kavanaugh's second accuse w deborah ram she totall and she was all messed up and she doesn't know if it was him but it mig have been him. oh, gee, let's not make him a suprt j becse of that. ramirez told "the " kavan exposed himsf to her duri ja in the 1980s. she admits she was drunk. she admits time lapses. there te earlier on "tod" ramirez's lyer resp what was her reaction to hearg the president say those thin? it was incredibly disturbing, especi since it doesn't seem to be of interest in having an happen a source tellingnb senate judiciary e staffers in kavanah by phone about ramires allegation and that kavah again denied it. democas blasting repub for scheduling the committee
8:04 am
vo on kavanaugh for friday before even hearing from kavana first accuser, chri ford dianne calling it, ount ts a tong be process. ford's legal team also upset about republica hiring an outse female attorney to ques ford and kavanaugh at thursd hearing. overnit s grassley's offi revealihat rachel mitche, an arizona prosecutor decades of experience prosg s crimes, will be aski theio que on behalf of republicans. i'm con we are going to win. he will be conedfifure. the second accuser told us thathe would be willing to testif before congress public, and within the last hour ford's lawyee sworn and signed declarations from people who corroborate ford's claims of sexual assault by kavanaugh. they a her husband and four
8:05 am
nbcc news has obtained those docuna alle "usa t" has obtained five pages from kavanaugs that his prove he was not at a house party with ford 36 years ago. sava, hoda, craig. lot of devel last hour,eter. you. > pope francis overnight defe the vatican'sexandling of scandal and insisted the churc has worked hard to prevt abuse eve a a new repo triggered fresh outrage. this morning pope ompson. o stim the fall abused a child, from hics at j this is monstrous because that man was chosen by god to bring that child to heaven. above theennsylvania grand jury report where 300 priest mo
8:06 am
rape over 70 years, the pope sayi the church pri falling in corrup, noting the cases at theeport and you will see that when the church bega te it our all to stop it. an assessment criticsf the chur, inclu survivors, would challenge. is the latest to be t rock by an explosive report on sex abuse. s finding 1,670 slerjg primarily priests, abused more th 3,600 people from 1946 to 2014. all of the victims minors. most of them boy on the plane, francis would not addrs t claims he ignored sexu misconduct aegations agait now ex-cardinal ofashington, accused of sleeping with sem nairions.
8:07 am
unan questions and around the world. for today, anne thompson, nbc news, new york. > bill cosby has started servg his three to ten year mis sentenc for sexually assa a wome than a deca ago. this new mugshot of cosby was just rd this morning. earlier on "today" a prosecutor who helpe put him in prison d to portra bill to the jury. the individual who sexually assad andrea constand was nothin c than a artist. a man who was two different indi a man who we saw on tv and he util that as a cloak so heul lure women, groom them, administer an intoxicad sexual >> at his sentencing tuesday the judge sai the 81-year-old cosby remains a potential danger to g all right. > weot the news? r allight. s do it. travels wer frustrated, bored, the stranded for hours at an airport i spain, .
8:08 am
♪ t >> of their fellow pa decided to put on aow entertained everybody with . ♪ >> the couple from switzerland ha been taking dance workshops during t vacation i spain. not a bad way to pass the no where was the musicoming from? that's amazing. who knows. it> much me ahead this morn including the ultimate plunge that will smith looks l and then is too much gaming harml deve natalieak this on and it's persone world of video games. break and her kids are getting ninsula trail?
8:09 am
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we're b back with, help, my kids t stop. this morning video games. obby or a real proble a recent study found 83% teene gir play them. get this. ngare you sit down? 97% of boys. and that number can includes two boys we watched grow up. natalis two sons. gomorning.ood morning. they a boys now. my boys josh and luke. of cou i'mom a who is going to brag. they a great kids. they a very involved in their sports and after school acti. other kids their age, they a logging many more hours than i would like am playing video games for josh, who is 14, it's all about fortnite, while my 10-yf a madd guy. i don't let m them pladay throh thursday. but if they've earned it, friday a couple of hours, and they play a
8:12 am
lot. ep from sarate rooms in the same house two a family trip thismm suer. last day of vacation and we it seems like they can't get enough. as a parent, very concern because setimes see them playing too much, and i feel like they are not presen and the not participati or they ar not listening to me. >> i decided to go my guys, thiss an uss my concerns. interv you know what that means? i think you guys play too many video games. do you think you play too many video gas, josh? when you are playg vid games, what are u getting out of that? >>ell, i'm socializing with fries t are far away, which is really nice. and some friendso that a live near but maybe i won't be able do you feel that eekends. sometis you are a little out
8:13 am
of t with what's going on in e real world? >> no. >> if you are so into your video games? >> well, you do have headphones my kids tuning me out is the least of my worries. resear shows screen time acts like astimulant, triggering a fight or flight response. vivid colors, and rapid pace could overwhelm chils senso system. the end result is a child in a stone of c stress, meacreativit compas, empathy, and impulse contl c become impaired over time. some brain scan studies show that damag caused by screen time loo similar to dame caus a dr. gary small is a leading neuros and expert on brain funn and behavior at ucla. dr small, how much video game playg is too much video game play >> eac is different. so kids are much more sense to the technologyhan
8:14 am
otherse way to gauge it is to g sense of howour child behaves befo and after they are invo with the games. what about their soci development? dw are video games affecting my kids' socialelopment right now? it takes time. if you arela always peop online, you are not havi the chance to allow your brain to develop, to learnso the al skills, which are crit important. there n showing if you play a violent video game, it takes you longer to recoe that someone is happy or sad. but he says all is s tt when a group of kids spent five days in nature away from technology, theirmotional and social up. went i think there is something for all of us to learn from this. we haveo live in the moment a little more, appreciate where we are, look up, and put >> nice to seeou out playing a
8:15 am
little football with the kids. aw do you think parents should know? that's right. of course, somet that i do in my house, set time limits for video game playing, which i need to be better at also, get them into offl t them interested in things like sports and other things that they might be into. and for kids under the age of 2, th academy of itdiat rec avoiding all right. all together. you guys have your work cut out yofo u.r e do . it's sofo funny. us, before we had children, we pledged we would never be of a sudden -- >> youre? >> yeah, because you want to ha a aveeal, m little break. yeah. i likes natali suggestion. mo through thu that is sma it's en we were kids. it was tv, you know. how mu tv were you watchin yeah.ce invaders. >> yeah. now to millennials and the
8:16 am
latest thing. they a kil carson. is a good thing?r my 9-year-ol am going to pl fortnite outsid he is the deal with millen a study out of thenirsity ma suggesting the divorce rate in the u.s. has dropped 18% from 2008 to 2016 thanks in large part to millennials and gen x. younger c are waiting unti older to get marrs t a at it. whe younger couples are stayg together, boomers 64.o divorce it's triple for age 65 and older. philip cohn. the married the popus getting older and more hhly educated. marria is more and more an the median age for marriage
8:17 am
in 1r men was 23, 21 for men. last year, 30 for men, 27 for womea lot of people on social m weig in, especially the mill is cameron. we are all about avocado tst d lasting marriages. here is matt joke, first appleb, n divorce, what iawill millenn kill next? another rt i decline couple are increasingly choo to live together, even t a family together without getting married for like ten year and they don't feel that tie the kno right. that's int. how about pop star? you saw the video a few minute will smith, yesterday it was his wanted to celebrate in a big way by bungee jumping out of a heli over t grand >> are we having fun yet? >> not yet. >> four, three, two, e!
8:18 am
>> woo! oh, my gosh. >> what d you think of that. what a st will so -- >> c heid it for a good cause, for, chari giving the proceeds the event it aty chaf his choice. m a happen by late birthd> neil patrick harris dush off vocal chords and perfd singing telegrams with ja corden lastnight. e unsuspec regularl.a., stoppi indivis including monique who works at a salon. good brazilian ♪ ♪ all tho tiny hairs are happy birthy private r ♪
8:19 am
waxer >> monique, happy birthday! itda your birthday >> no. .> oh, my goodness. >> nicely done, gentlemen. the cast of modern family sat refl on the past t year asked who ae best sofiimpres what are you going t for ellen? i sd i amoing to wear -- she ri i'm w trousers.?tail? >> right. she goes, i want to w somein t and like a dolce, but it will have fruit on it or flowers s
8:20 am
if you want to see more of the interview head to that is your pop start. al, you have the weather? >> i am going to walk to the ma from new england all the way down to washington, d.c. 47 million risk. we could even sees some torna upste new york on into maine. rainfa amoun locally an inch throughout parts of new engl th front drapes all the way into the southeast. we could see in the mid-morning, two te a flood threat per hour. rest of th country plenty of sunshi fromla thes all the y to the pacific northwest. down into southern california also. the big story is from the nortt all the way into texa that's what's going on the country. woods. at' happening i d sunshine over the kenn this morning. no rain on storm ter
8:21 am
yet. will change later today. a risk for strong to potentially se storms lat this ten and this evening. the timing on that about 5:00 and 80 on thei-95 corridor. have your umbrella with you on your wayut the door. low-to 70s knew. it will be a very warm and hum s in the mid-80s tod . melvin. weather. you. > now to our series the vote americs future. hard to believe 41 days to go until those crucial midterm electi jacob soboroff has been crisg the cou to find outat whatrs to voters. u just got back from texas? >> i sure did. as always, you guys, it is not what you think onc you get on the ground. we were in the 23rd congl district of texas. in of course,miuzzing t twist in th were, it felt li we aon l long way away from the drama in our nation's
8:22 am
>> rep a cucumber covered in chili. it delicious. is a flea market southe of san antonio. we came here with geno ortiz jones w is running for they have been ry eveing. clothi, backpacks. look at these boots. these are nice. my wife asked me to buy my son boot these are great. what matters mos to you u normally an child sized cowbo vote? >> not always. that's the thing arou here. s busy and kids. me >> what would get you fired up enough to vote? incecom ee bra fckspetyiaor an fort you know. >> when you say our peop? s ispanic. largel latino?
8:23 am
77%. .> evy tal about >> rep we are on our way from one of the populat parts of the district, 70% of e voters live there, to o remott oity. we are goi meet the dist congressman, will herd. 3r the district is larger than 26 states roughly the size of the state of georgia. he is doing 38 stops, halls, 14 of which are dairys. que you have a preferred order? on my own, it's a medium dipp cone. i am a purist. me join us. yo join us. >> what's your ques? we are one of hehest unem rates in the countr i think you know that? >> yes. majorroblem is good educn for the kids. why did nobody
8:24 am
brinh the supre or russia? >> i thinkss that thes that are bei brought up are not only important issues, but u i. these are the things that we know will make a difference morr wha most elected officials and the media try to cover are not the same conversio. >> rep the other thing nobo brought upith will herd was the southwest a border his district h a third of it. so we headed down there to eagle ass to see if we could figure out why. we are on the mexico side of the border wall, but still in the u.s. no-man's land. frank works construction but is plg golf on the border. mexico right there. the rio grande. if you hit the ball far enough, it goes into mexico. let it rip, frank. not quite to mexico, but not ba wh are some of the big small of being a things are a little slow. pli have peo to pay, material to pay for. >> you need a strong
8:25 am
r busi to be doing well? this is the rio right here? >> yeah. when you are o here golfing, are you thinking abou you know, all the politie bor. r? >> reporter: wt do you think abou go to work. time is teee? t go golf. whonew a golf course on the border with mexico. e cou nominations, russia. going to have to get the voters who don't come out to turn out and vot you wonder why voter turnout s is a young state.d question. it's the third youngest state in the country a millennials, we talk about this before, don't hist go to the polls. ey think that the increasing lati population there will incr turn kraut, ut it you will have more onme.
8:26 am
megyn just ahead, kristen bell is in a good place for us right here in our studio. we will talk about her new show and being this is a nbc4 toda news break. good morning. y, this wednes ptr 26th. i'm aaron gilchrist. a check on the commute with melissmollet. good morning. we have se closures becausepof ce activity downtown. northb north capital between d and mass, we have aanes blocd there. e street between new jersey and colu f and between new and north capital street clos because o that. inner between g.w. parkway and the american bridge right lane is blocked, very slow throh that area. >>a check on your fore when come back. stay with us.
8:27 am
kaine: my an ironworking shop i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. then i went to honduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders. our economy works best when everyone has a skill, like shipbuilding. that's why i created career and technical academies across virginia and passed a law to expand job training for young people.
8:28 am
i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia, we have to build an economy that works for all. good morning. it's in the low 70s around the city right now and it's gog to be a very harm and humid day today. su lateorning into the igh.y afternoon. strong later thunders toda tomo, cool, cloudy, ande weekent
8:29 am
sunshi thank you. d you can get the latest news and weather in the nbc
8:30 am
♪ >> it is 8:30 now on this wedny morning, september26 th, 2018. at the bright faces on the ma. u for coming to see us today. we he amo crowd nt. there are a lot of celebrations going on, but tre is a young celebrated h . is -- >> think it's a young boy. a young boy? h has the birthday hat.
8:31 am
how are you? >> good. we are so happy you'rehere. are you supposed to be at scho? >> yeah. did your mom and dad say it was okay to see us? what time did you wake up this morning? >> 2:0 we want to make this biry special for you. all of our anchors have little gi for you. yeah! >> her you are. toy show m so you can drink coff. i wanted to get you have birthday. thank you. bill lo enjoy your birthday with us. thank u so much, hon. he has been waiting for this for coming. e love you, sweetie. birthd our birthday bo whatil w is nice, but >l kristen bs here coming r hilarious take on marriage, mother "frozen 2" d a big
8:32 am
job she has this week. also, for golf fans riding off tiger woo and that weekd he had, the prestig thoma ho on the flight to waparis, nice enough to tee it up with dilley dilling. at that. and if you are looking for a great ml to start your you are sta your day, people's w list of the country's best plac to grab breakfast, inclw selecte by mr. al rok himself. all about the breakfast. all . a check of the weather? >> that's right. let's see what we arep as fars your breakfast weat he stretching from the nortt o new england all the y into the mid mississippi and . also sunshin out west. tomorr that rain continues in y i the gulf coast and o all th
8:33 am
sout in the plains, but the western war will continue. that what's going on around the country. here is what's happ 'se country. hehat's happening in your neck of the woods. nd >> a >> don't c forget, you always take us . on "day's" sirius xmhannel 108. hi to mommy. what's your name? >> anna loren. where are you fm? >> atlanta, geo where is mom?
8:34 am
and dad is taking a picture right there? hi, de. thou go. back inside> a we said earlier with us this morning.sten she is the star of nbc's hit d place. g that's right. d the first two seasons after enteri the actor life, her charr has been on a bit of a roller coaster. now it's season 3. she isn back earth where she may still have a thing or two to i have been flyingor like 40 hours. this is australia, right? >> yes. i grew in senegal, so my nati langu is french. i went to american schools, so i also speak english and german and greek and latin just in case it ever comes back. cool. i once got 12 out of 12 on a you quiz called do all the slang words the i will be honest. i did cheat. it's seaso 3. you are not in a good
8:35 am
plac hard to get turns out. interesting because they send our characters back to earth for a second chance. this whole season it's like i just love the idea because it becae we are a separated on whole idea is we need ting each other in order to improve. the idea that you nee fries to push you to be better,ou need --r soulma or group of friends, i mean, look, there is so ss a. mu stuff on tv. people don't know what to tn e . found a good ewship? yeah, the intere do we all shar how are we supp be good people? they wrap thesey like reaool philos lessons in like real silly jok. u can watch it with your kids. pe it with their 8, 9, 10-ye and it makes
8:36 am
what would heaven be like? wh place? what would your good place look like? >> so many naps. yes, so many naps. >> that' the napping place? yes, and all i would eat croutons and mulberrys. my two favorite foods. you a away from your little ones rig now. you said to me before thisth is hardest thing to do, is be away from them. how>> old? and 5. do you deal with the dist? well,arely i'm away. we always travel as a tribe. my hus and i only take work when we n tl together. we'll go to atlanor together o. but oure preschool gs lang to say mommies always that's whaty about it's very helpfu a mantra. you were voted according to a website theost honest do you know that?
8:37 am
enjoy. ngratu we don't want to overshare t to put it to the test. honestly. have yr let your kids wear f course. e honey part, like duh. youderop food out on the grass, you pick it up and give it to your kid?es >> >> have you ever lied to your kids about what time it is? >> yes. e they can't tell time yet. also lied about when their birt is. like if it's like a wednesday and we can't celebrate and we are both working late, guess what? birthday is on saturday. it.y don't know. has your child ever had a soaking w diaper and you are too tired to change that thing and u say, you know what? you can make it one more hour? you're fine? >> no. wh it comes to their comfort, i wi dinitely be on top of s i try to convince her to do it.
8:38 am
if i am laying down, i will be like, pop that diaper o. me a new one and i'll lace it up for you. i thought you were going to be like, grab me a beer out of the frie while you are at it. ha just thing? sit on a screen so yd yn >> very rarely. e limited it to be being shows. they a allowed to watch kids progg o the weekends. i find t mind it because like pbs, disney, theye gre shows now. and when we need to do it on the week night or something, we do a nature showecause onc like over they so grumpy. so i don't to deal with the afterm so you are here to talk t this, wk for an important reason are you? >> yes. i am speaking at the u.n. a a the first global advoca an humanitarian fun which is real cool. it's a new part of the u.n.
8:39 am
it's a partnersh local ngos in countr currently in five coun it's all for wueen's i it takes like a woman in iraq who sees the problems in her comm n a board making a decisi about what they ng here'. we give them fding, how to mana their team, and then if the idea is successful we can d so everyo lives better it came out of this idea that 1% of global funding is towards around.hicht's like hard t certaiy wom are not the only soluti. they more than 1% of the soluti. so it's really to focus on that issue and let women solve their own problems in their own looks like you are ready for the speech. thu so much. talk to us about "frozen 2" next time you are here, okay? >> i can't -- can't say a thing. the season premiere of the good
8:40 am
8/7 is tomorrow night nb next, the ryder cup and one of t brightestoung stars. thin young stars. first,
8:41 am
8:42 am
our programtion of was created by "today" by our tisponsor, citi, welcome what's approx> some of us very r the opening cery tomorw in france for the ryder cup. they wil battle it out. y i know are jealous becae dylan got to catch up with a young star representing the stars and stripes i am so g town. 25 yea old, justin thomas has taken the golf world by storm beatingga and some of the players who inspired him growing up. we met up recently tot his blossoming career and tigh family and w
8:43 am
>> rep justinhomas isn't . he is one of the world's best golfer an established superstar who has the game in his blood. like any little boy, want to be like your dad. i kind of grew up and followed him around. they built caree golf instruct t theirsi life's pon to a kid e haa great support ry influe system what kind of values did they teach you on the cour the most important was just to be respectful and to have fun. new that i was talented in golf, but they never forced it one. th wanted me to have fun and enjoy it. as a child, the sport took o a whole new meang after justin watched tiges dominate in person. he was hooked.
8:44 am
it was unbelievable to watch, you know, what he did. you watch someone do sff like that as a 7 or 8-year-old, hat the person you are pret to make a putt to beat. t pas weekend at the tour championship another top ten for justin and a front row seat to history, watching the guy he grew up idolizing retu to the winner's circle foth. justin and tiger are part of a star unite squ in one of golf's premiere team tees off friday.cup, which every two years, the best amer players take on europe top talent in front of roardsg to be a great expe. ye that y have the oppoy to represent your couny and just play with so d a win sion, play with so muc for you? >> it would mean a lotor all of us. it's not about me. it about the entire team. it abouttrhe co we are playing for the red, white, and blue. you are 25.ery excited. you have had so much success so
8:45 am
far.ho do you stay grounded? w do you stay in the moment? >> i don't look at my career thus far that i have this record that record. it's n only about the w to be a great ambassador for the game. i want to be a great role model for kids. you just kin of sta hungry and keep wanting . mo re stay off the cours very long. we are g to play? >> yeah. >> can you handle it? >> i don't know. we wil see what i got. first, it was time uh-oh!tice. >> rep come on, come on, come on! oh, come on. >> that was a bad read. bang. >> rep what's it like now being oneouf the golfeer genera it's cool to have little kids it may me, play li i
8:46 am
>> rep i don't play with anyby who on the green i wanted to py polish putting skills to the test, ? >> look at that. a high-five from a golf who has made hise fair sh of clutcher shots. e on the course, justinth as is right where he be there is a lot, a lot, a lot i want to accomplish. and thing i'm working towards, . mean, i want to do it in slow-mo. so jealous. a great read. he told me what do, and i listen note to self, never leav town again. got it it an opportunity there the ryder cup is for people o think golf is bor this is the most exciting event.
8:47 am
usa won it two years ago. tiger is back. will be fun golf. and it's ro. you don't really expect that pa g at it with the finger waggin that's awes you can catc -- usa 2:00. eas on the golf channel here on nbc. > cominup, al made itthnto pages of "people" ma his favorite place to grab breakf we will share some of his this is "today"
8:48 am
8:49 am
and we are back with food, celeg breakfast with the l food om people's ann issue highlighting the most all 50 states. spots i coast to
8:50 am
among those picks, a list from the well traveled al roker here. we have people's food and fee director with us. thank u f being here.u for brin where do you want to start? i will tell you how we came up with thet. l we worked with yelp to come up with the list of the best rests and best breakfast in every state. we went through thousands of online revinws to the most highly rated ones, the ones with the most reviews and the dish ever what are the results? what state is this? >> indna. thiss maplewood, ohio. this is their 11 ri panc. it makes these pancakes fffy and the lemon gives it a lt of tartness. d you like to try it? >> yes, yes, i would like to try it. pancakes toe make cake. breakf i am not a big ricotta person, but these are terrific.. a few other ones aroundst the
8:51 am
e in indiana, they have the cinnam rol frenc toast at breat cafe. they use cinnamon roll dough h . and also norwegian w this is th mi it's sd cheese. instead of regular bread, it's a butter you know, caramelized on the a nice panini press type of te a bite. ly. >> al is not eating bread. am not o bread right now. that's go it's good. yeah. >> and tn, i mean, cinnamon roll pecan t buns,s is he here it really is. this is from -- >> what state is that? >> alabama. buzz coffe and sweets. these are their cinnamon rolls. they a big anduffy and covere in different toppings. the best part, if you order a breat sandwich, they put it roll.n the cinnamon
8:52 am
this is something we should all are we talking beignet here? >> yes, we are in colorado at lucille' creole cafe. they a thep puffy d fried donu and they smother them in powd sar. don't wea black when you eat them, basi that's good. everyby talksbout avocado l just skip it. >> they e delicious. this is from dottie audrey's in new is thisalifornia? >> new york. it's california cuisine, but new york oh, yes. guys, come in here. dhelp. they have fresh avocado, pickled vegetables, cilantro.oa it's avocado turned up a notch. the are some of my a gr. e of the owners is a prodon designer for "late
8:53 am
i go there all the time. they make breakfast sand >>yes. they he johnny there who makes d baconstic breakfast sandwich. s you can get that. it's got egg and greens. so there is someealthy stuff in there. what cheese do you prefer? >> any cheese that's in fnt of me. gorgeous. and tht this fantas place, henrietta's table in, cambrid masss cinnamon fren toast. . ni done. we want to finish ligh this ise in los angeles. the best breakfast - the line foe griddle is on sunset, down the street. crazy. c bacon my jodie has been running that for 15 years. this is so good.
8:54 am
s a big cuisine, the biggest m o day? >> it is. it's so popular. every resta is serving it. i feel like with all the option there is something for so much. >> you bet. people food issue hitsws nationwide on friday. r the full list, head to today. are backt. in a momen♪ ♪ he turned around the naacp. businessman. ben jealous. "marylander of the year". he's helped grow twenty companies and a thousand jobs. ben's vision: medicare for all. a plan to lower prescription drug costs and fully fund our schools. the sun says jealous has "the stature and gravitas" to lead maryland.
8:55 am
we can do much better on jobs, on education, on healthcare. but it means we've got to believe in each other. ben jealous. governor.
8:56 am
this is a nbc4 today news break. 8:56 is the time on this wedneseptember 2 2018. good morning. i'm eun yang. let's check on the commute with meli and your first4 d morning.melissa. silver spring outer loop at univ a crash. the shoulder is blocked. now two other crashes i that back as you are approac that situation. l innep between g.w. paway and the american le bridge,
8:57 am
disabl vehicle. and the fairfax couy parkway dall northb we wi check your fo whe com.
8:58 am
8:59 am
go dry to start the day, dry by lunchtime andfthisnoon thuns will move in into the evening. some of these could be strong to severe. we cou see damaging wind gusts. cooler neerks a 70 de rainy. you need the umbrella. but this weekend gorgeous weatr in the forecas in the 70t the latest news and weathe anytime in the nbc washin
9:00 am
[ applause ] good morning, everyone. welcome to the show. i'm megyn kelly. it is the eve of auge day in washington that could determine reme akeup of the u.s. s court. and we have some heavy hitters right here to talk about what's making the rounds today, including nbc national correspondent, peter alexander, nbc chief white house correspondent, hallie jackson, and nbc's own jacob soboroff. we have the dream tea going today. thank you for being here. tomorrow, bothrt supreme c nominee brett kavanaugh, a federal judge, and one o women accusing him of sexual misconduct, christine bla


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