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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  September 28, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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washington parkway are closed. a te h fallen. more storms once again. >> i heard it all night. >> rain was coming down. good morning. >> watches and warnings for our area. >> we begin with wtop jack taylor with a look at issues that will impact your commute. jack, good morning. >> this morning we have a bit going on. mogomery county on the beltway, inner loop, i-95, that ramp is blocked and may remain closed for the next 1 to 3 hours. inner loop of the beltway near ar5. on the right side of the roadway is getting by. inner loop at the belt way and as you were thmentioning, s on
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to george washington parkway. at 123.s trown across the roadway. no time frame yet. as you saw, the size of those trees, southbound gw parkway everybody diverts down to 123. what are we going to expect the rest of the day. >> if this is the worst of it, it's already in the rear-view mirror. >> a lot of flooding concerns across the area. the heaviest rain along the eastern owers around baltimore. if you're heading in that direction any time soon you'll still be running into rain. take a look at our flood warnings across the area. much of thengrea dea with flooding concerns. this is right now too and remember as we go through the morning, you might rune into s flooded roadways.
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never drive through them.o we have dry air back to our west. that can start to move in this morning. .radual cleari temperatures are cool in the mid to upper 50s right now. thise'orning keep the clouds around for the morning hours the roads will be wet. >> what happens n at is question we're asking this morning after that emotional hearin >> we hea testimony from judge brett kavanaugh and dr. christine blasey ford and millions of y around the country watched these proceedings where dr. ford and kavanaugh were visibly emotional at the time. some of the biggest reactions came from the senators themselves. >> moments will likely their way into the history books and the future of kavanaugh's nominations may be decided hours from now. many believe dr. ford made a credible sympathetic witness
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despite kavanaugh's strongni . she spoke up not for partisan reasons but because she feltt was her duty. >> i am here today not because i want to i am terrified. i am here because i believe it is myiv duty to tell you what happened to me while brett kavanaugh and i were in high school. >> she went on to detail the alleged assault at a party in 1982. dr. ford said kavanaugh pinned her to a bed, groped her andtr d to take off her clothes. one of the most powerfulis momes hen he asked her what she remembers most abo the assault. >> the laughter between the two and their having fun at my expense. >> you have never tforgottet laughter? never forgotten them laughing at you. >> they were laughing with each other.
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>> and you were the object of the laughter. >> i was underneath one of them while the two laughed. two friends a having really good time with one another. >> dr. ford has asked the fbi to investigate the incident. >> after dr. ford finished her testimony, judge kavanaugh delived anmotional opening statement where he denied the him. tions against >> my family and my name have been totally and pmanently destroyed by vicious and false additional accusations. >> kavanaugh was visibly angry ring the hearing. took several shots at the democrats at one point saying they used the allegation as payback for president trump's election. that accusation lead to this tense exchange about drinking. >> so yay'reg there's never been a case where you
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drank so much that you didn'tha remember whaened the night before or part of what happened? >> you're askin about black out. i don't know? have you? >> could you answer the question, judge? that's not happened? t ist your answer. >> yeah. i'm curious if you have. >> i he no drinking problem. >> nor do i. >> perps the most emotional response came from a senator during the hearing and it was from republican lindsey graham that defended kavanaugh andre ed much of his anger toward the democrats. >> if you wanted an fbi inveigation, you could have come to us. what you want to do is destroy this guy's life, hold this seat open and hope you win in2020. you said that. not me. you got nothing to apologize for. when you see them tell them that lindsey said hello because i
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voted for them. i would never do to them what you have done to this guy. >> president trump, like millions of americans paid close attention to yesterday's hearing. he was pleased with the testimony. he tweed judge kavanaugh showed america exactly why i nominated him. his testimony was powerful, honest, and riveting. he goes o to say the senate must vote. >> pouringot rain did n stop protestors from gathering outside ofhe white house. they held sign and chanted demanding the president order an fbi investigation. the demonstrations began early in the day with those for dr. ford andudge kavanaugh. >> we're here to stand with our fellow alum, dr. ford. >> i strongly believe there has to be justice and i expect equal stice for everyone, men andn. wome >> more protests are expected
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today and could last tough the weekend. >> one of the country's leading victimy advoc groups says it saw a 147% increase in the ur hotlineg these hearings. if you or someone you know is a survivor of assault and need to speak to someone, help is sailable. nationalual assault hotline is right there on your screen. it's 1-800-656-hope. we also have that number on the nbc washington app along with a complete list, complete coverage of yesterday's hearing. >> developing this morning, students at the university of maryland at college park are on edge and upset. they found an p offensivease against african americans written in the men's restroom and police say it is the fifth altged hate crime the united states this month aimed against african americans in the lgbtq
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community. >> i think it's extremely disheartening. >> i feel likhere needs to be more at school so p ple are more educated upon diversity and cultural differences. >> investigatorsut out a statement saying the university's police department takes these matters very seriously and gives information to contact. >> a prayer vigil is planned tonight for a community in pain. authorities in north carolina believehey found the body of missg 6-year-old boy with autism, maddox it was discovered in a creek more than a milerom wheree went missing. his son ran away from him during a walk.ll there's s many unanswered questions and the investigation is not over. t's 4:08. two weeks after a seriesf explosions rocked a suburb in
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massachusetts, we're hearing what it wassiike in the homes. outside, her two teenage sons were in an suv crhed. her son was hurt and friend di. they are n suing the company. in a statement,a columbi gas said we are heart broken about te family's loss and we'll continue do what we can to help. >> we're working for your health warning from doctors. year'stistics show last flu season broke records killing more americans than any flu season in more than 40 years. 80,000 people died from flu complications in 2017. that includes 180 children. more than 900,000 aricans were hospitalized. doctors are urging people to prsect themselhis flu season and get the flu shot now. >> i'm tired of people saying i
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didn't get sick and i didn't get the flu shot. those 80,000 people that died last year from the fl guess what, they got the flu yeom someone. >> erday, the u.s. surgeon-general lead by example. and t cdc is urging pregnant women to get the flu vaccine. only half of them received the flu shot last winter. >> i get one every year. get all the kids vaccinated. >> yeah. >> it's 4:10. grocery n shopping is only expensive, it's time consuming. do you take your kids grocery shopping? >> i have three so it's really time consumin >> we're looking into grocery delivery services. are they worth your time and cash? >> a plane full of passengers nes down landi the water. we'll show you the actions that happened next that keptveryone alive. >> good morning, everybody. storm team 4 weather alert for you this morning, the heaviest of the rain is over. still a lot of lingering showers
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across the area for now. if you're just gting up and getting going the good news is the rain will be ending very, very shortly and the weekend is looking magnafic. the details are coming up.
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you're watching news 4 today. overnight new video in micronesia. 47ng passes and crew that were on this plane are safe. this plane was about 150 yards
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away from wheret was supposed to land when it suddenly went down. no serious injuries have been reported but investigators are workin figure out what caused the boeing aircraft to go down. they were waiting to help get those people o the plane. >> we're learning more about that terrifying incident at mgm national h abor where little girl was electrocuted. he was only 6 years old. >> we have been doing a lot of reporting on this and it barack obama -- obtains documents about multiple violations. >> first of reall, t were no corners cut that we could see. that's why we're doing the investigation. until we finish the investigation and look at it, but what i can y assure is that there's no political pressure to k p mgm speed
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through the process. >> it can't comment until the final report is released. >> it's 4:16 this morning, a new reportreveals deaths are increasing at an alarming rate. pedestrian deaths have skyrocketed every year since 2009. ofcials were up to nearly 6,0 6,000 pedestrian deaths in this country. they're calling f update standards on car headlights. and i think both sides have to be more careful. u see a lot of people with head phones on. they're now paying attention. >> exactly in the car. well hurricane favrence may come and gone but the impacts are still lingering foropome in the carolinas. >> we have some new ariel foloage ofing in south carolina.
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complete devastation in conway. county offngials continue g door to door to try to rescue folks that stayed behind. >> deal with the after for weeks and mohs. >> yeah the storm was mostly impacting north carolina. that's what we're talking about. but then you cforget, yld really be impacted by rai and flooding water. but this morning, we're seeing flooding too here. >> there was so much rain early this morning. >> we still have a couple of showers around but the hraviest is gone. while many of you were sleeping, flooding around the are currently, we have gradual clearing. so we're not looking atot a of rainfall during the morning commute. he weekend looks absolutely fantastic. a lot of clouds still around. light sprinkles around t
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beltway. up toward baltimore. the heaviest is now moving away. so we're not looking at any more heavy rain this morning. that's good news t. flood threats are still outthere. never drive-thru flooded roadways so we're seeing this around the district. much of maryland, northern virginia, we have a lot of on the once you hit that it will tell you to jerk your wheels too. dry air back to the west today and gradual caring and sunshine a r you'lllly like the weekend forecast. it's cool out, though, ppmperatures in the 50s and 60 degrees washington. as the kids head back to school this morning. now a the bus stop, may need a rain b booause the rain is so wet. the day will be getting nicer the farther along we go so by this afternoon mid 70sixed th sun and clouds looking good. here's future weather.
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clears out b 7:00 a.m. we're looking at gradual improvements by tn. aftern more in the way of sunshine trying to develop and then we go into your weekend. there's saturday. looks nice and dry a so does your sunday. the weekend is going to be fantastic.y 76 satur and sunday. so these are seasonal temperatures for this time of the year. by monday we'll be around 80 degrs. next lig chance of rain will be on tuesday but if you need to be making plans outside, do it for this afternoon and definitely this weekend. really nice weather feeling more like fall out there. let's head over and get a check on the >> thank you. good morning. quite a start if you're riding in bethesda early this month. as you approach the ram g you to 355. unfortunately a jackknifed tractor trailer and you'll find that only the far right side of the roadway is getting by using caution. also if you ride in toward college park, the innerloop at
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the beltway, northbound on i-95. that ramp remainsse c will be will be closed through 6:00 or 7:00 this morning. that was because of this jackknifed tractor trailer. we also had very heavy traffic heading toward that spot. it will look like an afternoon rushour before things get really going by 7:00 or 8:00 morning. also traffic diverted off the southbound george washington parky. if you're heading down toward reagan national airport plan accordingly because southbound gw paray at 123, a couple of downed trees across the roadway with no time frame as to when the trees will be removed. stay tuned. we'll keep you posted. >> thank you. coming up, we're working for you. do you dream about never stepping foot in a grocery store again? sv severa deliver your order to your home
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but is it worth it? >> later this afternoon on ellen. >> all right. here i go. you get to shoot again. hy this is i'm not coming out of retirement. >> ellen shooting hoo with kobe. >> i can't believe heissed that. >> check out the show at 3:00 followed by news 4 at 4:00. we'll be right bk.
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google was celebrating a majo milestone yesterday. 20 years old. theompany chronicals the most popular search trends within the next two decades. thi just how do you tie a tie. that'snice. what is the most popular sport in the world, soccer. i'm assuming and is uto still a planet? that's up for debate. google was actually registered on september 4th, 1997. happy birthday google and you know what, changed our lives in so many ways. >> exactly. >> kids don't have to go to the library anymore. >> sometimes it can be frustrating but how much extra would you be w to pay to skip the trip? >> a lot.
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>> pull everything into the cart. >> susan hogan is working to fi the delivery services that can take the stress out of llopping. >> as you would expect convenience comes with a price and a new survey by washington consumers textbook discover it. >> they add a big mark to the prices you in store.on your own fresh direct charges a 24% mark up. amazon prime now 15% higher, instacart mark up, 36%. at costco, 20%. enough to wipe out a lot of that warehouse price advantage but surprisingly none of the services were rated high for quality. >> one of the problems we fou is i say about half the orders we got, half our proce was like -- we would have complained
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if this were really an order for us. it was squished or missing or really small. most of these services require yearly memberships, service fees and don't forget tips too. if you want to try one ou many offer two week free promotions. just don't forget to cancel before the promo ends. to see the full rept go to nbc washington app and search produce. back to you. >> storm team 4 weather alertu. for still a lot of active flood warnings out there until 7:15 this morning. most of the northern half of the d.c. metro is under some form of a flood warnheg. so be on tlookout for high standing water. the good news is its making a come back. i'll show you the planner coming up. >> plus it's the wizarding world, i have trouble with ws. you don't need magic to get to an ode to harry potter up i-95.
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how your whole family can join the fun. >> things are about to get even more expensive in the district. homuch more you'll be paying
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news 4 today begins wh breaking news. >> that breaking news, major issues on the roads this morning after a night of a lateral of rain to georgeashington parkway. just reopened after a tree fell across southbound lanes overnight. the issue was in maryland where thas a crash impacting the beltway and i-. >> we're going to get to him first and then chuck andna s will fill us in on the impact of all the rain we got last night. >> we had the issue southbound to george washington rkway st reopened. we have trees that have fallen down on the gw parkway south. all travel lanes opened. issues remain. jackknifed tractor-trailer 1 of 2. in tr loop of beltway, right side of the roadways is getting by


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