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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  September 28, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and how the president is reacting. i want to it work out well for the country. if that happens, i'mha y. live team coverage starts now. another day of high drama up on the hill and we begin with the big question. what comes next? >> following aay of impassioned speeches from both sides. a surprise move from mubl could be pivotal in whether pres ent trump's supreme cou pick takes the bench. >> the judiciary committee voted along party lines to advance judge kavanaugh's investigation senate.full >> but arizona's jeff flake says he wants a delay. joining the democrats to look into sexual misconduct. late this afternoon the president gave his take on yesterday's hearing. i thought the testimony was ry compelling. she looks like very fine woman. a very fine woman. and i thought that testimony
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likewise was really something that i haven't seenfo . it was incredible. certainly she was a very credible witness. very good in many respects. and i think, i don't know if this is going to continuewa or we'll get a vote. >> the president calling testimony credible and compelling. we have team coverage of this confirmation controversy chug reaction from people who have been demonstrating on the hill. >> we want to begin with scott mcfarland and what comes xt. yeah. we just got this from twous. e deputy press secretary giving as you statement from judge brett kavanaugh. it says throughout this process, i've been interviewed by the i, i've done a number of background calls direct when i the senate and yesterday i
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answered questions under oath about every topic they asked me. that statement from brett kanaugh via the white house. i've done everything they hav requested and will continue to cooperate. that statement again from judge kavanaugh. senator jeff flake announcing before the senate judiciary voted, he wanted to see the fbi en its background probe and looking into new allegations of sexual misconduct. and others like joe manchin, pp lisa majority leader does not have the votes to pass the nomination. another new statement coming in from president trump. it says, i've ordered the fbi on conduct a supplemental investigation to update judge kavanaugh's file at the senate's request, it must be limited in scope and complesed in than one week. one week from today.
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that means less friday. we have the new statement from judge kavanaugh. the request of the background checer kavanaugh is not in p to ask the fbi to so. live the laftd at the decks. back to you. >> all right. thank you. we invite to you stay with us, coming up at 6:00 and on "nbc nightly news" aswell. protesters made their voices heard today at the capitol. >> there were sit-ins, protests, and several arrests. we continue o coveragem fro capitol hill.
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>> t day begins with protesters, arrested and removed from the senate office building as the judiciary committee begins its work. marching emonstrators to the u.s. supreme court where hundreds gather, raling against brett kavanaugh. they hear from some of the democratic members of the senate judiciary itcoe. >> so many words have been said about judge kavanaugh and why he should not be on the supreme court. the rjoh the fact there is no fbi investigation. channellingsters and cheering for speakers, saying knoanaugh i fit for a seatup on theme court. they got news that a possible compromise had been reached. >> to delay this vote for the fbi investigation.
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>> theyk march bac to the hart office building, channelling their support for dr. christine blasey ford's allegations ofse al assault. in the face of brett kavanaugh's alphatic de >> i'm glad that they're reconsidering it. and i am going to take everything in oe iner to get this settled and get him out. >> there should be an fbi investigation in the fact they went through this process. it is a travesty and i am not proud to be an american today, honestly. >> reporter: we want to stress that yesteay judge kavanaugh had a large group of supporters from across the country here. apparently they didn't mobilize today. we were looking for them to give em th well. it is like i they will return to capitol hill asat thee intensifies over the confirmation before the full sena. back to you. >> i'm wondering, we've seen mostly females. i did see one man getting
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arrested today. are there many men through the crowd day? i understand it is a women's issue in some ways. it is very personal for women. but do you see many men? >> you're right. it is personal for women. a lot of the people are iv sus. they took time thank the men who showed up. the t men whoir message to take them seriously and believe survivors' stories. i can't give you a percentage. maybe 10% today. i also want to say that the group is across all demographics for millennials to retired people. and as you point out,osy women. one of the country's leading victims' advocacy groups as it saw a 147% increase to its hot lien during yesterday's hearing. if you or someone you know is a survivor of aault and need to
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speak to someone, help is available. the national sexual assault hotline is right there on th screen. 656-hopeful we have that number in our nbc app. and we have continuing coverage in a drawn out, sometimes confusing confirmation process. always passionate. we invite to you stay with us for the next coupleours for all the latest developments ion this situati unfolding on capitol hill as we witness history. t now breaking news that is impacting tens of millions of facebook users. did you hear about this? the social media site is confirming a major security breach. consumer reporter susan hogan has what you need to know. nearly 50 million were targeted in this breach. tigers exploited a vulnerability in facebook's view ad function to s access functions which
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they couldse to take over your account. that keeps you logged into facebook so you don't have to y reenter password every time you use it. the breach was discovered on turs. the vulnera blity hn fixed. the company is resetting the access tokens of the 50 million ed. plus aca pionary 40 million. so don't be surprised if you have to log in to any facebook app. the company says at this point, it is not really clear who w behind the attack and whether they were misused. thank you. les get a first check on the forecast. heavy rain. it was noisy out there overnight. >> it was. and chopper 4 was over the
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river. it is beautiful out there right now. at liesahead? >> well, as we look to tonight, we're talking about clear skies and comfortablees temperat still looking at flooding issues. that warning will go the until at least saturday morning. just how wet it's been over the summer. we saw anywhere from an inch and a half to two inches of rainfall in pts of the area yesterday. the rivers, the creeks, they comtake any more water. take a look at this flooding. our chopper 4 got out there early t the water quickly moving in the rivers. thankfully we have a tweaked dry out. we're at 76 degrees right now. by 7:00 p.m.
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the sun has gone down the temperatures around 70 degrees by 9:00 p.m. clear skies, 67. it is a cool night out there. if you're heading out,rab long sleeves, even a sweatshirt. 65 degrees at0 11 p.m. i'm going to let you know what to expect this weekend saturday and sunday. plus, so much rain. i'll have more on th at5:25. thank you. justiceot delayed but denied for a family how lost a loved one in a deadly hit andun ash on edmondayston road. how the driver found the person accused of willing two people. >> reporter: i can tell you, this is a busy roadway and this happen in the darkness of the
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early morning ho s. likeup, this family has been waiting for more than a year foc ju and it came in the form of dna on an airbag. >> he made me laugh a lot. and i --av justg him here. >> reporter: it's been more than a year since jorge rios a another man were struck and killed by a hit-and-run driver in prince george's county. they had stopped to help aot strandedist on the side of the road. >> he was my best friend. yeah. >> reporter: her pain has eased a bit but the worst fear did not come true. a man has been charged with leavinthe scene of that fatal crash in august of 2017. >> happy, i have like a bit of a relief. nglift off my shoulders. >> reporter: accor to a criminal complaint, justin smith was the owner and driver ohathe
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car hit the man. the dna was found on the side airbag. his girlfriend of 17 years, his daughter nicole, and his dog lucas who he is came the crash. >> they keep each other good company. >> rthey miss him and they focu on getting justice in his memory. >> at least people long who it is. and it doesn't go under the rug. as if it never happen. >> reporter: darcy spencer, ewws4. there's insight into theoc electrution of that 6-year-old girl at mgm national harbor. next, news4 will take youh throocuments that show the potential safety mistakes that were made during the could not zpruks the permitting process.
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a maedman accus of .natching packages in a local the one thing he was after. ho> and eworig athb5:00, the powerful story. behind the father/daughter bond. behind the father/daughter bond. an army veran inet
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kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. then i went to honduras as a missionary anentaught kids to be cars and welders. our economy works best when everyone has a skill, like shipbuilding. that's why i createdreer ans across virginia and passed a law to expand job trning for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. heren virginia, we have to build an economy that works for all. i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed apers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to help mot. collect child suppor then, astate senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders
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and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. i approve this message because, like every working mom, what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror. we continue to follow the breakies news.
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ent trump says he has instructed the fbi to conduct a supplemental investigation into judge kavanaugh's past. they will look into christine blasey ford's accusations that he sexually tried to assault her when she was in hh school. a statement the president says the fbi investigation must be limited in scope and completed in less than one week. more canceled games on local high school football fields. schools have called off at least three local varsity ftball ga in the district lastk. w >> we'll see what happened when the games kick off. we've learned anacostia high and coolidge high called off the games because they didn't have the number of healthy players to participate or even fld the team. in northeast d.c., they started bu couldn't finish the game because of injuries, there were not enough players.
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there are thousands of fewer high schoolers playing football in local public schools than just five years ago. a drop in 18%. a similar fall-off i northern virginia. coaches in fairfax county say football participation is dropping so severely not just because of the risk of injury but because students are specialists. they are playing one sport year round to seek scholarships or championships. >> it is harder for to you get a basketball player to play. >> we don't get any of them. >> we've learned the virginia high school athletic association is considering allowing eight-man teams, eight-ma f footba smaller school districts. that's a smaller version of the ga that requires fewer players, obviously. it would really impact the smaller school districts. to watch our entire high school football report and to hearrom both parents and
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htaches, you can visit our nbc washington app row. >> thank you. they're the people we trust to pick up and drop off our mail. sometimes with something valuable. one u.s. postal carrier stole several iphones and resold them. he is accused of stealing and reselling them over a year and a half. they were ten from the main post office in arlington. the court documents sw reid is no long we are the postal service. his attney declined to comment. >> news4 has obtained dpomts reveal mgm national harbor and may still be in violation of major electrical codes.
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>> an investigation into a 6-year-old girl alleges the casino cut important corners during construction. >> tracee wilkins has more on our story. >> the 6-year-old was playing on the plaza outside mgm casino june when she grabbed a railing with led lights. sent volts of electricity through her body. according to sources close to the investigationt we've agreed not to name, inspectors and policeou have multiple electric code violations on the plaza of mgm national harbor. i includes led electrical wiring. wires improperly buried underground and exposed. an overcrowded and malfunctioning junction box. it all worked rtogether. thling became electrified and 120 volts entered into the 6-year-old girl who remains in critical condition. the opening of mgm was political juggernaut. millions in construction and highly anticipated deadlines. the county in charge of
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approving work along the way. all under county executive baker's >> what i can assure you is there is no political pressure to have mgm see through process. >> they released a statement that. in part,ethe sof our guest is something we take very seriously. as this is an ongoing review, we cannot commentnt official conclusions are made. >> it is so close to the public and news4 has obtained a letter sent from prince george's county chief electrical engineer listing a long line of code violations. the work order said they needed to repair immediately. doctors have mysterious concerns about the parking garage and the fire suppression
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system. the family of e 6-year-old little girl has declin to comment.>> the kavanaugh controversy is impacting local activism sexual assault. how one victims supporting survivors. what you can do if you go to them for help. and just how long these cooler temperatures will stick
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that flooding will be an issue into theek d. >> exactly. we saw anywhere from an inch and a half to two inchesf rainfall in parts of the area yesterday. it has been so wet around here the entire summer. fall.nto early when we're seeing this much rainfall, it doesn't have anywhere to go. and part of that is, the ground is so saturated as well. we look at the weather headlines, some dry time in the forecast. the entire weekend will be dry. not just dry but gorgeous, low humidity. plenty of nshine. temperatures in the 70s. as we look to monday, we'll have ndtemperatures around 80 then after that, mainly in the low 80 for the rest workweek and we're also mainly dry.
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i'll have the complete ten-day forecast coming up around 5:50. so far, we're the top 20 wettest year on re rrd. soord keeping history. this is 20th wettest year ever. if we keep on track with average precipitation, not even above, which we've been seeing, we'll end up being the fourth wettest year on record. want to thank capital climate for sharing that amazing and fascinating statistic on twitter. currently in the 70s. 76 inwashington, martinsburg, 72 in gaithersburg. tomorrow morning, refreshing. 50s and 60s, how we srt out saturday. by the afternoon, it is t-shirt andunglasses type weather. 76 for a high on saturday as well as sunday with partly to mostly sunny skies. and again, those humidity levelt
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star day a little humid out there. more on the humidity comingup. for this weekend, the weather having a low impact on your weekend. you might want to put them in their old sneakers if they can get their feet in there because it will be pretty muddy after all the rain. and it will be fantastic. not only will you want your sunglasses but the sun screen as well. the allergyreport. trees, grasses, and weeds coming in low but with all t rain, out mold spores come in high. plenty of time into most of the upcoming workweek. we should see the mold spores come down. monday, 80de ees. tuesday, most of the day is dry but there's a chance of late day showers. the high temperature of 83. >> thank you. a father's tireless fight to
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save his daughter from brain cancer. >> father and mother are not retles, the verbs. and he puts his love into action every day. >> we'll introduce you to this week's hero. and susan hogan working for you. comparing grocery delivery services. how much would you pay to skip the store? and the kavanaugh controversy has people everywhere telling their stories. a local hospilta
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. we're staying on top of multiple breaking stories. there's a chance your facebook account was compromised. the log-in accessok for 50 million of the accounts were involved in that security ea . an additional 40 million accounts were also reset as a precaution. facebook saysd you do not n to change your password. and in the last 30 minutes, a delayann the kgh confirmation process. president trump has ordered the fbi to do a supplemental review and investigation of brett kavanaugh's background. senator jeff flake and others have called for a delay until the fbi looks into the alletions of christine blasey
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ford. the president says it must be completed in less than week. a statement justn about these developments. a thorough fbi vision i critical to developing all the relevant facts. bdr. christisey ford welcomes this step in the process and appreciates the efrts of senatorsflake, murkowski, manchin, and collins and all others. to ensure it is completed before the senate votes judge ug kavas nomination. no artificial limits as to time ord scope sho imposed. however, there is a little, one week. thank you. local groups supporting sexual assault victims are seeing more
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clients come through the doorso the hotlines. >> fairfax county hotline. >> it is oft thep first ste a victim takes. calling a hadhe line. >> it takes a lot oco urage. >> in the wake ofhe kavanaugh ings and the cosby trial, some victims may find themselves finally takg that step. maybe even years after an incident. seeing their own experience reflected in media reports. >> i thought i was the only person and now i am seeing on th news that it happened to dr. ford, it happened to all the gymnasts at michigan state and i'm realing that's what that to me. >> and the hotline conversation critical to whether the victim gets counseling or to whether to contact law enforcement. >> if they get a respoe that s, warm, where a person listens,
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asks questi is empathetic. >> for those who decide they want to seek a forensic exam, the next step is usual lay special unit at the hospital. opened first in fairfax and now expanded, the csultation team office aimed at easing the trauma for sex assault >> this is where the advocate would meet. >> if the victim does want to report it, police often come here. if theye need more tim to think, the evidence fro t forensic exam is reserved and stored. >> i think we all work together to empoer them make the choice that's best for them. whether it is reporting or not reporting. >> with the drama on capitol hill, they're preparedo see their already growing number of clients increase even more. >>ments this is an effort to
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stop sexual assault in they are looking at a provision foron educa for students and staff. and they say there will be an anonymous survey to measure how prevalent it is in that county. a youth survey from last school year showed 14% of students ported being sexually harassed in the previou year. theelationship between a father and daughter. this year, a dad who went abovee and beyond call of duty when his little girl got a life threatening diagnosis. >> being a dad is a big job, most of us take it very seriously and joe alexander sow s no exenption. e found out his daughter had cancer, he made sure he was
5:35 pm
by her side every step of the way. joe alexander is this week's hero. right away, you can tell julia and her dad joe have a special relationship. they love hanging out together. today there breaking the obstacle courses. >> keep walking. keep going. >> but to see their joy now, you would have no idea what they've already bn through. en my daughter had a tumor and rushed into eme surgery. >> four years ago julia was diagnosed wica brain er. this army veteran who used to rm di bombs on the battlefield found himself in the biggest battle yet. >> when she came out of the surlg, she was not talking or moving a lot. >> for the next two years, joe was the only one working as mom took her to at least three doctors appointments a week. despite that, he never missed a
5:36 pm
surgery. >> in philadelphia for seven weeks. i would train or fly on fridays frlte there for treatment and en come back saturday night. >> as a dad he's as goods it gets. >> father and mother are not titles. they're verbs. >> julia's tumor is stabilized but she still struggles. >> she lost a l of fine motor skills. >> that along with her autism le to bullying at school. and once again, joe rallied for his baby girl. >> he would always sneak a ne in. he'll put her lunch in her book bag. >> you must learn and acknowledge power. t sometime harder. i love you. >> so sweet. he always put something
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encouraging in. >> for joe, you can tell today is so much more than a trip to an ad a investment y park. it is a day spent making memories. the little girl he came so close to losing. >> the greatest thing in the world. having a little girl and her teaching me stuff and me teaching her stuff. it is really ce. >> we didn't want to wait until father's day. we found out about this because he won the best bald dad award. he won the national organization. they staged head shaving around the world to raise money and awareness for cancer research. >> het wears well. >> if you would like to nominate
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someone, check out thep. >> and you get to meet leon! >> she was great. a great family. >> wonderful. thank you. all right yiflt arery gro delivery services worth it? susan hogan is testing s e of theoptions. navigating confusion. all the street signs in the district.te district.te the looks at kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. then i went to honduras as a missionary and tateht kids to be carpen and welders. our economy works best when everyone has a skill,
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like shipbuilding. cathat's why i created er and technical academies across virginia and passed a law to expand job traing for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia, we hthe to build an economy works for all. i love you, but i'm not in love with you. she says i can see you anymore. l find furniture youve at... ...havertys fall savings event. when you spend more, you save more up to $1000. it's time you got the savings you deserve. these deals are break-up worthy. havertys life looks good he turned around the naacp. businessman. ben jealous. ."marylander of the year" he's helped grow twenty companies and a thousand jobs. bea plan to lower prtionor all.r drug costs
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and fully fund our schools. the sun says jealous has "the stature and gravitas" to lead maryland. we can do much better on jobs, on education, on healthcare. but it means we've got to believe in each other. ben jealous. governor. i put criminals in prison during the day i'm jennifer wexton, and as a prosecutor, and changed diapers at night. later, when i had a law practice, i volunteered to hppp moms collect child ort. then, as state senator, i worked across party lines to target sexual offenders and take guns away from domestic abusers. in congress, i'll stand up to president trump. what's ahead is as important as what's in the rearview mirror.
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do you just hate going to the grocery store? is it something you dread so much you would pay extra to skip it? how much would you pay?ki >> we're w for you in comparing grocery delivery serviceshat promise to take all the stress out of grocery pistore sh. susan hogan has the result. >> reporter: as yld w expect, convenience comes with a price in a new survey discovered this as well. manyf the delivery services add a big mark-up to the prices would u pay on your own and in store. a 24% mark-up. amazon primeow 15% higher. insta-cart mark-up, 36%.a- inrt at costco, 20%. enough to wyoming out the warehouse price advantage. surprisingly, none of th
5:42 pm
services were rated high for quality. >> one of the problems we found when we we using these places in getting a lot of orders from them. o about half ters we got, half our produce was like, we would have complained if this were really an ouser for the stuff was squished or missing or really small. >> reporter: many of the services require yearly memberships, service foes and don't forget tips. if y want to try one out, many offer two-week free promotions of the just don't forget on candle before the promoends. go to our nbc washington app and searchgr oceries. thank you. in the mansion murders trerl, a witness said she spotted the accused killer moments before a key piece of evidence was forged. but t,fi hundreds of parking signs with mixed messages.ou should be paying the price should be paying the price for the confusing
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i learned hard work and a trade my from him and his workers.op. then i went to honduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders. our economy works best when everyone has a skill, like shipbuilding. that's why i created career and technical academies across virginia and passed a law to expand job training for young people. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia, we have to build an economy that wks for all.
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if i want to park legally, which one ofse t takes precedent? >> the street signs have you scratching your head, wheth you are at work or live in the district, we know parking can be a big challenge. for many, finding the actual spot is t just first step in a ry ve stressful process. >> we're going to see the city confirms, it has been working to confront more than 800 confusing parking signs. >> it is a sign of the times. more people in theity means fewer parking spaces. when you do score the spot,ll a
5:46 pm
you r sure you can even park there? >> we've come to d.c. not to let this happen but obviously, we've let it happen. >> they recently scoured theet s one sunday. >> it is almost like a game to really figure it out. >> and we'rehe overjoyed they found a spot on eighth street. >> i looked to the top and i read the sign and it that, monday through friday and it was sunday. so we thought this was a good spot. >> still concerned, h went back to make sure. turn around, ran back, looked it again. we said, i think it's okay. we had a great brunch. >> that game a $100 ticket for parking too close to a metro stop. >> you parked your car here. you came back duffle see a ticket? >> no. the car was gone. >> he got tod. >> the signs were very confusing. >> he didn't know he parked in a
5:47 pm
spot for food trucks. we were between that time. we thought it was okay to park. old, the one above it says no 10:30 to 2:30. so i don't think this makes this 7:00? >> you might nawd a degree but we're, we'reg just try to give you a clear direct examination when y can utilize it. >> he says there is a correct way to read a the signs on one pole. start at the top and read down. >> at the top is usually our prohibitive sign. i will tells you where you cannot below that, parking, the green and whit that tells you when you can park. and then there might be a ecial use under it. maybe curbside useful. >> in a city with more than
5:48 pm
200,000 signs, miskes can happen. >> we're taking steps to be more proactive. >> they said v-dot has received complains about more than 800 confusing signs. he said all but 100 of those sig signs, in an ever changing city, the ever changin signs can lead to problems. >> apparently the sign has changed. it has commercial f parkim 7:00 to 10:00. >> he hasarked here many times without getting a ticket. until recently. >> i looked at the signs and i said they made amistake. >> when he finally noticed the new decal. >> very frustrating. i've had to look at that sign two o three times. >> another sign that is up to drivers to decode the detail. >> we parked right up the street here and i think we looked at it
5:49 pm
three times. >> all thers par we interviewed are contesting the tickets they edrece if you think you have a good read on the sign, we've put togeth a pargo sign quid. you can take it by going to our app. >>nd d-dot says it does want to hear about confusing or conflicting signs. >> i'm it is only 311. that's the best part. >> how is the weekend? >> it's glorious. >> back to you. saturday and sunday. we deserve it. it has bee so wet around here. we're looking at a picture perfect weekend. theirst full weekend of fall.
5:50 pm
it will feel like autumnut there. comfortable mornings. you feel toowarm. you don't want to bring out your sweaters it is still t-shirtr. weat we're pretty much 20 degrees warmer. yesterday it was rainy, damp, cool, andow we're in the 70s. 76 degrees in washington. up in gaithersburg. 76 in ft. bell volunteer right now. friday night lights going to be fabulous. down to about 70 degrees, 00, 9:00. the temperatures will be in the upper 60s. one of th big games, ionebridge. sof you're heading out to the games, the temperatures in the 60s so long sleeves a good idea. if you're getting out in the
5:51 pm
garden, it is looking likeek grt d for that. 7:00 a.m. 62 degrees tomorrow afternoon and evening. the temperature in the 70s before the 77 for a high ow tomo 7:00 a.m. sunday. around 60. sund evening. we're looking at a high of 76. bottom line, this is perfect 10 weather. we'll tate. yesterday somereas saw up to two inches of rainfall. and of course they tell us to plant camelias now for red, pink or white blooms planting now gives them time establish roots before the t weathens cold what a great flower to plant as we head into the autumn. i just showed you the gardening trecast. i caell you enough how comfortable it will be tomorrow morning and a spectacul evening. the humidity levels, not at issue atal monday, tuesday and wednesday. and then by thursday, next
5:52 pm
thursday, the humidity returns. i'll have the full forecast. i'll have it right now. i jtt l track of time. i've been enjoying this. we'll have a high around 80. maybe some late day showers. weesday, thursday, friday. we keep it dry with highs in the low 80it s humid out there. next weekend, maybe some showers on sunday. not convinced of that. the forecast has been all over the place. >> thanks. and a reminder thahe arlington memorial bridge will be closed this weekend for those needed repairs. the crews plan to close all six lanes. not only to traffic but closing the sidewalks as well. the work has been delayed a lot. so work and lane closures will begin tonight at 7:00. the repai are part of a $227 llion overhaul. should there be another bridge? across the potomac river toelp
5:53 pm
with you traffic. well, loudo supervisors told us they have narrowed down the list of proposed locations. a bridge on 28 or the park way will be ideal. the problem may lie on the other side of the river. montgomery county leadersave long sought to protect agricultural land on the maryland side. a new crossing would require regional approval and funding. starting monday, if you see a dump tru o utility truck in maryland, you must, must move t over give them room to work. maryland is eanding the move over law. you're already required to movee over for themergency vehicles, the poce, the ambulances. now it includes new vehicles such as bucke trucks, aaa battery trucks. fines will start at $1 and violators will get points to their licenses.
5:54 pm
they mean business because this is a big safety issue. a last-minewist in the brett kavanaugh hearing. we'll walk you through it next. also important training foro the lice. hundreds of
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5:57 pm
to the latestn therial of the d.c. mansion murder case. >> because we've been in special coverage over the last several days, we want to get you caught up up. >> three family members and their housekeeper found dead, the family's blue porsche was also found on fire right nearce shopping er. jurors heard from a woman who works at la fountailue just miles away from that.d she said aro5:00, she found agan pac back and forth. surveillance video from the back of the business would capture a man running away from the
5:58 pm
parking lot. the man she saw was daron wint. the only suspect charged in the case. the ma rt jo of thursday focused on dna evidence. she returned to the witness standnd said the dna of daron wint wasn found a pizza crust. and it was recovered from a construction vest found on the porch. a screwdriver was never tested for dna. neither was was a. ti the defense team pressed emily about those findings and she ir cod that the drawer and screwdriver were never tested for dna.
5:59 pm
>> we can there's a lot of terest in this case. a panel of experts talked about the evidence and what they're watching for as this trial moves along. a cloud of controvey. >> this country is being ripped apart. >> a crucial vote in question afr a key republicansh senator ked the room and the world by calling for a delay and an fbi investigation. ahead of judge kavanaugh's confirmation. >> this has back national disgrace. >> i believed he was going to me.e i tried to yell for help.o >> s what happens now? >> we're following the fast-moving developments and the prests that followed.
6:00 pm
well, now, president trump is calling on the fbi toig invee his supreme court nominee. >> big twists and turns today and it all comes after a day of high stakes maneuvering up on capitol . first, the judiciary committee voted to move brett kavanaugh's confirmation to the full senate jeff make the made his vote conditional with a last-minute demand for the fbi probe. >> other members joined in eventually forcing the president to act a tonight reaction is pouring in from both sides of the aisle. >> we have team coverage for you. let's start with blayne alexander to break it down. >> reporter: president trump agreeing to a senate request to order an fbi investigation into sexual assault allegations againstupreme court nominee brett kavanaugh whoays he will continue to cooperate. a stunning rer


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