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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  October 5, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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kavanaugh. the people protesting outside the capital got the news a short time ago that he appeared to have the votes for confirmation.ep >>ter: the demonstrators behind me say they are disappointed but they vow to fight against judge kavanaugh's voteation until the final is taken tomorrow. >> reporter: demonstrators join together in chantin and aotel of silence. >> if you do not get out of the roadway, you will be placed under arst. this is your second warning. >> reporter: they are getting arrested fortrlocking the st in front of the supreme court.
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late afternoon, demonstrators learned it lks like judge kavanaugh has enough votes but the democrats say it is not over. >> we still have 24 hours to showhe opposition to kavanaugh getting a seat on the supreme court. >> i'm going straight to work on electi people who won't inflict this sort of atrocity on our country. >> reporter: this demonstration bega last night at 6:30. they're calling it the official buster and some say they're continuing all night. thank you. stay with us for continuing coverage of the kavanaugh vote. just ahead we'll have a live reportrom the othernd of pennsylvania avenue and the reaction to all the late afternoon developments. >> this is not how you want to start your day on a packed metro twran a man being stabbed after
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a fight on the green line. police say they're trying to track down this guy. the train unfolded as was pulling into the navy yard station on a rail car filled wi rers that included some children. >> reporter:e' learned that the victim is in grave condition which is why homicid detectives are now on the scene. keep in mind this all happened during the busy lunch hour rush. scary moments just before 1:00 on a metro train arriving at the navy yard from branch avenue. s i imagine it was horrific. >> reporter: policrces say this man with red hair stabbed another man in e neck. investigators say the victim and suspects know each other and have been feuding for a long time. security cameras captured the
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suspectarunning t this cvs on m street. a chaperone with this group of middlede school stus say they were on the train when it happened. the woman sayid the are okay. but two students had to be checked by paramedics after getting injured while running from the scene. steps away from where the stabbing happened, commuters try to get to where they needed to go on thether side of the platform. >>ny time this happens. >> it is not what these folks wanted to see during the afternoon commute but many say they feel safer knowing it wasn't a random attack. >> the suspect was seen leaving this exit of the metro on m street. anyone with information is askeo call.
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and the cooleremperatures today. we've reached the last of our 90-degredays? >> i think the 90s are done but 80s, well, not out of the question. it is on the csiler . we did hit 90s. degr look at roanoke. it was in the 80s. near 90 back towd lexington but much cooler around our area today. we saw it make its way around our region. rightk b to the warmth. it is not the only thing i'm trackingor you. tragedy on a college campus.
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ponvce aretigating the death of a student in our area at duquesne university. marquis brown was a football player and a high scho grad. jumpingay he died after out of a dorm window. corey? >> reporter: a lot of questions surrounding marqui death. both here at dematha high school and at the duquesne campus. it was about 10:30 when police responded at the residence hall. shortly after they arrived, we are told he jumped from the 16th floor window. those who knew him are asking why and they're tryingeo cop with his death. to know him was to know a leader. just ask those who played with him at the high school. >> a great player.lw he wass willing to learn.
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them he relished his time under the friday night lights but they said he was a dependable friend and could make anyone laugh. >> he would just lighten the he great person. >> brown's classmates atve duquesne uity feel the same way. they too are trying to copeith his death. >> super sad. on campus, too. i can't even imagine looking at the window. >> in a statement, duquesne university said the thoughts anr ers of the entire university community go out toarquis brown's family and friends. >> never good to bury a child. i wish the rest of his family and friends. >> tonight his friends are remembering how he lived, not how he died. >> in the future, if i had a kid, i wouldant him to be just like him.
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>> reporter: what makes this so rd to understand is that brown just celebrated his birthday only yesterday. and it is home coming weekend at duquesne university where brown played football. his friends and family hope to have answers in the coming days. >> all t. thank you. it's official. caps forward tom wilson is appealing his 20-game suspension for hitting an opposing player in the head. he was us suspended for the hit. today the association filed an appeal on his behalf. ang y mother disappeared. her body is found next on a and police didn't have to go far to find the it was her co-worker. darcy expenser is hive outside the courthouse to expla the verdict. >> reporter: this was a love triangle with deadly
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consequences. and it didn't take jury very long to find this killer givy of first-degree murder. this man tried to break it off and that' when the woman got violent. he beat and strangled her and left her body near a dumpster not far from the restaurant where they both worked. he was wearing his work shirt when he was arrested last november he was 21 years old, married and the mother of a young child. her husband reported her missing when she didn' come home from work. police learned through the investigation she was having an affair with campos martinez. a jury just found him guilty of first-degree murder afterra deling for three hours in montgomery county. >> she might have been involved with an unsavory character. but in the endt she did
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deserve to die. and this verdict is justiceed se >> her body was found behind a drugstore several days after she bosappeared. fa messages between the victim and a killer were shown if court. outlining the disagreement. he said why do you have these women on facebook? he said don't pay aention to this. these are viruses. i was not. she said ha ha ha, you think i'm stupid. camp the loss martinez admitted to punching her and throwing her to the ground. he said he put her cell known in aumter and got into a taxi. pros kur prosecutors say they intend to seek the death penalty. new developments in a case that has become representative of a police biaccounty. a jury reaches a verdict why.
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some are calling it historic. and new reaction to the rumors tha amazon's nextad hearters could be coming to a teey weens little town in our area. our area. sand diabete may
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kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. then i went to honduras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders. our economy s rks best when everyone skill, like shipbuilding. that's why i cre aed career and technicdemies across virginia and passed a law to expand job training for young peopli' tim kaine, and i approve this message. here in virginia,
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we have to build an economy that works for all. his afternoon a guilty verdict in the trial of a white
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police officer who shot and killed a black teenager in chicago. it has been four years since officer jason van dyke fired 16 shots, killing laquan mcdonald. the police dash cam video appeared to show him with knife walking away from officers. the trial lasted nearly one nt the jury deliberated less than ten hours. the decision is sparking reaction and etion across chicago. >> we the jury find the onfendant j van dyked-uilty of secgree murder. >> reporter: jason van dyke showed no emotion as the jury announced their verdict. guilty.f second-degree murd and 16 counts of aggravated battery with a firearm. one for eachle b that struck laquan mcdonald. >> in this case with the cook county jury, there was not a chance in the world we would
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come away with a complete not guilty. >> reporter: the decision comes alour years after shot and killed the 17-year-old during a confroation with chicago police. the teenager armed with a knife. surrounded by officers after calls tt he was breaking into vehicles on the southwest side of the and police were pressed to release video on the scene, many said it appeared the teenager was walking away from t officer. fueling outrage and months of protests. >> this says you can no longer be executed during prosecution. >> crowds gathered to remember mcdonald. a police officer now a convicted murderer. jay gray, nbc news.
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police stay van driver mada llegal right turn hitting the bus. lots of people were late to work because of an oil spill on the beltway. look at that traffic. one person said it took more than an hour. it began when theump truck lost the oil drum and kept driving. it caused multiple accidents. p threple went to the expect to t all are be okay. it has been one week since the devastating earthquake and tsunami in indonesia and crews are strugglg toet some of the hardest hit areas. th families of the missing are praying for a miracle.
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>> under theangled concrete, four rescue dogs detected signs of life. an acousticensor confirmed a heartbeat in the rubble. for those waiting, it was a possible miracl >> i hope the rescue is quick. >> but it was not to be. >> this morning, nothing. the heartbeatec they had dd in this rubble had stopped. they cam to mourn their son and brother. illed just hours after the beachfront solidd turned to liquid.
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there are no signs o life. >> and thousands were injured in the earthquake and the tsunam ma are still living in shelters and makeshift tents after all the homes were destroyed. >> an apartment complex goes up in flames forcing dozens their homes. just ahead, the motive for what police say is arson. plus, the temperatures, a little more fall-like. >> and we have a programming note for this weekend. tune in tomorrow morning. nbc 4 will be celebrati hispanic heritage month.
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he turned around the naacp. businessman. ben jealous. "marylander of the year" he's helped grow twenty companies and a thousand jobs. ben's vision: medicare for all. a plan to lower prescription drug costsan fully fund our schools. the sun says jealous has "the stature and gravitas" l d maryland. we can do much better on jobs, on education, on healthcare.e' but it means wve got to believe in each other. ben jealous. governor.
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yesterdhad a high of 90 degrees and i think that will be our last 90. d we aregt back into the 80s but many of us are in the 60s. take a look here.
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we're starting to lose some sunlight. we're getting less able to see the cloud couer butan notice the clouds making their way in. if you're in southern maryland, you're still dealing with the clouds. sunshine, blue clos out there. blue skies out toward the west and that's why the temperatures are up aittle bit. but d.c., we've got clouds and it looks le aittle fog trying toorm here. and that's why. that will bring the cloudsk b in. there could be some drizzle overnight and right into the ery. the teures, only 64 right now.
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i thought everybody was in the 70s. where we have broken out into, some sunshi coming in at 72 degrees. warmer in hagerstown than it is in d.c. look at the cooler air right along i-95. ocean city at 70. 66 in philadelphia. back to the west.l the c air will stay here during the day. i do expect to it increase. temperature wil stay will until noon, 1:00. closer to the bay, a little cool they are so heads up there. the weeke outlook, pumpkin patch time, everybody. better on sday but not bad
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day tomorrow. sunday.ely better on kids a good ims, i think we get those in. yardwork. watch out for the drizzle at times. 84 on sunday. 85 on monday. 84 on tuesday. we're right back into the warmth as we move in towardt early n week west stay in the 80s. then i'm tracking the tropics. that could have a major impact on next weekend. look at those numbers. really cool temperatures as we make our way into next weekend. >> all right. thank you. t supreme court nomination of brett kavanaugh takes a major step forward. a final vot set for tomorrow. jeff joins us from the white house to break it all down. and scooter arey ver
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popular. two cities are fighting back though. and anarly look inside the national law enforcement exam in d. and i have a look at the first alert traffic. memorial bridge once againhut down for the weekend. full closure in effect from 9:00 p.m. friday mhroughday morning. the key bridge and the 14th street bridge will work some of the clores sunday between 6:00 a.m. sort of role cloeshs. talking about the key bridge, the 14th street bridge, hov lanes, and independence avenue. another issue this weekend, 295. the bridge replacement. e ere lanes and rolling it's it's timfor the ross fall dress event. yeah? so you can find a party dress at a price
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yeah. that makes you want to celebrate. find the perfesi dress for every oc. it feels even better when you find it for less at the ross fall dress event. yes for less.
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you know when you're at ross and you ...for how much?.. yes. that's yes for less. fall's best accessories are even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. that's yes for less. ibap. has been 20 years in the making and now we're just one week away. an exclusive peek inside and shows us some ofhe one of a kind t experiencesy will be offering. >> it will tell the history of law enforcement in america. but also a lot of local history
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here like these cells from the old prison. >> these are the actual bars taken from the prison when it was closed and the material was disposed of. >> they took us on a tour while crews were working on the finishing touches. he points out, when it opens, the new law enforcement museu will be home to hundreds of artifacts dating back to the 1600s. you will see wyatt earp's shotgun. and al capone's pearl handled . pist they're interactive exhibits and pieces of evidence from the beltway snipers including the rifle they used in their killing spree. >> as you know, that was an event that just paralyzed everyone in the area. >> the complexity of law enforcement. >> brand homes w itl help
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understand all signs of law enforcement. the good things police do as well as the bad. >> understand more the complexity of the profession and quite frankly, it opened as a platform for alogue. >> what can law enforcement and the citizens wk better together on in how can we strengthen the ties? >> the museums part of th memorial across the street that honors officers that have given their lives. and thatl memors reflected inside the tmuseum. why are now on display. it is open to the public on october 14th. they plan to offer community jouch rch in an effort to bring people closer to law enforcement. >> back to our top story. barring any big changes, brett kavanaugh will likely be confirmed as the nt justice to
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the supreme court. >> late in the afternoon, susan collins and west virginia joe manchin sai yes, they will vote yes. they started outside the capital home of mitch mcconnell. they showed up with beer, a reference to testimony lt week. and susan collins had to wait to deliver her speech this afternoon on the senate floor when protesters shouted from the ewing gallery. the white house has been closelywatching, as you can imagine. it came just hours after he had peddled a conspiracy theory about the protesters. what a couple of weeks it has
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been. it incdes wesvirginia's joe manchin, a democrat. and then you have lisa murkowski, a republican saying she won't do it. what is in it for manchin? >> great to seeyo well, joe manchin took cover behindan s collins. right after she had her aispeec he oh, yeah, i'll vote for him, too. joe manchin is doing something he thinks is in his political best interests as he fights for his political fe. >> right as susan collins wraps up her speech and ches broke out in the would you tell us press shop, they were watching this unfold just like the rest us a they weren't sure with the hour long speech about where she w end up. whether she would support him oe wouldn't. but you have her, jeff flake who is suggesting thate will vote
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and support brett kavanaugh. as i sit here and talk to you now, it looks like after saturday afternoon, brett kavanaugh will emerge as the supreme urt candidate. the senate has confirmed twova consve justices to the court all really filling this prome that he's madeo his supporters that he will cement the right leaning supreme court. >> in doing that, ensuring that he could do that, it was that part of hisoniracy theory rs were , the protes paid. is that why he was mocking dr. rally? his was this his way of firing up his base? >> it was. it is great point he made. that's a core tenet of
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tribalism. to set everything a a yes or no. you're for itga or ast it. >> suggesting the protesters, some of whom say they are victims of sexual assault. saying that they are political professionals. what he is doing with the base is making it a choice. you're weeth the republicans or the dastardly democrats. it seces it f brett kavanaugh but longer term when it comes to the mid-term elections, it really u riles the resentment a and delivers they will to the polls. >> how did lisa murkowski have the courage, if you will, to go against that wave? >> well, let's not forget. she won a write-in. most don't even know who the senator is. they had to know how to spell her last name. she is popar in alaska. she comes from a political
5:34 pm
ffamily, a knowntor there. but she has been meeting with survivors of sexuaassault all week. so for her, because she is onll such if i reolitical standing, she gets to have the best interests for her state. it is not something a lot of people get to do. thank you for joining us. on inning n nightlys with lester holt, he is hankoring here if washington tonight. you might remember this video from a massive fire last month. today they announced it was arsoig investators said the woman started the fire because she was upset with her ex-boyfriend.
5:35 pm
it took firefighters two hours to put it out. as one injured but 100 people were displaced and the damage was estimated at more than $2 million. students at a performing arts school in maryland man to walk out on monday to protest mold that they found in their school that s thedents attend. the performing arts school in morning side, parents are concerned the school system isn't doing enough to fix the problem. the rainy pipe condensati resulting in the mold. they have replaced the ceiling times. anticipation over the location of amazon's second headquarters leadshe wild speculation. ahead at 5:00, what happens when a community thinks amazon is headed there.
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kaine: my dad ran an ironworking shop. i learned hard work and a trade from him and his workers. then i went to honras as a missionary and taught kids to be carpenters and welders. our economy works best when everyone has a skill, like shipbuilding. that's why i created career and technical academies our economy works best when everyone has a skill, across virginia d passed a law to expandb. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this, we have to build an economy that works for all.
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bawell be barbara trumpstock. donald trump is against expanding medicaid in virginia. against protections for pre-existing conditions. and he sabotaged the healthcare market, hiking insurance rates up to 64 percent in virginia. barbara trumpstock agrees. voting with trump 98 percent of the time. jennifer wexton believes healthcare is a right ... and successfully fought to expand medicaid in virginia. "i'm jennifer wexton hi and i approvedmessage... and successfully fought to expand medicaid in virginia. because change is coming." he turned around the naacp. sinessman. ben jealous. "marylder of the year". he's helped grow twenty companies and a thousand jobs.s
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ben'sion: medicare for all. a plan to lower prescription drug costs and fully fund our schools. the sun says jealous has "the stature and gravitas" to lead maryland. we can do much better on jobs, on education, on healthcare. but it means we've got to believe in each other. ben alous. governor. maybe that perfect selfie isn't what you want to be goi fo in reemt yeaason years, hundred actually died trying. researchers found more than 250
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people died trying to get a selfie on places like cliffs and tall buildings. the vast majority did occur in india and the most common wayd they die was drowning. nearly three quarters of the victims were male. people may show early signs diabetes two decades before they're diagnosed. according to a new japanese sty. researchers were ablet to det higher bmi,ul i level 20 years before diabetes. since most diabetics hav pre diabetes first, it may begin more than 20 years before they are diagnosed. new guidelines, they say doctors should consult with their patients when they're looking at which medications to prescribe, drug prices, difficulties with
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shots are all factors that should be considered. ndey offer ongoing nutrition weight loss therapy. >> a wild ride through the streets of virginia today. this chase lasted for mile the suspects were tossing out weapons along the way. david collins from our sisior stn has more on how it all came to an end. >> two murder suspects accused of leaeng p on a wild it wastured exclusively by apase. sky tea 11 as they tried to escape they items out of the freeway. they also tosd two long guns out of the car. a woman is driving. the maleoe passenger't appear concerned as he chugs down a drink. the silver car turned into a shopping cenr and is
5:41 pm
immediately stopped by police with guns drhen. >> thought that maybe they could have run in here to hide. >> we did not know what was going on and we didn't know if they had guns or would come into the shop. >> police first apprehended the female driver and police also cuffed the male passenger. >> they had the guy on the ground. pulled his shoes and socks off. >> the suspects are wanted by police for shooting in hampton. >> it was very ary. but the police definitely did a great job taking care of everything. they were very quick acting and took control of thesi ation. like them or not, electric scootersre popping up all over d.c. one city is going after them.
5:42 pm
virginia beach has begun impounding scooters and giving tickets. the scooters are mad by a company. local leaders stay d companyoes not have the proper permits but they say they can have their scooters back if they pay impounded storage fees. a local program is hping men and women return to aif productive le after they've gotten out of prison. a lot of speculation about amazon's second headquarters and where ito might in the d.c. area. i'll tell you whe exactly i am and what is rumored to come here. a chance of a
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right now more than 4 milln americans are returning home from jail or prison. >> and they are facing a number of issues that make getting their lives on track pretty difficult. >> really special lady. we learned about the good work from one of our viewers who is just as impressed with her work as we are. she has been helping returning citizens as sheoralls them more than 20 years. it is clear for sheila murphy, helping men and women out of prison is more like a calling instead of a job. >> it felt like somebody needs to be concerned. >> 25 yrs ago, she started going into prisons just to talk to them >> one of the sessions, the guy
5:46 pm
said, miss, shei it's like the word prison is written across my forehead. when i went home, couldn't shake it. >> so she created mission ti mobili. this organization provides returning citizens wit t help get their lives back. >> i just made up my mind, if i can work inside a prison for $1.32 an hour, i can work in society. >> willie is now a delivery driver and a father and husband. coming home to one's family isn't easy. a lot of distrust because of thd exof's past mistakes. >> we carry a lot of burden, having to hold them down, having to take care of a >> t family life group sessions which they participate in. >> we start the and then we
5:47 pm
work down. and we're not perfect. it tk a long time to get here and there's always room for t. improvemen >> since they started working together, she said she can already see that life coming together. they're just two o she's been able to help find jobs, housing and create plan for their >> we need to be reminded. once someone has served their time, it should be time served. now let them live their life. >> we've got more on this on our nbc 4apple. and it is a ripple effect. u can see when you help the one person it spreads to others. people's lives are transformed. >> andhe recidivism 58th probably much lower because
5:48 pm
you're giving them ayo tha recall. they're human. get rid of the stigma and acknowledge, they're humans who have paid the price. let's move on. >> great. thank you. >> yeah. well, if you search oatlands, virginia, on gool, you might find what we definitely search oatlands, virgini because apparently it doesn't warrant enough to get on google. there is an online article, it is sparking mixed reaction. it is in loudoun >> reporter: it is charlieingly rural. head to leesburg and middleburg. zoom in. a ltle more. a little more.
5:49 pm
now you're in oatlands. >> what about thi area i so attractive to you? >> i like the countr i like the trees.fa land. >> reporter: he has lived here a few decades. a virginia native who appreciates the space and the rural sounds. >> the squirrels are running around. >> reporter: but an article is sparriing a lot of talk. it confidently claims amazon's highly sought headquarters will be here. it is not close to metro's growing silver line. it does fall into the top 20 sites amazon is considering, including montgomery county, northern virginia and washington, d.c. >> the mayor, the governor, have all worked hard to diversify the economy. this is the kahuna of all
5:50 pm
diversification. >> he lives nearby. he is not reading too much into the >> i've learned not to worry too much about what you rea on the internet. >> i think overallt would be a boone for business. >> i think ite would if for people with work. >> he still likes his space. >> reporter: the question remains, where are amazon have its second headquarters? sources tl news4, oatlands is not among the proposed sites. amazon has been tight lipped about where it plans t land. >> it too keeps pushing in a
5:51 pm
pushing in. >> beautiful, a little chilly. a lot of us have been waiting for the fall-like numbers. remember, the average highs are in the 60s. the ones with the sunshine. up to the north, we are kinni to see some sun. notice the numbers. a difference of nearly 10 degrees, where we have the clouds and the sunshine. right in the middle there.
5:52 pm
as the sun goes down, it is not able to burn any more clouds. put on the jacketr a sweater and a different kind of shoes. out there now, no rain to talk about. maybe some fog, too. friday night football, friday night lights. 5-0 in fairfield county. take jacket, maybe the blan. ho about gardening? pretty good for that too. maybe se a.m. drizzle.
5:53 pm
sunshine during afternoon. really looking good on sunday. temperatures right back into the 80s. plant tool i ips, which we did, crocus, hyacinths. it is fun with the kids. i had a great time doing that. the kids go, hey, look. i did that. mostly cloudy skies. not bad at 4:00. i thk we will see some sun. some of us will stay a little cooler. early clouds. 85 monday, 84 tuesday. were well above average almost all of last week and thentr king the tropics.
5:54 pm
it could move our way showing us showers next thursda and friday and bringing much cooler air next saturday, sunday and monday. >> all righyo than >> the chance of a lifetime for some localigschool seniors. >> and they get to put their voices to the test. ♪ >> their audience, a world
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you still have timeuy to b a tickety the mega million jackson pot has cho grown. k it out on our nbc 4 washington app. > a chance for some high school students eyday. ot to take a master class with a pro. singing on stage can sound a little scary forne an try doing it when you have a world famous opera singersi ing in front of you. >> you say that phrase twice. >> he has performed all around the world. but today he isetting the
5:58 pm
udents take center stage and giving them point orders a differentlevel. >> it was truly inspiring to see it. at 15 ive couldn't remember the words on the page, let alone get in front o my peers and sing. >> i was very nervous. i got on stage and i started to get comfortable. >> it hasn't been easy. as a tee spent anaheim juvenile detention. >> i was blessed to have people. these students don't need any notes. >> to have someone critique you. it is nice to have a second opinion on how to sing a song. news4. no pressure, right?
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dramatic developments after weeks of highly charged accusations and angry protests. >> it appears that judge brett kavanaugh will become justice kavanaugh. lateashis afternoon the two undecided senators announced they will vote in favor of the nomination. joeanchinf west virginia and republican susan collins in maine. >> we begin b withyne alexander on capitol hill. >> reporter: the supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh clearing the first major hurridle on the floor. with one republican ving no, claung now advance to a likely
6:00 pm
confirmation. the final senate vote expected atturday. demo manchin and republican collins have both said they wi vote for kavanaugh. >> we will be ill served in the long r w if abandon the presumption of innocence and fairness, tempting though it may be. >> he was nearly drowned out by protesters aftertruggling with his decision, republican jeff flake saying he will vote yes. >> a big change. >> aroundapitol hill, protesters hopg to change some in outrage over a process rges of erailed by c sexual assault. >> i hope we can say no to mob rule. >> democrats calling them unfit
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