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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  October 6, 2018 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, breaking news on the supreme court battle after the vote, brett kavanaugh will be the high court's next justice. reactions from all sides. even the first lady who rarely talks politics, weighing in om the sands of egypt. keeping your kids safe, how officials are using n technology to make re they always know who's in the building. risking it all to help victims of the unthinkable. an impornt nversation with one of this year's nob peace prize winners. it's one of the most popular drinks in america, but a new lawsuit alleges lacroix sparkling water isn't quite what it says it is. scientists may have found a way to bring dying coral back
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to life. > rett kavanaugh rias just been sworn in at ate sayre mowny as a justice on thsupreme court. vice president pence presiding over the historic moments set against the backdrop of protests on the capitol steps. neither side could halt the momentum of recent days that push kavanaugh against allegations of sexual misconduct. it's a victory f him, for senate republicans and president trump who watched the vote on board air force one enroute to kansas. kelly o'donnell leads us off tonightlly? >> reporter: president trump did watch from his air force one cabin surrounded by
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reporters as brett kavanaugh was confirmed. he's put his imprint on the supreme court with two conservative justices. he will take a victory lap tonight at a rally in kans , after what he called a horrible attack by democrats on his new justice. >> on tay do tally the final votes. onousands marched the u.s. capitol demanding to be counted. ha> scores arrested afterrging the steps, trying to wield last minute influence against the odds. >> it's never over until the votes are counted. >> this is not over. this is one battle, but we are going to keep going. >> the free speech on display came from those who believe is thekavanau right choice. >> i feel like i need to support my president, judge kavanaugh and my country. >> reporter: many stood up for sexual
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assault victims and judge kavanaugh who fought back against decades old sexual allegati allegations. t re's no evidence to corroborate her claims and you're going to ruin his life. is that fair.>> reporter: a rare comment from the first lady, ending her africa tour in egypt. >> judge kavanaugh, i think he's highly qualified f the supreme court. i'm glad that dr. ford was heard. >> reporter: at the white house, president trump left for a ai ca trip. >> i think he's going to make us all very proud. i feel very strongly that in the end maybe the process, it was really unattracted, but theas extra week something that i think was really good. >> inside the senate hehamber, democrats argued next step must be action on election day. >> there is one
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answer, vote. while republicans embraced their narrow victory. >> judge brett kavanaugh is among the very best our nation has to offer. he will make the senate and the count proud. >> with the vice president presiding, protesters tried to interrupt the actual vote. >> the sergeant at arms will restore order in the gallery. >> but the narrow margin was enough. >> on this vote, the ayes are 50, the nays are 48. thein nion of brett m. kavanaugh of maryland to be an associateusce of the supreme court of the united states is confirmed. >> reporter: and brett kavanaugh will be sworn in privately tonight as an associatece jus of the supreme court. kelly o'donnell, nbc news, the white house. >> for more on today's historic vote and its impact i want to bring in hallie jackson talong with kasie h on capitol hill. casey, if i can begin with you. this contention shouse
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battle is opening some deep partisan rifts in the country. is there any sense how they are feel something. >> reporter: one republican said the senate has hit rock bottom. tonight we are onent out from the midterm elections, both sides expect an absolute brawl. mitch mcconnell says that thes protest dand hle c m t wasn't able to do by himself, that's energize the se bu fdemoathe pu cld ba rean notbl be ichigher, this fight might make it harder for some senate democrats in red states to keep their seats, it could make thekath to win b the house for democrats that much easier. lester? >> hallie what are you hearing from the president? >> the president istonight is ding the protests we've seen in washington. he's dismissing in rge part, christine
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blasey ford's sexual assault allegation against brett kanaugh. he's 100% certain she named the wrong person. it wasbout a week ago he said ford's testimony was compelling and credible. tonight is a major political win for this president. i'm told he's feeli confident and optimistic how this plays into the midterms. een seeing the polling casey's talking about. high or sugar can it last until november? >> lester? >> hallie jackson tonight, thanks. o we turn indonesia, where we're learning how hundreds of violent cminals escaped following last week's earthquake and tsunami. the death toll is rising to more than 1600. we're finding out that parts of the country may never berebuilt. bill neely is there and has this report. >> reporter: it's a street of death. 14 bodies removed from its rubble in minutes today. entire families.
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two brothers found huggi hugging. >> the deep mud holds ct hundreds of s, rescuers will stop digging soon. and turn this into a mass grave. >> this mosque doesn't belong here. it was moved several hundred yards, the school beside it too, luily classes have finished for the day. and that's the only lucky thing that happened her >> roads end suddenly, ships sit on city streets. there's a sea of mudar nd the town. and so many want to escape. some do. the injured, the old, carried to a military planst ill suffering. they can leave their city, but not their trauma behind. 600 prisoners left their jaiind escaping when the walls fell down. >> go. >> go? >> go. >> this convicted murderer came back after checking his family was alive. rebuilding this city will take years.
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too late for so many here. bill neely, nbc news, indonesia. and we're back in this country now with one of the most popular beverages in america. it p reallytty simple. flavored sparkling water. now some are saying lacroix isn't all it's cracked up to be. a lawsuit has bubbled up, questioning the nature of some of the in gredients. >> reporter: as one of the most popular fizzy drks in the country, class actio lawsuit against lacroix's parent company is getting a s.ot of attention from consum lacroix contains ingredients that have been identified by the fda as synthetic, saying, some of thegr ients in these cans are also used in insecticides. that may be misleading, the gredients are found in citrus peel. when it comes to
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anything you buy in a storwh at does a termtural even mean anyway. >> they could say l mna tura hout different things. itha'st n dharives sales, revenue for the company that makes lacroix rose more tn 50% in the past three years. on friday it fired back, calling the allegations misleading. all ingredients in lacroix are natural. it prepares to fight t, e suit in co lacroix needs to convince a new generation of that all natural means what it says. matt bradley, nbc news. wtrust our educators with our most valuable id treasures, our given the stream of shootings and other violence in schooth they contend with these days. it's no wonder that some are turning to advanced new approa riapproaches to se schools. rehema ellis takes us insidene school leading the way.
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>> reporter: the principal at this school in seattle says security is his number one priority. >> nothing is more precious than our children. if you don't feel safe, y can't learn. >> reporter: his concern after a spate of deay school shootings. that's why starting thisicture, the school is using facial recognition software. one of the schools in the country trying the technology. already used in some airports, train stations, even >> do you feel safer? >> i do believe this has created a safer environment children. we can see where we couldn't see before. >> here's how the real network software corks. videeras are placed around the building. >> you have a camera here. >> thenisouter in the school computer. once approved, your name is added into the system.he >>you get to the school door, you don't have to ring the doorbell. just smile and the system lets you right
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>> now just used for staff here. visitors must be approved before being let in. an if someone is a known threat as in this demonstration with the real network's employee. ys> threat detected. >> them alerts school staff and the doors stalocked. >> rob glazier is offering the software to schools around the country for free. >> no way would i say it's the end all be ch all forl security. but it can help identify people who aren't supposed to be on the campus. >> some crics worry the information will end up in the wrong hands. important concerns as educators consider high-tech upgrades in school security. t wonder wilhey pass the test? rehema ellis, nbc news, seattle, washington. it seems the me too movem hasn't escaped the attention t nobel committee
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which just announced the winners of this year's peace prize, nadia mirad who was isis.ed and raped by nbc's cef foreign correspondent richard engel visited with the doctor at his clinic in one of the most er das places. >> reporter: this doctor won the nobel prize for his work at this clini congo. all of these women have been raped. >> i see you have a still nursing little boy. how old is your son? >> the chik is s and i'm sick. >> her name is letitia. the rapistave her and her baby hiv. >> doesn't it overwhelm you? >> i is sometimes just breaking my heart, but i feet tha
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i'm powerless. far he doctor is from powerless. over two decades, he's operated on more than 45,000 rape survivors. militants in congo use rape as a weapon to fright villagers o their land. especially if the land is rich with dr. has to travel with bodyguards, the gangs tried to kill him. it didn't stop him. >> can see how women are strong to fight. this is what pushes me to go on and say, it's not the end. but you have to fight. >> he was hererf ming surgery behen he learned he won the >> a brave hero being recognized around the world tonight.
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>> reporter: five to seven days after a summer's full moone f the rarest events in the ocean unfolds. marine biolosts don't know how the moon triggers coral to spawn. scientists say this rarely photographed oevent is no longer enough maintain healthy coral efs. now an accidental discovery is offering hope. a half mileff key west. 10 feet down in the atlantic. marine biologist joey mandero. corals that only grow a millimeter a year, growbe tripped to 500 times faster. >> how excited are you to see what was once impossible now possible. >> ecstatic. >> coral's among the ls slowest ani on earth are dying at an alarming rate. turning white as ocean temperatures rise.
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scientists are growing corals resistant to climate change. >> it's just -- >> likehis right now? >> correct. just like that. >> like magnets, these small corals grow th toward each o and unify. no one knew that would happen until some fragments of cut corals fell to the bottom of the tank. >> here's a small one that was just planted. >> ssts discovered those flecks of coral were unexpectly super charged after the trauma of being cut. >> that was a eureka moment. >> it is what the new york times called my eureka mistake. >> why protect reefs? >> they help provide 70% of the oxygen we breathe. support a quarter of all aquatic life and provide a buffer against coastal erosion. >> after pg the next step, up to mother nature. >> in about two years, spawy start to that's a sign that they're reay really healthy, they wouldn't
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u.n. of all places for help. kelly cobiella in paris for us tonht. >> if this is postcard paris -- >> this is where the city of light ces alive. the bustling bistro. >> you don't have to know anyone, can you sit down and make friends and talk, and enjoy great wine. >> ernest heminay wrote some of his most famous books and mingled with the world's great poets and artists. >> chef fontaine has been in the bistro business since he was a boy, b says his way of life is disappearing. 3>> you're thinking years, maybe the bistros will be gone? >> just a restaurant. >> in the last four years, a quarter of parisiansstros, some 300 have closed. pushed out by soaring rents and big chain staurants. which is why he's leading a campaign to get paris bistros
6:53 pm
protected status from the united nations. the bistro is special, a family restaurant with people of all ages can mingle and debate. >> what would paris be without a piece stroh? >> oh, my god. it would be dead. it's part of history tion parts of tra much. >> and a symbol of resilience. atgregory's piece stroh, 19 were killed including his wife in the 2015 terrorist at cks. two days later, the cafes and bistros were full. >> i say, okay, i will open it again, no problem. >> a way of life, bistro owners say is worth saving. kelly cobiella, nbc ne, paris. >> when we come back, they've been making concert posters thesa way for almost a we saved hundreds on our car insurance when we switched to geico. this is how it made me feel. it was like that feeling when you're mowing the lawn
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they relieve pain and give her the comfort to move more so she can keep up with all of her best friends. dr. scholl's. born to move. finally tonight, we go to nashville, and get a sneak peak inside an iconic print shop. here's kevin tibbles. on>> for as long as honkey and country music has been around. folks have flocked to nashville. founded in 1879 these days it's now located in the country music hall of fame and
6:57 pm
museum. eand has promoted s of the greatest acts of our time. from elvis to johnny cash, hank williams and dolly barton. >> a poster won't make or bak you as a or entertainer, it will give you a loud kick through thedoor. >> advertising posters printed the same way for 140 years, by hand. utilizing the old fashioned letter press >> it's one at a time. >> just like this. >> meticulously carved wooden letters, some more than a century old. >> still used to spell out each word. after 30 years up to his elbows in it, jim is handing the ink pot auto celine ey. >> these are all working tools we have. >> it's living. >> exactly, it's living history. a time e was way before radio, tv or the internet, when whatch was the only a performer, black or white could individual
6:58 pm
>> how are you going to get these people out of the coal mines, out of the cotton field. >> antique, yes, but mfar f open sew heat. >> it's history, but not a museum print. >> a hatchrint is a feather in your cap. >> this is for friday's show. just ask the members of old crow medicine show. >> look at the company we're in>> for us to be in that company is really the stuff that dreams are made of. t >> i love wha we do, what we produce, the posters forces people to stop and look. >> our evervoing cultural history ri s, along these hallowed walls. >> that's nbc nightly news this saturday from houston where we will officially begin our week long journey across america on monday nightith compelling stories from here, and four other great cities along in the meantime, kate snow will be with you
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stock market . for all of us at nbc news. thank you for watching and good night. i'm jennifer wexton, and i approve this message. female announcer: seen barbara comstock's fake ad? male announcer: jennifer wexton baed a deal leading to massive tolls on 66. jennifer wexton fought the tolls on 66. and let's call this plan what it is, the way that it's been rolled out. it's highway robbery. th there's also here robbery. barbara comstock voted hiking premiums up to barbara trumps- barbara comstock voted everything that's wrong in washington.
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♪ time for the redskins can coaches show with jay gruden presented by koch industries. redskins at saints mon had a br. everybody healed up as much as possible. what kind of week did you have this week. >> a good week. got good work. in guys back from the injury tent. and they're ready t roll. >> look refreshed. did you get golf in or anything forrself on the bye week. >> not really. hung out here. took it easy. bye week came sosoon, i wasn't burnt out yet. i was excited to keepgo g. >> did there seem like a long brea


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