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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  October 9, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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a lookur at forecast. >> hey. it's a mild start out there on your tuesday. we're at 73 degrees right now. mainly cloudy skies. isolated fog out there. otherwise, we'll be around 70 degrees at 6:00 a.m. 8:00 a.m. temperatures in e low 70s. a major cool down in there st. it's not felt like autumn very much around here. the second week o tober. typically our high this time of the year is only 71 degrees. when we're already at 73 at 5:00 a.m. we're off to a warm start. feeling closer to 90 degrees this afternoon when you factor the humidity again. i'm going to have more on a
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major cool down coming up in about 15 minutes. right. thanks. taking a look right now 270 rt ound. this just cleared out of the way. you don't have to worry about that anymore. 270 southbound is looking quite good right now. innerloop and outer o loop the beltway no problems here. 66 inbound, 95 northbound i everythi nice and green. same thing for prince george's county. in of town, out of town, clear this morning. >> thank you itmelissa. now 5:01. a 14-year-old boy walking down the street last a night was shot several times is now fighting for his life. the shooting happened about block away from turner elementary school. aimee is live now with more on this investation. aimee. >> yeah. as you mentioned, that 14-year-old boy nowthe hospital fighting for his life. police say he was shot multiple times in the upper body last night. this happened on stanton road
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southeast just a block from turner elementary hool. police were there for hours collecting evidence and looking for shell casing. the teams were conscious and breathing when paramedics got to him. but his condition got worse overnight and head to have surgery. it's not clear if he was targeted or if this was a random shooter olence but the did manage to get away. d.c. police say it's been frustrating having to consciousconsciou consciously go from scene to scene. they are hoping someone will come forward with information about this case. aie cho, news 4. >> it's 5:02 right now and here we go again. another powerful hurricane is headg toward the u.s. and this time, florida appears to be in it's cross ichairs. hue michael is a category 1 storm right now. it is expected to get stronger though. the next 2 hours may give us a powerful a about how
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this storm could get. these are satellite images of the churn that's churni-- the hurricane that's churning in the water. along with the rain a lot of wind. the umbrellas offering little to n there.ct in florida, governor rick scott is warning everyone imichael's path, now is the time to get ready. >> hurricane michael isto forect e the most destructive storm to hit the florida panhandle in decades. this storm will be life threatening and extremely dangerous. we're expecting 48 inche of rain. >> vacationers in the panhandle have been told to pac up and go home. right now, first responders from maryland task force one are repairing to head south. >> they'll assist with swift water rescues. justin finch is live as the team prepares to leave.
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justin, good morning. g >> good morninnd just behind us here, the bags are packedpp beinged off. it's just about checkn time now for maryland task force one and to my right here, you can see those that will make their way down to assist with hurricane michael. you guys were here about a month ago getting ready for florence. and now michael. but this team sready. >> absolutely and the ability to go out and help another community ishat ourrimary goal is. we wered asked to h to the florida panhandle to be ready to assist, florida, alabama, georgia communities with any of the impacts, flooding, or rescues from hurricane michael. >> o thing we noticed this time is this is a smaller team going down to mic velsus florence. 16 to 20 people. >> 16 people that are all specifically trained and all
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alified in water rescue. so all 16 folks must be qualified in water rescue. >> and we should point out too that some members have just gotten back. these last about 10 to 14 days. >> traditional mission is 10 to 14 days. >> thank you so much. also two more teams from virginia will deploy as well today. again m thission at least about two weeks or so in time. we'll bring a much more this team prepares to make their way down south to help out with the hurric e michaelresponse. back into the studio. >> justin finch live for us in rockville. thank you. >> your time is 5:05.
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supreme court justice brett kavanaugh begins his first official day on the high court. in riz his remarks president tr ogized to him and his family for the suffering endured during the confirmation process. the predent also claimed falsely that kavanaugh was proven innocent. for his pt, kavanaugh was focused on his future on the court. >> the confirmation processs contentious and emotional. that process is over. my focus n is to be the best justice that i can be. i take this office with gratitude and no bitterness. every american can be assur that i will be an independent and impartial stice. >> all of the other 8 justices attended the ceremony. >> today advocates for lgbtq
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tudents plan to pack the stafford school board meeting. a transgender student was separated from other students during a drill at a county middle school last week. teachers didn't allow the ansgender student into either locker room and made her sit with a teacher in the gym. the quality staffer is demanding teachers have better guidance. a new study finds adolescents that identify as lgbtq are more likely to attempt suicide. they reviewed the records of more than 2 million young people and found gay teens had more than trie the risk of attempted suicide compared to their peers. transgender youth were more at risk followed by bisexual and gay teens.
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>> last night, they lifted candles in the air during a moment of silence. we're ng learn new details in the investigation. records show the driver and limo should have never been on the road. sc tt was driving group to a birthday party saturday say he p spedast and hit a parked caritnd an embankment. the limo itselfailed an inspection last mont a maryland couple narrowly avoided tragedy in their car sunday evening. they were dving on maryland 32 when the car just cutoff. check out this video here. the couple pulled over,th poppe hood and saw the engine on fire. atok at those flames. seconds and without warning the suv just burst into flames. the entire vehicle was engulfed that re. the bakers were shaken up but
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not injured. thyr daughter says t couldn't believe the news but she is grateful that they're still alive. you parents are everything to you. i couldn't believe they were telling me this story. that this evenappened to them. >> still no word on what caused that fire. ne of 12 santa fe is several models connected to reports of spontaneous engine fires. >> all right. the skins could not pull off a victory in new orleans. last night the team was pounded by the saints. 43-19. ouch. >> sherry reports on how the game went down and what ploers need to to focus before this sunday's match up.
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>> nothing came easy in the big easy as new orleans saints trounced the redskins 43-19. aor historic night saints quarterback drew brees. now the all time leading passer. s for ale smith, sacks, fumbles, even gave one away. this team's inconsistency frustrates the locker room. >> go in, win a game that everybody says wencave no c of winning and then the next game is kind of like we just wet the bed. >> nobody showed up. we have to get better. >> we didn't hit open receivers and it was just total teamnd debauchery a'm the one in charge of it and i take responsible for it. >> i don't think theyare about how we're feeling. >> that's another reason why the redskins have to have a short memory.
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they host the carolina panthers in just six days back at fedex field. >> the local mom with a positive solution. plus president trump suggested privatizing t post office. how workers responded to that sugg otion. >> outf jail and into the trash. cameras are rolling during a prison break you'll have to see to believe. how about our weath amelia? >> hot and humid today. feeling close to 90 degrees thin afn. we'll go from feeling close to 90 to temperatures in the 40s. 90 to temperatures in the 40s. i'll l you know w hewhen the nra tried to overtn maryland's assault-weapons ban, attorney general brian frosh led the fight to stop them, defending our gun safety laws to protect the people of marylan attorney general brian frosh.
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ceras caught two inmates escaping over the weekend after hiding in trash cans both men were jumping out of the trash can and taking off. three others were charged as accomplises to the jailbreak. each will share their perspective on gun control.
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>> postal workers around the country were fighting this plan. in april the president signed an executive order creating a task force to look at the business model. he believes it's failing and on the road to a taxpayer ilout. they say important federal jobs would disappear if this plan goes through. >> we don't need to be privatized. would ans retireees now lose money. >> the proposal is part of a bundle of ideas from the president aimed at improving government efficiency. >> president trumpessnding to singer taylor swift's endorsement of tennessee mocrats. on sunday swift took to instagram president trump voiced his ntdisappointn the
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singers decision. >>marshalackburn is doing a good job in tennessee. >> let's say a like taylor's music 25% less now. >> she is registered to vote in tennessee and this is the first time she discussedolitics publ publicly. the cple said i do on sunday in a private ceremony. her father walked her down the aisle and her grandfather was there for the bride's something borrowed, she wore a bracelet that her grandfather gave to his wife on their 70th wedding ar
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annive a nice way to keep her involved. a big moment for this family. >> hot, humid weather feeling luke summer today. >> absotely. feels closer to 90 degrees. ickly, we're seeing very low color back around i-81 but guys with the warm, hot temperatures we're also seeing a lot of leaves drop across the area before we're getting these beautiful fall cors. typically we see it late october and early november. it gets our fall colors back on ack. 71 degrees around 7:00 a.m. mild and cloudy at that point. mostly cloudy skies at noon. if you'reaving lunch outdoors it's going to be a hot one. defitely t-shi weather. 4:00 p.m. we'll hit our high around 84.
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isolated showers possible today but for most of us it's a completely dry day by 7:00 p.m.l more like summer with our temperature around 77. our average high 7 now degrees. tomorrow, wednesday, or i should say today wednesday we're in th 80s. friday and saturday we'll see our temperatures fall into the 60s. currently right now -- excuse me, i have been talking so much. we're at a category 1 hurricane, winds at 90 miles per hour and set to make landfall around the thenndle of florida and coaken significantly as it ntinuespo i unthe to sea. hurricane warningsecn e to just north of tampa. thankfully michael will have little impact for us here at
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home. 270 southbound but then it opens up and you're clear all the way o the beltway. northbound you're clear as well. near falls road out of the way. on branch avenue and pennsylvania aven indian head highway, erything is nice and open. >> melissa, thank you. 5:20 and still ahead, keeping up with product recalls. it could be a diffilt sk. meet the local mom that says she has found the solution. >> later today on ellen. >> goldie e-mails me and it says- it will be forever sered in my brain, it said please find the invite.
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and i wrote her back. >> i know. i know. how is she going to go on? jenna fisher stops by and you can see ellen right here at 3:00. 3:00.
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he turned around the naacp businessman. ben jealous. "marylander of the year" he's helped grow twenty companies and a thousand jobs. n's vision: medicare for all. a plan to lower prescription drug costs and fully fund our schools. the sun says jealous has "the stature and gravitas" to lead maryland.
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we can do much better on jobs, on but it means we've gotre. to believe in each other. ben jealous. governor.
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these day restaurants offer more gluten-free options than ever before. a new study finds many of those dishes aren't actually gluten-free. researchers tested more than 5,600 menu items from restaurantsross the country. theyrlound n one third of dishesse advertid as gluten-free contain gluten. pizza and pasta were the culprits. experts say the problem seems to be an issue of cross contamination. cooks are isolating gluten-free ite items. it's up to you to ask about the gluten safety practices.
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it's tough. you have to be morecareful. >> well, from products to food, there are a lot of recalls to keep trackf but how can you figureut which ones are relevant to you. >> susanan is working for you with more on a new app that could help keep you and yr family safe. >> well, the app is actuallyca ed whystle and it was developed by an arlington virginia mom with a decade of experience working on product safety issues. >> instead of getting alerts on recalls that have no significance to you at all or w your familstle allows you to customize the information. you can fill out the profile including your age, whether you have pets, allergies, if you're pregnant, you can also include your children's ages. it will then find relevantfe saty alerts and recalls based on your profile and alert you with a whistle. >> so sometimese get information about salmonella in
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our children's cereal and feel terrified but i want people to feel empowered. >> at the end of each alertnd recall you'll get concrete information about who to contact whether there's aefund and you'll have links to m e producinformation. >> so this is especially helpful for those of you with allergies or children withallergies. if there's a recall related to a product you'll get an alert about tt and we have a link to this whistle app for you right now on our nbc washingtoapp. all you have to do is search recall. back to you. >> coming up, it's a private paradise in the middl the po mac. a look at the island that could be all yours and the price you'll have to pay. >> plus a new smashing speakrt t might be too smart. a look at facebook's new product and why it's raising concerns about privacy. >> no major ithue w wise. lunch is hot and muggy for the
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lunch is hot and muggy for the kid does and after school very
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i'm jennifer wexton, and i approve this message. seen barbara comstock's fake ad? jennifer wexton backed a deale ing to massive tolls on 66. nonsense. jennifer wexton fought the tolls on 66.
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anatlet's call this plan it is, jenthe wayexton that it's been rolled out. it's highway robbery. there's also barbara comstock votedab to sotage the healthcare market, hiking premiums up to 64 barbara trumpstock -- g everything that's wron in washington.
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>> the second week of october, fall tempetures are on the way. that's what everybody keeps telling us. that's what amelia is saying. i trust her. >> amelia draper is in for chuck this morning with a look at our forecast. melissa, give us a wave. >> hi. >> she's going to fill us in this morning as well. let's start with amelia, though. >> it i mild out there right now. we're at 73 degrees and we're going to see our tdaperatures warming into the 80s once again. take a look, 7:00 a. temperatures around 70. 9:00 a.m. we're still in the l 70s and by 11:00 a.m. we'll have
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temperatures in the mid 70s. t's another muggy day out there. so it's going to feel a few degrees warmer when you factor in the humidity. here's four things you need to know before today. it's feeling s likemer out there again. tomorrow will be the last real day of the summer-likeeat and we can officially say that for the rest of the year. 70s.ratures in the maybe low 80s but i don't think we'll be talking about anymore mid 80s out we all want fall to finally move in and stick around. >> i think we're ready. with the pumpkins in the background it only makes sense. bethda a brand new crash. earlier roadwork all cleared out of the way. livingston road at south capitol
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street. 66 into town and out of town looking good. northbound here to woodbridge is a close spot because it's 5:30 in the morning. >> it's now 5:32. developing this morning, another tragic shooting in southeast d.c. leaves a young teen struggling to sy alive. >> amy is live with what lead up to the shooting. od morning. >> good morning, that boy hadbe at sports practice. he was just4 years old and shot just a block from turner liementary. say whoever shot that boy ran away and left him lying alone on the sidewalk. he's now fighting for his life in the hospital. police were at the scene for hours last nightle cing evidence and looking forhell chasin casing trying to figure out who would sho this -year-old
5:33 am
boy. they're also working to solve another number of shootings involving young people in the city. police say they just want the violence to end. >> very concerning. i mean, it's frustrating for us to be having to t go multiple teams like this. we're just hoping they come togeer and give us t information that we need in order to help bring some closure to the case. >> now it's n clear if this boy was targeted or if this was a random act of vience. >> thank you. >> we're tracking hurricane michael this morning. it's c aegory 1 and is on track to become a category 3 very soon. the storm has florida in it's cross hairs and officials say the storm could devastate the gulf coast. first responders fr maryland task force one are heading south this morning to offer help. >> today supreme court justice
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brett kavanaugh beg his first day on the job. while that ceremony was happening inside, protestors and kavanaugh supporters ralli outside. some woreca make ameri great again hats while others were holding signs reading no one is above law. >> i wanted to be here just to be out here to support kavanaugh. we're 100% for him. thank you, trump, thank you kavanaugh. >> ts is a blow i think and it's going to be felt for a long time because this is a lifetime appointment. >> more protests are expected out of the court today. a we are month away from election day now and the deadlines to register to vote are quickly approaching. monday ist the l day in virginia to update existing registration. tuesda is the deadline for registration in d.c., maryland and west virginia. if you're registering in person inda maryland thu november 1st is the last day to do that. >> it's now 4:34. here are the other top stories th morning. advocates for lgbtq students
5:35 am
plan t pack the stafford county school board meeting tonight. a more recent incident involving a transgender student at a county middle school last weng. dun emergency drill the student was separated from other students who were sheering inside the boys and girls locker rooms. teachers made the studentsit with a teacher in the gym during the drill. a statement from the school system declined to address a specific incident. tonight's meeting begins at ai30. >> new d about the limousine crash that killed 20 eople over the weekend in upstate new york. not e say the driver did have the proper license toop ate a limo. records also show that the limo itself failed inspection last month. the driver wasup taking the gro to a birthday party where he sped through a stop sign and crasc hed. >> a maryland couple is still trying to shake this image of their suv onfire. the vehicle apparently just cutoff. the couple pulled over and
5:36 am
popped the hood and saw the engine on fire. seconds later the suv burst into flames. the bakers were not hurt. still no word on what caused that fire. >> a the redskins lost to the new sleans saintast night 43-19. coming up at 6:00, what the redskins want to focus on before this sunday's game against the panthers. >> tonight is the drawing for the 6th largest jackpot i mega millions history. the jackpot is an estimated $470 million and has cash options. it's $265 million. what would you do wit all of that money. >> what couldn't i do? >> all theheeseburgers and chocolate chip cookies we could eat. >> before you get too excited though, the os of winning are one in more than 302 million but good luck. >> i'm going to buy a couple of tickets.
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36 ju 5:37 just about right now. a look at the potomac island that's up for sale. ♪ >>ni rec that song. a local singer showing o his stuff on the voice.
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♪ >> there it is. there it is. >> mike parker is moving ont to the nound of the voice. celebrations all around. >> i thought that was going to be a flip in there. >> judge jenfer hudson turned her chair in the blind audition at the last second. i mean, really. he hit a couple of the runs and
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then it was there. >> so mike parker, remember that name. he was a football star and he wasn't the only person from our area showing off talent on the voice this season. ♪ >> kelly, adam, and jennife all turned around for his blind audition. hesed the finesse bruno mars song. >> that's a hard song to sing. >> he nailed it though. >> they were dancing. that's a good sign. >> that was a preview. we know he makes it past thi round on the show. t we don't know what coach he chose. >> for today it's hot and humid out there. maybe an isolated shower but take a look, your rain weoutloo. have widespread rain in the
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forecast on thursday. maybe an early morning shower on friday. more on how this impacts our more on how this impacts our temperatures in thei'm tim kaine.ked to keep all virginians safe. i helped lead efforts to grow our navy to 35ships iand increased troop keep all virginians safe. but corey stewart his about that budget bill... stewart: it's just an absolute nightmare and a disaster. i wish the president had vetoed it. that would hurt virginia and threaten our security. i approve this message because keeping america safe has to be a top priority.
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he turned around the naacp. businessman. ben jealous. "marylander of the year". t he's helped grnty companies and a thousand jobs. ben's vision: medicare for all. a plan to lower prescription drug costs and fully fund our schools. the sun says jealous has "the stature and gravitas" to lead maryland. we can do much better on jobs, on education, on healthcare. but iben jealous.e got to believe in each oth. governor. i'm jennifer wexton, and i approve this message. seen barbara comstock's fake ad? to
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heads up. if you're up early ang loo for a run around the national mall, it may be darker than you're usedto. the national mall is still in the dark. b oageffecting 7 customers. today justicett kavanaugh begins his first initial day on the high court in the land after a contentiousrm conion
5:46 am
process. >> president trump is using thap battle to k republicans pumped up and focused on the election. tonight he will be in iowa. more on how the president is looking to gain momentum from the supreme court victory. >> iowa jus the beginning for the president tonight. four states five days hitting some areas where republican races are key. yes, bothides are saying that is nomination energized their voters. republicans were already on a bit of an upswing with the afteriasm factor and now nav gau they are saying they should be able to harness that all the way into the november midterms but democrats think the same thing is going to happen to them. experts say it may not be about either party but about female voters. how many women turn out. >> a tracy what about the cases that justice kavanaugh is expected to hea as he takes the bench. >> a couple of cases today about violent crimes and how you
5:47 am
define,ow you categorize those urimes and burglaries and what constitutes aary if it's not a permanent resident or permanent home. so notome of the bigger hot button cases we exapproximate ekt to come up wi-- we expect t later. >> prosecutors are expectedwro up their case the defense is set to begin it'sase tomorrow. >> the search is on for the driver of a redho sedan hit and killed a man on the inner loop of the belt way in fairfax county. he was engaged to be married. his fiancee worried when he didn't hurcane home early saturday morning from the mgm casino. the car hit the barrier and thew
5:48 am
collidh an rv. when he left his car. another vehicle hit and killed him. that car's driver sped off. >> who would just hit someone and leave them like that. you took away my future. you look away my love. myest friend. >> weno don't kw much about the other car other than it's red. they're hoping someone comes forward with more information. >> outraged parents are expected to pack the loudoun county school board. they're expect about how a threat was handled. they tell news 4 the were kept in the dark about why a sheriff's deputy was posted at their children's school. the news 4 investigation learned that a threat was made against the employee back in august but the parents we not notified until about a month later. the school superintendent sent a letter to parents promising a full review writing i apologize
5:49 am
forhe missteps made during the handling of this matter over the last two months. we let you down. i am sorr >> evacuations are underway ahead of hurricane michael. officials say thattorm has the otential to be the most va decades. >> that's why maryland's task force one has been activate news 4's justin finch is live with the team this morning as they prepare to travel to florida. justin, good morning. >> i cant' tell you i closer to go time for maryland's task force one. they're in a briefing getting theis ord before they head out to the southeas they're assisting fema with their response. they are set to leave as soon as
5:50 am
7:00 a.m. that briefing happening right now. i have my eye on the chiefng that's go join us to talk more about their mission here. chief, there you are, sir. i want to ask you as you make your way over here. i imagine in a few moments you'll be departing. >> planning to depart. iout a 15 hour drive to the air force base whi their anticipated point of assembly and that is their goal to get if placee the landfall. >> although the plan is to go to the cpanhandle, thatld shift as needs are required. >> could b to the west into alabama or even further westal g the gulf coast. it could be relocated within the georgia area because the
5:51 am
panhandle washe pretty thin and the impact moves into georgia very rapidly. >> task force one is now set tos leave in j a matter of moments. 6:00 a.m. is theirarget departure time. they want to be there before this storm makes landfall. >> justin, thank you. we're going to see some of what's left impact us on thursday. it's a category 1 hurricane expected to makeanall in the panhandle of west virginia sometime around midday. afternoon hos. potentially as the major three category hurricane. it thens weakens it moves into
5:52 am
the carolinas and moves out to seeomewhere around the border. so we'll continue to keep a close eye on ts track a as it shifts adjust the forecast here but aside from that, it's hond it's humid not only today but tomorrow as well. so it's feeling likeme s out there through your wednesday. thursday is our transition day with rain in the forecast and there's the chance of rain from start to finish out there on thursday. we're going to pick up around an inch so flooding shouldn't be an issue thankfully. we still need to dry out. we doot need any rain in our area. that rain mainly with a cold front and that brings aramatic mperature change into our area friday on into the weekend. if you have been wishing for fall, it's moving in on friday. already 74 degrees in washington. mperatures around 70 and a high of 84. cloudy skies right now but some peaks of sunshine out there today especially during the afternoon hours.
5:53 am
84 tomorrow with a mix of clouds and sun and maybe an shower but a 100% chance for rain on thursday and then look at the cl down friday, saturday, and sunday. high temperatures in the 60s. sunday morning we start off in the0s. how are the roads? >> brand new problem eastbound 66 we have two lanes blocked. no doubt thes back are going to build. bethesda, have a crash reported there and the beltway overall looks okay. inbound 295 is little bit slow. they deal with infants and children i foster care as well. the $200,000 they raised goes to help care for them. i spoke about our ys an hahn nor to do that
5:54 am
and in the middle is the ec executive dr of adoptions together. she started that group at her kitchen table 30 years ago and they find perm nananent loving s for domestic infants and children in foster care. >> thank you. 5:44 right now and actor anthony anderson is conquering hollywood with the hit show blackish and emmy b nominatio now he wants to push for a college degree. t> so the star was on the tonight show l night and talked about dropping his son off at his alma mate howar university. he says he has a plan in place to complete his own degree. >> speaking with the university and the president of the univerty about creating a curriculum that i can take somee and at home and do practical classes on campus so i can walk with my son in 2022.
5:55 am
>> that would be so amazing. the actor said he dropped out school his junior year because he ran out of money. best of luck. >> good morning. i'm jackie deangelis at cnbc headquaters. the number of americans taking out personal loa this year has surged. there were more than 19 million outsnding loans in th first three months of this year versus about 17 million last year.en mials now make up a larger portion of that pool at about 24% after 12% in 2015. lending point says younger people don't use credit cards as much as older generatns so they have to rely on other forms of credit. you can also securso a pl loan online and with your mobc ing business report i'm jackie deangelis.
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>> it's facebook versus amazon and google and the company is launching it's own smart speaker similar to amazon echo and there is a big difference facebook portal has a camera that will follow you framing you perfectly panning and zooming as you walk around the room talking to family and friends with recent questionsbout security and privacy some facebook having a microphone and camera inside their homes. facebook says it comes with a camera cover so when you're not using it and you can disable the microphone using a single touch. it's available for preorder for $350. >> a local mom may have found e solution forth at giant, we know that quick meals are a part of life. so our grab and go salads, sandwiches, and snacks are completely new. we're using better ingredients to bring you quick meals to match your busy schedule.
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you can score $50,000.
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coming up on 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday, goomorning, everybody. >> we're kicking things off this morning with a check on your commute a your forecast. >> melissa is standing by with details on what to expect on the
6:00 am
roads and the rails this morning. let's start with amelia draper, though, in for chuck with a look at theca fo. >> it's another mild start out there. 73 degrees right now 7:00er.m. teures still around 70. plenty of clouds sticking around not just for the next hour but throughout the mid morning hours. by 9:00 a.m., temperatures not going to warm all of that much by 11:00 a.m. we'll have temperatures in the mid 7s. not only is it warm today but it's muggy out there as well. so temperatures today in the low to mid 80s are going toeel hotter this afternoon. so definitely t-shirt weather out there once again. our average high 71 degrees. we continue to run above normal tomorrow and thursday and then a major cool down iasthe for friday and saturday. i'll have more on that plus wait until you see how warmt


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