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tv   Today  NBC  October 12, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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attorney general brian frosh. good morning.ea brking overnig breaking overnight, race against time. crews in floridauggling to reach hurricane michael survivors. the death toll from that monster storm rising. destruction everywhere you look. more than one million people now without power. >> if i knew it would be a cat 4 with a direct hit. >> never would have stayed. >> we arlive in one of the hardest hit neighborhoods. wild west. >> >> i love this guy right here. >> reaction pouring into thi surreal scene inside the oval office, president trumposting kanye west, who had a lot to talk about. >> if he don't look good, we don't look good. i put this hat on and it made me feel like superman. >> the president speechless.
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>> i tell you what, that was pretty impressive. >> caught on camera. jr a michigan man showi a man opening fire on a lost teen. why the shooter says t video doesn't tell the whole story. those storieslu ps breaking overnight, pope franci accepts the resignation of a high-ranking u.s. cardinalic imated in the church's latest sex abuse scandal. > selena's struggle. selena gomez entats a trement facility after suffering a panic attack. the latest on how she is doin and i do take two. thng m windsor castle hosting its second royal wedding of theear. princess prince princess eugenie tying the knot. we are theive with the excitement this friday, october 12, 2018.nn
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>> ancer: this is "today" with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in ockefeller plaz >> welcome thank you for joining us on this friday morning. savannah has the day off. ppy iday, mr. melvin. >> happy friday. good to see r youovered from yesterday. what a special morning it was. >> we will talk about that later. we are starting with hurricane michael's path of destruction across the south. it is going to take the region years to rebuild from one of the most powerful storms to ever hit the united es. >> and new images out of florida are revealing more of the damage. this is tyndallse air force ba which, as you can see, has sustained catastrophic damage. nbc's gabe gutierrez is in mexico beach, florida. >> reporter: this is what the eye of a category 4 hurricane looks like. the winds were so incredibly porful, but it was a storm
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surge that picked up this home and tossed it across the street. search and rescue are out this morning looking for survivors. the debris field goes on and on and on. this morning a str och the florida panhandle is gone. mexico beach, a popular tourist ination, is in ruins. block after block destroyed after a direct hit from hurricane michael. >> we had a lot of people lose ththeir homes. r homes are washed out. i mean, this is devastating. >> this is my bedroom. >> reporter: kelly jenkins regrets riding out b the storm himself. his wife is in georgia. he told us he had notbl been to reach her. >> the is no communication. i had no idea about the outside world and nobody knows about me. >> reporter: we spoke with his wife briefly by satellite phone. jenkins and others who did not evacuate a without power water, and phone lines after the category 4 hurricane packing 155-mile-per-hour winds tore through the region.
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the storm surge cam crashing through washing out a part of this road and slammingnt buildings leaving behind total devastation. search and rescue teamsgo now g house to house looking for survivors. >> it's pretty bad. structures completely demolished. thank god most of the people evacuated. ey >> reporter: farther down the coast on st. george island, a narrow strip of land near apalachicola, a security camera captured the storm surge. by t time the water receded, the damage was done. in panama city, michael sliced through a boa diploma owned by candace hart and her husband. candac says she is not going anywhere. e we will rebuild ande going to move forward. >> reporter: the storm crumpled marina. >> if i knew it was going to be a cat 4 with a direct hit, never would have stayed. >> reporter:er aweeping through georgia and the carolinas the remnants of michael are causing flooding in virginia. the fast moving system leaving a trail of destruction. today the cleanuphe in t florida
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panhandle is just beginning. how long do you think o will takelean all this up? >> longer than a day. i don't have any idea. >> tho images are devastating. you wonder how tough it is for first responderso get in there and help out. >> reporter: yeah. hoda, it was incredibly diffult to get in here for first responders. this area was completely cut off. they had to carve a path into region. but now the biggest challenges includes communication. ere is no phone lines here. the only way to reach any outside area i by satellite phone. because of that, the fulls extt of tmage is not yet known. the death toll across several states is up to authorities say that number is very likely to rise. back to you. rebuilding isoing to take a long time. gabe, thank you so much. news just break ing this morning. pope francis has accepted the resident anything nation ofld dowuerl. all off this comes after wuerl
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was implicated in two major sex abuse scandals. nbc's ann thompson has that story. good morning. reporter: good morning, craig. in accepting cardinal wuerl's op resignation,francis wrote a most unusual letter. in that letter, the pope praises cardinal wuerl and seems to buy' wu long-held defense that as bishop of pittsburgh he made mistakes in dealing with predatory priests as opposed to coring up their actions. this morning cardinal wuerl expressed his gratitude to pope francis and begged forgiveness once again for any past errors in jupt, ipologize and ask for pardon. my resignation is one way to at express my gnd abiding love for you, the people of the church of washington. a confidante and ally ofueope francirl could not survive the two scandals that have shaken the catholic church. a protester last month interrupting the cardinal's talk
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about the sex abuse crisis detailed in the pennsylvania grand jury report. the grand jury concluded wuerl mishandled cases of abusive priests as bishop of pittsburgh. accusations wuerl vehemently denies. denials disputed by the pennsylvania att ney genera >> the public comments he has made directly contradict the church's own documents that we found in this secret archives. that's spelled out in the grand jury report. >> holy gospel. >> reporter: and then there were claims of sexual misconduct by former cardinal theodore mccarrick. the formbr vaticansador to the u.s claimed t pope and wuerl knew mccarrick allegedly preyed on seminians for sex. wuerl said he knew nothing of his behavior. the pope refuses to respond directly and the vatican is promising a thorough vestigation, but for some of e faithful it's just too much.
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in the pittsburgh area, vandals defaced the sign at the high school named for cardinal wuerl while in washington dozens of teachers refuse to attend wuerl's opening mass for the school year. >> pray for the guidance of the holy spirit. >> reporter: the deacon who assisted wuerl andoned him. >> our first priority must be the victims, in particular fostering ae sense of healing fr the victims. >> now that wuerl is out, what happens now? actually, the cardinal, while he is no longer the head of thef archdiocese washington, will remain as the administrator overseeing the day-to-day operations, craig. but cardinal wuerl is expected to retire in washington and he is also expected to continue his work in rome. he belongso three important vatican departments, if you will, including the very powerful congregation for bishops. that's the group that chooses the next generation of bishops.
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thompson, thank you. now to the white house meeting that has everybody tatring. presidenp sitting down in the oval office with kanye west, who launched into a lengthy and bizarre speech. nbc white house correspondent kristen welker has more on at. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to e you. kast came to the white house to discuss prison reform and ways to combat violent crime, but things quickly went off script and what happened hext inval office has everyone talking. overnight rap star kanye west extending his d.c. tour, taking his show on the road to a local apple store. >> he is open to adjusting. >> reporter: hours earlier a stunning scene in the oval office capped by that remarkable embrace with the commander in chief. >> i love this guy right here. >> reporter: but it's west' ten-minute profanity-laced monologue making waves while sitting next to football hall of
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famer jim brown, west praised president trump. >> trump is on his hero's journey right now. he might have expect today have a crazy [ bleep ] like kanye west. >> reporter:nd that red make america great again hat. >> it makes me feel like superman. >> reporter: at tim pounding the resolute des to make his point. >> manufacturing. >> reporter: free styling on more than 4s topics. >> i hydrogen powered airplane. if he don't look good, we don't look good. when i said i like trump to like someone that'sliberal, they say, oh, he is racist. you think racism can control me? >> reporter: the entire spectacle seeming to leave the president speechless. >> that was quite something. west revealed he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder but said he got a se hnd opinion. said he actually wasn't b bipolar. i had sleep deprivation.
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>> reporter: west raising eyebrows for some of his comments about race. h people would expect if you are black youe to be democrat. i have a -- i have had conversations that basically said that welfare is the reason why a lot of black people end up being crats. >> reporter: overnight reaction pouring in. >> this is white supremacy by ventriloquism. a black mouth m ising but white racist ideals are flowing from kanye west's mouth. >> reporter: still for president trump, who has his eye on the midterms and who struggled to win over african-american supporters, the visit by such a high-profile person of color could prove to beowerful optics. in these photos obtained by tmz, west convincing the president ivanka trump and jared kushner to wear make america great hats saying the word is offense to some blacks. a surreal scene and an oval office first. >> he is a smart cookie. l> reporter: and for his part,
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president trump w put his focus back on the midterms today. he heads to th major battleground state of ohio, one of four campaign trips this week alone. hoda and craig. >> kristin l a to digest there. thank you. also this morning, there are new twists in the mysterious case of a saudi journalist who vanished without a trace in turkey. th united states now working with both countries to find out what happened. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richardle e is in istanbul with the latest. hod morning. >> reporter: turke issued an ultimatum, that unless saudi arabia cooperates by this weekend with an investigation into the disappearance of the saudi journalist jamho khi, local diplomats, saudi diplomats here in thi country will face questions from turkish prosecutors. outrage growing as details emerge about what may have happened to khashoggi inside that consulate. an explosive report from "the
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washington post" that turkish officials have audio and video recordings of the murder of jamal khashoggi inside the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul. the paper citing turkish and u.s. officials says the recordings offer proof khashog was interrogated, tortured, and murdered. nbc news, which has not heard or seen the recordings, has previously learned the turks bugged the consulate. now the u.s. is stepping up the pressureuto find what happened to khashoggi. last seen entering the consulate a week ago. president trump expressing little confidence the reportell is s alive. >> maybe we will be pleasantly surprised, but somehow i tend to doubt it. w reporter: turkish officials say khashoggi culled by saudi at w sau saudi agents and left in a black van that made have carried khashoggi's body cut into pieces. saudis have denied any knowledge
7:14 am
of. a key question is whether it was an attempt to grab him gone wrong or a hit ordered by the saudi royally fa u.s. senators on both sides of the aisle say saudi arabia needs rovide answers. >> my instinct say that there is no question that the government did this,y and instinct say that they murdered r:m. >> reporaudi arabia insists khashoggi left the consulat offered no proof and they say that security cameras were not recording at the time. richard engle, nbc news, istanbul. >> richard, thank you. also this morning, we are learning more about v thaty close call for american and russian astronauts when thein rocket car them to the international space station malfunctioned. the paris climate accord chuting to safety, to the ground while the mission controls in moscow held theirm breath. costello covers nasa for us.
7:15 am
>> reporter: very scary. they are on t ground now, but the automatic abort program jettisoned the soyuz spaceps e with the astronauts inside. they fell back to wort in what is called a ballistic descent. they had nodea where they auld land. back on solid grou hugging their wives, the astronauts who suived a harrowing plunge with the o edgef space, veteran russian cosmo not alexey ovchinin and american nick hague with his wife katie relieved he survived his first launch. >> there is lift-off of the soyuz ms-10 to the international space stationarrying nick gue and alexey ovchinin. >> reporter: for the first two minutes the rusan rocket ride looked normal. then suddenly trouble. >> we can confirm thathe crew has started to go into the ballistic descent mood.
7:16 am
>> reporter: a critical rocket boosterad failed. hague and oalexey ovchinin plunging back t work, 6 to 7 gs pulling their bodies. controllers watchednd waited. would the parachutes work? would they survive? >> i hope they get down safe. >> reporter: nally, word that rescue teams had found the capsule in te rem countryside. both men had survived, rushed for medical evaluations, and then to their families. >> the crew's efforts were heroic. ey both came home safely. for that we're extremely grateful. >> reporter: america astronaut scott kelley spent a year in space. thursday's sudden abort, he says, was high stakes. >> yeah, it's a bigy deal. any u strap yourself to a rocket, you are planning on going to space, you launch, and you don't make it, it's a big deal. >> reporter: nasa has relied on russia to carry americans to
7:17 am
space since retiring the space shuttle fleet in 2011. now russia has spended all manned launches pending an investigation, which means the three astronauts orbiting on the space station could behahere longer they had anticipated. nasa is looking at how it would run theti space s without humans should the astronauts up there right now be forced into the soyuz capsule that's docked as an emergency escape pod. that decision is likely months away. spacex and boeing are developing rockets to fly to the station with humans. that's expected it happen sometimes next year. ba to you. >> thank you. let's get a first check of the weather. ms. drier is here for al. >> we did still have some hea rain through new york city hanks to post-tropical storm michae it is racing to the east at 29 miles per hour. so eastern long island seeing the heavier rain and southern new england we have our heaviest rain at this time.
7:18 am
we have very strong winds in new york city. and d well. so that could create some flight delays this morning. in the southwest a tropical storm that is going to continue to pump in moisture to the gh southwest thr arizona, through new mexico. we could end up with several inches ofain andhat could lead to a flood risk. we will get to your local forecast in the next 30 secos. good morning. many ofr us unwind advise until noon today for gusts as high as 50 miles an hour.
7:19 am
heads up for some debris potentially in the roads today. we could see some more downed trees and powerau outages b of the winds. also flood warnings forarts of southern maryland and southern prince george's county. these are going to go through the mid-morng hours until about 10:00 a.m. and it's a chilly start. grab theacket. degrees right now. 64 for a high. that's your lest forecast. coming up, newly released video showing the shocking moment a michigan man opened firen a black teen who asked him forns direct we will hear from both sidesf this controversial case. also, the new mental health battle facing selena gomez has landed her in treatment. how she is doing. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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sweet cinnamon sugar on the outside, crazy on the inside. crave those crazy squares. this is a breaking news4 today news break. >> 7:26 is your time on this friday, october 12, 2018, good morning to you. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. that breaking news out of the vatican this morning, pope francis has accepted the resignation of cardinal donald wuerl as archbishop of washington. that decision comes after wuerl was accused of covering up sex o abuse priests while bishop in pittsburgh. wuerl denied the allegations but says theesignation permits the local church to move forward. a storm team4 weather alert day. take a look. two hour school delays for's st ma and charles counties schools in maryland. in virginia, spotsylvania, king
7:27 am
george and stafford county two hours late. let's check your forecast. how is it looking? the winds gusting from 20 to 35 mnoes per hour right that means most of us are under a wind advise to noon. not only that, but am tracking a major temperature drop. we are about 20egrees cooler right now than this time yesterday. we will be breezy and cool througut the day butlenty of sunshine. we will hit a high temperature today of 64. >> all right. we will take and break a check your traffic when we come back. stay with us. sinessman. ben jealous. "marylander of the year". he's helped grow twenty companies and a thousand jobs. ben's vision: medicare for all. a plan to lower prescription drug costs and fully fund our schools. the sun says jealous has "the stature and gravitas" to lead maryland. we can do much better on jobs, on education, on healthcare. but it means we've got to believe in each other. ben jealous. governor.
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happy friday. a look at your first4 traffic. overall the big picture is actuly pretty good. pretty light volume in general on this friday morning. so that's a nice littl gift for us. a couple of issues in specific spots. northwest inbound canal road near arizona avenue, downed pole in the leftngane cau delays there. outbound you're okay now. you weren't before. burke, old king mill road all lanes blocked trees, wires, all kinds of
7:29 am
things down becausewi of th. >> melissa, thank you very much. another local news update in 25 minutes. >> back to the "today" show after this short break. ve a great day.
7:30 am
back now, 7:30. what a day wedding. princess eugenie along with her now husband jack brooksbank, they were married that morning at st. george's chapel. that's the same place where prince harry and meghan markle tied the knot in may. we will have mor on this beautiful wedding just ahead. a spoiler alert. the royalhildren are absolutely adorable. >> yes. >> we will take you there in a moment. we start this half hour with a check o today headlines. rescue crews are combing through the destruction left behind by hurricane they are searcor survivors who may be trapped in their homes thing mor so far seven people are dead following the most powerful storm to hit the continental
7:31 am
u.s. in decades. the florida panhandle was ground zero. the damage was wespread. high winds, downed trees, heavy flooding, devasted areas in alabama, georgia, and the carolinas. more than a million residences and businesses are without power right now. to washington, president trump's lawyers are preparing answers to written questions submitted by special counsel robert mueller. the questions are focused on ether the trump campaign colluded with russia during the 2016 presidential race. the development could signal the investigation is entering a final phase. the president has repeatedly denied the collusion. first lady melania trump is speaking out about her husband's alleged extramarital affrs. in an interview with abc news the first lady called the allegations speculation and gossip. >> it is not concern and focus ofi' mine. a mother and a first lady, important much more things to think about and to do. >> mrs. trump admitted the
7:32 am
speculation is not always ea sant, but says she knows what is true and not >true. now to a high-profile trial in suburban detroit of a manho opened fire on a teenager who knocked on his door lookingor directions. newly released video shows the moment this whole thing happened. has more gosk >> the video is chilling. it's key evidence behind criminal charges against a retired firefighter after he fired his shotgun at a 14-year-ol overnight we spoke with the teenager and his mother. >> reporter: thehocking moments caught on home securit camera shown to a michigan jury4 ear-old brennan walker knocking on jeffrey ziegler's front door tosk for directions. while walkinglos to school after he missed the bu >> he looked angry and looked like he was going to kill me. >> reporter: instead of directions he says he got the scare of his life. ziegler, a 52-year-old retired
7:33 am
firefighter, greeted walker with a shotgun, firing once as the teen ran away. >> i thought i might have gotten shot. i thought maybe i didn't feel it, because there was a lot of adrenaline pumping through me. >> reporter: walker's mother only watched the surveillance erdeo once, right a the incident took place last april. theydon't watch it when view it in court. i look at the bomb or look -- the wall or look away. i can only wat my son almost be murdered once. >> there is more to the story than what's being told. >> reporter: ziegler told h investigator thought he was being robbed saying he tripped, which caused his shotgun to authorities say the video proves he clearly aimed the weapon. that's just completely unacceptable on every level. so i don't know how you would justify it, but it certainly doesn't pass the muster. >> reporter: with ziegler's rial expected to wrap today, walker's mother hopes justice
7:34 am
prevails. ee on the outside we might like we are okay and we try to be, you know, as normal as possible, but on the inside everything is changed. >> i just hope something happens to where i'm safe in the neighborhoodhat i live in. >> ziegler's attorney claimed race was not a factorn the shooting saying his client and his wife were on high alert after five previous break-ins in at their homes. >> it's 45rd hard to argue with video. didn't see a trip. >> how about that d 14-year- saying i just want to be safe? >> yeah. thank you. let's head over to dylanth dreyer for a check of the forecast. >> hey, dries. after what's been humid across the northeast the last few days we are going to see a cooldown. it starts through the midwest and back through the plains where freeze and frost advisories areposted. kansas city 46 degrees today. that's 22 a degrees belowrage.
7:35 am
arkansas 62 for a high. pittwaurgh only 50. h what happens saturday. cooler air moves into detroit, for a high, louisville 55, new york city 60. denver on sunday high temperature of 26 degrees. and tban it get in the upper 50s by the middle of the week. it stays cool, very fall-like through minneapolis/st. paul. monday oy at 66. back down into the 50s. it is that time of year temperatures start toit drop. windy up and down the east coast as the remnants of michael continue to make theiray rough southern new england. we also have spotty showers and strong storms down through texas. that's a look at the weather across the country. re is a peek out your window. a cool and windy start on your friday rning. the areas heren brown are under a wind advisory. gu0 s potentially as high as miles an hour. a heads up for downed trees inroads this morning. flooding issues in southern maryland and southern crince georgenty. those flood warnings are in effect to about 10:00, 11:00
7:36 am
a.m. it's 58 degrees right now. by 1:00 p.m. we are around 62 h with a hmperature today of 64 but plenty of sun.t' >> and t your latest forecast. >> thank you. coming up, the royal family out in force this morning for princess eugenie's royal wedding. we are live in windsor. we will have allhe excitement. plus, jenna takes us to o one and introduces us of the remarkable women teaming up with michelle obama's new alliance to empower young girls. and i then what "dateline's" keith morrison doing investigating ellen? we will explain. this is a good one. first, what we are learning about selena gomez's new battle with mental health as the popst enters a treatment facility. that's right after these messages. peninsula trail? you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there. take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales.
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♪ [ beep ] fiyour dad's gonnabest land on the moon. mr." [ dramaticic playing ] we need to fail down here so we don't fail up there. we got a bad fire. they're gone, are the chances this is the lnnt time the boys are see you? do you think you're coming back? we have serious problems. [ dramatic music continues ] first man. rated pg-13. le for pop star selena gomez. >> she is seeking mental health treatment. nbc's joe fryer joins us with more.
7:41 am
what can you tell us? >> good mornirc. a s confirms to nbc news that selena gome entered a treatment facility to address issues with anxiety and isdepression. s not the first time she has sought treatment and it comes just over a year after gomez had a kidney transplant because of her battle with lupus. ♪ >> reporter: singing superstar selena gomez sought mentath he treatment after having a "e! attack a source tells news." that followed two recent hospital visits for problems related to her lupus and kidney transpla. gomez opened up about her anxiety and depression last month on ins>>gram live. anxiety is a difficult thing. what helps me throughverything is my faith. >> reporter: soon after the 26-year-old anunced she was king a break from social media writing she wanted to step back and live my life present. a source tells nbc news gomez removed herself from social mea whenever her depression gets bad.
7:42 am
in recent years the pop idol has been candid about her struggles li in 2016 when she won a american music award. >> i had everythingnd ias absolutely broken inside. and i kept it all together enough to where i would nev let you down, but i kept it too much together to where i left myself down. >> reporter: last year the star revealed she received a kidney from her long time friend. she said the health scare tested her body and mind. >> the anxiety and panic and some of those parts of it, that's part of lupus, isn't it? it is, because everything affectyour be, to -- your body, too. if you are not taking care of everything in here. >> reporter: depression she said will be a lifelong struggle. she believes thera gets her mind in the right place. >> i would rather have the
7:43 am
struggles that i have any day than be naive and feel like my life was perfect all the time. i don't think it's a sad thing. i think it's a banutiful thing i have to remind myself of that. >> jo after treatment do we know this morning how she is doing? >>ter: a source tells us gomez is getting the help she needs and is already feeling better than she did las week. her particular therapy focuses in part on changing negative thinking patterns and behaviors. has been a strong vocal advocate for this approach. guys. >> all right. joe fryer in l.a. >> thank you. >> she has a lot of people rooting for her. coming up, morning we will never forget.e we will tak you behind the enes of our remarkable international day of the girl celebration coming up right after. this y history. went to ancestry, i put in the names of my grandparents first. . a leaf is a hint that is connected to each person . this . . .
7:44 am
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jenna, and yesterday will down as one of the most memorable mornings in the history of "today." >> yeah,eay 1,000 girls descended on our plaza in celebration of international day of the girl with former first lady michelle obama leading the charge, and wha a day it was. i >> this what girl power is all about! look at all the energy! >> the future! >> international day of the girl! woo! >> our plaza alive and ringihe with t force of hundreds of the women from around globe all anxious to hear from their inspistions. help welcome former first lady michelle s.ama. obama, good morning! >> in her exclusive first interview two years after ayaving the white house. >> what would you now about your motto? do you think it stands? >> absolutely. fear is not a proper motivator. hope wins out. if you think abo how you want your kids to be raised, how you
7:49 am
want them tonk t about life and their opportunities, do you want them afraid of their neighbors? do you want ouem angry? do want them vengeful? you have to think about what are the things you are telling your girls. which motto do you want them to live by? >> in that vain she spoke about formendship with president george w. bush. >> we are forever seat mates because of protocol. that's how we sit at the official functions. i love him to death. and aisle add that ty were old cough drops. >> people felt like there is a little bipartisan moment. simple as a cough drop. >> you know, party doesn't separate color, gender, those kinds of things don't sarate us, you know. it's the messages that we send. >> and her message for girlsre everyw >> young women are tired of it. ey are tired of being undervued, disregarded. they are tired of their voices not being invested in and heard.
7:50 am
weave to give them the tools and skills through education to be able to lift those voices up. >> reporter: 98 million adolescent girls have nos acces to schooling. to battle that statistic, she baannounced a glogirls alliance to empower women through>> education. know i have a purpose. i know what i need to do. >> it shows me that i'm not alone. we are all here to make a change. >> who is ready to get it started? mrs. obama is! >> reporter: lifting their voices our favorite ladies, meghan trainor, jennifer hudson, an kelly clarkson symbols of empowerment in their own right. >> i want to thank these women on stage because this is the way we want people to step up and help. i'mful to all three of you for beingmang role models for my girls. >> reporter: and a few famous celebs joined thech orus.
7:51 am
>> shout out to that's what we are here for, right? >> rr: if the girls in the audience are any indication. >> a civil rights attorney. >> i wanto be a compute erskine tis. >> reporter: the future looks bright. >> girls are the future. >> that may be one of my favorite moments. it was a great day. we had tgh get into c drop gate, okay? what was the -- >>hat were they saying. >> well they were old. they had the white house, the presidential seal. i think when he lef he took a bunch of those because they are collectors items. >> sure. >> but, you know, this is funny. i was like, dad, are you going to say something on twitter? he is like, i am notn twitter. i am like, you are old. he wrote her a separate >> by the way, there is a tone of that bipartisan cough drop. it's fun. but w seem so divided and there was something magnificent about the first lady talng about the relationship with your dad. it felt so good. >> yeah. also, how many of you havbeen
7:52 am
sitting in church and need a cough drop? >> right. by the way, a special thanks to our the scenes crew, our producers. what they pulled off yesterday, pretty impressive. >> epic. oming up, the eyes of the world on windsor castle once again for princess eugenie's royal wedding. we will take you tods w. all of this after your local news. wedding. ♪ take us downtown, waze. waze integration- seamlessly connecting the world inside with the world outside. making life a little easier. ♪ the new well-connected 2019 lincoln mkc. get your family active with 25% off adidas and get kohl's cash r you!
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7:56 am
regardless, breezy to windy conditions not b just now throughout the day. a big temperature drop. we are about 20 degrees right now versus this time yesterday. we only warm into thesow-to-mid for highs today. so feeling very much like autumn. >> thank you. we' going to take a quick break now and we will check your traffic when we come back. stay with us.
7:57 am
7:58 am
a look at your first4 traffic. oxon hill, inner loop, local lanes before 210 blocked by police activity. 270 slow southbound. orthbound we also have a slowdown as you are approaching
7:59 am
frederick this morning. northbound near gaithersburg aw slow near 28. >> thank you. another local news update for you in minutes. for now back to "the today show" after this short break. and i ap. seen barbara comstock's fake ad? jennifer wexton backed a deal leading to massive tolls on 66. nonsense. jennifer wexton fought the tolls on 66. and let's call this plan what it is, the way that it's been rolled out. it's highway robbery.e' thalso healthcare robbery. barbara comstock voted to sabotage the healthcare marke hiking premiums up to 64%. barbara trumpstock -- everything that's wrong in washington.
8:00 am
it is 8:00 on "today." coming up, search and rescue first responders working around the clock looki for survivors after hurricane michael slammed into t florida panhandle. >> we had a lot of people lose their homes, like all their homes are washed out i thiss devastating. >> residents this morning forced to pick up the pieces. t >> we are goio rebuild and be fine. we will move forward. >> we are there plus, fighting for change. jenna takes us to africa where she met an extraordinary woman on a mission to empower young girls. >> nobody talks about careers? >> no, n at all. not for the girls. >> what this woman is doing to help all girls in her village get the education they deserve. and tying the knot.
8:01 am
all eyes on windsor castle this morning as the queen's r, granddau princess eugenie, says i do. we will take you there live for the second royal wedding of the year. today is friday, october 12th, 2018. ♪ >> in new york for mom's 75th, it's our sweet 16. >> after 45 years of watching the "today" show, i'm finally here! >> happy! >> good morning to my parents in jeffersonv>>le, indiana. nd my high school in indiana. >> from kansas city! woo! >> that's the reason to celebrate. welcome back to "today."be thank you for ing with us. a gorgeous friday morning.
8:02 am
the rain has stopped. the people are here. savannah is taking time. craig is spending the morning with us. we want to get to the news. we have a lot going on. the death toll from hurricane michael is rising and parts of the florida panhandle are in ruins. take a look at this. these are before and after pictures of mexico beach. itik looks le it's basically just like wiped off the map. nbc's gabe gutierrez joins us from there with the latest on the des sprieperateh for survivors. >> reporter: the winds were so incredibly perful but the storm surge picked up this home and tossed it across the street. we are getting a clearer look at the thdamage. debris field stretches as far as the eye can see. this morning across stretches of the florida panhandle amid miles of total devastation search teams are going house to house looking for >> it's pretty bad. structures are completely
8:03 am
demolished. ank god that most of the people left and they evacuated. >> reporter: mexico beach, a popular touristesnation, is in ruins. ock after block destroyed after a direct hit from hurricane michael. people lose ot of their homes. like their homesre washed out. i mean, this is vastating. >> reporter: those who did not evacuate are without power, without water and without phone lines after theategory 4 hurricane packing 155-mile-per-hour windsore through the area. the storm surge cameraing through washing out a part of this red and slamming int these buildings. farther down the gulf coast on st. george island a narrow strip of land near apalachicola, a security camera captured the dangerous storm surge. water and debris swirling around the home there. by the time it receded, the damage was done. >> thi isur showroom. >> reporter: in panama city michael sliced through a boat diploma owned by candace heart and her husband. she says she is not going anywhere. >> we are going to rebuild and move forward. >> reporter: the storm also
8:04 am
crumpled this marine. >> if i knew it was going to be a cat 4 with where direct hit, never would have orstayed. >> rr: the remnants of michael are causing flooding in virginia. the fast moving system leaving a trail of destruction. today the cleanup in florida panhandle is just beginning. how long do you think it will take to clean all this up? >> i don't have any idea. >>eporter: a million and a half people are without power across several states. theeath toll isow up to 11. but the biggest challenge right now is counication. authorities say that death toll could likely rise, sadly. back to you. >> gabe gutierrez. thank you. now to the alarming increase in a number of childre with that frightening polio-like disease. the centers for disease control confirms 38 cases nationwide and that numr is expecte to grow. nbc national correspondentmi el almaguer with a closer look.
8:05 am
>> reporter: the symptoms are s leavine children partially paralyzed and can turn fatal. sudden and scary surge in cases of acute flaccid myelitis or afm is being seen across the country. year-old julia payne was diagnosed with afm in chicago. >> i took her to th er because she turned blue. i noticed she couldn't hold her head up a she couldn't use her right arm. >> reporter: julia's parents thought she had a cold before she lost control of her body. the condition often strikes after a child has a fever from a cold stomach problems leading to a partial paralysis, sudden muscle weakness, slurred speech, and facial drooping. with no vaccine or cure the only advice doctors can give right now is to wash your hands. >> unfortunately, there aren't any anti-viral medicines to treat the viruss linked with this syndrome. we don't know of any therapies. >> if this can happen to your
8:06 am
family, it can happen to anyone. >> reporter: two years ago robin roberts took her son carter the er after he u thr he was doiagnosed with afm and died three weeks ago. >>el i would parents to be vigilant in looking out for arms or legs not working. that floppy head. those respiratory symptoms that don't seemon csistent with other basices ses. >> reporter: doctors say afm is edibly rare, but this morning the number of sick children is on the re. for today, miguel almaguer, nbc. news, los ange >> we are going to continue to follow that story. there is much more ahead on this friday morning, including jenna's eye-opening trip to africa. she found inspiration really at every turn. this morning one woman's mission to ensure young girls have a brighter future. first, theyear's second big royal wedding. the queen's granddaughter, princess eugenie, tying the knot this morning. we are going to hear rom the bride and we'll take you there
8:07 am
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8:10 am
(vo) go national. go like a pro. see what i did there? this morning on today's talker, the second royalng wed of the year. >> princess eugenie, the daughter of prince andrew and sarah ferguson and the queen's granddaughter, marrying her long-time love this morning. the setting like harry and megan's b day at winds castle. kira simmonsow front r seat as usual. hey. >> reporter: good morning to you. d deja vu for megan. big name celebrities and little princess rge and charlotte. there was even a carriage ride. not the same picture-perfect weather though.
8:11 am
it is a little bit windy here, which caused just a few guests a few problems. for the second time this year elweddingrations in windsor. princess eugenie marryinger long-time love jack brooksbank at st. george's castle in windsor the younndants joined by other young royals. the winds too much for this small group. it's a happy day for the queen and prince philip. eugenie is their third granddaughter. ghe dr o perinc sarah ferguson. hins harry and dutchess megan. the royal coupl about to embark on their first major overseas prce william and kate back in the public eyefter looking after baby louie, holding hands inside the chapel. the bride's mher, sarah
8:12 am
ferguson, outside for a long ttime. back i spotlight for the big day. royals of all generations celebrating the happy couple. her dress by peter pilotto with a full pleated skirt. the back designed to feature a scar from childhood surgery. her tiara, the greville emeral, lent by the queen. the guests a mix of royals and celebrities. pippa middleton expecting her first baby soon. supermodel naomi campbell, demi moore, prince harry's ex-girlfriend. the winds presenting a challenge for some. the ceremony a mix of tritional and modern. eugenie grew up with the royal princess has been a all her life. she is currently ninth in line to the thronefter her sister beatrice. in an interview just released with itv this morning they tell how they first met.
8:13 am
>> we were skiing with friends in switzerland. and w a just staret each other. >> love at first sight. >> reporter: st. george's chapel the scene of the other royal wedding this year in the heart of windsor castle, the queen's favorite. a short air carriage ride through the town, and back to the castle for lunch hosted by the queen. just like any wedding, they were apparently a few family tensions. we weren't sure until this morning ifnc pphilip would be here. camila was not here. we are not sure why, though of course s ah fergusoneugenie's mom, was famously close to there was one other person who wasn't here. without you. ame >> without us? i know. well, you watched it all for us. by the way, that wind, that was dangerous some of that wind. >> are y okay, keir? your hair is still very blowy.
8:14 am
>> reporter: >>yes. thanks. >> if keir simmons hair is moving, it must be rea h thatr rarely moves. >> but it's not getting messed up. > with the m>> first -- >> is my hair blowy? >> thursday something cool happened. the ronald reagan library revealed the first ever hologram of a former president. library visitors will be greeted with ronald reagan thin three stages. now, when paired with his voice, htheogram seems to come to life. see what you think. >> i think youll agree wit me when i say just one more line. we think we have aoodning. you ain't seen nothing yet. >> there you go. it was four exh years in the making and an actor modeling president reagan's
8:15 am
build and mannerisms was paired with a bust of facial features. reagan foundatioand institute ys while we can't bring president reagan back to live, using a stunningl realistic hologram and the president's own voice, we found we could get social media weighing in on this. here's one i can't decide if this is cool or that's usually the case with the holograms. brian writes the technology excites me. i am starting to rack my brain thinking of who else we should replicat i and this't the first tap into the hologram technology. there was e was michael jackson. they took the stage i the past. those weren't cheap. and they are going to start touring worldwide with amy winehouse. >> wow. anybody else? >> a fascinating way to bring someone back to life. >> soreepy. >> who would you like to bring back to life? >> i'd like to bring my grandparents back and have dinner at a table. >> as a>> hologram? well. if i could bring them back in
8:16 am
real life, yes. but a hologram, don't know, it could be a -- i don't know. >> a good way to say hi to them. >> how about you? >> carson, take us to popstart. >> i was going to say bob marley? >> that would be fun. snoop julia roberts looks pretty in pink on the cover of harper's bazaar november issue. sheow sat with oprah winfrey. sh how do you explain fame to your kids? i think i toldhem once. are you more famous n tayl-- th twicht? you can pick up an issue on o newsstctober 23rd. next up, carly kloss celebrating international day of the gl on the plaza.
8:17 am
let's see whathe had to say. >> what are you most excited about in life right now? >> the way the scholars will change the wsld. >> what a typical workout >> cardio, abs, bootie. >> the world deserves to know. is everything cool with you and oaylor? >> the world needs know? jennifer lawrence is interested. jen, don't worry. taylor and i are still really good friends. >> they are good friends,er evody. craig melvin, you can sleep tonight. did he memorize all 73 of those questions? they ask off camera. >> she has been busy managing what she mentioned the code with her camp. she is going to b n the host of "project runway." hey are replacing heidi klum
8:18 am
and tim gun. finally, keith morrison, "dateline" correspondent, has ke ellen degeneres. >> the year w 2017. one direction had just broken up. that's not important to our story. but it'smportant to me. it was a sunny day inel burbank. n degeneres was on her way to a studio to tape herre worlwned talk show. she drove her usual route, but se thhi nwangotsu this drive. oh, no, it was the opposite of usual. >> i'm driving to work -- >> no one cues up a storyth betr keith morrison. if you want to see the whole video of that investigation you can check it o on and you can see an all new two-hourpecial of "dateline" that is tonight at 9:00 here on nbc. >> those pipes that keith morrison delivery, he is amazing. >> a few weeks ago he said to me he is not wild about coming to new york because people come up
8:19 am
to him, keith, will you record my voice message? >> i wanted to do that. oops. >> they are keeping him awake. quickly, 13-year-old alyssa lened the hard way it's never a good idea to play with knives even if they aren't they are plasti >> oh! la yeah. the blade of heric knife flew into the tv leaving that unavoidable mark there. mom is not angry, but it will be a little while before they replace that tv. so be careful, kids. >> all right. thank you. miss dylan, a check of the weather? yep. >> today's weather is brought to you by national car rental. go national. go like a pro. >> and the remnants ofhu what w icane michael are exiting southern new england. rhode island, southeast
8:20 am
massachusetts right now, windy behind this york city..c., new winds up to 40 miles per hour. we have some snow falling rough eastern iowa. this is part of a system that's bringing pockets of heavier rain. we also have tropical storm sergio increasing some of the moisture in the uthwest. temperatures are well below average today, 30s and 40s for highs acros the upper midwest and the northern plains, and we are going to see temperatures rema remain below average into thed weeken and temps cool off in the northeast as well. here is a peek out your window. cooler start this morning, temperatures 20 degrees cooler right n t thany were this time yesterday. breezy out there as well. you definitely want the jacket. it stays breezy throughout the day today but we have mostly sunny skies is. by lunchtime we are around 61 degrees. 64 for a high temperature today. that around 4:00 p.m. if you are heading out tonight, maybe grab the puffy coatith a temperature of 58. tomorrow temperatures in the 40s. highs for your saturday only in the 50s.
8:21 am
>> and that's your latest forecast. >> thank you. now to our special series in hor of international day of the girl. as former first lady michelle obama told us yes yrday when educate one girl, you educate her entire family and her community. >> that is why her global girls alliance is teaming uph w grassroots leaders around the world to overcome barriers eping girls out of schools. jenna is back to introduce us to another inspiring leader joining forces with michelle obama. >> you met monicawe yesterday. also stopped in malawi. less than 10% of all girls finish high school. perhaps the most shocking mothers pressure raeir daughters to drop out. it's a tdition one woman is fighting to change one girl at a time. >> reporter: if you want to know why malawi is called the warm heart of rica, justooks how
8:22 am
a village welcomes aoal stranger. as we traveled throughout this african natione saw beauty at most every turn. but malawi also has a dark side. in a ritual dating back centuries older women are initiating young girls. some only 12 and 13 years old. the girls are told it's their duty to find a husband and to start havinghildren. this time a ceremony is a reenactment for us. but in some remote villagesf ths kind pressure is still very real. girlsung are these getting married? >> some at 14, 15 years. >> reporter: pauline used to think marriage was her only option. even her own mother told her school was a waste of time. >> there was nobody who can sug >> reporter: even mow malawi
8:23 am
outlawed child marriages a few years ago, it's still a serious problem. almost half of all girls are married wit children before they turn 18. >> especially mothers expect their daughters to have children, garried, be a good wife. >> reporter: nobody talks about careers or jobs? >> no, not at all. >> reporter: she thinks girls deserve more. >> was born a defiant child. i questioned most of the things. even though everything around me was telling me that, gou know, asl you're weak, you are not smart enough. >> reporter: but she knew because her mother and her grandmother were bothved educations. >> you invest in the one girl. you have invested in so many. >> reporter: and that's the simple idea behind the ornization she now leads. its mission to pay too keep these girls in school and show them a better way. >> they haveid power i of
8:24 am
them to be anything that they can be. >> reporter: words of encouragement that inspired pauline to stay in school where she rose to the top of her class. now she is a nurse ati' mal biggest hospital carryin for babies and brand new mothers in s e maternity ward. >> iis your firstaby? >> yes. >> reporter: congratulations! a baby girl? what's her name? >> success. >> reporte success? >>yes. >> reporter: oh, beautiful. >> i would say -- >> reporter: she takes me to see how her own success has changed the lives of so many. she was able to build a new house for her mother. you must be so proud of your daughter? >> very proud. >> reporter: i can tell she is proud of you. and just outside we meet children from the village and ask them if pauline has inspired them to stay in school. erybody? >> see how she is impacting not
8:25 am
just her life, not her family, but her community and the little babies that s h is holding hands every day. she is like the light that will keep shini forevermore. >> reporter: and because ofpa ine, a mother can now see a much brighter future for her daouhter. what's hope for your daughter? >> a nurse. >> reporter: a >> yes. >> helping people like pauline. >> pretty amazing. >> reporter: proof that oan girl reallyhange the world. >> pauline is not donereaming. sh wants to get her masters, her ph.d.. it really shows yous she inspiring a community as soon as she made money, she bought her mom a house. >> and that babamed success, yeah, the ripple effect. >> she has a successful future. >> was awesome, jenna. >> the global girls t alliance, learn more visit >> the today family just became the first visitaries the new
8:26 am
museum of pizza. we are going to give you a taste of what to expect. all of that is com after your local news. this is a news4 today news break. >> good morning everybody. 8:26 on this friday, october 12th. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's get right over to melissa molett. she has your4 firtraffic. >> good morning. in mclean inner loop at georgetown pike leftane ocked by a disabled vehicle. a little slow there. 270 sti northbound approac bucky's town pike because of a work zone there blocking the rightide. and in high yachtsville southbound 202 landover road after cheverly avenue a new crash. >> all right. thilk you. we wl have a look at your forecast when we come back. stay with us. compassion. for children placed in cages, and people with addiction treated as criminals. competence. from building a business from one store to hundreds. and getting things done in every one of those communities.
8:27 am
civility. to work both sides of the aisle, what it takes to do things. something david has just a bit of experience at. compassion, competence, civility. they may not define our times, but they define david. i'm david trone, i approve this message.
8:28 am
a sunny butreezy and cooler start on friday. a wind advisory is in effect for all othe areas in brown. this is going to go to noon but i think it might come down a little bit earlier. not seeing wind gusts meeting quite tha criteria. regardless, you are dealing with winds out there. not just durg the morning hours, but into the afternoon hours. i am still tracking flood warnings for parts of southern maryland through the northern
8:29 am
neckn and south prince george's county to 10:00 a.m. otherwise 58 degrees right now. >> a right. thank you. and you can get the latest news an weather anytime in the annapolis.
8:30 am
back at 8:30, october 12th, 2018. hodaotb has got that fridayel ing on theis plaza. is a lively bunch. this is fun. >> feeling good.e we have tim for a crowd moment? >> yes. >> looking for anna. hey!he
8:31 am
anna! anna, somebody tells me that you're celebrang a birthday. >> 68. >>yeah. >> wouldn't have guessed it. you look great. >> thank you. thank you very much >> and someone also told me you were a nurse for how many years? >> 45. >> 45 and perhaps most importantly, a three-year cancer survivor. >> three-yearans canceror surv >> a lot to celebrate today. i >>do. appy birthday. >> thank you. >> thanks for watching us. ppyda bir happy retirement as well. >> happy birthday. >> happy birthday! >> all right. coming up, we are going to take you inside a cool new museum dedicated to everybody's favorite food. that is pizza. we were the first people titpay it a v ahead of tomorrow's grand opening. it's a lot of fun. a lot o pizza. a lot of familiar little faces. the kids of "today" were in full
8:32 am
effect yesterday. plus, i you thought dating was complicated, you don't know the half of it. wait until you hear whate got a group of teen boys to rev about finding love in the age o. social me and geeada is here sting up the ultimately football feed for the patriots against the kansas city chiefs. >> we are going to eat, carson . daily. >> y a final check of the forecast? >> yes, chilly a little bit out here. >> this sunday night football weather is brought to you by rizon. the unlimited plan you need on the network you deserve. >> all right. it is feeling like fall as we go into the weekend. we will see very chilly tefaeratures. in, highs will only be in the 40s through the northern plains. we are looking at snowy conditions back through thern rockies. we havote 50s and 60s back through the midwest. we are looking at a chance of heavier rain through texas.
8:33 am
snowy and cold weather into kaas and nebraska into sunday. cool and dry in the northeast. highs in the 50s and 60s. en unsettled through the middle of the country. the west coast is nice, 60s and 70s out there. here is a peek out your window. breezy out there right now. tracking wind gusts at 20 to 25 miles per hour and we'll stay breezy throughout the day today and much cooler. we are about 20 degrees ooler today than we were yesterday. by lunchtime we will be near 60 grees with plenty of sunshine out there. we hit a high today of 64. our average high is now 70. so we are a good five degrees below normal today. tonight if you are heading out for dinner, friday night football, want to grab the warmer jacket with the temperature in the district at7 p.m. around 58 and lower in the suburbs. >> and you knowhat sunday night is? football night in america, and s are nsas city chi taking on my patriots. they are headed to foxboro. e chiefs are 5-0 right now. i am not worried.
8:34 am
patriots fans are not worried. t is crisp and clear in foxborough. catch the patriots and chiefs sunday right here on nbc. coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern. craig. >> undefeated chief by the way. dylan, thank you. a "today" exclusive ts morning. extra cheesy crust on us. >> oh, wow. that was great -- >> really good. >> back with a special delivery. >> ye were offered a first look at new york city's very first museum of pizza. weoaded up the kids and we went in search of a little slice of heaven. ♪ >> reporter: theetmology of the italian word pooets may mean fermented pastry,ut to us it may mean tasty goodness. it was good news when we were invited along with our kids to er they first visitors to the museum of pizza in new york city.
8:35 am
so talk to me about why pizza. was the museum of bologna not good enough forou? >> pizza is universally loved. everyone has a story or relationship with pizza. >> reporter: kareem is the big cheese at the meum of pizza. >> i remember one of my early just memories was my mom would make homemade pizza and we would watch ninja turtles in cairo, egypt. >> reporter: and our princes and princesses were in agreement. wh's your favorite food? >> pizza. >> reporter: what's your favorite food? >> pizza. >> reporter: it's one thing to eat it and another to spin it. >> you want to twist your wrist, okay? throw high in the air, okay? >> wow. >> look at that. >> oh! >> throw it on there. yes! >> "mama mia," that's a big
8:36 am
piz pizza! >> ready? >> yeah. >> reporter: it was quickly arent for ushis was not a pizza cake. >> next, please? >> reporter: the pizza museum isn't like mostoeuseums. it dsav not he a do not touch policy. remember in the day when someone got off and you flew off? they are encouraged. as is dancing. there is even a confessional. >> time to give our pizza ready?sional. >> yeah. >> the strangest place i had pizza delivered? the treehouse. >> reporter: and last but not yeast -- >> yay! >> reporter: at this museum, you can eat a lot. >> pizza! >> pizza! >> okay. >> pizza face!
8:37 am
>> reporter: and look really cute while doing it. >> how many slices? >> a golf ball sizemount of dough in his mouth. like he was storing it for wednesday. >> i thought h was going to choke. > one full pizza, one half piece of sicilian. >> the thing is he followed second by puppy hager who ate so much pizza. on the way home she is like, my tummy hurts. the museum of pizza is an inteection of art. there were some things that kids shouldn't touch. >> yeah. they wereauty. the museum of pizza opens tomorrow and runs through november 18. >> if youant to get a slice. >> that was fun. >> thank you. coming up next, boys open up about dating in the digital age. what they say will be an eye-opener for all parents. first, this is "today" on nbc. s. isrst,
8:38 am
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8:40 am
we're back with a candid a lo what it's like for teens dating in the digital age. >> let's face it. young love has ner been easy to navigate and the added complications of social media are taking thingsho to a new level. sat down with a group of guys to get their take. what did you find out? >> good morning, hoda. you know since the dawn of man kids struggling with things like heartbreak might say things like you don't understand me, mom and dad. the parents say, yeah, we do, we were young, too. that was before social media came in and turned everything we know about datg upside down. getting guys to open p about love can sometimes be a little tough. getting them to talk about dating can leave your head spinning. how complicated is love these days? >> oh, it's so, so complicated because everyone can see your life at all times. >> think nowadays there is
8:41 am
just like so much to it. ke it's like you've got to wait three minutes before you can open a snapchat or't like this instagram post too soon. >> also a lot of like pressure because you are creating the perfect image. >> reporter: we talked to girls who admittr theys over every detail posted on social media. yeah, the guys are aware. >> you know, you post something with another girl or they get jealous or they start tracking canthrough snapchat and i get complicated. >> reporter: a feature regularly used by teens that shows them ere their friends are and who is hanging out without them. in fact, so much of their love lives center around that tiny screen. >> when you are creating like a tinder profile, it's like you are creating your brand. people see you and ty have a vibe about you. >> reporter: hold on. did he just say tinder? we gravitate towards tinder. you can see you are 18. there is noac check or anything. you are putting yourself out there and swiping or whatever.
8:42 am
>> reporter: it's not just tinder. a lot of parents don't know their kids have two instagram accounts. an insta and finsta. that's a fake insta. you have two different? >> yeah. some people have five. >> there are different rules for each account. post the good things on your main. >> wow. you can't post whatever you want on your normal priechlt, so you have your private, private. >> prate, privateaccount? >> reporter: and these days, whether it's an app or an account, chances are more and phonet's the screen of a where sparks first start to fly. >> so much judgment off of a picture, you know. a picture can say a thousand words, but then again itec captures ad of time. >> i feel like the problem with ke seeing a picture and like finding someone tand basing it on attraction is the problem. no matter where you are, tinder, instagra wherever you are, that's a picture. >> reporter: as that picture of young love fades, comes the
8:43 am
breakup. after a breakup, they are walking. >> yt to make sure they are miserable, too. >> you want to make sure they are notnyalking toe you don't like. >> don't double talk. >> reporter: do you guys ever fantasize about the time in which none of this eyosted? guys ever think, man, must have been nice growing up without any ofhis? >> yes. >> yeah. >> all the time. >> w all kind of think about that. like the whole ideaf ving a high school crush when there wasn't social media. >> reporter: are you bummed that you o missed out that? >> for sure. it would be nice to live the typical '70s movie dream, you know. what are you going to do? >> and you guys want to know what they have in common with us? they worry about the young ones. one said he got his phone in fifth grade. he said that's not the worst of it. kids are getting them in first grade now and they are in
8:44 am
elementary school. some of those playground crushes aren actually happening their hones. of that? >> i never knew it was that intense. >> the whole fake instagram thing? >> finsta? >> what do you do about it? >> yeah, and what do you think for parents? what should we do. >> one o the kids had a good piece of advice. he said that can kids these days are growing up in the public eye. they should almost be like the children of politicians. think that everybody they do will beed scrutin that's their advice to parents. always remember that people are watching. >> all right. those kids though, they are really smart. >> yeah. >> big thanks to the boys and girls who sat down with us. up next, favorites for your football table. the festive menu to enjoy while you are watching this weekend's big game. >> yes. >> that's next today on nbc. stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones.
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we are back with football and getting ready for au great matchup sunday n the kansas city chiefs taking on the new england patriots right here on nbc. our friend here with a game time grub to satisfy fan of both teams. good to see you. this is going to satisfy both teams. thank you for stopping by. before we get to the food, you are in town for a special cause. od and winety festival? >> yes. or wine and food. >> wine and food? >> yes, whichever you like comes first. help stopor hunger children and adults. >> all right. so let's get to the recipes here. let's startith these ribs. i assume the ribs are for kansas city fans? >> you think? maybe? >>yeah. >> so babyack ribs, pork of course. are you going to help me? >> of course. >> i will make the sauce while you rub these ribs down. brown sugar for sweetness, salt and paprika. ve you ever made ribs before?
8:48 am
>> of course. >> how do you make your ribs? >> you are going to do somethint i don't do. you cook them before. i wantlk to bout that. >> you stick them on the grill? t>>yeah. >> ss type of meat to make sure that they are nice and moist, you steam them first. so you season them, right? like a dryen rub. we are going to cover them with this long, long tent. then we will stick them in the oven 300 degrees. >> how long? >> for aau while b you want them to slowly like cook out. yeah, there you go. nice. it know if you were actually going to touch them with your hands. >> there is another cooking ocess after that? >> yes. make sure that the ribs stay nice and moist. make it as if you are wrasing a christift. seal them in. like you cook fish sometimes, am it's theidea. >> all right. we have got that in the oven. >> right. >> and what is>> this? his is the sauce. this is the barbecue sauce.
8:49 am
if you don't want to use a store bought sauce, garlic and onion. these are italian plums. so one of thet b ways to -- you can just squeeze it and the pit comes out. no, no, likeee squ it. put some muscle it in. come on now. >> you set me up foryo that. set me up for that. >> the other one i did in the kitchen didn't squeeze. >> my apologies. >>e are totally good. the other option is cut it in half. >> that's the easier option. easier option. >> but it is kind of fun to do. i didn't think -- ay. >> so i am going to puree it all. >> we need to leave time for new england's dish,wi oth we will hear from pats fans. >> sugar. cooksown for 45 minutes or t. and then ie the habanero out. i am not going to do this, okay? so we will take an immersion blender and blend it. >> what's terdict? >> oh, my gosh.
8:50 am
>> then you put it all over the ribs. are we running out of time? >> ye. >> i don't want to leave new england out. >> please. >> so you just brush it ove the ribs. then take the ribs -- >> that sauce is delicious. >> right. it doesn't take tt long to make. d any fruit you want. the plums are good. >> b t that -- n you grill it. >> wow. how long? >> three minutes or four. >> seafood stew. >> this is -- you make in this slow cooker. fennel, shallots, garlic, red pepper flakes, okay? tomato, tatoes. then you cook this for three hours, let it sit together. 's low and slow wine and fish broth. >> throw it in there and walk away? >> after three hahours, close t lid, let it go. after three hours it's cooked and you add all the fish you want.
8:51 am
shrimp, salmon, muscles. minutes.n for 30 get some crusty bread. or you can take football cookies. these are walnut shortbread cookies. >> perfect. >>s. that's delici > carson, which was your favorite >> kansas city's dish or new england's dish? >> it f doesn. >> no, these are just for decoration. >> a prop. >> are you sure? >> it says this is a helmet. >> official football helmet. >> it does say official football helmet. >> thank you. all of these recipes at chiefs/pats rig here on nbc. >> coverage starts at 7:00 p.m. eastern. back in a moment. >> this is "today" on nbc. >> i couldn't see it.y i don't have masses on. i can't see.
8:52 am
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8:54 am
so happy willie's you have some birthdays? >> yes. let's spin around those smucker's jars and say a very happy birthday to ethyl sweeney. she is turning 1. years o she is a baker from edgewater, new 'trsey. she dietire until she was 70 years old. of we have dale jurgensen north platte, nebraska. he is celebrating 101 years. he lov topend time in his garden. happy 100th birthday to rose kimmel a proud grandma from massachusetts. for this young lady making on to a smucker was top of her bucket list. india edwards is 100. you look at someoneith some great genes, look at this. both of india's parents t lived be over 100 years old as well. so how about that? an mr. harry dufek was married
8:55 am
to the love of his life for 70 years. and louise haven is celebrating, get this, 107 years. she says the secret to longevity is going for a walker da every . te speaking of milest hoda just polished off four racks of horibs. you sd be on a smucker's jar. >> your secret to longevity. >> ewillie, t us ahead to the weekend. >> tomorrow we are talking about fall on a budget, how to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank and how to get yr home ready for colder months. and we will be cooking in the kitchen. >> and sunday my guest is the dude himself, jeff bridges. >> oh! >> got to hang out with the dude. we did a little bowling as he did in the big lebowski.
8:56 am
he is suchy. a cool he is as cool as you think he is. he has been married for 41 years. great guy. great conversation with jeff bridges. >> looking forward to that. >> all right. we hope you have a great weekend, everybody. enjo go raiders. >> doggy bag for hoda! frz raiders. >> megyn kelly is up next. . this is a news4 today news break. >> 8:56 is your time on in friday, october 12th., 2018 melissa molett is keeping an eye on the roadways right now. she has yourirst4 traffic on this friday. >> good morning. outer loop after 450 right side blocked by a crash there. 66 at 95. 95 looks happy friday on 95 northbound through virginia. inbound 66 approaching manassas
8:57 am
a little nt slow but nothing the way. northbound on 270 is the slowsp as you are approaching frederick around bucky's town pike. >> thank you. we will take a break now. we'll check your forecast when we come back. stay with us. i'm jennifer wexton, and i approve this message. seen barbara comstock's fake ad? jennleading to massive tolls on 66. nonsense. jennifer wexton fought the tolls on 66.
8:58 am
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much cooler out this morning than we have been all week long by about 20 degrees. temperatures now in t 5. roiday here at nbc,low--mid0s. plenty of sunsne. it isoing to stay breezy throughout the day. overnight lows fall intos. the 40 >> all right. thank you. get the latest news and weather anytime in the nbc washington app.
9:00 am
[ applause ] good moing, eryone. happy friday. welcome to the show. i'm megyn kelly. we hav some good topics to discuss today and a great panel joining me. how are you, guys? >> good morning. >> we havemm kons and jo ling kent, along with the co-host of "in principle" amy holmes. and we're going tostart,today, with something that most of us are guilty of. that's social med envy. right? don't have instagram. it can happen on facebook or anything you knonline. you scroll through the feeds and foread of feeling hap people and their perfect lives, you feel .


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