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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 1, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> the final throes of 2018. we're going to start it with warm weather. >> at least we have that. melissa is standing by with a check of yourer. we begin with chuck bell and a look at your forecast. we'll take any warm weather we can get. >> two months from now, it'll be kn new year's day. >> well, thanks for that. >> we'll jus ski right over thanksgiving and christmas. i'm thinking about my next vacaeson. temperatn your thursday morning mild. you cannot argue with this. 61egrees before the sun is up in winchester. 59 in annapolis. one of the few cool spots. ft. meade down to 48 degrees. if you're planning out your commute today, no real worries about that. a mild start to the day. sun is up at 7:30. more than enough midday sunshine to get temperatures to near 70 by noontime. afternoon highs will in the mid-70s for most. probably as high as 77 degrees i know you're starting to think about the weekend. going to the redskins game on sunday? the 1:00 kickoff at fex field
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will be sunny and temperatures in the 50s. a big transition and some storms coming up. >> good morning. right now fredrick southbound 270 after buckey's town pike, this crash on the shoulder. inner loop and outer loop, everything i cleared. had some disabled vehicles that are out of the way. br bran brandywine road at muri avenue, crash reported there. eastbound on 66, looking quite good. as we zoom in on 95 in virginia, slow side is northbound as you're approaching woodbridge. >> melissa, thank you. it's now 6:01. t back tot breaking news we've been following this morning.s a man ed after being shot near union station. this is video from the scene just before 10:00 last night.
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officers say they found the man unconscious and unresponsiol. right nowe are searching for two suspects involved. we're still working to learn more details and will keep youn postede nbc washington app. d.j.urkin is out as the head football coach of the university of maryland. that bombshell announcement came just 24 hours after the school said durkin would j keep his following the death investigation of student athlete jordan mcnair. >> university pre wallace lowe made that decision. he said after meetinmpwith officials and student leaders, it was clear that firing coach durkin was the right thing to do. jordan mcnair's father learned the news during a live interview with nbc's tom costello. well, i'm glad that the right thing was done to fire coach durkin. coach durkin was a cancer to the university of maryland football program. i commend dr. lowe for having makcourageous effort to the decision under hard circumstances and letting mr. durkin go.
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>> 19-yea jordan mcnair suffered heatstroke during practice in may and died weeks later. two investigations into the footll program found a culture where players feared speaking out. and former classmates of jordan mcnair's were among the first to speak out against the board of regents' decision to reinstate coach durkin. >> word of his firing traveed quickly on the university of maryland campus last night. news s justin finch is in college park wi students ' reaction to this decision. >> reporter: that initialda recommon that had coach durkin remain with the team was upsetting to a lot of students here in collegepark, with some telling us they thought that was not fair to mcnair's family or to other students on the football team. you might recall that head coach d.j. durkin had been on leave since august amid this independent investigation into what was called atb toxic fool program. that report in the end says it did not find that to be true. duin joined the football team here at marylan back in 2015.
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students say to this dast their hearl breaks for mcnair's family, who lost jordan who was just 19 years old, backn june after suffering heatstroke. students say that there was a lot o initial resistance to d.j. durkin and that recommendation that came dowrl eaier this week. in the end, they say the right call was made. >> it was literally not even a whole dtu later thents were like, no. most of us were like, we don't accept this, we don't thi this is okay. i think it was interesting that we were actually like listened o >> reporter: and we're expecting even more reaction to come today. a student governmert press coce is set for this morning followed by a student demonstrsion later t afternoon. we're live here in college park. i'm justin finch, news 4. >> justin, thank you. your time is 6:04. artbreaking. that's how parents and school board members describe videos of after-school brawls being posted online. this is happening at crossland high school in prince george's
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county. we've even seen social media pages dedicated tohese fights. both the school system and the prince george's police department are because many of these fights are happening off campus. no one is coming forward to identify any of the people i involved, anis making the school day uneasy for many students. >> we need our studentwho are ing bullied or threatened in any type of way to come forward and know that the school system will pro.ct y >> crossland high school has changed dismissal procedures. additional security was also added and will now coordinate with prince george's county police to patrol theat locions off campus, where many of these incidents seem to occur. a public school teach every -- teacher isaking up in jail this morning. 29-year-old lindsay mages is accused of inflicting physical or mental harm to a child in her care. the non-sexual relationship
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happened with the student between january and august of this year. mages was a teacher at discovery and hillside elementary school at the time. councilmember david grosso is planninto discuss legislation aimed at better responding to sexual abuse charges. schools will be required to provide age appropriate instruction to students on consent, personal boundaries, and healthy relationships. ao happening today, google employees are planning on walking out of work to protest alleged sexual misconduct among the company's executives. this walkout comes just a week after "the new york times" published a report that google had paid millionsf dollars in exit packages to male executives accused of harassment. the head of google's open research groupweed yesterday, quote, the google alkout is real and deeply inspiring.
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it's 6:06. the troops sent to the mexican border will start their new assignment today. re than 5,000 soldiers headed south this week for operation faithful patriot. president trump made the decision to send troops to the border as a large caravan of migrants seekinglu asy moves north through mexico and is headed for the united states. mr. trump is determined none of the undocumented migrants will enter the country. the group is still more than 900 miles away. the soldiers are expected to provide planning, engineering, transportation, and other support to the department of homeland security. immigration is one of the president' as he continues campaigning around the country. last night he was in florida, and once again immigration was a big topic. >> it was hardly the only subject covered at thate rally. resident blasted the media once again, this time over what he thought was cunfairerage to his trip to pittsburgh this week. president trump was there to pat his respect the city and the jewish community after theot
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synagogue sg saturday. more than a thousand people turned up to peacefully protest his visit. he said the media coverage was only focused on those demonstrations, not on his visit. >> and they did everything inth r power to try to play it up and push people apart. that's what's happening. they're pushing people apart. it was fake, and it was make believe what they said. i came home, looked forward to psiing it seeing and it was sad. >> those protests were not fake. there were several peaceful demonstrations that were happening. last night's rally was one of 11 the president has planned in the final days leading up to l esday's election. he w in missouri tonight. and while the polls won't open for a few more days,mi ions of ballots have already been cast. as of yesterday, more than 24 million votes have been counted acro thecountry. it's already more than the total number of early an absentee ballots cast in the 2014 election. nationally, 43% of early voters
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so far are repelicans. 41% democrats. you can count oprah among the celebrities plannn knocking on doors. she will be in georgia to campaignta fory abrams. it is one of the tightest and most contentious races in the country. oprah will appear at a town hall conversation with abram and join her as she canvases a neighborhood. n>> new details abo the death of notorious bos gangster james whitey bulger. a mafia hitman is under suspicion for brutally killing the former crime boss. he is an ex-mob boss serving a life sentence. guards fnd bulger unresponsive after he was transferred to the prison t morning. the 89-year-old was the head of boston's irish mob and an fbi informant.
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this morning we're learning about an apparent secret proposal between two s court justices. we're talking about sandra day o'nnor and william rehnquist, who served as chief justice. the two met in law school at stanford. they were known friends and actually dated for a little while. once theygraduated, rehnquist went on to work in washington and began writing o'connor. in one of tse tters, he proposed. the answer was apparently no because they both went on to marry other people. they were reunited on the supreme court. an author working on a book for o'connor made that discohiry. >> of what could have been. >> would have been interesting. well, a lot of creativity and planning goes into halloween costumes. >> but a famous toddler who was very adorable may have taken the cake for best costume this year. i am talking about 3-year-old parker curry. you may remember her from earlier this year when her love for michelle obama's portrait went viral. then she and i had a chance to see the portrait together at the national portrait galle with the artist. here's the original image of
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parker frozen in astration of th lady. look at her face. parker was the portrait for halloween. take a look. buzzfeed posted this picture of parker in a matching dress and pose to the painting. parker's mom said when she asked her what she wanted to be for halloween, she immediately michelle obama. i think the likeness is stunning. how beautiful. >> spot on for >> love it. 6:11. coming up, what makes a car safe for a teenage driver? how about not driving. it can can you do that? >> you'll have i to n eventually. news 4's san hogan breaks down the kinds of things you want to look at before buying anything. chuck? >> here' k what you need tow about the weather today. it is going to be ane w might even be the warmest day of november today with temperatures way up into the 70s. still watching out for weather coming in here later tomorrow. morebout that and the weekend with your five-day forecast coming up.
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justaking chicken marsala fo national men make absolutely. >> are we making some progress? >> we got the kid ready. they're goingo flourhese up in just a second here. and yes, it's in the 70s. i do the weather. >> you're doing well. i'm helping. he has broke'l the rules. he has broke'l the rules. botalk a
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there arepatrick morriseyes ifiled a lawsuit. to take away protections for people with pre-existing conditions. i voted to protect them. morrisey got rich as a washington lobbyist for opioid companies. my work as your senator took a billion opioid pills off the street. morrisey is simply a "yes" man for the drug companies and the political bosses. i'm considered the most independent senator in washington. i'm joe manchin, and i approve this message. dave brat said he'd vote to reduce the deficit. i'm abigail spanberger, and i approve this message. but instead, he voted to increase it by $1.9 trillion. why? brat went washington, taking hundreds of thousands from big drug companies, wall street banks, and other corporate special interests and voting to give his big corporate donors
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big tax breaks, making the next generation pay. dave brat went washington, and all we got was the bill. a major accident snarls traffic on the beltway for miles. you're late andn frustrated, t suddenly a helicopter swoops in and lands on the highway. r we commonler to these choppers as medevac. in fairfax county, it's aai specially ned crew of a civilian pilot and two police officers who are also trained as paramedics. i visited the tea at their hangar and learned what it takes to run this ambulance in the air and how complex their life-saving work can be. >> we also have a lot of burn patients. the benefit for us for the burn patients is mos of them need to go to d.c. to the burn center.
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with traffic and travel times around here, we're able to get them there to the care they n d in a much more timely manner. tonight on news 4 at 6:00, we'll show youore of what' inside the medevac chopper and explain what separates these first responders from many others. 6:16 our time right now. it may be more of a h madse than usual at the grocery store today. that's because it's nationalen make dinner day. you should have seen me last night. >> were you going nuts? they don't put things in the right places. it's hard. >> this day is really f men who don't spend that much time in the kitchen. so chuck bell, who cooks every night, this doesn't apply to you. he was a g md sport ande something. can you follow a recipe at least? >> yes. >> that's good. so whave aery special guest joining news 4 today this morning with molette gree who's live. it's storm team 4 meteorologist doug upkammerer. ery early. i can't believe his eyes are open. >> i know. and we brought in some help for doug. >> that's right.
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his beautiful children in the kitchen helping him out. doug, you know there are rules rto national men make dinday. >> of course i knew that. absolutely. >> yeah, he knew. so let's get through the rules here this morning. a couple more rules. the recipe must include at least four. ingredien we got that covered. chicken, mushrooms, garlic,io . we're good on that. and it requires at least one cookingte unsilther than a fork. >> i got whatever you call this guy. a spatula type deal thing. >> and a knife. >> and i got some measuring cups. >> yeah, so we're good. apron is optional. i have my apron. kally has on hers. no apron for doug. where arein we his processn of chickemarsala? >> right now we're getting ready id cook the chick. the ks are going to be flouring this chicken. normally you cut them in half to make sure they're a quarter you can see t are already cut in half. yocan get those premade from the store.
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>> this is a buy one, get one free deal. >> i do bogos all the time. when i go shopping for the, familyhat's what i do all the time. >> so let's keep going. >> do what we were talking about earlier. make sure you get the flour on those. just a little on each side. this is ready to go here. >> the goal is to try to get this chicken in th skillet this morning, before news 4 today ends. >> as a matter of fact, i'm doing that right now. i know we're short on time. keep going, kids. now, don't put it back on the same plate because you don't want to contaminate. ds t's also a rule that have. you don't contaminate. >> no salmonella today. >> plus, this isn't big enough for everything we've got. >>enut you don't o get to cook dinner because of your schedule. so this is really good. >> this is cool, yeah. for me, you're cooking on the weekends every once in a while, if my wife happens to be out of town, which isn't often. for me being able to cook something like this with the kids and let them have some fun, we're okay. >> so the recipe is on our website. aaron and chuck and justin, they
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all bught in dishe we're going to talk about that later on in the hour. a grand finale. hopefully we'll get this food on a plate and ready to eat this morning. >> i don't know if that'pe goin to h we're going to do the best we can, guys. trust me, by tomorrow mornin en we're back on, you guys will have it on the desk. >> he already cheated. he had to ask his wife wherewi e was for the chicken marsala. i just wanted to put that out theren the universe. >> spoken like a true weather man. i can't promise it's going to be ready today, but we're going to do the best we canhe >>'s an 80% chance there will be dinner today. >> there you go. >> otherwise, folks who might wanteo spend som time eating outside today. >> he could have done the chicken on the grill. >> no grill. on men make dinner day, no grill. >> that's too easy. >> i'm going to have to look at this rule book. four ingredients, no grill allowed, no help. yikes. it is going to be a very nice day today. outdoor lunch probably a strong
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recommendation from yours truly. but a big area of storminess promises big changes to our weather during theay tomorrow. noticeably cooler weather will be here for the weekend. traveling today, could have some signifant flight delays. detroit, cleveland, cincinnati, st. louis, atlanta could be affected later today. for a, there's chance for a sprinkle or two this morning across northern maryland and the northern parts of the shenandoah.os by and large, of us will get a rain-free day today before rain chances come back in this evening. so there's future weather. it's very optimistic. the computer is, anyway, about the amount of sunshine we'll g today. we'll get more than enough to combine with a strong southwest wind to get temperatures in the 70 after 6:00 or 7:00, there could be a stray shower or two across the area. higher rain chances come in for tomorrow and especially tomorrow evening. gameshigh school football tomorrow night could be rather stormy. so 77 today with someen late g showers. 72 tomorrow. could have some showers in the
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morning, but storms tomorrow evening. showers ending in the first half of your s wurday. meliss get an extra hour of sleep this weekend. >> got to love that. i'll take it any time. lainbound su parkway after stanton road, a dee struck in the roadway. southbound bw parkway, laul after 198, crash with the left lane. two new things in virginia. sterling, eastbound toll road after sully, debris in the mile of the road. sounds like parts of a bathtub that perhaps shattered. i don' oknow. y report it. manassas, eastbound 66, a crash on the right side. more news, weather, and traffic coming up.
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when the nra tried to overturn maryland's assault-weapons ban, attorney general brian frosh led the fight to stop them, defending our gun safety laws to protect the people of maryland. attorney general brian frosh. i s a nso i'm used to getting to work early. now i have a general practice, with a lun of patients who are ng on me. many of them worry about presroent trump taking awayctions for pre-existing conditions. and women are frightened they could lose reproductive health care.'m it's whylad i have a friend named ben. a ben is national leader who's protecting obamacare from president trump.nd he's my fren. i hope he's your friend, too.a i'm ben cardin i approved this message. dave brat said he'd vote to reduce the deficit. i'm abigail spanberger, and i approve this message. but instead, he voted to increase it by $1.9 trillion. why? brat went washington,of taking hundredhousands from big drug companies,
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wall street banks, and other corporate special interests and voting to give his big coorate donors big tax breaks, making the next generation pay. dave brat went washington, and all we got was the bill. he turned around the naacp. businessman. ben jealous. "marylder of the year". he's helped grow twenty companies and a thousand jobs.s ben'vision: medicare for all. a pldr to lower prescription costs
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and fully fund our schools. the sun says jealous has "the stature and gravitas" to lead maryland. we can do much better on jobs, on education, on healthcare. but it means we've got to believe in each other. ben jealous. goveor. 6:24 right now. for parents, buying a car t for yonager is a big-time decision, but which cars are the safest cars forour new driver? >> consumer reporter susan hogar is working f you with the details that can help keep your teen safe behind t wheel. >> so each year the iihs releases its picks for the
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safest used cars for teenagers. new crash tests show while you may want to opt for the larger vehicles. the iihs conducted two front-to-front crash tests to show what happens to small cars when they collide with larger vehicles. e results reinforce what they've been recommending for years, that a larger used vehicle is often a safer choice than a smaller new one. this year's list includes 53 best choices under $20,000 and 62 good choices under $10,000, all models on both lists being midsize cars or larger. researchers not only skipped ng recommenmall cars, but those with high rsepower as well. y they soung drivers may be tempted test the limits of a powerful engine. to s the list for yourself, to the nbc washington app and search vehicles for teens. back to you.
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6:26 right now. coming up, me too in middle schoolld a chi charged with assaulting his classmates. what students accuse him of dod g. and grning, everybody. your thursday is going to be mild and dry. get the car washed today. take your chances. rain is likely for your friday. speaking offriday, college football comes to friday night in charlottesville. the pitt panthers are going to play the virginia cavaliers tomorrow. 7:30 friday evening, likely to be rainy and coo that rain will impact our friday night too. that forecast coming up. plus, another playoff push right here in the district. could d.c. united become our next local champions? we'll fill you in on tonight's crucial game. st with us. chemical weapon corp where she referred to nerve s as just insecticide developed for people. someone who's made a career cashing in on her government contacts- was sued for using her position as a board member ha to defraudholders.
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and is now pursuing trumps agenda of defunding planned parenthood and denying medical coverage to people with pre existing conditions. the more you know aimee hoeber, the less you want to. i'm david trone, i approve this message. i believi've heard storiesnt from people across virginiaing. that have moved me to take action on veterans unemployment, the opioid epidemic, and pediatric healthcare. but we can't make progress when we're divided, when our leaders pit us against each other for political gain. in the senate, i'll always listen to you and focus on solving problems that matter to virginia and to america. i'm tim kaine, and i approve this message. where are mom and dad? 'saved money on motorcycle insurance with geico! goin' up the country. love mom and dad' i'm takin' a nap. dude, you just woke up! ♪ ♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪
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♪ i'm goin' up the country, baby don't you wanna go? ♪ geico motorcycle, great rates for great rides. i'm jennifer wexton, and i approve this message. seen barbara comstock's fake ad? jennifer wexton backed a deal leading to massive tolls on 66. nonsense. jennifer wexton fought the tolls on 66. and let's call this plan what it is, the way that it's been rolleout. it's highway robbery. there's also healthcare robbery. barbara comstock voted to sabotage the healthcare market, hiking premiums up to 64%. barbara trumpstock -- everything that's wrong in washington. at this critical are on the front lines. mas with so much at stake,s ben jeal the bold leader maryland needs. his plans will get our schools back to number one and protect our healthcare. maryland's esachers, nurses and ent obama agree. ben jealous has the "courage to move families forward."
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let us stand up for our kids let us stand up for families let us stanup for our state ben jealous, democrat for governor money comes from says wealthy developers.n's that's why she's abandoned the democratic party and is running against marc elrich-- the democratic nominee for montgomery county executive. marc has always stood with communities who expect developers to address the problems they create traffic congestion, over-crowded schools, and lack of parks and green space. the candidates... nancy floreen, the developer's choice. marc elrich, the people's choice. right now at 6:30, a live look outside here in upper northwest d.c.
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fday's the first day november, folks. not really going to feel like it though. not going to feel so muchutike fallde. >> the weather has been pretty wacky. toy could be a good day to enjoy ee akjoy eating outside. you're going to t up all you can. and it's men make dinner day. look, there's doug kammerer and molette green cooking in the kitchen. he's up early, startingo make his meal, maybe take those beautiful dishes outside to enjoy, right? thh're going to be back ws in a few minutes. >> kids helping him out this morning too. let's start wh chuck bell. he's here with our storm team 4 forest. what do you have to start? >> i'm worried. if doug is up at 5:00 a.m., do i have to be up at midnight tonight? i hope not. that will not g well. it is a dry start to the day for most of us. there's the m jeffersonorial in downtown washington. we have seen one or two prinkles across norther maryland, southern pennsylvania, the top end of the shenandoah thlley over the last couple hours. 's all pretty much come to an end at this point. rain chances are very, very low for the dlight hours.
6:31 am
let's call it a 10% chance of rain between now and sunset. as soon as the sun goes down, rain chances start to go back up. temperatures in the 50s,ldhe 0s this morning. dog walking forecast, adopt citgo here from the humane rescue alliance. go to their website to find out how to bring him into your family. temperatures today, nothing to complain about. how about mid-70s for the first day of november. >> definitely like that thank you, chuck. new problem here on adelphi. new hampshire avenue at north hampton drive. they're responding to a pedestrian crash.g we're try get more information on this one and how severe this may be. wel let you know as soon as we know more about any closures, anything like that. laurel, southbound bw parkway after 198, crash with the left lane blocked. you can see those delays there. arlington south glebe at route 1, a crash reported just now. taking a look through prince george's county, 4 and 5 look fine, by inbound on 210 going
6:32 am
just 10 miles per hou'r y waking up to breaking news of another homicide in d.c. we've learned that a man has died after being shot near union station on halloween. this is a look at video of the scene on massachusetts avenue. news 4 is working to learn more about the shooting. we can tell you that the number of homicides in d.c. for 2018 have t surpassed homicide totals from the past two yearsk b to our top developing story this morning. coach d.j. durkin is o head coach of the football team at the university of maryland. that announcement came one day after theoard of regents recommended durkin keep hisiv j and months after jordan mcnair's death. the 19-year-old suffered henstroke during practice may and died weeks later. two investigations io the football program found a culturp wherelayers were afraid to speak up. it was a decision the mcnair family has been waiting months to hear. >> jordan's father found out during a live interview with nbc's tom costello.
6:33 am
more on that at 6:45. we continue to follow the latest in pittsburgh in the synagogueoting. this morning the suspect, robert bowers, is set to appear in court for arraignment. he faces4 counts, including hate crimes, in saturday's deadly shooting. 11 people wereilled inside the tree of life synagogue. more of the w victimsl be laid to rest this morning. there were five funerals yesterday. your time right now is 6:33. here's a look at our other top stories this morning. these are the fairfax county sistersnd dead in the hudson river. they went missing back in august. l they were fout week facing each other and taped together at the waist and ankles. surveillance video shows no one jumping from a bridge, but till not y they are ruling out the possibility of a suicide. police have charged a 12-year-old boy at rippon middle school with sexualattery. he's accused of groping female classmates. rippon's principal sent a letter hom to parentshe informing of these charges. prince william county police say
6:34 am
the incidents came to light this week when a victim came forward. it's apparently been happening since september. and this morning, there is a brand new speed camera up and running on indian head highway in prince george's county. this is near the intersection with old ft road. the camera will run 24/7 with a $40 fine if you're caught speeding. the speed limit on indian head highway is 55, but officialsay cars fly by 8t up to miles per hour. today is the last day to vote early in maland's midterm elections. everyone else will vote next week. tomorrow is the last day for earl voting in d.c. and the last day in west virginia is on saturday. we'll have more on buildup to the midterms own the president's rallies coming up in just a few minutes her on news 4 today. lowering the voting age in e d.c. could t a major step forward today. the d.c. council's committee on the judic pry andlic safety will vote on a bill today. this bill needs a majority of the committee's votes in order to move forward. tacoma park, greenbelt, and
6:35 am
hiattsville, maryland, already allow 16-year-olds to vote in local races. today metro will discuss the cost of its new ambitious plan to attract more riders. it could mean improved service for riders but ctld come a cost. mega mcgrath is live at metro's headquarters with how this plan could impact your commute. >> reporter: good morning, guys. it could certainly make your commute a lotbetter, which would make a lot of people happy. we'll have to see how it shakes out here. metro is trying to improve and expand service in order to lure riders back, in ordero boost ridership. but it's going to come at a price. about $20 million a year. the local jurisdictions, so d.c., maryland, and wovirginia, uld have to foot the bill. the budget is being taken up during today's board meeting. so in few hours. take a look at some of the ecifics here. improvements would include making all trains eight-car tr ns, instituting a $2 flat fee fare on the weekends, as we as expanding rush hour service. now, in addition to the cost of
6:36 am
those service other costs are going up. for example, more money is needed for payincreases as well as for metro access service. so that's on the downsid metro's board is going to begin discussion later today. back tou >> all right. megan mcgrath live at the metro headquarters, >>thanks. 6:36. coming up, molette green is working for you with the kammerer family. woke up very early to start tonight's din per. -- dinner. >> yeah, theey ingredient is on the we're going to plate this thing up, hopefully, coming
6:37 am
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at this critical moment in america... in maryland, democrats are on the front lines th so much at stake, his plans willour schools k to number one and protect our healthcare. maryland's teachers, nurses and president obama agree. ben jealous has the "courage to number one and to move families forward.". let us stand up f our kids let us stand up for families et us stand up for our state ben jealous, democrat for governor
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are you ready for some playoffs? tonight d.c. united has a chance to make its postseason dreams
6:40 am
come true. >> united take on columbus crew fc in the knockout round. ju a few month ago, it didn't look like we'd be in this tuation. wayne rooney arrived and our season completely turned around. he's a finalist for the league's mvp, for goo reason, and now his hard work and determination have led us to the playoffs. >> alongf ith the reste team. it's a team effort. >> right, of course. >> the game kicks off tonight at 8:00t audi field. now here's your cnbc morning business report. >> goodorning. i'm leslie picker at cnbc headquarters. toyota and subaru are recalling ore than 400,000 cars worldwide for repairy faugine part that could cause a vehicle to stall while driving. it includes theorester s and impreza compact car. those vehicles were made between 2012 and 2013. subaru hasn't said how many were sold in the u.s.
6:41 am
toyota is recalling the sion frs sports car of which 25,000 were sold in the u.s. between 2012 and 2013. with your cnbc morng business report, i'm leslie pic mr. and goning, everybody. a mild start to the day. getting the kids dressed for school, no more than a light jacket and sunglasses. prepare for a mild one today. temperatures in the upper 50s ad al we'll have highs in the mid-70s today. that's a-plus weather to start the month of november. your ten-da forecast and t kammerer chop coming up. and a problem i adelphi, a pedestrian accident. what's closed there and your ta s of travel times elsewhere coming up.
6:42 am
before he was attorney general, brian frosh led maryland's fight clean up the bay. so when donald trump's epa attacks our clean water laws, frosh is leading the charge to stop them. attorney general brian frosh. kaine: weliberty and justiceto a flag not for some, but for all. i want a virginia that works for all, with economic opportunity and a chance for a good life i'll work with anyone to build that virginia. we can't let our leaderdivide us because we're all americans.m i'm ine, and i approve this message because if we ask our kids to say these words... teacher and children: nation under god,
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your time is 6:44. developing this morning, d.j. durkin is out as the head footbath coach o university of maryland's terrapins. the university's president fired him last night. it came one day after the board of regents made the
6:45 am
controversial recommendation to keep durkin on as head>> coach. rhis ousting comes five months after playe jordan mcnair's death. mcnair's father learned the decision during a live interview with nbc's tom costello. >> does the fact that coach durkin is now out, does that in an y way help as continue to mourn? >> it's a ste in the right direction for some type of closure, which is impossible. it's just an emotional roller coaster dealing with this scenario. >> matt canada will remain the interim coach. the terps have a home game thi saturday against michigan state. now let's continue our team coverage of the story with news 4's justin finch. >> justin, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yeah, back-to-eck shock h in college park from students as they had first the shock of hearing that d.j. dkin was recommended to stay on as head shock and then that final that he was, indeed, going to be parting ways with the university. there are reports, too, that
6:46 am
members of the football team were cering when that final announcement was made, some even taking their surprise to social media, including linebacker tre watson, who posted this,ts pressure bus pipes, doesn't it? then offensive lineman ell mckennie writing, it's never the wrong time to do whahts r durkin joined maryland as head coachk in 2015. he has been on leave since august as this independent investigation into the team's so talledic culture began to ramp up. now, the report did at first recommend that durkintay with the team. , of course, now is parting ways. t ny students we've seen on campus say thawas the right call to make. no this morning we are standing by for a press conference at 7:30 with the student government association, getting their reaction to this news about d.j. durkin, and a protest planned f later thi afternoon. we're live in college park. i'm justin finch, news 4. back toyou. justin, thank you. halloween is over, and now all eyes are turning to november
6:47 am
to focus on the midterm elections that are now just five days away. president trump plans to spend road a few days on th between now and election day. just hours ago, the president talked upigis ition plans at a rally in florida, even threatening to triple the number of troops working at the border. >> nbc's peter alexander is at the white house this morning. peter, immigration seems to be one of the most controversial topics with this president. >> reporter: yeah,ood morning. that's exactly right. it's one heil hopesrile up his base in these waning days before tuesday's midterms. the presidenterving as his own megaphone, holding ten rallies in eight states. the democrats also rolling out their biggest names as well. oprah winfrey among them hitting the trail today. it's all teeing up titanic clash at the polls on tuesday. the presidt, as you showed, in florida last night emphasizing the issue of immigration, stoking more fears about that caravan of migrants and refugees still about 900 miles away from
6:48 am
the u.s. borde thresident earlier suggesting something you highlighted, but it's important we focus on this. that he would double or perhaps triple the n tber ofops deployed to that border. that would be more at the mexicanha border there are in afghanistan right now. he's also standing by his call to end birthright citizenship for babies born in the u.s. to noncitizens, which is of course guaranteed by the 14th amendment. the president causing a rift with those comments within his own party, attacking outgoing speaker of the house paul ryan, who like most legal experts say the president can't overturn a constitutional amendment by executive order. >> peter alexander athe white house for us. thanks. troops at the border start their work today. the president made that decisio this wee to send more than 5,000 troops to the border as part of operation faiful patriot. this is in response to that my grant caravan heading north to seek asylum in the u.s. thesaravan i still more than away.iles all right. 6:49 our time right now.
6:49 am
we want to check on the forecast again with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. we start with that look ootside. not af o clouds. that's a good thing. >> a very good thing. it's going to be a great day to spend quality time in the great outdoors. mother nature throwins what might end up being the warmest day of november here on the very firs day of the month. skies partly cloudy. sun still not up until just after 7:30. between now and then, it'seg already 58es at national airport. southwest winds will be increasing today. it will be a breezy day. southwest winds 15 to 25 miles per hour. and clouds will gradually bn the increase. that area of storminess could cause some real flight delay issues today for new orleansnd atlanta. severe weather possible across parts of the gulf coast. that line of stronger storms will likely be here tomorrow evening. not looking for a big threat of sevehe weather around , but rumbles of thunder are a real possibility between abo 4:00 and 10:00 on friday.
6:50 am
not today. right now just a mix of clouds and clear skies out there. future weather keeps us dryor most, if not all of the daylight hours today. you can see here by into the evening hours after 6:00 or 7:00, there is a likelihood of at least a couple showers around. that showeranhance around during the overnight hours. no heavy rain until later on in th day tomorrow. temperatures are mild. upper 50s to near 60 highs in your hometown today, 75 in fredrick, myland. 76 i manassas today. 74 in annapolis. here's torrow starting at 5:00 p.m. on future weather. an opportunity for some showers, which could turn into some thunderstorms. future weather hinting at thunderstorms along i-95 between 5:00 and 10:00row. keep that in mind. saturday also may start off a little showery, but i thi the second half of saturday and saturday night will be dry. that's when you set your clocks back to go back to standard time. nshine for the redskins game on sund. more mild, rainy days coming up
6:51 am
early next week. let's go to melissa. >> good morning, chuck. loving this weather here today. adelphi, new hampshire avenue at northampton driv we have pedestrian struck. the crash is blocking the left lane in each direction. we'll try to get an update and eet that out. laurel southbound bw parkway after 198, the left lane was blocked. that has cleared out of the way. we still have some delays. in damascus, a new problem her4 at hawkins creamery, crash reported at 2om. seeing delays on the map headed southbound. northbound 295 before malcolm x and southwest, a crash on the left shoulder really causing delays, even at the bottom of the beltway. manassas eastbound , a crash on the right side. in quantico, right lane blocked by a crash. looking at travel times, 270 from t germantown to spur, looking okay. top of the beltway, 22 miles per hour between 95 and 270. 66 headed inbound, 9ead
6:52 am
northbound, both very typical for this time of day. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 fm when you hop in your car today. >> thank you, it's 6:52. there is a new chef in the kitchen today. that is because it's nationa men make dinner day. >> this is a day for men who don't usually another m of the news 4 teammolete green this. morni doug kammerer has opened his kitchen to us today. i don't see smoke. so he's not burning anything. >> you guys do this show every morning? you're uphis early eve day? >> this is whate do. chicken marsala. we have it plated up. we made it through. look at that dish. sove listen, we ha rules. some of the rules include you have to clean as you go. >> we're cleaning now. i'm using tha keep cleaning the bowls there. >> kids are helping out as well. you have to use -- items all
6:53 am
must be put away in their proper places. then doug, here's the final rule that we're going to share. limit your gloating to three times durg the actual meal. >> okay. so i already said, man, doesn't that look good. that was onee now actually have to taste it. i'm going to cut you off a little piece here. again,his is probably going to be the most moistest chicken. absolutely this is done. of course check if your chicken is make sure the no pink in the center, everyone. >> no pink in the center. here we go. i'm going to taste it. it's >> did i do okay? >> it's good. you did. you nailed it for national men make dinner day. >> veyes, yes. e some. >> he added some green beans he
6:54 am
got straight out of a can. we want to thank your wife for being a good sport. she let us inhi kitchen early this morning. i don't even want to show you what the floor looks liken the other side. but that's okay. we're cleaning. >> normally you don't com in the kitchen when the chef is cooking. >> you got a little flour above your eye. >> a littlelour? that means i was working. >> aaron, chuck, j andtin also made dishes this morning. i want to see what those guys brought in. >> i wonder if holly is going to get breakfa in bed. she's getting chicken marsala for breakfast. >> this is breakfast, lunch, and dinner. >> we were confident that would taste good we brought in the stuff chuck's famous chili. justin finch made the pasta salad. this is my cajun shrimp and rice. >> pasta salad is good. >> taste testing here. >> very good. >> this is yours, aaron, the shrimp? >> the shrimp and rice.
6:55 am
>> very good. i like it. >> what did you make? >> i made the pot of chili. >> very good. >> so we did it. mission accomplished for men make dinner day.e guys, gt a shot. do what you can. >> really good. all right. four things to know beforeheou head outoor today. metro will review its new budget design to lure rids back to the system. it includes longer rush hour periods and a $2 flat fee for weekend service. the plan cou go into effect next july. today is the last day to vote early in maryland's midterm elections. tomorrow is the last day for early voting in d.c.nd the last day in west virginia is saturday. divers haveecered a flight data recorder from the lion air the small device may hold big answers for the families of the 189 victims. the plane crashed early monday just minutes after takeoff from jakarta. this morning, the pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect is set to appear in court for arraignment. he's facing 44 counts, including hate crimes, in saturday's
6:56 am
shooting. 11 people were killed in the tree of life synagogue. and your forecast for today, warm andzy br 77 degrees, are you kidding me? how about an 80% chance of thunderstorms o your friday evening. that leaves us with cooler weather for the weekend. >> all right. king a look a the a new problem. silver, blue, orange line, signal problems. new hampshire at northampton, all nortound lanes are shut down. this stuff is good. >> delicio j. >> gre. >> and happy halloween. just a few more photos before we end the day. the kids enjoying -- my kids and their friends. it was so cute. leo was likech a wg, following her. around and that's my niece who's the cutest chef ever. >> my godson was out last night too. we caught him in this costume before he went out the door. denise had to explain. this isal a master chief. >> he's grown up so much. >> he looks le he's 15. >> he's grown up so much. oh, my gosh. still adorable.
6:57 am
>> i'm going to get a message from denise. he might be 7. >> he might be. >> "today>> show is next. 're done. 're done. ou>> kaine: weliberty and justiceto a flag not for some, but for all. i want a virginia that works for all, with economic opportunity and a chance for a good life. i'll work with anyone to build that virginia. we can't let our leaders divide us because we're all americans. i'm tim kaine, and i approve message because if we ask our kids to say these words... teacher and children: nation under god, santa ana sanch ...we have to be willing to live by them.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
the race is . five days and counting to the e dterm elections. midterm elections. president trump on a barnstorming cross-country tour confronted about his complicated relationship with the truth. >> when i can, i tell the truth. >> political ads and messages saturating tv and social media feeds. will the massive push actually get ameriens to polls? breaking overnight divers reoxver a black from that doomed lion air flight and believe they have now found the fuselage. what will they reveal about the crash that claimed the les of all 189 people on board? stunning


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