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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 2, 2018 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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tonight. >> melissa is going to get us caught up on the morning commute. >> it's a really mild start to the day so you know tha i somethin up in the weather if it's this warm so early in the morning in november. >> tracking a few rain drops already this morning. mainly cloudy skies are around the city right now and a few showers across parts of central hirginia. but is all part of a larger weather system that will be bringing us a very high, like 100% high chance for rain aun rstorms later on in the day today. have your umbrella ready to go. not expecting a high rainfall amount until after 4:00. so no more than a drop oroswo for of the day and most verybody should be dry at about 2:00 or3:00 in the afternoon when school is coming to and end but by thisev ing, be ready. the high school football games will be soaked. >> a yucky evening commute and wet football game.
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sounds like you might want to head home now. inner loop and outer loop of the belt way, no complaints. >> you're on time here going 67 miles per hour. going toet you there in 11 minutes if you're heading northbound on at. nice and clear right now as well. ore hbound 295 b pennsylvania, two right lanes get by that work zone. >> melissa, thank you. back to the breaking news we hang been follo this morning. a two alarm apartment fire in southeast d.c. forced more than two dozen residents out of their homes overnigh firefighters were called to a building on alabama avenue near congress street. two civilians have been transported to the holiday and one firefighter has minor >> ano change in leadership at the university of maryland. the chairman at the board of
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regents stepped down days after recommending that the head football coa d.j.durkin keep his job following the dth of jordan mcnair. regarding this controversial decision he released a statement saying in part, i understand that reasonable people could come to other conclusions andng even a our board some did. students, elected offials and mcnair's parents were all outraged over the ard's decisions. many saw it as a failure to hold someone accountable for mcnair's death. he heard the complaints and decided to fire durkins. they fully backed lowe's decision. he suffered heat stroke during practice in may and died weeks later. >> a story you'll see only on news 4. an astonishing site on 270 in montgomery county. someone snapped a picture of a prison van with the back doors wide open yestday. theinmates were being
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transpksted to clrg to the courthouse in rockville. along the way, the doors swung open. the preliminary i estigation determined this was not a malfunction and the doors were not prope ylatched. they were opened about 10 minutes before someone called 911 and the inmates were properly secured and not injur t duris 10-minute ordeal. >> closure for a montgomery county family thi morning. a daycare provider convicted of killing a baby will spend the next 50 years i prison. he was sentencedyesterday. she died from brain hemorrhages and broken ribs. he slammed the childown at his in-home daycare in rockville. it's a verdict that effects the entire community. >> a daycare provider, someone that you tst with your child did this ibte, terrible
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thi thing. the community cried out on this. there was a mistrial and then he was tried again where he was found guilty. >> prosecutors used his internet history as evidence and showed searches for signs of broken bones in children his lawyers argue there's no >>idence he intended to hurt the baby. oday a jury is going to decide t o fate a man accused in the death of a prince george's county police officer. he is not the one that actually pulled the trigger. heied when fellow officer shot him during a shoot out two years ago. earlier this week, he testified thate fired rounds at the station so police would shoot and kill him. >> the man accused of1illing people inside the tree of life pleaded not guilty. he could be put to death if
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federal prosecutors seek t death penalty. he used a rifle during the rampage. the federal trial could last three or four weeks. >> it's now 4:35. here are the other top stories for you this morning. right now, u.s. troops are on the southn border the military is deploying 7,000 troops to texas, arizona, and california to help the department of homeland security. president trump approved up 15,000 troops. this is allff inect to keep a ravan of migrants from entering the u.s. we'll have more on this story in a live report from capitol hill. >> at least one campaign saw a little bit of star power this week. yesterday oprah was in georgia campaigning fortacy abrams. if she wins, she will be the first black woman in american story ever elected as
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governor. oprah hosted two tn halls. >> a hazing investigation is underway at damascus high school in montgomery county. they're looking into reports that a j.v. football player was assaulted by hiseaates earlier this week. o letter sent t parents vowed to discipline any student found guilty of hazing. >>totarting y, traffic signals at more than 90 intersectionstiill be red to give pedestrians mor time to cross the street. it's an effort to eliminate traffic injuries and death. >> it was an unincredible but d.c. united's season has come to an end. >> columbus -- and he missed it. columbus still win the shoot out after all. heartbreaking loss right the, but it just wasn't enough to defeat columbus. it was all over social media as united forced the gamento a shoot out after extra time.
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he missed that penalty kick. a tough defeat, in deed for the first ever playoff game, but here's what wayne rooney had to say before they went into penalt kicks. >>d.c. you nighted may not be moving on but remember how far come. m has >> they were in last place innd august ahey clenched a home playoff ga h. theyave a lot to be proud of. he was a huge part of that. >> better news, relief could be coming to thar w rough season. dwight howard will finally make his d.c. debut tonight. here he is at tipr.
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>> he has been sidelined by an injury in his lower black. don't be surprised if you see him on the floor when he's not on the bench. >> wizards nd all the hel they can get against the thunder. they have a 1-6 record. tipoff is at 8:00. >> it's time to turn this around. >>4:38, coming up, thanksgiving at target? the newest ayreleased hol hours that could have some of you and your family ditching the turkey to shop instead. bye grandma. >> come on, finish your family dinner first. >> he spent 27 years behind bars for a crime heid not commit. for a crime heid not commit. se how hee barbara comstock think roe vs wade should be overturned and the state should decide it."
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announcer: that's right. comstock sports taking away a woman's right to choose. she voted to defund planned parenthood 6 times, limiting womenn. access to contracept and comstock votes with trump ninety eight pcent of the time. djennifer wexton: ened by the washington post. she'll protect a wonnn's right to choose. er wexton for congress. independence ur pac is responsible e content of this advertising. to care for other human beings. nurses ben jealous has a plan called medicare-for-all, that builds on
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the foundation of medicare, ben jealous has a plan by using our collective purchasing power, c to lowts and the costs of prescription drugs.medical allows us to take every pharmaceutical company to task on the price of every drug. get a tter deal for all of us. nursesand medicare-for-amaryland will lead to just that. my name is hannah and i'm supporting ben jealous for governor of maryland.
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a man wrongfully convied is be freed from prison all thanks to students from georgetown, university. >> he served nearly three decades in prison for a murder he did not university. >> he served nearly three decades in prison for a murder he did not commit. his hands and clothes were tested for gun residue and the results came back negative. once they were made aware, they work to free dixon. >> it feels like a dream come true. i fantasized abo this day while i was in there.
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i always thought about the outside. i stayed on the outside even though i was on the inside. my mind was always out here. >> there's evidence of that in his intings. he began painting while he was in prison. his work cauhe attention of golf digest magazine. they feaorred his and now dixon will make a living selling his pantings. >> beautiful work. >> wow. >> incredible story all around. job well done to the students there at goreorgetown. >> college fooall forecast. cavalier fans, it's going to be raining tonight. it will beel relat mild but a 100%
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these are notge an. these are tough people, and we're not letting them into our country. they're not coming inle lly. >> both parties are pulling out big guns as the midrm electio
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approaches. president trump is pushing his immigration reform plan as a controversial new ad campaign launches. >> also as youan see behind me some of the troops arein arrivg in an attpt to block a caravan from entering the u.s. >> good morning to you. so president trump is notn the ballot obviously this election cycle, but he' chrirossing the country making himself and immigration a central issue. one thing he's harping onhe is migrant caravan heading up toward the border a tops are arriving there. he ordered thousands of troops to head thereto and those migrants from coming intohe country. >> now the other thing he'sta ing about, he rolled out a number of possible policy changes. one of those, he's going to sign an executive action next week
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hat would make it mor difficult for immigrants to seek asylum saying they would be turned awayheneeking asylum unless they come to specific legal ports of entry along the border. analyst say this gets his base riled up, but others say this a coulo be a rallying cry for democrats to come out and vot as well. >> thank you. >> rightow lawmakers are demanding answers concerning president trump and his alleged involvement in scrapping plans to move the fbi headquaters. our media partner wtop is reporting democraticve senators joined their colleagues in requesting information. in a letter, lawmakers have questions about how much the president was involved. the plan was to move the headquaters to the suburbs but some alleged the president killed the plan for fear of competitn to his hotels.
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>> new details on the sisters eyund dead in new york last week. ade several stops on their way to new york city before they died. they stopped ic. and philly on their way to the city. 16-year-old tala and her older sister were saudi nationals. they were found bound together with duct tape. police have said there were no obvious signs of t drama their bodies. they believe they were arriveen when they into the water. >> today a group looking for justice were jam khashoggi is holding a memorial for him in the district. he was murdered last month after entering the saudi arabia juan conciliate in among the people speaking today will be his fiancee. she was waiting for him outside of the conciliate that day. >> it's now 4:48.
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right now open enrollment is underway if you're among the millions in our country that get insurance throughhe federal health exchanges. enrollment will run through mid cember. thisar, consumers are benefitting from premiums and moreho cices and an estimated 12 million people are covered through medicaid expansion. that could make a difference in the lives of thousands of virginians. she wanted to be the first to apply for health care befits under an expanded medicaid program. she has been fighting for this expansionor some time and hopes this will mark a newch ter in her life for the better. >> it's going to change my life. my hope is that i can have surgery ony back to fix the issues that i have and, you know, to be able to live a more
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normal pain-free life. >> she took this photo with the aidr the day the med expansion legislation was signed into law. as many asor 400,000 virginians may now be eligible for medicaid. drug overdoses are on the nise in comes across the country, but now they are helping parents spot signs of trouble in their own home. >> stacy wilson iike most parents. she had the talk about drugs with her son joel, never imagining he would become dicted to opioid. but when she found out it w o late. now his stuff is inside the hope
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house. it helps parents figure out signs of drug use and where the drugould be hidden, like inside shoes or where batteries are supposed to be. the sheriff says opioid overdoses are down in the county, but this is another tool to helphem save lives. >> simone biless adding another record to herme accomplishs this morning. many she's now the first woman to win a fourth all around title. this happened at the world gymnastic championships in qatar yesterday. sh admitted it wasn't her best performance. she had to overme falls on the vault and balance beam to win the gold. even more incredible, she was in and is italast week still battling a kidney stone, but still putting on a performance of a lifetime with that smile. she is ectacular. >> a lot of folks couldn't get out of be
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>> she is just beyond. congratulations to her. the weekend is almost here which means it's almost time for another skins match up. >> this time the kins are hosting the atlantafalcons. they not only have a winning record but also their best start in about tenyears. kick off is sunday afternoon atr 1:ht here on fedex field. llthis could be the biggestt, . cheleng optimistic. >> my given sunday. it will not be a weather relates sue. the sun will be shining. l some people w try to find a way. >> i know. >> oh, the wind was too much. that's we didn't make the fieldgoal or so crazy thg. the sun will be shining on sunday.
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that's welcome news. not going to get a lot of sunshine today. our average high temperatu is 63. we're already at 67 degrees here o af cold front which will bring a round of rain and thunderstorms here later on in the day today. the good news is, i think the rain will be out of here a littlen sooner now saturday. so that is welcome news. most of your outdoor plans this weekend, both days will be rain free unless you're doing something just as the sun is coming up tomorrow morning. right now, just couple of drops here. montgomery and fairfax countse along the b ridge there so you could get rained on at any time. here's future weather. an opportunity for a stray shower between now and 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. there will be a break and maybe a peek of sun bween around 11:00 in the morning and 2:00 or 3:00 in the afternoon.
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then a chance of rain comes in.a 8:00, rain. chance for thunderstorms as well. not a big threat for severe weather but gusty winds and sideways rain will maken it unpleasant friday evening to be outside. mid 70s before the sun datoy. then breezy and chilly and more wild rain showers come in next eek. >> happyfriday. >> montrose road here. we have anoverturned vehicle and you can see the response on the scene. so wee do have s closures through that area. just to warnou there. everything is looking good. fairx county to the parkway.
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we'll get you there in 8 minutes. if you're hded inbound and outbound, same situation, no delays. lanes und 295, two right are getting by that work zone. >> melissa, thank you. metro's revamped kids ride free program hit a snag. all must use a smartrip card ibd -- instead of the d.c. one card. 25,000 students either didn't go to school or struggled to get to school. metro disputes that story and said no student was turned away regardless of which payment card they used. >> target is getting ready for the holiday shoppg rush. your turkey may not be on the tablehen they open the doors on thanksgiving. doors are going to open at 5:00 in the afternoon o thanksgivi
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thanksgiving. that's an hour earlier than last year. stores will close at1:00 in the morning and reopen again at 7:00 a.m. on friday. they announced earlier this year free two-day shipping on all orders between d now andember 26th. >> close at 1:00 a.m. and reopen -- so you have six hours to see your family and sleep and get it all done. >> how you going to see your family at 2:00 imothe ing. >> keep your w homem this winter without breaking the bank. >> what you can do right now to make sure that your home keeps the heat in and the high bills out. >> ps hold on tight. a local prisoner transportation van bk door flies open while cruising down an interstate coming up we're looking into what went wrong. it's 4:56. is isn't an election.
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it's a declaration. that when they attack who we are. we show what we're made of. and we don't stand back- we stand up. for women's rights. for health care. for our kids futures. the washington post says david trone is detailed, studious and no-nonsense an excellent successor to john delaney. there's no sitting on the sidelines. not me. not you. not now. the best choice, by a mile, is mrtrone. on november 6th. vote. david tronfor congress. i'm david trone, i approve this message. ay
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it be friday but we're in the path of storms that may interrupt your evening plans if you're heading out tonight. >> let's hand things overirst to chuck bell with a check on your friday forecast. s it's odd to be so warm and
5:00 am
breezy at this time of the year. really weird. >> you know something is up with the weath if you're getting up on a november morning and we're near 70 degrees:0ta.m. a very busy weather day today. showers and a chance for thunderstorms during the evening commute up through your friday night plan. not a big threat for severe weather but a likelihood of rain, could be very heavy at times and thunderstorms as wegh. now, your friday morning getting started. a couple of drops her along 66. a few drops along 270 if you're ming down from montgomery county and a little bit of rain there. but look at these numbers.5: that's a.m. temperatures. afternoon highs in the low 70s for a brief time so your d walking forecast, walk early, walk middaut once you get home this evening it's going to be raining hard a


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