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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 2, 2018 5:00pm-5:50pm EDT

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mysterious disappearance and deaths of two young women from virginia. >> it is entirely incredible the girls entered the water alive. >> wt police are uncovering about their final days. news4 at 5:00 starts now. w >>re beginning with that weather alert. the big changes on the way. >> and doug, you're tracking some big c in the temperatures. >> right now over the last couple hours, i has gone from great weather, around 70, right now with the heavy rain moving in. you've already seen the rain. >> and we're tracking around the roanoke area and we'll be under the gun f sever weather between 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. >>he let's show you radar. you see most of the rain continues to be aong and wet road. around the fairfax county area, around herndon and reston.
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watching this area. this is one of those moving toward fauquier county. back toward winchester, too. the wider view showi how this is really starting to come together and what we're looking. it is not what's coming through. we're not expecting much in the way of strong winds. we're loong at the linear segments. you see one coming through roanoke, another toward martinsville. and greenville and.orth caroli these are the winds, these are the storms that have the windsh associated wthem. they could make their way into our area around 7:00, 8:00 tonight. i'll show what you to expect. make sure you stay with m cover the neple hours. several high school students have been charged with rape. three young menh charged w two counts of second-degree rape and two counts of attemptede second-degrape. there are four victims.
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rs.y are also mi news4's cory smith spoke with students today about the disturbing chars. cory? >> reporter: yeah the last 48 hours at damascus high school have been tough to say t least. students .to say they don't want the alleged actions of a few to diminish the school's reputation. but more importantly tonight, they are very concerned about th victims. people that they consider their friends. >> when you say damascus, you think football, small, little town, little school, and something like this that happened here. ht is very sad. >> reporter: ton anger and empathy if i willhe hall student like senior paul moore are coming to grimes with the faction tt three of their classmates have been charged with second-degree rape. the victims, fellow students. >> it is very alarming. >> that something happened so close to school.
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>> reporter: details have been spreading since thursday. some say they know victims and their allegedanassa. all of them messages of the jv football am. when you were on the team, did you experience anything like that in. >> hazing? no. >> reporter: he played football on both teams at damascus. he said the last 24ours have been surreal. this is not the tight-knit school he knows. >> this incident doesn't cu represent dam at all? >> nothing at all. >> reporter: as the magnitude steps in, students are turning to help the victims. >> when something like this happens, most likely than not, the students will get a lot of support and empathy from studsts and teach and they'll support them through process. >> reporter: tonight, theme mont county schools would not say whether the three students charged have been disciplined by thol sc we do not know what will happen with the rest of the jv football team season. head to t forfeitir game last night. tonight varsity team takes the
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field here at wooten. again, the school district saying this had nothing to he with varsity team. ba to you. >> thank you. we have new details about the ounal movements of two fairfax county sisters dead in new york's hudson river. police stay pair were stayingelt high end hin the city until money ran out. news4's erika gonzalez is tracking the latest formation. >> nypd detectives say all the signs point to something other than a crime. they tell us 22-year-old rotana and 16-year-old tala were seen playing near the river the day their bodies were discoveredful they reported abuse at home but police couldn'tte corrobo those allegations. after reporting the abuse, the sters lived in a shelter of sorts in virginia. and they hadt seenheir parents since last year when
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they ran away from their fairfax county they disappeared this past august. an electronic per trail puts the girls in new york cynic early september. they were staying in high end hotels and had been orderg food. police say the money was running out and perhaps the biggest piece of the puzzle yet, a witness claims to have seen the praying aloudhe day their bodnds were fou duct taped together. >> it is entely credible the girls entered the water alive. we have sources that the detectives have developed from the investigation thus far. statements made that they would rather inflict harm on themselves and commit suicide than return to saudi arabia. >> police confirmed the two w seeking asylum. they had been in the united states since 2015. an c officialse of death has not yet been released. back to you in the studio.
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>> all rit. thank yo the jury has been deliberating all afternoon in the trial of a man crged in the death of a prince george's county police officer. prurts say it was 2016 when michael ford open fire on the police hequarters. during the chaotic moments after that, a fellow officer mistakenly killed an officer not in uniform. while he did not pull the trigger, ford is charged withre second-dmurder. he testified that he went to that police station, wanting police to kill him. the judgeill check in with them soon to 73ge the j wants them on keep deliberating. and sunday marshall one year cynic someone shot and killed tony mason in ball. mason had been sitting in w parked ch a woman when the shots were fired. he was a r17-y veteran of the d.c. police department. >> later this hour we'll mark
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th start of the first shabbat or sabbath since the shooting at the synagogue. here in our area and across the country, jews and nonjews are ing encouraged to attend shabbat services to show solidarity wsbh pigh. there are dozens of events in our region. you can see a link to find one near you in our nbc washington app. just search solidarity service. today marked one month since the "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi vanhed after he went into the saudi konls flat istanbul. earlier, someone said that someon suffocated or strangled him before dismembering his herewashington, a memorial body. service for the murdered journalist in a video his fiance said the in is still very real. in large part because they do not know theocation o
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khashoggi's remains. >> jamal was killed in a horrible. i would like to send this message to mr. trump. i would like him to support turkey's legal efforts i ting to bring life to this situation and to discover the whereabouts of his body. >> in all, 18 people have beens identified suspects in khashoggi's death. it's been the story thatas dominated our newscast for the past week. the side line scandal at the university of maryland. tonight, the school i without a football coach and a chair of the board of regents. and tracee wilkins reports, it could take somor timehe school to bounce back from the fallout. >> the whole cascading series of catastrophes. >> reporter: it's been a week of massive shake-ups at the maryland.y of now the institution's accreditation is on the line when jordanai m suffered a
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heat stroke and died two weeks later, the middle state's commission on higher education requested a review of the iversity's governance. only after student demonstrations yesterday, james y, the chair, he resigned. earlier he had announced his support of the head coach, dj durkin. lo fired durkin against board's advice leaving many questioning the board's decision making in the first place. >> i know many of them. i think they're good people and about the mistake.e a big >> he represents college park >>d is a former board of regents leader. think he's done a good job and we can see it near college park. i als wanted to say, because it will be very hard for thent reges to recruit a successor
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so close to this. >> theling on skams more >> i think he's been somewhat unresponsive to stude concerns. beginning the original sin, joining the big ten. >> he tried to stay neutral. neutral where no one is being heard. >> reporter: it will be a busy november for college park on november 15th. house committee will be reviewing the board of regents process. on the 14th and 15th, that's whenhe middle states commsion will review the accreditation of the school. news4. ni there are also concerns about donations for thersity of maryland. one major donor has threatened to withhold millions of dollars es.i the school stabil alec baldwiner expienced a career resurgence for his imitation of president trump. rnat we're lg about his
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arrest in new york today. plus, y just can'turn on the tv or the radio without he ping negativeitical commercial. the strategy that's driving this tactic, even though most voters say they don't want them. storm team 4 is tcking storm team 4 is tcking some storm i believi've heard storiesnt from people across virginiaing. that have moved me to take action on veterans unemployment, the opioid epidemic, and pediatric healthcare. but we can't make progress when we're divided, when our leaders pit us against each other for political gain. s in the senate, i'll alwsten to you and focus on solving probls that matter to virginia and to america. i i'm tim kaine, anprove this message. ic in maryland, democrats are on the front lines. with so much at stake, ben jealous is the bold leader maryland needs. his plans will get our schools back to number one ands the bold leader maryland needs. protect our healthcare.
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maryland's teachers, nurses and president obama beous has the "courage to move families forward." let us stand up for our kids let us stand up for familiesan let us up for our state ben jealous, democrat for governor beforfight to clean up the bay.s so when donald trump's epa attacks our clean water laws, frosh is lto stop them.arge attorney general brian frosh.
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there arepatrick morriseyes ifiled a lawsuit. to take away protectio for people witi voted to protectditions.e morrisey got rich as a washington lobbyist for opioid companies. my work as your senatotook a bs off the street. morrisey is simply a "yes" man my work as your senatotook a bs for the drug companies and the political bosses. i'm considered the most independent senator in washington. i'm joe manchin, and i approve this message. saying barbara comstock'sorses je"promise has turn to dust.".. she's trump's "unquestioning foot soldier." jennifer wexton is the "clear and convincing" choice.
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"smart, serious and substantive" ... "ms. wexton would be a breath of fresh air" in congress. i'm jennifer wextonap anproved this message because i've worked across party lines to get things done. that's how we can fix congress and make it work for us again. we are in a weather alert tonight. storm team 4 tracking heavy rain and gusty winds. doug is back with the forecast in a few s.minu security concerns are leading to a break with tradition at the u.s. supreme court. justice brett kavanaugh is scheduled to have his ceremial installation next week. unlike his predecessors, kavanaugh will not take walk down marble ste f innt of the high court. that's typically one of the only opportunities f the media to get photographs of the justices since cameras are not allowed
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inside. he's been on the bench jus abou a month after an extremely contentious pr the u.s. prisons bureau is admitting it is short-handed at the federal prison where the notorious gangster whitey bulger js killed last week. found deadt one day after arrived in hazelton, west virginia. our i-team revealed a series of incidents and attacks at that prison and that included the mu er of twoinmates from d.c. just this year. the correctional union is blaming staff shortages. in a statement to the i-team, the u.s. bureau of prisons says hazelton has 36 vacant positions for correctional we've all heard the same. what's old is new for one of the stars of the go go basketball am, it couldn't ring truer.
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and thanks to a rectangle court, his life is coming full circ. >> reporter: he played basketball across the globe. four continents, to be exact. but d.c. has always been them to devin sweetney and now his world tour has led him back home >> that was my bedroom window. the top of that hill, alabama avenue. >> reporter: that's where you canee the go go teampl . a g league team where players have a shot to getting called up to the nba. so devin's new home is smack in the middle of h old one. >> so funny. i talked to mr. j hillt now. he would be out at0 6 a.m. i would be out dribbling just h.
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>> my radius was that stop sig and that stop sign and that's it. >> funny for a guy whose career has spanned thousands of miles across 12 countries. >> if i didn't play basketball, if i had these people street looking after my best interests, i don't know whether i would b alive. >> it's changing. >> it is, it is. >> come back and we'll talk. apprecte that, man. >> when a chance to play in his hole tow came up, he couldn't pass it up. i don't think people realize, when you ask me what i meant for me to be here, that's what it men. all right. the g go begin their inaugural season tomorrow. they'll be playing at the new entertainment and sports arena
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in congress heights. well, we have some big weather heading ourway. what's coming? >> you asked me when i walked in about four or five minutes ago, you said is it raining hard? no. but it's coming. and it's here now. take a look out there. this was right along i-95 corridor including d.c. here it is. rain.'s the when i came in, you could see well off to the north and but now you can't see it anymore. it is going tbe raining for the next couple of hours. look at the. temperatur 68 degrees. winds still out of the south at ten miles an hour we are very warm this time of year. we hit 70 againth and look a moisture moving in all the way from the south. just look at that speed. that's why we're so warm. that's why the potential is for heavy rain.
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we're fgki to be l for lines like this. we could see some strong gusty wind these storms develop and they'll bring the wind down. coming through theextouple of hours. the bigger area is to thesouth. you can see what's happening. let's show you this area right in here is what i'm watching. here right now,d.c., north and west. we're seeing the rain. it continues to on the heavy side. 7:00. dealing with steady in. notice the line developing. and look at this line at 8:30. we could see some incredibly
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heavy rainfall. that's it. that could h drop af inch to an inch ofrain. southern maryland, you're not seeing it just yet. the heaviest rain continues to be across northernginia and that's where we'll see it increase over the next couple hours. i'm watching this area to the south. i'll zoom in to an area around the roanoke area. this area showse a cou of lines of storms. one here and one in the roanoke area. this could produce winds of 30 to 40, maybe even 50 miles an hour. i' watching that closely. it will increase the rainfall intensity drastically. if you're going out with an umbrella, it may not rk i'll have much more on this. in new yorkci, alec baldwin was arrested.
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accused of punching a man over a car space. >> the man was taken to the hospital. andrew sif from our sister station in new york has the latest. reporter: he was held here at the sixth station house in manhattan for about two hours, all after an incident involving a parking space in front hfis home. according to law enforcement sources, it happened when baldwin was trying to secure a parking spot near his home on east tenth street. and then allegedly someone else tried to take that spot. according to sources, bal jumped out of his car. went over to the other individual, a 49-year-oldma and allegedly punched him in the face. that man was taken t manhattan's lenox hill hospital after complaining of face pain. baldwin was charged wh assault in the third grefl also, harassment. th are misdemeanors,
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punishable with up to one year in prison. he was given a ticke andold to appear before a judge in approximately 30 days. that's the latest reporting froe ich village. andrew siff. >> rorter: here at the live desk, breaking now at 5:00, the u.s. supreme court will take up a fight on the peace cross. the 40-foot cross was completed in 1945. it was built to commemorate 49 servicemen from the country who died in world war i. in 2012 theca amehumanist association filed a lawsuit claiming that its presence on public ground violates the constitution. and the fourth circuit court of appeals agreed that. the american legion, however, argued the memorial was designed to mirror the crossd sha markers on the graves of american servicemenovseas. the case will be argued early
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next year. >> with just days to go before the memorials, we're getting blasted with negative ads. >> every day those ads appear to get nastier and nastier. >> looking into the strategy behind this negative blitz. >> i i see one more false negative ad from jennifer in weaponecti. weton, my she had going to explode. >> i want to know pitive attributes. >> get up. go to work. c'>> senior political editor mark murray says negative ads increase in frequency in the waniays of an election.
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>> they want to get your supporters out. when one side does a negative ad, it obligates the other side to d >> reporter: colrey stewart is talking, and he is critical of stewart's record. >> heed ski a vote onopioids. >> nationwide, the number of attack ads are up 61% t since 2010 memorials. >> when you're trying to run in politics, you shoulbe focused on the issues and not demeaning your possibly.ho >> evenh results will not be known until election night, one thing is clea many voters will beve relied to see negative campaign ads disappear. but in th next few days, expect to see more attack ads as candidates try to discredit
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their opponents. getting to theolls can be a challenge for some. but especially for those who ve to rely public transportation. this year the nonpartisan ro nonprofit spread the vote is offering some help. arranging free rides for would be voters in need. they're posting flyers in the springfield alexandria area. the rides are just for election day. they're also available for those who need to vote we have a wlink more information. just search election day. a rare condition put her son's life at risk and this mother didn' hesitate to step mother didn' hesitate to step many to help.
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i believi've heard smportant from people across virginiaing. that have moved me to take action on veterans unemployment,
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the opioid epidemic, when we're divided,hcare.bus when our leaders pit us against aieach other for political in the senate, i'll always listen to you and focus on sving problems that matter to virginia and to i'm tim and i approve this message. dave brat said he'd vote to reduce the deficit. i'm abigail spanberger, and i approve this message. but instead, he voted to increase i by $1.9 trillion. brat went washington, taking hundreds of thousands from big drug companies, wall street banks, and otinr corporate special rests and voting to give his big corporate donors big tax breaks, making the next generation pay. dave brat went washington, and all we got was the bill. i waso i'm used tor, getting to work early. now i have a general practice, with a lot of patients who are counting on me.
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many of them worry about president trump taking away protections for pre-existing conditions. and women are frightened they could lose reproductive health care. it's why i'm glad i have a friend named ben. ben is a national leader who's protecting obamacare from president trump. m hefriend ben. i hope he's your friend, too. i'm berdin and i approved this message. there arepatrick morriseyes ifiled a lawsuit. to take away protections for people with pre-existing conditions. i voted to protect them. morrisey got rich as a washington lobbyist for opioid companies. my work as your senator took billion opioid pills off the street. morrisey is simply a "yes" man for the drug companies and the political bosses. i'm considered the most independent senator in washington. i'm joe manchin, and i approve this message.
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a mother just became mother of the year. she was told herhr sontopher needed a life saving transplant. tested.ire family was they were all a match to donate. but cheryl didn't want to see two of her sons on the operating table so she stepped up on the operating table. today with her family and governor hogan, she was namedth mother o year. >> we're just recognizing the mother of the year. she's an incrediblemother, so much in her back ground, doing things in the community and the church and donating a kidney for her son. >> that's an awemome she is now in the running to be nationally recognized as mothe of the year. well it's time. this weekend we all get an extra hour of sleep andhen we plunge
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into darkss. the dreadful night that seems to descend on us at 3:00 in the afternoon. >> on sunday morning we'll set our clocks back from 2:00 to 1:00 a.m. for most of us, our phones have double it but then you have to hit the oven and the microwave. this weekend, officially at 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. the biggest impact is at sunset. saturday at 6:00, which we think ng, to aof depres sunset on sunday at 5:00 p.m. to make up for it, we get extra hour of sleep. ut our sunset will be before 5:00 p.m. that means until january 4, i was doing more diggingtoday. daylight savings time was introduced to save mon and it was actually suggested by benjamin franklin originally in
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1784. we didn't really document it until 1918. we loved and it hated it. a lot ofhis changed. we're not only talking about daylight savings coming to an end. we're talking abo rain on storm team 4 radar with the potential for severe weather. we'll have much more on that coming up. >> so we'll just cbo load. a digital di i'd is still existing. ahead, leonn arrise local group that's helping to bridge that >>p. you've seen it going up over the last four years. the last four years. now we take announcer: the following will surprise you about barbara comstock: barbara comstock: "i think roe vs wade should be overturned and the state should decide it." announcer: that's right. comstock supports taking away ' a woright to choose. she voted to defund planned parenthood 6 times, limiting women's access to contraception.
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and comstock votes with trump ninety eight percent of the time. jennifer wexton: endorsed b s the washington post.'ll protect a woman's right to choose. jennifer wton for congress. independence usa pac is responsible for the cog.ent of this advertis i'm jennifer wexton, and i approve this message. seen barbara comstock's fake ad? er jenn wexton backed a deal leading to massive tolls on 66. nonsense. jennifer wexton fought the tolls on 66. and let's call this plan what it is, the way that it's been rolled out. r it's highwbery. there's also healthcare robbery. barbara comstock voted to sabotageo the healthcare market, hiking preums up to 64%. barbara trumpstock -- t everythinghat's wrong in washington. dave brat said he'd vote to reduce the deficit. i'm abigail spanberger, and i approve this message. but instead, he voted to increase it by $1.9 trillion. why? brat went washington,dr
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taking hs of thousands from big drug companies, wall street banks, and other corporate special interests and voting to give his big corporate donors big tax breaks, making the next generationay. dave brat went washington, and all we got was the bill. in maryland, democrats are on the front o much at stake, ben jealous is the bold leader maryland needs. his plans will get our schools back to number one and protect our healthcare. maryland's teachers, nurses and president obama agree. ben jealous has the "courage to move families forward." let us stand up for o kids let us stand up for families let us stand up for our state ben jealous, democrat for governor he turnebusinessman. naacp. ben jealous. "marylander of the year". endorsed by president obama for his "vision, experience and courage to move maryland forward." ben's vision: medicare-for-all,
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fully fund our schools, and an economy that works for working people. the sutasays jealous has "there and gravitas" to lead maryland. we can do much better on jobs, on education, on healthcare. but it means we've got to believe in each other. ben jealous.or gove we've watched it rise over the beltway the last four years. the capital one tower. today we get a rare look inside and what's next for tysons.
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>> reporter: the capital one tower illuminates the skyline. chopper 4 giving us this view. you may have watched it take ape. today a 470 feet tall, the building is open for siness. >> it really is trans forming. this ia gateaway. >> she is helping to make this a reality. inside, bright work spaces. local art hanging on e hauls or us suspended in mid air. >> when you bring people through the first time, what is their reaction? >> they sit in awe. >> every floor connected by these zimmer stair cases. if you want privacy, a quiet room.
5:36 pm
much oft built around the millennial work experience. >> what we've seen is professionals in general, environment matters. >> that includes convenience. from an onsiteoedex a sleek cafeteria. >> employees can then burn the calories in the company fitness basketball court. >> seven floors up, they can take in the outdoor terrace. getting some fresh air and checking out the views. what's on the horizon. you can their transformation underway. this shows what's planned. with the new tower already u newesidential towers, a wegman's and a live w theaterl follow. plus more office spaces and a future hote the metropolis taking shape. news4. >> we would never get any work done. >> didn't hea anything about
5:37 pm
a vendingmachine. >> we've got that. doug >> you can't get quarters out of it. i know where it is. and the gym. >> we're waiting for someone to assemble the treadmill. >> hey, we've got the coming in. some live pictures. 66 along portions of the beltway, thi will be something we're dealing with the next couple hours. >> and then big changes tomorrow. from the 70s to 50s rohout the entire weekend. >> here's the rainfall in and around the beltway, along 270 andlong thebeltway. all of this fairly steady but some of the heaviest right herei this . this is what we'll be seeing.
5:38 pm
the lines that come throu any one of these could dump some brief, heavy rainfa. maybe 30,il 40an-hour winds. if you're in fakes, we just heard about the capital one building. tyson's corner. if you're around taste's.ry heavy rainfall at a time rth. you folks in west virginia back toward see at all of us had go to south. i'll zoom in again. what i'm watching l is thesee segments. one here and another farther to the south. these couldome through with the 40 to 50-mile-an-hour winds. we think the time period is between six, seven inside the
5:39 pm
d.c. area, the metro area, through about 9:00 or 10:00. >> it will be heavy rainfall and some gusty winds. some very heavy rainfall. that could lead to some isolated flooding. low tomoderate. the winds gusting 30 to 40. it is really not out there when we're talking abo damaging winds and extreme. we're at 6:00 to 10:00. until midnight, we'll see those showers coming down. so road conditions, everybody
5:40 pm
dealing with some wet conditions. on, theday wears sunshine comes out. but it is a breezy day. so yeah, just be safe and charming your phone now for just in case. not everybody will be dealing with the rain. is the rain heading? it is looking like dry weekend. >> sunshine breezy conditions, 59 for a high on sundayfter a cold start and the other chance t the. strong storms next kind of a stormy november.
5:41 pm
remember, set the clocks back night.ur tomorrow >> all right. thank you. everything we do today revolves arod our technology. the phones, the computers. everything. it.ou nam but it can be tough for adults who can't afford all these devices in this digital age. hi, leon. >> the divide has consequences. especially for those of with us a little gray in our hair. for 21 years bite back has been he adults too feel left behind by this digital age. it teaches people how to use compute computers. today denial east johnson is here teaching a sell s come a long way from being homeless seven years ago. >> i had to meet certain requirements to continue to get
5:42 pm
my benefits and that is what led me here. the same for bern ted ramsey. >> t way they talk, some experienc experience. >> no step is too everybody should have enough so they can ta part in society. >> it covers preferring the learning how to sendn e-mail to software programs. every lesson is conducted in person. the students prefer that approach. >> i have to be in a classroom, present, focused, with an actual teacher in fro of me to help no move forward. >> and my instructor, he was so positive. he saw my potential.
5:43 pm
and he, real i felt like he really invested inme. >> and it really pays off. >> on average, they're making $24,000 aier more than they were before they werene >> she's proud of the exam will she's setting for her daughter. >> i can see,he knows i'm going to do better for her and myself. >> and denise says she's doing better in life>> go into it with the idea, how can this help someone else? >>hat womans a dynamo. let me tell you. back. it's a great idea. we're not the only ones who realizedthat. they just got a million-dollar
5:44 pm
grant to begin classes baltimore. if you would like to learnre you can go to our nbc washington app. >> and making an extra $24,000 a year? that's not nothing. >> all it takes is being able to do stething simple t most of us take for granted. beg able to use a computer and be comrtableith it. >> i hope people give them a call and sign up> ome breaking news right now. a verdict has been reached in the trial of thated man cha in the death of prince george's county police officer. with hael ford is charged second-degree murder in the death of officer colson. jrd fired shots at police headquarters iny 2016. in the chaos, another officer mistakenly shot and killed officer colsont
5:45 pm
as soon as t verdict is in, 'll have a live report outside th i wa ia navy doctor, used to getting to work early. now i have a general practice,
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with a lot of patients who are counting on me. many of them worry about president trump taking away protections for pre-existing conditions. and women are frightened they could lose reproductive health care. it's why i'm glaedi have a friend namen. ben is a national leader ma who's protecting ore from president trump. he's my friend ben. hope he's your friend, too. i'm ben cardin and i approved this message.
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at this point in time we haveo credible information as to any crime that took place in new york city. >> what we know about the days and h urs leadingp to their deaths in th hudson river. news4 begins wh a storm team 4 weather alert. >> we're tracking the potential for severe storms. >> rain is rolling in at the height of the evening rush hour. we could see strong daging winds over the next several hours. >> doug will break it downor us at storm center 4. >> we're expecting the steady to moderate rain over the next one
5:49 pm
to two hours. then a little hear, 7:30, 8:00, 00, the wind could be an issue. >> could it lead to some damage and maybe a lit oe flooding there. especially on roads. >> you can seere w this is. long and west i-95.d right tow d.c. and fredericksburg. not much in maryland but we're starting to get raiin. you go see moderate to steady rain here. the heaviest rain, i'm watching this rain right around bethesda. around the montgomery mall. look what this is doing. you can see it along 495 at 270. we can zoom in to see who is hitting it. right around rockville. north bethesda. not only extremely heavy rain with this but this is one of those systems that could produce some locally heavy winds. backweo the . more of that steady rain.
5:50 pm
down toward culpeperbe it wil a nasty night if you're waiting for somebody to come home. and this where we're watching. we have these linear segments. these little lines are developing. these will move through region. that's where we could produce some strong winds. we'll talk about some big changes. >> three damascus high school students are facing multiple rape charges in an alleged hazing incident. the school says it involves junior varsity football player


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