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tv   The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon  NBC  November 5, 2018 11:34pm-12:37am EST

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fully fund our schools, and an economy that works for working people. the sun says jealous has "the stature and gravitas" to lead maryland. we can do much better on jobs, on education, on healthcare. but it means we've got to believe in each other. ben jealous. governor. before he was attorney general, brian frosh led maryland's fight to clean up the bay. so when donald trump's epa attacks our clean water laws, frosh is leading the charge to stop them. attorney general brian frosh. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- rachel maddow, sam heughan,
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musical guest carly rae jepsen, and featuring the legendary roots crew. >> questlove: v-t-e. >> steve: and now, here he is, jimmy fallon ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. thank you guys very much! welcome. thank you very much. welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome "the tonight show," everybody. you're here. you made it. [ cheers and applause ] you guys, tomorrow is election day. that is tomorrow.h
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whans right now thousands of russians are scrambling to get their last minute hacking done. [ laughter and applause ] that's right, the midterm elections are tomorrow. and i saw that patags closing its stores nationwide to give employees and customers time to vote. [ cheers and applause ] when he heard that, the ceo of sears was like, "uh, yeah, that's why our sres are osed, too. [ laughter and applause ] give you time to -- give you at a time to vote." but before tomorrow's elections, president trump held three different raies today. we was in missouri, ohio, and asdiana. by the end trumpo tired, he accidentally pronounced every word right. [ laughter and applause ] yeah, it was unbelievable. >> steve: >>: this is interesting. i read that the "i voted" stickers are actually designed m to make people who see t want to vote, too. it's so efctive that they've actually started making stickers for other positive actions. i'll show you what i mean. first up there's the "i chewed quietly." that's nice. [ laughter and applause ]
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you want that sticker. next is the "i introduced my dog without bragging about how he's a rescue." laughter and applause ] and finally, there's the "i saw my co-worker at the store and just gave them a 'what's up' nod instead of trapping them in a ten-minute converkation about stuff." [ laughter and applause ] get this, at a rally, republican senate candidate in lyarizona named martha mcs vowed to cut taxes, and to underscore her point, sh actually held up an actual axe. yeahas she was talking. as soon as she did that, this person from the audience spoke up and said, "hey, wait a a minute, if you want to cut taxes, shouldn't you have a a pair of scissors instead of an axe?" [ laughter ] mcsally then responded to the audience member, "well, we want cut taxes, so symbolically speaking, i am going to take this axe and cut your taxes." audience member shouted back, "no, axes don't cut, axes chop. [ laughter ] scissors cut.
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you should have scissors a instead axe. [ laughter ] unless you want to chop taxes. but 'chop tas' just sounds ird." [ laughter ] mcsally replied, "well, unfortunately a pair of sc sors would be too small hold up at a rally like this." [ laughter ] and then audience member el yelled, you should get a a giant pair of scissors. [ laughter ] you know, the kind that mayors uswhen they cut a ribbon i front of a big new building. or the kind that carrot top uses.e now thuld cut taxes." mcsally then said, "great, thank you, i'll look i that." [ laughter ] ho which the audience member said, "or a veggie [ laughter ] i mean, then you could slice and dice taxes. i mean, that'd be cool. i have a veggie chop. you could borrow mine." [ laughter mcsally then said, "thank you," and pointed to different audience member, said, "yes, u have a question?" the new audience member said, "what if you had a giant paper shredder? [ lauger ] and carry that around with you. you could shred our taxes instead of just cut them. [ ght laughter ] you have to buy an extension cord so you could plug it in, but you can borrow mine. it's worth it." [ laughter ] and then finally the first audience member said, "oh, wait, now i get it axe, tax, axes rhymes with
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taxes. that's awesome!" [ cheers and applause ] "sit down." but, you guys, election day is almost here. we want to remind you how t import is to get out and vote. so with that in mind, it's time for "vote, vote, goat, goat." eck it out. ♪ ♪ vote vote goat goat vote goat vote goat goat goat vote goat ♪ ♪ billy goat really vote baby goat maybe vote goats in a tree hypocrisy ♪ ♪ goats on rocks ballot box goat goat goat goat goat goat goat vote ♪ ♪ get your sticker that goat licked her vote election ♪ ♪ goat affection goat ♪ ♪ [ scaming ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: hey, i want to congratulate everyone who ran yestery's new york city marathon. [ cheers and applause ] congratulation when trump saw thousands of people running through the
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streets, he was like, "oh, god, the caravan is in new york." [ laughter and applause ] well, you guys, the candidates are all wrapping up their campaign and makintheir closing statements to voters. these are the messages they want people to remember above all else so let's take look at some of their closing statements now. first up is california candidate devon nunes. his closing stement is, "i'm oud to have inspired the movie 'the 40-year-old virgin.'" [ laughter and applause ] next up, here's lou barletta from pennsylvania. his closing atement is, "i'm the only candidate with the courage to get all his teeth replaced with chiclets." [ laughter andpplause ] >> steve: really? om jimmy: up next is robert menendez new jersey. his closing statement is "i'm the right choice to represent th people of oz." [ laughter and applause ] next, here's debbie lesko from arizona. her closing statement is, "as lo as you remember to use a coaster, we're not going to have a problem here." [ laughter and applause ] next up is marn heinrich from
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new mexico. his closing statement is "i'll ntand outside your bedroom window like this you vote for me. [ laughter and applause ] rol? carol, i know you're there." [ lahter and applause ] hello? here's mick rich from enw mexico. his closing statis, "don't be a bonehead, vote for the conehead." [ laughter and applause ] that's not bad. i that oan -- and finally here is west virginia senator joe manchin. his closing statement is, "caw, caw." [ laughter and applause ] pretty good, too. guys, as i mentioned, the midterm elections are tomorrow. 470 congressional seats e up for grabs. and a lot of politicians are making their final push to swa voters. well, we actually have one of those candidates here right now to talk with us. hello, are you there? ♪ [ cheers and applause ] [ evil laughter ] >> jimmy: dr. evil, is that
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you? >> no, it's white cory [ er ] of course it's me, numb nuts! >> jimmy: wait, wait, you're running for congress? >> yes, jiy. haven't you been following the news? it's 2018. evil's in right no or's hip. it's like playing ite" while slamming a tide pod and doing the shiggy challenge. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i just didalize that you wanted to run for office. >> well, originally i was re hoping for kavanaugh's job but trump said i was too even-tempered for that. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: so you're runninfor congress i'm sorry, but what state are you even running in? i thought you lived in a secint lair hidde volcano? >> i do, but it's in rhode island. yeah. laughter ] exit 47, near the spearmint rhino gentleman's club. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: okay, i see. i see. so are you running as a a democrat or republican? >> neither. i'm running as an eviltarian. >> jimmy: ooh.ur
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>>ltimate goal is to make america evil again. >> jimmy: wow. [ laughter and applause ] [ evil laughter ] hter ] i'm sorry, make america evil again? >> you got it, pontiac! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: do you have a a platform? >> of course, nummy. [ light laughter ] i've come up with a ve point evil plan. >> jimmy: what are you going to call it? >> i shall call it -- ♪ my five point evil plan. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: okay, okay, what is step one? >> from now on the only flavor of pringles will be screaming dill pickle. [ laughter ]th antube will be skinnier. that's evil. [ light laughter ] tocause once you pop you have no choice but to >> jimmy: all right, okay. slaughter ] what is -- what p two?
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>> step two. i will make don jr. secretary of treasury. the man's made out of dough. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you really think he's that rich? no, he looks like he's actually made out of dough. [ laughter and applause ] yeah. he's like the pillsbury dough boy. i just want to poke his belly. hee-hee! [ laughter ] >> jimmy: step three, what is that? >> well, step three, the amount time it takes before you can skip a youtube ad will be increased from five seconds to eighseconds. [ evil laugh ] >> jimmy: oh, my goodness. >> no skipsies. >> jimmy: all right, that is evil. o skipsies. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that is evil right there. that is almost too much. what is step four? >> well, this one isn't really evil. it's more practical. i'm gointo legalize weed. yeah. [ cheers and applause ] yeah. yeah. pappy needs that sticky icky for his glaucoma.ah [ laughter ] he likes to blow his stick. he likes to get acizzy on the . yeah. [ laughter ]
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too much? [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, a little -- a a little bit. yeah, a little bit. >> right. and finally, step five. the new national anthem will be -- ♪sh ♪ babk doo doo doo doo doo doo grandma shark doo doo doo doo doo doo ♪ ♪ evil doo doo doo doo doo doo ♪ >> jimmy: no, no, no, no, no! make it stop! make it stop! ♪ aby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo ♪ >> jimmy: no, no, please! ♪ baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo ♪ ♪ immy: no, i can't take i please, stop. please, stop. please. [ evil laughter ] >> i will stop for now. but can i get serious for a a moment? >> jimmy: of course. [ light laughter ]s what, dr. evil? >> in these turbulent times of division, ad hominem aacks, and polarizing rhetoric, it can feel like the country's being torn apart. but it's important that we as a a country unite and remember one thing. >> jimmy: what is it? ♪ ♪ baby shark doo doo doo doo doo doo ♪ >> jimmy: oh. dograndma shark doo doo doo doo do evil shark
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doo doo doo doo doo doo ♪ >> jimmy: make it stop. dr. evil, everybody. [ evil lau[ ter ] eers and applause ] we have a great show tonight! give it up for the roots! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applaus] >> jimmy: dr. evil, everybody. mike myers. give it up for mike myers! oh, my god. [ cheers and applaus] ♪ guys, it is monday. we're excited to be back. 've a fantastic week of shows ahead. emma stone will be here. >> steve: yeah! [ cheers andpplause ] >> jimmy: eddie redmayne will be here. >> steve: oh! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: and be sure to tune in friday night, we have a very special show in honor of vetera day. it's an entire show dedicated to veterans everywhere. [ cheers and applause ] that's friday.
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mark wahlberg will be here. zac brown band will be performing. >> steve: whoa. >> jimmy: we have a lot of fun stuff plannet you do not w miss it. but first, we have a great show tonight. she is the multiple h emmy-winnit of "the rachel maddow show." tomorrow night, she and brian williams are anchoring live midterm election coverage starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern on msnbc. rachel maddow is here! >> steve: oh! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: rachel maddow! >> steve: come on! >> jimmy: plus, he stars in the televion series "outlander." sam heughan is dropping by. >> steve: oh! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: and we have greac brand new muom carly rae jepsen, ladies and gentlemen! [ cheers and applause ] oh, we're going to do this now?. this is exciti >> steve: oh. >> jimmy: guys, we have exciting news here. "people" magazine is about to co out with their annual "sexiest man alive" issue. no one knows who it is yet. i know it's not me. but -- [ laughter ] we're going to announce who the sexiest man is right now.
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[ cheers and applause ] he's in london, via satellite. questlove, can i get a drum ll, please? [ drum roll ] ladies and gentlemen, this year'sexiest man alive is -- idris elba. idris, are you there, buddy? [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> hey! jimmy, how are you? >> jimmy: idris elba. congratulations on being the t sexin alive. we have the cover here. it refers to you as a sweet, smoldering superstar. can we see a little smolder? >> smolder? >> jimmy: yeah. >> how's that? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's ad ually not oldering. sweet. can you give us a sweet -- can you give us, like, a shy smile something? >> um -- [ sighing ] [ laughter and applause ]
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>> jimmy: not bad. see that's why -- that's why he gets it. that's great. idris, by the way, you haven't seen the cover yet, have you? >> i haven't seen the cover yet. no. and i'm excited to s it. >> jimmy: well, get ready. here it is, the cover "people" ne's sexiest man alive issue. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> wow. >> jimmy: we had oneto you as a surprise. what do you think, idris? can you give it to idris? >> oh. okay. jimmy: ahh. >> no, i'm only joking. it's amazing. i'm really, really happy with that, man. thank you so much, "pezile" ma, for making me sexiest man in the world. >> jimmy: yeah! ou know what i'm saying. [ cheers and applause ] loving that. it's an honor. my mum is going to be very, very proud. y so tha to you guys. also, thank you to you, jimmy. quest and the roots, what up. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yeah, there you go right there. we're so happy for you, idris. idris elba, everybody, right there. [ cheers and applause ] congratulations again, buddy. sexiest n alive!eo
11:50 pm
e" magazine's sexiest man alive is out on newsstands this friday. congrats again, dude! w ! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we'll be back with more of "the tonight sho" everybody. stick around! [ cheers and applause ] ♪
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in maryland, democratse on. moment in america... with so much at stake, ben jealouaris the bold leaderand needs. his plans will get our schools back to number one and prott our healthcare. maryland's teachers, nurses and president obama agree. ben jealous has the "courage move families forward." let us stand up for our kids let us stand up for families
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let us stand up for our state ben jealous, democrat for governor let us stand up for families dave brat said he'd vote to reduce the deficit. i'm abigail spanberger, and i approve this message. but instead, he voted to increase it by $1.9 trillion. why? brat went washington, taking hundreds of thousands from big drug companies, wall street banks, and other corporate special interests and voting to give his big corporate donors big tax breaks, making the next generation pay. dave brat went washington, and all we got was the bill.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: welcome back, everybody. guys, as we draw closer to the midterm elections, it is an impoto us that our audience stay informed and up-to-date. so with that in mind, it is time for "the tonight show" midterm election update. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: going into tuesday, there's going to be a lot of focus on senate seats. so let's take a look at how many seats are up for grabs. looking at he board here, we see that there's one, two, three -- that's 35 senate seats up for grabs. that c go either way. so let's suppose there's big voter turnout in the south. as you see here, if yoan red, there's big voter turnout in the south. but let's say that there's ano a big ty voter turnout, then what happens? that's right, another board.
11:55 pm
[ light laughter ]s now in tenario, there's a a real chance that the senate goes blue, that means democrats. but let's think local. what's going on in arizona? we've got jeff flake retiring which means -- [ air ho ] we've got ourselves a toss up. [ laughter ] now here's the alphabet. [ light laughter that's "v" for vote. that is the one, two -- that's the 22nnd letter.o ows how that's going to effect things. let's bring in another board. [ light laughter ] i want to show you district by district, party breakdowns in local texas neighborhoods. here we go, right here.y, sohat is not a a touch-screen. [ light laughter ] can we roll in a touch-screen, please? thank you very much. not a touch-screen, could we roll -- thank yovery much. that is not a touch-screen. [ light laughter ] that is not a touch-screen. still not a touch-screen here. [ laughter ] let's pivot to the texas senate race. we've got the incumbent ted cruz running.
11:56 pm
that's ted cruchright there. rs ] let's see who's challenging him. see this guy right here, that's beto o'rourke. [ cheers and applause ] now this could go either way. you know what, let's bring out some chalkboards, really break it down. 435, okay? 4-3-5. that's the nber of house seats up for grabs in this election. 435. anyou do 1-4, 14. that's how many red bulls i had before the show. yeah, w it's 15. [ cheers and applause ] woo! i'm never gonna die! let's bring in more boarer, ody. [ cheers and applause ] we call this the hawkeye board, because we're watcng these elections like a hawk. also, the board is only visible to hawks, because they have vision four to eight times stronger than humans. and any hawk looking at this board will tell you that these numbers do not look good for independents. now, let's talk about college-age voters. and we go to tariq for more on that.y, >> tariq: immy. [ cheers and applause ] ewi'm standing here with a additional and thd i want to talk about first tackles, you guessed it, the college-aged voter.
11:57 pm
[ scattered cheers ] if we have a substantial turnout among young voters, it p could reallyhis election. and i know what you're wondering. does it matter if young ters are predominantly male or female? let's go to the boards. okay, okay, okay. so the board is saying yes. [ laughter ] gender matters. now that's a game changer. >> jimmy: it sure is, tariq. now what about incumbents seeking re-ection? is there a board for that? >> tariq: you bet your boards there is, jiy. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: an incumbent seeking re-election board? this i got to see in person. [ light laughter ] where are you actually? >> tariq: i'm nexto my board. >> jimmy: you're next to -- okay. that doesn't actually help me. everything is next to a board. what else is nearby you? [ light laughter ]ar >>: i can't even tell. all i see is other boards. which board are you by? >> jimmy: i'm by hispanic
11:58 pm
voters board. >> tariq: hispanics 65 and over or hispanics 18 to 25? [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: hispanics 18 to 25. gosh, i'm so confused. it's just too many board for a little help on this, we'll go to rachel maddow. rachel? >> jimmy, i don't think i'm in this sketch. [ cheers ] >> jimmy: all right, thank you . very much, rac guys, we will be here all night with up-to-the-minute election coverage and of course the latest boards.ig we'll be back everyone. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ new theraflu powerpods.
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even our biggest brands! give joy, get joy - at kohl's. ♪ ♪ money comes from says wealthy developers.n's that's why she's abandoned the democratic party and is running against marc elrich-- the democratic nominee for montgomery county executive. marc has always stood with communities who expect developers to address the problems they create traffic congestion, over-crowded schools, and lack of parks and green space. the candidates... nancy floreen, the developer's choice.
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marc elrich, the people's choice. i'm jennifer wexton, and i approve this message. seen barbara comstock's fake ad? jennifer wexton backed a deal ading to massive tolls on 66. nonsense. jennifer wexton fought the tolls on 66. and let's call this plan what it is, the way that it's been rolled out. it's highway robbery. there's also healthcare robbery. barbara comstock voted to sabotage the healthcare market, hiking premiums up to 64%. barbara trumpstock -- everything that's wrong in washington. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we are joined right now by the host of the number one ranked show in cable news, "the rachel maddow show", which airs weeknights at 9:00 p.m. on nbc. she and brian williams are anchoring dterm election coverage tomorrow night on msnbc starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern. please welcome back a friend of
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the show, rachel maddow! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> woo! >> jimmy: oh, we love ya. welcome back to the show. >> woo! >> jimmy: i know, really. >> they are so good. you're guys so freaking good. >> jimmy: the roots are fant -- [ cheers and ae lause ] theyntastic. >> exactly. >> jimmy: you have been here all weekend.m. >> mm- how can you tell? >> jimmy: no, i mean -- you're working on this. this is a big deal tomorrow night. >> yea >> jimmy: you had the live show last night. you have your show tonight. >> mm-hmm. >> jimmy: thank yoe for taking me to do our show as well. and then, tomorrow night, starting 6:00 p.m. >> rolling on into days of coverage, yeah. we're not planning -- i mean, i'm planning on it being light by the time i get off the air >>morrow night. immy: really? >> yeah. >> jimmy: you think it's going to go that late?
12:04 am
>> well, i mean, it is not a a presidential race, so it's not like there's one thing wee all waiting to happen. we're waiting to see what the cumulative result is over the course of the night. and it may well be that we don't know the answer to that until all of the super swing-y, tight races on the west coast get decided. iaand so -- i mean, califo polls don't even close until 11:00 p.m. eastern. california likes to ta approximately one month to count its votes. [ light laughter ] i am not kidding. they take a month. >> jimmy: you're serious. >> yeah. and so, i just -- i mwan, i know we're starting 6:00 p.m. eastern tomorrow, but i'm just like -- i got a backpack with jerky. [ light laughter ] contact lenses, and like a washcloth or two. >> jimmy: jerky. you need t absolutely. there, yeah, keep you awake. >> yeah. >> jimmy: are you good at improvising and filling all o.that time? >> >> jimmy: i mean, how are you gonna talk for a month? >> no, no. i know. exactly. >> jimmy: you guys.d to watch it's you and brian. >> yeah, so that's the magic --m that's tic ingredient there is brian williams. because he can -- i mean, when i do my show, i write like 9,000 words anday them all to the camera and then the show is over.
12:05 am
but on election night there's no script, there's no writing anything. there's nothing in the teleprompter. there's no cue cards. there's nothing. we'rjust there for a month absorbing information live and trying to make sense of it. and there's nobody better than that tian. there's nobody worse at that than me. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: oh, no, please. >> so i -- >> jimmy: steve kornyou can just throw to him and go, "dude, point at some poll number on the ards" and stuff like that. he is a genius, by the way. >> he is amazing. and the great thing about him is that as other people get confused, and overwhelmed and re he gets stronger, and bigger, and more energetic. like the more baroque and impenetrable the data, the ster his brain works. to the point where like any technology he is supposed to be using, he just breaks like, "my nd my mind is faster than the thing i can do on the board." jimmy: yeah, really. >> every year they make him a a new board and he breaks it because he's faster than the board. >> jimmy: he is faster than the computer, yeah. >> he's amazing. id so, i do feel like i work with the best peopthe
12:06 am
country at doing this. and i just try to, you know, follow along. >> jimmy: well, i've got to say that you're one of the hardest working people i've ever and when youhere, you're always -- no entourage, you're by yourself. you usually bring a laptop with you. and you'nd typing -- >> highlighter. >> jimmy: and a highlighter. up to when you do the show. >> yeah, i am a slow worker. so, i have to work all the time. >> jimmy: well, you're great. that's why you're number one, pal. >> oh, >> jimmy: what do we have to expect? what's the thing with the house and senate, what are we hearing? what's the rumors? >> ever since 2016, nobody believes any polls anymore. right? [ light laughter ] like, u talk to somebody, and their like, "well, within the margin of error, the standard deviation says." and you're like, "shut up, i can't hear it. i know you're lying to me. i don't the answer is." what so, it's hard to say. emotionally it's hard to say. because you don't want to believe anything. i mean, the polls in 2 2016 were really wrong. but, i think the common wisdom, right now, is that the democrats might at one point have hoped to take the senate. but that would be nd of a a miracle at this point. they really want to take the house, and maybe that's
12:07 am
h ssible. there's a whole bu governor's races where it's weird. like south dakota and iowa and kansas might get democratic governors. doo-woop! [ light laughter ] that's wt i mean. that's a weird thing. >> jimmy: got the doo-woop on that one. sure. >> so there's --at why i say it's going to be like -- it's gonna be a fun night. there's no one result we're all waiting for. but, if either the house or the ngnate goes to the democrats, that is going to cthe next two years a lot. that's going to change the trump presidency in a way that .u will notice in your li and so, figuring out whether or not decrats get some control in washington of just one or both houses of congress, that is going to be a ser nsequential thing. and almost to a degr o that can't rstated. >> jimmy: wow. >> yeah. >> jimmy: has the -- with the go presideng to all these rallies, how is that effecting -- >> um -- >> jimmy: is that going to make any change? >> we'll know more after tomorrow night. but i think what we've seen happen is at, because he kes to make every race about trump -- he likes to make
12:08 am
everything about himself. over the course of this election season, which has been exciting. 35 million people have voted already. ung people are turning out and voting, people are very excited. >> jimmy: it's fantastic. >> there's a lot of interest. mean, in some states, they've already had more people early vote than the total number of people thavoted, including on election day, in 2014, the last election like this. l so theres of excitement. [ applause ] >> jimmy: don't stop. really go vote tomorrow.t' break records. >> it's gonna -- it's a lot. and that's exciting no matter re who yoooting for. it's just cool to see americans engaged in our own government.en rump goes and makes everything about himself beough, i think it has resulted in there not reallg any republican stars. like, in this election season, there's are all these democrats really famous. like beto o'rourke and stacey abrams and andrew gillum, and all these people. on the republican side, every time trump shows up he's like, "vote for trump!ys also, these re fine. vote for trump!" red so you don't know who any of the republicansho are running, because he wants make every race the democrat versus
12:09 am
trump. and so, that maybe will work tlr him, but it has got to be, i don't' know, a lsad for the republicans who invite him. >> jimmy: yeah. what do you think of -- i think the young vote coming out, i've got to say, i felt something when march for our lives -- >> yeah. you went, didn't you? didn't you go? >> jimmy: i did, i went and iht my kids just to see what these parkland -- these students are just so powerful and so smart and cool. and i just felt something. and i said, omething is going to change." i just know it. and they haven't stopped. they said, "we're not going to stop. we're going to go. and we're gonna get young people to vote." and they kept doing it and kept talking about it. and i'm like, "go, go, go." and they didn't stop. >> yeah. and they're not only determined, they're -- forgive -- they're bad asses. like, they really -- nobody is intimidating them. m d people are attacking t all over the place. and they just take it and move on and they do not relent.ey and e so freaking impressive. >> jimmy: yeah, i agree. >> and we are starting to m see -- i said lion early voted. within that, some of the data shows that among the people who
12:10 am
e voting a lot more than they used to in elections like this are younger people. and one of the things thatill be really interesting to watch tomorrow is that a lot of high schools all over the country and i think colleges too, people are going to do a a walkout to vote. where, in the middlee school day, people are going to l,lk out en masse. so, for a high schll the 18-year-olds are going to go vote and they're going to do it in solidarity with tl cheering each other on. you know, inspiring each other to stay in line if you have a a long line to wait for. being there together aing it a really culturally important we saw s kids walk out against gun violence. if we see kids walk out and go e oo, to me, that's going to feel like the next link in that chain.el it just really powerful. >> jimmy: it's just powerful. that's what's so great about our country. yohave that right. you can go vote, vote for whoever you like. you have that right. go do it. >> yeah. people gave up a lot to get you that right. and even if you don't feel it for yourself, do it for them. yeah. >> jim: i agree. [ applause ] it's going to be a big day tomorrow. >> i know. and night. and month. >> jimmy: and night and month.
12:11 am
how, um -- can i talk to you abt your podcast? >> oh, yeah, thanks. >> jimmy: because how do you even have time to do this? >> i d't have time. i don't have time to do it. >> jimmy: you have this podcast. so you have a podcast called "bag man." >> yes. >> jimmy: and it comes -- you released it, i think it was last -- this past tuesday. number one on apple podcast, itunes. >> yeah, nice. d.cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: not too >> i know. >> jimmy: just hitting home runs. tell everyone what "bag man" is if you listen to this podcast. >> so you know watergate. and now we'vgot a president who, you know -- it's funny, we're going into this election, his campaign ch rman, his deputy campaign chairman, his national security adviser, his personal lawyer, are all awaiting sentencing on felony charges. he is the subject of a special counsel of office investigation where there have been more tn 100 felony charges already. so, everybody is like, "wow, watergate is the histo." actually no, "bag man" is the history. right in the middle of watergate, spiro agnew, who was nixon's vice presidentgot forced out of office for being a corrupt -- mmm.
12:12 am
[ light laughter ] like, he was freaking active criminal in the white house. he was eorting people. he was taking envelopes stuffed with thousands of dollars in cash in his vice presil office. was he a freaking he shakedown artist. and it's been totally lost to history, because it happened in the middle of watergat but it's actually a totally close parallel to a lot of what we're seng right now. especially because he was really -- like, he really hated the media. he was really controversial. he liked to attack minorities and threaten violence with his politics and he really went after the justice department when they werenvestigating him. and it's, kind of, lost. because it happened at the same time as i am obswith this story, so i made this podcast if people are into it >> jimmy: guys, check out "bag man" if you like podcasts. [ cheers and applause ] and we will be watching yomo tonight and ow, all night. and for the next month. anash on our couch, if you to. >> i will. >> jimmy: rachel maddow, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] rachel and brian williams anchor midterm election coverage tomorrow night,snbc.
12:13 am
starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern. sam heughan ins us after the break. stick around, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ i'm always going to be a maker. and i think a company is the coolest thing you can build. i'm adam, and i make robots. you never know when inspiration is going to strike. so i take my surface pro everywhere. part of an entrepreneur's job is to get stuff done. hilike to do, like, four tngs at once. the new surface pro can handle all of my programs. i can paint, i can mold, i can code. i have it on all the time, it's fantastic. we get to build toys for kids and change the world. it's a big deal.
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working people. the sun says jealous has "the stature and gravitas" to lead maryland. we can do much better on jobs, on education, on healthcare. but it means we've got to believe in each other. ben jealous. governor. e [ cheers and appla >> jimmy: welcome back. there's still a lot more to come tonight. we're go sam to we have a great performance from carly rae jepsen coming -- >> hey, jimmy? jimmy. >> jimmy: what? i'm sorry? >> jimmy. >> jimmy: is something going on tt there? >> i'm -- i'm in boards. i'm stuck in the boards. >> jimmy: oh, my god, rachel, hang on. >> yeah. >> jimmy: what board -- what board are you by, rachel? >> i'm -- i'm by the -- i'm by the hawk -- i'm by the hawkeye board. >> jimmy: okay, okay, okay, yeah. >> it's hard -- i don't -- i don't -- i think it's the hawkeye board.'s hard to see. >> jimmy: yeah, well, thatue you're not a hawk. can someone help get rachel back to msnbc?
12:19 am
>> yeah. >> jimmy more of "the tonight show." but i'm coming. rachel, i'm coming for you. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ do we can't. i'm telling you. it can't be done! we are doing it. it's a done deal. for $40, t-mobile is offering unlimited, and the awesome iphone xr for every line. wah! t so, they g new iphone xr and the plan for $40 bucks. ah! the new iphone xr! that's bananas! what's with the monkey head, fred? where's your memoji? my kid's been playing with my iphone, little monkey.
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but gifts of kind deeds, hard work and cold toes. there's magic in the air, on this day, at this time. the world's very much alive at 11:59. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our next guest stars inhe television series
12:25 am
"outlander." the fourth season airs sundays at 8:00 p.m.n starz. please welcome sam heughan, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> thank you very much. >> jimmy: nice to see you. thank you -- y >> good to s. >> jimmy: thank you for being here. >> i'm a bit jealous of the entrancehere, actually. >> jimmy: yeah, exactly. thank you for -- how long are you in new york for? t i leave tonight, actually. yeah, i'm flying o budapest. i start shooting a movie tomorrow. so, yeah, ort visit. >> jimmy: yeah. originally, you're from scotland, right? >> that's right, >>: yeah. and did you see the marathon at all here in new york? >> i admit -- f well, it wtastic, wasn't it? so congratulations to everyone that took part. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: you look like you could -- you look like you could do a a marathon. >> i've run a few. i ran two actually in a month this year in the same month. it was my own challenge.
12:26 am
yeah, two. >> jimmy: wait, you -- oh, no. [ laughter ] >> but a -- what? what are you going to ask? >> jimmyi'm exhausted. i want to take a nap. just hearing that you ran two in a month. >> but to be honest, i was lying in bed watching them. i'm like, "yeah, those guys go." that looks hard. >> jimmy: yeah, yeah >> it was a great day. but i ran it for my own fitnessh lifestylity fundraiser called "my peak challenge." >> jimmy: what is "my peak challenge"? >> it's a fundraiser that supplies a platform for people c workout plan, meal plan. we raise money frity. and actually, we've raised almost $2 million now for our ar chity. [ cheers and applause ] ta, thank you. >> jimmy: that's fic. i saw also that you're doing something with oma too. >> we are, yes. so we launch a couple of nights ago with omaze. this -- you can basically win a a date to scotland with me. i'm not sure if you want to do that. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: yeah, i mean -- >> you want to do it? >> jimmy: yeah, i do. let's go, man. i'm gonntry. >> come to scotland, we'll drink some whiskey. >>immy: yeah.
12:27 am
let's go for it. >> but you can win the -- it's "my peak challenge" gala. and there's going to be scottish dancing and a big dinner. yeah, it should be fun.e so i'll u there, man. >> jimmy: yeah, that's perfect, buddy. congrats on "outlander." thank you. >> jimmy: this show is a a juggernaut. oh, my gosh. this is -- what is it, season four now? >> we just -- last night was the premiere and -- season four, yeah. and we're now in america. which is, it's kind of interesting. we have gone from scotland. we've traveled, you know, through time. and we have gone to vees, and paris, and the caribbean, and now, early america. >> jimmy: how do you explain the show to anyone who hasn't seen it?a >> it'ng story. but it's based on diana gabaldon's books. they're like a best-selling series, about a nurse from the 1940s that travels back in timen scotland and meets a very ginger highlander. [ light laughter ] >> jimmy: yes, a very ginger highlander. yeah, and peopou are freaking about it. and you just got picked up, in fact, for two more seasons. we did, yeah. >> jimmy: congratulations. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] thank you.
12:28 am
i'm super excited. >> jimmy: with this season, season four, if you didn't catch the show of the premiere last night, you can catch what is four? this is all -- you're in america now. >> that's right. yeahwe arrived in georgia. and then, on to north carolina. really, the characters are trying to -- oh, we got a few in the audience. yeah, it's amazing. we're sort of settli america. it's a fascinating story, you in know, shamerica in its infancy. that it's a land of immigration and immigrants and different cultures colliding. so it is kind of cool to show the european, you know, you guys, where america is from. >> jimmy: yeah, fantastic. i want to show a clip. [ applause ] here is sam heughan in nd "out." take a look at this. >> i was an outlaw when first we met. an outlaw when you returned. if it was only me, i would live as one again. and when i was old, i would lie under a tree and let the wolves gnaw at my bones. but it's not just me. it's you.
12:29 am
and ian. fergus. you understand? i would lay the world at your feet, claire. [ cheers and applause ] >>immy: yeah. sam heughan, everybody! [ cheers and applause ] catch the new season of "outlander" sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. on starz. we'll be back with music from carly rae jepsen. stick around! a [ cheers alause ] ♪
12:30 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: here with the tv cobut of her new song, "party for one," please w carly rae jepsen! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ if you didn't know that you were right for mehe then's nothing i can say ♪ ♪ tried to call you up to spend some time to see but somebody's in your tried to let it go ♪ ♪ and say i'm over you i'm not over you but i'm trying party for one ♪ ♪ if you don't care me i'll just dance by myself backn my beat i'll be the one ♪ m♪ if you don't care abo making love to myself back on my beat
12:34 am
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♪ party for one if youon't care about me making love to myself back on my beat ♪ ♪ ♪ party for one back on my beat back on my beat party for one ♪ ♪ crese you don't bout me back on my beat back on my beat ♪ ♪ party for one back on my beat you don't want my loveon if you d't care about me ♪ ♪ i'll just dance by myself back on my beatpa y for one if you don't care about me ♪ reno you don't that i'm making love to myself back on my beat ♪ ♪ back on my beat back on my beat
12:36 am
party for one i'm back on my beat ♪ ♪ back on my beat back on my beat party for one ♪ ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: carly rae jepsen! [ cheers and applause ]"p ty for one," is out now. my thanks to rachel maddow, sam heughan, idris e mike meyers, carly rae jepsen in once aeverybody! [ cheers and applause ] and the roots, right there, from philadelphia, pennsylvania. stay tuned for "sete night with meyers." thank you for watching. have a great night. i hope to see you to brrow. by, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
12:37 am
>> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- claire foy, star of "boy erased," actor lucas hedges, music from boygenius, featuring the 8g band with franklin vanderbilt. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen seth meyers. >> seth:m ood evening. th meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] that is fantastic to hear. case, let's get to the news. the new york city marathon was yesterday, and president trump freaked t because he thought the caravan was here.


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