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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 6, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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country. >> we wanto begin as we always do with a check on your commute and forecast. melissa has a check on the roads in your first four traffic. but we begin with detai on this storm team 4 weather alert. >> vote early or vote late today because there's a chance for strong, potentially severe storms from late morning into the early parts of the afternoon. keep that in mind. go tthe app store. download our nbc washington app. 'll send push alerts for any watches or warnings being issued for the area. there's a chance that we could be facing that late this morning and early this afternoon. that's the best way to stay aheadeaf theer once you leave your tv or listen to wtop current temperatures in the low to mid 50s, though it's anything but cold this morning and temperatures will be mild today. mid to upper 60s for high temperatures. so that's not the issue. but a possibili for rain and
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thunder moving in by 8:30 or 9:00. there's already pockets of heavy rain and you can see the severe weather outlook from the storm nter.ction chances increase the farther east you go keep that in mind. vote early or wait until 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon. coming likely to be through the area through the middle part of the day. should be pushing out by mid to late part of the afternoon. >> right lane and the ramp blocked by a brand new crash that just happened here.
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that could be theit for ae bit as they're trying to get that out of the way. virginia oaks drive, a brand new accident there as well. guys. >> melissa, thankyou. the power now lies with voters on election day. >> there's nearly double the early votes cast at this same point in the 2014 midterm. f you're planning on casting your ballottoday, here's times you need to keep in mind. polling places in virginia open at 6:00 a.m. this morning. the polls in maryland and d.c. open at 7:00 a.m. now control of congressnes on the li. democrats need to flip 23 to take the house and two seats to take the majority in the senate. >> this is also the first referendum on the trump
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presidency as we near the midterm of his term in office. he is telli voters by casting their ballots for republicans, they're really voting for m. >> there's something going on. there's an electricity like people have notin seen a date, 2016, november. >> a lot of things are going on. vote. a >> he ended his campaign tour last night in missouri urging voters to get rid of the democratic senator claire mccaskel. >> jennifer weon is trying to unseed comstock. >> good morning. we have seen some of the workers arriving here in tht couple
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of minutes. polls open iness than an hour. it's the one people all over the country arehi wa. she's trying to do something no democrat has done in about 40 years which is win this seat from arepublican. >> president trump has said thia is referendum on me. pretend i'm on the ballot. that's helping a lot of candidates in the deep red states, but it's something that wexton has been using against comstock pointing out that she voted with the president more speaker paul ryan for her part, she said she split with the president when he proposed a pay freeze and helped
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give them a 1.9%ay rate and split with him on other issues as well, but you can tell rights now, t is a referendum on the president and these women are laying out different visions for virginia's future. >> i have been a fighter for our families, our businesses, our federal employees, our police, firefighters that i have also gotten legislation for. >>ll she ss one of the members of the house of representatives that ves with the president more than any other and that's out of step with the values of this district. >> coming up at around 5:30 we're going to dig dee look at the other issues where these women differ and give you a betterook at what's period hahhing before you head out to cast your vote. chris lawrence, news 4. >> thank you. we're keeping a close eye on the
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senate race in west virginia. the incumbent democrat is facing a tough re-election. both candidatepent the final day of the campaign in the state's eastern panhandle. he has served in the senate since 2010. b they havn working overtime to appear independent of either party. >> marylanders go to the polls today. >> g >>d morning. good morning to you guys. he has an uphill clthb. republican incumbent governor comes in on this election day witou ae digit lead. now ben jealous that is the former president of the naacp has comeut strong in terms of
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broadening a new gun control law to restrict access. he has pushed hard saying it would be better for education but he has failed to get a lot of traction in a state that avily opposes donald trump. now larry hogan is very popular. he has come out opposing many of donald trumps issues. ing to issues rel donald trump. people just like him. the governor has done things like lowering tolls on the pay bridge which many people were happy about and of course his ca ser fightwing that strength and that fight and beating it, indeered a lot orar
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people. >> he didn't pull prince george's county the last time around but he didn't need it to be able to win t racen the state of maryland. we're live this morning. back into you. >> thank you. and voters in the district will cast ballots in several races today. >> the news 4 team will be rking for you all day today. tune in at 7:30 tonight for an nbc 4 election special. we'll have updates throughout the day and tonight right through news 4 at 11:00 and the news 4i-team will be on voter patrol tracking any problems at the polls. if you see any issues,d sen the i-team a tip.
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>> we expect to learn the names of two people killed in a bad crash today. >> this happened around 8: igst night right outside of garfield seniorh school. the southbound lanes are still closed because of this crash and you can look at the damage here. the sedan was crushed. completelyde royed. two people inside that car died. it looks like it crashed into the high school's fence. the driveras the onl person on the bus when it crashed. prince william county police are igating the se. >> new this morning, police are investigating a deadly shooting t. northe a man was found shot to death f outside o this apartment building on 50th street northeast. no word yet on ar suspect motive. >> answer officer involved shooting in camp springs is the third in our area in 24 hours. it wasn't far from joint based
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andrews. the suspect fired several rounds at them. e suspect's gun was recovered from a stolen car. early monday morning, policeta y shot a man after he fired his gun up near baltimore and on sunday evening, police say they were lured into an ambush. >> we have audio from that. >> i got shots fired on my vehicle. >> police shot the gunman and he's in the hospital with serious injuries. none of the officers was injured. >> that is just one of the many otests coming from the university of maryland students. dozens of protestors marched in college park. they want to see significant changes in who rs the university. this all stems fromhe death of football player jordan mcnair
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that collapsed during a workout and died weeks later. >> this university poure so much money intoacilities for sports and athletics and negligents to care f the athletes that are involved. >> they want to make sure that wallace h retires as he said he would. they also want to be included in the selection of future presidents and they want the board of regents to be and not appointed. we contacted his office but have not heard back. >> 5:11. still ahead, do yo want to lose weight? what researchers now suggest you do every day thatas nothing to do with diet or. exercise >> it's a question we ask each other all the time. what would you do if you hit the lottery? next the woman that won that historic powerball sjackpot answering that question. >> then the bear cub that's s stealing hea around the world. we'll tell you why when we come back. >> good morning, evy. it is going to be a very active weather day. rain heavy at times now in the
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mountains of west virginia. we'll impact the valley mid rning and impact the d.c d.c. metro area midday. i'll talk more about tha and t at this critical moment in america... in maryland, democrats are on the front lines. with so much at stake, ben jealous is the bold leader maryland needs. in maryland, democrats are on the front lines. his plans will get our schools backon to numbeand protect our healthcare. maryland's teachers, nurses and president obama agree. " ben jealous has the urage to move families forward." let us stand up for our kids lets stand up for families let us stand up for our state ben jealous, democrat for govnor
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i' dave brat said he'd vote to reduce the deficit. m abigail spanberger, and i approve this message. but instead, he voted to increase it davby $1.9 trillion vote to reduce the deficit. m abigail spanberger, and i approve this message. brat went washington, taking hundreds of thousands from big drug companies, wall street banks, and other corporate special interests
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and voting to give his big corporate donors big tax breaks, making the next generation pay. dave brat went washington, and all we got was the bill.
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>> to spank or not to spank? >> the nation's top pediatricians say don't spank. they say parents should never spank. the experts warn it doesn't wore and can c more aggressive behavior. they also warn spanking may alter brain development. >> itt appears the part of the brain that's responsible fol self-ration doesn't grow as well in children who have been spanked consistently. >> so what should parents do? put ynger kids in time-out. and as your children get older take away privileges or spending money. >> mental health diagnoses are rising among college students. new study finds 36% of college students were diagnosed with a
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mental health condition last year. that's up from 22% in 2007. experts say the decreasing stigma of mental illness may explain why more students are willing to seek help. >> if you're trying to lose some weight before the holidays, you'll want to hear this. researchers at the university of pittsburgh found that people that weighed t mselves every day lost more weight than those that rarely stepped on the scale. experts say regularly checking your weight can help you see how our ging your diet and exercise habits effect wght loss. >> rolling in the dough. an iowa woman is living her dream after winning344 million in a powerball jackpot. >> she says she has worked factories and mail rooms. rdon't think she'll e have to work again. she says she will now retire and take a long vacation. she also plans to start a foundation in her late grandson's name. this win almost didn't happen
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for her. turns out she lost the ticketn her sister's pick up truck. when she realized where it was, she mad p a quickne call. >> i said to my sister, get that ticket, get in your truck, and t up here now and drive >>slow. didn't want anything to happen to the truck, the ticket, anything. >> don't get pulled over. >> no, nothin >> someone else is rich and may not even know it. there's still another unclaime ticket in new york for the other 344 murder in the second degr 44 million. >> she'll never lose anything again. >> nothing lets lost. now we'll turn to viralideo that shows a bear cub trying to get back to its mother. >> so cute. we can all learn an impontant le here about not giving up from this videe the cub and omma were heading up to the treacherous slope. momma tries to grab. can't get there. >> was it a grab?
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>> the cub is trying. momm bear made it, but the cub just couldn't -- he kep falling down. was sliding. finally after multipl -- if yo watch the whole video, the cub kept falling straight down i was afraid he would just fall the cliff. >> but he didn't. he has dangerous life threatenin >> but from here, he looks like a stuffed animal. like you could cuddle him. s >> everything cute until it's mauling you. >> right. >> lesson learned. do it yourself. >> and look at the effort and the perst'erance. >> t the lesson there. for us today, our weather lesson is going to be lk out. chance for some strong storms coming in. veryl unus weather pattern for november, but not completely unheard of since t we had tornadoes in maryland just last friday. so that was your reminder that we can get severe weather even this late into the year. right now, it is cloudy and
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fogg t andperatures are in the low to mid 50s. so a real mild start to the day. me.rincess would agree with not much of a rain chance now with temperatures in the mid 50s. it's a lot of fog around. a near 100% chance of rm thunders later in the day today by drying out later thisfternoon and evening. once you leave us here at news 4 today, use your nbc washington app. we'll send push alerts for any severe weather watches or warnings. i'll also be tweeting out all the stuff on my twitter handle at chuck bell 4. you can also find our facebook page. alady quite a bit of heavy rain across thens mountai of west virginia this morning. chances for thunderstorms increase the farther east you go
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today. here comes the actual weather front by noon to 1:00 or 2:00 right on the hrt of the i-95 corridor. much. not look like it comes with a chance for damaging winds or hail. be read ter in the day, things settle down. dry weather wednesday and thursday and another soaking of rain on friday. i'm over the rain. arlington memorial bridge is the problem. there's a disabled vehicle trying to get across and weave
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the typical lane closures there too. you can see some of the roads still have the sheen o the for being wet and we have fog around town. >> still ahead, a d.c. newspaper's twitter handle gets hacked. >> and on ellen, eddie redmayne stops by. ellen airs3: at and then ellen airs3: at and then when the nra tried to overturn maryland's assault-weapons ban, f attorney general brish led the fight to stop them, defending our gun safety lawe of maryland. attorney general brian frosh.
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i've honestly neverlt this . i believe the future of immunotherapy at ctca is very bt. the ev hution of cancer care e. appoin available now. there arepatrick morriseyes ifiled a lawsuit. to takleaway protections for pe with pre-existing conditions.e i to protect them. morrisey got rich as a washington lobbyist for opioid my worour senator took a billion opioid pills
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off the street. morrisey is simply a "yes" man for the drug companies and the political bosses. i'm considered the most independent senator in washington. i'm joe manchin, and i approve this message. the washington examiner says it was hacked after it appears to tweet a vicious message attacking president trump. it read in part, trump is going to hell. the tweet was deleted but not before nbc news and other a outlets were to see it. a couple of hours later, it
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released a statement saying it's twitter feed was hacked and the message did not come from staff. >> several lowe's stores will close up shop. it's closing 20 gunderperformin stores in the u.s. and more in canada. lowe's says most of the impacted locations are within ten miles of another store. >> if you're already cravinggi thanng dinner and can't wait for the feast, you're in luck kind of. >> pringles is releasing chips with thanksgiving dinner themed flavors. they include the dinner classics, turkey, pumpkin pie flavors, you're not going to find this in stores though. you can only b them online. tonight the chips go on sale before midnight and you can buy a three pack for about $15. >> sweet potato pie flavored pri pringles, really? >> a hint about amazon's new
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headquaters. a local spot in the running, but it's n alone. why the new hq could be split in two. >> and gd morning, everybody. storm team 4 weather alert for you on your election day. a chance for strong storms between aut mid toate morning and early parts of the afternoon another quick half inch of rain. eather andyou future give you the ten day forecast in the next half hour. >> plus the big day is here. we're wking with you on this election day. what you need to know before you what you need to know before you head to th
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here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way. of well, it's a whole day's rth of love songs. or 300 minutes of baby videos. a gig goes a long way. that's why xfinity mobile lets you pay for data one gig at a time. and with millions of wifi hotspots included, you'll pay even less for data. or if you need a lot weave unlimited too. plus, get $200 back when you buy a new smart phone. it's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today. >> it is election day, decision
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2018. and you should know severe weather could be heading our way. you may need the raincoat as you cast your ballot today. >> they open their doors in about half an hour. >> we' working for you as you get started on this busy day. let's stndt with chuck bell a the storm team 4 weatheralert. >> a very active weather day. a lot of fog this morning. it will anything but cold. temperatures are in the low to mid 50s already this morning wi the fog ound. we'll be in the upper 60s to mid 70s today ahead of storms arriving along the i-95 corridor right around the dday hours today. all the rain across the .ountains of west virgin here's the outlook. everyone has at least a chance for thunderstormsoday but the odds of severe weather increase
5:31 am
the farther east you go. whetherou live or travel there. i-95 toward the bay, down into southern maryland. charles coty, southern maryland, that's the highest risk for strong to severe storms today. temperatures, as i mentiod, mild. low to mid 50s this morning. your election day planner foreca, vote early or vote later on in the day today. the highest chancetr forg to potentially severe storms from 9:00 or 10:00 this morning until 2:00 or 3:00rnn the afteoon. more about the return of much needed sunshine coming up. for now, let's go to melissa. >> good morning. terloop near 270 crash here on the left shoulder now. so they got the aar spunund straightened out but we're still on the shoulder. to the north here, sbbladenurg southbound, we had the right lane and lamp blocked by a
5:32 am
cras a little bit of a slow down there. we have a lot of fog around town and after the crash, in gaithersburg station yesterday train service is back on time this morning. guys. >> thank you. 5:32. ba to our top stohis morning, the day the country has been waiting for. counting down to. it's decision 2018 election day. voters in virginia will be among the first to cast their ballots today. >> polling places in the district and maryland open at 7:00 a.m. we have teamovage of all the local races that will impact you and your family. >> let's beghr with that's live with the latest on the 10th congressional district race in that state.
5:33 am
chris. >> no democrat has won this seat in about 40 years, but this comes down to two things. federal wkers and president ump. this district stretches all the way out to winchester. it's home to federal workers. barbara comstock is talking about how shepposed the president when he proposed a pay freeze. he pushedla the to give federal workers a nearly 2% bump in pay and advocates for expanding their paid family leave. nowennifer wexton argues on so many other issues. she is lockstep with president trump and voted with him more than speaker hapaul ry. wexton says that hurts homeowners in this area and benefitted more corporations than regularpeople.
5:34 am
both support more federal funding and coming up we'll take a deeper dive on how they voted and where they stand on transportation. an issue that i know matters to so many of you. back to you. >> chris lawrence for us in mcclain virginia, thank you. we continue our team coverage in decision 2018 in maryland now. >> we'll check in with moette who is watching the maryland race. maryland's republican incumbent governor is one of the most popular governors in the country. goes into this election day well afunded, wit well funded campaign and he could very well be on the verge of a second term with a double digit lead and he continues toush for some of the same issues he says he has been fighting for all along, education, transportation, job creation and tax relief, but he has a strong challenger in
5:35 am
democrat and former naacp head ben jealous who has been fighting his way throughhis campaign even though hogan has lead in all polls. jealops isg this blue wave will push his way to a victory today but he knows that he has an uphill clim he's hoping that higher voter turnout will be a better gain for him a he pushes for better education and health care as he also w struggledh campaign dollars. >> we said from the beginning we same n this primary the izy that we won the general, proving that org people beatne organized >> we've done the best job we can for the last four years. we're going to keep working hard. if you likehe direction the state is heading, then they should let us do it for another fouryears. >> maryland hasn't elected a
5:36 am
republican governor to a second rm since the 1950s but hogan goes into today'sct en with double digit leads. if jealous wins, he will become the first black governor of maland. that's latest live. back to you. >> thank you. it is 5:36 now. president trump wentll out yet in his final campaign push for republicans. he visited ohio, indiana, and missouri focussing on immigration. coming up, tracie potts wcol inue our election day coverage with a look at the key the nations >> get the latest on the election a the polls begin to close tonight onews 4. tune into ourct en special at 7:30. >> this train was head to union station. there were 157 passengers on board. no one washurt. >> two people are dead after a
5:37 am
bad crash in virginia. take a look as itollided with a transportation bus. destroyed.see it was the crash happened around 8:30 last night right outside of garfield senior high school. the driver was the only person on the bus at the time of the crash. >> coming up, amazon narrowi in on the site for the new headquaters and our area still in the running. the new twist that could give ittwos this economic boost. >> plus the new sexiest man alive crowned overnight. 'll show you who jimmy fallon helped people magazine hon
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welcome back. the update on where amazon will open their secon headquaters. >> nbc news reports the company may move to two i citiestead of one. other media reoutlets saying the same thing. the wall street journal also reporting amazon plans to spl
5:41 am
the job equally between two winning cities. over the weekend,n the washing post reported there are strong signs that amazon would be moving to crystal cityn arlington county. 20 other locations including d.c. are also on the short list. >> a decision on hq-2 is expected by the end of the year. the company is offering free shipping on all orders. it's for a limited time. >> how w about ather check. >> a busy weather day today. storm team 4 weather alert you to get you in the right frame of mind. vote early this morning or potentially waitntil later in the afternoon. strong to severe storms right in the heart of midday. more about that and the 10 day forecast coming up. >> plus decision 2018 has
5:42 am
arrived. we're working for you with everything you need to knowea before youd to the polls. a live report from capitol hill is next. kaine: welibertd justicence to a flag not for some, but for all. i want a virginia that works for all,co withmic opportunity and a chance for a good life. i'll work with anyone to build that virginia. we can't let our leaders divide us because we're all americans.
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i'm tim kaine, ani approve this message because if we ask our kids to say these words... teacher and children...on, indivisible... ...we have to be willing to live by them. teacher and children: ...and justice for all. arin maryland, democrats on the front lines.a... with so much at stake, ben jealous yl the bold leader md needs. his plans will get our schools back to number one and protecour healthcare. maryland's teachers, nurses and president obama agree. ben jealous has the "courage toove families forward." let us stand up for our kids let us stand up for families let us stand up for our state ben jealous, democrat for governor
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to execute ah warrant when wor an arrest warrant, we'd line up and we'd put our hand on the shoulder of the person in front of us.e you always who had your back. with all the money in politics, it's hard to say who has our backs. i worked in federal law enforcement and at cia serving the american people, not special interests. i'm abigail spanberger. i won't take money from corporate pacs because in congress, i'll always have your back, and that's why i approve this message.
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>> virginia's polling place is open first at 6:00 a.m. and there's already been record breaking earlyur voter out. a lot of people say it's what it goin make a difference. >> we know that more than 35 million early votes have been counted natioide as of monday. take a look at numbers coming from nbc news data analytics lab. in states that had early votings 42% are republican and 41% are democrat a 17% are either independent or no party affiliate. 21 million ballots were cast before election day. tracie pottsontinues our decision 2018 coverage now from
5:46 am
capitol hill. >> missouri is where president trump made his final remarks for hawley that is o taking mccaskill, to take that seat out of democratic hands. this is a race that's been very tight right now. this is wherehey talked about health care and border security. then we have texas. now the numbers don't look as tight in texas but this is a ce that's garnering a lot of attention between republican senator ted cruz and the democrat who ishi challenging in part, because there's some unknowns in texas. the average has cz up by 6%
5:47 am
but orourke is campaigning in areas where people typically do not vote. and they could be completely up in the air. seit could be bec of a surge in people that haven't voted acfore and early voting. >> thank you. so get more insight into election day 2018 thank you for being here this morning. >> happy to be here. about the to talk local races we have been watching coming into this election. how much of this is about popularity and's how much of it is about the district. >> it's what's going on around the country. entirely president trump. and closely contested
5:48 am
jurisdictions where republicans aligning themselves with thees ent may find themselves in big trouble and barbara is running close to the president in a district that doesn't line-up well with that. you look at maryland for example and republican hogan that established himself as a never trumper. he's in good so t are all about their connection to president trump, whether or not they align thselves with him andhe impact they have in the local races around the country. >> in maryland you have congressional candidate snding millions of dollars in this ugly campaign against the republican lenger. who does negative campaigning hurt the most? because you hr the adds on the o hediard his name even. i don't know if this is going to
5:49 am
benefit one or the other candidates. >> for negative campaigning, voters claim they don't like it but when you look at the research, they tend to respond. i'm not sure how this is going to break one way or another but it's notli the amount of money he poured into a race when he ran two years ago. we're also loong at this aggressive senate race where you had joe mansion being challenged. this is a state where president trump won. how much of a challenge does that present for joe >>mansion? ordinarily a big one. oot joe manchin is lucky. when youk at issues that matter to west virginia voters like protecting pre-existing conditio
5:50 am
conditions, he's been on their side on those issues. in the long run, hiksy to be all right. >> thank you for being here. you'll stay with us and talk more about this in the next hour. >> marylanders will also have two state-wide questions on the llot. take a look. the first is about gambling revenue for education. a yes vote would require tax revenue for casinos bema eed for k through 12 public schools. opponents argue some of the money should go to other precrities. thed question on election day voter registration. a yes voteze would autho lawmakers to come up witho legislation allow for same day registration on election day. >> ride sharingervices are making sure that you can get more affordable rides to the polls. 50% off or up to $5 off across the country today. uber is offering $10 off on the
5:51 am
lower c options available in your city. they're offering free trips to get to their station. >> the calvert county board of commissioners is reinstating bus service after democratic officials raised concerns about potential vot suppression. the county government generally closes on election day. if other services such as the golf course are open, buses should run. theyoted they will be available today due to heightened interest. >>he news 4 i-team will be tracking any problems at the polls. you can send a tip n to thes 4 i-team or send an e-mail to tips at news 4 >> it's now 5:51. all righ chuck.
5:52 am
storm team 4 weather alert day. a very active weather pattern around here brings us an opportunity for more november thunderstorms today during the late morning and early parts ofe the oon. it's a foggy and mild start. temperatures are in the 50s. visibility is under 2 miles across much of the area. now 51 in martsburg,est virginia. here's your election day planner. a chance for some cloud and drizzle drops here early this ndrning. but rain chances thunderstorm chances increase toward the late morning and noontime hours and then o drop aga again. a batch of moderate to heavy rain in west viinia toward the petersburg area. that's likely to come across martinsburg, up toward hagerstown over the next little bit. be ready for a dousing of rain first thing this morning.
5:53 am
add a little daytime heating to this mix and that's the reason the chances for severe weher go up peeking across parts of southern maryland and the eastern shore. >> this will be the line. 10:00 in e morni across morn maryland and the valley. that line of storms makest o to i-95 about noontime and then down into southern maryland about 2:00 in the afternoon. we'll have our forecast and interactivtu radar f to let you know when it will be clearer to go back to the polls. another soaker on friday. chilly, but dry for the >> i like that. anything dry at this point in time. pretty good for me.
5:54 am
that crash is still on the beltway. we had the right lane and ramp blocked by a crasn you ee delays here still, but that's on the shoulder as well. as we zoom , arlington, memorial bridge had a disabledn vehiclehe right side. that probably cleared out of the way now. southbound gw parkway, right side blocked by a crash there. >> the ramp to eastbound 66 had the rig side blocked. yesterday with that amtrak train, brunswick train service is on time this morning. also maryland and virginia. >> hank you,5:54 right now. there's a new sexiest man alive. peop magazine refers to him as
5:55 am
a sweet, smoeldldering super st >> we're talking about idris elba. maybe you saw a little bit of his personality. >> can you give us idris. >> okay. no, it's amazing. i'm really, really happy with that, ma thank you so much people magazine for making me sexiest man in the world. my mom is going to be very, very proud. >> according to people, his hobbies are djing, kickboxing and planning his upcoming wedding. he thanked people for the honor and urged people oo get and vote in today's midterm elections. >> good morning, i'm frank holland here at cnbc headquaters. amc is hiking price for its movie pass stubbs a-list in the
5:56 am
states where it's the most polar. starting on january 9th, the service will jump from $22. you can still get the $20 a month rate for the first year if you signan up beforery 9th. lets you see three movies per week. >> still ahead, it i election day. we're covering the news in our area and the country. >> plus the information you kee tow before you head out to the polls today. and we're still tracking a two people are dead after a car collided with a bus. details we're still asking inveigators for thisst
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
we begin with aive look outside. we are in weather alert mode closeorning and keeping a eye on another round of rain and wind set to hit the d.c. region this morning. quite a bit of fog as we're
6:00 am
heading to work too. >> good morning. >> today isn't only important because of the weather, it's also election day. >> team coverage of the biggest races in maryland, virginia and d.c. live reports on what tou need know before you head to the polls. >> the results oflehision could change the course of the country. we'll be joined by a political analyst that will help us break down thet possibilities and w it means for the trump administration. >> we begin with chuck bell wh details on this forecast. >> yes, a storm team 4 weather alert for you onct this en day. just like last friday. unusual chance for strong to seve storms here in the month of


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