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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  November 7, 2018 12:37am-1:37am EST

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stay tuned because a special live edition of "late night with seth myers" begins right now. . live from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, "late night" with seth meyers tonight, a closer look. plus, billy eichner, soledad o'brien, featuring the 8g band with franklin vanderbilt. ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers! >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. it is 12:37 a.m.od how is everdoing tonight? in that case, let's get to the news. welcome to "late night." we are live tonight and when has
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that ever gone wrong for nbc? [ laughter ] that's right. it's election night and "late night" can now project that bourbon has defeated xanax. teuz h beat democratic candidate beto o'rourke. do you know what that means? no, no, don't smile! no! [ applause ]e according to "new york times," president trump hosted a small reception with his friends tonight to watch the election results. fr 2016. remember that night? what a great night. they said i coun't do it and i -- according to reports, voters in georgia had to wait hours in line to ct their ballots after it was discovered
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the power cords were not provided for voting machines. in a primarily african-american neighbhood. wow, i knew brian kemp would try bto stripck people of the power to vote but i didn't know he would literally take away their power to vote. ivanka trump tweeted a video today encouraging people to vote saying, don't let the rain stop you. and democratic voters responded -- ♪ "people" magazine has named idris elba as the sexiest man alive. i'm happy to annoue that i was voted also alive. [ cheers and applause ] no small thing.
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finally, democrats won bac control of the house of representatives tonight for the first time in eight years, putting president trump's agenda -- [ cheers and applause ] putting president trump's agenda in serus danger. for more on this, it is time for "a closer look." well, cable news was unanimous. it was a blue wave. when you look at what's going h one tonight, this is not a blue wave. >> so we haven't seen the blue wave? >> there is not a blue wave forming. >> this is not a blue wave. >> it is n blue wave. >> so cable news was not sure if it was alue wave. but we hear can confidently say it was at least a blue ripple. but hey! if you've been in the desert for two ye a little splash of water feels like a damn tsunami. so come on democrats! give me some good news or i'll
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have to drink this eire bottle of whiskey. >> nbc news is predicting the democrats will control the house ofs.representati >> seth: yeah, i did it anyway! because that's thebo thing alcohol. it works for good or bad news. that's right. the democrats are projectedtao control of the house for the first time in eight years even though they lost the senate. that's because the house and senate maps were vernt diffe as cbs explained. >> it looks like we have races two planets. planet senate and planet >> seth: that's right. the senate is a different plan chet explains why ted cruz looks like he burst out of someone's chest. tonight was a crazy frenetic night. things were so crazy, steve kornacki was wearing three different mike packs all at once. i knew he was busy but i didn't
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know he was on three different networks at th tsame time. results were all over the place. to give you an idea how crazy it was, beto o'roarke lost in texas while heidi height kamp los in north dakota. and in colorado we sawhe first openly gay man to be elected governor. and kim davis, the kentucky clerk whoue refused to i marriage licenses lost her re-election bid. and fun fact,oi her was a gay wedding cake. now here' the thing. democrats winning back control f the house was a huge development for a number of reasons. it will stop republicans from repealing obamacare, and it will allow democrats to protect the russia investigation and put democrats in charge of house committees which gives them a huge new power. >> if democrats do take house, president trump will wake up weesday morning to a very
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different political scenario. here on the hill, they are going to investigate this president and his administration thoroughly, putting it und intense microscope. likely investigating everything from his. at a returns to could thnflict interest to collion. >> even when a house has only one house in congress, that can have a big impact. once they're controlling the house in congress, they get to nduct oversight. they have subpoena power to help them do that. >> seth:gh that's democrats now have subpoena power. if you don't believe me, trump was jus photographed trying to sneak 20 years of tax returns out of the white house. right now he is at an office max in washington, d.c. do you have a shredder? i just want to borrow it. i can't afford to buy it. democrats are vindicate in their predictions that they would win back the house. the two opposing messages couldn't be more different. democrats' closing message was
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primarily about healtcare. trump on the other hand tried scare people with racist conspiracy their business the migrant caravan headed toward the southern border. the message was basically this. >> you are gng to die. advisers rump's pleaded with him about something else. he admitted he found t subject boring. >> what job numbers we had today. did you hear? did yohear? we'll go into that. they all say, speak with they. econ speak about the economy. well, we have the greatest economy in the history of our country. but sometimes it's not as exciting to talk about the economy, right? seth: did you hear? if not too, bad, because i'm not going to tell you. that's the president sayinghe economy is boring. dude, thes economy your number one job. like getting in an uber and say sometit's not exciting to
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keep your eyes on the road. though he's right. talking about the economy isn't as exciting. edo you know who could h told you that? barack obama. he rescued us from one of the worst financial collapses in history and every time he tried to talk about it, it was such a snooze fest, some heckler in the ngck would say this is bo show us your birth certificate. trump tried a different tactic. campaigning with fox news hosts. head of his final rally in missouri lastnight, he announced that sean hannity would be joing him on stage which is weird since fox continues to insist that it is not an arm. he said to be clear,t i will be on stage campaigning with the president. got it. >> seth: se-- >> sean hannity, come on up. sean hannity.
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>> by the way,ll those people in the back are fake news. mr. president, did i an opening monologue today and noticed idea would you invite me up here. >> seth: no idea? you ran up on stage like a contestant on "the price is right." you had no idea. no idea. [ applause ] >> seth: you just flew all the way to missouri on a rk. 's like a guy who gets a call from his crush and anxiouses on the first ring. no. i was just sitting here. trump bought up ivanka trump to kellyanne conway to sarah
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huckabeesanders. look at them. all th're missing is magneto hovering over them. trump obviously loomedver t mid-terms and exit polls today, 56% said the country was on the wrong track and 55% disapproved of trump. when tmp tried to campaign for other republicans, the crowds made it all about him. as you can tell from the chants in his rally last night. if you listen, i'm not sure the chants made a lot of sense. elected ent trump got because of the missourians. and we're going to re-elect him. >> that's right. >> seth: that's right. four more year they want him to get reelected, serve half his second term and that's it. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: trump also tried to scare beam democrats health care plans by telling them democrats
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pushed for universal health care would destroymedicare. health care was clear lay huge issue fors vot and four in ten said it was their top priority. trump tried to use that against democrats but he clearly got hii talkings messed up. watch him mess up and then try cover. >> if democrats gained power on tuesday, one of the very first projects will be a socialist takeover of american health care. you know what's happening. and your taxes will triple, maybe quadruple. you won't be happy. i know you well. the democrat plan would obliterate obamitare. will also, which is good, but leave the bad par hind. it will destroy medicare. >> seth: nice save, dude.! wh he got so confused by his own bs, he told his own supporters to vote democrat. the democrat plan is bad becau would it obliterate obamacare --
12:49 am
which is good, we're against obamacare, which is bad,o if you want to get rid of obamacare vote democrat? so in the home stretch of the , campairump somehow managed to lie even more than he usually does. it didn't steam bother his supporters. they either believe every word he says or openly brag they don't care. one person saidhe was not interested in whether or how many times trump might lie that evening. i don't care if he sprouts a third -- wait, a third? oh, my god,s trum lying has gotten so out of control, he's been telling his supporters he already has two. and they believed him. trump might be happy about the results in the senate but the results in the house are huge. democrats will be able to trump his power and investigate him. they'll ask for his tax returns right away.
12:50 am
be if they get him they' running around d.c. saying -- >> did you hear? >> seth: this has been a closer look. we have got a great show tonight. the wonderful, the always fantastic, billy eichner is here, everybody. we arene also j by soledad o'brien. i can't wait to talk to her. we will be right back with amber says what, stick around, everybody. ♪
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>> seth: welcome back, everybody. with all the focus on the hd-terms, ween't had enough time on cover all the recent news. here with a recap i os of our writers, amber, in a segment we call alber says what. >> you guys! things have been crazy! okay, first of all, the president boarded a plane with toilet paper on his shoe. and i was like, what?en e couldn't figure out how to close his umbrella so he left it on the ground. what? then aatg website for people who love trump came out called donalddaters. i saw that, and i was like,
12:55 am
gross. everybody was like, kendall jenner culturally appropriatated an afro. and i was like, what are you talking about? that's not an afro. this is an afro. people were like stop talking like that and i was like yeah. really, that's a white girl who elementary school at her boyfriend's house and hado use man shampoo. then people were mad about ain ma luther king statue in buffalo because they said it looks nothing like martin luther king and i said, how bad could it be? then i saw the picture. what? what? that guye looks nothing l martin luther king. do you know who looks more like martin luther king? this guy. th oprah canvassed for stacey abrams in georgia and i was like, what? can you imagine having oprah come to your door? it would be like, what?
12:56 am
is this your house? do you want my house? i'm sorry. i shouldn't have been in here. come on, is oprah's house now. then at a republican rally, someone from trump's cabinet described florida's goveronr elecs quote, cotton picking important. i heard that and i was like ♪ what you know what happened today? edris elba was namedie s man alive. sound ike, why does that familiar? oh, yeah. here's why. blake shelter only was named sexiest man alive and i was like, what happened to idris elba? is he okay? [ cheers and applause ] i called it! and i'm calling next year's sexiest man alive. idriselba. and the year after that, idris
12:57 am
elba. until he dies until at which point he will be sexiest ghost alive. in other news, there is a maarin duck in central park and everybody is freaking out because it came from china and no one knows how it got here. but it is the most beautiful bird i have ever seen. i saw that chinese duck and i was like -- back here in america, white ladies have been calling the cs on black people for the stupidest reasons. she called 911 on a black man who was planting a community garden. she called on a guy enteringow s apartment. and she called how many a 9-year-old child for just living. well, surely this can't get any moreri culous. and that's when it happened. white people who were on a boat called police on a ale. look! >> it's fine. it's fine. it's right under us.
12:58 am
>> i'm out at puget sound and there are threes whander our boat and i'm afraid we might get flipped over and i'm afraid. >> i saw that and i was like, what? you can't call the cops on a whale when you're in the ocean. you're in his house. he should call o the polic you. now, don't get me wrong. if you come dowtairs and see a whale out your window, please call police. and finally, it is the end of a very long election day. so to democrats, i just want to say, you campaign hard, you registered thousands of new voters andou had a lot of firsts tonight. first openly gay mail governor in history. massachusetts' first black congresswoman. what? america's first black congresswoman, what? the youngest congresswoman ever,
12:59 am
what? texas' first two latina congress women ever. what, what? and the t first native-american congress women. what? yeah! and to republicans, i want to say, what? this has been amber says what. >> seth: give it up for amber, everybody! we'll be right back forly b eichner. ♪ i've slain your dreaded dragon. for saving the kingdom what doth thou desire? my lord? hey good knight. where are you going? ♪ ♪ climbing up on solsbury hill ♪ grab your things, salutations. coffee that is a cup above is always worth the quest. nespresso.
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1:04 am
emmyom nominatedian and host of billy on the street available on u youtube. n see him in american horror story apock limicalypsap. please welcome him back, billy eichner, evebody. welcome back! >>hat's up! [ cheers and applause ] i am very happy. >> seth: you're very happ >> yes. we flipped the damnhouse! >> seth: there you go. it's a big deal. >> it is a big deal. >>eth: the las time you were here we talked about this initiative you started called glam up the mid-terms. you invested a lot of personal time. you're not going to ask me
1:05 am
with the bowl that popcorn i'm asking? i brought it from the dressin room. now maxine waters is head of the financial -- what is it called? the financial committee which means she can ask for donald trump's taxes and i'm going to sit back and watchful thank you. >> seth: yeah. i would guess that would be donald trump's least -- that would be his last choice for who would be inharge of the committee. >> he doe't like her. because he's a racist. >> seth: that's one of the reasons. >> and a mysogynist. sorry. >> seth: she ticks a lot of boxes. >> i'm so excited. the mid-terms campaign, i was out there registering you voters, trying to get them involved and i got so many messages on social media all day long, on instagram, twitter, all these young people all over the
1:06 am
country, youngoters going to vote for the first time nargs memorial the first time, gathering with friends, and i was really moved. i'm not the cause of any of that. i think they are responding to things they see in the country that they don't think are right and just and fair. and i want to thank all the utyoung people there who got involved for the first time. and i think they're going to stay involved and i'm seeg a lot of sadness tonight on social media from young people who f reall in love, rightfully so, with beto. and i love him, too. but i want everyone to realize that no democrat has ever gotten that close in texas. it's texas! and bet is not going anywhere. and we had a really great night and i think, when republicans win, they go celebrating in the streets like racists start throwing parades for themselves and we're punishing ourselves.
1:07 am
but we had a really great night so let's be happy for five minutes. >> seth: i think one of the sad things is like up, a very charismatic candidate like beto o'roarke doesn't break through against ted cruz. do you think, a lot of people are talking about this, should es run for deg two years? is he a national candidate? >> i think he is. i'm going to leave it up to him to decide, probably. i want him to win ever whing. it him to win best sporting actress.ov i the guy. he's magical. a lot of us haven't felt that way about a politician since obama andnk i t beto will be great. give man a second. and i'll foow him wherever he wants to go and i think a lot of us feel that way. beyond beto, i want to stress it, we had a native-american gay woman flip a seat blue in
1:08 am
kansas. >> seth: kansas! >> in kansas! that's amazing. omshe's aw the gayest thing to happen in kansas since the house fell on the wicked witch of the west. you don't know this maybe because you've been here. but voters in michigan tonight voted toegize marijuana! >> seth: that's >> and that's the only thing i know about michigan. >> seth: y now have one fact. >> but it's a good one. >> sh: youot to spend time with former vice president joe biden in las vegas. >> yes. >> seth: how was your time with him? >> it was great. he didn't know who i was. but that was fine. he shouldn't. he's joe biden. o it is parthe glam up the mid-terms campaign. we went all over torsion phoeni detroit, san diego before the california primaries,
1:09 am
i went canvassing. we did what we could. we went to i don't know if we know what happened but arizona has a great democratic candidate running tonigh we're still waiting to find out what happens but she would be the first bisexual woman, openly bisexual woman in cgress ever. not only that but the first kirsn in the senate who spells her name with a y. and think about how much hope horribled give all the karens out there who spell their name k-a-r-y-n. for all the awful ashleys. who sll it a-s-h-l-e-i-g-h. that's >> seth: she would give them hope. >> some inspiration. i think it is close. >> seth: did you vote today or did you vote early?>> voted early, yeah. with an absentee ballot and then i sent it in.u
1:10 am
>> seth: do et a sticker when you do that? >> i do get a sticker, they give you a sticker. >> seth: in the ballot when they sent itu? to >> no. that comes as a special fedex -- yeah. it comes in the same envelope. >> seth: thams s expensive. >> people love those stupid stickers. social media was crazy today. >> seth: yeah. people are really happy. >> what about pizza to the polls? have you heard about this? this is real. pizza to the polls. all the people waiting in line forever becau republicans have made it impossible to vote. so people weting in l for hours. you can go to pizza to the and you can have pizza for the people i waitin line. i spent $100 to send pizza to the polls. mewhile, there are members of my extended family i haven't spoken to for seven years but okay, pizza to the pos!
1:11 am
>> seth: i'm sure they understand and will forgive you. we're going to stick around. i'm going to talk to you more. you have a lot of other things i nt to ask but. we'll be right back. julie means more to me than anything. and i wanted to ask you before i ask her. may i have your permission, to marry her? you're marrying her and her whole world. shop neil lane diamond engagement rings... kay.
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"late : welcome back to night." we're here live with billy eichner and what a nice distraction from the world we live in rigno you're back. you have already released a couple episodes. you have a clip. do you want describe what you're doing? >> yeah. i am obsessed with social media aseople know me know. but male stone is not on any social somedia. the point of me taking her out was to convince her to go on instagram. >> our democracy is crumbling. i want to say hello to emma
1:17 am
stone. >> could i shake your hand but -- >> not when they're covered with that sauce. >> wouldn't you like the on see her do a boomerang? >> i don't know what that is. >> if do you a movement. like a movement. and then you can go watch it and it is like -- like that. >> i understand. >> that was actually better than the dancing i la la land, if i'm bei honest. [ laughter ] >> seth: and you are often honest. >> by the way, apologies to the boomerang community. >> seth: who else do yomihave up? >> tiffany haddish aon i have coming up. anlly on the street tv. lynnl miranda has one coming out. and we just shot one wit kate mckinnon. >> seth: there you go. and they've been on tv in the
1:18 am
ost. this i youtube and you're doing it in ptnership working with lyft. o do wanted to find a way other things like american horror story and other things. i didn't want billy on the street to go way because i love it so i wanted to make it something that do i occasionally. and lyft came along. th did an amazing thing today. they were offering discounted or free roids to the polls. free rid to the polls. >> seth: i will say, it doesn't naturall seem like good partnership. you are famously not in a car duri billy on the streets. >> i once lost a daytime emmy to the host of cash cab. that's a true story. you laugh but -- for me, cars are a sensitivetopic. they've been great.
1:19 am
so supportive. it is a great partnership. >> seth: you played two character this is year. >> i do, yeah. >> seth: so the bowl t, is this brock or mutt? >> this is mutt. they had me in the wig. this is my ioted pose tie instagram. >> seth: and brock very different than that. >> yeah. brhrk has beengh a nuclear attack. >> seth: mutt doesn't look like ghhe's been thruch at all. >> let me say that since this came out, i haven't had any sex. oh, they're so.scar it is worse than ted cruz. >> seth: and then someone made this onte tw before trump and after trump. a lot of people do .th >> someone made that and it is accurate. but i feel a little better
1:20 am
tonight. >> seth: yeah. now you're a mutt now. what an adorable fellow that is. >> seth: and how has that american horror story been? >> i love. the whole thing is completely insane. it is kathy bates, jessicaela came back. >> seth: it seems to me, working for ryan murphy, there are very few people who have as specific a visi. he is in total control and i really wanted to work with ryan. he is such a visionary. he is so openly gay and gay friendly. why is everyone and you know, ryan loves the cast t actors in an industry ovat often does not. and he to give actors gay opportunities that you don't get elsewhere. 'll bet the new openly gay
1:21 am
politician will be on there. >> seth: congrats on the work you did. >> i love you. >> seth: american horror story. we'll be right back with soledad o'brien! ♪ ♪so charmin ultr! it's softer than ever. charmin ultra soft is twice as absorbent so you can use less. and it's softer than ever... so it's harder to resist okay, this is getting a little weird. we all go, why not enjoy the go with charmin?
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our next guest is an emmy and pea body award winningst journa she hosts the show matter of fact with soledad o'brien which airs sundays. this week's else is from the border wall in texas. ease welcome soledad o'brien. e [ cheers and appla >> seth: how are you? >> i am sad. election night is almos over. >> seth: it's almost over. youhaweeted you would drink heavaiy. and you sd you would drink fire ball whiskey. i did not know what that that was your drink of choice? >> you didn't know -- >> seth: i but we've got it.
1:28 am
>> it's amazing. it's full of sugar. this has about 800 calories. and it is amazing because it is warm. it makes you feel good. >> seth: all right. here wgo. yeah. that's fatherly >> do i election night with a big glass of fire ball, taking notes, because i like to track everything. this is the first night d in't want it on television. >> seth: so that's interesting. you were on those panels. re you happy not to be on one of those panels? >> there are like eastbou panel so you can say, yeah, i think so. i think viewers hate the panels. the panels especially on election night,hey're just filling time. the polls haven't even closed. it is so painful, right? so painful. so this year, i put the profit
1:29 am
. that's a good show. and then i just followed twitter and all the polling online. >> seth: so the house has flipped, for democrats, one of the great disappointments is that three of the most charismati star stacey abrams and bo o'rourke in texas. they ran good campaigns but failed to cross the finish line. ,>> ye democratic twitter is so sad. they've lost sight of the fact they won the house. , beto! i think they will have people talk about them as contenders for 2020. i think they've really shown that they could organize and ran great campaigns and of course, we talked a lot about voter suppression. crazy things. four and a half hour waits to vote.vo ng. polling stations where they weren't plugged in. they had no electricity.
1:30 am
there are so many issues oho people votes were suppressed, it calls for morio investig and people were really talking about that seriously. plus the race pitch we saw in this, the race pitch we saw. disappointing, does it get lost how close a black woman came to almost being govern? >> and beto. if you look at the early looks at him. if h stays within 10 points, that will be good enough. he was so close so i think that is really, really important to see that the win was how close they actually goter in a red state for beto, against an incumbennd >> seth: you know it will be called sour grapes every time youomplain about something like that. do you see any future where it is better? consering that one of the
1:31 am
things that's happened under the radar was a lot of the secretary of state races, replicans wo what you saw in georgia was brian kemp being secretary of state did not seem very concerned. >> the referee was in theme that doesn't seem legal at all. i thinkurse, states are the ones who oversee that so i don't know ifhey'll see it change any time soon. what i thought was interesting was turnout. when you see people deciding, they'll go through hell and high water, mid-term elections are notoriously terrible for people actually showing up.d you look at young people. 2014, i think 20% of 18 to 29 voted. that number is so much higher. so there is goodews even in the bad news. and i don't know that you'll set seies of state who are republicans decide they care about voter suppression and will do their all to stamp it out.
1:32 am
>> what about all the firsts? do you think that will be one of the things of historic record? >> and women. 92 women in the house. you have ten women in the senate. ne women will go to governorships. and of those 92 we will in the house, roughly hf are women of colond it is anation of the changing nature of america. so i think it is reallyoing to mean down the road. even though elections today, you say results are what matter. as're looking down the road well at the electorate and what some of the young new faces ink congress l like. it is really exciting. >> seth: it will be really exting when we see them sworn in. you've spent time on your show talking about the voters who haven't been asked the questions as far as where they sta on things. what have you found on doing your show? >> weon't d our show because
1:33 am
we're taped, we get to let the e news h and then we get to analyze night thoughtful way. so we do a lost of context which is missing now. we don't treat it lik a game, football, everybody is throwing out things. we try to make sure thateople understand the story. all the people who moved out of san diego and whoave gone across the bored entire mexico because they can't afford housing in san diego. so there are americans living in mexico who commute in every day to their jobs because of -- the housing crisis. wery to do stories like that that look at people and how politics affects them. versus there's the left, the right, and there ishis game between them. >> seth: you spent time at the border wall. how baltimore? very few people who have talked about it, i don't know if you've
1:34 am
heard there is no wall there. >> there is a littleall in some parts. a low wall. >> seth: whaters the ence when you spend time at the physical place that we're charing so f from people? >>nyone who lives along the border will say mexico is a ne pa could donald trump please stop insulting these people we're in rship with? the mayor of mccallen, texas, says it is so awkward when the presthent does . we have to deal with them every day. 8,000 people cross the border to shop every single day. sohhey're dealing w immigration. we don't have a great immigration poly in this country. it is clearly problematic. but i think the whole sto of tharavan and how the media covered the caravan w so ridiculous. it is sometimes very frustrating and >> seth: do you think a lot of people have said and predicted
1:35 am
that once the miderm is over, that we will not hear about it anymore? do you think that's a fair prediction? >> well, i think there will be a lot of investigations and some of those investigations will fall under the auspices of say, ways and means or oversight. oversight will look at how the military isseul are there e-mails between the white house? et cetera, et cetera. so t nexthase of what you'll see is like investigation central. you're going to have the house intelligence committee, ways and means and oversight. which means taxes, national security, russia, ruia, russia, and you will see every single member of thest admition who you've been hearing about, 17 investigations good. the democrats are n inharge of that. >> seth: that will be interesting to see. soledad, everybody! check your local listings. we'll right back. [ groans ]
1:36 am
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