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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 10, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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wetnd weather a shutdown metro station were blamed for he chaotic gridlock around reagan national. that metro station is still shutdown. >> a bizarre twist in a case o fairfax county. a double murder. the alleged killer targeted her own mother and sister. >> the game was all a employ to give a military woman from maryisnd the sur of her life on the tonight show. >> a lot to get you up to spe on on this saturday morning,th f november, 2018. >> it looks like we can say
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good-bye to the rain but the cold is like hello. >> you're feeling it as you coms in thi morning. lauren, how are things shaking out? >> pretty cold out there this morning as we have temperatures out there in the 40s and 30s in some spots. it's only going to get colder through the week. but factor in the wind,t northw winds at 12 miles per hour. gusts up to 30 miles per hour throughouthe day today. it's going to be a littlen the blustery side. not a lot happening out there now across the region. maybe a through furies through the northern portion of our area, but for the most pa, at's evaporating before it even hits the ground. temperatures today in the 40s and then tonight, we hav
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another freeze warning in effect for areas east of i-95. that goes until 9:00 a.m. on your sunday morning. so tonight it's going t get a lot colder than this morning and we'll talk about those temperatures and another chance of rain coming upn a few minutes. a developing story in maryland this mornin highway 301 is shutdown in both directions rig now. it's for a deadly crash. one person died. another was pulled from the car and o flownthe hospital. no word on their conditions. still unclear what may have caused the crash orthow long roadway is going to be shutdown. >> there's major metro closures around reagan national airport this morning. >> two stations are going to be shutdown as crews complete the construction sthere. hehat's happening today and tomorrow. every 12 to 15 minutes duringyt
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e hour and between pentagon city and eastern market every 24 minutes. tllow line trains will operate every 12 15 during the day and between pentagon city and mt. vern long.ernon square all day those closures, they started yesterday and caused quite the chaos. for hours this is whatar we a lot of honking horns because we had huge crtrds. affic barely moving. one woman pushed her son's stroller to the airport. >> to try to get an uber was like $70 and i had to catch a flight in an hour and 20 nutes. i was hoping to catch a taxi. ine haven't caught yet. you do what you have to do. metromeweeting a sta blaming the mix of traffic and weather on shuttle delays. keep in mind t metro detours will change slightly on monday.
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more information in our nbc washington app. a jury finding man guilty of second degree murder for shooting his friend during an argument and this is all caught on camera. the attorney argued that he red in self-defense. now he said the victim pulled the knife before a shooting at a great fallsvape shop in march. they got into an argument when the shooter and the 21-year-old got into a scuffle. vaughn did bring out his knife bu but was not threatening. video evidence shows what happens next. we're not going to show youphhe most g part, but he fired one shot into his chest. the other friends called 911. you can see police showing up there. they were doing cpr but nothing could be done. he admitted to the shooting on
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the phone with 911 dispatchers. take a listen. >> the jur did not buy the self-defense argument. they recommended a sentence of years in prison. >> a west virginia woman charged in the murder of her mother and younger sister more than a year after their deaths. police say shem killed t in their home and may have staged it to look like a murder-suicide. yesterday morning,er offic arrested megan hargan near her home in. west virginia he faces twof counts first-degree murder. they initially thought helen shot and killed her mother and turned the gun on herself. but investigators uncovered a family drama involving money. >> megan hargan attempted
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fraudulent money transfers from her mother's o accountn the day of the murders as well as the day before. >>ee conti our coverage this morning surrounding the deadly stabbing of a woman in logan circle. the man accused of murdering her september must remain behind bars during his trial. the judgennounced the decision yesterday in court. that's despite anthony cwford being placed in a mental health facility. dna from crawford and the victim was found on the murder weapon and the suspect's sweater after the attack. it has been a roller coaster of emotions through two days of hearings. >> our lives were forever changed. our grief has no limits and nothing can make us whole again or undo the senseless violence perpetrated against the victim. >> crawfordested positive for cocaine when he was arrested a few days aer themurder.
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>> a loudoun county high school teacher accused of being involved in an inappropriate relationship with a student. she's accused of having a sexual relationship with a student at the high school. the encounters happened between september and november of last year. winters is in jail on a secure bond. >> next week,yl md state highway officials will visit memorial hospitalmont county to talk about a rash of pedestrian crashes a death. they'll talk about efforts to reduce crashes in the county. they request the hearing after devon garcia and his friitds were by a car while waiting for the school bus. he was one of four that wasit and suffered brain drama andbr en bones. >> the mayor says it's a way to enroll allc. residents into a quality health care. the public is invited. it's at 11:00 this morningnd
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lasts until 3:00 this afternoon and is happening at the library insoutheast. open enrollment lasts until january 31st of 2019. >> right now three vtnam area helicopters are on display in the district. all of this to help commemorate veteran's day. the display coincides with the vietnam exhibit featured at the archives right now. if you stop by you can even jump inside the helicopters like that right there. >> verypecial surprise on late night television last night in honor ofn' vete day. jimmy fallon surprised an audience member from maryland. >> your. >> your. >> your husband is behind you.
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>> oh my goodness. >> that is thesome. is her reuniting with her husband. he was deployed. she is also an active member of the military. jimmy and his crew staged that version of the popular game, the whisper challenge f those of you that stay up late to watch. >> where am i going? >> thepl c was very happy to be reunited. she also got a big donation from t-mobile for a family room project she has been orking on at walter reed >> awesome. >> coming up next, a mother's spec rlnion with her son. more than a year after a young man was killed,is heart is man was killed,is heart is still beating for
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>> they're meeting for the first time, the mother of a murder victim and t teen that received her son's heart. >> she's an amazing young person, and i just wanted to around her and hear my son's heart beat. >>ennifer young was able to ear her son xavier's heart beat. a cancer survivor at the age of 13ecved his heart during a transplant. it was a moment young had been waiting forince her son's death a year ago, but nothing
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could prepare her for this. >> amazing, thank you somuch. >> the meeting was set up through johns hopkins hospital. she hopes her story will encourage others to become do rs. >> out of your tragedy you can give life. it gave me sanity to know that pieces of my child were still alive. >> xavier was shot ad kil in a parking lot in laurel. he was just 14 years old. gwen's parents know their daughter received the gift of life from someone that lost his so violently. >> with the joy that we feel, we have to remember that the other side of it is that it's a trage tragedy. >> from here, gwen will head back home to 8th grade.
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a loudoun county couple with a dream. >> there is a striking beauty to a witherring vine preparing for winter's rath. a you're looking their dream, this couple's journey started in arlington, virginia. yorktown high school sweethearts. they headed west to loudoun and planting the future. he could picture it all. >> open up a winery and retire and run the winery with her. >> in 2014, life changed. while trimming a tree, jan took a fall that le her paralyzed and the couple questioned whether or not they should keep
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the vineyard. they held on, not only to the vineyard, but also to one another. friend loaningjan this chair to inspecthe vines. incredibly helpful, but she still can't see the top of the vines. she tested out thisl. mo >> when i first got in it,sm my e went ear to ear. >> it's $20,000. it's not a cheap thing. you might think other grapeow ers would want to stomp their competition. >> we're allorcompet but we're also colleagues. >> and they organized a fund-raiser to help them realize their winerym.dr >> i was like, they can still do this. she can still get out there. >> nine wineries and vin yeyars are now collecting money on site. jan, ercome by gratitude. >> i'm just very lucky to know
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them. >> fernando i hpired by spirit determined >> just her tenacity, never give up attitude, and if she's fine, i'm fine. >> despi the autumn chill, there is a year around warmth herearvesting kindness. >> well, today several wineries are hosting a fund-raiser for jan. they're going to help buy the standing tract chair. to learn how you can help out search harvesting kindness in the nbc washington app. give you a liv look there at reagan national airport. a place that's going to see a lot of traffic. i don't like giving adam tuss credit on things but he said it's going to be a mess.
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proved to be that. add withhe weather. >> throughout the day, everybody complained about the weather, not a shocke but the traffic was horrendous and everybody was 15 or 20 minutes late. >> it's a mess. >> a break over the weekend and more rain early next week. it's chilly out there don't have much of a warm up in the next ten days. now we have another frontal system that's going to reinforce the cold airro our region. blustery out there today. as we go thrgh your sunday, still cold but not quite as windy. then we h oe rain the way as we get through your monday night
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and tuesday. we are in the 30s and 40s. 45 is our temperature i washington. 42 at dulles, 40 in gathersburg. gonzaga at st. johns today. good luck. both of these teams take off at 2:00 andng it's g to be blustery out there. temperatures only in the low s. so we'll drop off a little bit from where we are right now which is 45 degrees. winds up tr 30 35 miles per hour. wind chills for this entire game in the low so again, make sure that you dress accordingly. we don't have any rain, though. that's good news. listen, there could be a few flurries that try to hit the ground. to the north, most ohi is evaporating with the colder air that we're. seei one thing i do want to mention
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tonight, freeze warning in effect forre not in the growing season yet. that's i-95o the east and the district. temperatures are going to be chilly tonit. s for a lot of the region. blue skies, blustery winds 10 to 20 and then gusts up to 30 miles per hour. so, again, here's the sustain winds and you can see it is with us all throughout the day, all throhout the afternoon. 10 to 20 miles per hour. even late tonight, i don't rely see theseinds dying down until after about 10:00 p.m. tonight. tomoow morning,ou got things to do, the winds go a little on the lighter side, s that's good news. another thing i want to mention, we're dry this weekend. clouds increase on monday andmoy nday night we have rain on the way. in fact, we'll see rain through much of t day on tuesday. it could be heavy at times. s.nd chills in the 3 sunny skies tomorrow after a chilly start.
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that rain later on monday through at least tst half of tuesday. temperatures only in the 50s and we get breezy again by wednesday. we have plenty of sunshine to finish out the next wor week. it's just chilly. more news on the other sid
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lady imelda marcos was found guilty of corruption. she was found to serve six to 11 years for each of the seven counts. she funneled $200 million to the swiss foundations in the 70s. >> apple products a coming to amazon. cnbc reports amazon r deal with apple to sell the company's latest products including the iphone. they'll be available in the next few weeks. one item you won't, fi the home pod. that's the rival to the company's alexa. makes sense. >> speaking of alexa and other robots, they're taking over. w artificial intelligence anchors. >> this should scare us. >> they're digital composites made to look lik humans that read the news. take a look.
6:27 am
it's not clear where t technology is yet. he's a news man. that's not a real person. >> really? >> yes. >> some say it looksike footage of human anchors was used as a bas lay and then animated parts like the mouth and face make it a virtual puppet. >> like the movie, look who is talking with the baby? and the way they do it with dogs too. >> our jobs are at risk. >> it's 6:27 right now. >> you canever replace a lauren .ricket >> never. >> she is here. we're very lucky today, right? t. that's ri she is not
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beautiful sunlight coming up in 15 minutes. ng's just a beautiful, beautiful
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saturday mor here although it looks like a winter morninger out despite the leaves on the trees still. it is chilly. take a look at these temperatures out there. you can see temperatures are in the 40 up toward the valley they're in the 30s. look at the win as angie was talking about. wind gusts up to 30 miles per that's to be the norm oihour. throughout the day today and also feel-like temperatures in mhe 30s will be the norm. you can see t across the board right now. you can feel them out there in winchester. so this is how it feels if you're to step tside. bundle up. we'll talk about any chances for rain coming up in yourda te forecast in a few minutes. >> brace yourself. >> brace yourself for this too. >> 6:31, a traff alert for your holiday weekend. there's major metro closures around reagan international
6:32 am
airport. >> this is causing a mess. they're going to be closed as crews complete some construction. now today and tomorrow blue line trains will operate between franconia spring-field and braddo roadnd then pentagon city and eastern mark. yellow line between huntington and braddock road and pentagon city and mt. vernon.en jackieson spoke with frustratedas folks l night. >> it got very bad very fast. the friday evening closure of the reagan national airport and metro station was like putting a co in a bottle of fizzy water and shaking it hard. traffic back ups spilled out in every direction. the dark, rainy rush hour did not help. drivers beg threading their way through residential streets in arlington. tempers grew short.
6:33 am
there wereal sev minor collisions. >> we have been here over an hour. >> long lines started growing for the shuttle buses that would take peoplerom the pentagon city metro station to the airport and station south but the buses were caught up in the same traffic as everyone else. the lines began stretching around the station. by 6:00 p.m. much of arlington south of the e pentagon,t of army navy drive and north was in gridlock. many like elizabe mcdowell gave up waiting and she began pushing her son's s oller to the airport on foot. i tried a to get uber. it was like $70. i have to catch a flight in an hour and 20 minutes. i just started hoping to cch a taxi. i haven't caught one yet. >> throughout the evening, the lower level of the airport remains jammed with arriving passengers awaiting for the shuttles and otherrides. metro said the mix of traffic and weather are impacting our t abilit continuously move our shuttles.
6:34 am
we apologize for the >>delay. metro says this is a four day project so they decided to choose a holiday weekend so only one day would be effected for commuts. >> clarendon circle is one of the busiest and most complex. now among the changes, part of the north irving street will be closed to reduce the number of streets at that intersection. this is what it will look like with all the improvements. there will be upgraded signals, wider medians and bike lanes as well. the project is expected to be finished up by next fall. on>> you might cder it to be an early holiday gift, talking about lower gas prices, two weeks before the thanksgivingus travel and prices have
6:35 am
tanked. prices could continue to go down but experts warn they could go back up by christmas. >> this morning, two men were found dead inside a home in fauquier county, virginia. authorities found the bodies yesterday morningt the home on salisbury court. still not clear how they died and their names have not been released. >> we continue to follow the devastatingnd deadly wildfires in california. flames swallowing whatever they come in contact with. burning up folks lhomes. atst 9 people are confirmed dead. a quarter of a million people are under evacuation orders. >> iestigators are looking into a motive behind the thousand oaks shooting. he may have thought his ex-girlfriend was in tha bar. he shot and killed 12 people before taking his own life. the marine veteran took to
6:36 am
social media h saying was bored but sane. president trump blaming mental illness for the massacre. the accused gunman's former roommatehinks the government is ultimately responsible. >> well,y, obviou he has an illness. you guys refer to it as ptsd. the government should be fixing that. >> i april he saw a mental health specialist that worried he had post-traumatic stress disorder. >> jennifer wexton says gun laws need to change at all levels of government. she made those comments on msnbc. she says the m comon wealcommon destination for criminals to buy and get guns. now virginia is a destination for criminals to buy their
6:37 am
ndguns in bulk and distribute them throughout the country. if we get song laws at the federal level, that will help the entire nation. >> wexton joins congress in hijanuary. >> is one of the hottest stories right now on nbc a n elected congresswoman says she cannot afford to move her. she says she can't afford rent untilhe begins collecting her congressional salary in january. real estate companies estimate the rent for a one bedroom goes for than $2,000 a month. until then, chef jose andres is offering to help. he offered her a place in his home. >> a lot ofia mills will say we feel you. sears at west fiefield montgome mall is eclosing.
6:38 am
th thesda stores among those closing in february. >> today is our last nbc 4 allstate community shred of the year, but it will be easy to find. don't worry. it's at fedex field. if you have personal documu'ts d like to get rid of com down to parking lot a this morning between 8:00 and 11:00 a.m. you just have to bring your car. it's drive up only and you're limitedo four boxes of paper per vehicle. you have to be in line by 11:00 to get everything shredded. we hope to see you this morning. it's nothing like redskins parking and traffic. >> it's a popular event. get in line before 11:00. that is key. your time now, 6:38 on this saturday. they're known for the tough exteriors but this morning police officers are showing adi erent side and sharing deeply personal stories in hopes of changing minds. how the fairfax county police department is hoping to help officers suffering in silence
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yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. right now the fairfax county police department is trying to change that. they have a powerful new video featuring personal story of men and womenni inrm that dealt with the issue firsthand. this morning, we met one of the officers featured in that video. his first public come memts on a painful loss. >> steve still feels like apart of him is missing.
6:42 am
>> his world camesh cg down when his wife nicole died by suicide. reports surfacedhe was cyber bullied by herrel coleagues ate the fdepartment. >> when we went to bed on tuesday night, she never made any mention to me that she had called in and taken sick leave. her planseere already in making before she had done what she was going to do. she had begun to lay it out. >>teve saysis wife wrote a suicide note as she plotted her nal moments in thewoods. >> it was very clear that she was there to hurt herself. it was very clear cut that that would be her last letter toan
6:43 am
ody, and that would be her last form of communication. >> steve struggled emotionally after his wife's funeral and thoughts of suicide c ssed his mind too. >> so the next day after the funel, after everyone had left it really became very, vy hard for me. i had neverut thought a taking my life before, but i just wanted to be with my wife. i wantedo with her. but the difference beten nicole and i was that i could see in my mindll of my family, all of my friends. i could see my nieces and my nephew, and i could see how by me taking my life was going to have an effect on them because i
6:44 am
can see t firsthand of how nicole's suicide effected us >> he has been very private about his personal pain untilno his story is one of several featured in a very painful video that's being shown at all callsx county police roll like this one, encouraging first responders to seek help before it's too late. >> y know,ur bodies, our minds were not built to with stand and hold all that we see and endure on a daily basis in our caree and after awhile that begins to build up. >> as tngs began to build up for him, steve reached out for help. i cried when i realized i needed to g get help. everybody is worried about how is this going to effec work? what do i have to disclose? what do i not? >> out of his heartache came
6:45 am
hope. than thanks to therapy. >> i don't regret thedecision. just the one hour every other week where someone aually sit and listens to me. >> by sharing his story, he's showing all of us that braverym in many forms. >> i just hope it saves some live c not everyon go out and get the help that they need. and it's not being weak. p someple just don't know where to go get it. >> steves a virginia state police sergeant. he decided to share his sto to help others that may be suffering ine. sile suicide claimed more police and firefighter lives than any dangers that they face on the job. >> if you or someonew you k is depressed ordealing with thoughts of suicide, there's a lo of help outthere. we have a list of local resources on our website or in oursuicide, there's a lot of he
6:46 am
out there. we have a list of local resources on our website or in resources on our website or in our app
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>> history brought t life. >> it's all thanks to lord of the rings director peter
6:49 am
jackson. sarah has more on the n film. >> history come to life. ordinary british soldiers on the front lines of one of the nturies deadliest conflicts. most footage is grainy without any synchronized sound. it looks 100 years old because it is. but theseav soldiers been summoned through the fog of time than to peter jackson. he applied cutting edge production technology to footage colorizing it and using the computer to recreate missing frames. lip readers disciphered what the men were saying. some is recreated combined with decade old interviews with t veterat recall being young and far from home. >> it united youery closely and you didn'tny let aing
6:50 am
interfere with it. >> it's not a story of the war. the humanry of experience fighting in the war. >> an experience shared by 6 million fought in world war i. 700,000 died the numbers are staggering. so focussing on individual stories is key. >> hearing the voices of the people, like men thaterd in the forces or women on the home front, it's hearing their voices in their own words exploring what they thought and what they felt a what they experienced that brings it to life. >> their voicee now l on reaching a new generation. more than 100,000 americans died in the first world war, both in combat and from disease. sund marks the 100th anniversary of the end of the fighting. a day to reflect on the
6:51 am
sacrifice and the fragile nature of peace. >> that's really cool footage. >> back here you're waking up to a very cold saturday. >> summer isve very much and winter will be here before we know it. >> do you want touc know how snow we're getting this winter? i have been working hard on that. >> how much are we going to get? you're the yguy. ou have to wait and see, 4:00 on monday. >> will it be a snowy winter? doug's winter weather forecast. that'sonday on news 4 at 4:00.
6:52 am
>> i just saw it. i already know. >> i think they have a couple more tweaks to do. but it looks good so tune in at 4:00 p.m. on monday for that winter weatherforecast. doug has been working on it for awhile. all right. li capitol camera, sun just came up, and it is a beautiful out there right current temperatures, 40, 45 here in d.c. 30s in the valley. it is a cslly start you wake up this morning. those temperatures are staying in the low 40s a again, we're going to have wind gusts up to about 30 miles per hour throughout the morning. so it's going to feel like the 20s and 30s. 39 in d.c. feels like 24 in. winchest so scarves, gloves, hat, you'll need it this mornin thank goodness you don't need
6:53 am
the snow boots. we h f a flurries. today's forecast, it's goingo be blustery but plenty of sunshine out there. now overnight tonight, we do have a freeze warning for areas along i-95. that's where the season has not ended yet and temperatures will be in the 20s across the region. after a chilly start tomorrow morning we warm back up to the mid and upper 40s but not as windy out there today. mo of monday dry but late afternoon into the evening, rain moves in. could be heavy at times monday and into tuesday. we are still looking at an inch of rain or morou to the and
6:54 am
east. sunshine throughout the weekend. blus ri tod blustery today and not as blustery tomorrow. we stay chi at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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you have to be in line by 11pp0. >> no f disks. >> layer up. >> layer up. we g a big game today. st. johns at gonzaga. >> did you say good luck to both teams earlier. >> no, good lucko gonzaga. it's at st. johns. it's goingik to feel the 30s for that entire game. >> programming note, we're back on the air and live onacebook on the air and live onacebook at
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