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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 11, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EST

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we re checking in with lauryn ricketts. we're hoping asot of that behind us. >> it is. i see the flag blowing. we have a little wd out there at times that you'll feel but nothing like yesterday. yesterday we hadusts up to 35 miles an hour and those didn't die down until tonight. ature department still kind of the same. a lot of places started out in the teens and twentys. so we're warming things up with the heat of the sun as you me your plans through the midday. temperatures will move up into the low 40s by noon.up er 40s by this afternoon. today grab that puffy coatda mo and tuesday you'll neat the rain jacket and by wednesday winter accessories chilly
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conditions on wednesday. let's talk about monday and nutuesday in 15 s. we'll time out rain chances for your monday and tuesday. that's coming up in 15 minutes. guys? >> a lot ofre elements yo tracking, lauryn. team coverage continues now. >> who sells best to standout side than derrick ward at dupont circle. derrick, there's a hypothermia alert? >> indeed. the dtrict tended its hypothermia alert until further notice. that will be when we it this 40 degree mark. that's generally the cut off. but we're always caught by surpriseith the firstold snap. we're here at dupont circle. you can see the thermometer when it changes, 33 degrees. it was reading32 when we got here. so temperatures are rising. but if you are o last night,
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take a look at video of folks who happened to be out last raght and with the wind and the colder temres that we had, people were caught by surprise and are wpped up. we spoke to someone who talked about what it would be like to be in our hemisphere. >> what's it like back home? >> right now it's probably like 100 degrees itfahren >> that would be a whole different set of problems if it was 100 deges but on a more serious note. sa have heard from an anc commissioner wh the district may have -- i have to emphasize may have --ex erienced its first hyperthermia death. a homeless woman who passed away on a bench outside union station earlier this morning and they are before dawn. that person we have not identified them and it will be
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up to the coroner to determine the cause of death as temperaturedip. ere are folks who cannot shield themselves. they can't wrap up a bit more and they have a b moreacute awareness of the when it dips. it will gust to 40te l today but we will need to see some wintery weather. so things areng changiith the calendar. live in dupontcircle, derrick ward, news 4, back to you. >> a good reminder for us to . bundle we are following a ixveloping story out of memphis, tennessee, whereeople have been shot. one person died at the scene, the other at the hospital. a local rnaortered a picture from the scene outside the home where this happened last night. lice say the victims here range in age from 13 to 21. the fourct surviving vis are in the hospital. their conditions range from serious to critical. a police officer has been
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suspended for taking money in ge exchor not writing a ticket. the chief didn't release the officer's name because he wants to warn anyone who may be cluding with the officer. he also wants to find out any were offered the steal. that citizen, if proven to be true, will not be held responsibl >> the officer is described as having years on the county force. tragic news out of california. 14 additional victims have been found bringing the total death to toll at least 25 now. nbc's jay gray shows us how the weather could play a big factor in the coming hours. >> the scope of the wildfires is overwhelming with the loss like
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the flames still growing nvestigators conearming at 23 people have died in the campfire north of sacramento. at least two more victims have perished in the woolsey fire burning out o control. >> quite frankly i don't like having to get here every night and tell you about more bodies that are recovering. when we give an evacuation order, we mean it. >> more evacuations are expected as strike teams continue what to this point has been a losing battle ragainst theing inferno. >> our number one priority is life and property. >> president trump has signed a disaster declaration to help with the fit but he's lashedt online blaming the fires gross mismanagement and threatening to withhold federal funds if it isn't. correct strike teams along the front
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lines and commanders coordinating the effort don't have time for a political war of wordsat >> i'm not a point to address his comments. the winds and flames are expected to intensify over the next several days. jay gray, nbc news, los angeles. police are investigating a deadly collision that happened yesterday before 6:00 in the m ning. authorities say a giant pea pod truck, the driver of the truck hit a toyotacorolla. as the car's driver was making a left turn on northampton drive near new hampshire avenue. nwe're told two people the corolla died while another passenger has life threatening ivjuries. the of the truck was not hurt. meantime, a frightening ordeal turns into heart break after a man's dog gets shot during a this happened on franklin street in northeast d.c. friday night. we're told the victim had just gotten out of his car when a man
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approached, pointed something in his back and took hisne ip and cash. the suspect ran to a getaway car. police say the victim's dog, a pit bull, ran after the guy.r anot man in the car shot the dog in the face and the two suspects drove off. the car is described as a sedan, dark red with tinted windows. the dog's injuries are severe here. anal control had tend to that dog. this isnomething to keep mind for your holiday weekend. there are major metro closures near reagan national airport. two stations, national airport and crystal city stations, areo d because of construction. today bl line trains will operate between francon franconia-springfield and braddock rotyd and pentagon c and eastern market. yellow line trains will operate between pentagon city and mt. vernon square. the metro detours will change slightly tomorrow. you can find out more information in our nbc washington app. >> see they're working there right now. that's the dust at the metro
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station. as the country prepares to honor our servicemen and women, folks in our area are giving back toc themunity. yesterday veterans and volunteers helped spruce up a neighborhood in clay terrace. thesame neighborhood where mekhi ya wilson was struck and killed by a stray bullet. the mission continues. >> we've identified a need, we've got a great crew of veterans and community members nd neighbors who want to give back, who want to sacrifice the stoord take the kills they learned in the military and pay it forward t aommunity that needs help. >> the mission continues as a nonprofit that helps veterans adjusting to life after they return home. >> several events honor our veterans. a wreath leding sta 10 minutes ago. a veterans day ceremony in fairfax is scheduled for0: at city hall and a special wreath ceremony at the tomb of u the nown soldier will begin
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at 11:00 at the arlington cemetery. you can find more veterans day events happening all over the d.c. area in the nbc washington app. times 9:09. clever hackers were able to trick a local charity into giving $25,000 and it's a scam that could pull anyone. we'll showu what to watch out forext on news 4 toy. n>>
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welcome back. a consumer alert about a scam that is growing and catching many people off guard. >> a local charity learned about this scam the hard way, now out $25,000 and it started with innocent looking e-mail. >> they're sharing their story with w su susan hogan soou don' end up in their shoes. >> porter: it's packing d in this northern virginia basement.
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volunteers are busy filling bags for foods for hungry children in prince william county. >> there are kidso who come to school on monday and haven't had food. i can't imagine that. >> reporter: cross roads connection is providing weekend als to 90 student this is year. >> there are seven items per day. >> reporter: despite a evastating blow to their budg scammers stole $25,000 from the charity. enough money to feed 100 kids for a year. >> it'sutwrenching. it's shocking and you can't believe how it could happen. >> but it did. here's how. twdavid was e-mailing wit churches, one that handles the charity's finances and e other set to take over at the end of the year. scammers hacked into one of ueir e-mail acs and learned about the transition, then sent an e-mail from that account asking for money to be wi ad to bank in california. >> please arrange to transr
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$25,0 $25,000. >> reporter: it was den before david had a clue this was happening. e hackers made a slight change to his e-mail address so it appeared that he had been cc'd. >> somebody inserted an"i" between the "d" and the "r." i didn't get thatai e as a result. >> it's a billionollar enterprise. it's becoming all too common. it's called business eail compromise or bec. >> in fact, just this summer, the department of justice and the fbied arrest74 people in a worldwide bec scheme cyber security experts say these hackers depend on the oldest t trick book -- deception. and they're choosing current information from your e-mail account to trick you. >> they'r doing something that seems logical because it was logic logical. they were in a transition and the hackers took age of the transition. >> reporter: we're working for you with four ways to pro tech yourself from these scams. if someone e-mails you asking for money, double check the
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sender's e-mail address. call the person to verify,ia espy if you're wiring money. be suspicious if they want to change the usual paymen type or location and set up multifactor aication on your e-mail account to help keep hackers out. >> >> this has to be paid for. community has rallied since the th hft and while theyaven't lost,ered all of the money cross roads connection is committed to providing bags of students who ne the meals. >> and this is a bold act of faith and somehow we'll manage. >> susan hogan reporting there. cross roads connection reportedo the scamhe fbi and local law enforcement butt n't clear whether investigators will be able to track the scammers down if you would like to learn more we have to the cause, posted a link in the nbc washington app. just search "food charity."
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most colleges and universities have to rely on moneyrom media moguls or industries. >> but david culv introduces us to someone whose generosity is rooted in sacrifice. >> reporter: for 45 years, dr. semmler has taught on the campus of northern virginia community college. feel like home? >> yes. i come here everyday. >> reporter: recently retired, he still has an office here. inside, you can tell math was his subject. >> my mother was a secretary. my father was an electrician so i ended up in afield quite a bit different from what they were doing. >> reporter: raised in a humble home in rochester, new york, he s a competitive runner, chasing his dreams beyond athletics and in academics. >> some people helped me along the way so i thought necessary to help others. >> reporter: on a professor's salary and working extrajobs, he began dope natt money to hel his students.
9:19 am
first $100,000, then $400,000. this year he marked one million dollars indonations. >> it's one million, eight thousand, three 50 dollars. >> to be precise.h he's a m professor. >> the notion of a faculty member giving a million dollars to a college is unbelievable. he is truly as generous an individual i've ever seen. this man has lived much of his career without taking vacations. he doesn't buy an new things like a shiny new car. doesn't even own a cell ph'se. >> incredibly selfless and inspiring. >> tom motak is on the end of one of the doctor's grants. >> it's made a huge difference in my life. i'm going to have a fo year degree and graduating summa cum laude. > >> reporter: yet his pri extends also into where he spends his free time -- building
9:20 am
homes with habitat for humanity and delivering meals. >> if i had to deliver it over again i would do it this way. i wouldn't make any changes at all. >> a man for others. in annandale, virginia, david culver, news 4. notly o has dr. semmler donated a millionstollars to ent scholarship at nvcc, he's donated money to other charities. thatly rea changing lives. >> we'd like to buy warmer temperatures today. >> i don't think that will happen. what are our chances another warmup? >> wh >> i don't know. >> probably pretty good. you know how it is in d.c., we ebb, we flow. i don't have anything above normal which is 60 degrees in the next ten days. temperatures today will be in the mid to upper 40s.
9:21 am
temperatures will be in the low 40s. that's after rain moves in. we've got a thbreeze, g like we saw yesterday. temperatures are in the 30s. nally we've comeut of the 20s on thisverans day. blue skies, nothing to worry about today. nothing we can't deal with out there. for your veterans day fecast headed off to church services, grab yourse sungl it will be bright and cold. farmers markets took tents down because it was so windy and yard work, since we're going to have sunny skies and be dry out there today, it might be the dayo do it. bundle up. mid to upper 40s, 48 in d.c., cooler outside the belt way. not a lot going up up and down the eastern sea board or off to the midwest, even down in tampa where raymond james stadium is, that's where the redskins are taking onhe tampa bay buccaneers at 8:00. 82 for them.
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back here at home we have 40s tod, 50s tomorrow and tuesdy. we have rain moving in monday and tuesday. more rain by thursday so low 50s tomorrow. tomorrow morning will be fine. i know a lot of people have off baby tomorrow rain pushes in. tapering off by tuesday afternoon. it will become breezy tuesday afternoon, bluste on wednesday. we're tracking the system for thursday and frida thatuld bring us an amount of rain on thursday and friday as well. we're dry heading into next weekend. news.'m carrie dann of nbc >> and i'm mark murray. >> election 2018 is in thevi rea mirror and now that most of the dust is settled, what happened and which party should feee best about the results on tuesday night? >> in the house, democrats comfortably hit their goal of taking back the majority. in the senate, republicans were
9:23 am
the ones faring bekier, kn out democratic incumbents and strengthening their majority. >> once the races arll , it looks like democrats will end up with a net of between 35 and 40 seats. that's not quite a tsunami for democrats, but it was a very good night. >>mebut that's not stopping democrats feeling disappointed because the mixed results didn't show the national repudiation of trump they h for. and some of their rock star statewide a candidatesear to have fallen short. >> that means divided government and a deeper partisan divide and why shop marshalls? should thrill you.
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. h>> we have new information surrounding the def jamal khashoggi. the president of turkey says the audio recording capturing the killing has been given the united states and several other countries. nbc news hasn't verified those claims. khashog was last seen goi into the saudi consulate in turkey early lastmonth. saudi officials first claimed they didn't know what happened but later said the "washington post" contributor died in a fight. khashoggi was an outspokencr itic of the saudi government. v the cara of men, women, and children making their way to the u.s. southern border is on the move again. they're restarting the journey after resting for a couple days at a sports complex in mexico ncity. they po seek asylum at the
9:27 am
border. most migrants are from central g america flee poverty and gang violence in their countries. president trump signed a proclamation friday suspendin migrant entry at the ports for 90 days. thanksgiving just a few weeks away. not this thsday but the next thursday and you can help a family in need this holiday seas fn. joining u our annual food for families turkey and food drive. pat lawson muse will be there. y can drop off canned and boxed food. cash or check at cital one arena. your donation buys a thanksgiving turkey and for a family, veteran, senior other other neighbors in need. only 20 bucks. our goal is 004, turkey baskets. >> let's do it. let's do it. 9:27 right now.' looking at a cold 38 degrees to kick off our sunday ut the sun is shining. it's going to be a pretty day. more on the rain that lauryn n'
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at 9:30 on this chilly sunday morn i want to welcome you in. thanks for being with us. >> i'm angie goff, lauryn ricketts standing by with our forecast. it looks like summer is done with us. >> definitely.
9:31 am
i think summer is a good time to say that smmer might be over, absolutely. not to say we can'tee warmer temperatures intoovember and december, but not the next ten days. average temhirature for time ofar did n't feel like 60. felt like we were in the 30s and noday temperatures in the mid to upper 40s but a beautiful day on the veterans day and thank you for the service. current temperatures in the 30s, 38 here in d.c. temperatures have come up once the sun came up. i don't think a lot of us ready for that. grab the winter coat as you make your way out the door. those temperatures will be in theow 40s. mid to upper 40s this afternoon. rain is on the way. we'll talk about that and the ll foliage report coming up in about 15 minutes.
9:32 am
>> we continueo follow a developing story out of memphis, tennessee, ere six people were shot, one person died at the scene, the others are apt the hospital. a local reporter snapped a picture from the scene.ts this is ode the house last night. police say the victims range in ages from 13 to 21. they have not released details. victims are iving in the hospital. their conditions range from serious to critical. >> d.c. policesay a woman was crossed near the metro station last night. the woman was taken to the hospital with serious injuries and this morning a prince george's county police ficer issuspended, accused of taking hundreds of dollars in exchange for not writing citations. chief t chief said the officer did this to at least two different people over the pas couple weeks.
9:33 am
>> they are not culpable because of the force of authority that an officer has, i completely understand that doing. that citizen if proven to be true won't be held responsible. >> interesting here. th accused officer is described as having years on the county police rce. >> flames are still raging in california and right now they're expected to grow. tragically, the death toll continues to clb as well. authorities say at least 25 people are adead, more th quarter of a million residents were pushed from their homes and more evacuations are expected. officials are urging people to listen to the wartengs. >> q frankly, folks, i don't like having to get up here every night d tell you about more bodies that we're recovering. we're serious about this. d >> president trump sig disaster declaration to help but he lashed out online blaming the
9:34 am
fire on whate calls mismanagement of california forests. he also threatened to withhold federal funds if it's not corrected. meanwhile, fans and players at the l.a. lakersand sacramento kings game experienced hazy air from a wildfire in nearby sacramento. before the game, ticket holders were asked to keep the doors to the arena closed as much as possible. many of the lakers players say they could actually see the flames on the ground during their flight to sacramento. too close to call results in florida have triggered recounts in the races for senator and goverr, protesters gathered outside election aufgss yesterday. the margins are razor thin. in the senaterace governor rick scott leads incumbent senator bill nelson by less than 13,000 ftes. as for the race governor, congressman ron desantis leads by 33,000 votes over tallahasse mayor andrew gillum. the ecounts are due by
9:35 am
thursday.ti if races arell too close to call, officials will have to recounty hand. >> french president emmanuel tcron warned his fellow world leaders againstking peace for granted. emmanuel macron is hosting events to commemorate the end of ward war one. hi spoke at ar dinat included president trump. >> and the president's decision to skip a visit to a cemetery in france is gaining criticism. the president was scheduled to take a helicopter ride but scrap itfad plans because a rainy forecast.scrapped th rainy forecast.f a people are ripping the president. for example, a member of the british parliament and grandson ofbritish prime minister winston churchill called trump "pathetic" for not dealing with theer wea meantime, the white house was asked why the president didn't take a motorcade the press secretary said they didn't want to use u.s. security resources.w
9:36 am
chuck tol join us to talk more about this controversy and the midterms. >> we enjoy working for you in the community andwe want t send a big thank you to everybody who came out for o final nbc 4 all state community shred. doreen gensler p greetedople saturday rning. close to 3,000 cars came throu shredding sensitive documents like old bank statements. that's the easiest way to prevent identity theft. can you relate to this?id driving to the school, the babysitter and then you get the pleasure of starting your own commute? tune into news 4 at 11:00 as we ride along with one family doing what we call the commute before the commute. this grew driivuy d a half hour before his start to work. >> a lot of coffee for that
9:37 am
pre-ga pre-game. this time last weekend, controversy was swirling around "snl's" actor pete davidson's making fun of dan crenshaw. last night, crenshaw appeared to accept an apology from pete and the show. >> and he delivered good natured jabs to even the score and then he delivered a much more poignant message. take a >> there's a lot of lessons to learn here. not just that the left and right can agree on some things but also this -- americans c forgive one another. we can remember what brings us together as a country and still see theood in each other. this is veterans day weekend which means that od's a g time for every american to connect with aeteran maybe say thanks for your service. but i would encourage you to say something else. tell a veteran never forget. when you say never forget to a
9:38 am
veteran you are implying you are in it with them, not separated by an imaginary barrier between civilians and it have rance but connected together as grateful fellow americans. never forget those we lost o 9/11 -- heroes like pete's father. so i'll just say pete, never forget. >> never forget. t >> good sture and a wonderful message. crenshaw will begin his first term representing's texas second district in january. remember getting your first bike? phoenix bikes in arlington doesn't just teach kids how to ride. they keach kids everything about how a bike works. more importantly the kids areui ing up something from within.
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nothing like your first bike. >> i had a pink huffy. phoenix bikes in arlington doesn't just teach kids how to ride bikes, they teach kids everything about how a bike work rks. >> phoenix bikes is this week's harris' heroes. >> reporter: the tinkering, the rotating. it's all in a day's work at yoenix bikes in arlington. but'll be l surprised rn he mechanics include more than adults. like 13-year-old caleb and his 11-year-old brother alex. >> it's fun to see how it works. what it's doing while i'm peddling my feet. >> not as slippery, you're right. >> they're learning how to build dikes from the frame up. this free bikeation program has been around since 2007. >> all the proceeds from the
9:42 am
community bike shop g fund the youth programs. >> reporter: kids keep coming back because they'rein leaa real-life skill that can change >> i have learned a whole lot ant bikes in the two weeks that i've been here. i spent a week trying to learn brakes, phoenixik taught me two days. >> we're excited how bicycles merge confidence and grit together. >> the checklt they go through of bike skills and mechanic skills they need to refurbish a bike. >> reporter: it takes 's hours and not just about them. >> the first bike they refurbish isalled a give a bike and it goes to one of our 12 partn nonprofits. >> reporter: they get to keep the second bike they rebuild. >> there's therapy in bicycle mechanics and michael riding that we're able to provide for theor >> rer: many former students come back and work in the shop as adults and that's
9:43 am
the most amazing thing about phoenix. 's a place where they can all feel part of something. >> i love it when youth either come in wemid or the like forced by their parents, like, oh, this is a cool opportunity, go do it and thag start dng their feet in the door but within a week or two they're super >> it doesn't feel feel like work. you're having fun. >> reporter: sounds they're fixing more than bike >> the bike shop runs on donations so if you have an old bike sitting in your garage, p enix bikes wouldve to take it off your hands. and while you're on thejuike remember to pay attention to all the rules of the road. everybody needs to get along yes, good advice. and today not bad day for a bike ride as long as you're bundled u we're calling it glove weather.
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now to the spectacular designs of a young artist. claude kaeni is from silver ng sp >> her family moved here from west africa when she was just a child and when one of her sin
9:47 am
signature looks showed up on the "tonight show," the community went wild. >> give it up for janet jackson! >> reporter: janet jackson rocked her latest signal on the "tonight show" wearing these i afro print pants her stylist hunted down. they're lavie by ck. >> th saw me on the explore page o instagram. >> reporter: they may have seen this, a s breathtaking hiool prom gown she whipped up for her brother's high school prom date. >> i gotng interested in doi fashion. i got my first sewi machin and everything. i did my first fashion show in high school. >> rorter: claude kameni was eight years ode when her family immigrated from to maryland from cameroon, west afric s
9:48 am
she took a fashion class for the art requirement and says that did. >> it i went to college but i told my mom college is not for me. i have to do what i love to do, which is fashion. >> reporter: so she started sewing. >> i started sewi myself. i quit my job. i've not worked since high school i just started making anything for anybody like, you know, you want something, i'll make it for >> reporter: where do you come up with your ideas? >> honestly, i come up with myi s in my sleep. i would just be sleeping and i felt like god would be giving me these ideas in my head. what makes my design different is i'm unique, i'm bold. my outfit makes people fee confident and sexy, oo. >> reporter: you have to have a certain figure to wear those dresses. >> i'm the queen of snatch. everybody knows that. >> reporter: how do you anslate looking snatched? >> when you're snatched, your waist is snatched, like it's in. it's snatched. so you knoweo howple want to have curves? like they want to be snatched. that's all that is.rt
9:49 am
>> repoer: instagram postings of her designs lead to a surprising e-mail this past summer. >> i looked at the message i'm like, yo, i dropped my phone. >> reporter: judge's stylist anted one of claude's designs for a new music video. among the samples sent -- >> that o. they're like yo, janet loved the blue gown. and they contact med back and said janet needs another outfit for jimmy fallon. >> reporter: hese snatched at the waist pantaloons were apparently a hit so what's next from claude's sew magazine? whatever. it's likely to take your breath away. >> this is ated. >> reporter: i can't breathe. >> you don't need to breathe. you look good. you don't need to breathe. look, i can't breathe. >> did she tell her you don't haveb to athe? >> the sacrifices ladies make for fashion. >> barbara looked good. >> claude enk has been busy
9:50 am
since her dresses showed up on instagram and social media si sites. >> tracee ellis ross wear a f glamorouh tail number that brought in quite a few calls toi ka busy sewing room. >> and she told barbara she can ake everyone look good in her clothes. >> i believe her. her confidence is like coming through the screen. >> the patterns and colors are so vibnt. so congrats to her. >> and in our backyard, silver spring. that's awesome. >> we needre ins puffy colts this morning. >> that's what we were saying earlier. it's chilly out there. >> the winds aren't bad. we were seeius up to 35 miles an hour. today maybe a breeze from time to time but i want to poiout, it's going to be a beautiful day so maybe taking a drive to the
9:51 am
shan doe what val shoe shenandoah valley along i-81. a lot of trees are at peak. after this week they may be past peek and on the ground because we have several rain chances this week and rain chances this lek. so this may bet weekend to head out to the shenandh valley and take a drive. . we have rain coming in monday night to tuesdaymorning then it gets blustery tuesday night and wednesday and more rainossible thursday into friday. no rain out there. looking good through the mid-atlantic. high pressure in charge, we have clear skies overnight. that means the temperature tumbled and we're recovering from w sunshine but temperatures in the 30ss ac the board headed into the mid to upper 40s so areas will stay in the mid-40s but in d.c. about 48 degrees. blue skies on this veterans day. a good looking day. tomorrow will be i the low 50s. ain ly sunny to start but
9:52 am
moving in tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night. it will be moving in from the t sout the north. from the late afternoon through the evening and by morrow night everybody will see rain. it will be heavy at times so your tuesday morning commute looking wet before this tapers off by tuesday afternoon. then we get breezy. something new we're tracking. a coastal low could bring us mo rain. more news on th e
9:53 am
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o> moms and dads, you may want to get a head stayour holiday shopping season. >> already den. >> really? >> not me, my wife. the hottest toys of the year are flying off the shelves. here's more. mga entertainment says its y lol surpriseare the top selling toys around the world this year. lol surprise big pets and lol surprise bigger surprise are indeed topping hot toy lists and getting harder to find. >> lol hitsne onnd then it's immediately sold out. as we get a little closer to the holiday there is will be more and the board game area there's a game calledrelative insanity. that's jeff foxworthy's game and that game has been blowing. there's already a short supply.
9:56 am
reporter: lmsys, the plush wearable pet toy is this year's fingerlings which are also still popular. hair adorables are collectible accessories and top misdemeanor toy lists. canadian toy maker spin maker has a hatchibaby. classic toys like mattel's barbie dream house and harry potter's great hag will be onli wish t. with the liquidation of toys "r" us, other retailers are clamoring to pick up share. analysts surveyed consumers asking where they would buy toys now that toys "r" us are walmart,n and target topped the list. some thinks big box retailers won't make up for toys "r" us sales in the days before christ
9:57 am
christmas. walmart and target, with amazon consumers are reluctant to place an order that close tochristmas ecause will i get in the time? >> reporter: this holiday season will be a test forparents in search of the hottest toys and cotailers hoping to fill the void. tney reagan, cnbc business news. >> also on thelist, ryan's toys. okay rise and shine as we f approam 10 clock hour. it looks like the temperature is climbing just a bit but probably not enough for those of you who don't like the cold
9:58 am
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yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. developing this morning, police in tennessee are scrambling to trac down a gunman who shot half a dozen people overnight, leaving two dead. >> did you feel it? the first cold snap of the season catchin plenty of us off guard. the sun is out but will we warm up? lauryn ricketts has the answer. and a holiday for the bravest among us. veterans day weekend is under way. find out how you can help hor those who served today. but first, welcome in. we've made it to 10:00. thank you for sticking it out with us here on news 4. i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff. we have a


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