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tv   Today  NBC  November 12, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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gd morning. breaking overnight, the fire and the fury people running for their very lives as ferocious wildfires consume california. >> it's like a war zone. >> at least 30 people killed, hundreds more still missing and an entire town burned to the ground. this morning, the new challenge facing firefighters and the harrowing stories from survivors who barely escaped. florida, florida, florida. a state-wide recount begins in florida's senator and governors races as lawsuitss nd accusatifly. >> senator nelson is clearly trying to try to commifraud to try to win this election.
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>> where does it go next? grounded. an air traffic controller is out of a job after she slurr her words and seemed to lose consciousness during her shift. >> is there someone up there that knows what they're doing? >> this morning, the disturbing question. why does she in that tower alone? and what is the faa going now?do all that plus, the nation's finest. ♪ amazing grace >> an emotional memorial for the utah mayor and national guard major killed in action overseas. her story. michelle obama more candid than she's ever been on her past, her family and her relationship. >> we work on our marriage. and we get help with our marriage when we need >it. nd saying i'm sorry. >> apology accepted. ♪ just keep breathing, breathing breathing ♪ >> the war hero and just-elected congressman mocked by "snl" gets the last laugh.
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>> never forget. >> he is with us live this morning as we honor veterans day, to monday, november 12th, 2018. >> from nbc news, this is "today," with savannah guthrie and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everybody. welcome to "today." it's monday mo fing. thank yo joining us. and so much of the weekend has been consumed by what's happening in california. so much lost. >> all eyes on the west coast. >> essolutely. are devastating wildfires. it's where we begin this morning. >> threeajor ones raging this morning. the campfire, to the north o sacramento, wiped out a city called paradi. it's expected to be the deadliest and most destructive in the history. >> and two more near los angeles. that's the hill fire a the woolsey fire.
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it has burned homes in malibu and thousand oaks and forced more than 250,000 people to e c evacua evacuate. that's where we're going to start our coverage. miguel almaguer is out there. go morning to you. >> reporter: in communities like this one, the damage has been done. ock after block, looks just like this. now, after tiv most produ wildfire in california history and one of the deadliest in 100 years, we're bracing for more powerful winds. overnight, a fierce firefight der way at both ends of the state. these epic conditionsy intensified powerful winds that first ignited them. >> get out ofhere. >> the weather has made it very challenging. it's dry. it's hot. tolorter: the death criminge in climbing ac california. nearly tee doz killed. two dozen are unaccounted for. some 7,000 structures, mostly >> i was just coming up the
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street to s my neighbors. and i didn't realize my house was gone, too. >> reporter: in northern aradisrnia, the town of p is now hell on earth. the so-called camp fire, the most destructive and deadliest the state has seen in nearly 100 years. it's been a f raceor those trying to survive a gauntlet of fire. >> heavenly father, please help us. >> reporter: discovering bodies nd homes, the entire town is off of themap. moving at breakneck speed, the unstoppable wall of flames in the north, is only matched by the inferno burning in the sout the woolsey fire,sc hopching across ventura and los angeles county. torching subdivisions in simi valley and mansions in malibu.
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neil youn thicke and gerard losing homes. butler put his home on instagram, thanking firefighters for their sacrifice. some neighbors will never forget the haunting sound. >> it's a roar in your ears you will never forget. >> reporter: the firestorm hase ju freeways and burned to the ocean's edge. this morning, a staggering 72,000 homes remain threatened across california. a firefight still heating up, as holmes and a lives lost on both ends of the state. this morning, morehan8,000 firefighters are on the front lines up and down california. comes as the president is taking heat for a tweet. this is what h said aew days ago. the president writing, there's no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in california, except that
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forest management is so poor. one fire association tweeting right back, mr. presiden with all due respect, you are wrong. the crews that are working the front line of this fire say, this is an urban it has not to do with forest management. >> right in the middle of it, miguel. thank you very much. with each passing day, harrowing new stories are emerging from peoe that escape with their lives but lost everything. steve patterson is inn north california, and what is left of paradise. steve, good morning. >> reporter: this rural town has been virtually wiped off the map. the fire chief here estimates that less tn 10% of homes are still standing. behind me, you can see what's left of this elementary school classroom. residents we spokesa t they're thankful to be alive but many of them just barely making it para a quiet, safe and beautiful place to live is now edne. destroy by relentless flames from the raging camp fire,
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distraught residents, plfleeing their neighborhood. it's unrecognizable. >> it's like a war ne. >> reporter: nicole jolly narrowly escaped death herself. >> the paint was bubbling. the lights on theehicle in front of me, they were melting. i'm calling my husnd and i said, nick, i'm going to die. i can't gety out of car. it's on fire. i'm going todie. he said, don't die. get out of your car and run. two firemen came out of this tr mk and picke up and put me into the truck. and put a fire blanket over me and said, you're okay, you're okay. we'll take care of you. >> reporter: joe allen also documented his terrifying escape from paradise, trying to stay calm for his daughter,ia ol
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>> we're going get out and we're going to leave. >> we're going to get in the. fi >> no. we're going to get out of here. >> even if the town is burning down, for her, it needed to be like any other drive, just with a rely interesting show going on outside of the window. >> reporter: this fiman grew up here. he has been checking homes in the community. >> we have to keep pushing forward as acommunity. reporter: you've done 100 ? here >> yeah. at reporter: how many homes were standing out of 100? >> not even ten. >> reporter: after supporting those on the front lines, california highway officer johnh checked on home. >> it's gone. >> reporter: this is all that's left of the place that jim clarkson called home for more than 30 years. >> we have a great. to great people live here. everybody will step up and help each other. paradise will be a beautiful town again. >> reporter: if you want an idea
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of the true scope of this fire, you can see it from .ook at this photo from na it's not deterring residents here who say they are determined to rebuild their community. obviously, they have a long road ahead. >> all right, steve. thank you so much. tweather frost haorecast concerned that the fire can keep spreading. what do they face today? >> it is really dire. you can see right now, the camp fire over 11,000 acres. 20% contained. the woolsey fire, only 15%nt ned. and look at this. from the california/oregon t border the california/mexican border, 22 million people at risk for red flag. we have extreme fire risk from santa barbara, all the way down to san diego. and theind forecast is brutal. we're dogging about santa ana winds in the mo untmountains gu up to 75 miles per hour. from los angeles into escondido,
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through tonight into tomorrow. and the ingredients for disaster have been unbelievable. july was the hottest month ever recorded in california. that dry weather dries out the vegetation. theye had no rainn the last three months, parched conditions. and this is due to climate change. wildfire season, since 19, 105 days longer than average. the average number of large fires in california, more than tripled. six-times as many acres burning age.year, on av and, guys, the last eiest-greatest destructive f in california's history, have occurred since 2017. anon they're not yet. >> al, thanks for the education. thanks so much. we have a lot to g to, including the statewide vote recount in florida's pivotal senate and governors ces. 's bringing up memories of the 2002 debacle. kerry sanders has the latest from ther he kerry. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, hoda. the statewide recount he of
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more than 8 million votes is getting ready to resume here this morninbu it is proving controversial because on election night, notf allhe votes were counted. now, the republican candidates for the governor of florida and u.s. sate have already claimed victory. but the democrats are saying not so fast. this morning, the fight for florida is far from over. computers, now recounting more than 8 million ballot in t race for u.s. senate, governor rick scott andin mbent, bill nelson. scott, wd funde his campaign with his own money, won the election by 0.2% in the first vote count. but in flora, a race that close by law, must be recounted. scott on fox news sunday. >> senator nelson is clearly trying to try to commit fraud to win this election. >> reporter: the scott campaign taking the fight to court,ith
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three election lawsuits. nelson firing back, saying, we will not allow him to underfine the democratic process. the race for governor also forced into a recount. andrew gillum lost to ron desan ms, bye than 33,000 when the votes were first unted. gillum even conceded. >> we recognize that we didn't win it tonight. >> reporter: gillum n to see if the vote totals change. >> what we're going to do today is say count every vote. >> reporter: desantis maintains it'sover. >> those results are clear and unambiguous. >> reporter: president trump tweeting, trying to steal two elections in florida. we're watching closely. with legal challenges bouncing from courtroom-to-courtroom, it looks a like the presidential recoun in 2000, between george w. bush and al gore, but this time, noanging chads. the scott campaign claiming
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fraud in broward. state election officials say they found no proof of that. and in mostly republican bay county, an untold number of survivors of hurricane michael e-mailed their ballots. voting by internet is against state law. the counter supervisor of election telling state news, anyone whose challenges the u of e-mail ought to be ashamed to take votes away from people who went through this disaster. the nation's third-most populous state staring at a deadline to recount all of the votes wit th rest of the nation watching. >> reporte after all of the votes are recounted, if the races are separated by 0.25%, the ballots that went through computers have to be hand coted. this could go on for weeks. >> stop me if you heard this story before, isght? craiere, and has another big story we're following. >> good morning, ladies.
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former firstll lady, mic obama, speaking out ahead of thh release o much-anticipated memoir. not only is she talking politics. s also talking about personal issues that have impacted her and her hallie jackson has more on that. hallie, good morning. >> reporter: graig, good moing tou. the former first lady is talking not just about her time during and after living at the white house here, b well befor it, too. opening up about a struggle millions of women ross the country have shared. michelle obama's new book shows one of the world's most high-profile women,e like you never seen her before. from the political to the very personal. michelle obama sharing new details about her family and infertility. revealing for the first time, her miscarriage, before giving be birth to sasha and maria through in vitro fertilization.
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>> i didn't realize how common miscarriages were. we sit in our own pain, thinkine somehow w broken. i think it's the worst thing we do to each other as women, not share the truth about her bodies and how they work and how they don't work. >> reporter: and while her marriage to barack obama seemed picture-perfect on the outside -- ♪ at last >> reporter: -- that wasn't always the case, as obama shares in her new book, explaining why she opened up about the counseling sessions that helped th through the low points. >> i know too many young couples whogl str and think somehow there's something wrong with them. and i want them toha know michelle and barack obama, who have a phenomenal marriage and who love eace other, work on our marriage. and we get help with our marriage whe we need it. >> reporter: the former first lady, also referencingthe curr one and how, when they met after the 2016 election, obama told m just a phone call away. >> has she reached out and asked for any
7:16 am
>> no, shesn ha. >> reporter: as for melania trump's husband, obama minces no words, blasting president trump for pushing the birther conspiracy theory, questioning barack obama's citizenship before he ran for office. >> donald trump, with his loud and reckless innuendos, was putting my family's safety at risk. d for this, i'd never forgive him. >> reporter: president trump responding. he got paid a lot of money to write a book. and they always insist that you come up withtr cersial. >> hallie, a revealing conversation to say the least. llwhat's next for mic obama? >> reporter: craig, as i typical, a lot of authors go on tours for their newbo s. michelle obama is not showing up at bookstores. she's going to stadiums around the country, starting tomorrow night, fittingly in chicago. she's get fng helpm oprah, reese witherspoon, sarah jessi parker, who will all be having
7:17 am
conversations about this w personal booh her. after that, there's a lot of buzz about maybe michell obama reemerging on the political stage in her own right. she's rterating what she said here last month, running for office is not in the cards for her. >> she was adamant. >> we keep asking. not happening. by the way, jenna bush hager sitting down with michelle obama for a revealing conversation on something they uerstand really well, life in the white house. they'll talk about their families and what mrs. obama's life is like now. we'll have that interview for you wednesy, only here on "today." in the meantime, a memorial service was held sunday for the utah mayor and national guard major who was killed while seing in afghanistan. kristen dahlgren is here with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. major brett taylor was honored in the city h loved. it was an emotional city, amo al, commemorating the courage of a fallen patriot, on
7:18 am
a day th to veterans far and wide. a moving tribute, fit for a hero. major brett taylor's service and sacrifice remembered. members of north ogden, utah, gathering together, in freezing temperatures, warmed by a sense of togetherness. >> he was a friend, a believer and a warrior. >> reporter: residents of this i ght-knit city, where the national guardsman served as mayor, before getting called to serve in afghanistan, paying their respect on veterans day. taylor's wife, jenny, addressing the crowd. >> brentayr had three great loyalties. service to god. service to family. and service to country. >> reporter: speaking from the heart, with poise and optimism. >> i have no doubt that where he is now, he stands with nogr . and if he were to ask you, the
7:19 am
only thing he would say is, it has been an honor to serve. >> reporter: taylor was a pillar of strength in his community. revered for his unshakable faith and commitment to a greater good. >> the turnouterhat's he this evening i emblematic of who he was as a man. it's very fitting. >> reporter: ahe loving fand husband, who exemplified the best of who we are. leaving behind a tradition for his chiren and so many others to hold close. >> i certainly hope this can be something ty can grow toee as an honor, a legacy their father has left. and his legacy is only a small part of a greater legacy. >> reporter: to see how the community has embraced the taylor familyir and t love in return adds perspective on vetechns day. >> wg his wife's strength is something to behold. we're going to turn to mr >> that's righ. h. gu we're going to take a look at this in detail over the
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severe weather, tornado watches hyped this ngont. it's g to be a real mess tomorrow.o first, we're going to get to your local forecast in the next 30 seconds. mo gooing, everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. pretty sunrise over national airport president the planes are lined up and ready to go. it's a southbound parture. clouds are inbound. the sunshine this morning will
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quickly be knocked out by cloud cover and showers are likely by early thito evening y. keep that in mind. there's your ten-day forecast. staying cold and cloudy much of the week. >> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> thanks, al. coming up, an air traffic controller grounded after slurring her words and confusing pilots. the question this morning, why was she working in that tower alone? "snl's" pete davidson apologizes to dan crenshaw, the war hero and politician he used as a punch line and then gets a taste of hisic own mede. first, this is "today" on nbc. n medicin
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plus - take $10 off your $50 home purchase! plus - get kohl's cash! give joy, get joy - at kohl's. 7:26 is your time on this monday, november 12, 2018. good morning to you. ♪ >> there are events across the country honoring veteran day. most schools, post offices and backs are closed in honor of the holiday. >> metro stations are closed today. this affects service along the blue and yellow lines. the other lines are on a weekend schedule. w let's check on your commute with melissa in your first 4 traffic. >> northwestbo soud at
7:27 am
wisconsin avenue is closed at van necessass. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway.8 10 south of sundown, all lanes shut down due to downed wires. later today on news4, how much snow do you think the d.c. area might get this winter? >> tune in today starting at 4:00 p.m. for our winter weather forecast. re that, a check on your current forecast is next. the holidays make me look forward to chick-fil-a honestly. every year we have an ugly sweater party. i like the manatee. that one is cute. i love this. we cater it with chick-fil-a. the crowd pleaser. scott's always so helpful. while the food's coming out as quickly as we can,
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since she usually has a small child with her, we want to make sure we help them to their car. it takes the stress out of the holidays. we're going to help no matter what. scott, here's a present. it's my own ugly sweater! it's dinos! you'd win the prize. you think i win? you win the prize! good morning, everybody. lojoy whatever sunshine we have becauses will be thickening up early in the day and rain chances willnoe here look after the sun goes down. the future weather brings clouds in by midday and rain chances start moving in after 3:00 or 4:00. could get half an inch to an inch of rain. the heaviest coming overnight. today's high, 51.
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>> chuck, thank you very much. we'll have another local news update in about 25 >>minut. or now back to the "today" show after this short break.
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7:30, now, on this monday morning, november 12th. lookie what we have here, the rockefeller center christmas tree arred this weekend. that is a 72-foot norway spruce. it arrived over the weekend. pretty on, it will be decked out. all of the l.e.d. and we'll be out there, too. e> we'll have the christmas t lighting so the season can officially start, our tree is here. let's get a check of today's headlines on this monday. we start with theti devastang wildfires in california. at lea 31 people have been killed so far. hundreds more are still unaccounted for. northern california, search teams have been looking for
7:31 am
survivorin the townf paradise and in surrounding communities. the so-called camp fire has b p burned more than 6,00 home and in southern california, the wood woolsey fire has destroyed more than 200 homes. that fire is 12% contained. > the president is back in paris with world leaders to mark 100 years sincehe end of world war i. president macron used the occasion to rebuke the trump amera-first approach a warned of nationalism, a term that the president has used to describe his own politics. macronsaid, nationalism, is a betrayal of patriotism. we erase what a nation holds dearest, its moral values. a atewide recount is under way in florida this morning, where two pivotal races are too close to call. in the senator race, rick scott
7:32 am
waseading bill nelson by 0.2% in the vote count. the race for governor was also forced into a rebound. deta desantis was ahead of gillum. now, an investigation into what happened to an air traffic control tower officern duty. it happened on the overnight shift in las vegach is the nation's eighth-busiest airport. and this morning, that controller is now out. tom costello with the rest of the story. what happened here? >> reporter: so, apparently, one of the controllers in that tower had left to take a break, leaving a single controller on duty. the faa says that was unacceptable. and that sole b controlleran slurring her words and at one oint seemed to lose consciousness, while pilots were in the air, some of them
7:33 am
attempting to land. now, that controller is no longer employed by the faa as it investigates what happened. >> iod someby up there that knows what they're doing? >> reporter: just before 11:00t p.m. woncern and confusion in the skies over vegas. >> we're number one. we're a little concerned about this. we're waiting it out. 1069, you're concerned about what? >> i'm sorry. say that again for spirit 1069. >> spirit 1069. >> an hour into her shift, she became more and more difficult to understand. >> sayhatagain? >> frontier 762, cleared for keoff. >> it's frontier 262, cleared for takeoff. >> sorry, 262, runway cleared for takeoff. >> reporter: it went on for nearly 40 minutes, with several pilots voicing concern.
7:34 am
>> you have a supervisor? >> reporter: then, indications the control r needhelp. >> sorry. i'm choking a little bit. >> reporter: soon, the pilots took action. >> go ahead and send in medical and police up there to see what's going on. >> reporter: finally, the second controller returned to the tower. >> everybody just sta by. m taking over now. i'll be right back with you. >> reporter: the faa tells nbc news, it is c deeplycerned by the incident and investigating what occurred. and trying to determine why the other controller was on breakri the ordeal. no safety events occurred during the incident, it changed the minimum staffing requirements in the tower on overnight shifts. >> it makes no sense to noto hae twontrollers 24/7. we could have had an incident on the runway, a runwa incursion, or two planes colliding, two planes coming too clos it's the worst nightmare.
7:35 am
>> reporter: this morning, the air traffic controllers union tells nnews, it will fully cooperate with the investigation. the faa wants to know why did one controller leave the tower when it controllers to be on duty. again, the controller who became incapacitated is no longer an employee. guys, back to you. >> we heard a little bit of that interaction. do you know how many planes she was in contact with during this shift. reporter: in total, 29 we're told. some pilots, again, in the air. some of them circled, decided they weren't going to land. some on the ground decided they wen't going to takef. they opted to stay where they were. one pilot in the air g opted to around, he was so concerned about the situationdn the tower round safety. just before midnight, the second >>ntroller came back into the tower. wow. >> thank goodness for those pilots. y much.ank you v continue to follow it for us. mr. avroker, you h a check
7:36 am
of the weather for us? >> we have a lot going onsi s that disaster going on out west. who have winter storm watches, flash floods. heavy snow in oklahoma, kansas cityo amari as well as this front moves to the south. low pressure makes its way out of the gulf and into the southeast. a secondary low develops along the coast, bringing heavy rain into the mid-atlantic, northeasw heavy seveloping into parts of new england. rainfall amounts anywhere from 3 to 5 inches from the gulf all the way into the mid-atlantic states. and ow, 1 t 2 inches in the plains. look up as we get into upstate new york and parts of northern new england, 4 to 8 inches of snow. somebody say christmas? that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. eorologist eam 4, m chuck bell. clouds are becoming mostly cloudy. that pattern will continhe
7:37 am
throughoutay. rain from the deep south will arrive here this afternoon and evening. cold. 20s and low 30s across much of the area now. forecasteddigh right aro 50 degrees with not much sunshine once we get past 9:00 or :00 this morning. tomorrow another cloudy day with rain likely in the morning,ng tapeack to showers tomorrow afternoon. grab that umbrella, you're going to need it. coming up, a lotf the country will feel like the temperatures are the first week of christmas. >> oh,? real >> all right. >> thank you, al. coming up, we're planning some really special ways to omen in e the men and our military as we honor veterans day. thenge the j at larr nas naser is's trial being honored. she'll join us for an exclusive live interview. "the voice," all cheering a special moment. .a navy s. and congressman-elect mocked on "snl."
7:38 am
he turned the tles on pete davidson. weep talk about it as a teachable moment for veterans day. ♪ new nivea essentially enriched body lotion... with 2 x the almond oil it deeply nourishes skin for 48 hours new nivea essentially enriched
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7:43 am
first, his surprise cameo. >> on behalf of myself and the show, i apologize. >> reporter: a mea culpa from pete davidson. >> he deserves all respect in the world. >> reporter: some argued that respect is the last thing that davidson showed to dan crenshaw, a former navy s.e.a.l., on last week's show. >> you may be surprised to hear he's a congressional candidate from texas. not a hit man i a porno movie. i know he lost his eye in war or whatever. >> reporter: crenshaw lost his eye to an i.e.d. in afghanistan on his third combat tour. the joke, immediately sparking criticism from politicians, viewers and colleagues along. davidson's castmate,enan thompson, told us, davidson's joke fell flat. >> my father is a veteran, vietnam. i wouldn't personally go there. >> reporter: while he condemned the joke, thompson did say, da
7:44 am
dson had good intentions. >> he has a big heart. he doesn't go out to offend people. >> reporter: after vidson's apology on saturday, crenshaw made a surprise appearance. >> we're good? >> we're good.ap ogy accepted. ♪ just keep breathing and breathing and breathing ♪r: >> reporrenshaw using his ring tone to take a swipe at davidson, playing a pop song of ariana grande, who split from dadson after a sho engagement. >> this is pete davidson. he looks like the math from "breaking bad" is a person. >> rorter: and then, crenshaw tabling the jokes for a more serious message. >> tell a veteran never forget. you are implying that as anan amer you're in it with them, not separated by some imaginary barrier between civilians and veterans but connected together as grateful, fellow amerans, who will never
7:45 am
forget the srifices made by veterans past andt. pres and never forget those we lost on 9/11. >> reporter: like davidson's father, scott, a new york city firefighter. >> i'll just say, pete, never forget. >> never forget. and that is from both of us. >> congressman-elect dan enshaw joins us from hoosten. good morni houston. we're honored to have you here with us on this veterans day. >> thanks for having me. >> reporter: you had quite a week. you won your first term for congress. then, you got al c from lorne michaels to come on "snl." how did this come about? >> we were hesitant at first. we weren't sure what the skit was going to look like. we had a lot of veterans' events planned this weekend. in the end, we decided to do it.
7:46 am
what better t platform th give a united message for the country, talk about forgiveness and talk about veterans. they let me do the last part where we got a little serio and was able to give a message what it means to be veteran and to bridge that gap between civilians and milita >> we were truck by how awesome your xhecomedic timing was. you were hitting joke after joke. did you have input or how did that work? >> the was. it was a collaboration. they come up with the framework. it's not that often i get to pitch a bunch o comedy ideas to one of the biggest shows in the world. the good idea fairy was all over the place. it was fun, though. we had a lot of fun. >> congressman-elect, you said nk you for saying t your service on veterans day, we should be saying something else.
7:47 am
what that and why? >> right. so, veterans always appreciate it whe someone say thank you for your service. and i wanted to suggest a different ntion, which iser forget. and i suggested that because, it'sess transactional. when you thank somebody, yit's li're on the other side of them. when you're saying never forget, it's almost like a secret code between americans that we can never forget the sacrifice of our veterans, past andse p, but never forget why veterans we lost veterans on 9/11. it's am t effort more than a separation of civilian and military. >> after thisnell hap you said in a tweet, i try hard to to nd and i try harder n be offended. that was an incredible ac fof generosi you to come here and make it okay and show what forgeeness looks l on saturday night. >> well, it felt good.
7:48 am
it felt like the right thing to do. p would appreciate it if everybody would s looking for reasons to be offended. that's what this was all about. >> all right. >> great message. >> they need more humor in washington,sir. good luck. >> we'll bring it. >> congressman-elect, dan crenshaw. se thank you so much. chip and joanna gaines' biggest remodel ever. biggest remodel ever. wh [woman 1] this... [woman 2] ..this... [man 1] ...this is my body of proof. [man 2] proof of less joint pain... [woman 3] ...and clearer skin. [man 3] proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... [woman 4] ...with humira. [woman 5] humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number one prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. [avo] humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including
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s7:56 your time on this monday, november 12, 2018. good morning to it you. right now we want to check in withelsa for your first 4 traffic. >> new problem, arlington northbound 395 after lishton circle, not causing too much of a problem.
7:57 am
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7:59 am
good mornin it's cold outside and clouds are moving in. be ready for more rain top of arrive after4:00 or 5:00 this afternoon. rain chances going up for this evening, steady rain overnight tonight. ending slowly during the day tomorrow. and another solidking of rain shows up for thursday into friday. the good news about theiseekend hat it will be sunny. the bad news is, it will stay quite chilly. another local news update in 25 minutes. for now, back to the "today" show.
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, wall of flames. >> the a's fire allround me. >> overnight, the death toll rising from the htoric wildfires in california. >> i was just coming up the street to see my neighbors. and i didn't realize my home's gone, too. >> at least 31 people killed, hundreds more still missing. firefighters gearing up for another dangerous day. we're there, live. plusustice served. >> i'm giving you 175 years, which is 2,100 months. i'm just fine. >> the judge that put larry nassar behind bars for life, speaking out for the first time
8:01 am
in an exclusive interview. what life has been like since the sentencing. >> i think the judge is my hero. and he's coming to town. >> santa claus? >> live and in person. one night only. >> kurt russell, stopping by studio 1a. we'll talk to him about his jolliest role yet, as the one and only santa claus, today, monday, november 12th, 2018. >> thank you, veterans. today and every day. >> i'm turning 32 today. >> from seattle, washington. >> it's my 8th birthday trip. >> from alabama. [ cheers ] ♪ >> army vets. >> from seneca falls, new york. >>appy veterans day. [ cheers ] . >> hi, everybody. monday morning. so nice to have you with us.
8:02 am
>> it's nice to have you >>alon. on this veterans day. >> yeah. the west point marching band is out ther it will be part of our tribute to veterans this morning. let's get to your news at 8:00. we sut in california. it's one of the deadliest and most destructive wildfires in state history. and it could get worse today. high winds are driving the flames and spreading dangerous embers and has people running for their very lives. nbc's miguel almaguer is out there. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. so many peopl are waking up to destruction as far as the eye can see. two massive wildfires are burning here. one in northern californiaon an in southern california. i want you to see the wildfire buing in southern california, the woolsey fire. the big threat is the santa ana winds that could fan flames across the reiton. 's something that firefighters are incredibly concerned about.
8:03 am
the numbers taacross the s are staggering. at least 31 people are dead and 200 remain unaccounted for. today, we know 7,000 structures rve been damaged. they couldch the deadliest mark in state history today. so 7,000 structures or homes are atthreened. all of these numbers are mind-boggling, when you take into account, 8,000ar firefights on the front lines. they'll have the work cut o for them, as they brave the santa s santa ana winds here today. a controversial recount is under way in florida. the governor's mansion and a key senate race is at stake. kerry sanders joins us with the
8:04 am
from there. kerry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, htaa. across the, they're recounting the votes. more than 8.2 million votes that need to be recounted. this is all the result of a tate law that triggered the recount. if the difference between the first and second place was less than 1/2 of 1%, then the state law requires a that the case in the races for the u.s. senate as well as florida's governor. this recount has a deadline. they must have it done by , thursdy 3:00 p.m. but with the more populous countica, speciy broward county and palm beach county, thvi supr of elections is saying that will be a tough deadline to meet. hoda? >> all rit, kerry sanders. kerry, thank you. now, to breaking news this morning. for the secon time in leshan a month, an air force from the carrier "uss ronaldreagan" has crashed. the navy says one of its f/a-18
8:05 am
superhornet fighter both crew members were rescued from the water in good condition. a couple of sailors were injured in late october, when a seahawk hospital crashed on to the carrier's flight deck. >> thisweekend, nba players honored victims of the borderline b shooting while making a statement against gun violence. the lakers and atlanta hawks wore black warm- t-shirts with the word, enough, on the front. the back had the names that were lled by the lone gunman. the shooting happened about 35 milesge from los s. a similar tribute took saturday night, before the clippers and milwaukee bucks game. ea moment of silence befoh of those games. aerosmith guitarist joe arry is in the hospital after weekend health scare. a spokesman says he iste alert complaining about shortness of breath. paramedics treated him backstage at madison square garden before hospital. to the
8:06 am
we have the news covered. ike d you l sometimes a simple act of kindness helps someone more tn you know. these men saw a stranger ping for gas. they didn't knowhe had just lost her husband and was just struggling to get by. >> areou okay? we have this for you. take that. >> oh, my god. >> thank you. >> take care of yourself. >> just a s reminder that a little act of kindness can make ch a difference for someone. imagine watching someone pay for gas with just, like, pennies from her purse. >> when you watch that whole interaction, they were so kind. she was so taken aback. >> a randmeom act of kindness. my favorite "boost." we have an exclusive interview with the judge that oversaw the larry nasser trial. she's speaking out for the first time and we'll tell you about the honor she is receiving. plus, we are honoring
8:07 am
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rosemarie aquilina >> she sat o the trial of jge larry nassar. she and the sister army of survivors who told their story, has been named "glamour" magazine women of the year. >> first, her story. >> you haveot admitted to what you did. you think that somehow you are right, you are a doctor, tha you're entitled, that you don't have to listen. and that you did treatment. i wouldn't send my dogs to you, sir. >> reporter: judge rosemarie aquilina gained international attention, sentencing larry nassar, the former olympic and usa gymnastics doctor, accused s of mng hundreds of young athletes. >> you do not deserve to walk outside of a prison ever again. >> reporter: the sharp-tongued michigan judge throwing the book at nassar, w is now behind bars for life. >> i'm giving you 175 years, which is 2,0 months.
8:13 am
i've just signed your death warran >> reporter: the cowboy boot-wearing daughter of immigrants, outside of the ud courtroom, aquilina has kept her docket full. she has two children and five grandchildren. and she became the first j.a.g. officer in michigan's army national guard, earning the nickname barracuda aquilina. >> yourlt assas precise, calculated, manipulated, devi s devious, despicable. i don't have t add words because your survivors have said all of that. >> reporter: while critics said that judge aquilina's tough talk during sentencing, pushed beyond her mandate, many, including survivors of nassar's abuse, have prized her for taking a leading role in the era of
8:14 am
#metoo. >> how dot you sleep night? >> reporter: judge aquilina asked women to share their storiesinuring the he >> you are strong, not just as an aathlete, but as a woma a surviv survivor. i know you will get past this because of, that streng because you had the strength to come here and talk. >> reporter: a move inspiri ma others outside the courtroom to come forward including four-time olympic gold medalist, simone biles. >> i think the judge is my hero just because she gave it to him straight and didn't let him get any power over any of the girls. >> reporter: judge aquina, a ampion in her own right. for some who now call her a hero. >> judge aquilina is with us now, exclusively. welcome. >> good morning, judge. >> youe had a cha to sit with this. i mean, we watched this. we remember the trial. we remember those victims. you had a chance to s with this for a while. how have -- have your thoughts evolved on what happened in that courtroom that day?
8:15 am
>> no one is more surprised tha me. and i'm just so pleased that, really, the world took notice. thiss worldwide epidemic. so, when the media - and there was so much responsible journalism and i have to credit the media for being there for seven days, along withll of the survivors, the families, everybody. it reallyhe opened up world to say #metoo, let's start the ch should have happened years ago. this never would have happened. >> what do you think it meanto these survivors to come in and he's sitng in that same room. and to say what they had to say. what does that do for them? >> it catapults their healing. i know because as 14 years as a judge, i let everyone speak. i hear how well they're dng now. when they came, they came very hesitant, what was going to . happ i am going to face that, a a
8:16 am
judge, and nassar in the eyes. as i spoke, i literly watched them grow to ten feet. and they got their powerback. and it was so transformational. even for me, peoplesaid, how could you have gone and listen to that for seven days? do you need s help? i said, no because they energized me. as they got their power back from him and said, i am not a number. i am a name. here's what you did to me. they took their power back. they know theytt ed. then, when we spoke, they were just transformedie into butter puffbeautiful. >> you gave it to dr. larry nassar. you called him despicable and anid you wouldn't send your dogs to him. he looked at you. do you think it registered to him that he did somhing wrong? >> no. that's why -- there's the meme of me tossingr. wa and it's clearly -- i tossed it
8:17 am
because he wrote a bunch of junk in there. and the primary problem i had with that letter is he still thinks he's a doctor and he still thinks he was performing medical -- >> what if he had shown rerse? uld that have changed anything for you? >> yes. yes. i considered his letter and his demeanor inci sent. and i also think that if he would have shown some remorse, we wouldn't have had the escalation of awful feelings in the courtroom, which you could feel. when i lashed out at him, it completely dissipated. and he has no idea what he did. he still thi it's a good doctor that it was medical. it's not mecal, sir. >> in addition to what was going on in that courtroom, other people were watcplng. other p watched those young girls stand up and get their neck straight and say their name and say what hap have you felt, beyond the courtroom, there's been a
8:18 am
change? >> around the world, women have contacted me and said, i felt like those girls were telling my story, verbatim. when you spoke to them and you lieved them, your words are healing me. i'm not committing suicide toda i've stopped cutcutting. i'meating. i sought therapy. and it's because you believed me. it was a safe place for me, too. they're binge-watching. they told me they taped it and whenhey need a boost, they listened to my words. i'm grateful for that. >> let me ask you because for those of us that don't spend our days inside a courtroom, we have if notion of a judge who o sits a bench and is impartial. in that courtroom, you seemed like advocate for those young women. he had pleaded guilty. that's a big partf it. what do you say to those who say, okay, maybe she overstepped, became too emoti emotionally involved. hat's your response to that criticism? >> it's the people's courtroom and they have a right to say
8:19 am
what they want to me. i can consider that in sentencing. i also considered him. he had pled. i have to make a decision about sentencing. and i made a fr decisio about sentencing. i considered in those seven. but it was important to hear the whole story to see the picture of his grooming, his control. i am fair and partial atnt cing. the fact that i kept listening is just justice. if he would have had t people listen, who wanted to talk to me, i would have listened to them, i always listen to both sides and consider that. he didn't havey. anyb and his words were simply, i'm doctor, i, i'm still a shouldn't be here. so, i consider eed all of that fairly and impartially, injunction with the c tstitution an law. i made my decision. it is the people's courtroom, first and foremost. when someone tellse it's not, i am off the bunch and will fight to be people's courtroom.
8:20 am
>> you're exactly as we thought you would be. >> you're going to be honored ba ur" magazine as one of the women of the year. can you imagine -- you had an interesting life. you were aj.a.g. officer. you have five kids. you're incredible. >> i am so honored that ur"gla items chose me. i read the maganine since i remember. i'm honored. i have to thank "glamour" for keeping the conversation going, for trying to eradicate this and listen to the voices. that's what thiseans to me, they heard -- they want the world to hear. they are part of eradicating physical asult. >> important work. >> thank you for sitting with us today. have fun at the >> i will, thank you. we'll go over to al and get >> to update you on what's going on out there in california, 22 for red eople at risk flag warnings, stretching from the california/oregon border down tohe california/mexico
8:21 am
border, plus also into parts of arizona and nevada as well. and we've got anxtreme risk of fire danger today from santa clarita just nor of los angeles all the way down to almost the mexico/california border. 17 million folks at risk for rapid fire growth. and we've also got bitterly cold air coming in here. minneapolis today,fo 21 degrees their high. that's 22 degrees below average. denver, 25 degrees below avera at 31. st. louis is 36. dallas 44. that cold air starts to spread east. tomorrow, chicago, 28. dallas, 42 degrees. as we move into the midweek period, thatoold air moves the east and northeast. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning. meteorologist 4 chuck bell. plenty of cold still hanging around outside. most of the area is still only in the low to mid-30s to near 40
8:22 am
, chiy srt ts ee sunshine w be quickly fading away behind cloud cover. it will be mostly cloudy this afteoon. ances forces rain rolling in as early as 4:00, 5:00, especially south of the city. in for most of us by 8:00 this evening. steadiest of the rain will be tonight overnight. showers through tuesday and another rain chance thursday/friday. >> that is your latest weather. >> al, thank you. in honor of veterans day we want to do something special to celebrate our military. >> we're joined by satellite by u.s. army sergeant class. dengl stationed in baghdad. >> good >> first of thank you for your service. at's your duty in the army. for folks watching at home,pl n what you do. >> for the past several months, i served as aublic affairs journalist. and i was stationed in iraq with the special operations joint task force. >> well, we're ndering, how
8:23 am
long have you been away from your family? >> it's been on11s since the last time i've seen my family. >> who do you have in your family? >> i have my wife, my three daughters. with so, my nephew stays us. >> well, we have a surprise for you. we want to surprise you with something. take a look at who is here on the plaza with us. we have your whole family saying hello. >> your wife and your daughters. i hope you can see this because they're giving you air kisses. >> they're giving you some love. we want to point out that you'r a veteran, too, right? >> yes. >> how does it feel to see >> wonderful. wonderful. >> it's been a long time. i see the tears in you eyes. hard to be away from each other, huh? >> it is. >> but it's good to see his face. >> you want to say hello, sir, to your family >> hello, everyone. i wish i could be there. >> oh, sure, you could, couldn't you, sergeant? come on. come on.
8:24 am
hey. >> daddy's home. >> oh, my gosh. >> sergeant glass. happy veterans day, sir. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> did we get you? >> yes. >> you got me. >> when we wald up,he was crying before anything happened. how are you doing, isweetie? >> good. >> i'm so happy to see him. >> what's it like to see da you guys? >> it's pretty weird. that was pretty impressive. wo >> thank you for your service. you families are the ones give up so much while your loved ones are away.
8:25 am
thank you. >> can you stay home for a little bit while? >> absolutely. i i got some leave time. >> how does she feel in your? ar >> excellent. >> a little heavier than the last time you held her,ob ly. >> yeah. >> that was awesome. we really appreciate it. welcome home. t >>nk you. we appreciate it. >> thank you. going to keep the good times going in our next half hour. >> thas right. including more from the west point marching band. but first, your l news and weather. ♪
8:26 am
. good morning, everybody. 8:26 on this monday, november 12th. i'm aaron gilchrist. let's look a the roads. >> night light volume. a couple problems here and there. take a look at this. this holid looking good. laytonsville, 108 southbound downed for downed waters. national airport, crystal city, those two stations are closed. buses running between the giulia pentagon andraddock road. we'll have is a look at the forecast when we come back.
8:27 am
8:28 am
good morning,y. everyb clouds are quickly moving in and raindrops will follow before this day is done. current temperatures are in the chilly 30s to barely 40 degrees. we'll get into t upper 40s to near 50 today. with thickening clouds and chincreasing rain ces, you'll
8:29 am
want to grab that umbrella if you won't be back homentil 4:00, 5:00. showers in the first halff the day tomorrow. good news about the weekend, chilly but sunny.
8:30 am
♪ ♪ ♪ that was pretty perfect. 8:30 on this monday november 12th. ng is veterans day. the holiday is b observed today. we are so happy to have the wonderful wes pointarching band here to bring their spirit
8:31 am
toce rockefeller er. >> that is so good. our military mily, they just t reunited. they're catching up here on our plaza. >> hi, you guys. >> they're like, can we go home now? >> it's my favorite moment in months. >> me, too. you got us. beautiful.en so maybe the west point band knows some cistmas carols. the rockefeller center i christs tr getting all spruced up, getit? the lighting ceremony, wednesday, november 28th. we'll bring it to you live. just ahead, by the way, the great kurt russell is taking on an iconic role. he is playing santa claus. can't wait to talk to him in a few minutes. you may not be able to get reservation at her restaurant. but missy robbins is here, sharing recipes straight off thu >> speakin of cook inging, all s
8:32 am
week on the third,"our of "tod we're going to have a special series, "when i grow ." i get to be a chef. and craig gets to try this, as well, with a superstar, which i. pretty cool jenna is doing so is stephanie gosk. >> by the way, i saw natalie. >> natalie morales. >> she in the house. >> and jenna and i will be -- >> hosting that show. >> you're practically a professional chef now. >> didn't you cut your finger showing off your knife skills? >> it was a a bit of knife fight. we'll show you what happened. you h e a check of the weather? >> i have all five. >> on that hand. >> you should see -- never mind. that was close. almost lost the whole thing right there. could have bee week ahead, severe storms
8:33 am
througut the ast, light snow through the midplains. cold blast coming into it is western plains. as we get into the midweek period, the next storm out of the gulf, less windy, o thankfully, f friends in california. thursday, interior snow in the rtheast in new england, light snow through the plains, mild out west withunshine continuing through the gulf and into the mid-atlantic states. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. >> good morning, everybody. still some filtered sunshine here inashington thismorning, but these clouds will gradually lower and thicken as we go through the remainder of the day. we're in the 30s0 to about degrees right now. won't be a very wm day today at all. today's high only 51 degrees.f likelihood rain showers by this evening. today's rain chance stands at 60%. 80% chae of rain tomorrow, most in the morning hours staying cloudy through the rest of the day. rain later this week. >> and that's >> that's your latest weather.
8:34 am
don't forget, you can asays take u with you. all you have to do is go toto y rius/xm and you can listen to your nbc news programs. now, back inside. 108. now, let's go back >>inside. al, thank you. he has played the heartthroe andction star. now,irk russeurt russell is tak his biggest role yet, santa claus. >> santa is ready to save christmas by any means necessary. >> christmas is down 35%. we need to get things back on track. >> hold on. >> what? >> shh. >> oh. no. teddy, i don't think this is such a good idea. >> neither do i. christmaswant to save or not? >> not by stealing a car. that wundermines tle
8:35 am
naughty and nice concept, don't you think? >> don't you break into a million homes every year? technically, that's illegal, too. >> that's fair point. >> good veterans day. wasn't thatawesome? >> that's always the best. >> yes. and the p westnt band. you have to top this now. >> okay. >> you're playing santa claus. >> yeah. >> you know what happened the first time people saw your performance? what the headline said? >> no. >> oh, it's hot santa. oh, c there be one thing that doesn't have to be sexy? do w want santa claus to be s sexy? >> i saw him as an adventurous guy. he is a real person. he was born and has ast y. his legend and his myth grew. he's one of the few figures we have in our zeitgeist that's been around that long. there's few that's been around. >> an iconic role. >> that's how i looked at i. th an opportunity i don't
8:36 am
want to miss. i always felt the definitive santa claus was never displayed, you know? >> you know something about playing santa claus. you've been a mall santa yourself?e >> did. we were in colorado. we wand t take wyatt to see santa claus. it was closed. and he wasn't there. and i go talking one of the rls in the mall. and i said, where is the outfit? she said, you want to put it on? i said, yeah. we've come all this way. she said, if you want to do it -- it was a pretty good outfit. i put it on. and the kids start ed to gather. i was mall santa for an hour and a half. and wyatt didn't know who i was. i had the beard way up. this was an opportunity to expound on that. > it's a little edgy, the movie. it has a lot of humor. >> i mean, in our family, he was ways a little bit of an intimidating figure. you were supposed to beasleep, or you risked getting coal or nothing at all.
8:37 am
and this santa is not afraid of slinging coal. he knows when you're s keping andws when you're awake. he knows a lot of things about you. >> you look the par in this, big-time. you had the big, bushy beard. how much was you and how much -- >> we were talking about it this morning. dennis was makeup. we've been together for 22 movies. we talked about what we wanted to do. authentic-looking human being. that meant me growing my beard months. or three >> extensions? >> we had them put on. when you're doing a character like that, you g have to the wardrobe, the hair and the makeup right. >> you do. >> when the kids first see him, you're instantly -- >> you have to pull it off. >> -- facing an iconic figure. >> every time you're here, we talk about your facial hair. roll the tape. you have such a gallery of facial hair. l we'reking at some of your
8:38 am
finer -- that. that's all you, right? how does -- is goldiekay with that? oh, wow. >> a lot of facl hair. a lot of eye work going on there. wyatt is coming out in "overl d "overlord" thiekend. i herald it's great. >> you have a new one in the family? >> ronnie rose, unbelievably cute. they're having a great time. >> oh, new baby. >> we had a lot going on she is adorable. >> how many grandkids do you have rig >> six. >> do they call you grandma and grandpa? >> go go and gogie. >> who is go go and whos gogie? >> we were both go go. my middle name is vogel. and it came out go go when i was little. with myst s, that became gogie. that's how my grandkids andy nieces and nephews -- whatedy
8:39 am
wine is ca we're go go and gogie. and everybody goes to colodo. we have fantastic ranch there, a great christmas >> with the time, you could grow out the beard again. >> that's what my dad used to say. it's time for meo start eating. >> kurt, thank you so much. "the christmas chronicles" hits x christmase ay. we'ring to elevate your usual christmas dinner with an take on pasta and
8:40 am
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8:42 am
recipes that are fan favorite >>his is our fettuccine with buffalo butter and parmigiano. it's as sple as it gets. grown-up version of your favoritekids' pasta. >> this is so good. >> different level good. >> start with the fettuccine. this was fresh, made this morning. it just m takes one to twutes to cook. in here, we take a little bit of the pasta water, wch we reserved here. that starchiness adds a thickness to it. >> when you're boiling your pasta, do you use salt or no salt? >> always salt. >> that's a lotfbetter. >> i didn't say it was healthy. it's good. >> is that two different kinds of butter? >> it's buffalo butter. it's made from buffalo milk. it gives it tanginess.
8:43 am
when you eat buffalo mozzarella, same idea. and it gives a differentind of richness. you want to get this really mixed in here and emulsified. >> ver buttery sauce. okay. >> you can do that quickly, while it's boiling. >> what's the next step? >> you take the pasta out. >> you would drain it and put it in the sauce? >> i never drain it. >> why do you not drain? >> so a lit officitle of the pa water gets in there. and you never want to rinse off the pasta, either, because it takes off all of the starch. >> d't rinse it or drain it. >> you mix it in and put in all the cheese. you want to mix it while you're adding itit soesn't chumlump. >> it's kind of melting. >> it's not that fatty. it's fine.
8:44 am
small portions. >> it's similar. >> kind of not really. >> not really. >> and then,thfter , we come rre. he's goinght for it, more pepper. >> more pepper. >> and more cheese. >> and more cheese. >> what kind of cheese is this? >> this is parmesan origiano. and then, you want to balance out with the solid a crunchy, acidic. we have fennel leaf. >> can you show me how to cut the fennel? >> absotely. >> this is cut in half. the bulk is cou and you take it and slice it. >> you use the bits on the end, too? >> the whole thing. >> nice. >> the whole thing. >> it smells good. >> we have precut celery here. celery leaf, walnuts, texture andparmesan.
8:45 am
that gets mixed in there. >> and what's the dressing going to be then? >> very simple. greallyat olive oil and juice, a little bit of salt. not crazy abouthe salt. you have the parmigiano already. >> yes. >> olive oil.d an freshly squeezed lemon. >> that's it. just toss it around. >> and a little salt. >> i can do that. make myself useful. >> i have to try this. wh do you think? >> yummy. >> it's got that licoricey flavor and crunch, texture. i use fennel in everything. fennel, fennel. >> fennel ice creaav >> i't done that yet. but thank you. great idea. >> it's coming soon. i>> how the restaurant go >> so far, so good. >> congratulations on everything. >> thank you, .gu >> thanks for coming in. >> you make it look easy. it tastes so good. >> if you want one of these delicious recipes, go to m/ today.od. back in a moment with "pop start" and big news fm chip
8:46 am
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8:48 am
we are back. weave a little "pop start." >> we're mixing it up for you today. let's start with chip and joanna gaines. we love talking about them. they wrapped up their popular show "fer upper" in april, saying they needed to step back from the camera and spend morn time their kids and marriage. but on friday, they revealed to jimmy fallon that their timeout from tv will soon be over. >> would you ever turn to tv? >> wow. well, camera tee just turned on and is shining directly at me. weigned a nondisclosure. and it said, quote/unquote, y n tell your mother, but that's it. mom, i wanted to make quick announcement. we are coming back to television. grow get to see the kids up. you'll get to see us, maybe a six-month delay like the rest of
8:49 am
the world. we're excited to be back. >> no wa you' coming back. >> i'm not convinced joanna knew he was going to go into all that. chip and joanna, they are back. in a statement provided to "today," a spokesperson said, we're currently in the early stages of talking with discovery about a lifestylene focused ork for magnolia. our hope is to built differe platform for unique, inspiring and family-friendly content. there's beeno word on when this new network will launch. and tina fey. sheed sto by busy phillip's show and gave her pointers on how to be a boss lady. take a look. >> is it hard as the boss t tell people no? >> yeah. i'm not a yeller. i don't have ae. big vo but over the years have figured outays to give strength nonpverballyo
8:50 am
>> i'm goinge late tomorrow. never mind. oct like a big, bum baby and everything will things for you. >> are you my boss? >> you're my executive producer. >> you know if my car is here? >> isn't that you car? >> up. >> all right. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> really appreciate it. oh, i'm not driving. finally, the epeople's choic awards were last night. and one of our very own, carson daly, won an award for "the voice." he and s blakelton accepted the award and invited gwen stephanie step stefani was invited up, as well. taking photos with siri daly all night long. carson couldn't help but show his excement for the winner. >> that is so cool. >> just hanging with gwen
8:51 am
stefani. >> besties. we got a one-of-a-kind honor for some folks here at the table, by the way. "glamour's" editor in chief, samantha berry, is with us. >> we have amazi friends. >> they look familiar. >> they look very familiar. th are wearing the outfits that hoda andavannah wear tore first day that they anchored together. barbie and "glamour honor one-of-a-kind women and one-of-a-kind barbies. it's about role models. and letting young women knoey an be whatever they want to be, including two anchors of the "tod" show. >> i love it. >> i am going to bring it home and my daughter will pull h legs off. >> yeah. that's- what an honor. thank you so much. >> there's something called a dream gap really quickly.
8:52 am
what is that >> t dream gap, it's scarythere into the fact that, starting at the age of 5,ou girls stop believing their gender can do anything. confidence it doesn't happen with boys. but it happens with young girls, 5, 6, 7, they stop believing they can be theen sst or the r.leontologist or the anc one of the things that barbie and "glamour" tries to do with these dolls, how do you know that girls have moreole models so they know they can be nt whatever they o be and bridge that dream gap. one of the nice thick things th two can do, is that you can be whatever you want to do and you. >> we're very honored. >> thank you. >> mostly, we just like to play with barbie >> thanks. >> now, you need the dream house. and the camper. >> have a great event tonigh women of thar. >> thank you so much. >> a lot of great profiles.
8:53 am
>> sam, it'slways good to have you. >> i love that you captured their hair. >> i know. on a good hair day. >> thank you. ck in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. ♪ when was the last time you felt... free. it's time to uncover that feeling again. with the compassion and strength of a name... most accepted by top doctors and specialists. and the power of a card... that opens doors in all fifty states.
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giving you the freedom to love to dream to dance like no one is watching. carefirst blue cross blue shield. live fearless.
8:55 am
barbies doing what they do best. >> you're running. >> i'm yelling. >> looking for ken. >> just ahead, al, jenna and natalie morales. and al is going to live out his dream of being a professional chef, which i feele lives every day. >> first, your local news. have a good one.
8:56 am
8:56 is your time now on this monday, november 12, 2018. good morning to you. right now we want to check on your morning commute with melissa and your first what are you seeing? >> right now the beltway is looking good. no problems on the beltway. nice and clear. i think on thi veterans day everything is looking pretty good. do have one little sittion along 66 as you're headed
8:57 am
inbound, the ramp to washington edulevard. right side is bloy a crash. overall, nice, light volume. >> thank you. we'll take a break and check your forecast when we come back. denise? oh, hey sandy! this is a trick my nona taught me to make sure my produce is fresh. but aldi produce is delivered fresh every single day. every day? yeah... so you don't need to, do that. you're not even gonna hold that cantaloupe to your face? the only trick you need to save time and money is to shop at aldi. save on little salad bar garden salad mix. now just .79 cents aldi. shop differentli.
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i hope you get to see a little sunshine early this morning because clouds are racing in. there will be very little sunshine for the remainder of the day. temperatures in the 3 upper, low 40s. we'll hang out for 50 for a ovgh. showersg in after 5:00 or 6:00. rain tonight, endingmo slowly ow and ending later in the week. get the latest news and weather any time ingthe nbc wash app.
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y31bly y10ry live from studio 6a, this is "today." >> good morning. and welcome. i'm jenna bush hager. i'm joined b my friend, al roker. and all the way from the west coast -- >> reunited and it feels s good. >> we have natalie and kid hoover who are doing their show, "access live" from new york. but ourre hearts in california. >> yeah. >> there are historic wildfires that are raging out of control, ing entire towns to ash. this morning, we're hearing from some of those who lefer hing behind and barely escaped. nbc's steve patterson has that


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