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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  November 13, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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our area is gearing up for a ouge aement from amazon. multiple reports that the new headquaters could be here in our backyard. we're working to fill you in on everything that we know about this so far on this monor ic boost for our area. we're talking thousands of jobs to our ar. good morning, everyone. >> we'll get back to that amazon
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news in a moment. first, we're kicking off tuesday with a live look outside onhat wet, foggy, what is that chuck? >> it's going to be cold andan t last you the rest of your life. >> wow, chuck. >> welcome to november everybody. >> he's joking. t>> it won't last rest of your life, but it will be a very unpleasant day. grab the umbrella and the insulated coat. temperatures in the mid to upper 30s. mid 40s around town but not much improvement coming our way. the steadier rain with us for much of the overnight. there's a little break in the action coming across parts of central virginia so cloudy and damp for the morning commute and then that rain in south western virginia promises o and on rain chances here later in the
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day. more about the winter weather coming up in a few mor minutes. >> 66 east o 123. it's a little bit hard to see. 's raining ere, though. washington,orthbound 295, still had that street flooding nd.ging ar inner loop and outer loop to the belt way, no major issues rig now. in and out of town all looking good. >> thank you melissa. back now t our top story. aun upcoming announcement from amazon expected to bring major changes to our entire area. multiple rorts say the online retail giant will set up one of its newte headq in our
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backyard. >> that location is in crystal city in arlingtoncounty. amazon is based in seattleut decided to expand by selecting crystal city and long isla city i new york but before narrowing it down to the two locations, amazon looked at several factors. here they are the company was looking for a metropolitan area with a stable businessen friend ronment with a potential to attract and keep strong techcal talent they needed to offer an initial 500,000 square feet and up to million square feet over several ars. it also had to be within 45 minutesnf airport and offer direct access to mass transit. beyond that, amazon said to get
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creative. hopefully we'll get more details on that. >> the area meets several of amazon's requirements. the business insiderom cred the list to crystal city amazon wanted an internatial airport nearby. and easy access to transportation. the region is home to one of the most educated work forces in the entire country plus there's plans to separate from the new headquaters happening in virginials they ao plan on building at 6,000 foo data center in virginia. that's ain addition to it. news 4 will be covering the story every step of the way. live coverage this morning and throughout the day. you can also check outhe nbc
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washington app for more information. >> in other news this moiting, as a brutal night for pedestrians. inhe span of three hours at least ten people were hit on the roads. many first b respondlame the weather. this was video from north capitol firefiters pulled a woman from beneath a bu we're told she was critically injured there. montgomery county had six crashes. one woman was seriously hit. it's now 4:35. the death toll from the camp fire has gon up. 42 people are now dead. the camp fire is nowhe most destructive and deadliest wildfire in california history.s firefightere also battling the wildfires in southern
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california. woit has killed people and this morning,tate regulators are looking into whether that deadly wildfire start an electrical fire. >> democrats gained another senate race last night. the arizona senate race was called for a democrat. she flipped the seat that belongs t jeff flake. democrats now control 47 senate seat tons republi 51 with seats in florida and mississippi still undecided. >> it's now 4:36. here's your other top stories this morning. president trump may oust homeland security secretary. the post reports the president has been unhapp about her performance on immigration enforcement. >> micslle obamew memoir becoming is on sale today. it's already number one on amazon. mrs. obama will kick off her tour in chicago today.
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>> and we continue to pay tribute to comic book legend stan lee. los ed yesterday in angeles. mourners layedrs flo and pictures of the super heros he created next to his hollywood star including superman, ironman, and the incredible hulk. he was 95 years old. an unusual sight in the the story behind this elephant found aming in new jersey. >> the owner of a california bar targeted
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according to police he was o er employee at the warehouse. victims were taken to the hospital in critical condition. >> 12 white crosses are part of a growing memorial for the victims of the deadly bar shooting in marker includes their name, age, and photo. >> he spoke to nbc about that tragic night. >> so w will, we'll com back stronger. >> coming up laterda on to nbc
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sits down with him on how he is helping his communirecover. >> good morning, everybody. coming up on 4: nown a tuesday morning, wish i had better news in th weather department today because there wasn't going to be zero sunshine today. most of the steady rain is out to the showers and drizzle. ut a chance for wet snow on thursday. 10 day forecast coming up. >> does your family have the recipes?nksgiving we want to try them. we want to try them. e-mail us at my mom washes the dishes... t...before she puts them dishwasher.
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future, it's going to be an ugly day outside today. another w andold day in the forecast and a possibility of the s word before thanksgiving. we're going to check back in with him in jt a few minutes. >> meanwhile, a live look now at capitol hill. congress will be back to work a week after the midte elections. there's major changes to deal with too including the house under the control of the democrats in the coming year. >> tracie potts is live with more on this. what will happen between now and january? >> a couple of things. there's a hard ddline with congress coming back today. they have to get a budget in place. one of the big hang ups could bu ing for the border wall. it's built in and different amounts and negotiating over how much for border security and
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specifically for the president's wall and another thing is protecting robert mueller. look for that to be the big issue between now and january. but specifically, between now and december 7th. >> what about the statestill der recount right now? >> we have florida and georgia. lo of questions about ballots in palm beach and broward county. two that have had problems before. in georgia it hasn't triggered a recount but they a still counting ballots and it's a razor thin margin between the lead that the republican has and what is required to trigger a
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recount. >> we're learning muscles details about the murder of a marine. she was found dead on november 3rd. her husband, a fellow marine, ie ch with her murder. the star newspaper reports he called police to report his wife is unconscious and b heieves he killed her. the couple was staying at a hotel after attending a ball. he drank too much and blacked out and has anger issues. the couples baby boy is with his grandparents. >> developing this morn students at a maryland high school will return to class amid an investigation intea the of their school's resource officers. iny believe he shot himself his office while classes were in session yesterday. the school was briefly on lock down until policeetermined he had shot himself.
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poce say he was alone in his office and no students were around to witness what happened. >> growing frustration from victims as catholic churches take heat for the sex abuse scandal. >> it's a wave of bisho to come together and address how they handle sual abuse allegations within their own diocese. they were expected t vote on a new code of conduct, a creation to ew complaints and protocols for handling bishops that re-signed because of wabu. tever good has been done will continue with these actions reachimp their tion. it takes time. >> there's no reason to wait. >> peter is a foundin memberf the survivors network oythose abused priests. he says the delay sends the wrong message to membersf the catholic church here in the united states. >> what they're telling catholics ithe american publi
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is basically we care more about our organization and ourle t and positions than we care about children. >> the vatic called for this delay until after it convenes a global meeting of clergy on sex abuse. that meeting won't be held until february. >> lt night, a redskins rival came in on monday night football. it was this pass by eli manning, who has not had such a great season so far. the team went on to beat the san francio 49ers 27-23. despite that win,he giants remain at the very bottom of the nfc they take on thens s at fedex field. >> never count them out. >> a local contestant vowed
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judges on thevo e. >> he shows us he has what it takes to win it all. >> he's on team blake right now. you have until 7:00 this morning to cast your vote. tonight we'll find out if he makes it to the next round. >> it's so tough b have to pick the right song to show case your voice and he is very competitive. >> try mentioning snow on ound here. >> i'm trying not to throw things at you chuck bell because you're so happy about it. >> it snowed yesterday at norman, oklahoma. they had two inches of snow and they're a long way south of us.
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and when you see snow way down south in the rio grande vall w, all th down here, when you see snow that far down to the south, you know m the airs is cold so that is the first key ingredient thatypically we're missing aroun here so thursday it will likely be cold enough. whether it's cold enough to stick is a whole other issue. for now,nhe steady r is coming to an end. that doesn't mean it's going to be a nice day. even though this steady batch o rain i pulling out. no sunshine at all today and what will be showers thig morn tapers back to occasional periods of mist and drizzle for the remainder of the day today.
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a chance for light rain this evening. now here's thursday morning at 9:30 a.m. what's likely to be mostly rain could have wet snow in the western and northernubbs and likely to be a period of wet snow which could add up because the ground isn't frozen solid yet but it could be a inch or two or ree. no warm up in sight. >> that's going to be very helpful for people. still have that hangingaround. showing you where it's raining which is almost everywhere right now. live look at university boulevard, you can see theet trees here. arlington, ronald reagan nation we do have still some road work happening there.
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so right at aviation i circle is a little bit complicated through there now.ff heavier t than usual. adding the rain into that. kind of yuck. be careful and allow extra time if you can. >> melissa, thank you. 4:54. take a lookt is. that's an elephant on the run in new york near the new jersey border >> what in the world? >> state police took these pictures. help arrives. they escorte her back home. >> i have so many questions. >> does it look like she isil g? >> a little bit. >> but i didn't know there were electrical fanlts in new jers. >> nowou know. visit.ight have to go it's 4:54, news for your health this morning. there's a new test that uses a
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undergo genetic testing. the test analyzes 25 genes to see how they'll respond to 145 different medications. it's part of a pilot program details nonight ons 4. >> we're helping you fight tfa before the holidays. unique workouts to help you prepare forig your b thanksgiving dinner. t sheried her hand at axe throwing yesterday and isn't too bad at it. >> impressive. >> this morning she's going to go to anre iive boot camp style workout. >> that's more my style. >> keep it here s to how she does this morning and what advice the drill sergeant has t. that is coming up in the next half hour. >> still ahead on news 4 today, continuing coverage of the big news about amazon. it's being reportedhat the
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just about 5:00 a.m. now and a very big morning i our area. today, possibly in a matter of hours,l amazon w name northern virginia as one of the sites for its new adquaters. itould be built in crystal city.
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according to the reporting we're seeing today, t second location would be in new york city. >> this morning, we have live team coverage o this announcement. we're looking into the plans and what the news means for our entire region's economy. a soaking cold rain fell late into the night. what do things look like for the commute? not that great at least for now. >> melissa with a check on traffic for us. let's start with chuck bell to ft a lay the land. what do we expect? >> it's going to be a wet start. the rain is coming to an end but the off and on drizzle iin't to go anywhere any time soon. here's storm team 4 radar this morning. these areas


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