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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 13, 2018 6:00am-6:45am EST

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for crystal city and what the news means for our entire region's economy. let's start with chuck bell and a look at the forecast. >> cloudy skies and miserably cold and wet start to a tuesday morning. a bit of a northwest breeze as that will make it feel even colder. occasional showers are likely to continue off and on through at leas lunchtime today and then tapering off and mainly dry but staying cloudy and chilly through the afternoon. right now, upper 30s in the valle valley. your planner no sunshine and not much of a warm up stuck in the
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mid to upper 40s today and we're watching a possibility o rain mixing with wet snow flakes. this is thursday morning. 48 hours brom now cou enough for school delays. we'll be talking more about that. i'll show you how much our computer thinks we're going to get coming up in a coup of minutes. now, let's go over to melissa. >> silver spring here, outer op before georgia avenue. still have the left laneck b by a crash and that dely started to build a little bit in the past couple of minutes. and then gettinglow once again. just allow some extra time if youcan. southbound in that area is slow. do have a crashthere. sounds like that's moving to the shoulder but we still have delays inbound.
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>> developing ts morning, amazon is expected to announce crystal city in arlingt o county as of two locations for the new headquaters according to thn wall street j and multiple other reports, they'll divide the location between northern virginia and long island city in new york city. >> if this is true, this will mean crystal city beat out more than a dozen cities to win the bid. chris lawrence joins us now livt k about what exactly amazon wanted and what attracted the company to the area, chris. >> northern virginia checked all the boxes and some deficiencies may have been a blessing in disguise. they wanted at leaston 1 mil people. they didn't want to be big fish in a small pond they also needed the area to be business friendly. northern virginia is seen as low tax, low regulation and don't underestimate the i fact thats
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a purple state. amazon could possibly lobby democrats and republicans. it had to be attractive to get tech talent here. you can see a tech sector forming in fairfax and loudoun county. they needed half a million square feet of office space to start. up to 8 million square feet in the next few years. crystal city could pro de that and they want to be near an international airport. obviously, one metro stop to reagan to get you anywhere in the country and they need direct access to mass transit. now when you look at the area,' it a lot of outdated oice buildings. a lot of it cleared out when the defense contrtors moved out of here. it's not exactly a pretty scene but that may have been the point. take a look live right here. take a look over nore.
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ing special about it except for the fact that it's owned by a company. don't underestimate that fact when it comes to getting their people in quickly and then being able to build outel effect reporting live in crystal city, chris lawrence, news 4. >> >> thank you. >> the announcement is expecd to bring lot of high paying jobs to our area. what is the potential impact o those jobs? justin is live now with more. this
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workouts g down some that will really help you counter the calories. she is takingpe a sal boot camp class. how is it going so far. >> i'm so glad that you came to me at this time so i didn't have to get down on the groundlnd craw through. this class is ser hard. warrior wtkout is what i is called. i saw some ladies that i didn't know they make this class every day at 4:30 in themorning. even a pregnant woman is ins thi
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class. and she is not scared away. i want to t to the master training about this class and the goal here. we're fighting the fat before the holidays. is this the w to do it? >> absolutely. you're going to add at least 15 poundsuring the holidays, give or take. but the one way to get ahead of the game is to start reconditioning workouts. these aremetabolic workouts. >> working the whole body. >> absolutely. the full body. everything. all the major groups are working but also you're getting cardiovascular fitness, enduran endurance. so we y want to make sure tha continue to burn after the workout. >> we're going to talk about fourha things we need to know to fight the fat later on in the hour. put me back to work. >> let's go. let's go. let's go.
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we're working. let's go. >> it's going to be another wet day aroundhere. cloudy skies and wet outside this morning. still lingering rain drops to be contended with. 44 degrees and the northwest wind averaging 14 miles per hour. so a bit breezy. very cloudy and wet and those are the areas below 40 this morning. 48 hours from now on thursday morning, these areas might be having a little rain-snow mix whh could add up. today, ke up weather for boy if you could hit the snooze button and get awayet for thema
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der of the morning. the cold air is all the way down into the rio grande valley. that's sw in southwest texas and the single numbers this morning as far south as the oklahoma and tex panhandling. there's a lot of cold air in place dry for tomorrow but staying very chilly. low 40s tomorrowafternoon. our nbc washington app has our latest storm team 4 forecast on erut, ie ht thursday g.rn that could be a little rain-snow mix. winter weather an your thursday before we dry out for the weekend. >> good morning. alexandria inner loop after van do street.
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we have slow downs and up top as well from an earlier crash, outer loop near georgia. it's raining all over the place. laurel northbound 95 before 198. that crash hanging around and frederick getting worse. you're approaching 270 and we see some back ups there. remember to listen to
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>> this morning our series on sleep continues. >> about 70 million americans are not getting the recommended amount of rest. angieent to a sleep lab to find the solution tour nationwide problem. >> see you in the morning? >> see you in thin mo good night. >> getting a full night's sleep has never been sy. having to wake for work in the middle of the night doesn't help. so i checked into the center for sleep and wake >> hi. r. >> and learned that i'm a complete recipe for rest disaster. >> now we're going to go meet with the doctor and see what the data shows. >> this is one who has not gotten enough. she believes i have more of a
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rhythm disorder than somnia based off bad habits. starting wit no s bedtime an an average of four hours per night. >> the more your brain can anticipate and knowshat to expect. >> that means sleeping and waking up at the same time every day, even on weekends. thenhere's the kids in the bed, drinking coffee all day and using my phone a lot at night. >> light is a drug thatromotes wakefulness. it depresses the seetion of latonin. >> wearing a pair of these uvex glses a few hours before bed. >> they're amazing and they filter out the bluet. ligh >> there's special light bulbs to help turn the lights off in the brain too.
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>> we need to reset ourselves mentally. >> it had a few other tips, take a warm shower. keep space around your bed organized and keep your room dark, quite and cool. and there's medications that are great but maket sure t they don't require your brain to sedate too much. she isonsidering experimenting with music. maybe a podcast. i got everybody a pair. your homework is to try them out for a week or two, a few hours before bed. you want to turn theht l off in the brain. you want the melatonin t produce. i was like this totally makes sense. $10 to get a light. and hopefully we'll all be sleeping better coming up.
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ut i'm getting an hour to two hours more now. >> it's 6:26, coming up, the big eews we have waiting for could be coming today. new details about the announcement to bring thousands jof amazons to our area. >> dog walking forect time. twinkie is available for adoption. perfect weather for a long nap today. temperatures stuck in the 40s and 0%n sunshine your tuesday. f 10-decast in the next half hour which includes a chance for snow. >> plu a hometown singer gets his first live shot on the national stage. we'll shoou more of his performance on the voice.
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>> we are going to fill you in on everything that we know about thisor our ea. it will be huge. >> we'll get rig back to a seco. kick off this tuesday with a live look outside. this is our backyard wre it's cold and wet yet again. >> yeah. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is her with our forecast before melissaills us in on the commute this morning. how many more hours do you think ?with the ra >> well, the steady rain is coming to an end. that doesn't mean theureather pi is going to be an improving one today. there will be no sunshine. thick cloud cover all day long. the steadiest of the rain for w is in prince george's and charles's county headed toward the bay bridge.te li rain.
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thick cloud cover and an opportunity for another passing shower orle dri off and on through the remainder of the afternoon. so don't plan on sunshine today. do carry your umbrella.30 in the valley this morning. low 40s around town. it's going to be cloudy, cold and wet all day today and tomorrow only a sliver of improvement tomorrow. it could mean an inch or two of snow for some and maybe a school delay or two. more about that coming up in yon- y in just a few. >> good morning. you have those kid's interest when you start talking delays for sure. alexandria at van dorn, take your time. for su outer loop at colesville still seeing a delay. also eastbound 70 there in frederick. ramp to ca270.
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yo see the issue here is as you're approaching 270 it's very slow and then once you get down 270 it's slow again. westbound sthwest eeway at maine avenue, middle of the road is blocked by a dibled vehicle. as we widen out, lorton, a crash reported there, guys. >> thank you, melissa. it's now 6:32. developing this morning, wal street journ crystal city as one of the locations for the second headquaters. >> amazon is based in sttle an according to reports the second one will be divided between crystal city and arlington county and long island city in new york city. we have team coverage on t big announcement with chris lawrence and justin finch. we'll startith chris o this, chris, what attracted amazon to crystal citoe if it end up there? >> well, aaron, one company owns of t 7 million square feet
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office space here. so you have got one partner that could provide just about everything amazon needs. they also have a lot of outdated office space which is a clean slate so to speak so some of crystal city's deficiencies could be a blessing in disguise. amazon was looking for an area with at least a million people. they didn't want to be a big fish in a small pond. hey also needed to be business friendly and northern virginia is known to have low regulation and l taxes. they needed to attract tech workers. 8lready a growing tech sector here. illion square feet of space over the next few years. obviously i justti med one company could do that and they want to be near an airport and transit, obvusly crystal city fits the bill.
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>> thank yo continue our team coverage of today's expected amazon announcement wit justinfinch. >> so amazon could bring a lot of high paying jobs to the area toresidents have concerns o.>>ri ght. you might recall initially the call is 50,000 jobs. we now have reports that they'll get half the number which is a silver lining of sorts because it means less of a t stress onhe infrastructure in crystal city but there will still be growing pains. for example, traffic. we could see a lot more of this, more bumpe to bumper traffic in the area if you can believe it. a first sign that roads have come to the area. al, metro, too, the concern absorb can this service so much growth so quickly here, you might recall over the weekend, had som problem with crystal city and reagan national, servicesow closing for repairs too. housing already the higher area.m in this
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a lot of high dollar jobs come to the area. will that push uphe cost even further and then also school the a lot more families i area. and coming together and notheless, it's coming here to crystal city, bac here to you. >> justin, thank you. amazon's announcement will clearly have a major impact on area. news 4 will be covering the story every step of the way. we'll have coverage throughout e day and checkhe nbc washington app for the latest information. >> 6:35 and our other top stories, breaking news in california, the campfire now killed 42 people.
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they're now competing for your. vo >> you have until 7:00 this morning. not very long. 20 minutes to cast your vote. tonight we'll find out whether he wl make it to the next roun you can watch it right here at 8:00 on nbc 4. now here's your cnbc morning business report. >> good morning. lyft is launching a new loyalty rogram that letsers get
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points that can be forpgrades or access to more experienced drivers. it won't be available to everyone at first. riders in select cities will an e-mail invite. you can earn points based on the amount of money spent with lyft. the new program comes a few weeks after they introduced a monthly subscription service. with your cnbc morning business report. >> four thingsbout the next couple of days, cold and wet today. more cold but at least dry for tomorrow. thursday, yes, indeed, ourch fit ance of seeing wet snow across the area. 10-day forecast coming n. >> that r outside your window is not helping the morning commute. slow downs all over the place. we'll alsoo take a at your travel time coming up. e-mail us with the delicious
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comcast ss. beyond fast. this morning, we're getting word that crystal city in
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arlington county will be home to one of amazon's newat headqus. this is according to the wall strend journal now multiple other organizations are reporting they would reportedly divide the locations. what may have attracted amazon to cstal city? >> specifically, they have the space to move their workers in l immedi they have the room to build out their headquaters have access to th tech talent they'll need in coming years. coming from seattle andff splitting from queens and to arlington, it was mainly done mostly to be able to divide up that need t forh talent, attracting more people in two locations, but you also figure
6:36 am
both of these h arease easy access. they needed to be business friendly. lowregulation. low tax. it has a very highly educated work force and again, they needed about a half million square feet. 8 million square feet eventually but you h basically one company here that easily controls that much space and they needed the access to the mass transit as well. look, this isn't the most glamorous place, but they feel they can g in quickly and obviously expand if need be.
6:37 am
we heard about fairfax and loudoun county. what d myou thinke crystal city rise to the tha crystal c can tell you some t thingsy didn't look at. a lot of people were saying there are hipper areas. i went to the area where amazon is headquatered in seattle back in the early 2000s several times. it's not a pretty place. it's a warehouse and car repair shops. so when people say it's a concrete jungle and dougly, i t know if that factors into what amazon was looking for. fact ere looking at the that it has available office space. they only have to deal with one developer and they have the room to built out their headquaters.
6:38 am
they kno they can attract techt nt here in arlington county. >> that's important factors. thank you, ch s. befotoday's announcement, there's been months of speculation as to which location amazon would take to build it's headquaters. >> we're joined on the phones now by the staff writer from the washington business journal. dan, you have been covering this story for awhile now about amazon. what do you make of this reporting we're hearing this morning from journal and others? >> it's certainly good toth kno we'll findally have an answer after more than a year waiting and speculating about where this thing is going to go. we have been hearing for a week or two n that an answer was coming soon. it's not entirely unexpected but
6:39 am
it's big news for this region as folks have been trying to versify the economy for awhile now. this is positive step in that direction. >> if amazon does announce that crystal city is the selected k location, ww there's going to be a huge economic impact with all of these jobs coming. what oth impact do you think it's going to have on the surrounding area? >> it's going toimpact everything from transportation to housing to the work force. cyber security, the federal contracting community here is already well establish and that's something that is likely to bring others, other companies that a going to want to tap
6:40 am
into that nueus. so it' likely to be a signific.t impact we're already seeing it in other areas aswell. we have known that amazon west services have alrea been ramping up. we know that googl is planning to expand. i heard that facebook is close to a dealhe and then's a question of apple. this region is already cnging in favor of it and i'm sure they'll be happy to say yeah, we do get it. >> we appreciate your perspective this morning.
6:41 am
>> at least 42 people died in that one. that makes it the deadliest fire in california history. this morning hdreds of people are still missing. at the same time, firefighters areattling t fire near los angeles where we know 2 people have been killed. there's concerns that the air and smoke may be toxic and our nbc station in l.a. is now looking into the electric company in southern california for aeossible role in start of that wildfire. that company may have malfunctioned -- something may have malfunctioned near ground zerr >> it's 6:52.
6:42 am
we want to check in with chuck bell for the rain and the potential for the "s" word. >>yes, indeed. a little chance for wet snow coming our way toward thursday morning. the cold air is way south. ose are snow flakes down near austin texas this morning. so the cold air diving south. theinkles coming in later i afternoon. umbrellas and warm coats today. upper 30s and low 40snow. we'll stay in the 40s all day long with no sunshine. so the evening and the morning commute both likely to be a little slower than average. your traffic check in just cond. for tomorrow, it will be dry, a peak or two of sunshine but cold. only in the low 40s for highs tomorrow. check this out, this is our future weather at 9:00 a.m.
6:43 am
thursdaymorning. likely to be w snow in parts of the valley. potentially an inch or two of slushy wet snow. probably mostly on grassy atas we'll keep you posted. i want to mention this, 95 northbound also at fairfax county parkway two different crashes there in virginia. >>nner loop, have a slow down because of an earlier crash. it is looking, i should say better than it was a short time ago. plso eastbound river road, right now the r is blocked trying to get more information on that
6:44 am
one. southwest freeway at main avenue, middle of the road blocked. merial bridge crashed on the right side. delays to vienna. switch problem at new carrolton this morning. when you look at your travel times, eastbound on 66. inbound on 95, 22 miles per hour. hen youto wtop 103.5 fm hop in your car. >> thanksgiving is one week away. we'reelping you fight the fat before the holiday. all week we're showing you cool workouts to help you counter the calories. >> this morning, she's taking on the warrior workout. this is really tough.
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>> we're finishing up this warrior workout going around the room doing burps with this class. we're finishing things up. he wked them out hard. give me one thiee we n to take away fromhis class. >> this is a gat workout. >> your class loves it. i mean, you do this every day. >> i do this every y. >> 4:30. >> every single day and i love it. >> how is your workout guys? >> all right. we are fightg the fat, day two. tomorrow we're going to be in tacoma park guys doing some martial arts, but we're ending on burpees in this class. back to you. >> looking good. thank you. >> sounds hard.
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tomorrow she o checkingut an african workout dance class at tacoma park. here's four things to know, michelle obama's long awaited memoir is now on sale. it's already number one on amazon. kick off


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