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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 13, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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jobs. >> the question is whether t tax breaks are worth it. >> what it means for you. >> our team coverage on amazon's arrival begins right now. >> we start with the uimate prim delivery. a avenue view from above. m>> aftere than a year, tazon has confirmed it is coming northern virginia, to alexander re, a an area that will be nrebrandedional landing. >> get used to that new name. >> the company preparing to invest more than $2nd billion bring at least $25,000 t its new eastern headquarters. >> the company is splting its big hq2 selection between us and long island city in new york. what does mean for the people who live near the sites? >> how did amazon land on
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virginia? we've got team coverage of it all. >> reporter: if you haven't heard it already, get used to a name. national landing is what this new area headquarters called. and take a look. you see the old red brick warehouse? that is coming down. in its place a high prize will be the location of the newest headquarters building. these g renderinge a look at how the new headquarters are expected toransform portions of crystal city, pentagon city and potomac yard. more importantly it will help transform this area. >> thas why i'm proud to announce today that amazon has found itsext home for innovation right here in our commonwealth of virginia. >> reporter: the incentive package to lure amazon worth hundreds ofmi ions. virginia will pay $22,000 for
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each high paying job created. the figure could be even higher if the amazon work force expands. part of the commonwealth investment is aimed at high-tech talent to fill amazon jobs. or example, virginia will invest $375 million over the next two decades on masters degree programs and virginia tech is buildin a new innovation campus in alexandrian >> h virginia tech, one of the most premier universities in the country is very, very exciting >> but amazon insisting the payoff will be across the region >> it is notust a win for northern virginia. indeed, the entire commonwealth and t communiti in maryland will helpill the impact. >> reporter: i told but the new amazon building constructed down
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the street but amazon will be occupying a lot of these other buildings in the crystal city area. some have vacancy r25es at and above so that is very good news to the property owners and to arlington. >> you've got ite vacancies will not last long. we know that for sure. and there's noquestion. the new headquarters will have major impact. >> including the creation of new gh paying jobs. reporter: crystal city has a ton of vacant office space. >> reporter: in one firm 20 properties, 7 million square feet. on could move right in. withn has demanded an area young tech talent. >> project management, software, hardware. >> reporter: like these students arby. >> a amazon with s one of our
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partners. >> reporter: arlinon is expensive but livable for now. >> i'm a reale est agent so i don't know what will happen. >> reporter: amazon workers will have access to public schools but som wonder how many the county can absorb. >> a lot of pe rle. orter: even half of hq2 is 25,000 people and their families. >> the schools are overcrowded but so it would be nice ifhey could build us a new school. >> reporter: it is two minutes to the metro national airport and close to d.c. are you excited about the possibility here? >> y and no. parking is difficult as it is. where are we going to park? i can't even imine. >> reporter: they're really trying to brand this as a win for the entire region. mayor bowser said f a win arlington is a win for d.c. and
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they're trying to brand this whole area as national landing. part of crystal city but also pentagon city and even potomac yard. chs lawrence,news4. >> certainly going to transform whole area along thatcorridor. >> reporter: and you just heard chris mention the low kafgs amazon's new headquarters. now called national landing. >> that name sparking a lot of buzz. if you're wondering what and wher it is, you are not alone. >> reporter: corey smith is in crystal city. what is the answer to that question in. >> reporter: this is it. national we all said where is national landing? this is it. a somewhat of a rebranding. where is? we have a map that will further explain the location and the name. national landing is basically at the door step of reagan national
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airport. national landing there? i guess so. it is a rebranding of sorts for the neighborhood encompassing parts of crystal city, potomac yard and pentagon city. you probably know those areas separately but now it is landing. the tech giant is here to stay. will nationalg? land that's the question. >> it has more cache than crystal city. to me, it does. national landing! wow, that says something. crystal city? tired, worn. start fresh. start new. it's amazon, ma >> reporter: in a couple years, when they say where did amazon build their headquarters, what will you say? >> yeah. >> reporter: we got a lot of that. putting the name aside, everyone is for the most par happy that
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amazon chose northern virginia. if it is a good neighborhood, then maybe national landingha wl some staying power in northern virginia. >> he i didn't make the name. >> still ahead, how will amazon impact t already hectic housing market? will traffic congestion get worse? what t about jobs coming to the area? whatind o people is the company looking for? and then be sure to join us tonight for a news4 special report. we're going in depth. we'll look at jeff bezos who changed the world and we'll explain what the news means for you. so be sure to tune in at 7:30 right here. in other stories, the inner
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loop finaled reop after a tractor-trailer shut the beltway down for nearly five hours today. >> take a look at the pictures. this is near the ritchie marlboro exit. at one point it was backed up nearly three miles. the priest sexual abuse crisis is front and center once again. the vatican has asked them nott vote on new bishops until ati worldwide m on abuse in rome in february. but many survors want action now. cardinal wuerl says many need to take it personally. institutionally, it is here. personally, it is where thatpu fication has to be a part of entire process. >> cardinal wuerl resigned as arch bishopas month. he was named in the grand jury report that accused church leaders of coveringp abuse.
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white house chief of staff john kelly may be out of a job soon. this stems from a cflict with melania trump after kelly did not promote some of her aides.ce so say that nick ayers, the vice president chief oftaff is being considered for the job s know whae other candidates. this follows the news. congress is back in washingt washington. new members are on their way for orientation. the new year will bring a whole lot of changes. >> reporter: that's certainly whathe new members are hoping. it is no secret that we've seen a lot of bitter partisan divid and som members say they're really hook forward to changing the tone in washington.
4:10 pm work for for the dozen of newly house members, it is freshman orientation. tement popping up on social media but it is already down to business. new membe bring a new ssage -- >> n it'sot about -- >> reporter: and a tas of what's to come from a democratic controlled congress. >> part of our role is investigations. part of our role is oversight. olot ofur role is to try to get some legislation pass that d will help improve this country. >> reporter: as for the races still would it a oner, both candidates are invited. rick scott announcing he will attend the senate orientation even as his race remains undecided. lost in a bitter recount battle with president trump weighing in. commanding when will democratic senator bill nelson concede?
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>> we will work to see the recount is followed fairly. >> we're confident rick scott will be the nexenator of florida. >> the president hoping to get another seat in his column after the arizona race fpped back from red to blue. >> and back to that new member orientation, at least one new member says it almost feels like starting college. they have two weeks of workshops d picking offices and getting ready to hit the grounds running in january. all right. blayne alexander,yo thank u. still ahead, we go to california. >> death toll from the wildfires, climbing. people still unaccounted for. will amazon's arrival in our area become a traffic nightmare? ad adam tuss loo ahead. and the cold front moving
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cold, wet, dreary for most
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of us across the dmv. tracking our first chance for owsn. pat? >> some commuters are already having anxiety over amazon's arrival in northern virginia. can our crowded roads and traffic systems handle another 25,000 people? adamuss doesn't think it will be the nightmare that many are predicting. he has a look at upcoming improvements. >> reporter: certainly this changes a lot of things.e wealking about another entrance to the crystal city metro station. the potomac yard metro stationw h still has to be billed and now a second entrance there. you're talking about a pedestrian bridge that will be billry fromal city to reagan national airport. the the head of metro about all of this today. he say d heoesn't think there will be a new influx of money
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for the metro system if this announcement wasn't coming from amazonen >> in the r step up to the plate, last year with ted dedicated revenue, the region was serious. >> reporter: remember, reaganti al will be a neighbor to this new facility. hear more about it at 5:00. >> thank you. firefighters continue to work relentlessly to northern and southern california today. dozens of people have been killed in raging wildfires. the northern fire that hit the town of paradise is now the deadliest in state's history. >> reporter: leon, 13 more bodies discovered in that area of paradise in norfoern caia. that brings the california wildfires' death toll to 44 people and still a hundred people are unaccounted for.
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we're expecting a shift in the wind though. the next 24 to 48 hours, air coming in to help. that's no comfort to people in the directine of firesda to this fire all of a sudden kicked . a massive show of force from the airhi and the rugges just northwest of los angeles as winds blowro the inferno ridge line to ridge line. this is 65% of the woolsey fire that has no containment line. >> my wedding invitation. >> reporter: as residents ickle back into neighborhoods, they're shocked to find nothing left even though they khaw they would come home to. >> it was weird to see it on tv and know it is your house. >> reporter: to the north, the howor stories from the flames of theamp fire. she thought she and her daughter would die in the flames.
4:18 pm
>> i kept praying, lord jesus, keep us going, keep us safe, get us out of here. >> reporter: they made it. others did not. mobi dna labs are working in northern california to investigate the remains. >> the tragedy, the neighbors are resolute anddetermined. >> reporter: a thousand homes are still in the path of these evac from the hardest hit areas settling in for the long haul. >>ge the dis far from over. if you're being held back, it is because your life and the lives of your families and neighbors are still in danger. >> reporter: as unpredictable as the wind. we're hoping for the wind shift by this time tomorrow or the next day and we are expecting some rain nex week. but that could actually potentiallyriggerud slides. live in oak park, california.
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>> thank yo much, jennifer. we'll keep those folks out there in our thghts. >> and doug, you talked about el hanino. will help california at all? >> it could. when they have an el nino, they go to el nino watchful they're waiting for rainfall. pecially southern california does tend to get more rainfall in el 19os. so it is very interesting. just like with the fires, she mentioned the mud slides. you get the mud slides when all the vegetation comes off. you like thro get rain hout the year. they've been under a drought situation for years. our rain, we just continue on get it here. the next system won't just be rain. this is a frontal boundary will we have the showers in the
4:20 pm
chesapeake bay. the wider view shows more thin to the s the storm i'm watching is in rts of arkansas. for us, it is just chilly. over towar the culpeper area so it is a chilly, cloudy afternoon. we'll see clouds on the increase lar in the day. watch what happens when it moves to our area. this is snow, we think. even in d.c. 11is is 0 in the morning. snow and sleet. most likely mixing in here and then just plain rain the afternoon.
4:21 pm
this will be a mess, a mess, a mess. t we'reking about possible snow accumulation. remember, this is november. we have not seeot a of time with temperatures below freezing so the ground is fairly warm. but still, just look that map. that map says it all. that's about as big of m as as you can get. mostly all rain now and then changing over and getting out by early morning west could see some icing early on. martinsburg.toward this is what one of the models were saying. this takes into account. some sleet. any accumulation will be on glassy surfaces. that's why we ha a winter storm watch for thursday.
4:22 pm
it doesn't include d.c. but i wouldn't be surprised to see winter weather advisory. high. a 50 for a high on friday. we'll talk more about this kestorm. the w looks a little better. >> thereething not right about that. to go from 0 to 5.5 inches? >> too fast, too early. thanks. withesuge fir charring much of southern imcalifornia, kardashian and kanye westke hav tan protection of their he into their own hands. and some say she is o of the most personable, fashionable first
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back to the wildfires in california. the massive fire in the north the deadliest in state history. in the south, tens of thousands more have been evacuated including some of hollywood's biggest stars. and some of them are taking the fire fight into their own hands. that tops our tuesday trend today.
4:26 pm
we're hearing praise from kim and kanye about this. >> and he's been in the news for other things but ts is a great thing. kim and kanye hired their own wersonal concierge firefighter. i didn't k there was such a thing. i had to look it up. and neighbors are thanking them y saved they actua other homes in the area as well. they are working to i keept contained so aot of people are praising them for that. there are about 300 or so priv ce firefighterpanies nationwide. who knew? >> i understand you had a big el timerity show up in your studio. >> who knew this would go stlirl that snoop dogg paid me a visit and i got him to talk about his new biofilm. he said he wants to go from season to season, '60s, '70s,
4:27 pm
'80s and so on. and he let many in on a little secret. he's going to work with heavy hitters. >> really! >> so he's going to stretch this out and me a lot of money. >> tell me what your folks are saying abo michelle obama's new look? >> first of all, did youee oprah? she talked about it. she said she read it twice. if sochi stamping it, you know it is shgreat. talked about being criticized for her attire. and every time she went out she was saying that pple were criticizing what she wore and she felt like she had t not blend in so much. but not fade away. michelle obama always looks fabulous. we asked if she worked a team? she said she never wanted to
4:28 pm
disappear like others. shemd that. >> are you goingo listen to her every tuesday. >> amazon announces a split decision. what we're learning about the incentives that may have led to that. what do ouret meorologists mean when they refer to a ontree mix?e-
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the split decision for amazon. >> and a new operations center. we're asking the question, why did amazon choose these locations from around the country? >> joining us, busess and technology reporter, joelen what mad new york and arlington so attractive to thi company? >> well, i just did an intervi and emit is about attracting the best talent and recruiting t best engineers. amazon is in seattle and it has
4:32 pm
been a great place to recruit the best people to makeyoure packages get from a to b quickly enough. certainly other cities, 236, to be exact, were very disappoi. >> now it will be split between two places. how will theat lns differ from other amazon corporate efices? >> you right. there are amazon corporate offices around the chancesou have one in every major metropolitan area. they're going to be much bigger with 25,000 workers in each place. you can expect more center of gravity and you can expect to see jeff bez around a lot more. he owns a very large home if washington, d.c. he also is often in n york city. so you can man to see that.
4:33 pm
it is allse about t tax subsidies. there has been a lot of pushback from some folks about whether or not it is worth it because so much money is going to amazon to attract them to get them to be in arlington. >> but they chose two cities accustomed to bad traffic. >> that's true. >> all right. >> you can seeer full report coming up on "nightly news" right heren nbc 4. >> you've heard about the wintry mix coming our way. what exactly is it amel amelia? >> if you live in this area, you've heard us use the words wintry mix it involves four precipitation times and all of these will be, first we have rain what that is.
4:34 pm
freezing rain, we have sleet and then we have snow. so what happens with the wintry mix. bits the temperatures. not just a surface but above us as well. this mns the temperatures are above 32 grees. as it is falling out of the in th, it is falling for liquid precipitation. with freezing rain, most of the uff falling out of the clouds is nice warm air. just water, just rain. but right at the surface, at 32 degrees or below 32 degrees which is freezing and ites fre right on contact. so that's your freezing rain. literally rain that's freezing on surfaces. now, sleet isinteresting. as it falls out of the clouds, it falls out as snow. it gets into a warm pocket of air so that melts it a little but then it goes through cold air and refreezes.
4:35 pm
across the area. and then the air is all the way down. you're dealing with some snow there. all of these will be in place. rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow. there could be some slick spots thursday morning. h soe's some dry ice driving tips. keep your steerinhe straight. if you encounter ice, do not brake. just keep you foot off the accelerator to slow down and remember that bridges and overpasses will be the coldest things out there versus roads. so keep that there. and thursday, weather alert day. we'll have much mee on impact. exactlyt w type of wintry mix you'll be dealing with. st all about the temperatures. >> nice. coming up, concerns in county.ery >> after multiple crashes within
4:36 pm
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. dna here is a new test for to help in the battle against breast cancer. doreen gentzler is working for and you shows us how it works. >> reporter: it is a 20-second test process he issed here in falls church is helping doctors and breast cancer patients customize their course of treatment and also, minimize thf side effects surgeriory. with a swab of the cheek, doctors are able to use a patient's dna to determine which drug will be the most effective r them and which ones they should avoid. katherin hanson is a married mother of two. she decided to try intelligent testing after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in august. >> everybl emotion posgoes through your mind in about 30 seconds. you go from disbelieve, anger,
4:40 pm
denial, courage, and then you think i can do this. >> before she went in for her mastectomy, her surgemm reded she undergo intelligent testing.e thest analyzes 25 genes to see how they'll respond to 145 different medications. it is part of a pilot program at a hospitaln falls church. if you're just joining us, we've just begun our team coverage for amazon's split asdecision. half of its headquarters coming to northern virginia. the other half going and thursday, the first taste of wintryweather. the national weather service already issuing a tch. what does that mean in the d.c. metro area? we're breakinac down the impt we're breakinac down the impt and
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with the longip anted announcement, here four things to know. >> amazon will invest $2.5 billion in its crystal city lotion and create 25,000 new jobs over the next five years. it will be in a collection of zmu renovateds. buildi >> and in an area amazon is calling the headq national landing. it includes parts of pentagon city and crystal city and potomac yard in alexandria. >> there could be a little bad. and an impact on hsing affordability. some projects that will improve transportation already in the area butxp ets say some people could be quite out of the housing
4:45 pm
market. >> amazon is the largest internet country in the world by revenue. econd largest employer in the u.s. right behind walmart. >> so new york city is on the other end of this decision. >> that's where the new headquarters city will in new york city. what is special about that location in long island city? and tell u how t announcement is being received >> reporter: if you're n familiar with this area, long island city is in the burrough of queens. just across the east river from manhattan. you will see the new proposed site for amazon's new headquarters in new york city. mostly industrial. there have been some new housing developments and this new announcement has bee really controversial in the area some
4:46 pm
of the are excited b at the prospect of 25,000 new jobs. others are concerned about house thing market, transportation they stay subway lines are already overcrowded but amazon says transportation is one of the reasons they picked this area. it is close to laguardia. so far there's been a lot of back lash but t governor a mayor are promising to keep op transportation of mind and they are planning to work on the infrastructure here in amazon city. >> so a split decision and everybody is happy, right? we think so. >> thanks so much. all right. as we get ready for amazon's
4:47 pm
arrival in northern virginia, we have this fun fact to u nsider. did ow that founder jeff bezos selected the name amazon by looking through dictionary. he settled on the name because he saw amazon was different just like he believed his company would be. the amazon river was the biggesr in the and he planned to make his book store biggest in the world. key word there. book store. to learn more about crystal city, logon. >> that's where it all starts. >> nowan iuy my light bulbs there. >> the weather and what's coming? >> when i look at this forecast, thursday will be about the worst possible day weatherwise that you can have in our area. i hate cold rain, sleet, snow. it is hard toorast and it makes things so hard toet
4:48 pm
around. we've got some shower activity. you can see it in prince george's county and anne arundel county. most of the area around us is getting out of to the south. and then even more. e next sto is moving. in i want to show you here first. temperaturewise, we're at 48. i probabl need on drop these numbers a little bit but it will be a chilly night. it will be dry. here's the next storm. again, a very stormy week. we had a big storm yesterday. vtoday is noty good. tomorrow it will be cold, breezy, windchills all day tomorrow. that's nasty enough. and then you look to the south. a lot of rain along the atlanta area. you've got rainnd ice and
4:49 pm
snow. this brings the snow all the way down from fredericksburg before bringi the ice and rain on the way with a little more impact from thursday. the impact will be massive. like frederick, loud in fauquier county. 100% certainty something had mostfrom the sky and for of the day as well. maybe as we see the rain moving in. you see the snow mixing in. it is going tohange into the rain as the temperatures warm around the midday hours.
4:50 pm
just in time for that morning rush hour. are we going to see some delays? maybe even delays on thursday and thinking it will be a yes. when you say north a st, what do we mean? i made this graphic. notice the counties heren the high impact zone you're already under a winter storm watch for the wintry mix. even in montgomery county, fauquier, stafford, king george counties. we're a high confidence level that this will be a wintry mix. delays north and west. 6:00 to0:00 a.m.
4:51 pm
how much snow will fall in my neighborhood? it gets extremely tricky. not a january storm. here'shat we've got. rain, wintry mix on thursday. temperatures in the 30s to the north and west. a big temperature gradient. we've got sunshine, high temperature, 54 degrees. 51 on sunday. look at thanksgiving. right l now,king okay. going from a high of 53 degrees. we have to get through this next couple of days. >> thank you. a >> local man is once again wowed the judges on abc's "the voice."
4:52 pm
>> loveis voice. funsho graduated from the university of maryland and he is now team blake. one of 24 contestants come peting fou vote. we find out tonight if he will the next >> an alarming trend in our area. last night, s crashes, a few shorthours. the changes in the works to improve conditions for pedestrians. >> first a look at what jim and wendy have coming up. >> national landing. national landing. we've got team coverage at 5:00. northern virginia and new york ge the pri and the competition. >> we're looking at everything from how virginia won the bid to
4:53 pm
e economic impact. and to all the things amazon has its hands on that you don't realize. we've got it all covered. plus, act woman sus her car was towed but officials insisted it was not. for more than a month, she's been searching for answers. >> and we wereith her and we're there as she finally gets her answer. and there's a twist. s thprise we found after she found her >> we'll see you soon. we give another shout out for funsho? funsho? there is still time
4:54 pm
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there's been an increase in theumber pedestrian deaths in montgomery county. in the last 24 hrs we've seen string of crashes. >> state leaders in maryland are offering solutions to prevent
4:57 pm
ese from happening. >> it has been a dangerous year for pedestrian montgomery county. last night in the course of three hours, polic rushed to six different crashes. >> it just breaks my heart. >> reporter: last month, four high school students waiting for he bus were struck on the sidewalk. >> we've seen four additional fatalities. >> repter: it happened in councilwoman's nan navarro's district. >> reporter: s far this year 11 pedestrians have been killed compared to 11 in 20 season is eightatalities in 2016. the council wrote this over there governor larry hog asking for action to be taken to make the road safer. >> so let me talk about the chans we've done and the way we analyzed these crashes. >> reporter: so today, they met with the council to talk abo future changes and the changes
4:58 pm
they've made. like new curb markings in wheaton that are in spanish and englis >>he difference between 25 and 30 and why not 25?r: >> rep speed also a concern. the state highway administration says they will be lowering the speed tloimt 30 mes an hour in some of the central business districts throughout the county. they say these changes won't happen overnight but they're committed to working tr to try the save lives. news4. right now, amazon delivers. >> amazon has found its next home for innovation right here in our commonwealth of virgia. >> this secret year-long competition for hq2 is now over. and national landing. formerly known as crystal city is one of the winners. >> approximately $2.5 llion. from the impact of high paying jobs on our region's
4:59 pm
economy -- >> to concerned about home prices and transportation. >>king is difficult here as it is. where will we park? i can't even imagine. >> we're breakingn d what it means for you. >> and we'll start with that big transportation in norern virginia. >> amazon set to bring billions ofollars andens of thousands of high paying jobs to our region. he company's year-long search ended with a split between northern virginia and new york. >> a they will set up across parts of arlington. rebranding. ndt used to it. >> what it means for the company and the people who live there. julie carey has the latest. >> reporter: notice the emspace
5:00 pm
back there? so didamazon. for virginia, especially arlington and is a day to celebrate winning half the grand prize in aore than year-long competition. headquartersof the is being called a game changer. >> reporter: this worn down abandoned warehouse still to give tries amazon's newest gleaming headquarters building. these renderingive you a look at how it is expected t transform the area. the 25,000 high-tech jobs that will be house in thele of these buildings will also transform the economy. >> this really helps us diverse tie. >> reporter: he


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