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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 14, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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6:00 d.c. region still buzzing about amazon's big announcement. everybody will sh bt. chuckl is getting us ready for what's ahead weather wise. chuck? >> today is going to be a great day to get all the errands run. go out buy your eggs, bread, milk, toilet paper just in case. i know how peopl love to do that. stock up on their supplies. there is a chance for winter weather tomorrow. storm tm 4 weather alert for thursday. nothing to worry about today. cold and dry.ix wintry tomorrow. highest impact will be along the i-81 corridor. right now it's 40 deges in washington. mid 30s in the suburbs. your wake up weather is cold and dry. afternoon highs today only in the low to mid 40s at thbest. g to worry about precipitation wise today. winter storm watch is already posted for shenandoahalley tomorrow. snow totals could be a couple of
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inches. this will be all yrain. melted it down, well over an inch, maybe two inches of rain. it could add up to several slushy inches. on thisut the timin and the weekend coming up. melissa? >> good morning. chopper 4 over this fatal cras outbound 5 near la plata and bryantown road. still have the closure. likely to besed for some time because it was a fatal crash. bw parkway, that is the right side of the road. as we take a look at the rest of the beltway, looks okay. we have a new report of a problem,lannam, disabled tractor-trailer. zooming in tobowie, northbound 301 eastbound to 50 had the crash blocking the ramp. looks like things are clearing up. that could be out of the way pretty soon. no ar as your travel times, big complaints. eun? >> thank you, melissa. collowing breaking news out of fairfax ty. a man is dead after a stabbing
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inside an apartment building. >> news 4's justin finch is live in falls church with more on what police say has happened. what can you tell us? >> aaron, eun, good morning. eawe are stilling new details as we come on this morning. we know a suspect i now in custody. the victim is a 27-year-old man and police do bieve theseen were likely roommates. i'm joined now by lieutenant ll learning ck s more. what can we say happened inside the apartment. >> we're still in thein prely steps of our investigation, but officers did respond here to the 2900 block of sharring crossroad for a stabbing. when they arrived they found the suspect in front of the apartment. was armed with aknife. they took him into custody. he is currently in our custody and we're still working to confirm his exact identity. the officers did go into the apartment. they found our v suffering from at least one stab wound. they did renderg life sav
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measures and first aid to him until rescue arrived. rescue then transported to the hospital and our patient was th pnounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. >> you also learned, too, there were other people in that apartment. we're hearing at least three children, other adults. y ide if they saw what happened inside? >> so at this point we don't know exactly what wasn s and what was not scene by other people. we do knoweveral different adults and at least three children are known to live together insid the apartment. >> all right. lieutenant, thank you so much. still learning more details. unclear if that family inside saw what happened but we doat kw suspect is in custody. a 27-year-old man now dead, abbed in the upper torso. we'll bring you more information as we get it here live. i'm justin finch in fairfax county. back in to you. >> justin, thank you. 6:03 now. also developing this morning, we're learning more about two troubling incents involving
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hate. someone left kkk flyers in at least five maryland countiesn recent days. >> and a suspected white nationalist with ties to the pittsburgh synagogue shooting suspect has been arrested on gue ch in d.c. this comes as we learn that hate crime reports are up for the third year i a row. the fbi says hate crimes went u 17% last year. more than 7,000 reported natinwide. threeive targeting people because of their race. one in five because of religion. > in prince gorges county officials say someone scattered nearly 30 kkk hate pamphlets in upper marlboro. raymond ketterly found one of the recruitment flyers on his property on sunday. it was in a plastic bag with bird seed. another resident found the flyers left in his driveway. both men say they can't believe they are going to take tye into their neighborhood. >> i'm at the howard university
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graduate. >> community members organized a no hate unity vigil at leonard town square. ffrey clark is charged with having several illegal guns including an ar 15fl he also allegedly had parts used to modify that weapon toake it more deadly. clark has a social media connection to the tree of life synagogue shooting. robert bowers i accused of killing 11 peoe last month because they were jewish. in a social media post clarker said b was a hero and the shooting victims deserved what happened. according to the fbi clark himsf openly discussed killing jews and blacks. it's now 6:05. after more than a year of speculation amongst the rumor o and wee anticipation,
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amazon made it official. northern virginia along with new york cityill become the location for two new company headquarters. >> the official announcemen was made less than 24 hours ago. we're getting an idea of what we can expect here. a.m. mazon has promised to brin 25,000 jobs to this areaith an annual average salary of $150,000. in turn, virnia promised up to 550 million taxpayer dollars if am delivers on the promise of all of those jobs. >> the area amazon will take over will be renamed national landing. take a look. these are renderings of what that area might look like years down the road. news 4's chris lawrence has the story. why are they trying to rename this area. >> arlington county partnered up with the city of alexandria on this pitch to amazon and the fact they want this to be seen in a much bigger area. i've got to admit i did a double take whei read amazon's
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announcent when it said national landing. i live in arlington. i had never heard of the plae. lot of folks said they never felt the same way. where did this ational landi come from? well, it mostly encompasses crystal city, pentagon city and he potomac yards area of alexandria. we've seen alexandria and rlington working a l more eyosely together in the past few years. established a dedicated bus line, the metro -- the metro way. that bus line, it looks to be expanding with amazon's arrival. look, they're not trying to rebrand georgetown but still it is a name that has ce to be identified with this area. look, some folks stillsoaving what of a tough time with this whole idea of national landing. >> i want to understand that amazon wants t take the world over but they don't need to change everything that's been set. >> if amazon comes in here and makes a huge splash like that,
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everyone is going to be calling y national landing. >> reporter: i thi can take that to the bank. you still have the big cs, crystal city everywhere. if arlington and alexandrea want to call it national landing, if amazon wts to call it national landing, i've got to think you're not going to see these crystal city signs for much longer. >> thank you, chris. staying on top of breaking news in california at 6:08. firefighters are still battling three large wildfires. you can see them mapped out osc the en. the camp fire has become more deadly. angie goff is l on thee desk with more. angie? >> 50 people have now been killed by the wild fooifires in california. camp fire is the deadliest, most destructive one in the state's history. many were trapped in their cars and houses unable to escape as they wer surrounded by flames. we're taking a look at some of
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the ongoing efforts toind the missing. this morning we're f hearingm paradise. one ambulance caught fire as he vawasating from the hospital. they were able to find a house and use the doggy door to get in and take cover. >> crew here and the ambulance crew, patients, nurses, pediatrician, weefuged them in the house basically. i told them we were going to and we fire out here need to protect this home. this is our fort knox basically. they followed directions. they did a great job. >> a heroic rescue there. south from the camp fire, the hill fire almost fully contained. 57,000 homes threatened by the woolsey that is only 40% contained. that full interview with the fire chief will air later this morning on "today." eun?
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>> angie, thank you. 6:09. lower speed limits and more crosswalks. those are two of the recommendations made by the montgomery county counc d yesterdaing a meeting on pedestrian safety. the meeting wases held than a day after half a dozen people were hurt in just three hours' time. all of thenc iidents involved pedestrians. the meeting was called or last month when four kennedy high school students were hit on a sidewalk. the council admits that multiple solutions areeeded to solve the safety problem. >> need to have public ee education, to look at reducing speeds in some of these corridors as well as looking at different engineeringor e mtsuc safer. >> some changesill happen immediately. others, such as the crosswalks, may tak several months coming up in our next half hour we're checking back in wit devin garcia. he is one of the kennedy high schoolers w was hit. his mother is sharing what his recovery has been like and the
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rk he has ahead of him. this morning the office of the first lady is standing by its call for the firing of a tou white advisor. pundants are calling the move unheard of. they're saying first lady melania tru was intur rated by dety securityyr advisor ricardell. all of thi comes at the same time. white house veterans say so mucr di can be damaging. >> don't want the staff at tho white house preoccupied wi in fighting. you want them instead doing their job to help the president make their decisions and implement them. >> in a statement the first lady's spokesperson called thei relationith kelly's staff, quote, very positive. 11 after the hour. stillahead,he holiday season here. soon, joining the masses online, in the malls buys.g gi >> children on your list, beware. we'll break down the biggest
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offenders. plus, we continue our series on getting a good night's sleep. this morning what you might want to consider eating before bedtime to help you drift of how about our weather, chuck? >> storm team 4 weatherf or tomorrow were going to be all snow, and it won't be, it would be six inches or more in the shenandoah valley. by the time we get ther it will be cut 60 or 70%. se
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when a new breast cancer patieneacomes to cancer ent centers of america in philadelphia, she's coming for the multimodal therapy where the specialists form a treatment plan together. we were looking for a cancer team that would
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you're watdaing news 4 the white house is vowing to figh a lawsuit filed by cnn. the news organization claims the white house violated the constitution when it revoked the
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ress credentials for correspondent jim acosta. last week acosta refused to give up his microphone during a news conference. white house officials accused him of touching the intern who tried to take the mika way. they say they violated the free press and acosta's access. it is backk to w on capitol hill. both the house and senate back in session t now and fhe dozens of newly elected house members, it is freshman orientation time. yesterday was day one.m plenty of the posted their excitement on social media. new members will attend two weeks of workshops, select officesnd prepare to hit the ground running in january. both candidates are invited if the election hasn't been decided. coffee may lower your risk of developing diabetes. a new study suggests drinking three to four cups of coffee a daylashes the risk of
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developing type two diabetes by 25%. decaf coffee had a protective effect against diabetes. >> the study was conductedthy institute for scientific information on coffee. >> we were just thinking about all of the cream andsu r. >> we do doctor our coffee quite a bit. >> we do. >> not useful at all. >> it's embarrassing. >> never mind holidays are almost here ich also makes me sad because it's another -- -- >> we're going y tellou about toys. there's a new list of what one dangerous n calls toys for kids that's out. we're talking about the nonprofit wsld against t causing harm. it unveiled its annual list of the ten worsts including the black panther slash claw, power rangers super blade and the nerf vortex praxis blaster. the group says it has the potential to cause serious injuries.
6:18 am
parents shouldn't automat ally assume the toys are all safe. e entire list is on our website. i tweetedit. >> you know, you're right. i absolutely love the holidays. the factoe that the year by so quickly, chuck, it's already here at november 14th and talks abnow is what makes me sad. >> you wanted to have the three little age markers. >> skies are going to be partly sunny -- >> he will be. >> 40 degrees now here in town. a bit of a northwest breeze. cold start to the temperatn the 30s. not much of a recovery coming today. a mix of clouds and sunshine. afternoon temperatures will be stuck in the low to mid 40s. most areas down or close to below freezing tomorrow morning when that area of low pressure now rides in here. this storm has an enormous amount of moistur to work with. in january that will be a great thor snow lovers but this early in november, that's
6:19 am
trouble. the warmer air aloft will eventually scour out the cold air at the ground. so likely to start o with mostly snow or snow and sleet and then as the heavier precipitation moves in it becomes all rai at that becsleet, snow, freezing rain in the shenandoah valley. total for all snow tomorrow will be impressive. it's not going to be all snow. winter storm watch for i-81. that may be expande for the d.c. metro area. liquid equivalent, an inch to two inches of rain. if it were all snow, it would be a bunch. in all likelihood, that's only going to be probably two, three, four inches of slushy snow and probably less than an inch for most of the dc metro ea. tomorrow, storm team 4 alert, have it fired up and readyo go. melissa mollet, let's hear something about traffic. >> chopper 4 over the fatal pedestrianving a
6:20 am
just a minute ago they started letting folks by on the right side of the road. thank you, chopper, for showing that. nortnd301, the camera is not working. the ramp should be open soon. they finally got the tractor-trailer on its wheels. annapolis road, we have the disabled-t tractiler still in the right lane. outer loop approaching georgia is also a little bit slow. taking a look at the travel tis, nome
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>> it's 6:22. resedch has pro it to be true. if you eat better, you sleep better. >> this week we've been searching to the secret for news 4's angie goff shares the best foods to eat before getting into bed. tw reporter: meet the mill letters. pups, a dad and one busy mom. >> sleep is awesome. >> i don't know what sleep is at this teint. >> rep after surviving the day, morgan miller finds peace at night preparing for tomorrow. packing hlthy food followed by a bad habit. >> you do this every night? >> yes. >> all different types of ice cream from key lime to cotton candy to vanilla. this is kind of my secret suae bar here. you will see that i have all different toppthgs. whole time i'm eating it, i'm like, this is a terrible idea. >> reporter: it is says dr. neil baard for the 70 million sleep deprived americans. he stopped by and shared how wh we eat affects how we
6:24 am
sleep. >> before you go to bed. for your evening meal, have it be something a little starchier. tahave your p not with a meat sauce, have it with a tomato sauce. have rice n with the meat. have bean dishes. the starchy foods trigger the release of serotonin in the brain andhat's the sleep chemical. >> reporter: foods filled with trans fat, saturated fat or sugar like pretty much everything inan morg's nightly dessert reducer ra tone nin. s youuld skip the soda, alcohol, coffee, too. all cause lightersleep. having italian roots morgan liked most of what she heard. >> if i can eat more pasta and that's okay i'll do that. >> reporter: as for swappin the ritual. >> maybe i'll he half a scoop as well. >> that means you have to put extra chocolate sauce on it, right? thee secret when you w up, you can't get back to sleep, two slices of white bread dr.
6:25 am
barnard said. he said you do that y back out in ten minutes. now from the food to falling asleep on the surface of water. tomorrow we've got the nontraditional ways people are finding more sleep. the search continues. this is big business,. gu >> i can't remember the last time i heard a doctor recommeea ng more pasta and white bread. >> fall into that food coma and you're ou >> he saihis is the only time that he would recommend that. he said the problem is is topt are eating the wrong carbs at night. eating the good carbs, low in protein. that's why he suggested he tomatosauce. that's going to work to produce the serotonin that you need. >> thank you. 6:25. coming up, get your applications ready. amazon is setting up shop in our backyard and bringing 25,000 jobs. more on what you should expect when hq moves in. chuck? >> nothing to worry about weatherise today. tomorrow storm team 4 weather
6:26 am
alert day. winter storm watches a posted for the shenandoah valley. couple of inches osh s snow and ice to contend with. even a chance for a little of the white stuff here in the metro area. forecast comin up. and the holidays are almost here. we'd love to hear about your family's favorite recipes. you can send us an e-mai at working4u
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"news 4 today" starts now. fast approaching 6:30. we are taking a live loo outside as we start our wednesday. try to sound optimistic. it's cold. thou >> it's working. it's working. >> pretty cold across the area. we're getting ready for wintry weather. it's cold. mother nature says, time for snow. >> why, chuck bell? why? ye because some of us like snow, eun? >> you do. melissa wants a big, fat >> not going to get that. reowstorm. an inch. >> if you want a lot of snow,e werobably going to have to wait until later on in the winter season. for early november, mid november
6:30 am
this isn't a bad chance. it can snow this time of year. the biggest november snowstorm on record in washington, novemb 11th, 1987 when we had 11 inches of snow. so it can happen. ihi don't this particular event is going to be that big of a snow maker for the city especially. right now skies are partly to mostly cloudy. it i temperatures in the mid to upper 30s across most of the area. your planner for toda a mix of clouds and sunshine. staying cold though. only in se low 40 for today. bus stop weather, layer the kids up here early this morning with the winter coats and their hat.h 're certainly going to need them. you wait for the umbrellas until tomorrow.y. 43 to here is a chance for sleet and snow which will change over toi ra. how much and how long it will stick around coming up in a bit. for now, let's go to melissa
6:31 am
mollet. >> tbound 5 near la plataoad near bryantown road. northbound 301 in bowie, the urmp to eastbound 50, this is the overd tractor-trailer still tilted on the side. they've tried to right this and get it out of theway. wetill have the ramp to eastbound 50 shut down because at lanham outer loop at annapolis, a tractor-trailer has cleared out of the way. lner loop locales at the woodrow wilson bridge has the left lane blocked by a crash. >> melissa, thankyou. 6:31. following breaking news right now. a deadly stabbing inside an apartment in fairfax county this morning. >> news 4's justin finche is l in falls church with the latest. justin, what's going on? >> reporter: yet's give a hint of how all of this happened. just before 1:00 a.m. fairfax county police get a call of a
6:32 am
dispute at the apartment colex. they arrived outside to find the man with a knife. that's the suspect. he is in stody. upstairs is where the action is. police now standing by there now upstairs that man was stabbed in the upper torso just feet away, policerolearned, f three hildren and other adults. the scenee is the 2900 block of arring crossroad. that 911 call police do believe came from this apartment. the dispute is what remains up in the air right what happened, what led to it, why did this alleged stabbing take place. that's where the victim, a man, a 27-year-old man was found stabb stabbed. he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> it was in the middle of the night. ere was an altercation between the suspect and victim. we do know that several diaderent ts, at least three children, are known to live together inside the apartment.
6:33 am
>> reporter: and as you look live at this apartment ilding, weave heard that fairfax county police are awaiting a search warra to go inside and gather more clues. as you can see, it's still taped off. they're working to ideify the suspect. he had no i.d. on him at the time and tried to confirm what th relationship is between that man and the victim. and also learne m about those three children and the other adults living in that apartment. we're liveere in falls church. i'm justin finch, news 4, back >> justin, thank you. now to more breaking news from cafornia. firefighters are still battling those threeirarge wil as search crews look through rubble in the destroyed city of >> officials say 50 people have been killed statewide in the wildfires. theampfire has killed at least 48 people making it the deadliest and most destructive wildfire ite history. right now near los angeles the woolsey fire is only 40%
6:34 am
ilntained. it'sd at least two people. not far from that fire firefighters almost have the smaller hill fire fully contained. 6:34 now. it is official. crystal city woml be to one of amazon's second headquarters. the major announcement arrived at 10:00 yesterday morning. >> amazon is splitting the headquarters between new york and arlington county. they're calling it national landing at this apoint. peopleund the region will see the impact here. amazon represents a $2.5 billion investment. tax revenue is expected to exceed $3 billi over 20years. perhaps most important here, 25,000 jobs with salaries of around $150,000in are c to the area. the new virginia tech innovation campus in northern virginia will teach the skills amazon employees many graduates will get jobs with amazon hq2 in software development, artificial
6:35 am
intelligence interface design. amazon plans to begin hiring for the new headquarters next year. news 4's chris lawrence will join us with the transportation changes in store for that area. we have good news this morning about a montgomery county high school student. this is a t picturet devin garcia's mother sent to our sister station telemundo44. you may remember that he and his friends were waiting for their scho bus when a car rode onto the sidewalk and hit them. devin in still rehab but he is walking and talking again. he suffered a bra injury and internal bleeding. his mother says he is now able to have short conversations. r>>overy is number one, but the looks of it, youknow, he's getting there. he's going to get there really soon. >> that crash last month prompted calls for pedestrian safety montgomery county. tuesday the county council met with the state highway
6:36 am
administration. it has lower smied , more crosswalks and new curb markings in english and anish. 11 pedestrians have died in montgomery county this year, the same number as last year. 6:36. the former archbishop of washington ousted for how he handled abuse allegations against priests is now calling for accountability. catholic cardinal donald wuerle essed this at tltimornne yester. he didak not on specific coverup accusations against him but he did talk about personal responsibility. >> sometimes we simply have to take personal responsibility and we simply have to say this is -- this needs to be done. personally it's where that purification has to be a part of the entire process.
6:37 am
he stepped down as archbishop last month. it'sow 6:36. coming up, they say diamonds are forever, ando are the payments of this one. the record settingales price of this pink rock. bigger than a rock. >> plus, already thinkg about decking the halls? decking the halls? up next, we'll talk about the
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he was on team blake after having been stolen from team adam. we've watched him grow as anar st. even though he didn't advance, funsho posted this on his instagram account. he thanked the fans and judges.i "the voice back monday night on nbc 4. i hope this is not the last of funsho. here's your cnbc morning business report. good morning, i'm kate rogers at cnbc business headquarters. if you want a christmas tree that won't break your budget, it may payo wait. a study by square and the national christmas tree ho association s christmas eve is the cheapest time to buy a tree at$47. the most expensive tim isyber monday when it averages 81 dollars. the results are based on sales data from christmas tree farmers and sellers. while it might not suit you, you can save % by waiting until the week before christmas. with your cnbc morning business report'm kate rogers. good morning, everybody. dog walking forecast time.
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oggie here available for rescue. a fine dog to add to your home. may need to trade in those ihuahuas for saint ber nards. tomorrow is the chance for snow coming o way. complete check of the storm team 4 ten day grecast com up. chopper 4 over a fatal pedestrian crash invoutigation inern maryland. we also have a couple of other problems ts morning whie'
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you're watching "news 4 today." >> breaking news right now at 6:45. a man murdered inside a falls church apartment while a family with children was in the home. >> plus,on amaz arrival. hq2 is heading here. how it could help improve metro all over town. >> a getting ready for snow. inah, halfway through november and ther weather is coming quickly. storm team 4 breaks down the forecast for the rest of the week. rig now you'r looking at live pictures from florida where election workers are trying to nish recounting hundreds of thousands of ballots for the senate and governor's races. the recount f must beished by
6:46 am
tomorrow at 3:00 p.m. but election officials in palm beach county, florida, said the old machines are over slowing down that process. the vote will determine who goes to the senate, governo scott or incumbent senator rick nelson and the race for between ron desantis andta llahassee mayor andrew gillum. depending on the results, there could i a runoff that race. also this morning, the office of the first lady is standior by its callhe firing of a top white house advisor. pundants are calling the move unheard of. >> nbc's chief white house corresndent hallie jackson is at the white house this morning. hallie, what can you tell us t abous dispute? >> reporter: hey, aaron, eun, this isremarkable, extraordinary. pick your adjective. this is a new level of drama nos just in the wing but the wing. nbc exclusively reported about the tensions that came up, mira ricardell.
6:47 am
melania trump's office not happy with her over, we understand, according to sources, some issues that had come up over the first lady's solo trip to africa last month. remember that one? so after ourtory published melania trp's office came out with quite a statement saying that she no longer deserves the honor of serving this presidentn so questions about ricardell's employment status but more broadly about the first lady's flexing her muscles now, throwing her weight around in a way we haven't always seen from melania trump. 's not just this national security aide it's also chief of staff john kelly. we've learned that there are tensions between the first lady and the chief of staff revolving around staffing requests, for example, travel issues, too. this h escalated, we understand, to the point of the president who has basdally delive question to john kelly, deal with it. lots of questions now about kelly'sid future i the administration. we'll talk more about that
6:48 am
coming up including potenti replacements for him on the "today" show in just a bit. >> hallie jackson at the white house. thanks so much. more on the first lady's statements still ahead on the "today" show. 6:48 right now. amazon's arrival still has many of you talking this morning. the changes the region will see as hq2 starts to settle into crystal city will be signific t significant. >> one of the shifts that will affect you is important. some of the changes already underway. chris, people are worried about how much traffic is going to be added that area. o the pitch land amazon. arlington, alexandria, the ste ofirginia promises to spend hundredsf millions of dollars to make sure all of the workers don't get stuck in gridlock. can't get around it. t cars on road. tougher to park in this area. but they are proposing building a pes des stree an bridge that would connect this area to ragan
6:49 am
national airport. they would expand some of the dedicated bus lines from exandria into arlington and build two new entraps to metro stations, one inci crystal , the other at the new potomac yard station. this could be a boom formetro. ridership has been falling and m's been proven that if you live a hale outside of any station. if the population residential goes up abo 10%. metro ridership goes up another 2 or 3% and metro's gm says despite the proems with the il line, it was essential to cinch the deal for virginia. >> if you recall, wh v they firsited here, the first thing they did was take the train out. eyknow people offered to drive them. said, no, we will take metro out, and that's what they did. they wanted to see it and what it feels like. it was front in center in their mind and our mind. >> reporter: and paul said he
6:50 am
has not ruled out changing the name of the metro station hereh even tho you see crystal city just about everywhere. if az, arlington officials are intent on calling it national landing, i expect in years to come that's exactly what they'll do. reporting live in chris lawrence, news 4. >> interesting to watch the branding take hold. i le i capital yard. we still call it the navy yard. back now to two breaking stories we are tracking for you this morning. a 27-year-old man is dead after being stabbed to death inside a fall churchapartment. fairfax county police say the victim and suspect lived together and had an argument late last night. three children were also home at th time of the fight but police say no one else was hurt. the suspect haseen arrested and police are working to learn his identity. and the other breaking news that we'reht tracking rig now morning, lifornia this 50 people now have died in those wildfires. 48 of those were killed by the camp fire burning in the northern part of the state.
6:51 am
many of those who died wered trappees in cars and homnable to escape the flames thatrr sunded them. as we all know by now the camp fire is theeadliest and most destructive wildfire in history. this is an ariel view of that fire. it h l killed atst two people. officials say the overall death toll could rise as crews ntinue to search for the missing this morning. now back to you? >> a new report shows hate crime reports are up for the third year in aro the fbi shows hate crimes went up 17% last year. more than 7,000 reported nationwide. in maryland, resid ats in least five counties have found kkk flyers onher near properties. an upper marlboro man found this flyer near his house. 30 similar flyers were scattered around the neighborhood. a suspected white
6:52 am
nationalist has been arrested in d.c. for stockpiling illegal guns. the fbi seized several high capacity guns and ammunition from jeffrey clark. on social media clark praised the suspected gunman that killed 11 people in a pittsburgh synagogue. clark a the suspect, robert bowers, were friends on a site called gab. in a post clark said bowers wash ao and that the victims deserved what happened. according to the fbi, clark himself openly discussed killing jews and blacks. 6:52 right now. let's check bac inith storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. what do you say today, chuck? >> fouee things you to know about the forecast. number one, tomorrow will be our firsttorm team 4 weather alert day of the winter season. orld and dry for today. nothing to about. tomorrow wintry mix likely. highest impacts tomorrow will be in the shenandoah valley along i-81. absolutely everybody will get some amount of rain. the mix area of mixed rain,
6:53 am
sleet, snow mainly north a west of i-85. the two biggest things working against us is the timing. heaviest of thees moisture c during the daylight hours. that could cut back on snow totals. delays and cancellations are certainly likely, especially in the shenandoaey va right now this morning dry and cold. 30s to near 40 degrees. your commute today unaffected bo rain or both in and out of work and school or dal a dfe there's theto storm now gatheri up its energy and cold air in arkansas, pulling up moisture out of the gulf of mexico. that's part of the reason this is such a tough forecast. the cold air t trapped at surface. the warm air aloft when it rains really hard, ill act brings the warm air down and helps to erode the cold air. the winter storm watch for now is confined west of the blue ridge into the shenandoah valley. that may bd expan to a winter weather advisory to include x, fair loudoun and fairfax
6:54 am
county. it's likely to start at mostly sleet and snow. by midday all rain along i-95 and the mix of rain and sleet valley. the shenandoah amounts of precipitation are important. liquid? one to two o inches liquid. if it were all snow it would be a bundle. e sleet andain mixing in will probably cut these numbers by 60 or 70 probably no more than two or three slushy inches by the time 's all done in the shenandoah valley. probably nothing more than a white coat on the grass. taking a look at roads here right no southbound 5 near la plata road, fatal pedestrian crash investigation. chopper 4 has been over this to show us how it'sdeveloped. northbound 301 here in bowie, asramp toound 50 trying to get this overturned tractor-trailer from earlier this morning o of the way a that ramp reopened.
6:55 am
northbound georgia after at crettenden, that one just happened. ner loop and outer loop of the beltway slow. we have this delay right nowe e talking about oxen hill. left lane blockedy a crash. zooming back out just a little bit, looking at virginia. dumphries northbound, right lanc d by a crash. er you look at maryland, 270. 21 miles hour on the outer loop not so hot. in bound on 66 and 95, 30 to 35 miles a hour. allow extra time there. rememberisoten to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. >> we have an update to a story. remember this giant pink diam d diamond? christ yis auction house sold it last night f $50 million. christ yis says the renowned jeweller, harry winston, was the
6:56 am
buyer. >> the impressive sale marked a new world record price per carat for pink diamond. ood here. >> you think so? >> yeah. >> it's pink. >> don't you want a clear jobby? >> i'll take the pink one or whatever the gigantic thing is. 5:56. here are 4 things to know this morning. today lawmakers, veteran and freshmen, will vote on party leadership roles for both the ho e and senate with the ne guard promming to shake up leadership. there may be changes ahead. look for results on the nbc washington app. there is tension inside the white house as first lady c melania truls for the firing of senior member of the national security col and that tension extends to chief of staff john kelly accordingo nbcnews. more on those ongoing disputes coming up on the "today" show. prince gorges county says someone scattered 30 k hate pamphlets in upper marlboro. the flyers were found in a plastic bag with bird seed. this was not an isolatedci
6:57 am
dent. police say similar flyers have frned up ine maryland counties. >> one man is dead and another in custody after a deadly stabbing inside a falls church apartment. fairfax county shows the victim ed suspect l together and had an argument late last night. three children were home at the time of the fight. police say no one ee was hurt. tomorrow sleep trends on the rise. angie's been searching for the secrets to more shut eye and it continues with a dip in the tank and a trip to the dentist. >> see the unusual ways people are finding more sleep,right? join us when you wake up. we're live from 4:00 to 7:00 a.m. every weekday morning. >> that is the "news 4 today." we appreciate you waking with us. >> i know you care about the stayher.
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good morning. breaking ove breaking overnight, roaring to life. california's crisi grows. a new wildfire breaks out overnight near los angeles. entire neighborhoods being evacuated. the death toll across the state rising. at least 50 people killed and. o much lo >> all your memories are gone. your backyard is gone. >> straight ahead, whatfi fireters face today. here comes winter. a set of powerful storms t seto deliver snow, ice, and freezing rain to tens of millions. a hal a foot inspected in the midwest today.


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