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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 14, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> how the newly announced hq2 is t changing way schools teach your kids. right now a weather alert, winter has arrived. in a matter of hours some of us will be getting our first sno of the season. chopper 4 livep there in the air as salt trucks head out to treat the ndroads. >>ou can see the system moving our way. this is a live look at storm team 4 radar. parts of the south already reporting snow from this same storm system. we're kicking offhree straight hours of weatherlert coverage. >> doug kammerer and amelia drape are r are in the storm sy. >> a this is going to be a major impact event for just about everybody. but most o us it is just rain south and eastward, but it will start off with a wintrymix. >> and when we say a wintry mix, we are talking sn, sleet, maybe isolated pockets of
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freezing rain and rain tomorrow. just a ms the entire day tomorrow. >> and it is the morning rush, so we could have some school cancellations. amelia will have the chances for that coming up. right now though, here is the storm. you can see another monster of a dorm, speak back tow the west, a lot of moisture coming right out of the gulf of mexico. places like st. louis expecting 34 to 4 to 7 inches snow. 1 to 2 inches of. rainfa and by early tomorrow morning, once again it moves into our area which is going to be on the cold side. you have snow everyon around ta metro ared rain to the show and then it wille over for just about everybody. we have new watches and warnings ou there. a winter storm warning in effect for everybody in the pink area. yesterday that ay that was under the winter storm watch. so hagerstown, martinburg, luray, everybody else. you don't see it here, bute
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everybody es under a winter weather advisory. and that goes a the way done to southern maryland. the only counties not in it are calve evlvert, st. mary's and king george. washington, d.c. now under a winter weather advisory. trust me, i'll update thisbu ma. this is a big storm. we'll talk much more with it and take youou hour by and we're talking cancellations coming up. in the meantime, salt b trus wi all over the place for your morning commute. chopper 4 showing you the trucks eoading up in silver spring today. rea of concern tomorrow is i-270 as drivers come into d.c. and that is where we fin chris gordon live in urbana, maryland up near frederick. the crews, are they getting ahead of the storm? >>eporter: they are pre-treating the roadways are salt braine. and we are along isi-270.
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s about a half an hour drive north of the district. commuters use this route omorrow morning to come in from westernmaryland, pennsylvania and west virginia. areass where the forecast s the snow will be the heaviest. chopper 4 flying above the maryland state highway administration lot in silver spring. we're on the ground at the salt dome, 6,000 gallons of anti-ice salt brine are loadedhi on to tanker truck. they are pre-treating the beltway and 270. those white streaks you see in the lanes is where brine has been sprayed. >> the salt brine will melt they say about 1nc of snow. so this gives all the snow tru drivers an advantage so if they get loaded and they are a little delayed or what not, we already have salt on the road. >> reporter: we found some motorists gassing up and getting
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ready. >> it ishe firstime that we will get a snow in the season, so i'm excited. i like snow, but i don't like driving in snow. >> i'm thinking toarm my c up like ten minutes early, deice the windshield, coat, it will be cold. >> reporter: now, vdot, virginia department of transportation, says that it is ready as well for the snow. it has 2500 vehicles on standby ready to roll. speaking of rolling, let's take you back up to chopper 4 live above a truck spreading the sale brine along roadway. the driver, matt, we became friendly this afternoon. he is on 355 rockville pike. now, all of the roadways in maryland that are numberedst ar e owned highway. and they are responsible for clearing those roadways. and that is the latest on storm preparations throughout our area. back to you. >> you got it, chri
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we are working around the clock to keep you ahead of the storm. wake up with storm team 4hu meteorologck bell tomorrow. his up to the minut forecasts start right here at 4:00 a.m. and we invite you to downloadas our nbcngton app if you haven't already. get breaking weather alerts and announcements on any school delays in the palm of your hand. the three suspects charged in the death of mai a wilson were in court today. police say they fire a crowd of people in northeast d.c. over the summer killing the 10-year-old. there isnough evidence to keep her alleged killers behind bars according to the dge. meagan fitzgerald was inside the courtroom today. tell us when t some of evidence presented. >> rep ter: first i have to tell you, while the prosecution was presenting this evidence, the suspects showed no emotion at all. not when they got io the of why en ieve that these three m were responsible for killingkd
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makiyah and not when the judge said that it was unaccfatable but hely was emotional in tourt wh court when the prosecution produced the evidence of w the suspects should stay in jail. >> it was overwhelming fhi ever going on. >> reporter: prosecutors showed this video of the four suspects hopping o a black infinity and opening fire on july 16th, one of those bullets killing hel little prosecutors painted a picture of quentinichaels as the ringleader and the one who organized the entire crime. court documents show text messages between the suspects talking aboutti g guns and a car. their conversations that investigatorselieve are were had in the days and hours leading up to the crime. it ultimately contributed to the judget determining t these three men are a danger to the community.
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>> i'm definitely please because just like the judge said, it is a danger to the communit >> reporter: now, the defense attorneys for these three zekse arhat there wasn't any dna evidence and there wasn't any video that showed their clients getting in or o b of thack infinity. but the prosecution did play in court todayor the judge an instragram video that was posted the nightmakiyah wilson was murder saying to the effect of they are the reason why the murder rate is so high. these three suspects will are back in court on february 1. back to you. >> and we'll be watching how that triallays ou thank you so much. let's get quick roundup of the other top stories. erika has new developments on the crisis within the catholic church. >> group of church sexual abuse survives sued the vatican and u.s. conference of catholic
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today.s in d.c. court the survivors are seeking financial compensation and they also want a court order forcing the church to release the names of abusive clergy. the suit referenced many cases including allegations against former washington because chbishop mccarrick. a fight inside this apartment complex turning deadly,ol fairfax countye say a man stabbed his girlfriend's son t death on charing cross road. jose hernandez killed oscarte fuens. detectives are still working to learn what they were fighting about. we now know the name of the man killed in a crash early this morning in waldorf. 71-year-old walked into the path of an suv on route 5. and he died at the scene. police say that the driver of the s was not injured. it is not clear why that man was in theroadway.
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the prince george's county school district is responding to accu itions that one of librarians used the "n" word during a parking lot tr wilkins is joining us live in ft. washington. what happened and what led up to this? >> reporter: well, it was a disagreement over a parking space that allegedly led to the lie blalarian of wlementary school firing a racial slur at an african-american family. and now the librarian is not allowed inhi the school while is under investigation. >> did you just call my husband the "n" word? >> yeah, i did. >> in front of my children? >> reporter: her says with her children in the car, she couldn't help but record her asking this woman did she actually call her husband the "n" word. it happened in a walmart parking lot in charles county. >> and i was hoping that she would say, you know what, i was upset, i'm sorry, i didn't mean to say what i said. but you see from the video that
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she was proud of whatid she >> reporter: she posted the video on facebook where it went viral. turns out this woman works at the potomac landing elementary school. >> you never know closet racists are. >> reporter: the school says that we expect all members of the community, administrators, d faculty, staff students to behave in a respectfulmanner. we tried reaching out to this employee for comment. we were unable tohe reach coming up on news 4 at 5:00, we talk with some parents who tell me they are not surprised. i'm tracee wilkins, back t you. everyoncouraging signs in t progress of the ddly wildfires out west, but there is a new threat in the disaster zone.
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we'll take you live. and back here at home, the impacts of the winter storm. a look at snow totals and which for bayistricts couldee mak igla changes for local universities. ne in particular, george mason's arlington campus, going mason's arlington campus, going to look mason's arlington campus, going to look (music throughout)
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we're in weather alert mode getting you ready for the first
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winter storm of the soieason. that look at this. depending on where you live, you could get some snow. ill be back lia with the timing and how much snow we can expect. amazon's hq2 creatg lot of buzz in virginia's higher end community. we told you about virginia tech's planned $1 billion campus, but wrgt about g mason university which is already established in arlington? >> david culve j isning us live. and they are planning massive changes to go alongith this. tell us about that. >> reporter: a lot of changes starting with the building right behind me. you can see where that is, let me put my arm here, that will be now ar. to that is going to take over much of that building over my shoulder that will g. so what will that cost? $250 million for this campus construction here in arlington. the idea is to creat a brand new cool hool of computing, tha will consist of a think tank and
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incubator to serve the digital economy. >> and it will be the home of what we call the institute for digital innovation. we have about 5,000 students in popular science and all related disciplines. we expect that number to triple ov next eight or nine years. >> wow, tts huge growth. we hear this in addition to what virginia th is ing. so is there competition among the colleges and universities for this space? >> reporter: so you would think that, right, that there is perhaps going to be a turf war going on here. t i putt question to the university president at george h mason, andsaid that the ginia tech that v and george mason will take care of handling much of the graduate prheram. butit comes to the undergraduates, that will benefit all of the universities and colleges within theco onwealth the of virginia. they look at this as perhaps competition with those outside of virginia. together they see themselves as
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collaborators. >> all right. collaborating to bring a lot of new high tech talent to that area. >> amazing what a few billion dollars thank, david. continuing now to the weather and the impacts of all this nasty stuff we'll see tomorrow. >> it will have a big impact. tomorrow will be a nasty day. witching over to sleet briefly and then just plain rain. but for areas to the north and west, it will be a bigrow, we cold air to get wintry weather and we've kind ofot it. cloudy skies, temperatures have been falling. now down to 43h in the city w the winds s out of the north. already 37 back toward winchestti. that is s the stage for that cold air and for that moisture to move in as frozen precipitation meaning snow, sleet and potential for freezing rain.
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nothing on the radar dry. we'll be dry tonight. no issues tonight on the roadways. the storm is well to our south just now entering a virginia. a ton on round atlanta, a ton of snow, a s rarkansas, eve houston saw some snow. tonight we have the cloud cover. here comes the rain and snow moving in toward the colder air and this is 6:30 tomorrow morning. ok at the snow breaking out out ahead of this system. even the d.c. metro area will bg seome snow. by 9:00, 10:00, the snow is picking up, becoming heavier. and then we see the transition over to just plain eastward. frederick down toward parts ofo lo county. but western loudoun back to the west, this sustained wintry mix and even someice. and so winter weather advisory for everybody here in the purple, tt goes through
4:18 pm
tomorrow afternoon. and then a winter storm warning for a significant snow, sleet and a iulcccensatumio. this is the computer model that we like the best. t a lot of snow. 0.2 inches in d.c. 3 to 4 up to the west. that is about it for snow. ane then it will bece and that is when we could really have some big problems. amelia is taking a look some of the impact and we really do think that there will be hool closures and delays. >> yeah, not only because we are dealing with a win friday mix but because of the timing. it is movg in during the morning commute. here is where i'm think nag we usee see shool dance lags cancellations tomorrow. this is just a forecast, but is is just our ide of what we're seeing with the weather. a potential for frederick, loudo loudoun, fauquier in that winter storm warning. as far as delays go, i think
4:19 pm
that we use see prince william, manassas a two hour delay likely. fairfax, ntgomery, up around howard and baltimore. here is the thing. upper montgomery and part of prince william county have rural areas there. so i think that you are right on the line where you could m see the two hour delay change into a cancellation all depending on how things unfold. but the bottom line, definitely budget ext time for that morning commute. but even the evening commute, we're just dealing with a wet mess out there of rain. >> and we were asked ameut the gove closing tomorrow. we both did this, right? yeah, about a zero percent chance. maybe 5% so we're on the safe ut side,again, we really do think that most of the roads should be okay, d.c. above freezing through this event. 50 degrees on your friday, clearing skies, but breezy. friday will be chilly. the saturday a lot better. sunshine, high tempeture of 52, less wind on sunday going for a high of 51. i'll give you the next couple
4:20 pm
days and the entire 10 day forecast which has thanksgiving in there as well, and there another big storm next week. >> winter befor and after thanksgiving. all right. thank you. and the thanksgiving travel rush is closing in on us. the three busiest days to be out there on the roads. >> we're tracking our first winter storm of theseason, you can see it live on sto t4 geaomu can see the impact in your neighborhood. and first we take you live inside the inferno burning out west. the new extra you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yes! y that for less. stop stealing mine... never. the perfect sweater makes the perfect holiday gift. and it feels even better when you find it for less - at ross. yes for less.
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thanksgiving when 2.7 million travelers will be flying home. cooler wind weather and li winds are helping firefighters in california. the camp fire is spread over 200 squa miles. and as you can see here, that didn't look like very much land in california. but take a look at how much that land would cover if it were placed here in the d.c. area. you can fit the entire d.c. area inside the beltway inside that zone. in fact the fire covers almost everywhere inside the beltway. fires are ranging on the southern part of california. y gray live in oak park. he has an update on both deadly fires. >> reporter: and we have a pretty xwla pretty graphic look at how the fires are making their way. you can see the burned out area here, the flames running down the hillside, getting in to this community you fueled by the dry undergrowth here and swallowing
4:25 pm
the house that is just behind us. across califoright now, thepp days have slied into a mbid routine. counting the dead, more than 50 have been lost. and continuing the grisly search for more victims here.ll >> w do everything we possibly can to diligently search for those remains, but this is a veryifficult task. >> reporter: working through areas like paradise where there is just nothing left. across the state as many as 9,000 strusk 9,000 structures havd been los. e fires are still raging out of control. t strims working around the clock for six straight days now. >> not much time to rest. >> reporter:e60 or m working through the pain of their own personal loss. >> realize all your memories are
4:26 pm
go gone, your backyard's gone. >> reporter: so much is gone here. ravaged communities. and videos like this one shared on by the los angeles sheriff's department. >> please god get the me out of herero >> reporter:de an ominous warning as flames continue to rush across the california hillside. jay gray, n news, oak park, california. here at home, storm team 4 has issued aer weather >> some of us will wake up to snow and freezing cop next, doug is back towa lk us through who gets what and why flooding could be the biggest concern. and plus the holiday shopping season is getting fired up, the top toys it stayhe clea of wn you are
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we are in weather alert mode and you can see why. this system is expected to dump snow on parts of the midwest before tracking our way. >> and i'm in "weather center" with doug kammder. s it moves across the country, is it getting bigger and badder? >> it will be a nasty storm and tmajor thing abos is, it all depends on where you live.
4:30 pm
a good example, i live in the stern part of montgomery county, you are more in the central part of th county. you could get more snow and ice just about 6 miles away. and that is why w think montgomery county could be delayed or canceled because it may be because othe upper part rather than the lower. we see that so often. right now, we have dry conditions tonight no problem at all. you will be fin driving around town. loved ones should beka a down to the south, a different story. look at all of the rain. and this is jus funneling right on in here from the gulf of mexico. the cold air on the back side of this, the snow and you've got cold a p already ince in our area. and it will just get colder overnight. so as this moves in to the cold, it starts off as snow. i think even in the d.c. metro area. now, we're expecting. in the way of snow, although amelia and i just came up with a brand new snowfall map and we'll show you that at 4:45. but it is snow, ice, rain, we
4:31 pm
are worried about it all. and the nationaweather service s issued a winter storm warning, middle of november, for all of this area bac to the west. anybody along and west of the blue ridge here. and a winter weather advis ty al way towards anne arundel and prince george's county including d.c. metro area. again, this will be a big time storm for us. and if you want to stay ahead of it, follow us here, but also follow us online and download the nbc washington app. you can get ouratt forecasts and discussions and even watch some of our live facebooks tight there app. so download that now. winter is getting an early start. disturbing reports of families in our area receiving from the kkk, this is coming as reports are crime up for the third year in a row. the fbi saideoday that h crimes went up 17% last year, more than 7,00or rd nationwide. 3n 5 targeting people because
4:32 pm
of their race, 1 in 5 because of religion. the rise in hate crime reports is today's talk around town. and taylor thomas is joini us now. here in our area, we're seeing disturbing cases, the kk complaint recrukk recruitment flyers and earlier this year also in northern virginia. saying your listeners about all of these events? >> our listeners are shocked and tr ibled that thiss happening in prince george's county. is knownorge's county to be the most educated and affluent county for african-americans in theun y. and for this level of ignorance to take place in the county is shocki shocking. and we had a listener, mark, he weighed in on today's topic. >> my thoughts are that not much has changed as much as we want to think thing have changed. not much has changed over the past 30, 40 years. it has pretty muchd. platea
4:33 pm
we've tried cover it up and put makeup on it, but it is the same. >> our listeners are hoping that the police do a thorough investigation and identify ton per people involved and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law. >> it is very disturbing when it happens. and switching gears, your steners also have a lot to say about the story tt we saw on the school employee who allegedly used the "n" word. whatea has theion been to this video? >> it just shows once again the importance of us continuing the dialogue about race relations on a national and local level. even som of our listeners said that they are happymeor social a because this allowed people to see and this young lady who did that to see what she said, how it made people feel. and then we had other callers that said that this is the time that we can all look at ourselves and see our social and raci biases, and how do you
4:34 pm
act when you are upset, cut off on td. angela had another concern. here's what she had to say. >> it is appalling and i believe that we need to go into screening our teachers that are coming into thechool system. shocking. embarrassing. we should be ashamed that we have someone working for the system like that. >> the prince george's county school system is aware of the dd >>nd and that they are working address everyone's concerns. and that their expect is that people will behave in a more respectful plarn. tha -- manner. thank you, taylor. and i have something uplifting that happened supportiuray i was there to help welcome one local military family into their brand new homn buoy. brian was injured during a tour with the army ingh istan.
4:35 pm
he medically retired last year and now thanks to operationon he and jpmorgan chase, he and his wife allison are moving in a new home mortgage-free. >> we'll go back to school, we won't have to worry about working full-time. we don't have any kids, but thai is som that we would like. so this will help us build a family. >> and it is a big milestone for homes on the home front program. this is the 1,000th home the s organization has given away since 2011. congratulations, guys. a spectacular holiday show open early on we can show you a snk peek. and it iso down t business as congress returns to capitol hill. the first major task for lawmakers, we're live on the . hi plus the snowplows kick into high gear ahead of storm's stivm. here is a look from chopper 4 as we're watching the brine being spugyed. nd amelia will be back
4:36 pm
swith the impact ofnow totals swith the impact ofnow totals sed who could
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hard to believe, but christmas isust around the corner. we're already seeing the commercials. if you are getting a jump-start on your holiday shopping for kids, there are a few toys consumer groups think are dangerous. on this year's list, nerf guns which can cause eye injuries, two dolls by cabbage patch kids that h detachable part, and a pull toy with a cord thatld cou strangle a child. we have the top ten list of worst toys up on the nbc washington app. just search toys. and imagine walking in the midst of million lights, seeing the wide eyes of children staring at the displays. this is what it looks like at a new seasonal attction called one loudoun. located at route 7 and loudoun
4:40 pm
county parkway, tommy mcfly is live the it looks magical. >> reporter: hey, pat, it is so magical. and the first time anything like this has happed on the east coast. this town center and communities are trying to grabat your ntion this holiday season. one loudoun feels le the lightup fest and a million lights will do it. we're standing in the middl of 70 different attractions. everything from the u.s. capitol to dragons, to the statue of liberty, to the eiffel tower, all sorts of t thingst just about an hour from now wil light up. dinosaurs too. the family can come and enjoy and check it ou the instragram ability is off the charts here at the lightup fest. and now you do want to be sure to bundle up, be ready and bring the family and bring some warmth when you check it out. and there a lot of nods to chinese culture here with lanterns and lights and some art. we're working on a little bit of art for you guys.
4:41 pm
your names in chinese symbols. and coming up here at 5:00, we'll cut the ribbon, you will see a first look when we light it upere in loudoun county. >> can't wait t see. that will be great. thanks, tommy. a exclusive investigation finds government failures to your tax 2k50i7dime. and what is bei done to fix it. and we're live with a wintry mix tomoow. highest impacts north and west of washington, but what does it mean zone by zone? i'll take you through it coming up. you're still out there chasing what matters.
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right now we are tracking a snow maker. some of us could see more than 3 inches of snow depending on where you live. doug and amelia are back in minutes and they will take us
4:45 pm
zone by zone t explain the impact in your neighborhood. >> shocking conditions inside public housing provided by uncle sam. an nbc news investigation reveals more than 1,000 properties across the country are failing safety inspections. stefphanie gosk has been workin the sto and is joining us live. what is being done about these problems? >> reporter: well, it is distressing. and the best way to understand this p ygram is imagine if are renting an apartment and you have a problem and you want the landlord to fix it. if the landlord doesn't fix it, what do you do? you withhold your rent. effectively the federal government is paying rent for some of the most vulnerable people in this country who need housing and thep just keeon paying it even if the landlord isn't making the fixes. we visited one complex in hartford, cnecticut that had failed a hud inspection meaning hud was supposed to check up on it and make sure that some of the fixes had been made.
4:46 pm
they hadn'when we visited. there were problems like bedbugs, infestations with rodents, rainwater that was coming in through windows. and yet the landlord continued to get that reliable paycheck, the majority of which paid for with taxpayer dollars, every single month without fail. >> we othank you so much. there will be more on thistory coming up on "nightly news" on oig. th that is right at 7 on::00 p.m. let's get back to me winter sthat will be affecting all of us tomorrow. doug and amelia are inhe storm center. who gets what and when? >> and i just got off wto radio saying everybody gets just about everything. it really is the kitchen sink. >> and when we say wintry mix, we mean inin, freezing
4:47 pm
snow, sleet. and every one of those is in play tomorrow. >> and that is why most of the area is underinter weather advisory, others a winter storm you can see what is happening with this, the upper lel of is back here, snow toward memphis, st. louis. for atlanta, it is inches of rainfall that they will continue to get. and i want to show you here, how much of the country from st. louis, from memphisll the way up through cincinnati and parts of n england under weather advisories, wz watesinter stormt and warnings. even flood watches down to our south as well. so againust a mix of erything coming our way. snow, ice and rain earlyin tomorrow mo this is going to owe did your durinhyour -- occur during the morning rush. it will be snow in most of the area. by 9:00, starting to see the rain/snow line close to the d.c.
4:48 pm
metro area,er some ice as well. ice could be a major factor in areas to the west and that is il why we continue to watch this. that is why again we have the snow forecast inef ct. how much snow? mainly just rain d.c. southward. an inch or less along parts of montgomery county, fairfax county, prince william. to 3 inches around frederick, hagerstown, winchester. and then this will change over to the ice and gets out of there. and 3 to 5 inche b or morek to the west. we'll take you zone by zone with amelia. >> yeah, this forecast really lends its hand to our four zone forecast. and i'll start you off in the ountains, the western most zone and this is where we're seeing that winter storm warning that has been issued by t nationa weather service. so if you are in the mountains, gerstown, martinsburg, luray, a wintry mix of snow, sleet, freezing rain, maybe some rain during the morning urs. for the afternoon in the mountain zone, you are dealing with freezing rain and rain.
4:49 pm
as far as snowfall amounts go, you will pick up about 3 to 5 inches. and on top of that, maybe a light coating of ice up to a quarter of an inch of i is possible with this, travel will be treacherous. and yeah we're thinking a high likelihood of cancellations out that way. and we head to the western zone, this i frederick, loudoun, fauquier, you canxpect a wintry mix until about 1:00, 3:00 p.m. we then see rain for the evening commute. some slick spots, so we think delays are highly likely and some cans lapgcellations are po. and the d.c. metro area, washington, arlington, alexandria, prince george's, montgomery, fairfax, prince william, howard, anne arundel county during the morning hour, snow, sleet a rain. not a huge threat for freezing rain, we are talking just plain rain. spots,e isolated slick but we really aren't talking about any snow accumulation as doug showed you, just some wet
4:50 pm
roads there. so good news. and then southern maryland, it is a completely different world. you are dealing with rain just the chance of seeing a by the afternoon though maybe heavy rain impacting southern ryland down through stafford and king george counties whereby the time it is all said and done, about 2 ifrnlt inches co and that could lead to some isated flooding areas. end of n by the tomorrow, we will be the fifth wettest year on record, 2018 looking like a wet one. and tomorrow we say hi to winter a little bit. >> absolutely. and let's show you what is happening out there the next couple days. the 30s ures only i tomorrow. 50 on friday, clearing skies. breezy though. cold onfr ay, saturday a little bit less wind, a high of 52. sunday and monday, nh bad w more cloud cover. a front moves through on monday giving us chilly conditions on tuesday. a high only of 45.
4:51 pm
windchills in the 30s. and right now thanksgiving looking pretty good, dry with a highf 53. but another big storm possible the day after thanksgiving on friday and saturday, that again could cause some travel problemr af thanksgiving. so we have a lot to talk about in the weather. we'll be breaking it all down for you. for more than tee decades, nbc 4 has been helping those in need helping tthm to filr tables on thanksgiving. and you can help us this year feed thousands in the dmv by joining us for the annual food for families turkey and food drive. a $20 donation buys a completet ey and stuffing dinner with all the sides for a family, vet, or senior in need. search food for familie in the nbc washington app to make a tax deductible donation. > and liveo capitol hill in a matter of minute, republicans picked their leaders for the
4:52 pm
next congress today. cu and stion swirls about nancy pelosi's future. all as we get our first fullco look at the ng class in the house. but first, jim andendy have a look at what is new at 5:00. >> coming up, when you spend your hard earned money buying a brand newr, you don't expect problems on the drive from the dealer.t >> but t is what happened to a local man and he called nbc 4 respon for lp. and just ahead, susan hogan explains why the dealer could now be facingch some arges sflo sflo. and the i'll go around the rink with the d.c. roller girls, we'll get a taste of how we roll. this is a rough and tumble way tr these womeno blow off some steam. and this is where we answer the question is there crying in roller ball. and we'll also be falliollowing forest when this messy thi comes in. >> not this messy thing.
4:53 pm
>> not me. >>ha explains why you were limping. >> there you go. >> see you in a bit. hey, it's me, thursday. look, i never wanted to be the popular day. hey look, it's thursday! but in this place, it's just getting out of hand! hey thursday! popularity has always been friday's thing, and if friday finds out about this whole scene, trust me there's going to be drama! so, let's just keep all of this between us, hmm? thursday. friday!what's happe nothing.
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[ screaming ]
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4:56 pm
new measures of the next congress are still weeks away from taking the oath of office, but they are already taking care of business. >> republicans chose theirarty leaders, but the democrats are a the a crossroads. do they go with change or experience in blayne alexander t is worki story for us. >> reporter: that is what it comes down to. soany of these newly elected members have promised that they will bring change to washingt. and for some democrats, that includes within their own party. but so far nobody has publicly saidare willing to challenge nancy pelosi as speaker. for the newest members, the first big decision comes before
4:57 pm
geven tak office, picking that i recall new lea-heir leader. ncy pelosi first became speaker in 2007 and has led democrats ever since. now ready to step back into her old job. >> what ir y level of confidence? >> high. >> rorter: but there is some division. some democrats sayinhat they need experience at the helm. >> we need somebody who has been vested and she has been. >> reporter:ut at least a dozen incoming members say they ant a new face push the par forward. that echoed by some current house democrats. >> the american people want change. d we'll try to give it to them. >> reporter: with the loss of houseontrol on the republican side, konevin mccarthy will be minority leader. >> we serve in a dwided gvernme divided government and ol is to you night us back together again. >> reporter: and mitch mcconnell and chuck schumer still lding their parties as new gop members
4:58 pm
pose for their firstur pi among them rick scott, even though his florida senate race is still in the mid of a recount. both chambers are looking ahead to a new congress, but the current one scrambling to pass a spending bill. republicans are pushing for the border wall and democrats want a measure protecting robert mueller and the russia investigation. anst for the fime in seven years, senate republicans will have a woman on their leadershi way. back to you. >> and let's turn things over to jim and wendy. usy daycontinues. thank you. storm team 4 issues a weather alert for tomorrow. >> and doug and amelia are tracking arm that could bring snow, some sleet and a lot of rain. >> the latest and what you will get wherever y. li plus these stories now at 5:00.
4:59 pm
rist rant. >> did you just call my husband the "n" word? >> yeah, i did. >> in front o my children? >> a local school employee accused in a parkingot outburst. what the family who was insulted says about the >>nfrontation. nbc 4 responds, trouble when a man buys a used car and it breaks down on the way home. why the dealer could now be facing charges. and prirmiming the amazon h pipeline the new headquarters is changing classes for yourki . but we begin tonight with what could be, yeah, the fst snow of the season for some of you. >> it will be nasty. andt is coming our way. breakout the boots, those puffy coats. maybe even something to clean off yourcar. storm team 4 is tracking a r'easter. >> and it could bring a mix of rain, snow some sleet. could be a mess for the morning commute. crews he been out treating the roads.
5:00 pm
>> and we have team coverage for you tonight. let's kick it off withmelia in . >> yeah, this is a perfect storm to treat the roads and really that will help with the hour. aot of times you treat the roads and then the rain and then the snow aater. on't be the case. we think roads in the metro area may be okay.>> yeah, because for the most part, it looks like the surface temperatures in the a metroa south and east will stay above freezing. but north and west, that is where it is iffy. >> and that is why we have winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings. right notice w we are high andr. chilly, but no problems if your loved ones home and tells you it waseather related why they were late, don't believe them. that is tomorrow h that we'lle that issue. high temperatures only in the 40s today, but dropping quicklya we aeady in the 30s in many areas. look at the snow backth


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