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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 15, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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unscheduled leave or telework for employees. you. let's run it down for clarke, fredrick, loudoun, page, prince william, winchester city, are all closed today. srkeley, jefferson, morgan, and hampshire countools are closed. >> fairfax, manassas city, manassas park and gra county schools will all start two hours erte. last night roads salted and cleared to make way for the possible of snow and ice. >> this morning news 4 has live team coverage of the weather and its impact. our team is already out on the roads. melissa mollet is standing by with a check on this commute. >> but we bin with our storm team 4 meteorologists chuck bell and laurynicketts. chuc what are we seeing? >> a lot of potential for slippery roads especially
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in the shenandoah valley. been -95, there's already reports of sleet in charles county. keep in smind, t may not start out as all frozen precipitation, but it will likely be an extended period of it during the early and mid parts of the morning. reason we're not t worried, temperature still above freezing across the area. as t precipitation moves in, it will cool the down.sphere you can always stay ahead of the weather on our nbc washington app. if you have a weather report, please send it to me on my twitter handle @chuckbell4. you can also find me on facebook. the radar shows a lot of cold air bringingleet and freezing rain through much of the central and southern shenandoah valley. th is all rain across virginia. we'll b right on the battle zone here. basically the fall line just north and west of i-95 ishere the transition will be from sleet to mostly rain, over to sleet with some periods of freezing rai this is 8:00 in the morning.
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sleet here in the d.c. area. as we get closer to on, the sleet begins to mix and change to rain. an extended piod of frozen precipitation in the shenandoah valley. for more about that, let's go to the girl who grew up in the shenandoah valley. good m>>ning, lauryn. was there yesterday in winchester. that's all everybody was talking about, whether we were going to ave a lot of sleet, a lot of snow. one thing we do know later on this afternoon, we'll have a lot of rain, even if you're in the shenandoah valley. if you're around the winchester ar along i-81, you'll be the last to see thisng cover to rain. but it is going to change from the south and east to the north and west. so flood watches are now in effect for the greater washington area. southern maryland, moderate rainfall. we could have 1 to 2 inches. t a lot ofs runoff is going to roll right through, creating flding issues later this afternoon. let's talk about that. 1 to 2 inches of rain before it's all said and done. but let's also talk about thepo ntial for some wind as well. not only are we going to have
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some ice, minor snow accuutlations, some rain, we're also going to have some pretty strong sewinds. you cathey pick up as we continue through this morning. by this afternoon, especially for areas east, they areto goin e pretty hefty. they lead into the overnight and through much of the day tomorrow. t we're goinghave some pretty blustery conditions and possibly power outages as we go through the day tomorrow. right now we're going to take a look at the roads, especially down by stafford. melissa? >> yeah, a report of some stuff falling there in stafford. a little bit of that rain picking up. so 95 approaching stafford, that's where we're seeing that. you can sort of see that sheen just be careful. take it slow. this is going to pick up inlo a of areas this morning. radar looks a little crazy right now. not really used tot seeing t pink and white. we saw it last year, but it's been quite a while. northwest, florida avenue between 9th and georgia avenue, lanes blocked police activity. this is a shooting that happened
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overnight. taking a look here, montgomery unty and fredrick county. i-270 from 70 to the g spur,ng 66 miles per hour. you can be at speed. take it easy going to you there in 27 minutes. >> melissa, thanks so much. we just heard that washington county schools in maryland are now closed. montgomery county serools will e on a two-hour delay today. >> stafford county schools in virginia are als now closed for today. want to continue our team coverage in virginia, where enmmuters could unter snow and ice. news 4's justin finch is on the road in fredrick county. how are things? >> reporter: aaron, eun, just talking about that lightain we sa earlier in warren county. it's picked up quite a bi we're on the highway on 81 north approaching winchester. as we have seen the traffic build up a bit more on the n roadways, sore trucks, also seeing a few more cars. they should be caref today
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with this storm we have approaching as we speak.el we can you vdot are working on being prepared for this storm,orking to keep these roads safe. 2500 crew and contractors are working this winter, including this storm. you may have seen the pretreatment on roads throughout virginia. virginia saying they haveil mor than 2on gallons of that thlt/brine mix. 're ready to deploy that throughout the winter season. if you're making your way out thmorning, about to drive, they're asking you to be very careful, to mak more time for your commute, and to also b safe. you may see other crews on the road. >> it will likely be a relatively smalleployment in terms of it's not a blizzard. so you will see tcks on the side of the road, staged on the major routes. we're talking route 50, you know, the fairfax county parkway, these kinds of things.
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>> reporter: and as we make our way into wihester, seeing some sheen here on the roads, signs that the roads a getting wet as this rain continues to come down. you will want to besa , but here in fredrick county, as well as warren county, there will be no school today. sos likely l traffic on the roads here as well. back to you. >> all justin, thank you. a quick correction here. stafford county schools in virgin are delayedtoday, not closed. stafford county schools on a two-hour delay we just learned that montgomery county schools in maryland will open two hours late today as well. news 4's megan mcgrath is live in gaithersburg with the latest on what's happening there. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. here at this e'cation, at a salt dome in gaithersburg. they have finished loading up their trucks. all of those trucks have now deployed. this was the scene a while ago as they continued t prepare for this wintry mix that is heading wour way. theye loading up all of the
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plows, getting them ready. at this point, you may see along the side of the road on the major highways or staging in lots f the parking throughout the county as they wait for this wintry mix to come to o area. at this point, we're not seeing anything falling from the sky. if you leave early, you'll be fine. we are expecting it to head into the area. it will coincid with rush hour this morning. not a great situation. give yourself a little extra time here. at the moment, things are looking good. we of course will keep an eye on it. we'll keep an eye on the roads. we'll try and find some of these crews stagi around the area. back to you. >> all right, megan. thank you. ov> ourage of today's wintry weather will continue throughout the morning. you can also get eupdates in th nbc washington app. it's now 5:07. now to the other big story this morning. chris lawrence is at the livhe desk with latest on those deadly wildfires in california. >> yeah, just take a look at this. it's been exactly oneeek since they started. as of this morning, the fir have killed at least 58 people
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across the state. this morning crews in california are facing another difficult day of searching for 130 peole who are st missing. many of them are thought to be held elderly. you're looking at part of the camp fire in northern alifornia, which is only 35% contained. it's killed at least 56 people. the woolsey fire is burning nr los angeles. it's killed two people. crews have more than half that blaze contained. as if things couldn't get any worse, officials been a norovirus outbreak at an evacuati evacuation shelter in chico. aaron? >> all right, chris. thank you. 5:08 right now. deveeping this morning in district, there's a shooting investigation happening nea howard university hospital. this is a picture from the scene. someone posted this to twitter. police s the shootin happened near the corner of 8th and v streets northwest. when weol talked toe a while ago, they would not release too many details. the victim is still alive. we'll update you as we learn more. also new this morning, a
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princeorge's county police has been suspended with pay. he's accus ofexchanging money for a sex act. he was off duty but allegedly in his marked cruiser. this incident allegedly happened in the district. police are investigating the allegation. developin this morning, the lawyer representing stormy daniels in her court fight with president trump is now dthling his own legal troubles. michael an michael avenatti was arrested on a felley domestic ve charge in los angeles. police say a woman with visible injuries filed a report tuesday night. no word on the rbeationship een the woman and avenatti or the alleged incident. avenatti toldeporters he's never hit aan w and is confident he'll be fully exonerated. he was released on bail last night. avenatti has been an outspoken critic of thede pre and has considered a 2020 presidential run. so brace yourself if you the dulles toll roads. pretty significant toll increases are coming at the start of you'll pay an extra 75 cents at
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the main toll. pla there's a 50 cent hike at the off ramps. there's an additional $1.25 per day for some drivers. $2.50 for round trips. the money will help fund the silver line extension to dulles airport. prevents youather from getting outside today, you know what you can do? catch "ellen." >> she's welcoming a former first lady. >> all right. >> oh, look. it's the first time i've seen my book in a store. >> it's here. you're going to sign books. we have michelle obama here. [ cheers and applause ] michel obama. she'll be signing books. >> she'll make a mint off this former first lady michelle obama and ellen crashing a costco, giving shoppers there a bit of a surprise. they're going to talk about her new memoir. catch it here at 3:00. then stick around for news 4 at 00. >> looks like ellen has a song for hers wel >> a little singing, all that.
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still ahead this morning, continuing coverage of today's wintry weather. >> where the storm has already hit and the damage it's left behind. andon our reportnues on getting the best night's sleep possible. this morning from spas to dental visits, we're looking at insomnia treatments that don't n.volve medicat chuck? good morning, everybody. most of the weather reports we've had so far are sleet. sleet from charles county, maryland, up to warren county, eirginia. a chance for s of this sleet to change over to snow or freezing rain a little later on in the morning as teminratures co to drop. a complete check of the forecast coming up. stay with us. what's a gig of data?
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your time is 5:15. we're back on a storm team 4 alert day. this is our first blast of winter weather this season. some may see snowflakes. others could see ice. probably all of us are going to see some rain. storm team 4's chuck bell is keep an eye on your forecast and will join us in a few minutes latest.e on the team coverage this storm team 4 weather alert day. >> molette greens live in prince george's county. what are you seeing? >> reporter: hey, guys. good morning. 're on the beltway in the landover area. we see the pretreated roads. waiting on that precip to arrive. the folks on the roads with me are driving at normal speed and getting where they're going this morning without any problems. so that's theery latest from my vantage point. back to you. >> molette, thank you.
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we're also monitoring the latest school closings. let's take a look at the list now. clarke, fredrik, fauquier, and warren county schools are all closed today. in maryland, washington county schools are closed. in west virginia, berkeley, jefferson, morgan, and hampshire county schools are closed as well. a look at the delays now. screen listed on your here. in virginia, fairfax, manassas city, manassas cipark city, stafford counties all on a two-hour delay. same goes for montgomery cnty schools in maryland. d.c. schools open on time. they tweeted that a few minutes ago. the federal government is open with the option for unscheduled leave orrk tele and we just learnedic fre county schools in maryland are closed this morning. fredrick county schools in maryland closed. we'll keep updating those closings and delays.k
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and take a l hathis video here. this powerful storm system has already turned deadly. two people were kild and dozens were hurt after a tour bus overturned on an icy highw in mississippi. this happened yesterday afternoon just south of memphis. highway patrol blames sli roads for this crash. and snow fell as far south as louisiana. this part of the country doesn't see a whole low of it was about an inch of snow,el which fl across the eastern part of the state that may not seem like much, but this is a record-breaking snowfall there. it hasn't snowed like this in more than 60 years. you know it's bad when louisiana snow.ting this kind of >> that's one thing. they can get snow, obviously, but typically there more in the january/february time frame. getting it this early in vember is extremely rare. it's not even really all tha common here. haven't had measurable snow in washington in november since 1996. so it's rare here.
5:18 am
borderlineunheard of in the deep south. winter weather advisories along the i-95wi corridor. er storm warnings along i-81, where the highest risk for freezing rain exists in the shenandoah valley. temperaturesti cing to trend downward. still above freezing here in the d. metro area. already reports of sleet in charles hounty. e in washington. 34 in gaithersburg. reports of sleet from front royal all the way down into parts of stafford county and charles county. again, where temperatures are now dropping to the freezing mark and below, that's where the more significant risk of icing exists. the commute today, it'll be slow going all day. be real careful here this morning. later on in the afternoon, still an opportunity for se icing in the shenandoah valley. for more on the individual impacts, let's go to my ricketts. lauryn >> good morning, chuck. yes, a lot of impacts. some will be higher than others. mainly, as you were just saying,
5:19 am
from wtern loudoun, western montgomery, back towards the i-81 corridor, that's where we'll have the hhest impact. this area will hold on tot t cold air pretty long. so lasting impacts throughout the afternoon. this area will be the last to see that change over to plain rain. front royal, through winchestera righng that i-81 corridor, we're talking about a wintry mix this morning. a lot of reports already of sleet. freezing rain to eventually rain later on this afternoon. 3 to inches possible. then we are looking at cancellations. hold on, guys. western zone right here, fredrick, leesburg,own through warrenton, and kuculpepper, a wintry mix from 1:00 to pir3:00. a few cancellations that we've already seen. the greater washington area, fairfax, columbia, snow, sleet, and rain, then a transition to
5:20 am
heavy rain. it's going to be windy later on this afternoon. i'm not expecting those roads to be icy, but they will be wet. by this afternoon and evening, they could be flooded around the area that will be the same deal for southern maryld. we're looking at rain and maybe a little bit of mix. some reports of sleet out there harles county. heavy rain up to 2 inches. could be some flooding concernst especialough southern maryland as we go through the day today. as we go through the weekend, chuck, we're looking a lot better. >> absolutely. you can always fiend the very latest forecast for the area on our nbc washington app. you've got a weatherif report? ou see something, say something. tweet me @chuckbell4 on twitter. an ugly wintry mix turning breezy with a northwest wind today. that dries things out quickly. y throughout the course of the weekend but on the chilly side. and go to melissa n traffi >> seeming sleet here on 95 in virginia.
5:21 am
warrenton road. a new crash here i want to mention. bealeton, southbound u.s. 17 at virginia 28, left lane getng by. overall looking good. the radar showing you where we have precipitation falling. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway nice and clear right now. wouldn't it bereat if things could stay safe on the roads this morning? northwest florida avenue between 9tll and georgia, lanes blocked there because of police activity. more news, weather, and traffic coming up in just a nute. denise?
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we are getting some more school closings andelays for you this morning. this just in, culpepper county schools are on a two-hour delay. allegheny schools are closed. >> also -- we'll aupdate you we get more of these changes. all week long, we've been working for y trying to find ways to help you sleep more soundly. >> research says the sleep industry is a $28 billion a year business, and it's growing. news 4's angie goff her search for some shut eye with a look at a few sleep trends that are on thete rise. >> rep chilly pads, weighted blankets, sleep headphones. we're looking at a national shut eye problem so bad some colleges require stents to take sleep. >> i think there's a huge cost to society in efficiency. >> reporter: something many around here can't afford to lo . >> nobody sleeps. everybody is go, go, go. reporter: at her spa, h flotation therapy rooms have become a popular place to pass
5:25 am
out. >> we have one client who does suffer from insomnia. she says she felt great and was able to sleep for the next four to five days. >> reporter: in a pool big enough for two people, 1200 pounds of epsom salt mixed in with 11 inches of water.ur >> an f sleep here in thissa amount olt is equivalent to four hours' of sleep. reporter: giving the float a try, i finally let go and fall to a weightless sleep. i felt like i could have stayed in there for another hour. from taking a dip to ato the dentist, to fix a problem millions of americans have at night, sleep apnea. this dentist makes these mouth guards. it's a smaller, more comfortable alternative to the standard , known as c-pd it's often covered by >> in ases they do because it prevents a lot of problems.>> eporter: angie goff, news 4.
5:26 am
>> now, shes s the guards, which you wear during sleep, are best for mild to moderate cases. >> as for flotation therapy, we found places offering sessions that range from $45 to $100 an hour. sts a lot of money to get good sleep. >> it's worth it, though, if you get it. 5:26 right now. chuck? >> good morning,e everybody. eports of sleet across the area continue to pour in. down in leonardtown, maryland, reports of sleet from the southern maryland news network. also, most of this peach shading is where we've seen sleet reports at this point in time. smperatures around the metro area arell comfortably above freezing. it won't stick to the roads yet, budi that con is deteriorating now. down to the freezing mark from wi winchester to front royal. temperatures wil continue to cipitation moves in. a detailed look at today's forecast hour by hour coming up. and still nahead an investigation from the news 4 i-team, a double life and a
5:27 am
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right now on news 4 today, a storm team 4 weather as our area gets ready for our first case of wintry weather. yoixcan see on radar here, a of snow, ice, and rain allad ed north, expected to hit right as the morning rush begins. >> here's a live look from fredrick can wa fredrick county, virginia. if you're heading out right now, you may not see a whole lot, but you'll need to keep that umbrella and winter coat handy. it will be here soon. depending on where you live, you'll see different thing. good mning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. a fresh batch of school delays and closings. in virginia, clarke, fredrick, loudoun, page, prince wilam, shenandoah, winchester city, and
5:31 am
warren county schools are all closed today. in maryland, washington, fredrick, andy allegheny cou schools are also closed. in west virginia, berkeley, jefferson, morgan, and hampshire unty schools are closed. >> now do the delays. in virginia, fairfax, manassas city, manassas park city, stafford, culpepper, and spotsylvania couy schools are all on a two-hour delay.go mory county and grant county schools in maryland are all opening two hours lat today. the federal government is open as well, with the option of unscheduled lee or telework for employees. >> roads across virginia, maryland, and the district have all been prepped for thisstorm. we have team coverage spread out as you start your thursday. >> our team of news 4 reporters are working for you, showing you rthe conditions n your home. our melissall et is getting you around any traffic trouble spots. >> we begin with chuck bell and lauryn ricketts.
5:32 am
they have a look att exactly w we can expect today. >> that's right. a little bit of something for just abo everybody, including the possible of heavy rain across parts of southern maryland. as we're zooming in, theeach shading on the screen is usually indica'sng sleet. thhere we've had sleet reports from the shenandoah valley and the blue ridge right into the d.c. metro area. sleet reported in charles riunty. thist yellow shading here near fredicksburg, that's likely to be a period of brief heavy sleet. ep that in mind. you can get sleet above ateezing. tempes well above the freezing mark for most of i-95, but soon to be below freezing for much of the shenandoah valley. you can always use our nbc washingt app. also f y also, if you see something, say something for a weather report. he sleet potential wil gradually change over to rain
5:33 am
threat for most of i-95. the sleet and freezing rain could last longeo now let's to lauryn ricketts. >> let's talk about the precipitation types. f've gotezing rain, rain, snow, and sleet that are forecast for today. so how do they form? everything starts off as snow, whether it's summer orev winter. ything up in the higher levels of our atmosphere start off as snow. the reason we're seeing sleet right now, we owve a sha layer of warm air just intruding the area. that's what happens. we see those snowflakes fall, it melts int warm air, then hits the air before it hits surface and freezes into a sleet pellet. that's why we're seeing sleet. if it's just cold all the way're seeing if it's warm all the way down, it's rain. if it's warm then hits the surface cold, that's where we're getting freezing rain.
5:34 am
we'll see a mixed bag of precipitation today. that's what's going to make travel trouble outhere all roughout the day today. again, it is going to be a little dicey on the roadways, but let's first talk to melissa about what exactly isoi on. i know we are seeing sleet out there. >> we are. good morning. we are seeing that sleet out here. i have a couple different things happening. 66or inbound b haymarket, reports of sleet through this areaen a little sn the roadway, probably use those windshield wipers. it is goingo be pretty sli in lots of different be, southbound 17 at 28, left lane getting by that crash. you can see the radar showing you where we have that precipitation falling. it's just about everywhere. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway, no major issues there. a water main break in adelphi. we'll talk about that in a minute. a brand new problem here in springfield. southbound 395 before springfield, a new crash there. we'll loo into that.
5:35 am
more information coming u >> thank you, melissa. another school district update for you. mineral county, west virginia, are now closed. here's a look at the rain/snow line moving through our area. you'll want to take your time this morning. snow andce could be on the roads. >> let's continue our team coverage now with news 4's justin finch heading into warren county, virginia. justin, good morning. >> reporter: hey there. good morning, aaron. right now we're watching the salt trucks work here on 81 south going toward warrenty co they're here two at a time, dropping salt. we have seen cars pass these guys by. be careful as you do so. they need room tnd work a salt these roads, which have become a lot wetter in the past hour. vdot saying you'll be seeing this throughout the day as this rain turns to a wintry mix and snow throughout our area, especially here in vithinia.
5:36 am
ey're asking all slow down.o as was mentioned earlier, we do have school closures here in warren county as well as fredrick. perhaps we won't see as many ca on the road, but when you do head out, be sure you are extra d give yourself time because these conditions can be tricky. back to you in the studio. >> justin, thank you. team coverage continues in montgomery schools there operating on a two-hour delay to ay. inistrative offices will open on time. news 4's megan mcgrath is live in gaithersburg with howar thin looking there. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, guys. they're certainly ready. all of the snowplows have been deployed athis point. take a look at the front camera here. you can see one of those crews parked on the side of 370 just kind of standing f by, waiti the precipitation to begin. right now everything is dry. the road conditions are terrific. but they are waiting system comes through into this
5:37 am
area. we are expecting a wintrymix. you can see we've got three, actually four trucks all lined up here on the side of the road. they are fully loaded and ready to go. if you look closely at the roa surface itself, we can see those sort of white lines on the pavement. that's the brine they put down to pretreat ty roads. so tre ready to go. just waiting for it to happen. back to you. >>th megan mcg for us on the road there. thank you. a live look at conditions here in the district as well. you see from the images here, newss molette green will join us with more on tt. wtart your other top stories with the latest on this breaking news from califeania. the toll from those deadly wildfires is now at 58. that number could rise. officials say 130 people are still missing in the so-called camp fire in northern california. the woolsey fire nearas los angele killed two people. both fires o startedne week a
5:38 am
today. the lawyer representing an adult film star in a court bat with president trump was arrested. michael avenatti faces a felony domestic violence charge. police say a woman with visible injuries filed a report on tuesday. enatti was released on bond. he denies the allegation and says he's confident hll be exonerated. 5:38 now. much more news, traffic, and your storm team 4 weather updates when wcome back. e hey, batter, batter, batter, batter. [ crowd cheers ] like everyone, i lead a busy life.
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welcome back, everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist lauryn ricketts. we're looking at a mixed bag of precipitation. a lot of sleet coming down. that's the report i'm getring t now. even some freezing rain to the south and east. better rainc c there. is this going to be an all-day event? yes, we are looking at thatwi ry mix through the morning at least, then some rain during the afternoon.ot travel delays only this morning but also tonight. if there's any snow, i think it's going to be mainly nor and west.
5:42 am
a lot of our area roadways will be just wet. again, delays tonight. we could have some delays tomorrow morning. so we'll talk about those. expect for your thursday.wha to that's coming back with chuck in a little bit. >> the count music awards kicked off with a special tribute last night. >> garth brooks opened t show by dedicating it to the victims of the borderline bar & grill mass shooting in thousand oaks, califo oia. a momen silence followed with theictims' names i d displayed on the screen. new this morning,fre're hearing the wife of the sergeant who was killed inside that bar for the fir time. >> it's hard.nt test perma but you know what, he died doing what he would have wanted to do. >> you can hear more from her mi up this morning on the "today" show, following news 4 today. from e full forecas
5:43 am
lauryn and chuck and a look at the roads when news 4 today continues. for
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it is 5:45 on this weather alert morning. ge ready for snow, sleet, and rain. a mix of it all heading our way. we just learned that fredericksburg city schools are a two-hour delay now. howard county schools in maryland are closing today. that's an in addition to more than a dozen local school districts already closed or delayed this morning. >> all of the updates are running at the bottom of your screen. we're bringing you team coverage from across our area as the weather moves iow we continue with news 4's molere molette. >> she's watching the roads in prince george's county. what do you see? >> reporter: well, we' on the beltway just at pennsylvania avenue. e,as you can the roads are dry. we have some pretreated roads, waiting on the precip. drivers on the beltway going at speed, some going a little faster at this point. but yeah, prince george's county is bracing and ready for whatever comes its way.
5:47 am
ringt now, not much to see or talk about from the beltway here. back to you. >> all right. molette, thank you. and of course, we'll be following the wintry mix for you. another update from storm team 4 in a minute. first, chris. >> yeah, breaking news overseas. the associated press just put out anrt that officials in saudi arabia say 11 suspects ve been indicted for the killing of jamal khashoggi. he was "the washington post" journalist who was critical of theaudi crown prince. khashoggi went into the saudi consulate in istanbul a little as not month ago and been seen since. saudi officials have admitted he there.dered prosecutors are currently requesting the death penalty for five o those 11 suspects. aaron? >>right, chris. thank you. 5:47 right now. to capitol hill now. a very busy election season has left a lame duck congress with a
5:48 am
long to-do list for the end of the year. looming over all of that is a pivotal spendings bill. >> ns susan mcginnis joins us live from capitol ihill. susan, they're going to work to sh through final legislation, but could this set the stage for another government shutdown? >> yeah, it's definitely possible. after two years of partisan bickering, the two sides need to come to an agreement on some big partialr they risk this government shutdown. here's what they need to agree on before theys agree on t spending bill. the border wall. the gop is asking for billions tode fulfill pre trump's promise there. president trump no longer talking about mexico paying for that wall. the democrats showing no sn of cooperating on that front, likely asking for a larger immigration reform legislation. democrats are lking for language in the spending bill that will protect robert mueller, the speci counsel, looking into the russia investigation. on that front, the republicans are not cooperating. we have the leadership there saying they do not believe the russia investigation is in
5:49 am
danger. so we don't need any legislation on that. so it looks lwoe the sides are at loggerheads over these two big issues, which need to be resolved within something like two weeks, december t 7th, or else they risk a partial government shutdown. us all right, susan mcginnis on the hill for thank you. it's now 5:49. only on 4, the ns 4 i-team has the story of a family still trying to come to grips with its past. >> how a man led a double life as a catholic priest and as a father. >> reporter: a local brother ani er told us they could not reveal the truth about their family for decades, and the news 4 i-team found there could be hethousands of others like with a similar past. growing up was difficult for jim johnson. he said he always felt like an outsider when it came to his father. >> never really wanted me with him.
5:50 am
it was hard. it was hard because i wanted d that love fection from my father. >> reporter:t was only years later he and his sister found out the truth from their mother. >> it didn't dawn on me as a little kid, you know. i justhought he was from the church and he was here to help. >> reporter: a local priest who emed to always be around helping the family turned out to be a much bigger part of their lives than they ever knew. >> i wanted to ask him, but i knew -- my mom told me not to ever say anything to him. li reporter: a research professor with cat university tells the i-team there's little data on how manyt other cases lis one could be out there. how bad does thehurch consider a situation of a priest being involved with a woman? >> how bad is it? it's pretty bad. first it's a violation of the oath you made to god. r orter: tonight on news 4 at 5:00, the siblings tell us how this all started, and find out what archdiocese had to say when we asked about what this family revealed. it's now5:50.
5:51 am
another update. the city of fairfax, maryland, offices are open. >> fredrick, maryland. we want to turn to team coverage with meteorologist chuck bell. >> the list of delays and closings continues to grow. it's always available, running ou the bottom of screen, or any time on our nbc washington app,it along your tailored storm team 4 forecast. four things you need to know. the most serious threat for icing will be along i-81. almost all the reports we've seen so far from the blue ridge d theshenandoah, all the way to fredericksburg in southman land, all the reports so far are of sleet. later on in the day with temperatures getting to the low to mid-30s, a floodinghreat for southern maryland. iquid equivalent easily 1 to 2 inches of rain today. be ready for that. 38 now in washington. east and northeast winds have got the cold air banked up against the front ran of the appalachians. that cold air is also trapped in
5:52 am
the shenandoah valley. th commute toda sleet pellets for the morning. an opportunity for some freezing rain, especiay along i-81, well into the lunchtime hours. later on in the day today, i couldn't, thoug rule out some snow, especially across northern maryland and the panhandle of west virginia. all these bright colors here, the peaches and bright yellows, that's all heavy sleet now. sleet beinghe reported allay down the length of i-81. sleet reports now really from all of metro washington. these bright llow colors from fredericksburg to southern maryland and st. mary's cnty. many reports of heavy sleet. highest impacts today will be in thehenandoah. even around town here, that sleet on the windows and your house early this morning means you need to take it extra slow today. temperatures are trending downward across much of the area. still in the mid-30s for now. again, future weather cares this opportunity for sleet changing over to mostly rain in southern maryland by 9:00 or 10:00. most of i-95 should be in the
5:53 am
rain zone by noon. again, the winter weather threat lingers l pger ints of the shenandoyn valley. lauricketts is tracking the latest zone by zone. good morning. >> good morning,yehuck. and thank you to all of our viewers right now. as soon as i get off a, i'm looking at my facebook page, my twitter page. chuck is doing the same, trying to figuren out what's going out there. thank you for everybody that's tweeting us and facebooki u we'll let you know what to expect, especially around the heardins, where i've several people out in the winchester area telling me that we are seeing some sle out there, as chuck was saying. be a wintry mix this morning. these areas wilhe last to see that transition to just plain tain. thatnsition is going to be from the south and east to the north and west. so eventually you'll get rain here in the shenandoah valley. winchester, fro royal, where justin finch it, but also 3 to 5 inches of snow and a glaze of ice. for our western zones, loudoun county coming up through leesburg and into fredrik,
5:54 am
warrenton, culpepper, that's where we have t wintry mix holding on until about 2:00, 3:00. then rain later on this evening. definitely slick spots out there,specially on thos untreated surfaces. the greatest washington area, snow, sleet, and rain. then a t hnsition tovy rain after the lunchtime. we're not talking about a snow the roads, but mainly just wet roads. flooding possible later. we've already had a call from calvert county saying they're getting sleet. heavy rain later this afternoon, ssibly up to 2 inches. that's also where we have a flood watch. chuck was talking about that. hopefully you're talking about more sunshine as we head into the weekend. >> certainly. news.s the good you can always send me a tweet @chuckbell4 on twitter. there's the next five days. a mess for today. that all comes to an end very early, probably before the sun is up tomorrow. breezy and chilly for your oriday. most int of all for the big weekend travel plans, it will be chilly and dry. good morning, melissa.
5:55 am
>> good morning. very busy here this morning. southbound 395 before springfield, had a crash. we did he it on camera here. looked to me like that's just cleared out of the waro thatbly is going to keep moving here this morning. some volume there though. veryormal for this time of day. springfield, inner loop at 395, new crash the s. lee is blocked by a crash at the entrance to the express lanes. look at the radar here, showing you where we have precipitation. again, it's not hitting the ground in all spots, but it's starting to increase more. 're getting more reports in ssas, warrento those spots are really getting that sleetng fal in bealeton, southbound still have that crash. aaron? >> all right, melissa. thank you. 5:55 right no do you remember the new jersey couple that helped a homeless man raise $400,000 with a gofundme could? noweell tre accused of
5:56 am
making the story up. >> mark d'amico, kate mcclure, and johnny bobbitt all face charges. the couple turned themselves into prosecutors yesterday.ot it's nlear whether bobbitt turned himself in. the couple claimed bobbitt used his st $20 to help mcclure get gas when her car ran out on i-95 in philly last year. she and her boyfriend then launched a gofundme page to raise money for bobbitt. they were acc ed of holding some of that money from the homeless man they tried toheelp. nowre all facing possible jail time. morning. i'm kate rogers at cnbc headquarters. uber has launched a new rewards iders perksering for using the service. it's currently available in just a handful of cities,ncluding shington, new york, miami, denver, and tampa. it'll roll out to everyone else in the coming months. you can earn points depending on which uber service you use and redeem those points to unlock things such as discounts on future rides and priorityp pic at airports. with your cnbc morning business
5:57 am
report, i'm kate rogers. >> kate, thank o you. >> coverage of today's winter weather forecast continues next. news 4 today will be right back. what's a gig of data?
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and with millions of wifi hotspots included, you'll pay even less for data. or if you need a lot we have unlimited too. plus, get $200 back when you buy a new smart phone. it's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today. all eyes are on the sdes an roads this thursday morning. still one week from thanksgiving, and the d.c. region is already preparing for its first blast of winter weather. this morning the news 4 crews are out and about, c rcking on thd conditions across our region. it is 6:00 a.m.
6:00 am
good morning, everybody. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'meu yang. the school closings are still rolling in this morning. we'll take you through them now. >> in virginia, clarke, fredrick, loudoun, page, prince william, wincheste a city, loppahannah county schools are alld today. in maryland, washington, fredrik, allegheny, and howard county schools are all closed. berkeley, jefferson, morgan, a mineral county schools are all closed. >> now to the delays in virginia. fairfax, manassas city, stafford culpepper, and spotsylvania schools all on a two-hour delay. so are fredericksburg, montgomery county schools, and grant county schools. the federal government is also open with the option of unscheduled leave or telework for employees. we can tell you that road
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