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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 15, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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hours. >> hey, the firstnow stick of the season. too soon? >> what do you think? snow before thanksgiving? never. >> i know it but i can't admit it. >> our team coverage of this r snow-vemgins right now.. it was beautiful but it caused a lot of problems. look at i-70. nit looks clear but it was a mess all day today. covered with ice and sleet and th sfwins the evening. so let's kick off our coverage in the weather center with doug and amelia. we got more wintry. >> absolutely. we talk about the wind a rain that changes to snow.
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it lasted about two hours longer, temperatures were about 2 degrees colder. and it may be extremely treacherous. and we said areas to the north and west were areas you don't want to travel in. >> right. frederick county, loudoun county. tomorrow morning the may be more cancellations and finitely delays. >> here's where it. back to the west, we're still seeing the snow and there's mort rain, s and snow to come. here's the line just north of tbaltimore. ri down through montgomery sxoinl then back through loudoun county. seeing the sleet over toward martinurg andhagerstown. it has been rain throughout the entire afternoon after switching over, rightround the 11:00, noon hour. how much snow have we seen in
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1.4 i d.c. that's amazing this time of year. the most we've ever seen in the nth of november since 1920 something? >> 1989. >> martinsburg, seven inches of snow back toward that area and again, we still hav the temperatures. this is what i'm really concerned about now. look at all the areas where t temperatures are below freezing. now we're switching over to freezing rain west could see major issues some of the areas, it gets worse. we'll continue on update you. >> and we have melissa on the roads. >> how us it look now? >> we had never crashes in wemaryland this morning b 6:00 a.m. and a 10:00.
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we kept our eyes on this all day. westbound 70. shut down between 17 can 40 in meyershi another problem to the north, northbound 270, all lanes shut down right there. and we have a live look at some of the slowdowns. we're talking about 270 and 109. i'm so used to saying this morning, but it's this afternoon. some wires are down. it is something i'm worried about. trees and wires. coming down and blocking roadways. we have a lot of reports of ice and multiple spinouts. if you take a big old look at the beltway, you can see how things are. the radar showing over our
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roadways the volume isn'tbad. you can see it. >> all right. easy does it. that.ank you for >> we continue our team coverage with julie carey in northern virginia. the snow has some school districts scrambling and commuters crashg all over the place. >> reporter: that's for sure. they have gotten some of everything right here. you can see plenty of snow, lots of slush, now it's raining and tooughout the day, that led a really tricky drive out on the roads. for those who ventured out on the road, it was a challenging journey. this driver lost control on a city street in sterling, rolling all the way into a house.
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this commuter was only a mile from work when a car in front os himrted to lose control and he tried avoid a cr h. >> it put me into hydroplane, spinning sideways. major roads like route 7 in loudoun county, still snow covered. snow in g november,d or bad? >> good thing. >> wonderful. >> because? >> no school. >> because? >> hot chocolate. >> reporter: not everyon would agree. ken wilson drives a heating oil truck and found his job today, almost impossible. e had only been a to make one delivery. >> it's really bad news. s roadst down. people don't know how to drive
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in it so you have to deal with it. >> reporter: on the other hand you can't beat the view of a rare november snow. with theea brilliants on the trees, settling softly on to a blanket of white. there are some of us who can't wait to make our first snowman. in honor of the season we have the snow turkey. what do you think of that? >> all right. >> reporter: gobble, gobble. back to you. s>> p a good spin on a bad situation. >> thank you. a melissa mentioned during her report, i-70 has been a mess today. because ack-up traff of crashes there. >> parts of i-70 westbou just reopened in the last 30 minutes. some of these vehicles have been
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stuck sin 10:00 this morning. what is it like where you are? >> reporter: hey, guys, the roads have been brutal out here. and it's crazy. you look at the trees, the leaves lk very much like fall. but over here on the roads, very much a winter 'vss. seen a lot of accidents but also a lot of good samaritans. on a cold and snowy day, warm gestures along the roads. >> when he saw the women idstranded on the of the road, he didn't hesitate to help. >> i have a four-wheel drive and i may be able to help them out. >> they were jus one of several cars to get stuck. >> i'm just thankful. my car was fine. i'm fine. >> as the snowfall stayed strong, so, too, didpeople's
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spirits. >> time to see if somne can give me help so i will try t help. >> my first born's 21st birthday. happy birthday, urooke! mom is in a ditch! >> reporter: and that woman told us she called her husband who has a truck so hopefully she'll be okay. we will stay out here and continue to conditions and bring you updates throughout the day. >> all righ ank goodness for the good samaritans out there. >> reporte i justike the hear how beautiful it is. keep up the good spirits. >> beautiful from the inside out. our weather alert coverage continues 24/7 even when we're not on the air. open up the nbc washington app for hour byndour forecast a conditions n the around the region. >> turning on other news. state legislators in annapolis apping up an emergency briefing on the university of
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maryland football scandal. speaking o legislators, they said they made a mistake bringing back dj durkin after the death of the student. the next day, loh announcedis retirement. we asked loh if he is reconsidering his decision n retire in june. you can hear his answer coming up. new this afternoon, we've learned a pilot killed in a crash at an air force i base stexs from maryland. erika gonzalez joins with us details from the line sk >> captain john graziano is from elkridge maryland he was 28 years old. officials say captain graziano who was an instructor pilot was one of two pilots inside the th38 when it crashed tuesday night. other pilot was left injured but survived. there are a lot of people. both here and in texas who are grieving the loss of captain
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graziano. >> this morning, what happened to captain graziano, isked each and every one of them to look each other in the eye every single day is that ask, how are you doing? because i know there are people out there hurting just like i am. >> captain graziano leaves p behind hisarents and his siblings. the fir danger is starting to subside in northern california right now. and the attention is turned to the more than 100 peopl still missing. forensic teams are out combing through rubble for human remains. communication is possible in the devastated town of paradise. leaving survilyrs anxious waiting to find o if their loved ones made itut alive.
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tracking the first sno s of thson across the area and it is a big one. we're keeping an eye onhe area airports. there's reagan airport. so far, 36 flightsave been canceled in the region. 76 delayedin with over a of snow at reagan on the left. on the right, traffic has been stopped but it is just beginning to move. back here in three minutes. >> now a warning just a week ntil you sit down with your dinner. >> a salmonella linked to raw turkey. tell us about this cdc warning. >> well, the cdc has come out
4:15 pm
with this warng because it says it doesn't know where the problem actually has originated. it doesn't know where this problem is. the problem exists in raw turkey products. things likewn b turkey meat, or patties, or even the bird itself. so many of us will prepare next thursday. there has been sickness in 3 states. 164 people have said they've gotten sick. and the symptoms are not very pleasant they are all the classic symptoms of food poisoning that show up about 72 hours after you ingest the tainted meat. the usda has com out with four recommendations. they're simple. cook clean, chill and separate. so as far as clean, wash youref
4:16 pm
handse and after you handle the raw poultry. separate. prepare the turkey away from everything else so there's no crosson contamina with those raw juices. cook. you want to cook to it an internal temperature of 165 degrees. that means you are going to need a meat thermometer. and then with those leftovers, you wanto get them into the refrigerator within two hours of taking turkey out of theoven. do all of that and you should be healthy and safe on an giving. that is good advice all year round. >> i don't know about you. i only cook a turkeyn thanksgiving so it is very important next week. >> take care. >> you can see h r fulleport tonight on lesr holt's report. jt before thanksgiving,
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the wednesday before, that was some bad travel around thanksgiving. >> it's been a while. i did not think we would see an inch of snowir at thert for sure. i thought maybe a coating on the ground and some surfaces but we saw a little more than that and some areas saw quite a bit more than that. at the national zoo, 2.0 inches. bei bei is playing in the snow. >> how about that? everyone at the national zoo looking really good and just lovingit. in his element! let's show you what's happening now. the rain/snow line making its way to the north and west. >> we are all rain. good news on the roadways.
4:18 pm
we have a mix. i think things are get a lot worse before they get bter overnight. you see the whole storm. a monster of a storm. we told you it would be one nasty d andhen areas to the north and west would be getting it. watches around the area but back to the west,his is until 4:00 a.m. and here's the big concern. look at these numbers. 32, hegaburg, 32, .leesbu all of these areas are now reportingai freezing by far, the worstf type weather situation. rain to the south.
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freezing rain toward t west. this will be a prolonged situation. and the a coating of snow on parts of that. so we think we could see this. by early tomorrow morning, it is all out of here. we're not worried about this area at all. >> if you live in red, you want to avoid traveling not only tonight butroarly tom morning. we'll be tracking freezing rain overnight and then potentially some snow. this is most of loudoun,fa uier county, even upper montgomery county. a heads up there around the damascus area. around the i-81 corridor. of west ugh pan handle virginia. in that transition zone, you have a moderate risk. central is that southern montgomery. areas inside the beltway. the distri,lexandria, down through most of prince william and southern fauquier county.
4:20 pm
all of fairfax county and then wain in southern maryland. you're dealih wet roads. if you are in the red areas, do you want to avoid travel. yellow you could be dealing with some slick spots and wet roads if yoh live i green area, which will be southern maryland through the northern here's the school outlook for friday. we could see some cancoulations. the i-81 corridor. again, school cancellations. madison rappahannock, howard, baltimore county, maybe even the city as well. thinking about a two-hour delay. it will be right on the fence there. you can see the storm team radar stil seeing a little after this is out of here.
4:21 pm
windchills in the upper 30s and lo 40s. still close to 10 degrees below average. monday coming in at 45 degrees. we'll get there okay. >> having aoo time in the snow. >> okay. the first inch of snow has come down today. pat has a winner in the first snow stick challenge of the year. >> plus, go scam me. a n so happy
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when you see that red kettle out tht'e, you know the holidays. you can almost feel the joy as children celebrated their first snow day of the season. >> check this out. angie sent thisideo to us of her kids out there enjoying the snow. the joy is g justting started. >> pat collins throughout with our first snow stick challenge of the year. >> reporter: i can't believe it. i can't believe it. it is not even thanksgiving and we're already giving away the official pat collins snow stick. the paint on this thing is not even dry yet. this is how it all cameou ab monday doug did his winterca weather forest. minutes after that we set up the aallenge. pick the day time of the first inch of snow at national airpor that was monday, then tuesday, then wednesday, then today, sw
4:26 pm
at national airport. stick around. we're going to meet the winner. you're going to see how it was done. m the k this is a sign f weather guy. i think this year we're going to give away a lot ofse t babies. ick around. >> i think we shouldn't letke h forecast on monday and then have the challenge the very next day. >> thank you, pat. our coverage continues. coming up, more than 100 million people under watches and warnings. and parentsnc in p george's county fearing the worst as a catholic school is in danger of closing. >>id you know the sleep industry a $28 billionndustry an it's growing? an it's growing? the search for
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back now at 4:30 with a continuing weather alert. >> if you're just joining us, we ve team coverage of the first snow of the season impacting tens of millions of people the east coast. >> that mess you saw on the continues morning even into this hour. we're getting reports that people stuck on i-70, that it is taking me than three hours.
4:30 pm
>> going back to doug in the storm center. tell us about it. >> still a very big mess across our area. those same areas all day long, leesburg, winchester, hagerstown, martinsburg, all reporting freezing rain. and also snowfall,n freezing r is by far the worst that we could see. the roads have been all rain around the d.c. area and the rain/snow line is trying to creep to the the area of sloesh well to the west. spinning back toward indiana. we still have more of this moisture making its way ourin w the rain and freezing rain as well as some snow. and look at thenu ers. 36 in d.c. if you're above freezing, 36, c. 34, baltimore, points to the south and east. we're not worried about yo we'll see showers and rain.
4:31 pm
it had been a nasty, nasty rushr this is the area we're very concerned about. if you do not have to be on the road, please try not to vente out. it will only get worse before things are start improving. a lot of you didn't believe me when s i said theools would be closed today and we could have more closure tomorrow. drivers in other parts of the country are dealing with the same wintry system. more than 100 million people are under a winteweather advisory. >> the sounds of winter across the country. a major winter storm barreling through the midwest into the ngrtheast. brinith it snow and ice. causing hazardous road conditions and power outages. tree limbs unable to withstand
4:32 pm
the weight of the ice. buckling. >> five minutes would go by, you hear another branch coming down. there's another one. >> reporter: major back-ups on i-40 through arkansas brought traffic to a complete standstill for hours. across the region, salt trucks are ready and loaded. the massive system impacting millions. now unlt a winter weather advisory. thno early seasonwfall welcomed by some. >> snow before thanksgiving? >>no. absolutely not. >> november 15th! i can't believe it. snow already. i hope it is not a sign of things to come. >> rlyorter: an taste of winter. enough to bring out the child in all of us. nbc news. k to rning the focus b this area, it was a messy morning for commuters.or
4:33 pm
>> repter: a lot of people didnt believe would i happen but d.c. got snow today. check it out here. snow on the grassy areas. iturned into a slushth mess on sidewalks and roadways. forcing theea snow t to activate. throughout t rning, it initched from a winter wonderland, fre rain and back to snow. they're salting the main and secondary roads, bike nes, bridges, all this before the full start of the holiday season. andne metro worker is doing his part to keep the walkway in front of the eastern market station clear. >> 7:00, 8:00, i've been out here. >> rorter: and what are you seeing with the conditions? >> it's lightening up rig now.
4:34 pm
>> reporter: and d.c. snow teams put down more th1, 0 tons of salt on the roads, on the brid s, in the bikelanes, to make the streets safe and drivable throughout the day. since we've been out here, theee have no problem for folkslk waing to and from the metro ation. >> a our winter weather coverage continues online. get forecas, delays and closures. a catholic school in prince george's county could use a deluge of something green. they may have to close their doors if they can't raise the money theyd in the next few months. holy family school is facing a $200,000 deficit. they said low enrollment andow tuition requirements are partly to blame for this situation. the schools are part of the arch diocese of washington and while it does help out to supplemenng the fundi there, it is not
4:35 pm
entsgh. the parave created a go fund me page and they are actively helping to save the school and its morenthan 130 st. >> plentyf sleepless nights figuring out, what are we gng to ? if we don't have it by february 15th, we need to look at alternate schools for our children. >> they're trying to raise $200,000 y february15. if you want to learn more about what the school is doingr you want to help out yourself, go to nbc washington and search schoo help. getting around a big city like d.c. can get expensive. as you know. >> it costs more for women to get where they want to go than it does for men.or m news from the food and food and drug administration about denise?
4:36 pm
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a newwstudy s women could be paying more to feel safe on public transportation. women surveyed in new york city said they spent $25 to $50 more than men due to safety concerns. the number jumped to $100 if they had children with them. late night travel or concerns abt harassment made some women opt for more costly ride share companies. researchers found when you add all up, women in new york city are paying $1,200 moreye p compared to men. they call this a pinkns t tax. the study outlined in said this could lead to missed economic opportunities for women. former first lady michelle obama's new book has just come out. she'll be at capital one arena on saturday as part of the book tour. she stopped by the ellen t degeneres shay.
4:40 pm
>> we've seen this move before. she told ellen what life was like two years after leaving the white house. >> i still had agents and i can't drive. we live in a regularus i have a door bell. i open my door a >> youwer the door. >> i answer the door. my friend says what are you doing this is my house. i answer the door. so we're living a normal life but we still live in a bubble>> an you imagine knocking on the door and having her anxious it? michelle obama's memoir just came out on tuesday and already it has topped the best seller list. it is expected to sell millions of copies. >> i'll bet it feels get to answer herwn door.
4:41 pm
>> that's normal for them. >> it was a fl good story for theages. >> the random actf kindness. helping him get back on his feet duri theholidays. and here's the latest check of storm team 4. just rain but still dealing with the messy, wintery mix. we'll break it down and wait hey, batter, batter, batter, batter. [ crowd cheers ] like everyone, i lead a busy life. but i know the importance of having time to do what you love. at comcast we know our customers' time is valuable. that's why we have 2-hour appointment windows, including nights and weekends. so you can do more of what you love. my name is tito, and i'm a tech ops manager at comcast. we e working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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if you're just joining us, you ha four things to know about. >> catching up on the first snow of the season. >> i maryland it has been a mess today. right now, i-70, slow moving, north ofi-270. we'll show you that now. we have received rorts that some people have been stuck there today for around three
4:45 pm
parts of westbound i-70 reopened within the past hour. at last check, police have responded to nearly 100 crashes and more than a dozen disabled vehicles. and slippery roadsma led t crashes in northern virginia today. we'll show you a l livek at i-81 north in winchester. the number of delays bause of some spinouts. another stop we're keeping an eye on. no snow daysde for stus in the district. d.c.esidentsloshed through snow this morning before it turned into a heavy sy rain. the snow team is working 12 hours they u more than 1,000 tons of salt. a little brightspot, pat collins, we've had a pat collins sighting today, i on his day off to bestow a coveted snow stick to one very savvy. view and just days after the snowy
4:46 pm
forecast to boot. >> a good story, how they picked the perfect date and time. it.there's a trick to you may remember that story about a homeless man in philadelphia who g le hist $20 to a woman who ran out of gas. >> it was areat story at the time, right? it was all a scam. the homeless man and the woman were both in on it. >> it was a heart warmi kindness. now prosecutors in new jersey say it was indeed too good to be true. >> t entire campaign was predicated on a lie. >> prosecutors say kaitly mark, and johnny worked together to create the get rich quick scheme which captivated the nation. last year, they said aomeless veteran came to her aid when she
4:47 pm
ran out of gas. people donated more than $400,000 to ago fund me page to help bob get on his feet. >> less than an hour after it went live, a text exchange with a friend, they did a story. $1764. >> things toog a sour turn this summer. bob and sue accused them of using the money for. they. the cple said they didn't want him to waste the ch on drugs. they said they bought a car, trip and hand bags with the money. now all three charged with conspiracy. go fund me said it will refundn all ons. a story that appeared to be heading to a fairytale endin b wi decided by a jury. i think we all got taken many on that one. the couple said they didn't do anything wrong and they're accusing the homeless man of spending $25,000 on drugs in
4:48 pm
less tha two weeks. turning to the weather and our winter storm. let's go back to the storm center to get the very latest on what we should expect this evening. and into the night. >> it ust rain right now. in areas to the north and west, this is a major concern tonight. some areas could g worse. >> we're seeing a high potential for freezing rain and then toayrrow morning, another burst of snow moves into the area. >> this isi-81 around the winchester area. you can see the snow and some slushy roads. the temperatures below freezing. they're out there tryin k top the snow off the roadways. look at all the freezing rain b going onk to the west. in frederick, leesburg, winchester, all reporting freezing rain. now it will be a major, major issue. you do not have to be on the
4:49 pm
roads in this area. you don't want to be driving from d.c. insouthward. n the lighter side. we've still got the upper lows. see it? spinning toward the west? an amazing storm. it is still bringing up moisture. it will continue over the nexco le hours. the storm itself, the nor'easter part off the coast is strengthening. look at that wind. the wind restrictions near 38 miles hour in washington. 25 in d.c.21 in martinsburg. a nasty, nasty night. it will be a nasty start to tomorrow morning as well. areastho our n and west, we're not even close to getting out of the woods yet. >> north and west of washington, you want to anticipate lays. aittle more snow than was
4:50 pm
anticipated. now we're adding ice on top of that. i'll take you through forecast starting off with the mountains and thisa is under a winter storm warning until 4:00 a.m.yo re dealing with snow, sleet, freezing rain, even a wintry mix tomorrow rning. as far as ice accumulation goes, a tenth to a quarter of an inch is possible. you want to avoid travel in the mountain zones with cancellations likely tomorrow. we then heado our western zone. including frederick, maryland, fauquier, culpeper, a wintry mix including the freezing rain which is thece biggest c when you're talking about a wintry mix during the morning hours. the chance until about 7:00 a.m again, dele likely andon cancella as well.
4:51 pm
we're talking about a trace to a tenth o an incnd that leads to slick roads that will be out there tomorrow morning. tomorrow morning, most of russ dry. i can't rule out some isolated slick spots. northern parts of pnce william county. arlington, prince george's,co ae arundety, you should be okay tomorrow morning. our southern zone, this entire thing has bee about the rain. by tomorrow morning, dost of us ar so no problems out there. n we're talking about any major warm-ups, not only into the weekend but next week thanksgiving. >> no. our average is close to 60 b degree we won't go anywhere near that. the temperatures around 50 degrees with shown.
4:52 pm
tomorrow, clear and breezy. sunday and monday, dry, but more clouds on summed. then late monday into tuesday, the next system will cool it down tuesday and wednesday. some cold weather there. thanksgiving on thehiy side. temperatures, upper 40s to around 50 degrees.ui still cool through the end of next week and then tracking the possibili of another coastal storm into saturday and sunday. a lot goingon. we're really in a critical time in areas to the north and west. if you don't have to be on the roads, it is a good idea not to be. >> good ad ice. glad you showed shows numbers. ws4 is working for you in the community at the annual covenant house sleep out. and spending the night on the street like many homeless people do. the goal is to raise $200,000 to help the homeless. justin participated in this same
4:53 pm
event last year. he'll let us kw how it goes on news4 today. next, the food and drug administration making moves against theac t in an effort to crack down on teen smoking. first, jim and wendy standing by. we have a local man who is trying to help others overcome the stigma that sometimes sticks to mental health issues. comin up, the new service he has helped to create and how it is starting to change minds. plus, a family secret let's to a search for answers and some very different questions about a church scandal. the i-team is hearing fromb gs in maryland who reveal the truth about the relationship between their mother and the local priest. we'll hear what the arch diocese has to say about this priest's double life. plus, mor from michelle obama's visit to ellen this
4:54 pm
afternoon. she surprised fans at a costco, imagine that, and she tells about the time she snuck out of the white house with her daughter. daughter. te we'll see you soon with those
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boy, this wintry mix has ruined the day for many drivers. people who have been stuck on i-70 in maryland. that in two in the meantime we're working ear your health. the government r a new plan to keep kids from becoming smokers. >> the fda is moving toward nning and restricting two pilots are popularith ens. what may soon van frisch store shelves. >> reporter: the fda has takeni the steps toward banning menthol in combustible cigarettes. it is an attempt to get rid of
4:58 pm
teen useful. >> it is a big vhiicle by kids are becoming smokers and we're worried about it. >> reporter: it wyl lik take nd faceo become reality a fight fromco tobac companies. ecigarettes are also under fire. newatahows a 78% jump in vaping among high school students from 2017 to 2018. and the nearly 50% increase among middle school kids. >> these are proportions o use among young people that are intolerable. >> reporter: the fda sayswi it strictly limit sales of flavoredtt eciga to teens, in stores and online. >> the t majority ofse kids are using these products frequently. 20 or more times a month. that's not experimentation. that's a roado long term addiction. >> reporter: an estimated halfmi ion people gri a
4:59 pm
schmoke-related diseasevery year in the u.s. >> right now, a major mess right now. check this out on i-70. aive look where we have heard drivers stuck and stranded for hours.three >> roadway is one of the biggest trouble spots in the area.uc wasn't fun for us. the drivers during this november nor'easter that we've had. >> the crashes were just about everywhere. check this out. an overturned fire truckn frederick county and this car that slid into a home in ldoun county. t we havm coverage for you tonight. >> doug and amelia kicked things off. and it is always great when you nail at this time first one out
5:00 pm
ofgate. it was amazing. the schools. okay, a two-hour delay. by ,7: everything is closed and that's because the snow continued to fall across the area roads. impacted across the area and we thin the roads will be impacted in some areas even worse. >>e track freezing rain. the thing is, theooler so that led to more snowfall and more slick conditions later in the day. >> and we mentioned it last night. >> the temperatures are a little cooler. that's what we've seen across the area. you cantill see t rain snow line moving to the north. a mix toward the frederick and hagerstown area. this mostly freezing raep


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