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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 15, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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ofgate. it was amazing. the schools. okay, a two-hour delay. by ,7: everything is closed and that's because the snow continued to fall across the area roads. impacted across the area and we thin the roads will be impacted in some areas even worse. >>e track freezing rain. the thing is, theooler so that led to more snowfall and more slick conditions later in the day. >> and we mentioned it last night. >> the temperatures are a little cooler. that's what we've seen across the area. you cantill see t rain snow line moving to the north. a mix toward the frederick and hagerstown area. this mostly freezing raep right
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now. e temperatures a below freeziou. if live in this area, and you don't to have get out on the roads, don't. just stay home. we'll talk more about this with the delays and cancellations for friday in a few minutes. >> and joining us now, with conditions out on the road. the situation oni-70. it is still pretty dn awful. >> it is amazing. take a a lookthat. one of the worst spots today, westbound 70, after 270 is where this camera actually is easing a bit from what we saw earlier. we have a crash right side.he and then eastbound 70, the crash would sn out. the left lane is getting by the
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crash. we did have all lanes blocked. > you can kind of see, the roads here this evening. all lanes shut down there. in the crash that has been sticking around for a couple hours. icy conditions all over. if you can stay home, we're talking leesburg and winchester, be careful on 15 and 7. as for the beltway, overall it looks quite good. that's a good thing. it doesn't mean you won't find those. it is still causing a lot of for folks. >> all right. when you stay beltway is good, you know the other stuff is bad. it sounds like a busy morning
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tomorrow. >> if you ventured out, you know the scenes. they've led to dozen of crashes. you've made tracks from all northern virginia today. >> reporter: we have been. this parking lot, a wrec but take a look.he in t last hour, look at is p lightost now coated with ice. take a look at thes. tr the branches completely encased. this morning on the roads, the slick stuff, it was down on the pavement and it made for some rough going. you didn't have the drive far to see th. this one o route 7tr brought affic to a crawl and you can see why things got s slippery. it took a while for the plows to
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catch up. the driver said he had drink in all the way from west virginia befo losing control. >> i had a car that lost control. it put me into the ditch. >> the fast and furious snowfall meant a busy day for those tasked with clearingut parking lots. and it is a good they know they got started early. plenty of folks are still vent, you out. this woman said she welcomes th. snowfa >> i love it. i'm originally from the snow for me is awesome. >> it caught our eye, too. not just frost on the pumin but today unusual the sight of
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snow on the pumpkin. and the red, white and blue the flag still out for veterans day seemed even more vivid with the falling snow. >> not such a pretty sight. the snownnd ice this guy's car when he gets back to it later this evening, i'll give happy head start. >> oh! look at her go! thank you. >> sign up for julie's service. >> she has elbow grease in there. some students stranded on the snowy roadshe the school buses were stuck this morning. tonight an apology from arlington county schools. thed spokesperson sai some busen coul make their stops because the roads were so bad and other buses got stung along the th district's some difficulties added to the problems. >> not just school buses having
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some difficulties. metrobus got you can? northwest d.c. the salt trucks were eventually brought in. >> and up in maryla, multiple accidents leaving traffic at a stand still. this is one of them. at one point the highway was closed in both directions but it is now reopens which good news. also in the city of frederick. some people say they've been stuck in their cars for tee hours. are the conditions any better now? i can't imagine. >> reporter: not at sall. thw has turned into furing, freezing rain and stings youre and makes it hard to see. that has made it very tough to
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drive on. >>t was not about to stop them from getting to work. i kick myself for going to work. >> i'm going to miss work. they called off the whole day and i won't be payed. >> i just texted my boss and said i'm not coming. >> reporter: she said she never thought today would be her turn. >> i'm thankful. my car is fine. i'm fine. >> the snow is beautiful. >> cars weren't the only ones. this fire truck was on itsay to maintenance when it was overturned. >> time to see if someone can come give me help.
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>> it is my first born's 21st's birthday. happy birthday, brooke! your mama is in a ditch. >> and luckily a truck was able to come get her so it looks like things will be okayor her. >> you can find the hour by hour forecast any time and get the tonight and ion tomorrow. and you may be able to find out if mom is out of thech d yet. >> hey, we've got other news now in a case of the 10-year-old d.c. girl who was gunned down while getting an ice cream cone. a fourtso p arrested in the shooting death of
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10-year-old makiyah. it was just yesterday that three her suspects apparent in court. the men all facing murder charges. last jy theroup fired more than 60 shots on an apartment complex. she was out for some ice cream when she was struck. d.c. police say there is an additional $20,000 to the $25,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. . >> new n developmentse defth the football player jordanr. mcn the school holding an emergency
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meeting about the decision to bring back the coach. the board of regents is now admitting that it was a mistake. >> it was a mistake. now sayint they are about the decision to retain coach dj durkin after the death of jordan mcnair last june. >> we lost sight of the bigger picture, the university to move forward. college park's football program needed new leadership and that need should have driven our decision. >> she said she was not present and therefore didt te. she said it was not unanimous. >> it seems to me they misse everything they should have done. the coach is resnsible for the
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oversight of the program. >> he said hehe warned they were making a mistake when he was told the coach wouldtay on. >> i said if you bring himback, all hell will break loose. >> loh said he wanted to fire the coach. the next day he fired durkin. >> would you reconsidede your sion to retire? >> no comment at this time. durkin i still helping plan game strategy. looking at film they send him. at this point it is best that he move on with his future career. he said they decided to buy out the contract for $5 million. members oftthis com seemed to indicate that the coach could have been fired for coach saving
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the university millions of dollars. andah still d, maryland siblings revealing the truth abt the rpheir mother had with a local priest. plus, the new warnings about a salmolla outbreak linked to raw turkey that has sickened more than 100 people. yoyou want "
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it has been just a week with the california wildfires. 50 confirmed dead and more than 100 others missing. now we have a new. fi a small brush fire that broke out this morning along a highway in ventura county. that's right near los angeles. for now the so-called briggs fire is growing slowly. but firefighters s that could change at any minute because the conditions are dryhe and >>ill have those santa ana winds. we've got a health warning as you get ready for thanksgiving. the cdc links an outbreak of salmonella to turkey. one person has died and about a
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third of the 166 people who have gotten sick have had to go to the hospital. the outbreak has spread to 35 states so far. as a precaution, coo any turkey products through and wash your hands. and always, avoid feeding your pets food that includes turkey. and the giant pandas enjoying the day. >> i love when they do this. they are in their element. boy, those claws give them a firm grip on the tree posts. look at that. i can't get enough. >> and that music is always playing too. very whimsical. >> oh, boy! >> he's a happy guy.>>
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two inches at the metro zoo today. really amazing. >> the way seven inches here, seven inches there. we were about 10 miles ther it was some pretty big attack. i want to show you what's happening now. this is area of impact tw. toward. this is i'd aroun this area a you can see on the radar what we've got, we've got the rain in and around the metro area. still more to come. ain, snow, sleet, freezing rain, all still going on.
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this is ae. pict look at the ice, look right here. this is around this branch here. if you have ice on the branches, you know you have ice on the roadways.ns of snow to the north. for us, most of this has changed to rain or freezing rain.we still have more moisture to go. because of that and these temperatures, this is why i'm extremely worried tonight. this area has the potential fori even worse cons over the next couple hours. it still goes until 4:00 a.m. i want to show you the future weather. you still see theac mix to
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the west.ll we s have the rain but watch as the snow moves across toward fred rick andrs hawn. even more treacherous. and this is whyhis area to the north and west is of such concern to us tonight. >> te'o agree with you. i really like how, go to the website. if you are in that winter storm warning, you want to avoid travel tight and early tomorrow morning. that's why i'm seeing the highest impact. a high impact here for areas in red. this is the entir corridor back to the pan handle of west rrow morning through slick roadways.
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especially you around the damascus area. so if you're in the red area, some slick spots out there for the yellow areas. the district, alexandria, prince william, southern fauquier county, in southern maryland, stafford a king georg counties, we're only tracking wet roads that are drying. based onhe snow and freezing in ts, ihinke' cancellations out there. the cancellations, i think we'll see cancellations. a highun likelihood a i-81 as well. remember, it goesil u 4:00 a.m. up around baltimore as well. and that's just for the ice. we could have that a well.
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tomorrow afternoon, noproblem. 50 on saturday. less wind. 51 on sunday. much more what to expect including thanksgiving. i'll have that for you after the break.>> a d.c. grand jury has just indicted a spected white nationalist. what they say they found in his home. a nazi flag, ammunition including hollow point bullets and a noose as well as a sketchn showing a per with a gun pointed toward aan wearing a yarmulke. it is connected to the robert bower, the tree of life synagogue in pittsburgh. clark and bowers were connected
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on the social media thplatform. say he alluded to a possible motive by bowers in that shooting. re details as we
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two navy s.e.a.l.s from virginia whore members of s.e.a.l. team 6 and two marines now facing mder charges for
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the death of a green beret in mali. army staff sergeant logan melgar was strangled. the accused service members broke into his room, restrained him with duct tape and put him in a chokold. the two navy s.e.a.l.s and marines accused of lying to investigators. their names have not been released. it has happened again. a police offir is suspended accused of committing a crime. this time they are saying he had sex with a prostituteis in police cruiser. this is the thirst member this month to be accused of a crime. police were investigating one of their own. continuing coverage of the
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november northeaster. doug will be back with an update. t local priaets his secret to the grave but a local brother and sister discovered the priest s
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only one side of theisridge pen because of high winds. other areas blanketed with seeing sleet and now some heavy rain as people stort head home. how much more? >> right now, freezing raia big issue. that's what they're dealing with around the i-70 area. take a look at those roads. traffic at a stand-still. here's where the storm was during the day today. the rain, snow line continuing to make its way north and west. we are really dealing withzi fr rain and that's the big
5:30 pm
concern. roads will get worsav if you don't to get out, please stay home. hethis is we're hook at the snow. temperature wise, we're bow freezing. 30 in winchester. i've seen numerous pictures. may be even some delays and cancellations. >> we'll keep it here. a father's secrets hidden for decades leaving a local borderboroug and sister trying to trace their routes. thousands of families could bee facing the s fate. >> investigative reporter jodi flescher has this sibling story and tell us why ty couldn't reveal their truth until now.
5:31 pm
>> death isn't always the end of the story. especially when it comes to secrets. there was a lot they didn't know growing up. the roots o the family tree date back to the early 1960s. leen and jim say they lived with their mom and o twoer siblings have their dad was in and out of st. elizabeth's hospital after the war. >> it was hard. i wanted the loveonnd affecti from my father. >> jim said that relationship tore at him f years. as a teen he got into drugs and even went to jail. his sister had started to notice something strange. >> it was something. she was like a little girl all over again. >> but the siblings say this was no oinary affair. they called him uncle ralph, the friendly catholic church. he was around a lot for as long as they could remember. >> it didn't dawn on me as a little kid.
5:32 pm
i thought he was from the church and he was there to help. >> theyheay their m came clean when they were teenagers and told them her love story. she said she first connected with him when she was growingp in pennsylvania before he was a priest bust her mother intervened, saying his path to priest hood was more important. later when she was a mother of two in a loc hospital, she went to a hoke church looking for help. >> i this it fate. meant to be. >> in a stunning confession, she told them father ralph was their actual father. >> my mom told me to never say anything because he felt under comfortable. >> he said under church w, it is far more serious than that. >> to have a sexual relationship with a woman once you've been ordained a priest is a crime.
5:33 pm
>> he said it is an abusef power over a member of the faith and an injustice toward the en chil >> they grew up without t full active participation of their father in their life. we know that's not good for children. >> the church relocated him twice in two years around the time the children were born. but thesaid there is nothi in his record that there was a move for any other reason than what might b considered routine rotation between parishes. in the late 1960s, he payment the preeft in saint mary's county. hen he died in 1982, jim said he and his mom went to the funeral. his father lies in the shad ovet thatlic church today. he said betty still spoke fondly of fat ur ralil her death in 2016. eileen and jim promised to never tell anyone until after she was
5:34 pm
gone. >> they were both very careful about it. my mom too a lot of pictures of us kids growing uput we didn't find any with him in it. but he did tell someone of his pain 35 years ago. we uncovered this seven months after father ralph died. in it ach ptrist noted that jim's father was a catholic priest. >> the siblings have a newri me they cherished. time spent near this small home. they say they called at this time beach house. >> it was a special place toll of us. their mother said he planned to retire from the church and grow d with her eventually leaving that home to their children. when the i-team tracked down his will, there wen noon of that home let alone eileen, jim orbett >> it may have hurt her. because his memories would be there in the house. >> feporter: themher ralph should have left the church to
5:35 pm
take care of his family. he believes thousands of priests have struggled with the same decision but does not think the church will ever allow existing priests to marry. >> definitely there are more children of priests than we know. >> reporter: which is precisely why they wantedl to tel their story. >> we had to keep it hush, hush. >> he had this smile and he had a twinkle in his eyes. he was very kind, very gentle. >> he said it is much more complicated. i know he wasn't supposed to have children. but he was a good person. >> the arch diocese of washington told us, he was an exemplary priest and beloved parish pastor and they have no record of any relationshipsr he had any misconduct. we did reach one of his niecesw
5:36 pm
said his family was not aware of any of this and there is no proof. she said since he isn't here to defend himself, she will choose to aemember him a good person. >> the secrets people have. >> they say every family has its secrets. >> that's a secret. >> they wanted to. share you heard her say at the end there. she said they're not all bad. >> and no one has studied this. we have not found any numbers. >> people do take their secrets to the so you don't know. a never before moment from michelma that she just shared with ellen. getting a little positivit as we head into the holidays. >> but in an unexpectedt, tw
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more election chaos in the sunshine state. the senate races likely headed to a handun re ran desantis is virtually
5:40 pm
assured of winning the race over andrew gillum. but the margin between bill nelson and ric scott is still thin enough to trigger a second review under state law. president trump has made many unsubstantiated allegations of fraud. hey, michelle obama'sir bo are full of stories we've never heard at the white house. she told us out the day same-sex marriage became legal and she sneaked out to watch under the secret service. and they're watching. and they're calling in, she's trying to get inout, she's t to get out. and malia is w like,re going to do this, mom!
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>> it is not like a regular pian >> in the ales of costco. her memoirs just came out on tuesday and it is already a best seller. her book tour brings her to capital one arena this saturday. up next, an act of kindness caught on camera and now it's going viral. a local woman s and herrch for a good samaritan. and there's a winner in the first snow stick challenge of the season. yes, inedy, pat collins joins us next. >> and notli only roads out there, especially north and west of washington, check the out the feels like temperatures.
5:42 pm
the wdchills in thein
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all right. weather alert, y dangerous road conditions. all sorts of troubles going on out there. prince william county h just announced it will delay schools for two hours tomorrow. >> i hear cheers. an act of kindness is caught on camera mounted on a d.c. woman's door. it sure looked like something suspicious is going on he but as meagan fitzgerald tls us, this man is doing the homeowner a very big favor.
5:45 pm
>> reporter: most neighbors will tell you they invest in cameras on their front porch for safety reasons. she says that's usually the time of crime that happens around het northeas neighborhood. so this morning, while she was at work, she got aner alert on phone and saw this video of a man walking up to a front porch and seemingly looking around. >> the first they know you see is someone shoving something in my mailbox. i couldn't really tell what it was. and then hetarted to put it under the mat. >> reporter: it turned out this man found her wallet on th a nd stopped his car despite the freezing temperare and was looking for a safe place to leave it. >> i gue iidn't zip my bag. i was in a hurry. >> reporter: not one thing was stolen. >> i have my i.d. and several credit cards. >> reporter: these cameras supposed to catch the bad guys. in a refreshing twist, it caught a good samaritan going out of
5:46 pm
his way to do the right thing. >> there is so much negativity going on. to see, to catch someone in the act of doing somethingodeally as amazing. >> reporter: in the district, news4. >> wow! how mucheo we l that story? tweet. >> what was that? on a nasty day, he went and found her athouse. a lot of effort. that was really nice. really nice. >> what's not so nice is the roads tonight a the temperatures dropping. doug tell us how bad it is going to get. >> the good news as we approach 6:00, a lot of people getting home early so less volume on the roadways. we're really worried about
5:47 pm
freezing ra. means we have snow and then a coating of ice and that means treaerous travel o there tonight and tomorrowg. morn >> let's talk about the forecast. what we gave you last night. most of montgomery county. we saw this wdespread. th the map that we have now. two inches toward the nationalu zoo a bethesda. and parts of montgomery county, upwards of four inches. we're going to have problems o roadways. freezing rain.
5:48 pm
the roads will be a mess. we've got rain. d.c. toward the south. freezing rain toward the west. prince awilliam, two-hour delay for tomorrow. we think we could see these as the storm stlem make its way. the rain may be out by tomorrown g. even in the 30s. >> we've got prince william and fairfax. if you're in that winter storm warning, montgomery county. you want to anticipate a high likelihood of delay. a wintry mix.
5:49 pm
backn e mountains, we will see snow, freezing rain, a wintry mix. as far as ice goesn our mountain zone. we could see up to a quarter of an inch of ice with that much e. we could see extremely dangerous ro conditions withe high like had you hood o cancellations. we're talking about a mix there with a chance for some wintry mix. that includes a quick burst of snow so cancellations are likely. you could see about a tenthf an inch erght. 70 in frederick is an aolute
5:50 pm
mess out there a mix tonight. by tomorrow morning. manyocations are dry. you've only been dealing with rain. by torrow morning, good news foryou. here it is. for tomorrow, t wintry mix. you have plenty o sunshine. for the weekend, quiet but chilly with high temperatures around 50 degrees. pointing out thanksgiving. today we got over an inch at the airport and it was end. now it's standing in the rain. >> i'm standing in a little drizzle. ke look. tell me what's wrong with this picture. take another look.n
5:51 pm
there is snowe ground and there are leaves. hold on! oh! i told you it was a weird any way, it all started with winter weath forecast. >> yes, if you're running low, you'll to have getew a more this evening for sure. >> you know we had that right after your forecast. the day and time of the first inch orat so ational airport
5:52 pm
and the winner -kn you ow, he with only ran that promo once. and what happens? the national airport. stick around. we'll show you the winner. and we'll have anothforecast. watch out for this guy. you're going to see a lot of me. >> run, pat, run! all right! m out of here! a local catholic school is
5:53 pm
in trouble. ahead, w the community is fighting hard to savehis school. consider making a donation for our family foods. pat wson muse will be collecting donations at capital
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emperatures are freezing and t. a catholic school may have to close its doors because of a six-figure whdeficit. owhe skol is having problems and you can help. >> we do a lot of science experiments. >> among their alums, after more than 60 years, the school b cou so closing its doors. >> i'll be heart broken. she helped me spiritually and academically. >> these are some of the manypa nts here. scrambling to raise $200,000 by
5:57 pm
february to keep the school open. >> plenty of sleepless nights. if we don't have i have, we need to look at alternative schools for our children. >> it serves k-8. >> now we're in a place where that savin isn't enough so we have to have new income. >> there are a number of fund-raisers underway. if the goal is not reached, the school will close at the end of the school year. that's not what they want. >> i want to see my daughter graduate from here in eighth ade and she is only in first grade. >> they only have until february 15th.
5:58 pm
they need more help. to go nbc washington and search ochool help. >> hard resist those little kids. holy family school is part of the arch diocese of washington. jim and doreen arenext. new at 6:00, a record breaking nor'easter delivers the first snow of our season. .it is only novemb >> what do you think? >> the maj roads shut down. >> a dangerous spinout. >> and traffic backed up for miles. freezing urning to rain. >> i hope it's not a sign of thing to come. >> hey, we'll even hand out the first snow stick of the season.
5:59 pm
too soon? >> our snow teame cover starts now. >> this is a live look at i-70.o s of people being stuck as much as three hour. this is one of our biggest trouble spots. we've heard from fairfax county and prince william counties. covering this november nor'easter for you. >> this is the most snow reported in washington since 1989. making this the fifth wettest on
6:00 pm
record. this was lot to deal with. >> the one word that we kept using, nasty. and that's what it has been. >>,loun upper montgomery counties, i-81, that's where the travelhe will be most treacherous overnight and tomorrow morning. we see the rain to the south, the snow and sleet, you see it right back toward the shenandoah valley. if you live to the west, around ymartinsburg, you rea want to think about driving. it will be a i about 10:00, 11:00. some areas


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