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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  November 16, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EST

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rain and know overnight is quickly, quickly coming to an end here. our biggest impact of the day will be the wind. a gustyd northwest w today. a few snow flakes flying here for norther loudoun up through the pennsylvania line, but most of the heavier, steadier is out of the area. here's the best news. temperatures haveeen trendin upwards overnight. and morehan war up to get all the slipperiness off the road.
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>> the snow did this. it is nowet. hbound 295 after laboratory ad southwest with street flooding in the two right lanes because of the water fro yesterday. purcellville eastbound, traffic alternating around that. beltway inner loop and outer loop, no big problems on the beltway. >> we're tracking the f and out of our area and we just checked flight aware. it shows tha all flyings in and out of the three main airports are on time, but it was a completely different story yesterday. according to usa today reagan national airport saw more than 150 cancellationsst day. keep in mind it's a hub for american airlines. the baltimore washington international thurgood marshall
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airport had flights grounded. >> the sto became establishly run in split the house right in half. people were inside at the time. nobody washu , though. >> people traveling through have ick, maryland may seen the worst of the winter weather. >> it caused one of theorst back ups on i-70 in quite awhile. the ice covered road caused a string of crashes. manyve drirs wound out stranded for hours. we spoke to one family and one driver tha able to pull off the interstate and get gas. she called yesterday's conditions a complete disaster. >> so much rain has blown up from the road and there's a lot of trucks and cars in the shoulder and people slow down
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unexpectedly. >> snowplows worked through the night. >> another area hit hard was loudoun the school district scrambled to change it's two-hour delay to a full closure. all throughout the area, sidewalks, parking lots, cars, they were completely covered in wet snow. drivers told us conditions seemed to go from bad to worse quickly. >> i saw at least thr accidents. >> i'm hoping that within the next few days, you know, it looks better. it's pretty dangerous stuff our coverage will continue throughout the day. you can also get updates in the nbc washington app. >> developing this morning, more than 600 people are unaccounted for as wildfires continue to spread incalifornia. here's a look at some errie images.
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entire neighborhoods have been turned into ash. the death toll rose to 63 people in the northern california campfire. more tn 8,000 homes have been destroyed and the fire is less than halfd. contai president trump plans to visit california tomorrow to meet with people impacted by the fire >> ballot counts show rick scott leadingy less than 13,000 votes but there's been pblems th the machine recount. election officials missed the t deadline b minutes yesterday and state officials refuse to accep the results. they could not finish their brecount in timeause the machines broke down.
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>> new detailing in the shooting death in d.c. shit was ae girl killed on her way to get ice cream in july.east in a fourth person has been arrested in her death now. d.c. police charged mark price with first-degree murder they're all facing murder charges. at least one more person remains at charge. the fbi is offering a $25,000 tireward for infor that leads to an arrest and convicti conviction. d>> state legislatures h meeting about the university of maryland football scandal. they admitted they made a stake by reinstating the
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football coach after the death of jordan mcnair. 24 hours later, the university , presid wallace lowe fired him. he warned the board, but they didn't lesson. >> i said,im did you bring back quote all hell will break loose. >> after being overruled by the board o regents he announced he would retire this year. at the hearing he asked if he was reconsidering that decision. lowe wou only say no comment. >> 7 minutes after the hour now. this ar, 4 million young people will find themselves without a safe place to sleep. >> it's a growing edemic that has people choosing to sleep outside to raise awareness. is nationwide effort that aims to help youth facing homelessness. >> for too many p youngple this or something like it is a bed. cardboard for a matress.
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maybe a sleeping bag to keep warm. they're trying to keep warm and trying to keep out of the elements and this is actuay a luxury if they do have a sleeping bag. >> it's the story she knows far too well. >> when you think about people having soep in those conditions night after night, it heartbreaking. >> it is heartbreaking. so you see them creating solutions trying to accommodate for the weather. >> as the cold blows in, they're taking part in sleep out america. experience for one night whatik it's to live on the street, raising awareness about youth homelessness and money to help turn their young lives around. >> theo help support not only their housing but even as important it's their job readiness. is their education opportunity that we're preparing them to move forward. >> just recently, they were
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there for a promising football player whose on field talent and bright future were nearly sidelines because he didn't have a home. >> we heard and we stepped in to give him some >> to follow his dream of going to college with a footballp schola scholarship. >> still ahead, the government crack down on big tobacco. >> the popul products that will soon be banned. why some of us need more coffee to wake us up in the morning. hy our taste buds play a big role in how caffeine effects us. >> and back open for business an iconic toy store reopens it's doors in time for the holidays. >> still a few spots lingering
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close to the freezing mark. just assumehat what looks wet might be slippery here early this morning but we're talking about sunshine for today and tomorrow. see you in a minute ayth the fiveorecast.
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take a live look outside of our sw.dios that's our beautiful flag flapping in the wind out there. that tells you what kindf weather we're having. 38 degrees. we're tracking your morning commute as snow and rain made the roads dangerous and this morning, ice is a concern. the federal government is open eoday. we want to g you an update on the school closings.
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>> it's at the bottom of youen scnd the nbc washington app as well. >> these sools will all open 2 hours late. >> the federal government is opening o time today. >> and today president trump is expected to honore seven peo with a presidential medal of freedom. they include retiring senator warren hatch. theongest serving republican senator in u.s. history. honors will be granted to supreme court justice scalia, and babe ruth. the new york times rept says
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that facebook knew much more about the russian influence than the 2016 election than it let on and it goes all the way to the top of tan co the article says facebook founder mar suckerberg had her ignore warning signs and sought to conceal them from public view. facebook also deflected attention from their scandals by sharing articles of its competitors, google andpl zuckerberg says he doesn't know. >> to w suggest that weren't interested in knowing the truth or thate wanted to hide what we knew or that we tried to prevent investigation is simply untrue. >> all of this comes as the socialti networknues to take a financial t. facebook's stock price dropped more than 20% in the last six months and the growth of new users has slowed. >> there's new efforts from the food and drug administration to
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crack downn teen smoking. the fda is looking to ban menthol and mint in cigarettesls they'll limit where flavored e-cigarettes can be purchased and plans to step up verifications for online the federal study found 3 million students in middle or high school are using e-cigarettes. >> if you need more than one cup of coffee to get your day going, it might be your dna'st. fa the more sensitive a person is to the bitter taste of ,caffei the more coffee they drink. that may seem backwards but researchers say coffeeovers learn to associate that bitter taste with the bst our bodies get from caffeine. it's all in here. you taste tha and y crave it. >> it's dna. it's your mother's fault. for u blame your mother everything. >> that's how it works. >> i'm calling valer and te
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telling her, it's not your fault. >> one of the most iconic toy stores in the country will reopen it's doors today. fao schawrz is back open for business. ad to56-year-old store close about 3.5 years ago, but it promised to be ba. the new store will feature the famous giant clock tower as well as a giant dance on piano made famous by tom hanks in the hit movie big. >> very cute. >> so yesterday even thougwa it snowing, the family online safety institute held important conversation about online safety with families with a panel of experts i was able to moderate. the fact that more parents find that technologyel actually them with parenting, even with some of the concerns about cob tent and screen time. and that overall, f peoplm all groups, seniors, my age
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group, my kid'seo age,e from all demographics, low income and diverse backgroun found that overall technology brings people together and i'm in the sandwich gap that we're trying to help our kids navigate technology and my parents. my mom is how do they get those pictures up there so quickly. it's finding solutions. >> i have tech support for my folka. in atla >> i'm sure you have to help them. >> they're windows people and i'm not. i don't know what to tell you. a who other issue. >> a whole other problem. >> let's take a look outside our window. >> what do we see? >> i see darkness. increasing light toward dawn thou. still a partly to mostly cloudy sky. it's an improving weather picture. that's the good news. we'll be back to sunshine before noontime today. some places we'll have the sunshine back relatively quickly. unfortunately, the sun isn't up until just before 7:00. rightnow, 38 degrees in washington.
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the thing you're not going to like about today ist' that going to be breezy. here's a check of i-66 west there. melissa, who by the way i part time working this morning. she will be back in just a second. >> you didn't say that. >> that's all that onmatters. you're 33 or higher, things can start to melt down., veery effective at these temperatures. assume that it's stoppery rrow just to be on the safe side but we'll be dry later on in the afternoon. a gusty northwest wind will bring temperatures back in the low and mid 40s but the kids will need the coat and the hat for the bus stop thisg. morn it's going to remain cold and everyone is going to need their sunglasses lat in the day today. there it goes. the big nor'easter away from us. there's the gustyst north wind that will be around here for the rest of the day, but we will be dry for today, tomorrow, sunday,
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monday, all the way through the five-day forecast. maybe a few sprinkles late sunday evening. no one has to worry about it, but temperatures will remain cooler than average. good morning. > chuck bell, you're in big trouble. look it pays better than here. what do you want me to do? it's really wet still. as you're headed out, we have a lot of moisture on the roads. even flooding herehat's going to cause lays. college park, inner loop, camp springs, also have a crash. the rest of the beltway looks okay. westbound 66 before prince william parkway, weside bloc blocked now with a spin out and dunkirk road, downed wires. >> thank you. 4:20 is our time right now. still ahead we're wrapping up our series of reports on sleep. >> this morning, how the positions you sleep in and the pillows you use may prevent you
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from falling asleep. >> later today onellen. >> hey, everybody, dwayne johnson, alsos known the rock, box office king, sexiest man alive, host and creator of the titan games. >> and i'm andy. >> why does she do that to andy? >> average andy as it were, out to hang with dewayne the rock johnson with a preview of his new nbc show the titan game. el
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thiechnology is called stop li stoplift. it uses artificl intelligence to analyze video and sends an alert to the self-check out. it can also flag loopholes since as ringing in a turkey as bananas. loss prention can help them stay in business and keep prices low. et this, for every turkey stolen, a store has to sell 50 turkeys to make it up. people, stop stealing the turkeys. >> where do you put- this is -- its not that they're trying to hide it. i think they're not paying for it. >>nehanksgiving is going to cost you a little less this year, apparently. a new survey found the average cost of this year's dinner for ten people will be about $49. that's about 22 cents less compared to last year. cost of the turkey is down as well. a 16 pound bird will cost around $22.
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it is sleep week here. all week we have been working for you on tips on how to get better shut eye. >> wrappinur up series with why your pillow and sleep position matter. angie goff shows us how the wrong combination can be a real pain in the neck and more >> waking up is tough when you sleep like a baby, but a third s americans don't and dr. gregory lees their position may be the problem. >> the reason you don't want to sleep on your stomach is you have to turn your neck to the right. you have toth brea >> which can hurt your neck and back. it's on your back dr. lee says is the best way to sleep, but watch the pillows. >> we have been on our phones all day, on t computer all day, now the bad position for the neck. >> what is your suggestion with this? the best thing to do is support the natural curve ofk the n here and get a pillow for under the knee. that sports the back. >> same for side sleepers.
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add a third pilloehind your shoulder. picking that pillow is important too. the national sleep foundation recommends back sleepers use thinner styles or memory foam side sleepers, go firmer. what about that mattre? o to the mattress store and get your spouse and partner and get om and let your body tell you. don't use labels that say firm o soft. let your body tell you what's best f you. >> 4:26, coming up, fund-raiser fraud. it was the story tha touched millions and raises thousands of dollars, turns out it was fake. what happens next to all of those donations. >> and good morning, everybody. storm team 4 weather alert, to keep you ahead of any potential trouble, there could be isolated a spots that slippery this morning. good news, this will be blown dry today. bad new is that wind will keep th
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here's full list of school closings and delays. warren, page, clark, they're all closed. allegany county schools in maryland. mineral and morgan couy schools. >> culpper, manassas, prince william, fairfax and loudoun county schools will all open 2 hours late. the federal government will open on time. many school districts are being cautious. if you went out on the roads yesterday, you likely saw a lot of cs and school buses weren't able to make it through the first snow of the season. we're working for you to get you through it toda >>


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