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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 16, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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the icy roads already lead to school closures and delays. in virginia, firsthe city of winchester, frederick, warren, clark, page they're all closed. in maryland, allegany county schools, jefferson, berkeley, grant, hardy. mineralorndn county schools are all closed today. >> now to the delays in virginia. culpeper, manassas city, manassas park city, prince williams, fairfax, loudoun, arlington, alexandria city, stafford county and falls church schools all open 2 hours late. in maryland, washington and frederick county schools will open 2 hours late as well. the federal government is open. >> now for the most part, the decision to cancel classes was made pretty rains fell into the night. some places saw snow through
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midnight. orning news 4 has seen coverage of the weather. >> our crews are out on the roads looking at the areas you'll want to avoid. we'll get to melissa with your commute in just a minute, but first, l w's check inh chuck bell with our forecast. how is it looking chuc i >>s an improving weather picture for your friday today. it's been cold ernight but temperatures have held steady or been inching their way up during the overnithours. so didn't have some slipperiness in spots but most of the roads are just wet. untreated surfaces like sidewalks and drive ways and some side streets could be slippery. be careful. blown dry today with a gusty northwest wind up near 30 miles per hour at times today and it will stay cold. anything above 32 is ll that matters. 33 in gaithersburg now. 37 inuralls . 35 in prince george's county. there are a few pockets below freezing riacrosse william county down toward culpeper b
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on theook out there. dog walking forecast for today. dillon would love to help keep you company on your daily walk. he's available for adoption at thee humane res alliance. temperatures cold this morning in the 30s. breezy and sunny thisafternoon. by 6:00, we're back down into the mid 40s. so it will be ahieryy day to be outside today. more about the weekend which is looking pretty good coming up. for now, melissa. >> i'm going to get you for this. chuck did this to my voice. this is what haened to my voice so i'm blaming him. all traffic stopped here c thsh is on the leftide just north of that is this problem. malcolm x avenue there in southwe southwest. we have the flooding on the right side of the roadway.
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gainsville, westbound 66 the ramp to 29. blocking the left lane. sterling northbound 28 ramp to 7. ramp blocked icy, multiple spin-outs. brand new problem on the inner loop near 123 as well. >> melissa, thank you. it's 6:03. rself some extra time on the roads this morning. you heard about the issue out there. a lot of the roads a still little wet from yesterday's snowstorm. >> chris lawrence is live checking out the ads. what are you seeing, chris? > nothing widespread at this point. a couple of sporadic problems, hit o, mi but overall roads not bad at all through the district. we were just checking out that flooding there o northbound 295. now we're in northwest d.c. on ohio drive. heard about a crash on rock creek parkway s we're going to check that out. but just a little wet.
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nothing that's goingau to you any major headaches. chris lawrence, news 4. >> chris, thank you. team want to continue our coverage now of the slick commute with the conditions in loudoun county. news 4 is live where ice is making things difficult for commuters. how bad is it, megan? >> yeah, well we are watching this unfold as you are with this live camera here. so i'm not absolutely sure what's going on. we h le a of police lights up ahead and we just passed an ambulance actually that had spun out andent off the roadway. we had reports of bridges and ovndpasses in the area a number of spin outs and we're now coming up to an overpass over here. you can see the flashing lights ahead me and it looks like we're on that overpass right now and i think we have some pretty slick conditions here.
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i don't know if we got some spin outs. coming up on it live here. couple of cars. somebody is up onhe curve a we are on that elevated road surface which of course those are the conditions where things freeze first. with the live camera on the other side of the roadway, we have several cars all pulled up. we had a chain reactionth collisione. a couple of fender benders. i'm seein five orix cars involved in the one on the other side. so they he thatirection completely closed at this point. so this is the suation tha people are encountering this morning. slick conditions. we are at 33 degrees. i just checked it at our no location right so very very cold, but of course those bridges and overpasses, those elevated road surfaces, they get very slippery a they
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freeze very fast. so keep in mind as you'reov goi those kinds of roads, take it easy. everything else might have bee fine. might have been just wet, but when you hit the bridges and er sses, we are seeing problems. people spinning out, slippi and sliding and unfortunately some collisions here. not even ambulances are immune. we o just saw off the road here a little whileago. back to you guys. be sure toheck the flight. today will be nothing like yesterday. reagan g to usa today, national airport saw more than 150 cancellations yesterday. bwi marshall had 150 flights
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tounded. >> n storm became especially rough right here in bethesda. ree crashed right down on to a house and split it right in half there. people were inside at the time. we're told nobody was hurt though our coverage of the winter storm and it's impacts will continue throughout the morning a day long. you can get updates as well on the nbc washington ap >> it's n 6:07. developing this morning more than 600 people are still unaccounted for as wildfires continue to spread in california. take a look at this. these are eerie images of the damage indi pa. entire neighborhoods have been turnedo i ash. the death toll rose to 63 people. more than 9,700 homes have been destroyed and that fire is less than half contained. >> now to decion 2018 and the
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election still being decided. the race for one of flor a's u.s. senate seats is heading for another recount. ballot count rescor es show rick scott leading by fewer than 13,0s, vo but there's been problems with that recount. election officials msed the deadline by two minutes yesterday and state officials refused to accept the palm beach officials told reporters that they couldn't tnish their reco in time because their machines broke down. state officials ordered a man yule manual recount. a machi recount appears to eatedrm ron desantis d democrat andrew gillum, however gillum says it's not over until every legally cas vote is counted. >> new details in the shooting death of the 10-year-old in the district. the little girl was killed on her way to th ice creamruck in northeast in july. a 4th person has been arrested
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in her deathnow. police charged mark price with 1st degree murder. on wednesday, three other suspects appeared in court. they're also facing murder charges. one mored at leas person is still at large. the fbi is offering an additional $2000 to the $25,000 reward for information leading toen aarre -- to an arr and conviction. >> 4 million young people find themselves without a safe place to sleep. >> it's a growingmi epide that has people choosing to sleep outside to raiseawareness. they're part of sleep out america. volunteers experience fornine t what it's like to live on the street. the funds support their housing and education and helps them move forward in their lives. >> i did it a couple of years ago. it's an emotional experience just to have the few hours where you're there on the ground with your thohts and trying to
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understand what people that deal with that have to go through. it's great work they do and the money goes to great effortslp t oung people. >> still ahead, we're helping you catch up on sleep. >> whyio the pos you sleep in may prevent you from getting your best rest. chuck? >> rain earlier in the week and snow yesterday. adot of r chemicals down. that means your car is probably an ugly mess. you can get it washed o afternoon. not only will it be dry later today, but it will be dry welex into week. i'll give you the five-day forecast coming up. >> look, lauren's not doing weather today, she's leading thisbarre class here in arlington. ith her ing to talk tout why this is a good w fight the fat before the holiday.
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winchester city, frederick, warren, clark, page are closed. alleganyounty schools and jefferson, berkeley, ant, hardy, mineral and morgan county schools are all closed. >> now to virginia, culpeper,
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manassas city, manassas park city, prince lliam,fairfax, arlington, alexandria city, stafford county and falls churco sill all open 2 hours late. washington and frederick county schools will open two hours late. >> the federal government is open r on aular schedule today. thanksgiving days away. we want to help you fight the fat before the holiday kicks off. s withn count the calor more than just a jog. >> teaming up with lauren rickets at xten barre. ayey're showing us a cool workout this hol season. >> you can see i'm trying to get the hang of this. this is t my firste trying xtend bar. it's a lot of fun. lauren i one of the instructors here. i want to thank kelly for letting us i here studio this morning. we have a miss virginia contestant working out and
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getting ready for h competition next week. there's a lady named emily in this class. sheas done thi kind of class 750 tim right here. emily. up for all right. so lauren, come on or here a tell me, what is this kind of workout for people that don know what this is. >> this is a great workout. it's a workout for everybod we have trx. we have yoga, we have barre, a little pilates and ballet and it's the best workout. >> it makes you strong. it's card yore based but pilates and barre based. i love it because it'ssculpting me and the class goes by so equick. i lov it. >> let's go on over here. >> so come back this way, second position. so legs are wider than your hips so you want that knee in liep wi -- in line with that heel.
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and then lunge it out and then turn and lunge. down and lift. i don't know why aaron isn't coming here. aaron, do you see us wking out? you should be getting off your butt and coming to work with us. >> i am doing it right now. >> i hear you llaaron. >> wee you in a little bit. >> thank u. >> traffic alert right now. we have 19 crashes in northern virginia aom this veryt in time. very slick roads across the area. this is really just starting. we weren't seeing many until th 6:hour. chopper 4 over this. this is the inner loop here. the express y lane as look at everything that i highlighted here are some of the cr thes. i o talk with brad up there. yo have that crash on the beltway and one very close by as well. what are you seeing? >> well, i want to start by
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saying ae were making our way over, there's emergency vehicles coming from all dections headed to different crashes that i have been hearing over the police scanners. we have two separate in rdents. thp is closed for a spin out and then a four vehicle crash theretlong the l side closing both lanes of the express lane. so you might want to stick to the main lane if you're headedh out morning because right now you're not going to be able to get your money's worth. now route 7, you can see there off in the distance they have icylanes blocked there for conditions to get over that ramp. so we're seeing this all over the area aroundnd loudoun fairfax counts. you'll want to be careful when you head out on the road this morning. also stuff going on down in downtown d.c., correct? >> we do. other problems this morning. northbound 295 here in southwest. you can see really slo there
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because of flooding. that just cleared out of the way. guys? >> thanks. yes, indeed. even though most reporting stations are above freezing this morning. be careful for that. skies are clearing out very, very quickly. it's cold. 38 degrees but anything above 32 is bonri ma. be ready for a gusty northwest wind today. 31 in warrenton. 30 in manassas. be careful. if it looks j wet,t assume that it's ice this morning. keep your speeds down a leave a lot of extra following room just to be on the safe side: a
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lot of districts are closed or delayed this morning. our nbc washington app has a complete list always updated: it's not bad for us. travel weather gets worse. there could still beca signi travel delays there, but from our washington area to points west and south, all is quite and future weather kee us sunny and dry today. still a lot m ce clouder and rain chances remain delightfully low. maybe a stray sprinkle. there's your five day forecast. cool than average b at least it will be dry. that allows everybody to clean everything up and get things back on schedule. >> thank you, 6:20. still ahead, our series of reports on sleep.
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>> this morning, how it may prevent you from falling asleep. >> dewayne johnson here alson kns the rock. box office heavy weight, box office king. hoster and creor of the biggest, baddest show eve on television called the titan ga. >> and i'm andy. >> archo andy out hang with dewayne the rock johnson. a preview of his new show the titan t
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16 pound bird will cost about $22. >> it is sleep week here on news h all week wee been working with you for tips on how you can get better sleep. >> we're wrapping u our series with more on why your pillow and sleep position matter. angie goff shows us how the wrong combination can be a real in in the neck and more. >> waking up is tough when you sleep like a baby, but a third of americans don't and dr. gregory lee says their position may be the problem. h
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>> youe to turn your neck because you have to breathe. >> which canou hurt y neck and back. it's on your back dr. lee says is the best way to sleep or watch the pillows. >>e have been on o phones all day and on our computer all day. >> what is yourit suggestion this? >> the best thing to do is support that natural curve of pillow here and get a for under the knee. that supports the back. >> same set up for side sleepers. for extra support, add a third pillow behind your shoulder. picking that pillow is important iotoo. the nl sleep foundation recommends back sleepers use thinner styles or memoryfoam. side sleepers go firmer. on your tummy still,ry the thinnest pillow you can find on do use one at all. and what about that mattress? >> go to this mattress store and get your spouse, get your partner and get on them and let your body tell you. don't readshe label that say firm or lsof your body tell
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you what's best for you. >> news 4. >> the college football forecast for the weekend, the buckeyes are taking onom marylandrow at noon in college park. a nice day for football there. if you're making the drive down to blacksburg, the miami hurricanes are taking on the hokies a if you'roing to fedex field on suay, chilly and dry in the 40s for the washington-houston game. first 4 traffic is tracking huge troubles for the friday morning
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in virginia, winchester,
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frederick, warren, clark, page, are all closed. maryland allegany countyol sc are closed. jefferson, berkeley, grant, hardy, meral and morgan county schools are closed. >> now delays in virginia, culpeper, manassasnc city, p william, fairfax, loudoun, arlington, alexandria city, and stafford county and fall church schools are all two hours te. in maryland, two hours late. >> the federal government is open today as well. >> back to that traffic alert. melissa begins our team coverage. what's gng on? >> a major mess in northern virginia. slick roads across the area. they were just wet and now as the sun is rising the temperatures in some spots are going down and causing a mess in many, many spots. westbound lanes the ramp to 29 are blocked because of ice.
6:31 am
1 different crashes around the area. let's go up to chopper 4. tell us what's going on in that area. you see three different things. >> all kinds of stuff. really it's the overpasses and underpass being the major problem now due to icy conditions. inbound route 7, ts is the overpass. the dtoll roa closed with huge dela coming out of sterling and as i turn the camera, we're going to take a cck on this inner loopid it at 123 we still have the express lanes closed down. they're still working onti g that spin out out of the way. so big problems here. what else is going on? >> we're tweeting about everything. the list is so long we it on air for you. german town, northbound 270. another spin out there. that's our first one, actually, spin out-wise along 270rn this g that was remaining dry.
6:32 am
malcolm x avenue southwest, still have the problem with flooding on the right side ofoa theay this morning. and between ward road and mount harmony, lanes shutdown from a crash overnight b thatrought down cable and wires.l chuck, te it's going to warm up. >> everybody will be above freezing by 10:00 a.m. this morning. the storm itself is way to our north now. it will effect travel headed up to new york city or boston but the skies are clearing out and this is part of the problem as skies cleared out across northern virginia first the temperatures were allowed todr even more quickly. so current temperatures around the region are mostly abovefr zing in maryland and closer to or below freezing in virginia. so it's slippery in spots this morning. we'll be blown dry today with a guthy nst wind and even though we'll stay colder than average, we'll be well above freezing. 30 in manassas, 30 in warrenton.
6:33 am
ies cleared las night. that's a reason virginia is colder than maryland this morning. most of t slipperiness will be in northern virginia this morning. breezy and chilly butunny with highs in the mid to upper 40s. 10-day outlook coming up. >> melissa warned us the roads are slippery and treacherous this morning. >> megan is in loudoun county where she came across another tough area for commuters. that's a bad scene behind you, megan. >> it's a really bad scene. there's probably 8 to 10, maybe a few more cars invved in thi chain reaction collision. this is what we were driving by whene spoke tou a half hour ago. u can see we're on top of a bridge that goes over a body of water. very icy conditions on this bridge and you can see what happened this lit pocket right here in the center of the bridge, we have four cars that just kind of ping-ponged o of each other.
6:34 am
extensive damage. there's another couple of cars further up at the top of bridge and as i walked over here, there were some that looked like they in theinto each other back up. now unfortunately, your car among those damaged here. you're in the tesla right there. talk a little bit about what happened. you were going okay on the regular roads and then you hit the bridge. >> that isec co up until we hit the bridge it was pretty good and then the bridge, there's no salt. ceere's a lot of snow as you can see and and a bunch of cars that collided and the charger lost track and swerved out here and my car is against the railings. then other cars hit it in the back. a very busy morning. >> so thank you for talking to us. glad everybody is safe. just keep in mind as you go over
6:35 am
theridges and overpasses we have very slippery conditions. just take it easy out there. back to you guys. >> what a mess, megan, thank you. no one injured. that's a good sign. >> i want to show you liv pictures from roads in d.c. chris lawrence is driving for . this is near rock creek parkway. chris h a not seen lot of ice or that mess that we saw yesterday. be cautious out there as you head out thishemorning. ever you go. we'll check in with chris more in about 15 minutes. >> stay with news 4. se have team coverage of t winter storm all morning long and on the app as well. it's now 6:35ur ther top stories, the latest on the deadly california officials say the death toll is now at 66 statewide. the so-called campfire in northern california has also claimed lives and hundreds of people aress g. and then south from there, the deadly woolseyire iore than 60% contained.
6:36 am
president trump plans to visit california tomorrow and view thu deion. >> today a suspected white nationalist facing firearms charges could be ordered to remain in jail until trial.ff y clark will have his first court appearance this morning in d.c.'s linked on social media to the suspected gunman in the pittsburgh synagogue shootin according to federal authorities. news 4 was first to show you images of itemed fnd in his northwest washington home. they include nazi flag ammunition, body armor and a noose. >> terrifying moments inside one of the tallest buildings in the country overnight. six tourists including a prnant woman were trapped in an elevator inside chicago's building for two hours. everyone is out and no one was hurt. caused it to stop on the 11th floor. and pulled the people out.
6:37 am
>> today we have a news 4 team working for you with ways to fight the fat this holiday season. she is at a class with lauren rickets teaching. >> yes, and we're almost done. we're workingbs on a and fight the fat. we're going to tell people why they khould take thisd of a class as they fight the fat. >> plus, we're tracking trouble spots on the roads on thishe wer alert morning. wer alert morning. look at the back ups
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>> they made up a feel good story and raised more than $400,000 through a go fund me
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account. >> people are calling this go scam me. all 14,000 donor is will be funded their money. a homeless man gave her his last $20 to get some gas. they started a go fund me account to help him out. officials have text messages one ho after the account went live saying the story was a fake. >> all three have been charged with theft and conspiracy and face jail time. now here's your cnbc morning business report. >> good morning. i'm frank holland. if you want to buy all the items in the 12 ds of christmas song, expect to pay a pretty penny.c s out with the 35th annual christmas index. the tot price for all 364 gifts is $450 more than last year. seven items have stayed the same price. the pear tree, the turtle doves, french hens, calling birds, swans and swimming and maids and milking are moreexpensive.
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artridge, pipers piping and drummers drumming. the five gold rings are 9% less an last year thanks to fluctuating prices. a major mess on the roads, cr ihes right now northern virginia along one of them a closure on the ltway. 'll talk with chopper 4 and tell you what's going on around town. >> be careful if you're going out this moating. bout things to do this weekend? well, the mids
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no matter where you're
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waking up, leave yourself extra time. many school districts are delayed or closed to give you more time to get the kids whe they'regoing. all the updates are on the bottom of your screen. >> he's the lawyer for an adult film actress that had an affair with president trump, allegedly. he's also been hinting at a possible presil run in 2020. >> this morning he's defending himself after a domestic violence arrest. halle jacks u joins live. how is he pushing back on this? >> listen, he's been doing what we have seen for the last 24 or 36 hours or so since the news broke. what's new is the response from his biggest client, stormy daniels. she's the adult film actress that's currently going up agaiidt the present, taking him on, saying that she had an affair withonald trumpn 2006 and was paid to keep quite about it. of course the president denies that. daniels now for the first time since avenatti was arrested on
6:47 am
suspicion of domestic violence is saying all these are are allegations. sshe says will reserve judgment, but she says, she does notdo c violence against women and if the allegations turn out to be true, guys, she will find new representation. now avenatti has also in the last 18 hours or so suggesting, he is hinting that perhaps a far right wing conspiracy theorist has been setting him up for this. more developments on that today. we'll have more coming up in just a bit on the "today" show. >> we'll see youn a few minutes. >> it's 6:. back to that weather alert. traffic all the way up the east coast. if you thought the commute here cis bad, take a look at the scene from new yor and the suburbs there. bus and train stations had to be shutdown as they became overcrowded. lookt that. those drives took at least triple the amount of time they usually do and because federal law requires a man dated rest period for drivers, there's
6:48 am
expected tbe a shortage this morning. that means there's a good chance today will be another rough commute. and aer commute also facing trouble spots this morning. melissa will have more on the problems in tie soyson in a mom >> first we want to check in on our team out on the ground for us. let's begin with megan in loudoun county at the scene of a crash involving multiple vehicles. megan, what's going on? w>> yeah,l you can see behind me here that they're starting to pull some of these cars off of the bridge. we're on nokes boulevard in the aburn are ashburn area and we have four cars that were involved in a collision.tion there's two more at the top of the bridge and then as i was walking here, there's probably three or soore down at the other end of the bridge that actually smashed into each other in what t appears have been the back up from these other
6:49 am
accidents. you can see just how slippery it is. the drivers said they were doing just fine on the regular roads. things were just wet but as soon as they hit the bridge, this elevated road surface, that's when they started to slip and slide and they just started to bang into each other on tbr ge and it kept going from there. fortunately, no injuries here bu a tremendous amount of damage. you can see the car, the charger here on the back of this flat bed tow truck,hat looks like it's a complete loss and major damage to the other cars as well. very slipperye. out th especially on bridges and the overpasses as you head out this mornin certainly be very, very careful. back to you. >> all right. megan, thank you. >> we continue our team cerage in d.c. news 4's chris lawrence is checking out the roads f us.
6:50 am
chris, what are you seeing? overall, not too bad outhere. no ice we've come across here in d.c. a couplel of spo of flooding and a couple of accidents. we're on rock creek parkway right now. we heard a report of a car that went off on the side. you can take a look here and you can see that the polic are out here. they have the right lane blocked off. you can see that car that went off on the side of the road. so a little slow up here but g nothing that'ng to hurt you too much as you head out the door this morning. liven northwest d.c., chris lawrence, news 4. >> thanks, chris. we want to check in with melissa. >> may not applyo d.c. good thing you have wet roads there. not the situation in northern virginia. slick roads acro northern virginia. chopper 4 showing us part of the beltway. inner loop express lanes
6:51 am
shutdown. i can't circle all of them. we're talking about 22 crashes in northern virginia alone at this point this morning. one ofnd them westb 66 shutdown at the rampo 29. >> police are requesting that they bring sand t trucks into mixing bowl. all the overpasses and lanes are seeing icyonditions sohere's about 40 of those. >> thank you. good to see that. germantown northbound 270 after father hurley, a spin out there.
6:52 am
the rest of the action looks good. just dry. that's a good thing. hopefully it stays thatway. inbound 295 at malcolm x, the flooding on the right side of the road there. multiple crashesse of ice and spin outs. 270, look at that. really good. top of the beltway not bad either. inbound on 66. unbound on 95. remember to listen to wt 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. >> sun ist coming up and that will start to melt down quickly and temperatures in the mid to upper 40s later today. yesterday a record amount of snow atll three airports. november 15th is not exactly the snow season around here.
6:53 am
thatas the biggest november storm in 29 years. that will be northwest and gusty bye bwi gaithersburg khmer
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rouge. good morning. chaos. the nortast brought to a standstill by a record setting snowstorm. >> students forced tei sleep in r classrooms. drivers trapped in their cars overnight. more than 10,000 flights canceled or delayedo coast coast. and the misery is notnhe over s and this rning's messy commute. breaking overnight from bad to much, much worse. the number of dead and missing in these california wildfires sky rockets. authorities say more than 600 people are unaccounted for. nearly 70 people killed. and the fires rage on with no end in sight. we are live with the very


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