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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 16, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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$2 million in paid taxes. >> the victims of mr. ng's fraudulent activity are montgomery county and every. u.s taxpayer whooluntarily complies with the tax laws every year. >> reporter: people are asking how mr. bang got away with this embezzlement scheme for six years right under the county's nose. in a statement, montgomery county executive sent out a statement saying bangad took ntage of the fact that the economic development funds are exempt from the county's usual procurement over mr. bang was able to exploit his past reputation as a highly effectiv employee and is his knowledge of county procedures. >> it's terrible. i have a family of six, andl we ay taxes. and there is a lot of great things i want to money to go to. d to find out someone stole it from yo p >> reportesecutors say no one other than peter bang was involved in ts embezzlement
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scheme. reporting from the montgomery county courthouse, chris rdon, news4. >> he faces up to 40 years in prison for federal and county convictions. an ongoing executive ike leggett says they're going to mak some rule changes to preventbe an emzzlement case of this magnitude in the future. has problem for commuryrs in montgocounty. >> yeah, this major artery, new hampshire avenue, closed for nearly a mile tonight because or a wain break. here we go, folks, the weather. chopper 4 overhe scene earlier today showing all of this flooding here. >> let's check i with darcy spencer who is live in hillandale. >> i can tell you, we haven't seen a lot of pog over the last several hours. but just now that is beginning to change. let me show you the damage first. this is new hampshire avenue. and that is the damage caused by the floodwaters. but if we're going to pan the these and show you, trucks just arrived here. they are going to have to dig down in the road and fix the proble
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northbound g down new hampshire avenue. the road buckled in some places, broken intopieces. this major comter route shut down. people tried to get home and enstart their we for some frustration set in. >> i've got a baby in the car and a mama. us some no way to give direction so we can deviate before this? >> reporter: wsse says a 16-inch pipe burst. that's small, but it's a big problem for anyone who lives in this area or if their commuteta s them through here. some cut through side streets. this man is trying to visit someone in a nursing home. how much extra time will that take? about 3 minutes, 45 minutes. >> reporter: you're going to go tesee your s >> oh, i got to see her every day. >> reporter: thank you, sir. >> god bless you. >> reporter: crews used a pipe finder and then began the digging. wsse could not tell us how long it will take to fix the pipe in
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the road. the one thi they're sure of, it won't be any time soon. >> asking people to please be patient. can find an alternate route, i would advise it. >> reporter: we found many drivers didn't know how to get around the closure. extends for about a mile from powder mill road by the beltway to chalmers road. we didn't seeny detour signs. this big truck blocking the road. >> following waze. >> wazill get you around it? >> it doesn't look like it. it's telling me to go left,s bu left blocked. >> reporter: for some it meant cutting downside streets, getting back o the beltway, or even ditching the car and walking to where they need to go. now just in the last few minutes, we've seen the heavy equipment show up here. this is one of the graders. so progress is being made. we still do not have an estimate of when the road will reopen. for those needing to find an alternate rout just be aware if you get off the beltway, you
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won't be able toet on northbound new hampshire avenue. use university d.boulev use route 29. and i'll be posng updates on twitter feed at darcy spencer. back to you. >> thank you, darci. with our forecast, we have a lot of roadsrying out now after our first little snowfall for the season. >> okay, >>thanks. ut we could have colder temperatures tonight. amelia is in the storm center. darcy is still very much with us. okay. go ahead. >> there is going to be a ni refreeze t, wendy, outside of the beltway. here in washington at 70 a.m., a temperature around 38 degrees. but take a look at future tempatures, especially nor and west of town tomorrow morning. it is a cold start out there. 30 degrees in gaithersburg and leesburg. below freezing there. 30 in frederick. in the shenand temperature only in the teens. winchester at 22 tomorrow morning. it is going to be a cold start, but overall a pleasant day with plenty of sunshine, and the latest check of storm tm 4
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radar we are dry right now. that is great news, because nine t of the last 12 friday we've been dealing with rain in our area. no rain t ore tonight. right now we're at 49 degrees. temperatures for the evening hours will stay in the 40s.he now is a small chance of rain in the forecast this weekend. i'll have more on that coming up in 15 minutes. jim? >> aright. we'll see you then. as amelia mentioned, the snow now wel to our north. but tonight the ripple effects still being felt after scenes like this on the roads. and we know this was a nightmare, but what about the skies? flight aware showing more than 60ghts were canceled today. dad to that the 2,000 that were canceled yestery. a total of seven people were killed i accidents up and down the east coast. in new york in st. louis, traffic at arawl as it hit just in time for the ride home. some drivers forced to abandon theircars. others taking sive se eight hours to make it home.> >>nd in new jersey, some
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students never made it home. these mide schoolers were from west orange were forced to spend the night aftery o four of the school's 14 school buses made it for pickup. teachers packed the auditorium with games and movies and pulled out matsheor students to sleep on. f> and the wet stuff created a nightmare local drivers this morning. one of the worst areas was this bridge across broad run on the gloucester parkway. this is in ashbur that road was so slick, it was ke an ice rink. and the conditions created a io chain rea mess when drivers hit it and started to slide. >> start hitting like my brakes a little bit. at that point i brace for impact. and i was let's hope for the best. >> julio alvarado said he knew he was going to be hit. he got out of hiscar, jumped over the guardrail so he could be safe. just moments late three more vehicles slid into his car.
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stay ahead. stay tuned for a weather concerns this winter. download theng nbc wasn app and set weather as your home page. you can find hour-by-hour forecasts any time. we have some breaking news this afternoon. another new arrest in the murdet t 10-year-old girl in d.c. news4's meagan fitzgerald meagan fitzgerald is live for us outside news headquarters with the details. meagan? >> reporter: with the help of hool resource officer, they were able to arrest a 16-year-old suspect w was to be charged as an adult. i just got off the phone with makiyah's mother. she is praising the detectives for their work, but she realizes police are still looking for more suspects. it's been four months to the day inside this black infiniti pulled up i the courtyard of this clay terrace neighboneood and o fire. 10-year-old makiyah wilson was on her way to get ice cream when she was struck by a bullet and
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kill the latest arrest came this afternoon. a 16-year-old is being adult. yesterday, police arrested o-year-old mark price southeast. and earlier this week, three other suspects charged with her murderppeared in court. a judge reviewed the evidence and determined the were a danger to the community and held them without bond. accordg to court documents, quinton michael was the ringleader who organized the shootif because of a b he had with someone in makiyah's neighborhood. now markprice, who was arrested yesterday and this 16-year-old suspect are eected to appear in court monday morning. wendy? >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you, meagan. act sus white nationalist from northwest d.c. will be held in jail until he guess on trial. late this afternoon, a judge ordered jeffrey clark to remain in custody on gun charges. news4's scott macfarlane is in our newsroom to tell us why prosecutors say clark is so
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dangerou >> wendy, prosecutors say they found a series of troubling things inside his home in the bloomingdale n the including illegal guns, illegal ammunition, hollow point bullets, alsoi flag, a noose, and body armor, they say. and they point to som of his social media posts, including some threatening people of jesh faith. and another said that they celebrated the pipe bomb melees in october. in court late today, clark's attorney asked he be released, sayi his posts are first amendment free speech and that clark has no criminal record. t the judge didn't go for it saying at home is where the alleged crimes happened, and h father is n the person who turned clark in, prosecutors say. clark's family declined to comment tew the i-team. he is now facing 11 years in prison. jim, back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you. a legal victory today for cnn and white house correspondent jim osta.
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a federal judge ruled the trump administration mus reinstate acosta's press pass. acosta's credentials were taken away after this tense exchange trump.resident the president said his staff is now drafting rules for reporters to restore what he calls, quote, decorum. >> they will have to behave, ane e writing up rules and regulations to make a position. i think you would treat it very unfairly both of you because you have somebody interrupting you. and if they don't lten to the rules and regulations, we'll end up back in court and we'll win. >> the president sounding confident, but there is precedent here. more than 40 years ago the u.s. court of appeals the d.c. circuit decided similar case in favor of robert sherrill.nd the court f denial of white house credentials was an o infringeme freedom of the
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press. it required at the very least a notice of the factual basis for henial, an opportunity for applicant to respond and the final written statement of the reasons are. but the critical finding, the reason why. the court ruled that revokings credentiust be based on a, quote, compelling government interest. a teenaged girl allegedly killed byener ex-boyfrid and her body left in a local park, just ahead at 5:00. new information about the death of jolene moussa, and and how detective says her boyfriend went to great lengths to cover up her crime. and a special honor todayr the late justice antonin scalia. his son talks only to news4 about what the medal of freedom would have meant to his dad. ande i trusted and relied upon by so many for h foodis
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it is the highest award civilian can receive in the united states. president trump honoring seven people with the medal of freedom tofy. >> threehem awarded posthumously, and that includes the late justice antonin scalia. and only on news4, news4's david culver spoke with scalia's son about how he is hoping his father will be remembered. o >> on behalf the honorable antonin scalia -- >> reporter: receiving the medal of freedom on behalf of her late husband, maureen scalia joined a the white house friday by her
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nine children. president trump acknowledging a life of service. >> it's wonderful to see it acknowledged and rewarded in that way. >> father pl scalia is a priest with the arlington catholic diocese. his father's sudden death in february 2017 left deep void. he tells me he and his family are still g.heal >> as anyone who has lost a loved one knows, there is the moment where you wanto share something, and you want the speak with the person and you can't. >> reporter: in his nearly 30 years on the supreme court, justice antonin scalia became known as the one of the most outspoken conservative justices. he offered nearly 900 supreme court decisions, many of themli cally polarizing. >> i also want him, and i think he will be remembered as a man of faith and a man who was very will speak about his faith publicly, and then,f course i'd like him to be known as someone in a lot of his speeches he makes this point, somebody who recognizes the importance of the family. >> how is he able to kind of
5:16 pm
ncnd that work/life ba >> my mom. right. i just don't think would have been the man he was without the woman that he rmarried. orter: which explains why maureen scalia was front and center ineceiving his medal. whatever you think of his views, there is no question justice f field, s to the top to the highest court in the land. his son cease it a as afo lesso the youth. >> you to put the hours in. nothing is easy today. >> reporter: david culver, >> on news4 at 6:00, schooly's son talked about how his father was able to turnis ideological foes into his best friends. and in this polarizing time, it's an interesting conversation. a judge has given the green light today to thousands of mentally ill veterans to sue thi ry.
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these veterans of iraq and afghanistan say they were unfairly discharged for minor infractions linked to their untreated orndgnosed mental health problems. the class action lawsuit claims they developed ptsd. since they were discharged, those veterans are prevented from getting v.a. benefits, including mental health treatment. meanwhile, thousands of veterans are still waiting on payments from their gi bill benefits. a technical glitch has cause payments to be delayed, some for months. and the department ofs veteran affairs says it doesn't know when that issue will be fixed. me veterans are in debt and on the bri of homelessness because of it. wendy? he is the dining guru who is shrouded in mystery. i'm talking about tom sietsema, the food critic of "the washington post." so many of us rely on him to tell us where to dine. who is this guy? and how did he become one of the top food critics in the world? in my latest installment of
5:18 pm
super wit sietsema, tom reveal ad came to d.c. so many years ago to work in the foreign service. ♪ >> ianted to have a trench coat and work for the state department. >> do we know this? >> i don't know. >> oh my god. >> yeah. i served in the foreign serviil and i was there had two internships. one was with the other network, i worked for "good morning america," and i also helped -- s was an ant to the washington bureau chief of the chicago "sun-times," and got -- helped cover the reagan assassination attempt. it was really -- it was a really important thing this my life at e time. but i realized i loved writing. i loved words, and i used to hoite for journalists. i used to see all these press badges tha i want to do this. i want to get paid to ask people questions. and so i got a job, my very first job at the post was in
5:19 pm
1983. and i was a copy. the lowliest of the low jobs on the totempole. you will do anything to get out of that job. one time phyllis richmond, a legendary food critic was looking for an assistant and so was bob woodward. >> wow. >> i interviewed with both of them, right? and i got a very nice thanks but nom thanks f mr. woodward. and let's do this from phyllis richmond, my predecessor. so my very first job was testing recipes for "the washington post we h two section as week then, wednesday and sunday. and i tested the bulk ofhe recipes. i had no training. >> what, you cooked? >> i had no training. it>> you have aen in there? >> no, no. had a studio apartment. oh, my sh. >> i was paid next to nothing, but my grocery bills rivaled my rent per month. i was going home every night making lady baltimore cakes and alice waters pizza.
5:20 pm
and these cooking with haunches of meat and cleanin things like that. it was really fun. so that was my culinary ieducation. an used to keep a running list of everything i made. and by the time i left, i mad er a thousand dishes for "the washington post." >> no. >> over the course of several years. >> can you imagine? in a studio kitchen. and eve h thoug didn't join the state department, tom does have a degree fromgeorgetown university school of foreign service. something to fall become on, asu my mother say in case the restaurant thing doesn't work out. but anyway, please stay tuned because we talk about sunday is uppers and why it's important. he has sunday suppers at his house. and he has a really cool secret so, that will come in my future installments. >> what an awesome history. i never oknew. >> how you become, you know? >> it could have been watergate but he learn cooking. >> yeah. > coming upn an online world, reality sometimes doesn't measurehe up it comes to
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selfies. ahead at 5:00, the steps some are taking to lookrore like thiltered photos. plus, a rebound on the way after our first winter storm. amelia is bac k
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warmed up little bit. >> yeah. and it was sunny out th it was windy throughout the day. the good news, the sunset early, and that means the winds died down the sunset at 4:54. trying to look at the silver liningthere. overnight tonight we'll have mainly clear to partly cloudy skies. temperatures are tumbling into e 30 even some upper 20s in the most oural locations. so that's going set us up for a cool weekend. that's your fst weath headline. mainly dry. a small chance of showers sunday night. maybe an isolad shower out there on monday. but for the most part, we're looking dry over the weekend into at least the early part of the noweek. next weekend not the case. more on that in a moment. but right now, thankiving is looking really pleasant. mix of clouds and sunshine. on the chilly t side. but looking dry. here is your rain outlook. saturday and sundae, we're going to keep it completely dry out there. there is a chance for a shower out there on had the small umbrella. no. you might not need to use it as u getack into work after hopefully a nice weekend that you enjoy.
5:25 pm
on tuesday and wednesday it is looking dry. overall,re our tempera running below normal. normal now about 58 degrees. and we'reranlying highs this weekend in the 40s to near 50. and right now we're in the 40s. 49 degrees in washington. 40 in gaitrsburg. 48 in huntington. and 47 in indianapolis t starting o day tomorrow in the district, right around 36 at 7:00 a.m. w's a cold start. you'll definitelt the jacket. by lunchtime, it's chilly. you'll need the sunglasses with high around 57. high to alm tt 50. simila today but with a lighter wind. it will feel comfortabler out there. tonight 43 already. if you take a look at howhe weather sim packing your weekend, cold morning, beautiful afternoons. getting the cth washe weekend? there is a small chance for a shower sunday night into monday. but i still good ahead and get the car washed. yard work, raining up the leaves. nice both days, but i would recommend saturday, tomorrow when you have more sunshine.
5:26 pm
more cloudiness on sunday. if you want to keep that in mind if youe heading t the redskins game. kickoff at 1:00.ra noontime temre around 47 degrees. 2:00 a temperature of 49 down at and by 4:00 p.m., it's chilly at 46. y if get cold easily, i would recommend bringing some gloves to the game. but hey, we're not tracking any rain or sno this weekend. here a look at your sunday forecast. i'll have another check of the ten-day coming up at 5:50. there is thewesolated s chance on monday. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday we keep it dry with high temperatures only in the 4 for the most part. 43 on wednesday. so a cold day out there. shopping for black friday looking good and then saturday and sunday right now, it does look like ao st system could bring some rain to the area with high temperatures around 50. >> all right, athanks. >> big day is coming for more than twoozen children. tomorrow they're going toof ficially become part of a family. just ahead, we meet aittle boy who is especially excited for his big day. >> aw! and the hottest trends for
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5:30 pm
of theoad still closed from chalmers road all the way to powder mill road. the water has been shutf, but several parts of the road have cracked open. crews are working on a fix. a fifth person is now under arrest for the murder of 10-year-old makiyah wilson. the suspect is 16 years old. police say he'll be chargeds an adult. wilson was shot and killed this summer outside of her northeast d.> home. former high-ranking montgomery county employee guilty for embezzling nearly 7 million from the county. now peterang could be spending the next 20 years in federal prison. he was caught after the irsd notice he was spending a lot of money gambling. a judge orders a suspected white nationalist from d.c. to be held in jail until trial. jeffrey clark faces gun charges tonight. authorities call him dangerous and say they found items like a nazi flag and a noose at his house. they also tell us he poste threatening messagesn social media. clark pleaded not guilty today.
5:31 pm
and h we arering for the first time just how a fairfax county teenager allegedly killed his ex-girlfriend. the victim, jholie moussa, was just 16 wenn she missing in january and was later found dead. in court today, a detsctive bed the accused killer's con focus. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey was in the courtroom when it happened. >> reporter: for the family of jholie moussa, it was difficult to listen to the chilling new detailhe of how teen was killed last january. this was moussa's mother, talking about the suspect right after her daughter's body wun after he was identified as a person of interest. >> i have met him, come to my house. i have met him. >> reporter: that18-year-old boy nebu ibrahim. moussa'sharged with murder in august after he finished serving time for an earlier assault on her before her death. the day before his release, fairfax county detectives told him he was the prime suspect in
5:32 pm
her killi . he gave a videotaped confession. the day she went missing, moussa agreed to meet ibrah at woodlawn park. ebrahim told detectives he was angry because after his first attack on moussa, he was transferred to an alternative school. he said at one point as they walked, moussa tried to nudge him, lost her balance and stumbled. that's when he placed here in what described as an mma chokehold. she lost consciousness and fell the ground. ebrahim told the detectien he hoked moussa two more times. after that he dragged her lifeless body off thepa walking and into the woods, covering her up with leaves. hours later, hes was at thi pond. he described to detectives how he had taken moussa'sell phone, removed the sim card, put it in a weighted bag and threw it in theter. moussa's family reported her missing the next day. her body w w found twoks later. that evidence enough for the judge to move ts first-degree
5:33 pm
murder case to the next step. it will go before the grand jury later this month. i'm julie carey, news4. detectives in fauquier county are asking for help tonight. they put out a flier with information about the dea don nguyen and his son america nguyen of bealton. the two men were found shot to death saturday morning. investigators hope someone may have been in that same area at the time of the murders. a lakeridge, virginia nurse isacing sexual assaultharges tonight. 39-year-old christopher chimera is accused of inappropriate contact with a female inmate at the fairfax county adult detention center last month. chimera was working as a nurse with the community services board at the time. he is no longer employed by them. chimera is out of jail on bond tonight. wendy? as we continue horing veterans, a maryland senator says more needs to be done to help women in uniform. this morning senator chris van
5:34 pm
hollen brought women vets and organizations together to recognize their van hollen says the veteran's administration is improving health care for women, but could go further in addressing mental health care and sexual trauma ti should be prio. >> they've had a f syste a very long time was focused almost elusively on male veterans, and that transition has been in progress. but we just needo accelerate. >> i want you to come us to as the w veteran have to receive care. ask us what our issues is. >> the nonprofit group disabled veterans recently released a report showing one in four female veterans reported sexual setrauma while ing. it also found challenges ossessing special prosthetics that they have wear and maternity care. well, tomorrow is d.c. adtion day. 27 children will have their adoption finalized. it's an exciting moment for the new parents and kids.
5:35 pm
northeast d.c., aimee cho met one little boy who is very excited for his big day. >> reporter: cory miller wants know he has lots of talents. >> a masterpiece. >> reporter: he is a great painter. he can run very fast. >> okay. thank you, munchkin. thank ohk you. daddy loves you too. >> reporter: and he can shower his dad with lots of love. whitney and dwight miller have beenoscory'sr parents since he was 2 years old. roer the years they watched him grow a small newborn to a smiling kindergartner. through it all they had one goal in mind. >> make sure as much as possible he has every possible to succeed in life. and take part in the things that he's interested in. >> reporter: whether it's patting his dad's head, playing with his many toys, or checking out our news camera, cory can count on many more advtures to turn. tomorrow he'll officially be adopted by his two dads.
5:36 pm
>> we've been a family for listening time now. but to have it officially recognized, you know, by the law in the eyes of the law means a big deal to us. >> reporter: and how much do these dads love their little boy? >> accorng tocory, this much. the words can't even state how much he is loved, how much love there is in this house. >> thank you, dada. >> cheese. >> in northeast, aimee cho, urws4. >> and own barbara harrison will be emceeing the ceremony ow tomo. wendy, back to you. with black friday just around thecorner, it is time to start thinking about the gift and this year's hottest gift, an experience. gifts like travel, hotels spa visits, cooking classes. they'll make up about a third of the christmas gif. this ye tonight on "nbc nightly news," you'll see the trendiest gifts, and how they're iacting the stores.
5:37 pm
news4 working for your health a localho struggled with mental health issues of his own creates a simple way for others to get the help that they need. >> we can see that so manyot hers are suffering, ande're empowered to do something about it. >> a camera captures anmage of a peeping tom at off campus housing here at the universitma of ryland. coming up at hey, batter, bat r, batter, batter. crowd] like everyone, i lea. but i know the importance of having te to do what you love. at comcast we kne our customers' timis valuable. that's why we have 2-hour appointment windows, including nights and weekends. so you can do more of what you love.
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i'm erika gonzalez at the live desk. we have breaking news. democrat stacey abrams has acknowledged that republican brian kemp will begeorgia's next governor. however, she says she won't bem ng a concession speech saying, quote, the state failed its voters. unofficial returns had kemp with about 50.2% of more than close to 4 million votes, about 18,000 above the threshold required to win a majority and win a runoff. kemp served as the state's chief elections officer until two days after the election when he resigned and declaredy, vict has maintained that any uncounted ballots would not change the outcome. from the live desk, i'm erika gonzalez. back to you guys. news4 working for your health tonight with the alarming new dangers of alcohol. according to new analysis by the university of washington, the number of alcohol deaths has insecrd by 35% in the last
5:41 pm more concerning, deaths among women are up 67%.tu the also found that the district of columbia had the highest rate of death from alcohol in the entire country. some good news here. teen alcohol deaths are down 16%. news4 is committed to raising awareness about mental health through our changing minds initiative. today we're looking at a new app, helping people in the black communit get the help they need. the app was created by henry-health. hel connect patients with culturally responsive therapists. just 3% of the therapists in the u.s. are minorities. doctors say patients people more comfortable when they can talk to somebody who looks like them. >> what w this app everything says we're here for you because we understand whatou're going through as black man. >> henry health is available via smartphone or over the computer. if you or someone you know is
5:42 pm
suffering, we do have a full list of helpful resources on our nbc washington app. search changing minds. a local woman makes huge difference in the lives of kids with developmental delays. leon harris hears hern story tonight's harris'he es. and stylized selfies, filtered faces. they're the envy of so many. how far doctors say some are willing t stronger is blasting her tumors...
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social media has changed the way we live and interact, and now doctors say there is new obsession. people want to look like their edited photos. it's calle snapchat dysmorphia, and it's driving a o lotf people to plastic surgeons. as jacqueline london from our philadelphia station explains. ♪ >> at first it o started as a
5:45 pm
joke, with the little dog snchat filters. but then the women started eetting more into, you know, whitening their or putting the eyelashes on, thin their face or their cheekbones higher. so now it's everywhere. >> reporter: the desire for a forever flawless look has l to a fascination with filters. like many women, allison smith would have the filters on her instagraaccount and loved how it made her look. >> it makes your face look so much more beautiful and flawless. and then when you take a real pi cture, oh, huh. i didn't realize esw many thin i have. >> reporter: now aing you want to change about yourerlf, the is an app for that. kimmi, the clinical nurse injector sees it with her patients all the time. >> so many people are looking at photos and saying oh, my gosh,
5:46 pm
their skin is perfect or their lips are just perfect. and i want to look like that. these apps even let you do things like whiten your teeth. >> reporter: it's a trend that has led to self-scrutiny, self-awareness, and the desire tohange what you see when you look in the mirror, no filter allison came to the office to see how she could make a slight change to her appearance. >> i didn't wantoo to like overly done. i wanted more of a natural look, more of the nat tal lookt i used to have before i lost some weight and before i changed my life style and eating healthy. fr we're taking pictures of ourselves and ounds all the time. so patientsot areing things about themselves all the time.r. o reporter: louis bucky performsne thousand cosmetic surgeries each year in tph philad area. with 3-d imaging in his office, patients like a are able to see what they'll look like before they have any work done,
5:47 pm
whether it's surgery or botox and fillers. dr. bucky say that imaging is critical in thisfi s world. >> people experience the degrees, they can see their entirety w and knowt's aesthetic and what's not. >> dr. buckey says there has always been a science of beauty ere certain proportions, particularly in the face actually have to goet tr a certain way, but those proportions and angles often aren seen in t head-on selfie. so what looks good in pictures may not translate well in person. >> you bump into somebody on the street and whoa, you look so much better in pictures. some food for thought before yon ovyze your next selfie reflection. >> we had a little fun in the hallway. >> in our hallway at nbc washington, we have our dreed up photo versions. the ones on the right are unfiltered. the one on the left are air brushed within an inch of our
5:48 pm
lives. oh, my gosh. i didn't even looilike her when as 18. >> never. here is a tip for everybody out there. do not t put phone under your chin or you'll have five e chins like i do. >> jason, you can lose it. lose it! [ laughter ] he made me do that. do that. i ought really? >> you look so much better than mine. when you get to be 30 like we are, you're not going to be laughing. >> oh, mgosh. i'm loving that your a ality to lau it. people get so wrapped up in all of this online stuff. >> o my gosh, the woman in that piece. >> she was beautiful. >> oh, my igosh, lost weight and -- really? >> it's not an we can go to the head shot now. >> thank you. hi! >> we have a peanut gallery in the control room weighing in. . ifly you can't hr them. >> we can in our ears, though. talking about the temperatures
5:49 pm
right now. 're in the 40s across the area. mainly clear skies. andt is dry out there. 49 right now in washington. 41 in leesburg. 45 in manassas. already a chill night, andt is going to be a cold start out there tomorrow morning. and for friday night football games tonight we have four big games across the area. one of them centreville at madison. the weath i finally dry. 9 out of the last 12 frids, we've hain in our area. not tonight. 44 by 7:00 p.m. 8:00 we're down to 40 degrees, by 9:00 p.m. we're at a temperature of 39. starting off the day tomorrow wi temperatures in t 30s. the most rural locations will start in the upper 20s. saturday is definitely a puffy coat day. same thing for sunday. monday i can't rule out an isolated shower. it's one of the days where you might not need to use it. on tuesday, back to puffy coats. temperatures only in the 40s on tuesday. but the weekd, well, it is about 10 degrees below normal.
5:50 pm
not all that bad. satu pay we haventy of sunshine with the high around 50. more clouds out there for yours ay with the high temperature of 51. maybe an isolated shower sunday night. and then there is a small chance for a s throughout the day on monday. if you're heading out to check out the fall foliage this weekend, you can see we're past peak in most of northern virginia and up through pennsylvania, the district, ndsouthern maryland, then down through parts of the northern neck right nowig considered to at peak foliage. but a lot of leaves are coming off the trees with the cooler temperatures and the winds we've had and the wintry weather this the forecast yesterday. but i do know that the fall foliage and the wintry mix made for some spectacular u otos. thank much for sharing those with us. we love seeing them. taking a look ahead thanksgiving on thursday, right now i'm forecasting a high of 48. finitely on the cool side. but it's a pleasant day with a mix of cloudnsand ne, if you're traveling around from house to house, family to friends, no a worriesfar as
5:51 pm
the weather goes with travel and avel on wednesdays also looking good. check it out. here is your 4 storm team trending forecast. highs this weekend around 50. on monday, there is that oolated shower chance. otherwise plent clouds. highs in the low 50s. tuesday, wednesday a thursday, only 43 on wednesday. next weekend there is the chance for rain saturday and sunday. >> all right. thanyou. hey, tonight we t want reintroduce you to one of our harris' her ms whoes a difference in the lives of kids who have developed mental delays. >> we first introduce ready you to the first work that kendra cdonald does in june. here is leon now with an update. >> bounce,bo ce, bounce. >> reporter: kendra mcdonald transfms lives. she has been working with kids with developmental delays in leesburg for a decade. >>pi think h parents really create a life like ours. they want a life that they can
5:52 pm
go to restaurants, that they can sit down and maybe have a conversation or play with their kids. >> reporter: her introduction into the world of appliedna behaviorsis therapy came when her on son cannon was diagnosed with autism he was 8 years old and needed aba therapy. as you can imagine, it wasn't cheep. hours a wee at $100 an hour, that's a lot of money. i signed um forf onee hours and said show me what you're doing and i'll do the same thing. >> rr: she loved the work so much she decided to make it her full-time b. she went to school and got certified. all while tak hg care of family and cannon. in ten years, she's helped hundreds of kids. kendra says every child is different. some learn quickly. overs may take years. but no matter how long it takes, she never gives up on a child, like 2-year-old wyat >> when we first started, he would scream any time that we came near him or tri toelp him. >> reporter: and in just a month, they'vef made tons
5:53 pm
progress. wyatt has autism and is learning to become more verbal. >> he is actually showing us some of the things that he wants. whereas before he couldn't communicate as much. and it' only been a month since he has been coming here. and already i'm seeing so many changes in him. >> reporter: kendra now helps train other moms to care for their autistichehildren. >>re teaching me different techniques every day. >> we were very lucky that kendra spoke with us and wasry helpful in getting our son wyatt services as quickly as possible. >> reporter: kendra says her own experience as a mom with an autistic son makes her a better therapist. >> i'm so blessed with my son and how far he's come. and the time that we get to spend together is so precious, i want other families to have that withacheir kids, if they have developmental delay or autism. >> and we are happy to report that after seral monthsf
5:54 pm
therapy, wyatt, that little boy you saw in the piece, wyatts riving now. thanks to kendra and her team's work, he is communicating so much re. he is getting better and better, and we're happy to see that. now, if you would like to learn more about kendra and the aurora behavior clinic, search harris' heroes. >> they've made so much progress in one month, that's huge. y parent struggling would understand that's big. >> never bet against a mom's loveer >> and then is that. >> thank you so much. well, coming up, the residents of a home targeted by a peeping tom. >> and not just once, seven times. tonight police say they have a picture of the susp and they're looking for help cause theybe w
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
and finally, a suspected serial peepe is on the loose tonight. h polie a picture. now they need a name. >> investigators tell us the person has been creeping aroundo the universit maryland campus housing. prince georges county bureau chief tracee wilkins spoke with students who are worried about thesafety. >> i haven't seen that guy. >> reporter: university of maryland students should look outgu for this prince george's county police believe he has been peeping through windows and doors o one off campus house on hoskins avenue in college park. it started at the beginning of dctober. and it happeneot once, not twice, but seven times,
5:58 pm
according to police. >> now they have a picture of him, at least the cops after him and find him. >> reporter: students live in the targeted home. police say he actually entered the house at least once. >> these pictures are very clear. we encourage anyone who knows the individual, give us a call. >> reporter: police have no reason to believe the suspect is violent, but it's left on hopkins avenue uneasy. >> i think college park is not ways the safes area. we live in a house a couple of blocks over. we lock our doors and we're cognizant of who is in the house and around thei'area. glad they're on top of it and they're actively searching for this man. >> repor r: there have bee other incidents in the college park area, peeping toms and folks going into homes. a lot of that happened last year suspects were never arrested in those cases, and prince george's county polic were able to get this guy into custody, they're definitely going to question him about those other cases. in college park, i'm tracee wilkins, news4. >> now in ine one dent, investigators tell us the
5:59 pm
suspect entered a home with students inside. >> polic say the suspect left without interacting with them. so if you know who this that n, give them a call. >> now at 6:00, the preside t vers press as the strained relationship reaches an unprecedented new level. >> you can't be deprived of something and punished because you criticized the government. busted. a high level employee admits to stealing millions of your tax dollars so he can gamble.ul >> a of the money, a vastit majority of appears to be gone. > i'm darcy spencer. a major commuter route is shut down because of a water main break just in time for the evening commute. i'll tell you how to get around the mess. >> news4 at 6:00 starts now. >> first at 6:00, president trump's contentious relationship with the media may be heading to a new level. >> yeah, the white house lost the first round of the court battle with cnn.
6:00 pm
then hours later, the press semeetary issued a sta saying, quote, there must be decorum at the white house. >> and wle most reporters would agree with that, some wonder if it goes both ways. blayne ale the latest developments. blayne? >> reporr: doreen, certainly a lot of people have been watching this very closely. jim acosta, that cnn reporter, was banned from white house grounds for more than week. during that me, we saw a number of news outlets, cluding nbc come out in support of him and cnn. they say what happens ins his case setlarger precedent. cnn reporter jim acosta back on white house grounds. a fedinal judge order his press pass rerned, at least temporarily, ruling the white house cannot revoke it without due process. >> that's my cue to go back to work. >> reporter: the white house enatching his pass after this contentious exchaast week. >> that's enough. that's enough. that's enough! >> reporter: today's ruling a victory for cnn, claiming in a laui


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