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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 18, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EST

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temperatures are coming out of the 20s. temperatures moving into the 30s and 40s at this moment but 's a little on the cool side still early on this sunday morning. we have a small shower chance tomorrow. a light wind and sunny skies today probably the t day do it because next weekend we could have rain. so we'll talkhat and our thanksgiving forecast 15 minu s
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minutes. later this morning there will be a turkey give away and that's where we find derrick ward. h derric many families are benefitting from this inar mwe heights? >> we're here at the community center where in just a couple hours this will be a hive of activity as volunteers have started to sw up and the folks who need help will show up. look at past years. there has been a big interest in helping folks put on by a group called the done foundation. it's not always abject poverty, sometimes it's maybe a little bit to help make ends meet. $13 going into your gas tank instead of yourom h. so it looks like they're about to begin but 500 familie is the
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goal, lots of organizations including giants food and some prince george's county agencies that help 500 needy families in marlow heigdes. rrick ward news 4, back to you. >> thank you very much. good cause there. new this morning, a possible dispute between neighbors may have led to a shooting in woodbridge, prince wilicam county pofficers found a 20-year-old man shot at a home on tassia lane after 10:00 last night. he was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. the shooter is in custody at this time. more somber news out of california. the death toll and lis people missing continues to grow. officials say76 people are dead and 1300 are missing. there's mounting concern about dangerous winds in the nt few days. yesterday the president toured the devastated areas to see the damage these wildfires have caused. >> this is very sad to see.
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as far as the lives are concerned, nobody knows quite yet. they're up to aum certainber but we have a lot of peoplehat e unaccounted for. >> as of now, some residents have been able toeturn home while many others are still staying in efforts are under way to help thousands of pets displaced by the fire find new homes. >> efforts are undero help thousands of pets displaced by the fire find new homes. volunteers say at least 2000 animals were left behind or separated from their owners as people evacuated it's been one year since an unarmed man was shot and killed by u.s. park police and his families are demanding justice. family andends of bijan raisar's c gathered for a vigi. ghaisar's car wasr ended by an uber driver but he didn't stop and park police chased him. looking at police dash cam, it appears officers stopp car and shot into the jeep but
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didn't get out. his family wants the unnamed police officers to face consequences. >> if you break the trust of the communities you patrol, if you violate someone's right to life and civil liberties, you must be held accountable. he the case is under investigation bybi. the family filed a $25 million lawsuit against the u.s. government and the offers, also delegate eleanor holmes norton and congressm bier are pushing for federal law enforcement officers to wear body cameras. florida appears to know whoa its next governor will be. yesterday democratic candidate acdrew gillum conceded the to ron desantis although the race has not been officially called, the recount results showed the margin between both candidatesas not enough for a manual recount. president trump praised gillum on twitter calling the democrat a force to reckon with. gillum was theirst african-american nominee for florida's governor in state history. meantime, we could find out if a hand recount courm
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dee the outcome in florida's senate race. outgoing floridaepublican governor ric h scottas a slim lead over bill nelson.mbent some 93,000 votes have been in question here. o electionfficials say the margin between both candidates hasn't changed presidenp says a full report will be released in the next two days of a saudi journalist east death. the cia concluded crown prince mohammed bin salman gave the order to kill jamal khashoggi but now the u.s. sta department disputes that report. khashoggi was killed at the saudi consulate in turkey and saudi arabia's top diplomat said the crown prince had nothing to do with it.he time is 9:05. the sign of a times. a d.c. plan outlines a plan for parishioners should someone open fire. yesterday church leaders held active shooter training atse temple of prhurch in southeast. instructors showed people how to pack a wound and use a
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tourniquet. clergy have been forced toe more proactive when it comes to safety. >> we wanted to do this because it was necessary for us to protect our congregants and provide information for them and knowledge just in case. go >> the d.crnment and other churches are trying to ensure that so-called soft targets aren't so easily victimized. >> less than a week befo thanksgiving. >> i can't believe it. >> halloween was just here. but the unofficial start to the holidays with thef return o ice has happened at national harbor. this is frozen fun for the whole family, featuring a charlie brown christmas. in your blue parka you can take a ride down the ice slide. through two millioedpounds of cace rediscovered the meaning of christmas with the peanuts gang. high flying acts fill the air at the gaylord garden ate ream
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where you can watch performers from cirque dreams unw hpped and theyave the tree lighting show that returned. also back is year, the christmas village with santa and mrs. clause. you can decorate cookies, see il >> are your kids going to be there, too? that was them in the video. >> we kind of get it done with in the beginning. >> exactly. >> if you can't do that, don't worry, the holiday events run past christmas to1. january >> don't they have the snow? >> they have the fake snow. they do all of that. it's fun. it was a festive atmosphere at capital one arena. not for a sporting event or t but for former first lady michelle obama. she's on a nationwide tour after the release of her new book called "becoming." >> yesterday people were selling t-shirts and merchandise outside. entire carts dedicated to this. news 4's aimee cho shows us the excitement surrounding the show. >> this is so beyond -- i mean, this is like, okay, this is . is is it.
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>> michelle obama shts, guys. michelle obama. >> reporter: this is the chance se see michelle obama up c and in person. the crowds outside capital one stretching as far as the eye could see, and as these people e lines they say all the waiting is worth it. >> just to be in her presee. i love what she embodies, just the spirit of women and empowering women. it's really exciting. >> i wish i could get a selfie with her but i know that won't happen so just hearing here speak because i've seen everything she's been on tv so far and gettincopy of the bo. >> i've been thinking about this for weeks. we're very excited. love michelle. >> she's the favorite. >> reporter: inside, michelle king the stage with her signature smile and a little sass. >> we grew up in a neighourhood called shore on the south side of chicago. yes, south shore in the house. the former first lady uching
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on a topic close to her heart -- education. as we look at school inequality and things aren't right, kids know when they are not being valued and it makes them feel some kind of way. >> reporter: michelle obama's lessage resonating with pe of all ages. >> we thought it was reallcool c d inspiring. >> she's so dynad an amazing woman. i miss her. any chance i get to see her i'd be happy to do that. >> aimee cho, news 4. >> get this, tiktss s tticketsr out show went as high as $3,000. >> wow. >> a lot of money. and mrs. obama will return to capital one arena on november 25. however, that show ws sold out l. >> better know somebo. >> uh-huh. >> it's true. you,ntinue working for looking for ways to make sure you're getting the best night
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sleep possible, fromherapy to a trip to the dentist. how you can kick your insomnia without medication. without medication. that's next on news 4 today. they are ridiculous when they first wake up.unkin'? daddy walks into the walls like he's a bumper car. your dunkin' doesn't make you, you... but it helps. delicious dunkin' donuts coffee. pick some up where you buy groceries.
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>> trying to find ways to help you sleep moreun y? >> i did some research. the sleep industry is aio $28 bi business and it's growing so i tried out some of the latest trends helping people get a better night's sleep and we wanted to see if it really rks. chili pads, weighted blankets, sleep headphones, sleep coach? we're looking a national shut eye problem so bad some college requires students to take sleep. >>here's a huge cost to society in efficiency i.
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>> something many around here can't afford to lose. >> everybody is go, go, go. >> tatiana says at her spa in h tyso flotation therapy rooms have become a popul ypopu place to pass out. >> we have one client who suffers from insomnia, she felt great, she was able to sleep for the next four to five days. in a pool big enough for two people, 1200 pounds of epsom salt, mixedn with1 inches of water. >> an hour of sleep here in this amount of salt is equivalent to four hou night's rest. >> here we go. giving the float a try i finally let go and fall into a weightless sleep. victim stayed in there for akother hour. >> reporter: fromg a dip to a trip to the dentist to fix a problem that keeps m americans up at night. sleep apnea. >> this helps you snoring. >> reporter: dr. alex niani makes this mouth guard for patients doctors send her way.
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it's a small er alternative to cpap and is covered by insurance many many cases. >> itev ts a lot of problems. i. >> the doctor says the guards which you wear during your sleep are best for mild to moderate cases and as for flotati therapy, we called around and found there are several places thth do it. price for an hour session is anywhere between $45 to $100. some people do it once a month. some people do it once every two weeks. >> did you feel more refreshed? >> once you learn to let go, it's weird letting go but once i did that i woke up and i was yawning a lot. i felt really rested and good. >> very ol let's take a live look outside as we all wake up on thmo sunday ing. the sun is out, it's 40 degrees. how warm will it get? lauryn has the forecast when we come back. this is not a be
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the queen sleep number 360 c4 smart bed is only plus, 24-month financing on all beds. ends sunday. sleep number. proven, quality sleep wedding vendors in loudoun county are banning together to foot the bill for a dream wedding for a military couple. >> our area is one of the most expensive in the country when it t comes to tying the knot chris lawrence shows us, this special contest will make one special day completely free. >> reporter: the shenandoah stretches as far as the eye sen e with an old barn set back from the vineyard. it's even more beautiful in full bloom, the rolng hills, grapes
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flowering on the vine. can you imagine getting married here? >> it would be amazing. >> reporter: christine is an air force officer, peter an army vet. they met at the embassy in baghdad and it was love at first sight. >> we were first colleagues and then friends and then best friends and now soul mates. >> reporter: they're ready to get tched but the average co of a wedding in our area is $30,000 to $40,000 with some coming in at twice that. en you looked at prices, did you get a bit of sticker shock?k >> we about eloping so that probably answers your question. >> reporter: enter robert holly. he is a wedding photographer. >> my wife said are you sure you can do. this.
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>> reporter: robert got the vineyard's owner to donate the venue. >> to have people come here and appreciate it on one t of best days of their life is really, >> >> reporter: others vendored followed. they're inviting military couples to write an essay to tell judges why they deserve the free wedding. s >> is ething this that resonates with everyone who will be deciding who the winner is? >> reporter: foreter and christine, it's a chance to include their army and air force family. >> not just celebrate us but celebrate all ofur friendships as one big family. >> reporter: tars time next one lucky couple will be saying "i do" without spending a dime.nt in loudoun c chris lawrence, news >> this cois open to any couple as long as one of them is active duty military or student in military school. essays can be submitted until march when a winner will be decided. the free wedding will be held a year from this weekend at the vineyard.
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a fall wedding. >> very cool. posted aink to more information in the nbc washington app. just search wedding if you're inrested in learning more. and hopefully a year from now there isn't snow on the ground like there was this past week. >> and hopefully we have prettier leaves out there. listen,irhey got tct together but late in the game and now we're past peak so if you are thinking about seeing the fall foliage, you may not see them on the trees but on the ground, especially if you're headednao the soah valley. so just aed he's up. as far as fourhis to know. for the next four days, we have more clouds and sunshine, though we'll see both but we didn't have the brilliant bluekies by yesterday afternoon. we'll continue wit c clouder but we'll be dry. for monday we have a slight rain chance later in the day and tuesday bree, wednesday we return to sunshine. temperatures right now are in
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the 30s to 40 degrees so as you're planning over the next 1a hours, temres will top out into the low 50s for daytimeut highs it will be chilly but dry so 52 at reagan nationa airport and more clouds around as we head into the afternoon but not looking that fust, 7:30 your commute will be on the cloudy sides monday morning. if you're north of the mason/dixon line, you have a chance for rain showers tomorrow during the day or i'r y western maryland and west of i-81. however after about 60 p.m. we'll have a chance for spotty showers and that's all it will amount to. that threat will be gone by the tuesday morning we return tounine on tuesday and we're look good into tuesday but tomorrow we have the clouds with spotty showers here and there, nothing to write home about. wednesday looking great wit plenty of sunshine and then
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thanksgiving. look at these temperatures. oh, ye, had to take them down a couple notches, we'll be in the 30s for thanksgiving and into friday back into the 40s. for your black friday forecast, if you're shopping, those w temperaturl be in the upper 20s, heading into the 30s during the day. we will not have the winds. the winds will be light on friday if you're standing in line outside looking good. saturday temperatures in the low 50s. by sunday and monday we have the rain chance. >> good day i'm carrie dann of nbc news. as we dig out from the 2018 midterm results, there are two trends that are very striking when it comes to how the smerican electorate has changed since donald trum election. first, the gender gap. in past elections, female have tended to lean a little towards democrats but the midterm results saw an unprecedented difference between male and female voters with women breaking for dem a whopping 20 points, according
9:23 am
to exit polls, even as msl htly favored the that ibiggest gender gap since exit polling began and it shows in the results with an unecedented number of women elected to serve in congress for the first time, nearly all of them democrats. the second huge gap, education, in 2014 voters with a college degree slightly favored republicans but in 2018 voters with a college degree broke for democrats by 20 points, an enormous swing in just four ort years. the question for republicans -- can they reverse these trends in 2020 a
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and you realize you are the the hostess with the mostest. you know when you're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain in style all season long. it feels even better when you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. moms are fed up with people driving around school buses while loading and unloading students. >> but these parents are t ing matters into their own hands, they're recording carss they speed past schoolvi buses. one ral video shows a sheriff's deputy waiting to ticket speeders right afteth e woman who shot this hopes this will keep kids safe. >> we've already lost innocent lives in tampa and a couple otr states a i fear for those parents because $275et ticks don't bring their child back to life.
9:27 am
>> 13 people were cited in a multiday operation in that location. a little bit f citizenjustice, i like that. time is 9:27 on this sunday rning as we take a beautiful look at the national mall. look at that. th's like a painting. but how warm is it going to get today and what will the be like for the thanksgiving week? lauryn has a look at that when we come back. hey, batter, batter, batter, batter. [ crowd cheers ] like everyone, i lead a busy life. but i know the importance of having time to do what you love. at comcast we know our customers' time is valuable. that's why we have 2-hour appointment windows, including nights and weekends. so you can do more of what you love.
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my name is tito, and i'm a tech ops manager at comcast. we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome.
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the deadliest fire the country has seen in decades is claiming more lives. firefighters continue to try to contain the flames. a hard reality in 2018. a virgia church sitting down a lesson on what to do if a gunman shows uphet door. dozens he children in d.c. area are waking up with new families after anoth successful adoption day. but the city still needs more help. we have hit 9:30, y'all, on this sunday morning. thank you for being here, i'm adam tuss. i'm angie goff. we started out with cloud cover and a little colder than what we're seeing here. lauryn says everything will go up and the sunshine has made its way out. >> and we have a football game. >> we have a big football game as well against the tans so we
9:31 am
need to win that game around the way the skinsayre g, i think we're going to the super bowl. so there's that for me. i was waiting for somebody to get into my ear about that. temperatures close d to the. area, it's 40 degrees right now. if you're heading to wash you r, it may be a good day to do it however we have rain and showers into monday. but by monday maybe a few showers out there, then we're dry, tuesda wednesday and even thanksgiving. nothing happening out there right now. you can see high pressure i charge, a few clouds. more clouds cover and a balance between the two. 40 degrees with a calm wind so good day to do yard work. we'll talk about your thanksgiving forecast in detail hour by hour as well as black friday in a few minutes.
9:32 am
a possible dispute between neighbors may have ledn o a shootingod bridge. prince william county police officers found a 20-year-old man shot at a home on tassia lane. the shooter is in custody. more somber news out of california now and the fierce refight against those wild the death toll and list of people missing continues to grow. right now officials say at leas6 people are dead and 1300 are missing. there is mountinconcern about dangerous winds in the next few days. president trump toured the devastated areas to see the damage that these massive wildfires have caused. as of now, someesents have been able to return home while many others are staying in shelters. three people a waking up without a home after this fire rippedirhrough home yesterday. they lived above this d.c. staurant on 12th street near quincy in northeast. a fire in the restaurant's kitchen damaged their apartment.
9:33 am
>> this morning, a bicyclist is fighting for his life after a montgomery county police officer hit anymore in chopper 4 capturing the scene friday night on connecticut avenue near jones bridge road in chevy chase. police say the officer was on his try a call. he was driving a marked police cruiser but didn't have his gh emergency li and sirens on. the officer is identified as ro james o'e. he was not hurt. defending yourself from gunfire in places of worship is a reality many in america now face. yesterday in d.c. worshippers found out how to help victims if a gunman attacks. as derrick ward explains, church leagrs hop these so-called soft targets become more difficult for shooters. >> a shooter is in the room, he shot people and left >> reporter: terms like "church shooter," words that several years ago would rarely be used together have crept into the vernacular, and active shooter
9:34 am
aining in schools and houses of worship are becoming commonplace. >> amazing we have to do that now days. >> reporter: but in the wake of nts like that charleston church shooting and the shooting at pittsburgh synagogue for people at a temple of praise in the southeast, it's just prudent. >> we wanted to do this because it was necessary for us to protect our congregants and provide some type r protection em, information and knowledge just in case. conditioning. >> take the gauze and go inside like that. pack the wound. >> reporter: it's an effort among the city government, temple of praise and other edurches to see that so-ca soft targets are a little harderthat would be victims aren't so easily victimized. >> we have to do these things continuously in our communities, churches and schools. >> active shooter killings are a tragic unpredictable reality, one becoming more common. >> not the kind of thing you usually see but it drives home an important message, a hedge against chaos and carnage.
9:35 am
just being preparee >>ve to protect folks now days. >> reporter: derrick ward, news 4. time right now, 6:35. amazon's announcement about their headquarters coming to crystal city came withig s nfare but not everyone i lc g omweariny yestergroup of virginia residents and activists spoke at arlington county's board meeting. they're asking for transparency about any large subsidies that are being promised to amazon. >> we have come before the board on several occasions to express concerns about economic wisdom of incentive packages and the potential impacts for most ouvulnerable communities i county. >> arlington residents want an independent study about the hq 2 will have on fundi for schools and social services. >> a bald eagle is on the mend after falling into this creek at a rk in clarksburg. look at that. montgomery county fire rescue ee d out the video of the rescue that happened yesterday.
9:36 am
gle fell into the water at little bennett regional park. animal rescue specialists were able to scoop the eagle r.t of the wa the bird does have serious ju ries. we hope the little guy -- well, the big guy -- >> he's s ge. >> -- fetter soon. >> hope he makes a recovery. lines wrapped around capital one arena for former first lady michelle obama who is on a nationwide tour after the release of her new memoir called becoming. yesterday crowds braved the cold and said standing long lines was well worth it. >> i wish i could get a selfie but i know that won't happen so just hearing her speak and getting a copy of the book. >> tickets to the showout. some went as high as 3,000 bucks. she will return to capital one arena on november 25, however that show is also sold out. just in time for the holiday
9:37 am
season, dozens of children now a new forever families. yesterday was adoption day in the district and news 4's barbara harrison hosted the adoption ceremony at d.c. or supeourt. in all, 27 children have permanent homes. barbara caught up with one little girl ask her what's so special about her new mom. >> she's an awesome lady. she's hispanic, probably latina, queer woman of color. >> olivia is the walking nt embodif joy so the moment i met her i knew she was a special person and that we're ing go on a good journey together. >> so set how they look at each other right there. the city is still looking for homes for 75 more children currently in the d.c. foster care system. and muriel bowser and he daughter miranda elizabeth ao attended the ceremony.
9:38 am
she adopted miranda in may. she tells barbara she has changed her 12 hour a day schedu. she's now on miranda schedule. >> no kidding. >> she's the boss. >> how quickly you fd out as a parent. for more than 30 years, nbc 4 has proudly been helping people enjoy a thanksgiving meal and we're hoping you can give us a hand as well. joins for our food for families food drive. tomorrow you can meet pat lawson muse and drop off canned and boxed food, cash or checks at o capita arena. and you can donate on our web site. traight ahead, a local woman makes a huge difference in the lives of kids with developmental delays. leon harris shares her story in this sundaing's rris' herohaes
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at children's national, stronger is caring for a baby's heart in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. and a future when prenatal pediatrics leads to healthier children. it's being the number one newborn intensive care unit in the country. and giving parents peace of mind. it's less recovering in our bed, and more jumping on yours. stronger is standing out and standing proud. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. right now we want to reintrode you to one of our
9:41 am
harris' heroes who makes a difference in thesives of k with developmental delays. >> we introduced you to the great work kendra mcdonald does back in june a since the so many people have asked her to help their children she's had to hire help. >> this week kendra and the aurora behavior clinic opened a brand new facility to serve even most ents. >> what better time to show ywh y kendra mcdonald is a harris hero. >> reporter: kendra mcdonald transforms lives. kishe's been w with kids with developmental delays at the aurora behavior clinic leesburg for a decade. >> i think helping parents create life like hours. they want a life that they can go to restaurants, sit down and have a conversation or play with their kids. >> reporter: her introduction into the world of applied behavior analysis therapy came when her own son canon was diagnosed with autism. he was just eight years old and needed aba therapy and as you might imagine, it wasn't cheap.
9:42 am
>> when they said 40 hours a week at $100 an hour that was a lot of money. so i signed u for one of the hours and said shere me what yooing. i'll do the same thing. >> reporter: she loved the work so muched she deco make it her full-time job so she went to school and got certified, all while taking care of her family and in ten years, she has helped hundreds ofkids. kendra says every child is different. some learn quickly, others may take years. but no matte how long it takes, she never gives u on a child like two-year-old wyatt. >> when we first start head woule scream any t we came near him or tried to help him. >> reporter: in just a month'v th made tons of progress. wyatt has autism and is learning to becom more verbal. >> he's showing us some of the things he wants whereas before he couldn't communicate as much and it's only been a month since he's been coming here and i'vea
9:43 am
seen so changes in him. >> kendra helps train other ms >> we were very lucky kendra spoke with us and was very help fful in getting ouron wyatt services as quickly a possible. >> reporter: kendra says her own experience as a mom with anon autisticakes her a better therapist. he i'm blessed with my son and how far come and the time we get together is so precious. i want other families to have that with their kids even if they have developmental delays or lautism. >>n harris there. we are happy to report after several months of therapy wyatt, the little boy in that piece, is thriving and thanks to kendra and her am's work, he's communicating so much more. >> if you would like to learn morebout kendra and the aurora behavior clinic,heck our o nbc washington app and search
9:44 am
harris' heroes u we opethe window and take a live look at the white house, the sun beaming down, 40 degrees. ll we hit 50? maybe mid-50s? with lauryn when we ce back after the breakom.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the things that matter most happen one morning and one cup at a time. ♪ ♪
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>> t we want help you fight the fat before the holiday season ramps up. news 4's molette green is in the
9:47 am
community. >> with lauryn ricketts for a new workout option in arlington. take alook. >> reporter: as you can see, lauryn ricketts is in this extend barre arlington class.av we a full class, we've been workingout. another option to fight the fat holidays.e and lauryn is going to tel us at this is about. for people who don't know what xtend barre oers. >> fourhings to know about this is that it's a workout for everybody. everybody c do it. we're about strong and not skinny. and again we've got ndie erent varieties of classes and the other thing i love about this, it's af good sense community. not only with ourannstructors clients but just to be in xtend barre. thisade me stronger where i could see the definition in my ar andegs and abs.
9:48 am
and if i get tired i can hope over to. yo >> these folks are dedicated. we have one young who has done 750 classes. herame is written on the wall. kelly wilkinson is the owner here a you can talk about the community spirit real quick? >> we have a great cmunity he here. we want to help you find your goal and support that. we want to helpou live your best life. we want to support you however we can. >> wsll wrap thi class up. around.dy will gather jay kinney will be competing in virginia next week. where is our 750 classes for emily over here. okay, so we are wrapping up at xtend bar arlington, anothon opo fight the fat.
9:49 am
>> you look l you're in a chorus line. >> i tried a zumba class but let me tell you -- >> come in -- i got kicked out. what kind of coordination do you have to have? >> youon't need lot and we have yoga, trx, barre, it's a great workout. the only workout that i found i could stick with- so and that's the key. finding something that works for you. >> you'll always able to hear lauryn's instructions because she projects. >> also some of my clients don't -- i don't wear makeup and i have my their braids and people are like where do i know your voice from? i don't know. >> i gethe that all time. >> you need to take a class. >> done. >> a your fe, i want her to come and i want you to come. >> i'll s and watch. just motivational cheer in the
9:50 am
background. >> xtend bar arlington, a great workout. it might be nice to go inside a fo workout. or just get outside and get your workout done. if you are headed outside you'll need that winter coat. it's a little chilly out there and then a fall jacket on monday and tuesday. temperatures will be seasonable for monday and tuesday and cooler conditions so a puffy coat probably for your wednesday. we've have a slight breeze on tuesday. maybe if you're headed to the market or church services temperatures are in 30s to 40 degrees. n over thet 12 hours, sun going down before 5:00 p.m. i believe we will have morer cloud c compared to sunshine
9:51 am
as we did yesterday. we had blue skies by yesterday afternoon low 50s for daytime highs and we'll be dry a out there today.he ed to church, dry and partly sunny. if you want to get that car wash, today might be the daydo it. we'll have a slight shower chance mondaveng into early tuesday but not everybody will see it. maybe 20% you'll have in your neighborho neighborhood. nen weekend we may have ro you may want to get that taken care of today before the family comes over for thanksgiving. we're clear today and a light wind. i want to show you the shower chances for tomorrow. 8:00 a.m. you'll be fine. we have shower chances. mainly for are north cloo the mason/dixon line through washington, fredericknd carroll counties. if you're west of i-81 in the
9:52 am
westn maryland you may have a slight chance but for most of us, we're staying dry. after 6:00 p.m. you could with spotty shower chance but won't amount to much. 55 degrees for your monday and showers west of i-81 and some late night spotty showers possible. if you're doing t great gat away, beautiful. it will be chilly, temperatures for the 30 had to take him down quite a bit. it was trending colder. plenty of sunshine for tksgivin thanksgiving. temperatures will be in the low to mid-40s on friday. next chance of written after next chance of written after thatex comes
9:53 am
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. welckme mixed in the excitement of this week's announcement about amazon was little confusion over where amazon's neweadquarters is going to be built. >> social media went crazy over this. these are t renderings of what's being called national landin landing. >> that was news to us. news 4's cory smith went to crystal city to w find outt the area is referred to as. >> where are we right now. >> crystal city. >> reporter: when you need
9:56 am
directio, it's everything. tell me how to get to national landing. >> no. >> reporter: where is national landing. >> the look says it all. >> i'm not sure. eporter: it's what peopl across alexandria wanted to know after amazon chose northern virginia as its ne >> sounds like a runway at reagan. >> reporter: close, not quite. the name is a rebranding for neighborhood encompassing crystal city, pentagon city and potomac yard need to alexandria. make sense now.e >> lrunway landing? oh, my god, that's hilarious. >> reporter: is it necessary? do you think it was necessary? >> it's a little corny. nt life ter: you can c long pentagon city resident brandon marshall as skeptical but glen nevis, he loves it. >> crystal city? red, worn, start fresh, start new. it's amazon, man. >> reporter: after a nationwide search, there is no doubt amazon
9:57 am
is here to stay. d for national landing, that may take getting u. >> if amazon comes in here and makes a huge splash, everybody will be calling it national landing. >> reporter: in a couple years when someone says where amazon hq 2 headquarters what will you tell them? >> crystal city. c >> crysty. >> crystal city. >> i think most people will still say crystal city. >> yeah. >> butit's the branding. >> or nala. i'm going for nala. >> i like that. >> 9:57. a little bit ofut a breeze there, temperatures rising. already at 45. we'll hitt least 50, lauryn says. her forecast and a lookwet your her forecast and a lookwet your holidaher ahead.
9:58 am
9:59 am
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here's what we're following for you. another day of growing fires bringing a higher death tolln i california. now more than 1300 people unaccounted for. park police kill an unarmed driver when he didn't get out of his car. one year later the family says police haven't answered questions about what happened that night. long lines outside capital one arena and fans paying thousands for tickets, but not for a concert, for michelle obama's book tour. talk about tt on thanks for sticking it out with us at 10:00 on sunday morning. i'm


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