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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 18, 2018 10:00am-10:30am EST

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here's what we're following for you. another day of growing fires bringing a higher death tolln i california. now more than 1300 people unaccounted for. park police kill an unarmed driver when he didn't get out of his car. one year later the family says police haven't answered questions about what happened that night. long lines outside capital one arena and fans paying thousands for tickets, but not for a concert, for michelle obama's book tour. talk about tt on thanks for sticking it out with us at 10:00 on sunday morning. i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff.
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they were prepared. >> a little cold. >> that's right. it looks like that cold front is continuing into today. laurynwe're watching the temperature rise. >> just a little sunshine will do that. we're seeing the temperature come up. temperatures wl be in the low 50s which is where we were yesterday although we had that sunsne yesterday afternoo i think we'll have more clouds o here today. you can see the beautiful trees while they have their leaves on them. didn't take care of it outside the channel fou studios. most of the leads in the shenando valley will r past peak. 45 at reagan national airport. reston at 40 degrees. everybody around the bnt way the low 40s. today will be dry. it will be nice, a light wind so if you need to get out there and do yard works maybe t the weekend to do it.
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in between that, we have great get away, anksgiving, black friday. we'll show you that forecast in the next 15 minutes. kicking off the 10:00 hour, helping families have a hearty meal for thanksgiving is the goal of one organization. >> later this morning there will be a turkey give away in marlow heights where we find derrick ward. how many peoe will turn o for this? >> well 300pe le. the way this works is that they ask folks to rsvp. temperatures are alrea spoken for but they generally get more people than they expect because that speaks to the need. last year's effort is 500 families. it started with a conversation. s from a gas who just out in the community. learned about one family who had a b need for thanksgiving.
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he gotriends together and it's grown that we've seen every y r year. >> six years ago two young kids in the community was needed for a turkey and the staff told me anden iand bought turkeys. just the joy they got off a turkey. people had no idea softer that i said theext year let's eat anri and bless 50 families from turkey. so i need 50 from you, 50 srom yo then we went to 134 turkeys th>> year. ow it's grown again. you can see a whole farm load of turkeys. this is an effort that
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long beyond thanksgiving. live in marlow heights, derrick ward, back to you. a possible dispute between neighbors may have led to a shooting in wood bridge. prince william county police officers found a 20-year-old man t a home on tassia lane just after 10:00 last night. he was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries. the shooter is in custody at this time. more somber news out of california and the fierce fight against those wildfires. the death toll and list of people missing continues to grow. officials say at least 76 people are dead and about 1300 are missing. there's mounting concern about dangerous winds over the next few days. yesterday president trump toured the devastated areas tgesee the damahese massive wildfires have caused. hi >>is very sad to see. as far as the lives are
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concerned, nobody knows quite yet. we're up to a certain number but we have a lot of people unacco ated for. >>of now, residents have been able to return home while many others are staying in shelters. >> meantime, efforts are under way to help thousands of pets displaced by the fire find new homes. at least 2,000 animals were left behind as people evacuated their homes. >> it has been one year since an unarmed man was shot and killed by u.s. park police and his family is still demanding answers and justice. family and friends of bijan i ghaisar demandormation. his car was rear ended by an uber driver but ghaisar dinot stop. u.s. park police chased him and dash cam shows police officeoa aped his car and shot after ghaisar stopped his jeep but didn't get out. his family wants the unnamed officers to face consequences. >> tour gain the trust of those communities you patrol and if you break that trust, violate someone's life and civil lirties you must be held accountable.
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>> the case is under investigation by the fbi. the family filed a $25 millionns lawsuit agait the u.s. government and the officers. also delegate eleanor holmeson norton and cessman don buyer are pushing for all law enforcement officers to wear body cameras. let's turn to politics now. florida should know who its next governor will be as early as today. yesterday democratic candidate andrew gillum conceded the race to republican candidate ron desantis. although the race hasn't been officially called, the machi recount results showed that the margin between both candidates wasot enough for a manual recount. president trump praised gillum on twitter, calling the democrat, quote, a force to reckon with. gillum was the first african-american nominee for florida governor in the state's history. also today we could find out if a hand recount could determine the outcome in florida's senate race. rick scott las a slimd over
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bill nelson. some 93,000 votes have been in qutition. elecons stay margin between both candidate has not changed much in cent days. president trump says a full report will be released about the death of a zut -- south di journalist. the u.s. state department disputes the report that the udi crown prince ordered jamal khashoggi to be killed. saudi arabia's top diplomat said the crown prince had nothing to do with it. a sign of the times. instructors showed people how to pack a wound and use a tourniquet. the recent mass shooting at a pittsburgh synagogue and the one a charleston church in 2015 have forced clergy to become more pro-act i have when it comes to safety.
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>> we wanted to do this because it was necsary for us to otect our congregants and to provide some type of protection ar them to have informati knowledge just in case. the d.c. government and other churches are trying to ensure that so-called soft targets aren't easy victimized >> less than a week before and lines wrapped around capital one arena to see michelle obama. yesterday the crowds braved the cold and said standing in long lines was wellth w it. >> i wish i could get a selfie but i know that won't happen so just hearing her speak because i've seen everything on tv so far and getting a copy of the book. >> tickets to the sold out show were as high as $3, mrs. obama return to capital one arena on november 25 however that show also sold outi
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the utah mayor killed while serving his country in afghanistan laid to rest. brent taylor was remembered at a public funeral yesterday. he was part of the national guard and had taken a year leave of absence from his job as mayor. cording to military officials, taylor was killed on november 3 by one of h afghan trainees. taylor leaves behind his wif and seven children. in france, protests turned deadly. one person w lled, almost 50 others hurt during protests against rising fuel tas. french officials say police were sent in to monitor the thousands of demonstrators ththere. taxes are part of president emmanuel macron's strategy of getting france off of fossil fuels. a trainrament in georgia caused major concern
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n ter rail cars tumbled from overpass on to a highway. hurt.rities say nobody was they say some cars were carrying flammable gas which is prompted an evacuation of the area. there were no gas leaks reported but officials are monitoring the air quality there. a mystery has beened so searchers have found a missing submarine a year after it sappeared with 44 people on board. the uaara san was found off the coast of energy that yesterday, just days after families of the missing sailors held ar vigil to mark one y since the sub disappeared on november 15, 2017. this nextry s is one i think a lot of parents can relate to. are fed up with people driving around school buses while loading and unloading studts. >> now these t moms areaking matters into their own hands. they're recording cars speeding past stopped school buses. aie viral video shows a sheriff's deputy wng to
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ticket speeders right after. the woman who shot this hopes this will keep kids safe. >> innocent ves have been lost in tampa and other states and i fear for those parents because a $275 tket don't bring their child back to life. >> 13 people were cited in a on multiday opera in that lo tion. hats off to those moms. > an unofficial start the holidays with a return of ice at national harbor. this is frozen fun for the whole family, featuring chcharlie browstmas. in your blue parka you can take a ride down the ice slide. through two million pounds of carved i rediscovered the meaning of christmas with the peanuts gang. high flying acts fill the air where you can watch perfmers from cirque dreams unwrapped and they have the tree lighting show
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that returned. also back thisear, the christmas village with santa and mrs. clause. they have trains, ice skating, santa and miss claus and thisan runs throughry 1. >> and they do the snow there. >> the fake snow and the fog machine. >> and there's the ferris wheel out there, too. so much to do. >> is it a ferris wheel or the capitol wheel. >> the capit wheel. the sun is shining over the nation's capital this morning butit's chilly, 45 degrees. how warm willt i
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♪ ♪ america is still getting to new the congress that's coming in but there's a lot on the agenda for the lame duck session. >> luckily we have the man who a kake sense of this. chuck todd joining us in studio. the mueller investigation is out there, what else? >>re lindsey graham was railing about criminal justice reform. there's a major bipartisan consensus, he's for it but mitch mcconnell is hesitant about puttg that on the flo so basically there's a lot of
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cleanup. what decks are debting cleared? will democrats use leverage. they'll get the majority in '19, will they use that t force that. you have some republicans trying to force a vote on the criminal justice bill. the president wants to force more money for his border wall. the point is these must-pass spending bills are used as a levera the time. all of us in washington are used to our lives being upended by political posturing and here we are between i think december is goin to be lot of they're going -- another three days, another weee' and get up to that christmas eve jet fumes from national trying to drag these members out to come to a compromise. uri'll beus to see what could hold up and force a shutdown. the border wall could, so could mueller. >> i feel like a big storyll w look at will be what happens tuesday when the cia comes out with a report on wbet they
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eve happened to journalist jamal khashoggi. if it turns out in fact that it is completely confirmed that the prince isbehind this, what does the president do from here? >> this was a queion i had. i mean the debate is going to be this. if you're going to sanction a bunch of saudis, how you are do you sanction them if you won't sanction the crown prince who i believedve ordered this? that will be the sticking point. fired uphear a very lindsey graham on the show today. very eves the prince's brother shouldn't be welcomed back into theve country again, who is the current ambassador to the united states for his -- because the cia said -- basically said he helped convince khashoggi to go to the consulate in turkey. i think that you have a bunch of folks in the senate whoill try
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to tie the president's hands. it's true the president andsh jared r have developed this close relationship with the crown prince w is colloquial known as mbs, and they seem hesitant, they're trying to create a le between tho that prince.and the crown i don't think he's going to get that leeway. when the cia comes out with what they said and they've already briefed congress on this, i think congress will doer hing they can to tie the president's hands. the question is how hard is the president going toht back on it. >> you have lindsey graham on the show, who else? >> sherrod brown, the last democrat from ohio. >> all right, chuck, thank you for stoppingby. and a reminder that you can see "meet the press" at 10:30 after news 4 today. all right. fromhuck to lauryn. got to put the puf coat on?
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fall jacket. >> get all the coats out. you'll neat different f coats different days. different occasions? no, different days so maybe a liability jacket one day,r win jacket the next day and puffy the next day. it will be chilly. >> changeable. >> but not quiet. we don't -- we have a quiet forecast. we don't have a lot. going we'll have a few clouds out there today. it won't rain a temperature may be a degree or two warmer than yesterday. so a degree warmer. 55 for tomorrow. mid-50s is about seasonable. and we'll be back into the low 50s tuesday but by wedsday temperatures really fall. wait until you see what i have the tperature at for thanksgiving. 52 today and more clouds compared to yesterday but we're
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still dry temp temperatures in the mid-40s at reagan national airport. outside the belt way low to d-40s with the exception of manassas. so more clouds around today. we h ce a smallnce of rain as we get into your maonday night but only a 20% chance you'll see them in your neighborhood. sunny b cold wednesday, thursday and friday. we have sunshine out there right now. if you're traveling through mid-atlantic, you'll be fine. it's dry. and you'll be fine if you're headed out to the redskins game. hopefully they'll be fine taking on the houston texans at 1:00. peekf sunshine here and there. let's talk abo tomorrow. as you head off to work, looking good. it will be warmer tomorrow morning than today with temperatures in the 30s and 40s. you are close to the mason/dixon line, this pennsylvania border, up through marynd washington county
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and back west of i-81, maybe a few light showers throughout the day tomorrow. everybody else will in cloud cover and then later on tomorrow night we have some chances of spotty showers for everybody in our viewing area, but that's it. they will bee by tuesday morning. and through your day on tuesday -- sorry, through day on monday just looking at beowers north and west and temperatures wiln the mid-50s, spotty showers later in the day. tuesday fine, breezy, wednesday looksun sny and thanksgiving chilly. 30s. that's it. in fact our/day time high on thanksgiving afternoon, 39 degrees. chilly for the black friday forecast. temperatures will be in the 20s and 30s. at least we don't have the swin. during the day. next chance of rain will be sund, monday, a tuesday. that's why maybe you should get your yard ca wncer is smart. it pushes us. we push back. challenging conventional thinking. finding smarter solutions. what makes cancer treatment centers of deamerica one of the lea in precision cancer treatment.
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but you didn't. ♪ because you had the courage to venture into something powerful. education. if i leave you with just three words of advice: never...stop...growing. [cheering] 10:26. here are four things to know. a possible dispute between neighbors may have led to a shooting in woodbridge. prince william county police officers found a 20-year-oldan shot at a home on tassia lane after 10:00 last night. the shooter is in custody. the death toll rises in the california wildfires. at least 76 people are dead, 1300 missing. utficials are concerned a the dangerous winds in the coming days. help us feed thousands of people for the holidays. join us for our food for families turkey and food drive tomorrow.
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you can drop off canned an boxe, fo cash or check at capital one arena. you can donate through o web site. and "meet the press" coming up next. exclusive inrviews with senators lindsey graham and sherrod brown. that's here on nbc 4. kind of a wild weather week for thanksgiving. >> we've got calm conditions but the temperatures are going to be chilly. today temperatures low 50s, maybe a passishowers, dry through thanksgiving. thanks for joining us. "meet thespr
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this sunday lashing outt mueller. president trump says he's finished answering the special counsel's written questions. >> i write the answers. my lawyers don't write answers, i write answers. >> and depogoes back on the att against robert mueller. >> it's a hoax. the whole thing is a hoax. there was no collusion. >> with more indictments expected soon, democrats woman a bim to protectle mu mitch mcconnell says no. lindsey graham says the investigation is safe. could a showdown over mueller lead to a shutdown of the government. this morning i'll talk to south carolina republican senator lindsey graham. plus the cia determines that sai crown prince mohammed bin salman ordered the murder of journalist jamal


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