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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  November 21, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EST

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let's get toor angie goff details. what happened? >> at this point, very tragic detail i comingo the newsroom. fire officials confirming that two people were i ide of that house and they have died. the home is completely destroyed. take a look a it here. you can see a lot of the smoke rising through the roof there. fire officials saying when they got here the home was already welld involve in the fire. just a few blocks away from the friendeights metro stop. right on the d.c./maryland state line. fire officials say the call came in at 1:00 this morning. this is what they were up against. this is a lk at some pictures. massive flames. no word yet on what started this fire, but it's all happening just before atanksgiving. a horrible sin. we have a reporter headed to the scene. aaron? >> all right, angian you. 4:00 a.m. now. this morning we're keeping an eye on the forecastnd the commute of course. it will be another big day for travel. >> melissa mollet is standing by with a check on the roads but w gin with storm team 4
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meteorologist chuck bell who keeps warning us about this cold. yuck! >> we've been talking for days, and the cold air has started to arrive. you probably i noticed yesterday afternoon. that was a cold finish yesterday. another cold front arrived here late in the evening hours tonight. reduced temperatures way down into the teens and 20s by tomorrow morning. right now storm team 4 radar scanning the skies. no weather-related problems for travelers today. dry weather start to finish. 29 now at dulles. 25 in manassas. still 37 in washington. 38 by the bay in annapolis. your forecast high today staying in the 40s. a mix of clouds and sunshine but blustery. northwesem windsning in that 15 to 25 mile per hour range. come.cold air to it will be all about the frozen berkeys tomorrow, melissa. >> it is going t chilly, no doubt. in bethesda, western avenue shut down between river road and
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massachusetts avenue. those lanes blocked because of that fatal house fire where two people were killed t.overni probably going to be shut down for some time as that investigation continues. weivl have a report coming up. outer loop of the beltway after 50, one right lane getting by in an nondale. rest of the beltway looks okay. arlington southbound near gwwa pa right lane is blocked by the work zone. 95 in springfield northbound/southbound looking good in virginia. eun? >> 4:02. yesterday was all about the road trip. today it will be the airinrts and t stations. they're expected to be packed. aaa expects nearly 100,000 people from the dmv will head to th airports. amtrak says this is the busiest time of the year for them as well. you'll seest the big crowds at the train stations. they're suggesting if you plan to ride the rails get there half an hour early.
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i usually get there rig when the train leaves. >> i'll do that on sunday. >> did you hear, w't said d do that. >> i'm going to be here on monday morning. if you spent any time on the beltway last night, terrible tragic tuesday liv up to its name. >> thousands of people hoped to get out of town early for the holiday andou instead themselves stuck in gridlock. >> there was a lot of op-and-go traffic. >> it's bumper to bumper. >> chopper 4 flew over the ltway. it took a few hours to get from dc to laurel. as for today, the worst roads are expted to be i-95 north, 270 north and 50 east travel times could quadruple between 1:15 and 4:15 this afternoon. making lastnight's traffic that much worse, a high speed chase. we're toldve that a d swerving between cars on i-66 eventually went off the road near manassas. virginia state police had been
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trying to pull him over for speeding. troopers arrested him after that crash. this morning we're following haveeloping story that m a major impact on your thanksgiving menu. e the cdc h issued a warning on two outbreaks impacting pular foods. we're talking about romain mottuce and turkey. >> good ing. this is a very big deal as you know, espially for those of us who are justifiablelizing our holiday men use. this is what you needo know. yesterday the cdc said that we should all stop eating romain lettuce whatsoever until furtheo ce. it's because of the e. coli outbreak that's already made 32 people sick across 11 states so far. it's come on the heels of earlier warning about salmonel in raw turkey. that has made 164 people sick and killed one i person 35 states this year. now shoppers we foundn d. said they're still seeing the lettuce for sale in some stores.
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they say that the form of e. coli is found is a toxin that if ingested could permanently damage the line of the intestines. if you have romain in you refrigerator, the cdc advises that you throw it out along with an other foodhat may have touched it, then watch the shelf or vegetable bin with hot, soapy water ors solution tha safe. right now if you go to the nbc washington app or the home page if you use a desktop, it is a to story. it has a list of all of the foods that have been recalled. 4:05. this morning we're learning more about a university of maryland freshman who died from an illness associated with adenovirus. the student told the ""baltimore sun"" his daughter became sick earlier in the semester. the student's satherd she had been taking medication for a
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virus. this is a common cause of the coldut severe strains can be deadly. maryland officials say the are five oth reported cases of the virus and this is the same virus that killed nearly a dozen tchildren. >> president will be waking up at mar-a-lago this morning, but he left a flurry of controversy here in d.c. >> a new report says president trump wanted to order the justice department to prosecute two of his political s, adversarillary clinton and former fbi director james comey. according to the "new york times" this happened last spring. the report goes ono say that at the time white house counsel don mcbegan told president he had -- he did not have the authority to make that order. ye a memo to the president the white house l warned the president that if he asked law enforcement to investigate hisv he could face serious cl consequences, ing impeachment. criticizing hillary clinton's server private e-mail was one of his main themes
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during the presidential mpaign. the president defended his daughter about using private e-mail aboutt governm business. members have now requested more information from the white house about what was st and whether it included any sensitive or classified information. backlash is growing over president trump's decision not to further punish saudi arabia for the killi of washington post journalist jamal khashoggi. khashoggi walked into the saudi consulate in turkey o october 2nd and aording to investigators was murdered and dismembered. intelligence agencies concluded crown princ mohamed bin salman must have known about the plot and possibly ordered the killing. president trump laid out his position in an exclamation filled statement saying the benefits with the kingdom outweigh the possibility its crown prince ordered the killing. inad dition, mr. trump openly clubted the cions made by the cia. >> they have nothing definitive
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and the fact is maybe he did, maybe he didn't. if we abandon saudi arabia it mistake. terrible >> sanctions have already been announced against 17 saudi officials suspected of actually carrying out the killing. the president saysunhing saudi arabia anymore would jeopardize the military arms deal worth billions of dollars and thousandsf bs, but members of congress have called for harsher sanctions including canceling the deal. at tragedy j before thanksgiving. four people are dead after a new jersey mansion went up in flames. two of the victims are children. investigators are calling this arson. one of the victims was found shot outside the home. no word yet on any suspects or possible motive. lhe death t in the destructive camp fire in 81.thern california is at there are nearly 870 people listed as missing or unaccounted for as of late last thght.
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butte county sheriff stressed that list could contain duplicate or misspelled names. the fire is 70%no contained more than 11,000 homes have been destroyed by the fi g. there d news this morning. rain this week is expected to help suppress the flames and improve the airuality inhat area. more than 100 firefighters responded to a fire at a popular peruvian restaurant in gaithersburg. the flames went through the roof at one point and roads inhat area were closed but no one was hurt. people in the district s joined oth around the world to honor transgender people who have lost their lives. a rly was held last night at the metropolitan community church in nort the human rights campaigns of more than 20e transgender peo have been murdered in the u.s. this year. it happens every november 20th. at tradition t started under the late mayor for life
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maan berry lives on in ward 8. hundreds of turkeys were and ready to go to help residents celebrate thanksging. tron white hosted this da yesty. some 1600 residents signed receive a free turkey this year. cold winter weather usually leads to warm, charitable hearts. >> it's the time of year when several organizations provide meals for peopl need. catholic charities andepco are among those providing thanksgiving dinner. more than 0 people received a full holiday feast last night in chinatown. >> i love the fact that we can help each other. some of us have more, some of us have less. those who have less look to us with more to help them. >> they received gift cards to help them buy daily necessities. i do like that part of it.
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it's nice to give back. coming up this morning, are heyou ready for other side of this. >> yeah. i was going to say we talk about the giving partn and t this part. >> black friday shopping. >> yup. >> this morning we show you the secret to getting a deal on something everybody wants, a new tv. plus local thieves strike while cameras are rolling. what police say about the crew that tried to get away with a car and an atm. chuck? and good morning, everybody. northwest winds are blowing. they're going to keep on blowing and they're going t drive temperatures way down over the next couple of days. a check of the holiday forecast
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you're watching "news 4 today". welcome back.
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4:14. to three brazen burglaries that happened just hours hiapart. >> teves targeted two places right next to each other. they smashed through the doors and took off with hundreds of dollars of sh. four hours later a different group of men backed up a truck to a 7-eleven on darby dale avenue. surveillance video showed the masked men trying t to drag atm out of the door and to the truck. the machine didn't get far. >> they ended up fleeing at ae high rf speed which knocked the atm out of the truck. >> they tried stealing a woman's car in a nearby neighborhood. the husbandntervened and the suspects took off. police arrested one of them but the other are still on the run. importantbe reminder to careful cooking your thanksgiving meal. it is the worst day of the year for in-home fires. fires an 2,000 home reported last year. how do you stay safe during holi experts suggest keeping
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combustible items such asor aprs owels away from flames, install or check your smoke detectors and pay attention while cooking. distractions are the main cause of thanksgiving fires. put something on the stove, you walk away, you forget that it's burning. youhe have weird sleeves like this. >> don't cook with that. >> definitely noth cooking w this dress on. one of the most popular ways to cook a turkey can also be one of the most dangerous. >> this week news 4's nicole jacobs spent time with the alexandria fire department. >> when you first prepare your turkey you want to make seur ful paper t and pat it dry. we'll send it down. you want to lower it in slowly because as you'll see, it will start to sizzle. slow and low. you want to put the thermometer
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back in.u' got to put it in ana are where the bird is not and then you want to turn your fire back up. >> if you are going to use ark fridayer, use it on flat hovel land away from a structure, youre. do not use it in your garage as that could be very bad if it boils over as lieutenant evans explained earlier. and not only the turkey, football and the macy's thanksgiving day parade that people look forward to this week. it's also time for the national dog show. >> yes. >> this will be the6th year for the event. don o'hurley will be back. >> he's so great. >> they will be judged in seven different categories. it begins at noon on thanksgiving day. isn't your isabella aog show winner? >> she sure was. she's retired now. undefeated in the ring.
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polka dot lou is getting honorable mention. >> he's sweet. >> he's young. isa started at the same age. >> she had her paperwork before she was a year old. >> she' special like you are. >>hank you, eu i've been judged to have a night coat, i'm friendly, i've not bitten anybody yet.ri >> t. not yet. >> not yet anyway. i've come close. don't get m wrong. it is going to be a very cold day before and day of thanksgiving celebrations around th area. 37 now but once you get away from the city or a bay it's way colder. down into the 20s in most of the western suburbs this morning. 29 now in fairfax. 32 gaithersburg. 25 in manassas. 30 grease in winchester, virginia. your planner then for the day today, here's the good news. the weather will be relatively quiet. no chances for rain anywhere up and d the eastern seaboard. it will remain breezy and chilly.
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temperatures will get only into the mid and upper 40s today even with near 100% sunshine this morning. couple more clouds a later in the day. dry weather. look at this on national and satellite composite. dry weather for the overwhelming majority of the country. chances for some rain today across parts of the northern california, washington and oregon. couple of snow showers up across parts of northern new york new england. another shot of even colder air due to arrive here tonight and it will make thanksgiving frigid around here. the good news is though it will be quiet. hereha yoursgiving planner. mid 20s tomorrow morning. ternoon highs just squeaking above the freezing mark for tomorrow. black friday, if you'reetting early on friday morning to go shopping, you better have that winter coat ready to . low 20s around town. mid teens in all of theur s on friday morning. saturday we get into rain saturday afternoon. we're keeping a close eye on this. there might be a few cold sleet pellets early saturday before
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everything becomes just rain. melissa, no real serious winter threat on saturday yet. >> good to know. thanbeyou, chuck . taking a look here at this closure in bethesda. still have this closure here this morning, western avenue shut down between river road and massachusetts avenue. lanes are blocked. fire activity, that is a double fatal fire from overnight. probabom will be there for gation that inves alexandria, nund 395 before seminary, right side blocked by a disabled vehicle. as we zoom up to take a look at 95 in maryland, 95 in virginia looking quite good if you're t waiting untay to get away. eun? >>nkmelissa, tyou. the holy grail of black friday - sorry. holy grail of black friday shopping. see, second time. we're talking about a tv. >> that was a lot for a tv. we're going to break down the best deals you'l h find and to find out if you're getting the most back for your >> today kim kardashian west
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stops by ellen. please watch anyway she has gift for a firefighter apparently. >> you cra me up. >> ellen airs right here on nbc ck around and then s for news 4 at 4:00. >> you should
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"news 4 e watching today." three hours every morning, aaron. a new study says most americans are not moving enough throughout the day. one in four americans sit for more than eight hours a day. that's accding to centers for disease control and prevention. more than 40% of americansre physically inactive with no
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moderate oritigorous act during the week. being in either category can ise your risk of premature death. should we stand up? >> got to doore thanthat. >> i feel like we have to do more than that. >> do some laps. >> do some -- >> i don't know if that's going to help, but knock yourself out. it's fun to watch. >> we're counting down to black friday salf and a new tv is on your want list, this is the story for you. >> consumer reporter susan hogan working for you with some tips to get the best tv at the best price. >> reporter: looking for a great ablack friday deal on tv? "consumer reports" says to check out both store circular and online prices. >> itsed to be limited to whatever stores were in your area and theha inventory they carried. when you have an online retailer the invento is almost unlimited. >> reporter: when it comes to televisions you may come across look alike models. the tv and model numbers are
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almost identical to more expensive models, they may just offe fewer features. >> a lot of times we test them ard they test very similarly to the reg model we've tested during the year. these can be great deals. >> reporr: you may also come across some fantastic looking oor buster specials but "consumer reports" says -- >> they may not be tvs that you want to own. tvs that probably didn't all that well in our ratings. >> reporter: starting tomorrow con su"consumer reports" says y see prices drop including the 5 ch tvs. they'll drop about 200 dollars and the premium brand 55 inch tvs t are going drop $300, back to you. 4:25. we have a warning ahead for those black friday shopping sprees. to the gadgets and games you're going to want to avoid for of all age, chuck.
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"news 4 today" beginsith breaking news. 4:29.ak tragic bg news in bethesda. >> two people have been killed in an overght house fire. >> a neighbor called for help after seeing the flames. when they got there at 1:00, the home was well engulfed in fire. this is where it was located a
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few blocks away from the friendship heights metro block. it's on the d.c./maryland lines. our justin finch is busy now on the ground gathering the latest information and we'll have that for us live coming up at 5:00. now back to you. >> angie, thank you. it's 4:30now. also at this hour we are getting spady for another busy day of travelially at our local airports. today is expected to be one of the most congested days of the year when it comfl to ng. obviously you see the highways there pretty busy. if you're up early to catch a flight though or if you're will wantt today, you to leave extra time to get to the airport and through security. luckilyeather shouldn't add any extra issues for travelers unless you are heading for florida, you want to bundle up. wouldn't it be nice t head to chuck bell for the storm team 4 forecast. chuck, not quite florida weather for us. no, not at all. welcome to minnesota. that's what it's go feel


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