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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 22, 2018 11:30pm-12:06am EST

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the hated dallasbo cowys jumping all over the ski and feasting on three colt mccoy interceptions. we're live in big "d" with reaction to the goodei guys losg division lead. black friday starting earlier and earlier. he we are, thanksgiving night, and the crowds already filing in center. tyson's corner i'm david culver. coming up, well tell you what aside from the big sales is folks.ting all these an american missionary ki killed on an off-limits island nearly 10,000 miles away. why he posed a bigger threat to his killers than they did to him. news 4 at 11:00 starts now. well, as the turkey settles in, bargain hunters are heading out, hitting up the stores for the deep discounts out there. the shopping frenzyas been on
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for six hours and it's not even black friday yet. we've gotm live t coverage for you tonight on the holiday rush. he're going to begin with david culver. 's at the mall, he's live in tyson's where the night is still young. and it looks like you've got a crowd theor behind young the mall big time. >> reporter: and leon, i have to remind myself, it is stillan giving. just to think, this is going to continue all the way through the night into morrow, which is actually black friday. and so, all of this that youhe e , this is just the beginning. the lure for some, thesales. >> yeah, black friday, man. se jessica and jatasia are eyeing something or, someone else. >> movies. >> reporter: oh,movies. >> i waiting for cyber monday. >> se here not even sure what they're waiting for. what are you guys in le for? what's the big sale here? >> i don't know. >> reporter: you don't know. ju standing in line? >> yeah. >> reporter: others explained
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the deals to be had. >> games arecheaper. >> reporter: who are you waiting for? >> i'm waiting for my girlfriend. >> reporter: say s his girlfried shops in the pink stor he allows privacy. what do you do wle you wait? >> i have my iphone. >> reporter: goes through the phone. that's a good idea. says his mom is in victoria's secret. he's waiting. not everyone falling to the pressure of opening early. some keeping black friday sales caged up until black friday. >> i got free can. >> reporter: warning -- >> free candy! >> reporter: if you come out, you will be tempt by the giveaways. i was. some free candy. police not falling for the distraction. keeping the holiday innocence intact for youngik shoppers amy. you'll stay up throughout the night? >> yes. >> reporter: you sndm ready energized for that. >> of course i am. i'm a kid. i'm always energized.
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>> reporter: and that's the fairfax county police, tyson's urban team, leon, that's here, providing of security. also, i have to give thanks to mall security here at tyson'sco er center, i just posted an instagram story, while i'm grateful for them. they are keeping nice and smooth for the shoppers and us. back to you. >> don't forget to thank the gummy bearlady, too. >> reporter: right. >> if you go south and east on the beltway from where david is, you may find yourself at tanger outlets in thashl hanational ha. jackie bensen is there and continues our coverage on the shopping frenzy. what's sheuation look like? >> reporter: leon, there are still people arriving at this hour, there are aot of people here and they appear to be f buying a lot ostuff. 40% oor entire just one of the sales advertised at the tanger outlets at national harbor it opened at 6:00 p.m. the discounts drew crowds.
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dozens were lined up, a couple of hours before the nike store >> we're here because we like to get the good deals and shop. it's fun. we aeady went and had our dinner and so we came from t maryla come down here. >> reporter: as brick and mortar stores face ever increasing competition from online shopping, kicking ohe holiday shopping season on thanksgiving day, as opposed to the day after, is becoming more common. came here around 4:00, so, we had to wait two hours in the parking lot, we were just there and then we got out around 5:30 and lookinground and we're all bundleup, three jackets. he's in two and my mom is in two, too. >> reporter: m t of the stores if the outlet complex w remain open straight through black friday. and i can tell you, we saw long lines. i saw a lot of very dedicated store employees keeping peopl moving as quickly as they could through those lines. live at tanger outlets at national harbor, jackie bensen, news 4. >> thank you, jackie.
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not all smiles and joy in the hination's mall t hour. in hoover, alabama, there's been a shooting at a mall. you're looking here at live pictures we're getting in fr move hooverng we're heari one person has been shot. it's unclear if that shootingpp haened inside or outside of this mall. as you cag ime, it is busy at this ehour, as peopl are out shopping for those holiday bargains. storystay on top of the and bring you updates as soon as we get new information here. now, in other parts of the country, people are pretty excited to get out and g to those deals. you're looking here at macy's in new york city this evening. employees cheering on the brave pers who stormedre the sto for the low prices there. shoppers near charlotte spent their thanksgiving lined up outside this best buy. when the doors did open, folks there sure knew what they were goeyg after. lu walked out with big ticket items ing televisions. and in nashville, no running, just walking, into this best buy. shopping carts to load up on the
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items. analysts say people are feeling good about the economy,on csumer confidence at an eight-year high right now. confidence and joy with the redskins not at a high, at a low, that's for sure. the redskins had a lead against the cowboys, but everything slipped away, quickly. sherree burress is live in on whawith more happened to the burgundy and gold tonight. sherree, didn't look pretty. >> reporter: well, leon, this makes the final five games of the season that much more important for the redskins coming off a loss, because with this dallas win, they w are atop the division, and it was a dominant win at that comet colt m oy starting at quarterback for the first time since 2014. he had a mix of ups and downs in this on one of those ups, here in the third quarter. a 14-yard touchdown pass to trey quinn to give the redskins the lead. everyone talkingbout this.
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this celebration dance. he tells me it has to do with the show "the office." so, mccoy, two owtouchd, three interceptions. but on the cowboys' very next .rive, they stri quinton dunbar falls down, amari coop taking advantage. a uc-yard toown punts dallas on top for good. cowboys win 31-23. fter the game, safety d.j. swearinger with strong words about the loss. >> we lose two games in a row because of the dense. ain't the offe defense. we lost the game. we lost the game on defense. two weeks in a row. if you don't do the simple thingsright, you're going to get embarrassed on national tv. that's why we don't get respect as the redskins. we don't do the simple mroo[ bl] right. >> certainly strong wds d.j. will be bringing to practice when they return. we'll have more sound from him coming up in about 15 minutes, but also, leon, an injury update. we saw offensive lineman trent williams leaving the stadium in an ambulance. i saw some paramedics working on
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him there, but we're learninha tonight it's just precautionary. he got hit in the chest during the game. >> so, it wasn't the thumb again this time?he >> reporter:humb got a little banged up, too, but yeah, this is a cst that they're checking out. >> that's the last thing we need. thank you, sherree. see you in a bit. well, after two losses in five days, the skins are not as cold as the weather outside. l the feelse temperatures sinking int the teens tonight. storm team 4 meteorologist clay anderson shows us how chilly it's going to get ifo you want hit the mall tonight or tomorrow. >> yes, leon. good evening, everyone. weontinue to see t temperatures go down and plummet tonight into tomorrow, those that wopl be ng, make sure that you dress appropriately. and as we say, blackfriday, it's still cold, everyone. with the temperatures going down to the teens by 9:00 a.m., inside the beltway, we're talking about. about 24 degrees. if you'retyson's corner or places outside the p
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beltwabably closer to 20 degrees. it will warm up to a whopping 31 degrees, stillow freezing. 4:00 p.m., close to 40 degrees. 40 degrees in town, but again, it's location, cation, location. we'll give you the complete black friday forecast and a preview of the cong week in just a few moments. >>ou got it, clay. in the meantime, a thanksgiving message from the president to the u.s. military today. president trump is at his florida home in mar-a-lago for the holiday weekend. he went to a nearby u.s. coast guard station, where he shook hands and spoke with service members. the president also spent part of the day on a tell conference call, thankin military personnel for their sacrifice and dedication. >> i say to our great, great warriors, hello and happy thanksgiving. melania and i want to express our profound gratitude for the extraordinary sacrifices you make to defend our nation. >> while meeting with the coast guard, mmp t thanked them for their work responding to hurricanes, and henvited them
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to his palm beach resort. later, he enjoyed a thanksgiving dinner atis southlorida resort, and you're about to see how the president feasted there. dinner began that with a full salad bar and turkey from a carving statio trays included sea bass and braised short ribs. all the traditional thanksgiving side were on the menu, as well. and they ended with an assortment of desserts. next on news 4, an american risking it all in a daring mission to convert the most isolatedribe in the world. >> put his life on the line for christ. >>rehy experts blaming the victim, and the new challenge for authorities. >> i'm not a bad perss! >> t d.c. man accused of causing a disturbance on a flight, which led police in atlanta to take him away in handcuffs. and on this thanksgiving, a d.c. celebrity chef is helping people who have lost it all, one
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ftonight, theily of an american missionary doesn't know if their son'sody will ever be returned to the united states. he was killed last week on a remote island where outsiders, even police, are forbidden. nbc news lucy explains why the man insisted on visiting the change vous, idangerous, isolat tribe. >> reporter: john allen chaunt docued his adventures on instagram, but these photos would be his last. authorities say the 26-year-old was killedossibly by bow and arrow, on what police described
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as a misplaced adventure in a highly restricted area. to a remote island east of inina a. he was trying to meet and convert the endgered tribe, photographed here in that's been isolated for centuries and rejects contact with outders who mig expose them to disease. according to journals and mails published by"the washington post," chau attempted to reach the tribe by boat i d thes before his death, but was shot at with an arrow, which pierced his waterproof bible. he wrote to family, "you guys might think i'm crazy i this, but i think it's hi worthwle to declare jesus to these people. god, i don't want to die." in a statement shared on hisag inm account, chau's fall bly wrote, "words cannot express the sadness we have experienced about this report. he had nothing but love for the people. we forgive those reportedly responsible for his death." this was a dangerous trip for the missionary and the tribe. >> incredibly dgerous for him
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and foolish to have done, but even moreanrous to the people themselves. they are the most isolated tribe on earth. >> reporter: tonight, authities are working to figure out how to cover chau's remains without further disturbing the tribe. >> indian police say it will be difficult for them to recover chau's body. anthropologists are considering how to approach the tribe. and there are legals. hurd crews surveyed that island by air and by boat, but no one has gone ashore. a top d.c. chef is helpi ii victims of the deadly california wildfires. jose andres is spending the holiday with those who have little. andres and some 800 volunteers with his nonprofit world central kitchen have cooked for disaster yictims around the world, and this week, tame to northern a california, place where wildfires have killed 84 people. andres' wnsk hasred others to help, including celebrity chef guy fieri, who volunteers.
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andres says helping people in their most desperate times is as american as itgets. >> all these people here, they wouldn't be anhere. we are the people togeer. >> the chefs prepared about,0 thanksgiving meals for the victims of the deadly camp i . that fire left thousands homeless. a d.c. man arrested by police in atlanta. passengers say that he went o an anti-semitic rant while aboard a flight. >> i'm not a bad person! >> a passenger captured this video of the man being arrested. his flight from d.c.n arrived atlanta yesterday. passengers say he made statements against jews where he demandedal jews on board the flight raise thee hand so could identify themselves. he is seen wearing a jewish prayererawl. atlanta police released a statement, saying, in part, "when the flight arrived at the gate, the male continued the
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disturbance and refused to provide officers with identification." football is a long-standing part of thanksgiving day tra situations, as well all know. the annual turkey bowlecides the public high scho football championship. the crowd watching the two teams was, of course, talkin, about footbat they were also focusing on food. many were aware of mayorl mur bowser's facebook post slamming another d.c. traditn. mumbo sauc >> you're from d.c., you got to know about mumbo sauce. >> wha is aiggest tradition, turkey bowl or mumbo sauce? >> turkey bowl. i hate to say it. turkey bowl. >> now,ur crew didn't find any mumbo sauce out there being served at the game, but woodson came out on top a took home the school's 16th turkey bowl trophy. congratulations to those guys. tonight's the night you would rather have hot sauce. >> definitely. someot sauce, some hot chocolate, something hot, because it is cold. we already know 'rthat. continuing to find
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different adjectives to descre at's going on. we'll talk about how cold it's going to get and when we'll see reli c from some of thed weather. outside right now, we're telling you about, yes, for tha wsgiving in thington area, this was a definite wintertime arctic boundary, which means it swept across much of the eastern seaboard and washington, we were not spared this ti, as some of the coldest air for particular thanksgiving reached uswi chills in the teens and 20s. they will continue tonight, still chilly for that black friday forecast. now, outside right now, as we talk about the temperatures inside the beltway, we're 30 degrees in town, but all you have to do is step outside and plenty of 20s and these 20s will be dropping down to feel like temperatures in the teens before it's all done. already gaithersburg feels like 19degrees. so, with that, what should you wear? now, those that are shopping t tonighy already know, wear the heaviest coast you can. we say puffy,au basically b it has some insulation inside,
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that little bit of air inside will warm up. sunday,hen you're traveling, just a jacket. that means it gets warmer. radar across the area, when you have that arctic boundary, it drives everything out. so, there's really nothing to speak of,s far as snowflakes or rain drops across the area. highs today, high temperatures today, about 24 hours ago, 42 degrees, they've been dropping throughout the day today. future weather in progress, we'll show you what's going toe hahroughout your shopping day tomorrow, as the clouds start to invadnd move in from the west, a chance for some freezing ecipitation, but that's only at about 3,000 feet. more us, rain showers will move into the area, saturday afternoon and evening. we'll get the rain as it starts to move in. here's the forecast, oueryone, aso your shopping tomorrow. about 38 degrees will be the high temperature. still cold. chilly start tomorrow, i say chilly start for saturday, but it war up to 51 degrees. clouds move in late, then
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sunday, we're seeing some great, warm weather, as we call it warm, but the rest of the week, still, we should be about 55 i degrees, but a looks right now, temperatures are going to be only in the 40 for highs, leon, and low temperatures in the 30s. so, for i us, know people are shopping, but you may want to get your favorite friend or maybe your favorite enemy some gloves and a hat and a scarf. skins , you can get the almost anything, that will lift their spirits. >> true, ue >> they are coming back in lowi spirs tonight, coming back from texas. 'll be going back there live and take another lk at the redskins, both sides of the ball taking blame for the loss tonigh tonigh d.j.
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this is a fight. not to the finish. tonigh d.j. but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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this is the xfinity sports desk. will tell t, playe you, the best thing you can do after a tough loss is get right back on the field and try toit t ehind you. well, after sunday's tough one against houston, the redskins had just that. a quick turnaround trip to dallas to face their hated rivals on thanksgiving. a chance to sweep the cowboys and open a commanding lead in the nfc east. wayy thing happened on t to doing just that. colt mccoy starting in his home state of texas. his 85-year-old grandpa on the sidelines watching. we bet he liked this. third quarter, mccoy throwing his secondtd of the game. this one, a 14-yarder to the rookie trey quinn. first touchdown of his career. and a little ode to the office with the scarn-dance. got to make it count, right? momentum lost right away, though. next drive, daksrescott amari cooper. he knows what to do with it.
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40-yard touchdown gives dallas the lead back.xt cowboys drive, prescott,er coop back at it. this time, fabian moreau misses a tackle. get that teem today? and it's a 90, yes, a 90-yard touchdown. keep dallas up 24-13, and they weren't done. in the fourth, dak avoids sack attempts, finds his way into the end zone. more misse tackling. five-yard touchdown, and his good friend zeke puts him in thn salvat army kettle. we've seen that before. cowboys win it 31-23. redskins have now lost two straight. and with more from at&t stadium, welcome back in sherreeburress. sherree, we knew this team was ber of challenges on this short week and they just weren't able to overcome them. >> rorter: no, theyweren't, george. and this was the most adversity that we've seen this team face this season. they had a new quarterback
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starting for the offense. they were on art week. and they were trying to get the win on the road. so, for theffense and even the defense, not their best performances, but holding themselves accountable if this loss. >> i think i'm encouraged, i think that, you know, on a short week like that, you know, obviously you want to winme the and losing overshadows everything, but i'll go back and watch it and try to clean up some of my mistakes that are going to help our team win. put our defense in a couple bad shots. >> ain't no damn offense, man. de nse. we lost game. we don't do the simple right, you know? we do the simple [ bleep ] right, i guarantee you, we get respect. that [ bleep ] is for the birds when you losing. if you losing, if y ain't no championship team, it ain't no reason coming in the building andgh lauing unless [ bleep ] don't mean that much to you, unless you just doing it for the money. but if you doing it from the heart, that [ bleep ] going to mean something to you when you walk in that building after you lost two games in a row. >> so, spirited comments, d.j.
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se wing the tone forn the team does return to practice, but they're off this weeksd, but it work as normal on monday back in ashburn. george, back to you. >> all right, sherree, thank you. and the d.j. swearinger letting erybody know how he feels. >> they should play that on the plane on the way back. >> youhink practice isoing to be fun when they get back? >> ouch. >> a lot of work to do now.
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well, if you were napping
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rlier, passed out from all that turkey and missed it, there is a new best in show tonight. a whippet won the title at this year's national dog show. he beat out the other hounds tonight. wh whiskey knocked out s other dogs to take theco mpetition. whiskey is also his handler. his most important title will always be as companion, though now a much more valuable one. all right, last thought on the weather tonight? >> well, what's valuable is to make sure y have that favorite scarf or jacket on, because it's b and we're still four weeks before the start of winter. >> couldn't tl me that by being outside for five seconds earlier. that's for sure. that's it for us. that's it for us. "tonight show" c
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