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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 23, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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it's black friday, the official start of the holiday shopping season. >> here we go. >> this morni we have team coverage showing you all the lsys you can still score the best d for whatever items are on your st. we have partly cloudy skies just around 7:00 a.m. twoore hours. temperatures are not going to respond too much for that sunshine that we willn get w the sun comes up. 20s right now. 30s down to the south. we'll drop toward the sunrise. th w temperaturel be back into the mid 20.
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expect more cloud cover as we continue through the day today. nothing on the radar right now, but we will possibly have a little wintry mix tomorrow. we got plans for your saturday. that's all coming up in a little bit but first let's talk about traffic. >> good morning. perfect travel conditions if you're heading out to theri mal t now. very, very light traffic. we're not talking about any crhehes. look at green on the beltway. volumes are ultra low. this is usuallyn easy day to get around. also the parkways will go one wa d. 295, that crash has been cleared. that's the latest. back over t you.
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>> thank you. really terrifyints mom for early black friday shoppers in alabama. >> one person is dead and twoot hers including a 12-yeaold girl injured after a shooting at aall on thanksgiving night. here's a look at the chaotic ovscene in . the shooting happened after a fight broke out between two teens inside that mall in birmingham. one of the teens was shot by the other teen and when the gunman ried to run away, police confronted and shot and kled him. police say the 12-year-old girl was in the area of the gunfire when she was hit and she is expected to be okay. ♪ >> it's thegest shopping day of the year, but unlike years passed, today is not really the start of the holiday shopping season anymore. >> consumershe alreadyed out hundreds of millions of dollars. as of $10ni thursday m consumers spent mor than 400
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million shopping online. that's up f%. or those deals you'll have to wake up early and wait in line. police are als getting ready for the black friday crowds and getting ready to kee sres safe for weeks. >> yeah, megan is in leesburg ere the shoppers are ready to fill up the stores. what are police looking for? >> good morning. >> police are looking for thieves on the look out for people that may not be paying all that much attention. now it's really early here in the morning. but leesburg premium outlets have been open all night long and they very, very crowded. 100% capacity. not a single parking space from 11:00 until 2:00 a.m. this g. mornin now big crowds, that's the kind of situation that attractsth ieves. they're looking for people
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carrying a lot fbags, a lot of packages. they're looking around and looking for those deals so they're not necessarily keeping a close eye one. their pu those are the kinds of situations that you'll want to avoid. police and security guards at malls all around tregion, they're going to be looking for those types of situations but oshoppers need to their part as well. make sure you know where your purse is and where you credit cards are at alls. ti pay attention to the people around you. sometimes the thieves work alone. other times they work with .the crowd situations is a prime situation fo pick pockets. there's folks with packages over there. lots of people morning shopping. if you're going to unload those things to you don't have to carry them around, put them i your trunk for safekeeping.
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don't leave anything out in open view. th would be a temptation for theives walking by your car. bu lots of shopping going on even at this early hour, ys >> good tips. leave the big purse at home. our team b coverage ofck friday continues. susan is live where at 5:00 in the morning,he is already seeing some big crowds out there. we got here at 4:15 and it was already packed. it was not a nearlys crowded. these foln have bee out here all morning long. i want to introduce you to folks we met this morning bright andy earlho already found amazing bargains. what time did you get out here. >> we got out here about
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3:15 a.m. >> why? >> i'm hanging with the young ones and theyted to shop and get great deals in pink and american eagle. so weame out here and came on. >> looks like you came out here with the young girls to shop. >> i had a greattime. >> did you girls f dom edbargains. oo >> yeah. >> what are the bargains? what made you come out here. >> american gle, we got jacket for $20 at charlotte. everything was $20 and below. >> what about you mom? what did you find? me>> well atcan eagle i got two great sweaters 40% off so what a great deal and of course hats and scarves buy one get one freeo i'm getting ready for theer wint >> fantastic. thank you so much. happy shopping.
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but watch your bags and be alert. >> you always give g us thed stuff. thank you so much. passengers say a d.c. man exploded into an anti-semitic rant on a plane headed to atlanta. >>. >> passengers say he made statements against jewish people and demanded all jewisra people e their hands so he could identify them. he was seen wearing a jewish prayershawl. police released a statement reading in part when the flight
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arrived at the gate, the male continued the disturbance and refused to provide officers with identification. >> firefighters pulled an unconscious person out of a turning town home. a matress caught fire and the unconscious person had to be air lifte to the hospital. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> authokities are w on getting the remains of an american missionary killed on an remoted in india back home. 26-year-old john allen chau was trying to convert the sentinelese, the most isolated
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ffibe on earth. now oials say he travelled by boat to the off limits island where the tri lives and was possibly killed by bow and ar sw. in atement released on his instagram page, his family expressed sadness and said they forgive those involved in his death. he was also thanking the military for their sacrifice and dedication. >> i say to our great, great warriors, hello and happy thanksgiving. we want to express our profound gratitude for the extraordinary sacrifices that you make to defend our nation. >> he thanked them for their work responding to hurricanes
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around the country andnved them to his resort in palm beach. >> the redskins had a lead on the cowboys in the third quarter crashing downe >> into like a million pieces. now they have blown their divisilead. >> the redskins in a 31-23 loss thursdht in this thanksgiving match up. wide receiver trey quinn a bright spot thursday afternoon. scores his firsttoareer ahdown giving the redskins their firstnd only lead. i 13-1n the third quarter. but dallasrs a back andn. of >> up the middle and into the end zone for a cowboys touchdown. >> cowboys take the lead and never look
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the d is taking the lead if you don't do the simple things right you'll get embarrassed on national tv. >> their next game is not for another ten days but up next, another divisionpponent just up 95, monday night football at philadelphia eagles. >>nge're hea out to california where a survivor of the recent wildfires is reunited with his best friend just in time for the holiday.
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>> the meaning of thanksgiving had a deeper emotional connection thi year for the survivors of woolsey california. that's a look at the special dinner hted for the familieam organizers ctogether to host the malibu strong communitygi thanng also first tresponders. other deadly wildfire in california, the camp fire is 95% contained this morning. people lost their lives in that fire and this morning,
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we're seeing an emotional reunion between a campfire survivor and his lost dog. he just couldn't hol back his emotions when he finally saw his dog safe and alive in san francisco. police officer found the dog safe but surrounded by flames. >> it makes this whole disaster less complicated. i'm just glad she is still alive and she didn't get hurt because she had t sense to go where it was safe. because everything around her burning. >> back together again. the same animal shelter took in nine other camp fire dogs. anot wrderful story that warms your heart, an elderly woman spentiv thankg with a sanitation worker that may have saved her from the california wildfires. >> she thought she was going to be trapped in her home uil the
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garbage collector showed up. this all happened before the fires destroyed the town of paradise and killed more than 80 people. she is 93 years old. her caregiver was gone for the day and the fire was getting closer to her home. then her garbage man was surprisedo see her still home after he saw the smoke coming over the mountain top. he got the garbage cans and took them to the truck and came ou doing said what are here? >> i gave her the seat i had available in my truck and tookt her t best person i knew. >> the garbage man was told toa don his route because of the fires, but he kept going because he knows seral elderly people are on his route. onmargaretders him like part of her family fnow. >>ends for life. if you didn't catch this year's national dog show, there's the new wner there. whiskey the whippet. it's tradition.
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he knocked out the six other dogs. in the end, he enjoyed a victory meal as well. this is the 17th year for the national dog show >> if you're heading out this morning to run the dog out, you might wt to literally run the dog out. >> i'm so glad i don't have a dog in times like this. i see people walk out in wintrya mixes stuff like that. that's notme. grab the jacket and the scarf and the gloves. the temperatures are below freezing right now. u can see as weo through the 7:00 a.m. hour those temperatures are going to continue to drop a ltle bit more. partly cloudy skies. good news about today, much lighter wind all thrt the day. a little breezy yesterday.
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we're heading into the mid and upper 30 that is it. yesterday was in the low to mid 30s. so we're a touch warmer toda partly sunny skies are out there. so we'll have a few moret cloud there today. we are dry out there until tomorrow. we do have a winter weather advisory for our friends in the west and out toward virginia. these are the areas because they're a little higher elevation tomt could see freezing rain and sleet tomorrow morning. this begins at 3:00 a.m. we will have tome raint could start off as a little bit of a mix. we're dry on sunday. let me run this through. tonight, today, nothing to worry about. but tdn as we h into the overnight, by about 7:00 or a 8:. tomorrow morning we'll start to see rain moving in here. this is pnted as all rain, however i do believe there's going to be a little bit of frozen precipitation.
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and some of this again, especially the higher elevations. this will be heavy at times,o even throughout the afternoon, we're going to have some heavyou downpours t our area, and if you have tree lighting ceremonies tomorrow, there's a co them going on. it's going to continue until 8:00 and then it will scoot on out of here and as we get into sunday a lot drier. we could pick up an inch of rain in our that's going to be something that we're watching. we're warm for this weekend. we're dry on sunday. we're even warm on sunday but more rain on monday. then we dry out through the next work week. see what's hitting the roads anymore. >> not so much. we'reeally not talking about a busy rush hour this morning. at least not really expecthng . here we are on the springfield interchange. lots ofspace, 395 north. hov restrictions will be going into effect. it may not drive like a normal morning rush hour with lower volumes but the hov restrictions
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will be into fect. also the parkway will go one way. >> let's take you to crash reported on u.s. 301. about a mile south. that is the very latestrom the wtop traffic center. back over to you. >> thankou so much. 5:21 is your time now. still ahead, giving back to those that need it the most. >> we're showing you the work one local group does to make sure that no one is left out thanksgiving. we'll be right back.
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two years ago players house their annual be the match drive. he took a cotton swab test and later learned he was amatch. he didn't hesitate. even though it meant missing the last two games of t season. he will eventually learn the name of the child whose lifee helped save, and he does want to meet him. >> what a selfless jegesture. >> not everyone gets to enjoy a big feast but the d.c. non-profit food and friends, they have been working to change l of that. volunteers delivered thanksgiving meals yesterday.
5:25 am
i had the honor to tag along for some of the deliveries. >> not just any delivery knock at the door. volunteers hand off a holiday feast like no other to andrew jones. >> this is such a blessing. >> he unpacked all the sides rst and then the turkey. >> oh my gosh. this is the beauty of it all. >> not knowing and then saying i'm going to live. >> it's about more than food. long time f oendships are the menu. that's why volunteers get up early to pack and deliver meals. 700 dinners on this day. >> and speaking of people that change the world, i'd likeo introduce my successor. >> this one is also bittersweet labor of love. long time executive director craig snyderman oversees his
5:26 am
last holiday run, retiring after 23 years. rd>> this is . this has been my life. >> and the reason andrew jones says he too can keep going. >> well, we he a chilly one to start on this black friday morning, but at least we do not have the rain today. now, tomorrow, a different story, a maybe eve starting as a little bit of the wintry eeather mix. monday some m rain headed our way. we'll sort it out and time it t for you coming up after the break. >> thank you. here's a live look where black friday is in full swing. susan hogan is there to help us navigate the best deals. looking sluggish there. >> then this thanksgiving break. viral call to confuse me. i fell victim to it right here i fell victim to it right here in the nbc
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som of the best deals are beginning in the next few hours. and we'll makeure that you have everything that you need to take advantage of them. we have team coverage. news 4 consumer reporter susan hon showings what it's like out there at the malls and the outlets in our area. we'll check in with both of them coming up in a few memos. >> we'll check in in just a moment. but first we have to take a look at the forecast. lauren has the storm team 4 forecast. out er day to bundle up there. >> absolutely. you're absolutely right, chris. it's a chilly start outhere on this black friday morning. those temperatures are starting in the 20s. everybody starting below the freezing mark right now. however, the good news is, t winds are a lot lighter out there this morning compared to
5:31 am
yesterday. g showing up on the radar. we are dry. even if you're traveling out there today, you're looking good. let's talk about weather questions out there. any travel concerns, no not today. but tomorrow, we have travel concerns. pretty heavy rain across the area for tomorrow and it could start off the wintrymix, b we veve a warm upcoming over the weekend and we do he wintry weather possible around here. winter weathers advisorp for portions of our area. we'll let you know who c see what and when. that's coming up in about 12 minutes. >> good morning. actually just got a call from a listener in the district. icicles forming in the street tunnel. that's one thing you'll get on these cold mornings. a traffic jam onin 270. germantown southbound, only one right lane getting by. just coming in, one right lane
5:32 am
getting by beyond germanto road. that is causing a that's the onlrstate delay. it's on 301. the traffic is easily getting by under police direction. volumes are pretty light this morning. that's is latest from the wtop traffic center. back over to you. >> thank you, dave. shoppers are -- ♪ >> i keep stepping on yourte favo music, chris. black friday kicks o the holiday shopping we have team coverage at our area malls. >> let's check in with susan up early and live at the mall in tyson corner. how is it looking out there? >> chris, i can't get over. there's a ton of people out here and we came here at 4:15 this morning and it was packed.
5:33 am
we had no problem finding any parking spaces, but i can tell you over the next couple of hours, it'sng to get packed even more. of course i have to give you some tips on how to shop and the best apps so i have a couple for you that are my best go tos. one of them is cled shop savvy. i downloaded this a couple of years ago, but it gives you up to date deals. what i like about this is you n take your phone and use it as a bar code scanner. so if you see something in the store that you like that you're wondering if you can get it cheaper somelhere , you put your phone over that and scan the bar code and the app will tell y where the prices are and if there's better ones out there. the other o i lik is called coupon's app. this will give you promo code. if you're online that's a great one to use and also another is just the store specific app. wther it's all mwalmart or ll.
5:34 am
bean or what have you, that's the ones you want to check out as well. it will alert you to see if there's other things going on. we just grabbed her. she came in here. what time did you get out here this morning. >> 5:00 a.m. >> why did you ce ou did you come out for a specific reason, grace? >> the sales. we came out to help f out aend get styled and everything like that. r style and do make up. >> there's y plug for the day. >> so you, are there some things that you said all righ i want to go to the store because this has a great bargain. >> zara. >> what's up with zara, there were a ton of peoe waiting in line. >> people were wrapped around the building. it was really crazy. the linese the register were super ng, but it's worth it. >> so the sales are awesome, but yet you are empty handed. so i don't know what you're waiting for.ok like you got some work to
5:35 am
do. >> i do. >> great. thanks so much. we'll see you later, happy bargain shopping. off you go. go off with your friends. >> coming upt 6:00, you guys, there's really something pretty unique happeningttyson's corner center and i'll tell you about that. we'll have that for you coming up. >> you just pushed her out of the way g to right back and spend some money. >> 40% off is what we should be lo for. 40% or higher. those are the real deals, right? >> absolutely. you should never pay full price ever on black friday or for the next few days during this holiday season. it doesn't make any sense and you shld never pay for shipping during this time too. use those promo codes. they're worth the effort. download them. >> okay. >> maybe that's where maybe she bought it but she said just ship it free to my house.
5:36 am
so our black friday coverage will continue all morning. coming up in a few minutes, we'll show you which tech gadge n score great deals on today and you can find plenty of tips for getting the best deals in the nbc washi >> top stories today. one person is dead after a asooting inside a mall in alabama that w packed with shoppers. police in hoover say an officer killed the gunman after heen fire after a fight. an 18-year-old man and a 12-year-ol girl were both injured. police say she was an innocent bystander and is expected to be okay. >> that man arrested intlanta after he went into an ant
5:37 am
anti-semitic rant on the plane. officers charged him with obstruction and disorderl conduct. >> president donald trump delivered a thanksgiving msage tou.s. service members around the world. he did so by telephone from his resort. the president told members of the military, he and the first lady wanted to express their profound gratitude. >> the redskins blow their sivision lead in the nfc east. yesterday, dal beat them up, 31-23. we'll tell you what the team plans to work on before their next match up. one hhlight ofhe game was this celebration here. chdown catch his t dance? it got a lot of attention on social media. >> it was a tribute to the office. he was doing the scarn dance. even the star of the office got
5:38 am
a kick out of w. te that's how you do the scarn. thanksgiving. >> at least that was a nice little moment there. much more on black friday fun. another check on the ather whenwe w
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what's this? turkey sliders. and these...
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as> it a much differ kind of dinner for the first respoers there. >> they don't work regular hours, but one firefighter made sure tring a little taste of thanksgiving to every fire station in d.c. he brought a fresh turke to every firehouse yesterday. part of a non-profit he started
5:42 am
to help otherfirefighters. >> it's great for the department. it's great for us. so yeah, make their shopping a little bit easier for the day. >> they made it to all 34 fire houses in d.c. all the food donated by families businesses. he hopes to expand next year and go to fire houses in marylan and virginia as well. >> well, it's a chilly start. we do have some clouds out there. other skies are clear across the region depending o whe you are. but temperatures, cold everywhere. we're in the 20s in a lot of the region we'll continue to drop toward the sunrising which comes up at 7:00 a we'll talk about conditions for tomorrow. it could not only get wet around here b we could see wintry mix. we'll talk about that coming up minutes. >> it is traffic right now on 270 southbound, sluggish. through germantown, it's arash
5:43 am
after 118. only a single lane is getting by the right. fairly light traffic throughout the region. we go through all what's a gig of data?
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music to a lot of people's ears. >> black friday, 1985. >> fast forward to 2018. >> more than 80% o people plan to hit the stores or their computers, you knk, to k off the holiday shopping season. >> shopping on the apps now. retailers are stretching throughout the month of november. so is black friday sti the best day to get deals? liz finds out. >> it's the most famous shopping day of the yearsmericans hunt for deep discounts. but according to adobe analytics, black friday may not be the best day to get deals. >> ihey thinks the best day to get toys online but our data
5:47 am
suggests it'sually cyber monday. >> you might not want toch wait longer than that. >> we expect a lot of the hot selling toys will beut stock two days after cyber monday. >> for apparel or alliances, the sunday after thanksgiving is the best time to buy, but don't t' tfoherget about bestla day to deals on large ticket electronics likecomputers, laptops and big tvs. >> not all deals are created equal. >> somhe of tse deals may be too good to be true or on produc that are not all that great. >> follow retailers on social media and use the browser extension. >> the good thing about this is you don't have to spend time at home looking for coupon codes or doing comparison shopping because it's doing all of this work behind the scenes for you. >> compare before you click to
5:48 am
find the bestiday deals.eo >>e are going to spend more than 124 billion online over the holiday season. >> and for black iday, the spending is expected to reach almost $6 billion. >> in oneday. >> one day. here's a look at when some of the big namere s will open or reopen today. when it comes to the tech products, you can find deals at t ple or best buy starting 8:00 this morning. bed bath and beyond and kmart and macy's reopen he. kohl's jcpenney and old navy haven't closed. >> football is a long standing part of thanksgiving day traditions. the annual turkey bowlecides e public high school football championship as mark seagraves explains while the crowd was
5:49 am
talking turkey yesterday, they were also a focused onnother d.c. tradition, mumbo sauce. >> it wasre tch of last hard turkey bowl and a fought game. many were well aware of mayor muriel bowser slamming another d.c. traditio >> mumbosauce. >> what's your bigger tradition? turkey bowl or mumbo sauce. >> turkey bowl. >> i hate toay it. >> even all the fried fish and fried chicken being sold at the game, we couldn't find any mumbo sauce anywhere. >> where is the mumbo sauce? >> we don't have it today. >> while the mayor wasn't on hand for the game, council member representing the neighborhoods where the two teams playheere on sideline. >> there's always love, man.
5:50 am
football. it's for the kids, man. >> another d.c. tradition on display, the blue marching fan which has been under the direction of this man, darryl tson forhe past 24 years. as for the turkey bowl being played in the shadow of the mumbo sauce controversy. >> i can't believe with allhe challenges we have in the district of columbiafum mbo dis >> the game will go to overtime with h.d. odson warriors coming out on top for the school's 16th turkey bowl trophy. >> i know a lot ofteople t keep mumbo sauce, a bottle in their pantry. it's a seriousthing. so you might recall that last year was they lost in the turkey bowl. th played that game without 18 players that were suspended
5:51 am
during a fight. >> you know people. >> i know people. >> eople who dothat. >> i grew up with just mumbo sauce. at theorner store. chicken wings and mumbo sauce. >> well, sidaking of h traditions, a lot of you have been asking this question this week, how long does it take to microwave a 25 pound turkey. >> whatever. it's a thanksgivingpr k. it went viel rangerral and made to my desk. nk>> do you not t so? >> am i going to give people salmonella. >> uh-huh? >> it's going to be nasty. >> are you sure? ke, four hours and peace out. >> no. >> i just thought it s was ridiculous. >> our production assistant, catalina. i like her on most days, but not this day. just so everybody knows, according to butterball, microwaving a turkey is
5:52 am
possible. >> she asked her very innocently, i got this turkey, how long is it going to take to like microwave it. >> she just went on and on and i fell for it. >> you were like -- >> rolled my >> at one point, she told her, you need to call your mother. >> call your momma. >> butterball, what are they talking about? you can microwave a turkey? >> they'rehere to help you through any questions that you have. >> all right guys. good news is we're not as windy out there today. but we have rain headed our ways
5:53 am
temperatill be back in the 50s for the weekend. especially after a cool start like this. we're going to have clouds out there. temperatures in the mid to upper 30s, but you're looking dry all the way through the day today with a much lighter wind in store for us. so your black friy outlook, listen, if you're traveling, no travel concerns. specially around t mid-atlantic. a lot of people going to get their trees and maybeutting up lights, do that today or sunday. don't plan to do it tomorrow because we'll have rain all through the day. it's going to be a mess tomorrow. nothinghe happening on radar right now. back off to our friends in west virginia. now this is some of the higher elevations. some of thealleys right here. 3:00 a.m. tonig and goes until noon on saturday. we'll have a system that brings
5:54 am
us mostly rainou but it start as freezing rain to our friends to the west. maybe a little bit ofsleet. tomorrow, though, it will change to all rain. those temperatures are going to be right around 50 degrees. let me s you this real quick. you can see we have the rain moving in through the morning. and then we're looking at drying conditio on sunday. temperatures in the 50s and then we're dry all the way thugh. we have updates on traffic. good morning, >>dave. e got better news on 270 southbound, south of 11uc look how better the traffic flow is since our last update. the crash south of 118, it's been cleared to the right shoulder. all lanes reopen and just like that, delays have vaporized.
5:55 am
in virginia deer struck. right now the right lane is blocked. not much of a back there. that's is very latest from the traffic center. back to >> enjoy that easy commute while it lasts because another big metro line closure is about to start when the holiday weekend ends. >> the yellow line shuts down starting monday. that shutdown is set to last for two weeks. repair crews will be working on the bridge over the potomac. there's no bridge on the rails itself. >> the shutdown is set to end december 9th. >> good morning.
5:56 am
i'm kate rogers at cnbc headquaters. it's not only black friday but also national espresso day. starbucks is hosting happy hour with a buy one get one free offer on espresso drinks. and free lyft drive until 3:00 p.m. with a promo code. >> still ahead, our black fridag 2018 cov continues. >> details of the reported amazon customer data leak and what you need to do if you have been notified. >> we're heading back out live to the storeshowing you the deals that are still available if you're ready to brave the crowil news 4 todaybe right back.
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it could se your life. schedule a check-up with your doctor, know your four health numbers, and start taking control of your heth today. cigna. together, all the way. hundreds of people pack tyson's corner. >> thanks for joining.
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>> it's black friday. the official start of the holiday season and this morning we have teae cover telling you all the way you can still score the best deals. everybody right now around our area reporting tempetures below that freezing mark. so it is chilly out there. the good news is we don't have the winds out there today. but you still need the winter gear and tomorrow an umbrella and sunday a light jacket as we have a warm up the weekend and more rain expected on monday. no rain out theredtoday. winds light, 5northeast, to 10 miles per hour. as far as your wake up weather is concerned, as we head through the morning, temperatures in th


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