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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  November 23, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> thanks for joining. >> it's black friday. the official start of the holiday season and this morning we have teae cover telling you all the way you can still score the best deals. everybody right now around our area reporting tempetures below that freezing mark. so it is chilly out there. the good news is we don't have the winds out there today. but you still need the winter gear and tomorrow an umbrella and sunday a light jacket as we have a warm up the weekend and more rain expected on monday. no rain out theredtoday. winds light, 5northeast, to 10 miles per hour. as far as your wake up weather is concerned, as we head through the morning, temperatures in the
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mid 20s, 7:00 a.m. and then we'll come back up. temperatures in the 30s for daytime highs today. portions of our area have ant weather advisory for tomorrow morning. we'll show you the counties minutes.p in a few but let's first show you the traffic out there. good morning. >> good morning. much better traffic flow on 270 southbound through germantownou beyond 118. all lanes open. the was deer struck east of route 29. the deer that struck it was disabled. it's been a big problem given the express lanetr cotion. speaking of hov restrictions go into effect this korning sop that in mind. that's the lates from the traffic center. back to you. thank you. terrifying moments for early black friday shoppers inam al >> one person is dead and two others2- includingyear-old girl injured after a shooting at
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a mall on thanksgiving night. here's theot cha scene in hoover. police say the shooting happened after a fight broke out between two teens insidel. the m one of the teens was shot by the other teen and when that gunman tried to run away, police confronted and shot and killed him. police say the ol12-yea girl was in the vicinity of the gunfire: she i expected to be okay. >> see that credit card on the screen thige. thest shopping day of the year. that credit card got a little workout. but today is not the start of the holiday shopping season anymore.'s
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thp from the year before. the best deals on some of the high-tech electronics but for those deals you'll have to wake up early and wait in line. thece are also ready for black friday crowds. they have been getting ready for weeks. >> the shoppers are out there ready to fill up the stores in their shopping bags. whatere the pol looking f. >> they're looking for theives that are out there. shoppers oking for that may be distracted. there's incredible deals out thne and people eve at this early hour are shopping in full force. it'sin amaz look at all the packages that people are carrying around. they have been out here for hours. the thieves know that. they know people are distracd. they have a lot of bags that they're carrying and they're
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looking for the opportunity where someone isn't necessarily pang attention to where things are. didn't realize they put their purseheown on t ground. police are urging people to be aware and also make sure that you know where all of your be ngings are at all times. >> have a friend keep your eye on your stuff as you go through lthe racksking for the deals. ones shopper s she's already doing that. >> we're going to cover them up car.e back of the >> nothing left out. >> nothing left out. >> so the advice here is just b. aw have a great time. go out there. get that shopping done, but be aware, keep an eye on those
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packages. back to you guys. >> theross body bag purse is good.ha >> is it looking like? are people still making their way through? there's a line out the door for that to open up. it's been quite crazy and really different from a year ago. i was out here then and it didn't seem to have the same excitement. this year, though, totally different vibe and what's really cool here that's going on at tyson's corner. we have done storiesot about a of retail stores going bankrupt and even mallstt sg down
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too, so what tyson's corner is arting this year whi is really interesting is something called a grand box, so if you're online, a lot of us go online now shopping and there's exclusive retailers online and they're bringing those particular online, very popular online brands intore the snd giving them an actual brick and mortar retail store. it's called winky lux. it's a cosmetics brand. beauty obsessed millennials a coming and buying this make up. >> another thing you'll see here is a d.c. based online flowerde very company. that's here. it's not like a pop up store. it's a reil store that they have. and nectar is comfortable memory
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foam mattresses. and very, very popular online brands and also here are some shoppers. lotsf rsshoppe what time do y'all get out here this morning? >> 12:00 a.m. >> 12:00 in e morning? you're crazy. was there something that you came out here >> not really. not for the sales. just kind of like have a good time-out like, it's a long weekend as well. there's noise places so like, we want to have fun together. >> so this is more about the experience? >> honestly, we didn't get that much. we just came to have a fun time and chill out. >> that's great, but you did have some bargains. i'm sing tons of zara bags. >> we did wait for zara. it was a long wait, but we got there. we were in front of the door
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waiting at 5:00 a.m. we found a couple of good deals that were worth it. >> hayeah. >> time are you heading back home? >> right now. >> are you >> yes. >> well did you have a great thanksgiving? >> yes, we did. >> well, thanks, ladies, so much. happy holidays to you as well. this is why i love covering black friday everybody is in a great mood. the holiday spiri is in full swing. i love it. and you know what, as you have been saying all morning long, we are spending money. the economy is good. people are out here happy, finding their bargains andnos you too, black friday does not end today. it goes on and on and on so if you don't find bargain today, it will be here. >> they have been there sincemi ight and they still look great and the best attitude.
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>> i know. >> it's a thing. >> how is it lookin this is going to be the place to go this morning at this point. we'll keep an eye on shopping areas across region and let you know where the best place to go and worst place to i go as we head over to tyson's corner next and take a look at where susan hogan is. >> that's going to get packed as the morning goes on. >> now theylo have their
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division lead. >> the thanksgiving loss andat his team needs to do to overcome before their next match up. >> the cedboys feast on the ds rens. wide receiver qu an, bright the rookie scores his first career touchdown giving the redskins tir first and only lead. 13-10 in the thirdquarter. but dallas answers a backnd sten. >> it' caught by cooper. up the middle and intohe end zone for a cowboys touchdown. >> cowboys take a lead and never look back. after a poorrm perfoance on both sides of the ball, the defense is taking the blame for the tough loss. >> we lost the game on defense
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two weeks in a row. if you don't do simple things right, you'll get embarrassed on national tv. but up next another division opponent, monday night football at the philadelphia eagles. >> talk about being thankful. >> and we're headed out to california where a survivorf the recent wildfires is reunited with his best friend just in time for the holidays. >> and it's a chilly start out there on this friday morning. 28 degrees. isten, we'll drop a little bit as we go through the 7:00 a.m. hour. we'll head right back into the s today but that' as good as it's going to get. maybe a little wintry mix on the way. we'll tal about ko
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>> a invited to this feast were the first responders, firefighters, and other public service workers. 83 people lost their lives in that blaze and this morning we're seeing an emotional reunion between a camp fire
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survivor and his lost dog. c ldn't hold back the emotions when he finally saw his sg maggieafe and alive in san francisc maggie took off when they were trying to get away from the fire.s police officound the 12-year-old dog surrounded by flames. >> it mak this whole disaster less complicated. just glad that she's still alive. she had the sense to go where it was safe. everything around her was burning. >> the same shelter took in nin other camp fire dogs. >> hopefully they'll all be reunited fairly soon. >> an elderly woman spent thanksgiving with a sanition worker that may have saved her from the california heldfires. >> thought she was going to be trapped in her home until the garbage collector showed up. this all happened before the
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firesnestroyed the tow of paradise and kildearly 80 people. her caregiver was gone for the day. the fire was spreading closer and closer to her home. he was surprised to see her still home.e >> came back and he said what are you doing here? >> i gave her the seat i had available in my truck and i took her to the bestn that i knew. >> the garbage man had been told to abandon his route because of the fires and he kept going because he knows several elderly people are on his ute. she now considers him part of the family. >> i bet. if you didn't catch this year's national dog show. there's the new winner. whiskey the whippet knocked out the six other dogs.
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whiskey claimed the cup. enjoyed a victory meal as well. >> it's all part of watching the parade and the dog show and football. do you watch that? >> the dog show? yes i do. for about 25 minutes, but i do. i do watch. >> do >> no. it? >> i like seeing the rare dogs. >> unusual looking dogs. i have no idea what the conversation is about. >> if you're running outside to take your dog outside, literally run outside. >> when we were watching the clip with the turkey bowl going on. >> it's so cold. >>ou were o there yesterday
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morning. those temperatures are below freezing everywhere. the wind yesterday is breezy at times. they're going to be light today. you're not going to have to worry about that but all in all not that bad. we should come down a degree or two in the next hour. grab the winter ar, the gloves, the scarf, the hat, temperatures out of the 20s and intohe mid to upper 30s for daytime highs today. nothing happening on the radar. that's how it's going to be today but tomorrow is a different story. winter weatherdvisory for our friends to the west. some of the higher elevations,w
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are going to have a system moving in tomorrow morning. could start off wh freezing rain and sleet in this area. not expecting any issues. look at our temperature tomorrow, right around 50 degrees for tomorrow. and the rain will be heavy at times. should scoot out of here by 8:00 p.m. and we'll start drying out. that 10-day forecast coming up in aittle bit but right now we'll show you the traffic. >> not talking about a big rning rush hour. but we do have a crash. it's on route 7. it's eastbound. it's over the dulles toll road and left side is blocked.
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remember the ho restrictions are in effect in virginia. back over to you. >> still ahead, giving b k to those that need it the most. >> the work one local group does to make sure that none gets left out of thanksgiving. we'll be right bk. what's ts?
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turkey sliders. and these... are cranberry shooters. woo!
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this year, i'm turning thanksgiving into fastgiving. get you people out of here as fast as possible so i can get ready for black frid. could you pass the pumpkin nachos? havertys black fridaysale . save up to 35% with early bird specials. plus, be one of the first in the door and win instant scratch-off savings. one lucky person in each store wins $1,000. havertys life looks good >> a rhode island football
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player donated his bone marrow to a 6-year-old he didn't even know. they held the annual be the match drive. offensive lineman took a cotton swab test and later learn he was a match. he dn't hesitate, even though it meant missing the last two games of the season. he says he will eventually learn the name of the little boy whose fe he helped save, and he was want to meet hi >> thank goodness he was on the registry. thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, football, and food. >> nobody should miss out on a big feast. the d. non-profit food and friends has been working to make sure thate peo who are less fortunat get that meal delivered to them. volunteers deliver 700 thanksgiving meals yestday.
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>> volunteer cindy steel hands off ast holiday f unlike any sother. >> t is such a blessing. >> he unpacked all the sides first and then the turkey. >> oh my god. this is the beauty of it all. >> not knowing whether it's going to kill me this year and then finally saying, okay, i'm really going to live, you know. >> it's about more than long time friendships are on the menu. that's why voluntes get up early to pack and deliver meals. 700 dinners n thisday. >> speaking of people that change the world, i would like to introduce my successor. >> this one is also a bittersweet labor of love. long time executive director craig snyderman oversees last holiday run. retiring after 23 years.
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>> this is hard. is has been m life. >> and the reason andrew jones says he too can keep going. story. a great >> what a great sunrise. it may be that sun is coming up over 7:00 a.m. you can see the sun trying to come up on the might be a beautiful morning, although a fridged morning. temperatures belohe freezing mark. the winds are a lot lighter. we have a winter weather advisory in portions of our area for tomorrow morning. we'll talknd about that time ut out w weather coming up. >> black friday is in full swing. consorer rr susan hogan helping to navige the best deals. >> and a viral what's a gig of data?a
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well, it's ole day's worth of love songs. or 300 minutes of baby videos. a g goes a long way. that's why xfinity mobile lets you pay for data one gig at a time. and with millions of wifi hotspots included,
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you'll payven less for data. or if you need a lot we have unlimited too. plus, get a00 back when you bu new smart phone. it's simple, easy, awesome. click, call or visit a store today. we are glad you're joining
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us. we'll fill you in on the forecast. >> we're working for you if you're planning to shop today or any time this weekend. some of besteals beginning in hours. but some have started okready. t this, this morning. we'll tell you everything that you need to know so you can take advantage of the deals. we havera team co. susan hogan and megan showing ul what it'e at the malls and the outlets in our areas. we'll check in with them and chopper 4 for what it looks like from the sky. >> good morning, everyone. >> first we have toake a loo at the forecast and the roads. >> it's another bundle up day
6:31 am
ou there. >> today we're not making it out of the 30s. >> yesterday afternoon we spent most of the timen the mid to lower 30s out there. today mid to upper 30 there.le improvement out s.sun coming up i 30 minutes an temperatures not going to respond too much. everybody below that freezing mark right now and you can see, even by 9:00 a.m., t temperatures are still in the 20s but by this afternoon, mid 0s.upper a little bit more cloud cover out there today but no rain. comes tomorrow. some areas could see a winter mix. we have a winter weather advisory coming up f portions of our area. dave, good morning. >> good morning, a lot ofol are heading there today. eastbound tofore the road, they move it out of the right side of the roadway. that's better. remember hovon restric are in
6:32 am
effect this morning. let's take it to forestville, ramp northbound before the outer. it's a patchf ice on that ramp. traffic is able to merge.r back o to you. >> all right. thank you. back now to our black friday worngou borou geve'r.ecore e to shop. >> brad, how does this compare to your average friday morning, huh? >> well, it's a little busier than your average friday morning but i don't want to fool you with this st right now. this is actually going to be the parking garage outside's ma and those are the leftover spaces. everything below there is full.
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that may be a better option for you we head into this black friday shopping. we have suzansan below us. are you taking advantage of the door buster deals? >> no, am not, but unfortunately, i believe my daughter his. >> whe credit card. >> my debit card and i am lookin in victoria's secret and she has been here for about 45 minutes, and she has just mysteriously reappeared behind the camera and i'm curious as to whether or not -- she's running rom me because she knows she's in big trouble. i gave her my card to buy me a litt pair of pajamas and i have a feeling she didn't. and she iiding on me. for those of you heading out to black friday, as i'mrying to instill into my children about being savvy, you have to really make a plan and stick to it.
6:34 am
know what you're going to be doing and know where you want to go and prioritize. you're not driving all over the place. the other thing we want you to do aside from making a plan is to make a list. again, stick to that list because it is easy to get carried aw. making a budget is incredibly important because it is soasy to g carried away with all the impulse shopping that can happen around here as well.
6:35 am
so let's swing around. i can guarantee you in that bag is nothing for me. it's ati great . go out and have good black friday shopping vib and hopefully you can find a deal. back to you guys. >> i think they just spotted her running into nordstroms with your credit card in hand. good luck. check that balance a the e of the day. >> going to have to work some overtime to pay that bill off. thank you so much, susan. here's a live look at the outlet mall in leesburg. look at her big bag right there. oh my goodness. megan is talking with the shoppers braving the temperatures. it's an outlet. we'll check in with her later on on news 4 today. >> if you're heang out the door to track down the sales, take us with you, please. you can findll ohe business tips and more inside the nbc
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washington app. >> one person is dead after a shooting inside a mall in alabama packed with shoppers. officers killed the suspect gunman after he opened fire after a fight. a 12-year-old girl is alsoju d. she was an innocent bystander but is expected tbe okay. >> passengers say hent went a anti- anti-sy -- anti-semitic rant on a plane. >> the president told members of
6:37 am
the military he and the first lady would have expressed their profound gratitude for their service. >> the cowboys beat themup. 31-23. coming up at 6:45, how one redskins player celebration is getting a lot of buzz on social media and even got a celebrity shout out. we're back with much moron we're back with much moron your be la thisdon't miss outss, on incredible savings on thousands of gifts. yeah! most stores open friday at seven a.m. with extended hours saturday and sunday. get your yes for less.
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back now at 6:40, we're working for you wh information about your amazon account. it seems some customers received an-mail from the company telling them their names and e-mails had been exposed because of a technical error. they say the problem was fixed. there' no need for customers to change their passwords. not sure how many people were
6:41 am
effected by this and for how long. amazon officials say the website and system were not breached. >> it's a popular office tradition for some around the . holida the white elephant gift exchange. >> really appreciate that fruitcake you got me. >> and that scarf that dried my hair out. thanks, chris. >>o according zulily, 36 million americans will partipate in a gift exchange spending $22 million in presents in an onlin surveybout the white elephant gift exchange, more than 1 in 3 people say they love spending time with fridds family. about 1 in 4 admit, they're just in it for the gifts. others sayor theirite part is walking away with something
6:42 am
unexpe unexpected. >> today is not oayy black frut it's also national espresso day. starbucks and ddunkins have deals for you. starbucks is hosting happy hour with the buy oneet one free offer. dunkin has 50 cent espresso shots and is offering free lyft rides. if>> it's a bea start to this friday morning, but you can see the clouds, the lay of clouds right over the horizon. sun coming up in about 18 minutes and it is frigid ou ide. well below freezing in a lot of our area. we'll talk about warming temperatures for the a weekend wintry weather. have awe
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test test test.
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this is a live look at inside tyson's. >> they look a little slow and pesluggish. aps it's packed here so people don't have to bundle up, you knowta we'll in the 30s again today. >> thanks, lauren. if you're heading outside be sure you're wearing extra cyers. >> our teamerage continues. shoppers in leesburg have been spending money for hours already. megan has been there all morning bundled up. look at her talking with people not afraid to wake up early and take on this fridged weather for the outdoor shopping experience. how are youin fe megan? >> i can't feel my toes. i'not wearing the best of shoes here. i know, poor me. but i'llell you, other people are dressed appropriately, ande you hav to. i just checked theow weather d
6:47 am
here, 26 degrees. it's just frigid and this is the situation where you walk from store to store. so you're out in the elements until you go backo i the store. some of theor es, if we can go down towardhe up store there, when they get too many people inside, then they make folks wait in line so they're standing there in the 26 degree temperatures until someone goes outf the store and then they'll let someone in. so this is shopping for the truly, truly hearty. look atle this gen's hoat here. >> people are still shopping. >> chicago training. because it feels like chicago out her but it's not stopping people from actually shopping. we're seeing all kinf folks with all kinds of bags. we talked to one gal a little
6:48 am
while ago. they have been here since 8:00 last night. up 're just now hanging it because it's just too cold at this point. >> we feel very happy, excitiex. now we go home. it's so co. >> so cold. >> and we have someone here warming his hand with hot water outside. exactly the kind of thing you need to do. very cold, ng. back t you. >> it's miserable. get inside the news car and warm up. >> way to go. the redskins had the lead on cowboys ihio the quarter and then it all came crashing down. >> it just fell apart. >> now the burgundy and gold have blown their division lead sherry breaks down the thanksgiving loss and what needs to happen before the m nextch up. >> the redskins downed by dallas in a 31-23 loss thursiny night
6:49 am
the thanksgiving match up. redskins. feasted on the >> wide receiver quinn a bright spot tuesday afternoon. theyhe scored t first career touchdown giving theedskins their first and only lead. 13-10 in third quarter but dallas answe back and often. >> cowboys take theead and never look back. >> ain't no offense, man. defense. we lost the game. we lost the game on defense. two weeks i a row. if you don't do simple things right, you're going to get barrassed on national tv. that's why we don't get respect as the redskins. theextame is not for another
6:50 am
10 days. monday night football at the philadelia eagles. >> there was at least one highlight of the game. it got a lot of attention on social media. >> turns out i was a tribute to the office. he's doing the scarn dance. he retweeted the side by sideco arison and he wrote, that's how you do the scarn happy thanksgiving. >> that's so cool. much more on black friday fun. another check on the weather when we come back. >> oh, we're back. >> we're back. >> it was another prank. me. s another prank on >> i'm here early, which never happens. >> that's another prank. >> i'm usually running into the
6:51 am
shot. >> those folks out at the leburg outlets, unbelievable. >> she brought up a point, outdoor shopping. i'm goi somewhere i'm usually going to an indoor mally especihen it's frigid outside. those temperatures in the 20s and low 30sno everybody below the freezing mark but the sun just coming up on the rizon. it's starting to come up. officialat sunrise i 6:59. today grab the winter gear. tomorrow a monday, grab the umbrella. and the lightt jacke sunday because we're warming up for the weekend. today temperatures right now 20o ac the board. early this morning the temperatures will go on up into 're upp 20s.
6:52 am
but if y traveling or decorating i'd do it today or sunday. lso goes for getting the free. it's much lighter wind today. we do have this winter weather advisory west of us. obably 8:00 or 9:00 tomorrow morning and a little bit of a wintmix. i'm not expecting major issues tomorrow. temperatures will be ithe 50s. right around 50 by the afternoon. i'll show you this real quick. you can see by 9:00 a.m. a little bit of rain moving into the area. heavy at times and some of thea s to the west could have a wintry mix. heavy rain. possib out here about 8:00 or 9:00. that 10 day coming up in a few minutes. but right now let's show you a look at the roads.
6:53 am
>> absolutely no rush hour this morning. we're ultra light and holiday light out there on the roads. hov restrictits are in eff on the majors and tolls are in effect. it's a crash blocking the right lane. very little impact. a spin out because this traffic is able to merge on. that'syhe v latest. back over to you. >> thank you. a lot of you have been asking this odd question this week, how long does it take to amicrowave 25 pound turkey. >> it was a thanks giving prank that went viral. made it's way to my desk. >> it's going to be nasty. >> am i going to give people
6:54 am
ella. >> yes >> are you sure? >> i'm sure. >> so i can't be like four hou and peace out. >> no. >> i just couldn't believe that our proction assistant was just addiment about this. everybody needs to know that according to the experts atba butt microwaving a turkey is possible. but how big of a microwave do you have tohave? >> that's why we have ovens. move on. our team coverage of black friday is wrapping up. >> tha w same prank on me, my daughter did it to me and i
6:55 am
literally totally bought . >> and you gave her yr credit card? >> i know, right? right?d ve learned, black friday is in full swing and it is so much fun. the excitement i cool out here. people came out here around midnight to start their experience. there's door buster deals going on all day long. don't worry about it. go online, look at some of the stores because what they're doing throughout the day, they're also letting you know when they're going to have other deals and other big this happening. so take your time. relax. black friday goes on for eks. trustme. have a great day everybody. >> susan you he saved our viewers so much money and gotten their money back doing your investigative work. and youan't keep your daughter
6:56 am
from doing investigative work. >> nick, do it. there she is. >> there's the culprit. >> finally got her. >> got her. >> tha you, susan. >> it is 6:56 here. four things to know. make a list. make a budget. those are two things you need to do before you leave the house for black friday. the official kick off to holiday shopping. you can find a lot of helpful tips on our nbc washington app. >> chopper 4 over the clarksburg premium outlets. parking lot there are about 60% full. >> 60% it's only 7:00 a. >> they captured video of him being arrested. >> metro's yellow line shuts down . the whole line will be closed wo weeks so they can work on the rails and the tracks.
6:57 am
it will take them to and from the stations. >> well, we have some chilly t conditions ore this morning. we are going to be dry today. if you're traveling, plenty of sunshine but only mid to upper 30s. now we're in the low 50s but we're expecting rain about 8:00 a.m. we have winter weather advisory for the valley and points west of that. that starts at 3:00 a.m. a little bit of winter mix and t expecting any issues. rain tomorrow, dry on sunday, more rain o monday. >> it's going to be falling out there. >> thank you for joining us. >> the "today" show coming up next. >> we'll be back in 25 minupa e te.
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good morning. it's on. 's on. black friday shopping wellde rway. more than 100 million americans expected to head to stores or online today lured by deep discounts. don't worry. we have your cheat sheet on all the best deals. baby, it's cold re-breaking lows across the country are not letting up a aca histoy cold turkey day. now dangerous conditions for post-holid travel. icy roads causing this college marching band bus to flip. when do we expect relief from bitter cold? your forecast. r> football family feud. aarongers makes $1 million donation to help victims


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