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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 23, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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some of us may be planning to head home tomorrow. if you are, g you areng to want to hold off. we are talking some wintr mix. and that is not good. that can make the slick road conditions safe. for the areas shaded in, purp if you live in loudoun county, towarded ick, fauquier, west along i-81, you are all under that winter weather advisory beginning at about 3:00 a.m. tomorrow morning for those west of i-81. 6:00 a.m. for those closer to the district. whatpeou can . not only the freezing rain but also sleet. if you want to know best time to travel, stick we've got another night of serious cold to deal with. liven d.c. people had to work a little
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harder to kp up. that's what they're doing. i can tellyou, as it gets later and later, it is colder and colder. the two most popular places are by heaters here. as you said, this cold weather is ddly serious. in fact, s far this year, officials in our region say the have been tee death they believe are attributed to this cold weather. many of us think of th homeless population when we hear a hypothermia alert. but eryone needs to take notice when it gets cold. especially when it is cold is that wet. >> you see someone who doesn't have a placeo go, we ask that you call and have the time, the location and a description of what the person looks like. forccording to the centers disease control, the most at risk are oer adults, or
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babies. people who remain outdoors for extended periods of time. and people who drink alcohol or use illicit drugs. when the weather is so bad that the warnings go into effect, shelters like the one ines northwt stay open around the:00. an hypothermia vans crowd the streets looking for anyone whog need help. typothermia can occur temperatures above 40 degrees if you're wet. often, you don't even know that it is happening. it will impactbi yourty to think clearly and to move well. for these streetmu cians, they let their music keep them warm.> we make the music and get them moving so they stay warm.
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t> if you see someone in the district t is in need of help, you can call 311 and get some help to them. if you want to know about the plan for your area,la d.c. ma or above, search hypothermia. we have all the help you need. thank you. slick conditions on the road may havelayed a role in this deadly crash. the driver mayave hit patch of ice before crashing into a tree this morning. the driver, a woman in her 20s, died. police are alsont looking whether speed was a factor. turning to black friday, online sales on thanksgiving day set a new record this yearbu it didn't stop folks from lining up this morning. >> our team coverage begins at chopper 4. brad isr flying o tyson's corner. how is it looking on the lt
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bey? >> well, not too shabby. we did have some back-ups on the inner loop coming toward tyson's corner, up from the annandale area. it looks like the crashea has d out. the big story is the parking lot, people in th hour, flooding in to catch the last-minute details. it is a parking garage, not a parking lot. folks are making their way through black friday deals. we'll continue to follow this. reporting live from chopper 4. >> thanks. if you showed tt picture to people -- >> i would not go out there in that mess. way. no way. >> it's not just tyson's packed with traffic tonight. >> now with aimee cho is live in
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bethesda. i'll bet it's busy there,too. >> reporter: yeah. the crowds have died down a bit but still f ar amount of people and everyone we talked to had a good black f experience. they said the key is being prepared. getting a good night's sleep. eating and being prepared for te crowds. everywhere youurn it's clear, the holidays a officially here. and as all the shoppers show up to snag the sales, these crowds are not a big deal. >> get out oe.the hous that's half the fun. just going out and enjoying se yourlf. people watching. >> we've got all day. i think we'll hit more stores,t o. i love to sh. he shop until i drop. >> and over at the outlets at the national harbor, a crush of cars descending and cro s of people braving the cold. >> i love cold weather.
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it is liken me to do cold weatr. i love wearing my coat, i love being out when there are people around i'm drinking iced coffee and it's 30 degrees. >> reporter: meanwhile, store workers trying to keep their cool. >>go ness. people ask crazy questions. and it is a lot of people. a big rush of people all at once. it's a lot. i'll a littl overwhelmed today. >> and today the stores are decked out in the holiday spirit and the shoppers getting there, too. >> my mom is difficult. she said nick, it is your holiday, too. go out and get new clothes for yourself and the family as well. >> reporter: and this mall stays open until 10:00 tonight so lots re time for shopping. we have a list of all the malls in the area. just search black friday. >> all right. good deal. now check this out. ese are tines earlier this afternoon in clarksburg, maryland.
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these people are just waiting to get insi. th parking lot still full right now. it's incredible. the outlets have been open 24 hours and they have a few more hours tgo. >> nationwide, an estimated 164 million people are planning to shop this weekend and on cyber monday. they'll spend an average more than $1,000 in the holidse on and americans spent nearly $2 billion online yesterday alone. >> and folks, you need to keep it going. because while online and stores benefited today, the small r businesses ady to see you tomorrow. and people are saddened tob learut the death of an elderly couple. a care taker found their bodies
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this morning and called police. they were discovered in chevy e. ch the husband was 94. his wife was 85.e th police are still trying to determine how they died. they said there's no wider threat to the community. the owner's son is one of those victims. police say 22-year-old tom marmet was killed by gunfire in the trinidad neighborhood last month. he was a social worke and the son of the roofer's union roger marmet. today there will be a donation. they plan to donate their profits the whole weekend. a developing story. the mayor of tijuana declared a is nitarian crisis and asking the united nations for help dealing with thousands of ceral american migrants who have arrived in that city.
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high school rights groups are urging them on apply for hh school human visas in mexico and work in tijuana where thousands of jobs are available. president trump threatened to close the border with mexico if his administration dperms a southern ally has, ote, lost control. both parties on capitol hill are makg investigations a priority as we get closer to the new year. tonight there are plea talks involving the roerueller investigation. >> reporter: conspiracy theorist jerome corsi is in talks. s associate of trump adviser rogerne could help mueller's team if it tries to figure out if the president or his advisers were involved i wikileaks releasing hacked moils in 2016. >> the qstion is, did coursei have some kind of advance knowledge abouthat wikileaks
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would do and pass it to anyone in the trump campaign. >>t comes as jim comey promises to fight a subpoena to appear bind closed doors before the republican read house judiciary committee. it wants more information about the fbi's decision surrounding theon hillary cli e-mail controversy. comey wants a public hearing. democratsall it a last gasp by republicans before they who's the house in january. once docrats take control, the president could face new questions surrounding the murder of jamal khashoggi. th president rejected the assessment that the saudi c own prinered the murder. >> i don't know if anyone can conclude that he did it.r: >> repor adam schiff plans to investigate potential conflicts of >>interest. he wants to look intos trump' finances and how they're entangled with saudi aria. >> the president denies any personal ties with saudi arabia.
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>> despite the denial, the president has said in the past he made a lot of money with the saudis. still to come, neighbors in shoc over murder investigation involving a friendly couple on their streets. what we're learning about the case, next. plus, experts getting closer toetmining the source of the romaine lettuce e. coli outbreak.
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james: this is jane. with an active lif.nsultantty jane is also a kidney donor. after donating her kidney to maurice, jane was back to her normal activities in just a few days. and kidney donation didn't cost jane a penny. i'm james brown. meet my friends jane and maurice. jane didn't know maurice, she just wand d to help someone in nd you can too. to learn more about kidney donation vi kt the gw ron and joy paney center at or call 1-833-kidney3.
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look at all those cars outth e. the parking lots and garages are absolutely packed. just under four hours left shoppers here. the mall closes at 10:00. if you're planning to head out anywhere tonight, expect getng in and out of parking lots to be the biggest slowdown. >> all the shoppers need their eyes peeled for more hot deals. we should be on the lookout for ieves. security is ready to crack down on theft and fraud that comes with the seasin.
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niey're gg officers additional trng, using previous cases of what to watch out for. >> would you run through this a strip would it put stolen credit card number on to another credit card. >> police tell us it is not just the new age stuff. it is the old-fashioned crimes tooo l for likeck pickpoeting. so keep your wallet secure. when you g to the parking lot, o be awathe surroundings and don't leave packages visible. an update on a story we told but lt night at 11:00. a d.c. man arrested is of jail. passengers say he went on an anti-semitic rant. >> david, who isjewish, is seen here going into custody at ther
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t. he is wearing a jewish prayer shawl in the video.rd acg to a facebook page he's in mal. paengers say he made statements against jewish people and demand that had all jew raisheir hands so co-identify them. he is charged wh obstructing police and disorderly conduct. health officials are closer to tracking down the source of the e. coli outbreak with romainelet lettuce. they are saying it likely came from california. still, they are advising you to throw away any romaine lettuce you have. and wash down any surfaces it may have touched including the inside of your neighbors in wood bridge are in shock over a murder on their street. they say rene is charged with
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second-degree murder. corey smith found oute the cou had a lot of friends. what happened inside t home remains a mystery. many neighbors,truggling to understand how a couple that seemed so happy could get into an altercation that ended in gunfire and tyrone drake dead. >> reporter: isaac has lived next to them for more than two decades. he would often share laughs with tyrone in the front yard. >> just an outstanding person. talk and talk and talk. >> the couple was involve in a dispute. he was alpe. i remembers is a herd of cop cars. then his heart sank when he s rene's picture on the news. >> no, no, no.
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you know, he was aays kidding me. wash my lars and stuffe that. >> reporter: others stay couple was very friendly. mrs. drake was often seen running in the neighd and mr. drake always tending to his yard. eporter: as more information comes out, he says the information proves to him behind closed doors y can never truly know your neighbors. >> you don't know that. and questioning climate change. today president trump's administration release ad report that contradicts him and warns ondisasters willnue on get worse. the national climate assessment is ana naty mandated report. it says weather disasters have ramped up i intensity costing the u.s. nearly $400 billion and thatas just 2015. they said worsening air quality is causing more heart and lun problems. more diseases from insects and
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nastier allergies. they called for the study to be released today in an attempt to bury the findings d andy climate science. speaking of weathe some winter weather coming our way tomorrow. a winter weather advisory the beginning of the weekend. so listen carefully. >> right now, who is under the winter weather advisory? >> that area in purple is a good chunk of our region. montgomery, howard, fauquier, you can see all tubldweight weather advisory. itegins at 3:00 a.m. those closer to the district. you can expect some freezing
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in and sleet. if you are manning to hit the road, here's a graphic. if you live by 8:00 from the district, you should be okay even if you're headed up north. after 8:00, p. you'll be running into that system and it will be have more dangerous. we move into tomorrow after 6:00 p.m. saturday. at that point it will be all we're expecting a warmer saturday evening so we're not looking at any t freezinging place in the d.c. area or farther south. if you are able towait, this is going to be your best day to drive. it will be a miss the day to drive. you should see some really nice weather on sund. just a heads up. if you're flying out, keep in mind that you give yourself some extra time getting to the airport. we have rain returning into the forecast. right now, 35 degrees, cold but dry. lots of clouds out there.
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if you are planningdin h out, you want the coat. 31 degrees in gaithersburg. 32 ats dul airport. you need to wear the winter gear if you're headedout. tomorrow, don't forget the umbrella. by monday the rain returns and so will our rain gear. saturday is a wet day. sunday is the dry day. saturday is the chillier sunday wil a little milder in the mid 50s. the ten-da outlook is showing you the ups downs. everything starts l toel out nice dry stint. the combination of cold is that black friday. coming up, a growing number of people getting t paid hold your
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place. and more just the deals. it is about supporting yourne hbors. we'll see what they'r
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the numbers arein startg to roll in. >> it looks like the retlers won't be disappointed. >> many people avoided going out this morning because they don't want to stand in line. i'm not going out in this weather. >>ut there is a new way to skip to the front of the line but it comes at a price. >> i can't feel my feet. >> good things come to those who wait. usually in a lg line. it can be boring, timeng consumi d cold. so a growing number of people are getting people to do it for them. >> it allows people to connect with each other.
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>> through the apprs hoppe can ire spotters to hold their places and then switch places when they reach the front. it is the busiest time of year for line sitters. >> it is a very popul thing. >> people use them for conventions, tickets. >> i got here 4:30 a.m. thursday. >> it is a lucrative side line for sit here's can make up to $45 an hour. >> those coming in hold it for $100. it allows them to get what they want and still save money. >> putting a price on patience.
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>> hit better be a deep, deep discount for me to hire someone. >> i would do it if it were to get tickets to the browns at the r bowl. this a popular time to put up holiday lights. susan hogan has some tips to keep you if you are lighting up your home this holiday weekend. >> this is whole ia behind small business saturday. a leisurely weapproach. 'll show you how local shop owners are preparing for you.
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at havertys we know it's hard to get a good night's sleep... havertys mattress sale i here to help. with our wide selection of top brands and our price match guarantee you can find theerfect mattress for everyone in the family. and right now save up to $500 onle tempur-pedic systems. it's time everyone got a good night's sleep.fe havertys ooks good
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what you can expect with this weather is freezing rain as well as we are looking at some sleet. so please be careful.
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for thosef you going out tonight, maybe headed out to see a movie, not a bad night. the temperatures will be in the 30s. the ll be a cold walk from car into the theaters but it will be dry until about 3:00 a.m. stick around. i'll ouine your weekend coming up in a moment. right now, local store owners are stocking up and it is becoming crucial their survival. >> 44% of consumers man to shop at small businesses tomorrow. slightly up from 2017. david explains how local shop owners a using their spa space. >> her dream is coming to life in the place she grew up. >> i had thought 2019 was when i was going t en. then all of a sudden six weeks
6:32 pm
later i have a book store. >> thanks to the devepment folks, old town books is debuting this small business saturday. >> more and more stores are owing every year. >> she sees this as more than a traditional store. totally. my whole vision for the store is that it is a retail store but an event space. >> reporter: they've been using their physical space as a community gathering of sorts. but they're also using the digital space where they can nnect with other locals. >> she is show casing unie fashion. >> they're not on amazon. >> my hours are probably jt as long. >> hard work but it's passion
6:33 pm
that has local >> we have a really good base of shops here. so it is really nice to know the folks own the store. you see them all over the place. >> more than 80% of the shops in old town are locally owned. they hope you'll consider small business saturday. >> it is a dplay of support for people like me who have grown up here and going out on a li and investing my life >> it wants neighbors adding to the holiday spirit. in xanalexander re. a. we heard about a shortage of christmas trees last yea but this year there are a lot to choose from. news4 went to the pine valley farm today. you can see plenty ofrerees y for the season. people cut down their trees,
6:34 pm
have them wrapped up and rea to go home. >> we always come every year after thanksgiving. >> we tried one year to go to a lot and we sat there for 20 minutes. we couldn't find aee we came out here and chopped one down. >> the national christmas tree association says now is the timr buy yourl tree if you're looking for o nine feet or taller. most of them will be gone by mid december. >> and you don't want to miss out. tonight at the national zoo in d.c., a flip the switch kick off the annual zoo lights dispy. more than 500,000 trans form zoo lights every year. and there's lots to take in including the ginger bread village. the lights go on every night through january 1st and as always, the entry to the zoo is
6:35 pm
free. >> it is time decorate for christmas and hannukkah. >> for many of us, that means stringing up the lights. some lights can be >> and susan hogan has some tips. still rter: if you're using the same holiday lights from years ago, they're probably incandescent and that means it is a good idea to check tm for safety. >> you should check the wires to see if there's anything frayed or broken. >> reporter: and make sure the wire is pliable. notbrtle. if some bulbs are out, it is safe to replace what if they just don't work? >> throw them away. they can cause a fire. >> reporter: that's just one reason hes u led lights only. >> they're much less prlematic. theulbs are solid so they don't break. >> reporter: he'seen
6:36 pm
installing elaborate displays for the last five years. he frams displhrough his computer. >> i really enjoy it. i'm outlining the perimeter of my house and putting up six three-foot snow flakes. >> he says you can't bea their efficiency. >> i can run the whole display for t runni refrigerator. >> and they can last for a long tie . something counting on. >> the excitement of inageteracg with the kids. >> and this is something i didn't know. the more you string incandescent lights getother, the more of a power overload you c create. still to come, barbara takes us through adoption day in d.c.
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>> how cute is she? she will introduce to us some new families including baby miranda bowser and her mom, the mayor. another major metro shutdown. and we are in weather alert mode for
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big savings and free financing - right now. havertys life looks good another big metro closure set to start when the holiday weekend ends. the yellow line shut down for two weeks monday. repair crews will be working on the bridge over the potomac area. the repairs are for the rails and the tracks on it. the bluek line will p up the slack taking riders to and from the franconia, springfield and huntington stations. you can finally toast your christmas thanks to d.c.'s annual christmas pop-upar. miracle on seventh street is
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en for business. the life galore signature drink is going to make a splash and they areayg tribute. you are mixing santa with pandas, my dream ce true. miracle on seventh street opened at 5:00 and it will be serving drinks through the new year. >> and so stagramable. barbarari hn has an adoption story next. here are a few weekends you should stick around.
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uring the holidays you celebrate and give thanks for so many things but family ist the top of the list. it was fitting that november is national adoption month. celebration year is held at the superior court. >> i've been going the a long time. 32 years is the actl number. it is always such a joyful occasion. the whole citys invited to come and watch the exciting moment when so many new families are made through thele mir of adoption. ♪ love me tender ♪ love me sweet >> a love song sets the tone in the atrium of the superior court
6:44 pm
that was filled with families who are here2 for thend annual national adoption day in the district of columbia. there were performances byl wonderome town talent and of course, the whole team of judges at the family court were e to help make this day official for all the new adopting families. i was once again given the honor of presenting each of the children to the judges w would sign their decrees of adoption. are you excited today? first up, 3-year-old duwan, tn 3-year-old mckenzie and he made it three i3-year-oldsa row. the judge was ready for each of them. a smiling 1-year-old adam was up next. here comes a princess! ful.looks beau >> she was being adopted by her grandparents. hakeem was next. are you ready to start school?
6:45 pm
and then 11-year-old olivia made quite the entrance to the podium accompanied by her new mom. >> she wrote her own petition of adoptiono the judge. so please, if anything,et me stay. >> i'm getting documented today. boo-ya! >> next up, twins. allowed byther lucky familyav leg with two 5-year-olds. then came the adorable 2-year-old being adopted by her loving grandmother. >> we have three generations here. and they were aompanied by their great grandmother. the presiding judge was ready. christina was all dressed up. any then joined her older brothers, she was rdy to go to her forever home. like 4-year-old joe'ssiah and t
6:46 pm
6-year-olds, they were next. next, all five of these children being adopt by their great aunt and uncle. enough for their own basketball team. ayden is that angel are 2-year-old twins. ayden was anxious to leave his chair to say -- >> thank you! >> and right behind them, and then came corey. >>orey is 5 years old and loves legos, unicorns, dinosaurs and dragons. >> more twins were up next. e 2-year-olds are being adopted by their maternal aunt who is thrille to become their foreve mom. and then there was ariel. at 1-year-old, she joins a family. next, mayor muriel bows here
6:47 pm
said she alway knew she wanted to be a mom someday. >> i dedicated m mh of adulthood to being a public servan and somehow i missed getting around to having a family. i didn't thinkt was too late. and i certainly knew that i had room in my life and my heart to pour intoit ae one. >> she introduced her little girl miranda who got aound of applause. always make sur that every child got to see themselves and hear their nameti med in this story. some are nervous on that day. easome arey outgoing as you saw. but they will all remember this day as one of the best days o their lives. it is unbelievable how exciting it is. or lookrd to it every year. >> such a beautiful ceremony. tthe factt you bring us these stories, it's k nderful. thu for sharing. >> every single child.
6:48 pm
>> and there are always more out there. we certainly hope people will be remied there are children available for adoption right now. right now. >> 10 year we have to track down little miss boo-ya. >> she wants to own her own dance studio. >> i wouldn't bet against her. di> all right. we are h back to check on the forecast. we are under a storm team 4 weather alert.av we a winter weather advisory that is going into action at 3:00 a.m. this morning. tthat means t you may need to hold off on those travel plans. especially if you're planning on hitting the road early tomorrow morning. oh, wait. i think i was planning on hitting the road early.
6:49 pm
we've got are shaded in purple. those counties are under t winter weather advisories. so closer to the district, around 6:00 a.m. a extends until noon. what you go expect is freezing rain along with sleet. so you know it makes for not a good commute or a drive tomorrow morning. so stay off the side roads. a as f tonight goes, 35 degrees in the district. 32 in llrock this is as warm as it got today. tonight we're cold. we're adding in the precip and that will make for really not the best driving conditions. so herere theest times to hit the road. if you're heading north or south, it is waited out.oo
6:50 pm
another time hit the road, maybe after 5:00, 6:00, you won't have to worry about the rain if you're heading south. you won't to have contend with the icy situation happening early tomorrow morning. thbest time hit the road will be sunday. maybe not because of the traffic but the weather will be awesome. just a heads up.el give you some time so you can take your time. we are expecting aon wety morning commute. here's a look at the futurecast. spreading the winter precip farther and farthereast. as we move up in time, notice how it is starting switch er to rain. still making for a nasty drive there. 1:00 p.m., we're all rain. no just any rain. notice reds a little farther uth. definitely a great day to sy inside and eat some leftovers.
6:51 pm
the weekend planner, looking good. temperatures in the mid 50s sunday. dry. lots of sunshine. so that makes it the better day to do som decorating. your storm team 4 look here. lots of ups and downs. we do level things out just after the holiday weekend. >> all right. ming up. the redskins no longer at the top of the nfc east. >> first, here's a going at what's ahead. >> for us tonight, is your doctor receiving benefits are drug and medical device makers? why some say it is a cause for concern. concern. al, a plea
6:52 pm
james: this is jane. she's a busy consultant with an active lifestyle.ja is also a kidney donor. after donating her kidney to maurice, jane wasviack to her normal aces in just a few days. and kidney donation didn't cost jane a penny. i'm james brown. meet my friends jane d maurice. jane didn't know maurice, she just wanted to help someone in need and you can too. to learn more about kidney donation visit the gw ron and joy paul kidney center at or call 1-833-kidney3.
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ll night long. >> they should be scared when they go to practice on whenever they get back. >> an opportunity losso put some distance between themselves and the rest of the division. one thing they were counting on, it didn't really work out that way. >> one thing that sticks out. 289 yards, two touchdowns,o picks. also a rusng touchdowns. to the cooys. includin this one for 90 cards. the redskins have relied on the defense all seaso but they let them down thursday. >> defense. we lost the game.
6:56 pm
>> defense. you have to hold it if you want to be championship defense. they can play with you. you have topr epare. you have to do theime things right. you're going to get embarrassed on national tv. right. colt mccoy made his first start of the season. he had a short week to prepare and they didn't practice at all. three picks to the cowboys' defense. meex smith, only five picks in ten ga he did some thing he could build on but he did not turn it over three times and win. >> some good things but thiabis out us, our group, and our team in a couple of positions and i can't afford tdo that. >> so i'll clean some things up.
6:57 pm
and we'll go from there. >> the capitals in actio today. at home against the red wings. the wrist shot, ties it at 1-1. mike kempny doesn't miss. n front. you know ovi had to get in on the action. >> they win their fourth straight. 3-1, thena fi number 25,wisconsin. battle for atlanta. cutting to the basket. a nice spin move in the lane. under two minuteso go.
6:58 pm
he loses control. gets it right back. they win the battle for the tournament. 53 to 46. college football. bowie state will play in the second round tomorrow in georgia. after winning the conference for the first time in school history, the bulldogs won their first round game last week.f one 16 teams remaining. i know it has been an historic season but they're not done yet. >> aci s feeling. 28 teams left in the country. now 14, 16, something like that. we're blessed to be here. >> it is a great feeling. something that we talked about and now we're living it. we must come out with thewin. wizards visit the raptors tonight. >> how did you get on the
6:59 pm
bulldog band wagon? >> thanks for joining us
7:00 pm
. tonight, aold turkey blast. tonight, a cold turkey blast. a big winter storm about to hit as millions of families travel home. snow, wind and rain and a ripple effect hitting highways and airports across the country. we have the latest forecast. breaking news, word of a possible plea deal between mueller and roger stone. new developments in the tragic death of an american missionary hit by an arrow and killed by a remote c island tribeut off from the outside world. a warning for all patients, is your doctor being paid by a pharmaceutical and could that money be influencing the treatment you receive? >> i was shocked, and i thought well,


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