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tv   NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt  NBC  November 23, 2018 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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. tonight, aold turkey blast. tonight, a cold turkey blast. a big winter storm about to hit as millions of families travel home. snow, wind and rain and a ripple effect hitting highways and airports across the country. we have the latest forecast. breaking news, word of a possible plea deal between mueller and roger stone. new developments in the tragic death of an american missionary hit by an arrow and killed by a remote c island tribeut off from the outside world. a warning for all patients, is your doctor being paid by a pharmaceutical and could that money be influencing the treatment you receive? >> i was shocked, and i thought well, obviously i should have been told.
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>> reporter: tonight, the questions you need to ask and where you r should look fo answers. a consumer alert t for drivers, wha look out for so you don't get ripped off by a growing scam at the gas station. a black iday bonanza, the biggest bargains may be yet to come. the isle of dogs, the store that is taking irays and giving them a warm ace to curl up out of the cold. a new spin on a spectacular holiday tradition. >> announcer: this is nbc nightly news with lester holt. good evening everyone. ghgetting there mit have been the easy part for millions of ks thving week travelers, getting home however could be a different story. a snowy winter blast n the horizon, likely hitting the nation's heartland about the time a lot of you will make the joeturn leg of your holidaneys. more than 7 million people from eastern colorado to illinois could be in the storm's path. nbc's tom costello now plans might be el effected.
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>> reporter: the timing could spell trouble on the busiest travel day of the year, the sunday after thanksgiving, the central plains are in the cross hairs for snow, wind and ice. >> this could be issues hon sunday for those who are trying to get t of get in. that's part of a winter storm watch that's in effect from the mississippi, westward through des moines, omaha. eporter: hardest hit road travelers returning home days after making the journey to grandmother's house. >> it'about 400 miles, a little over 400 miles and can ra e from six hours to seven hours, de pending on traffic. >> reporter: now the potential for five to eight inches of snow and heavy winds starting sunday morning and extending through the day. the highways most at risk, i-80 and i-70 through the midwest and i 29 from nebraska south and i-55 fchm ago south. the airports in the target zone omaha, kansas city, des moines and st. louis. >> 381, clear to push. o > reporter: so far, chic expecting a rain, snow mix. >> snow and ice you know it's coming, and airports handle it well
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we have so many deicing systems. we can plan our differenperformance calculations. >> reporter: a late-breaking storm at the end of the thanksgiving break. tom costello, nbc news, washington. >> dylan dreyer is monitoring the this deep freeze you're standing in in the northeast and rain and snow in the midwest could be what are we looking at here? >> reporter: well, lester, it will be owough to travel. tomoe'll see heavy rain through the mid atlantic but icing is possiblugh the appalachians and the eastern rockies and western plains will see hnow tomorrow. that moves east into the midwest on sunday. now we could see wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. that could cause white out conditns through
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southern iowa, northern missouri, northwestern illinois and southern wisconsin. we could end up with sn six inches o. chicago is on the rain, snow line but we could see airport delays into chicago and stretches ck to kansas city, lester? >> i know you'll be watching it for us, thank you. after weeks of nce, the mueller team may be about to make a plea deal related to the russi investigation between the special counsel and an associate of roger stone. kristen welkeras details. >> reporter: tonight, jerome corsi, close associate of roger stone tells nbc news he's in talks to cut a plea deal with special counsel robert mueller. corsi a conspiracy theorist was questioned about hillary clinton's campaign chair. for weeks, corsi signalled the pressure is mounting. ip>> i fully antice that the next few days, i will be indicted. >> reporter: mueller's team has been zeroing in on whether corsi lened before the public that wikileaks obtained e-mails hacked by the russians and shared with roger stone.
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in an interview late late today, stone says he hasn't done anything wrong. >> there isimply no evidence whatsoever that would show i know about the source or the contenny allegedly stolen e-mails or any allegedly hacked e-mails that were published by wikileaks. just not so. >> reporter: and stone told laura ingraham earlier this month he's concerned cor uld cause problems. >> i think poor jerry corsi has been squeezed to bear false witness nst me and perhaps the president. >> if jerome corsi had advanced knowledge of what wikileaks could do and transferred that information to the trump campaign, that could be big trouble for all those individuals including orhe president. >> rr: mr. trump submitted written answers mueller earlier this week and insists there was no collusion with russia. lester? >> kristen welker in florida, thank you.
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with time running out for house republicans before democrats take control in january, the gop has james comey to testify behind closed doors. comey is happy to compile but only if the country can se it.te pe williams has details. >> rorter: james comey himself revealed he has been subpoenaed by house republicans but wants to testify in the open about the fbi's investigation about cl thton e-mails and russia election he says i'll resist the closed door stuff because i've seen enough about the s eaking and distortion and wyer calls the house demand a political stunt and says comey will fight it in court. it comes from the house judiciary committe c ey refuses, the full house could find contempt but a court fight would almost certainly out last republican control of the house. ny >>egal delay will wrap this up in court, and wind down the clock so that this current congress comes to an end.
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>> reporter: comey's subpoena says he should show up december 3rd, an appointment he will likely skip. pete illiams, nbc ne news, washington. a sobering report on climate change says climate change is transforming where and presents growing challenges to health and quality of life. the author said severe weather events wilnt ue to get stronger and stronger and the trump this latest assessment began under the obama administration and largely based on the most extreme scenario. sw>> new developments and uned questions this evening after the killing by an endangered tribe onso anted island. nbc's keir simmons reports on why new arrests in the case may becoming. >> reporter: john chow embarked on a journey he was warned against taking. tonight a question question for investigators, who assisted him? his trip to the remote sentinel island
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y ast of india, extremrilous and illegal. the endangered tribe often kills visitors and anrrow taking john's life local fisherman say. after seven arrests, eondian police believe moree may have helped the 26-year-old. they don't want anyone prosecuted. police say the vancouver wanted to establish the kingdom of jesus on the island. he was always devoted to god, friends say. >> put his life on line for christ. that's really what his golfsalfs.alfs lfs.lfs. >> reporter: according to his journal entries, chow wrote of an earlier attempt to ereach the island. the ho my name is john, i love you and jesus loves you and an arrow pierced his waterproof bible he said. the u.s. missionary group, all nations expressing our deepest sorrow for this
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s. monumental l experts warn traveling to the island risks spreading diseases to local people and the terribleate that awaited john chow. keir simmons, nbc news, loon. in this country, a harrowing and deadly gunfire erupted.s nbc's ron allen has details. >> reporter: terried shoppers running for their lives. >> there has been shots fired. r >>eporter: multiple gunshots ringing out a labama's biggest mall packed after thanksgiving dinner. >> a mob of people running through sears. >> reporter: a fight had broken out between two youn one pulled a gun and wounded the other. nearby police extra holiday security r ncountered the shood shot him dead. >> we were fortunate that officer was there where he needed to be. >> reporte but also wounded by the suspect police say, a 12-year-old girl named molly with aullet lodged close to her spin, medics raced molly to surgery and found none of her organs were damaged
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and there was no inteal bleeding molly's mom wrote on facebook. she may be able to head home soon. m so thankful to everyone that helped us. a holiy miracle amid of another senseless shooting. an explosion that rocked a neighborhood in st. paul minnesota this moing. e moment a house exploded sending flames and debris into the air. a house was destroyed and neby homes were damaged. officials say the cause appears to be a gas one person was injured. now to the black friday bonanza, tens of millions packing stores or increasingly finding deals from the comfort of tir uch. you know which one you are. as nbc's jo ling kent reports, the bargain hunters are just getting started. >> reporter: black efriday rushed inly across the country from california to chilly new york. >> i'm wearing everything in three layers.
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>> reporter: at minnesota's mall of america, 3,000 shoppers bundled up to kick off the holiday shopping s >> 40, 50% off. good deals. i like them this year. >> i have saved more than what i expected. >> reporter: but experts and shoppers say on the ground, black friday felt ter this year. >> i thought it would be packed, lines everywhere, it's not. >> reporter: thanks to soaring consumer confidence, this black friday is still on track to be one of the strongest in years. on thanksgiving day alone, consumers spent an estimated $3.7 billion, rising a staggering 28% over last year. >> retailers are offering great deals not just in the storeson bune so for people that want to stay home, they can get black friday deals. >> reporter: bargain hunters overwhelm some major websites ging down lowes and j. crew. the best black friday discounts are still happening right now. tablets slashed 33%. tvs down 22%. computers cut by 16%. and you can expect more bargains tomorrow on small business
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satuay, and cyber monday is right around the corner. shopping experts say if you missed a good deal today, chances are, it will resurface next week. lester? >> jo ling kent, thank you. in the roma lettuce responsible edor the outbreak that sickozens likely started in california and the alert continues until further notice. don't eat it, don't buy it and don't serve it. new romaine from different regions is growing and will soon be harvested.> a nightly news investigation into the relationship between doctors and companies that make drugs and devices. a 2017 study showed roughly half of u.s. doctors received payments from the industry totaling n almost $2.5 bill just one year. stephanie gosk reports on the experience of one woman who believes cthose payments affeed her quality of care. >> reporter: in 2016, wendy got the news every woman fears, she r tested positive the breast cancer gene. >> i felt like if i had it, i would eliminate my risk as
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much as possible. >> reporter: tt meant a double mastectomy followed by breast reconstruction. she turned to plastic she turned to plastic surgeon. device he usedor the reconstruction, something called the series failed. she had a total of six procedures, the nerve never be pain free.y the seri scaffold was made by medical device manufaurer allergan. it's fda approved but not specifically for breast reconstruction. >> i was shocked and felt i should have been told. r eporter: connect says she wasn't told and thinks money
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may be to blame. the doctor is a paid researcher and spokesperson for them and owns stock. by the time connect was treated in 2016, the doctor earned $470,000 from the company doing consulting and research. something she says she only later learned online. >> in one way, it mede eel like oh, that's why this happened, you know, maybe the doctoras o being paid tuse this. >> reporter: do you think the money tainted this doctor's medical judgment? >> in my opinion, yes. >> it was fda cleared. >> reporter: by law the doctor is not required to disclose his financial ties to them during treatment. no doctor is. physicians only have to report the money to the federal government. the information is publicly accessible but consumer watchdogs say patients don't check. >> patients are harmed when doctors have an interest in the medical devices or drugs that they are prescribing and recommending to patients.
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>> reporter: the doctor declined nbc's request for an interview but on his website assures any patients any financial affiliations will receive nothing on what he recommends. the big message, doctors have to report these payments to the government. that's publicly accessible online but patients need to talk to their doctors, as well. y are hem why t using a specific medical device and of course, get that second opinion. >> real eye opener. all right, stephanie, thank you. we'll have more of the broadcast exclusive global investigation into medical devices and on "nbc nightly news" a"t oday". also tonight, drivers be ware, e growing scam at the gas pump and devices that rip off your credit card the unexpected guests coming out of the cold and finding
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back now with a consumer alert as s back now with a consumer alert as so many folks get set to hit the road again, it's about a growing scam at gas stations, driverfilling up and their credit card information getting swiped by thieves. here is tammy leitner. >> reporter: more than 29 million people buy gas with a credit or debit card every day. many of those paying at the pump unaware that these small skimmers could be hidden inside and stealing your credit card information. >> this is your typical skimmer. >> reporter: it happened to steven in texas. >> i ended up with seeing charges on my idank account that i knew it charge. >> reporter: texas and florida e hot spots for the crime.
7:19 pm
these two thieves caht in the act at a florida gas station. boca raton officer says it's a high-tech scam. >> this little device can steal your information like that. >> like that. transmitted through blue tooth. >> so easy. >> reporter: the secret service finding 200 at pumps across the nation this holiday season. >> the skilled guys orcan do it in 20 0 seconds. >> reporter: travelers on alert. >> i'm very cautious october those things because we work hard for our >> reporter: police recommend paying inside with cash or a credit card and advice choosing a pump closest to the store. tips that could save you from getting scammed this holiday season. tammy leitner, nbc news, miami. we're back with one retailer that's gone to the dogs and yes, you can take them home. are thinking about your . fact is, even though it helps to manage a1c, type 2 diabetes still increases your risk
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smarter business tools for the world's hardest workers. quickbooks. backing you. we're back now with what you might o call the ais dogs. several of them, in fact. one store in italy is giving strays warm place to curl up and get comfy, out of the cold, here is matt bradley. >> reporter: the weather outside is
7:23 pm
frightful, the weather is not delightful to stray dogs. look how sweet the stray dogs are while sleeping said th customer. her facebook video earned more than a million views. the furniture store in sicily heard howls of praise for letting homeless dogs on carpets, wrapped up der a christmas tree. stray animals are a big problem in sicily, which is why this ikea is taking them in. t some customet came to do decorating, left with a dog, maybe the best way to make a house a home matt bradley, nbc news. >> what a terrific idea. we'll take areak up next, a traditional w hristmas spectacular and chnology is kicking it up a notch. if he'd taken tylenol, he'd be
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welcome welcome back and finally from outside the studios, look ahead to chrisas with these folks here. just around the corner is radio city music hall where there is t something differ this year for a show that's ushered in the holidays for generations. here is joe fryer. ♪ >> the radio city rockettes are a time honored tradition but you can see them in a new light, make that 10 lights each hovering above attached to a drone. >> the drones are like your dance partner, ri>>t? hey are our new dance partners. we dance on stage and have a friend above our head. >> reporte it's part of a finale added to the ristmas spectacular. >> i love there is a little breeze by my head. >> yeah, the finally. >> whi is nice. >> reporter: the
7:28 pm
rockettes have been doing the christmas spectacular on this stage since 1933, but the drones and other elements add a new twist to this holiday tradition. >> this is back to the drawing board. starting fratch, so it's a new idea. >> reporter: dancing drones are popping up all over like at this year's winter olympics, those drones were created by intel, which developed smaller ones that are us by the rockettes. >> the fraction of the size, fraction of the weight, you can see it fits in the palm of my hand. >> reporter: on top of that a company is the walls and ceiling of this space. >> we are wrapping andft rapping radio city music hall. >> reporter: the goal is to create an experience giving the ro ettes an extra kick. joe fryer, nbc news, new york. just part of what makes it so magical around here this time of year. that's "nbc nightly news" for this friday
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night. i'm lester holt and for all of us at nbc news, thanks for watching and good night.
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