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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 25, 2018 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>>there's a strategy to shopping on cyber monday. >> yes, there's a strategy to and lauryn ricketts, today is b lookingter. >> we have plenty of sunshine, the sun came up, it wasbe a tiful sun rise i documented it on my twitter andoo fac page. it was a stunning site and still a stunning site out there today. compared to yesterday we got the sunshining down on the washington monument. if you're traveling. temperatures are coming up now that the sun is coming down and you can see that temperatures close to that freezing mark down towards the fredericksburg area, spotsylvanty co be careful.
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we're warming into the 50s. more rain o the way. we'lha talk about t and cooler temperatures coming our way. guys? at 01 we want to get to breaking news. officer hunter edwards of the winchester police department was killed in a late night car crash. we he toldwas in his cruiser responding to a call about a happened. the crash officer edwards was with the department for four years. he leaves behind a wife and stepson. today the roads and the airways are going to be busy getting people back home. >> a lot of folks traveled to their thanksgiving holiday destination but now reality sets in. you ha to get back t work for the week ahead. derrick ward is live at reagan national airport. what are you seeing this morning? >> well, we're seeing pretty
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much what the trends about 54 million people are expected to go 50 miles or more for this holiday weekend. and the travel time on the roads is expected to quadruple. 1.3 million people locally are treling and the d.c. area is among the top ten thanksgiving destinations. didn't know that ch. is is what it looked like on the other end. there's expected to be record travel. fu prices are down, that helped but the group airlines for america says today will be the busiest day of that thanksgiving travel period. with more flying people flying in you'll see more people flying out. what's the reason? they say rates are at a historic low for airfare.
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lots of deals and people taking advantage of them, especially this time of year. rescue.ding prompted a look at this twitter video. it shows peopl being rushed to safety after water surrounded a community center during a one-year-old's birthday party. the floodwaters kept rising several feet, causing two dozen people to be rescued from the ev t. >> i road in the -- what is it? the raft e anrybody else had to walk behind. i they would two kids, the babies we had and everybody else walked behind the raft. >> and we know crews continued water rescuesate into the night. some cars were stranded like this one on woodburn road in annandale, virginia, the t driv habe pulled out of that car. new this morning, look at these photos sent to us by d.c. fire. cr ts were on scene of a
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fire at a high-rise buiing in northwest. they say the flames started in the trash chute on m street. they got the fire out but emergency crews had to check out one person with minor injuries. an updateor a story we've been following for you. the victim of this hit-and-run crash in montgomery county has died police say around 10:00 last sunday night 24-year-old mario antonio rivera crashed into an embankment and was thrown out of s car. he was rushed to the hospital after that crash but died on friday.or investig believe a dark-colored ford mustang may have been involved in the wreck and they're still looking for that driver. happening tomorrow, the murder trial f the person accused of ramming a car into a crowd of people at the violente unhe right rally in charlottesville last year is finally set to begin. investigators say that james alex elds, jr., was one of the white nationalists protesting the removal of a statute of confederate general robert e.
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lee. police say fields rammed his car into counterprotesters and killed 33-year-old heather heyer. eld's attorneys haven't given any hint as to what his defense might bee when appears in court tomorrow. >> loved ones gathering to honor a young man killed 10 years ago. marcel was driving home from a concert in 2008 and someone opened fire on thes car he wa in. he was shot in the head. last night, despite the rain and the cold, his mom and dad joining family and friends at ene spot onal avenue where his car stopped. >> fortunately, we don't know what happened or why he'sot here. and we want to keep it out there and maybe somebody will come forward who saw anything that day. >> marcel's killer has never been caught. the detective assigned to that case was at the vigil last night and said there are no new leads. as you prepare for your work week ahead after the holiday break, we have an important
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metro reminder to pass along for you. the yellow line shutting down w for tks starting tomorrow. repair crews will be working on the bridge over the pomac river. the blue line will pick up the slack here, taking riders to and from the franconia-dringfield he huntington stations. the shutdown will last until december 9. it's still a big day of deals. we want to talk about the lendar for all you shopps out there. cyber monday deals start in less than 24 hours. make a plan. think of the internet as the biggest mall ever. the an't be everywhere at same time and you can't do it online, either, so map out what sales you want to hit. second, update your account, it's something that could cost you to miss out on a deal if you waste time doing it tomorrow while others are clicking away and filling up their own carts. third, don't miss out on credit cards. david is big on this one. this is how he flies around the rld.
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you have a choice between using a credit card or debit card. go with aredit card tomorrow. i' don't pay for shipping. most retailers have deals onin free shipp and if they don't, you should be giving yourself enough time for regular shipping to get those gifts here and all those items you're buying in time for christmas. download the app. downloading a store's moen smare app can give you extra deals on what they're offering and some deals will show upppn an before it appears on the web site. we're talking about this in our facebook l right now. chime in if you have extra tips you want to share. >>9:07 is your time on sunday. a local business ownerof accuse taking money for from seniors and disabled customers then not deliveheir medical equipment. consumer investigative reportern susan h working the story that you have to see here on news 4.
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dozens of people say a local businessman deceived th. >> and complaints against access mobility go back years. the owner is accused of taking thousands to install medical equipment and never deliveri. >> after o first story aired, he paid his customers back, but the complaints continued to roll in. susan hogan is here with a story you'll see on news 4. >> reporter: one by one they showed up with their walkers, their canes, some carrying ygen tanks. but to everyone you see gathered in this room, the effort to get here was worth it. why are you heretoday? >> to stop him. >> reporter: to stop this man -- jim clore. >> it's one thing to steal from people, now steal from people who are in dire straits?
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that's even to me just one more step lower.s >> reporter: n brought these peo ae together --ll of them customers of jim clore. they say clore took their money and then never performed the work. >> he asked for $2,500 up front. >> reporter: kathy hired clore to install a ramp for her -year-old father. she says after she paid him in april, she never saw clore again. he reassured me he'd be out early the next week. well, he never came. >> reporter: and he never refunded her ney, either. thy's dad died five months te >> i gave him half the money. >> reporter: suk gill and her husband paid $8,000 for a lift from access mobility. clore promised it would be installed september 6 or 7. >>he'd send everyday text messa message, hurt, oh, i'm sick. >> reporter: suk had to carry
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her husband up and down the stairs until he died one month later. >> he fell so many times. bruisesev ywhere, cuts in his head, everything. >> reporter: one heartbreaking story after another. >> molly, >>bane. he's into me for $12 12rks0,000 >> $7,625 for a-i wa tub. >> reporter: all with similar endings. >> i always thought i was too smt to gettaken. >> reporter: bin rector paid clore $4,400 in september. he never got his stair lift but he did get a refund. nd when he shared clore's e-mails with us, we got a surprise - a different company name, 2911 mobility. we did some digging and fou out this business was created in july and access mobility? clos. news 4 scoured through court records in virginia and discovered 48 civil cases filed against clore, some dating back ten yearny
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f those cases were dismissed, some because clore eventually paid the debt. others because he didn't have the money to pay. d then there are a few where he couldn't even be found to be served. >> how many people have gone to court and jt because he didn't -- can't be served papers they just blow it off. >> we also contacted the attorney general's office. their consumer protection division has received 11 complaints against access mobility. clore works with them to seven of those cases. one was unresolved and three are still open. and check out this warning on the better business bureau's web site. it alearns consumers to a, quote, pattern of serious complaints against access mobility. >> we're trying to tell the nsumer, hey, we've received 30 complaints against this company, all very similar in nature, all very serious. >> reporter: the bbb tells us they reached out to clore before hoping to alert resolve the issues but --
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>> to this day he's stopped communicating. >> if somebody can keep having theseaints against him, how can he keep doing this? >> reporter: all of the aycomplaints against clore have caught up with him. we've learned he is now facing crinal charges. four felonies in stafford ty coaccused of taking money under false pretenses and failing to deliver products. he's due in court next month. we reached out to clore. he didn't want to go ont camera e did tell us he's filing chapter 13 bankruptcy and plans torefund all of his customers. however, the ones we spoke with say they just want one thing -- >> we just want it stopped. i don't expect to get a dime back. >> it appears cle's2911 mobility web site has been taken down. virginia state officials confirming clore does not have a contractor's license as required by law. >> susan hogan asked the attorney general's office if it
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was investigating further and they wouldn't comment. >> there's thel natiomall. a live look on this sunday morning. a nice start to your sunday. lauryn ricketts tracking what will be a pleasant day to get outside and do decorating.
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have you ever seen the reality tv show "storage wars"? if you have, youw how the excitement builds as the owner
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opens it up to see what was left inside. >> but for one southern california couple they could never imagine wha they would discover. nbc's tammy leitner explains. >> what are you going to pay? >> reporter: call it a modern-day treasure hunt. >> 145, sir. >> reporter: bidding on abandoned storage units without knowin's inside. dan dotson, an auctioneer on the opular show "storage wars" recalled on facebook that a woman approached him last aynth. >> she s i want to tell you this story, m husband works for a guy and he bought a unit from you around it had a safe in it. >> reporter: but this wasn't just any safe. >> inside the safe, normally ey're empty but this time it wasn't empty, it had$7.5 million. >> reporter: $7.5 milon in cold, hard cash. but the story has another twist. dots says the owners got a call from an attorney representing the safe's original back. requesting their money
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>> they offered $600,000 then doubled it to $1.2 million and i guess they gave themack $6.3 million. >> reporter: dotson asked viewers what they woulddo. one wrote "i would feel too guilty if i kept it." another wrote "if they had that much money, why didn'they pay for the storage unit?" for one lucky treasure hunter, the find of a lifetime. tammy leitner, nbc news. >> angie jusaid "so many questions about that story." that was a good point. if they have the money, why don't they pay the storage? there's something sketchy. something sketchy about that story. nothing sketchy about weather today. beautiful out there this morning. quite a change from sterday. thos temperatures will top out in the mid to upper 50s. everybody will be in the 50s. average temperature for thisea time of is 55 degrees so doing better than yesterday out there. enjoy today because as we get into tomorrow, we'll have rait emperatures will be in the low to mid-50s and as we head
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into your tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, temperatures will be in the 40s. 43 here in d.c. 43 at ft. mead, temperatures are see the and you can change happening. listen, there could be a few icy patches around on some of those bridges, some of those overpasseso ramps, be careful out there early this morning. but looking like a beautiful day. i've been saying this all morning. if you're putting off decorating until next weekend, there's a chance we coul have rain i have rain in for sunday right now. i may have to add it for fanday saturday so just keep that in mind. today will bereat because temperatures will be warmer, mid to upper 50s so you might as well getont today. of course it will be muddy from the rain we got and the trees may beet so bring a towel if you're headed out to get those trees but it will be dry. and traveling, the only travel issues we have up through new yesterday and through the midwest. otherwise around here we're looking good through the . mid-atlant
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temperatures mid to upper 50s. plenty of sunshine out there. so tre's the system right there. i was looking at boston, most ov ything dry in terms of -- well, most ofoi everything i guess i should say up through logan international airport and also in through new york. maybe chicago may have a few delays but through theidwest we a getting blizzard-like conditions. around here, nothing like that thanks to high pressure moving in from the south so we arery and we are warming. hopefully that sun will dry out a little bit of the rain that we had. we still have some flood warnings out there. down through portions of bull run in manassas, manassas park. be careful as y make youay out the door because there could be flooded roadways. tomorr, despite the rain, we'll be in the mid-50s so tonight the clouds roll in. this is midnight tonight. rain rolls in b daybreak tomorrow. so a few showers, nothing like we saw yesterday where we had that steady rain.
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probably take up about a quarter inch. of hered be moving out by tomorrow afternoon, then we dry out quickly. a little bit of a breeze, perhaps, tomorrow and breeze again as we get into your wednesday. but all in all, not loong too bad. besides that rain that we'll have tomorrow, then those temperatures drop. tuesday, wednesday, thursday, plenty of sun. as i said,av i may to add rain into friday and saturday but for the most part right now we're dry. i have rain moving in for sunday but pushing through monday. we have more news right after this. i'm carrie dann of nbc news. >> and i'm mark murray. >> we know. we know. we know. it feels very early to be talking about the 20 presidential race. but after some solid successes in the midterms,c the democra party is eager to start figuring out who might be their best candidate to run against donald trump in just two short years. >> but the outcome of the dterms didn't give us definitive answer about what
9:23 am
kind of candidate is ascendant in the party. some of the most high profileca idates like andrew gillum andt beto o'rourke l their races. >> and some democrats from gubernatorial races came from white men who weren't exactly fire brands like tony evers, thw democr beat scott walker in wisconsin. >> and the democratic wins in the house were fuelled largely by women which means many democrats may be askin if a female candidate might be the female candidate might be the be way to take on trump stin
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this is a fight. not to the finish. female candidate might be the be way to take on trump stin but to the beginning. a fight that can only be won, if we stand together for one cause. him. expert care for every new beginning.
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police in england are using essive tactics to catch people stealing mopeds. they slam right into them. the crash sends them straight to the pavement. okay. wow. moped thieves are thought to believe police won't chase them if they drive dangerously. police say they assess the risk yf any chase to ensure the public's safet so they know for sure that these are people stealing them, right? >> oh, man, that is pretty serious. got two people on that one.
9:27 am
man. i could watch that for a while. >> i don't know wt toay to that. >> 9 c:27. an intruder at a highway patrol facility giving intruders a big scare. yocan see the big suspect right there behind the door. that's a bear. he was able to open the door, take a short stroll inside the highway patrol building. butventually the bear decided to see himself through the door. he was qui flylowed by two armed police officers. just want to cck out what was going on. >> i know and they've been doing this more. they're getting so savvy, opening up cars. >>hey don't have thumbs. that's impressive. let's go outside for a l look. on this sunday lauryn ricketts tracking more pleasant temperatures on sunday. we'l check in for what's looking like your work week ahead.
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and switch to the fastest internet in the us. 100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal. heavy rains trapping several folks in montgomery coty. protesters hit the streets in alabama after police say they may have killed the wrong person after a mall shooting. this morning, still no arrests. did you catch it this? this late night classic in texas. teams scoring more points in overtime than in regulation. lighting up the sard with
9:31 am
record numbers. >> talk about good football. and everybody stayed in the stands. you couldn't leave that. >> we got the recap of that coming up. adam tuss is off. i'm david caller have alongside angie goff. >> lauryn ricketts is here. the rain left behind somedw flers and slick spots but things look bright ahead. >> bright out thereight now but we have flood warnings that will be ongoing. let's look. pretty much evebody got an inch and a half of rain yesterday. still have some warnings out through the eastern panhandle of west virginia into jefferson and berkeley counties.
9:32 am
we are seeing manassas park some floding around those areas we will see waters recede. there will be flooded roadways ac don't drive ss them, please. plenty of sunshine out there today. that will help dry us out. another thing, temperatures topping out in the mid to upper 50s today. oh, yeah, mid to upper 50s. that's onsele. we'll talk about how much rain we'll get for tomorrow in a few minutes. >> the rain made quite a mess on the roads and prompted a rescue. let's show you this twitter video from montgomery county fire and rescue. this showed folks being rushed to safety after waters surround a community center. in that community center they were hosting a one-year-old's birthday party. the floodwaters kept rising causing two dozen people to be rescued from that ent. >> i roa in the -- what is it? the raft. and everybody else had to walk behind the raft. i held the two kids, the babies
9:33 am
we had and everybody else walked behind the raft in the water in the puddles. scary moment there is. crews continued as the water continued to rise. ded likes were str that one you saw there. that was on woodburn road. the driver had to be pulled from that vehicle. >> we're following the story of a victim of a hit-and-run crash who died. around 10:00 last sunday night, 24-year-old mario antonio rivers d into an embankment and was thrown out of his car. he was rushed to the hospitalr afhe crash but died friday. investigators believe-c a daored ford mustang may have been involved in the accident. they're still looking for the iver. just after the thanksgiving holiday,'s prince geor county family is overcome with grief. a rash killed the mother of three-year-old little girl. last night la'shai porter's s famired pictures of her. she was headed to drop off a thanksgiving plate to a family member friday morning.
9:34 am
police say she was on the parkway when she lost control. they say speed may have be factor. her family set ua go fund me. we can learn about it by going to our nbc washington app. we learn more about an apartment fire that forced 30 people out of their homes ine' prince geocounty. we told you about this fire around this time yesterday. the fire happened friday night and forced 26 adults. rsfire investigaelieve that fire started in the attic but they're still not sure how it began. the smoke caused an estimated $75 worth of damage. >> demonstrators inma ala marching saturday following a deadly officer-involved shooting at a mall. police believe the man they killed is not the gunman. officers killed the man at mall in hoover, alabama, thursday night. investigators say police were responding to a shooting that left an 18-year-old and
9:35 am
12-year-old wounded. police initially said bred ford shot the teen after a fight but they retracted that statement and are n searching for the actual shooter. >> it could have been my daughter. it could have been any of us givensi the ation. so with that being said, we have toome to a place to ask for more than what's being done. >> protesters demanding police camera video be released. happening tomorrow, the murder trial for the person accused amming a car into a crowd of people at a violentun ithe right rally in charlottesvilles set to begin. investigatorsay james alex field jr. wasin protestg the removal of a confederate police say that afternoon fields rammed his car into this field
9:36 am
of kounts pcounterprotesterors 33-year-old heather heyer. fire officials are hoping to get the campfire fully contained. that fire started on november 8 and became the deadliest wildfire california has ever heperienced. right now, t are 84 confirmed deaths for this fire. there are more than p 400ple still unaccounted for. two rainstorms that hit this st week helped slow some of the flames and firefighters have the camp fire95% contained right now. they believe it should be fully contained by tuesday but even with it being fully contained it's still burning and fire officials say they'll work on fhe rooris fe mdson predict weather crisese the calif wniadfires will only get worse. the climate change report warns in the years to come more frequent and devastating events as the average temperature continues to rise.
9:37 am
the report also highlights staggering long-term economic consequences with rising sea ndvel cost. president trumphe white house pushed back on that report claiming these instances are the most extreme scenarios. >> we have an impact but i don't believe the impact is nrly what some say. >> house democrats who take control in january pledge tooma tackle c control head on. did you stay up for it last night? we're talking about college football history. lsu and texas a&m needed seven r mes to figure out who would walk away with the "w." teams were tied 35 when the game ended but more touchdowns poand twint conversions ballooned that enore. in the texas a&minning to 72. it's the highest-scoring college football game ever. it lasted almost five hours. that's a long time. >> can you imagine being int
9:38 am
crowd. >> i guess the adrenaline keeps you going. it's still well, the group of men in our area using a passion for the game of football toonnect with those in need of a second chance. leon harris has their story this week in harris' heroes.
9:39 am
9:40 am
today you'll probably be enjoying some football whhe family. >> there's a group of men using their passion for the game to help with aay new of life. here's this week's' harr hero. >> when he's on the field, d michaeoesn't have to worry about anything -- tisubled past, work, bills, all of it melts away and he can just play football. >> i'm going to try to be better than everybody on the field. >> reporter: michael has been with coach q's semiprofessional
9:41 am
team for a few short months. >> coach q wanted to me my life story, had me over for dinner and put me on the team. >> reporter: as they work on their play, coach q worksrn thlives. >> we talk god, we talk school, we talk about family, we talk about work. on hen me and coach q get the phone, we're on it all night. >> reporter: he gets these o at-risk men illege and secures them scholarships. >> i have relationships over 200, 300 coaches because they'm know i going to bug them. i test them everyday, all year round. >> reporter: coach q buys them equipment, takes then college visits. you had something like 400,000 miles on the ca >> now it's 700,000 miles. >> reporter: he'll even provide a player with a place to stay with his own >> i'm here to help the under g underdogs, the one that's 5'9", not going to go to pros or even get a look so help get them in college.
9:42 am
>> reporter: in ten years, coach q has been able to send more than 300 young men off to college. but it's the youths he wasn't able to save that keep pushing himd. forw one guy was just $35 short of a bus ticket to go off to school. >> somebody shot him and killed him. that'shy i'm trying to get ending. becaushat right there is what weighs on my mind. >> reporter: for those who has been able to save, you can tell they are beyond grateful. where would you be if you haven't met coach q? >> i honestly don't know. i'm not used to people giving me help. i gotlucky. i met the right person at the right time. >> after our story initially ran, a viewer helped set uo a fund me page for coach q. during this season of giving, we hope you'll h considerping coach quincy and his mission to get these men to college. >> go to our nbc washington app and search -- what do you have
9:43 am
to search? harris' hero. i just did it right now and it's right there. i'll share in the the gro chat that we have so everybody can have access. r9:43 y time now. we'll take you outside for a live look on this sundaymo ing. talk about more pleasant conditions today than we saw yesterday. lauryn ricketts also tracking your work week forecast.
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is. >> never should have happened. >> that's what the a father of university of maryland student is saying after his daughter di from complications from the adenovirus. >> this is the virus that killed a dozen children in new jersey. now 18-year-old freshman olivia perigault fdm how county is the victim. >> and perigault's family believes mold may have played a role if her dea h death. >> reporter: olivia perigault was in her freshman year in the university of maryland. now her family and the campus community is mourning her loss. she died in hospital sunday from complications related to adenovirus. dr. david mcbride i from the campus health center. >> we feel so sad along with them, though not possibly to the degree of what they're experiencing. >> reporter: olivia had a
9:47 am
weakened immune system due to having crohn's disease. she had been sick and developedn monia. her dad, ian perigault when they found out she had adenovirus, she was already in the icu. he said, now that they know what it is it's too late, she's already on ar. ventilato perigault said olivia had mold in the dorm at the start of er semester. he said, they let kids move into a dorm that had mold. they didn't tell students or families there was mold until after a number of complaints, including my daughter. dr. mcbride told me there are five otherf cases adenovirus. >> they are both on and off campus in residences that have had difficulty with mold and those that haven't so it doesn't seem there's a consistentwe connection b mold exposure and adenovirus.
9:48 am
>> reporter:iv 's dad said he wants to see the university be more transparent and release information about potential health risks quicker. it won't save his daughter but he hopes it could save another life. in college park, darcy spencer, news 4. >> t university of maryland is closed for the holiday but the school says they've beenis usin ime to do cleaning. >> and the university is also encouraging students covering t to prevent any spread of the illness. a sad story. >> for sure. 9:48, us. i feel this when the temperatures go up and down. this doesn't help with anybody dealing with colds. >> i hhte a cold r now. it's interesting. we're going up today and tomorrow will be in the 50s then we go back down and then we get another shot of cold. then we have rain and we're getting into winter. what did you just
9:49 am
>> how do we keep up. >> i thought you saidappy something. >> she's happy it's dry people are happy it's dry. we picked up about an inch and a half of rain yesterday and we had those floodings issues with the leaves that have gone into the piping systems around here. no rain out there today thank goodness. just grab the sunglasses. tomorrow we do have rain so grab that umbrella, you'll need it. by tuesday and wednesday you can put that urella to rest for a little bit because we hit another dry streak as we continue through the middle part of ts week. current temperatures, we have temperatures in the 40s, we could have a few icy isolated spots on the bridges, ramps ands over so keep that in mind if you're traveling today or headed shoppi t. fovel issues, looking good
9:50 am
around the mid-atlantic. ifou're decorating today, going to the malls, even going to cut down a christmas tree, look at these temperatures this afternoon. i'd get it done this afternoon because there's a chance that we could havain next weekend. if you are traveling, right hwee e looking good. there's the storm system that passed through yesterday. not see manager t'delays, t getting out of here through maine. and then the middle part of the united states experiencing some blizzard issues, there could be delays coming into chica but other than that we're looking good and of course dry right around here. y your driving issues should be ssne. there should be nos but there could be icy spots so keep that in mind if you are a lot of us are headed back to work. we'll have wet conditions tomorrowsmorning. show tapering off by tomorrow afternoon. but then we're dry into tuesday mornin let's time it out. we have the clouds moving in later on tonight but notso unti enjoy that sunshine. then as we head through tomorrow
9:51 am
morning, we'll see showers. not that steady rain like yesterday but showers, probably going to amount to a quarter of an i inch before scoots out of here during the afternoon. so most of the c eveningmute should be dry but the first part may be wet with wet roads and tomorrow night we are clear and dry and cold as temperature drop on tuesday. but tomorrow despite the rain, temperatures will still be i0 thes. low to mid-50s. so again 54, 55 will be our temperature for tomorrow and as we head into tuesday, wednesday, thursday, look at that. temperatures fall into the 40s. we may have to add a chance for rain friday and saturday. right now there's not enough evidence for m to putn the there but i want to mention it. that will be something we're watching, otherwise we have more rain for sunday so maybe not put off anything to do outside next weekend but maybe get it done today. ave more news on the other side of this break. see you then.
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you know this as a mom of three. you do a lot of research tout figure the right car seat for your kids but research the rules for usingne in an uber or lyft and the answer isn't that clear. >> i know this firsthand. ws 4 transportation reporter adam tuss explains the car seat confusion and why no one knows what the rules are. >> reporter: a sleeping baby is a beautiful thing and a safe baby is a necessity. but when it comes to putting three-month-old lola in a ube or lyft, who provides the car
9:55 am
seat? the parents? >> i'm cyfused whether t provide the car seats so i avoided uber and lyft when'm aveling with my children. >> reporter: or the driver? t >> i gethere and i find out they have a small child. off small child, you have to ha a car seat. >> reporter: there's plenty of gray area here and two-thirds of e u.s. there are no child seats required in taxis. the laws are muddier with ride share. we've read the laws in d.c., maryland and virginia and there's no clear understanding who is responsible. sam higgins is a part tieme lyf driver. she says she's getti for rides when a parent has a small child. >> i won't take the m liabilities are tooh for me. then it leads to riders being angry and you don't know what yu're going to get out here. >> reporter: whi can request some services like uber faly to bring alg a car seat, it's not an option in all states. h th become such an issue that virginia tech put out a new
9:56 am
udy. >> there's confusion among parents and drivers as to when specific laws and rules andre lations apply for child passenger safety. >> reporter: whether or not you provide youreawn car for your child or not, here is the simple fact. they work better inte ping your kids. studies show that it works. theis centers forse control and prevention reports car seat use reduces the risk of injury in a crash by 80% seat belts alone. your best bet, have a car seat. but that's not an option. in the meantime, it seems everyone wants a better cderstanding. >> it's crazy tol people in advance, do you have a child? do you have a child? you can'to that. so i have to pull up and see what i get. >> hopefully what everyone gets is a safe trip. adam tuss news 4. u a lot of confusion over this issue. n check the laws for car seats and ride share vehicles where you live right now by going to the nbc washington app seat."arching "car
9:57 am
it's there. you'll find the link that breaks it down state by stateic jurion by jurisdiction. >> look at this glorious picture of the washington monument. 46 degrees. lauren says we'll be above average when it comes to temperatures. inthink it volves some ra. inthink it volves some ra.
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of montgomery county leaving people stranded in the water. moreea than ar after this deadly attack o a crowd of counterprotesters in charlottesville, the man believed to be behind the wheel is set to go on trial. >> and the holiday shopping blitz isn't over yet. ayter black friday and small business satu we have tips to be ready for the cyber monday deals. save that money. >> everybody is getting ready to log on as we welcome you in on this sunday morning, november 25, 2018. adam tuss isoff. i'm david culver. >> and i'm angie goff. we got a lot of rain yesterday. it took aor while it to come down but once it did it seemed li it would never stop. >> fortunately lauryn ricketts, we're starting that you have dai dry, is a relief to a lot of folks.


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