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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  November 26, 2018 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> wow. >> you said it. yot we are going to get you ready with forecast and commute. >> we will try to make it easyo you. we have melissa with the roads and let'st check fiith chuck bell. >> sounds like eun yang had a box of wine this morning. am i missing something? >> no, just a box. we have more rain in the forecast. won't be quite the super soaker that we enred on saturday. it also won't be all that cold. we are in the upper0s to around 50 degrees now so wake-up weather this morning, mostly in the 40 be ready f rain. you can see on storm team radar, already rain in shenandoah county, and this is coming northbound so rain chances are increasing with time around the d.c. area. the chance of getting rained on
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today, near 100%. the temperature this afternoon around 50 degrees. we will trade the rain for the cold and w tomorrow. we have that coming up. missa, good morning. >> good morning. the problem on the outeroop cleared out of the way, everything nice and green right now. westbound the ramp to the outer loop there has the left lane blocked, still sounke a bumper in the road but no big delays. arlington, southbound gwwa park near reagan national, the right side blocked by a disabled vehicle. we zoom out a little bit here this morning, you can see the ferry shut down again today and high water on the potomac is the reason there. 5:01, and you may need to add time to yocoute. >> because the yellow line may be shut down for two weeks. we hav justin live with the line picking up the slack.
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this going to be a big mess. >> reporter: yeah, we are talking about 14 days here, from today unti sunday, december 9th. everybody here will want to take note. of course no yellow line service will run for the next two weeks, so in d.c., between virginia and d.c., you will be on the blue line. it won't run between springfield and huntington asell as town center so over the next 14 days what will happen is this, metro crews will work on the yellow line bridge ov the potomac making repairs to the structure as well as the tracks, too, taking up all of that as well. with the llow line down, the blue line will be busy so expect crowds on there, so riders we
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met are saying they are looking forward to the light at the end of metro's repair tunnelere. >> it's pretty frustrating to have the metro on and off all the time and i wish it was more nonsistent but i know they are struggling cially, so i am kind of sympathetic. >> reporter: at yellow line stations look for signs like this directing you to free shutt n buses asded and we have more on our washington, d.c. app, just for "met back to you. >> thank you, 5:03. one of the busiest times of year for travel last night at reagan, and the area was packed with people going home following the thanksgiving holiday. .> i'm so frustrating, yeah. it's so b
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i don't know what is going on about the trafficut i never seen it like this. >> many passengers tried to avoid the mess altogether by using metro. traffic was rough across the country really t made even worse in delaware when a chemical leak forced the closure of the delaware memorial bridge. it was from gas that leaked from alnearby chemi plant. the bridge was re-opened early this morning. it was not gas leaks or airportonstruction that caused a terrible traffic scenario out west, and it was a major snowstorm. that is c the governor declared a state of emergency and closed part of a major interstate. the same storm hit colorado. more than three feet hit the communities. in chicago, the storm forced the cancelation of 800 flights at
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chicago o'hare international. about 1,200 flights headed t or from the u.s. were canceled at the height of the storm. todaf you are in bethesda you may hear sire or muffled explosions because of the construction on the purple line. chris lawrence is live with more on thec story. is? >> reporter: yeah, they need to remove rock from a shaft that will eventually be part of a second entrance to the bethesda metro and a connecter to the purple line, and the thing is about this is you may be impacted if you don't live or work here. here's what we know. blasting is likely to take place around 9:30 this morning or 1:30 in the afternoon. they are also doing a lot of gging at the other underground station, a tunnel in silver spring. crews put up sound walls around
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a few homes, and they are squeezing a train betweenst lished neighborhoods, and the purple line is privately funded, and it will go from bethesda all the way out to new carrollton. it will be open in 2022 if s constructionys on schedule but folks will have to live with constant disruptions. the blasting starts today and could run through january, an the blasting could be so intense, t metroains may have to stop running temporarily while the blast is going even if you are not here you can still be impacted by what happens. live in bethesda, chris lawrence, news4. >> thank you. a violent con frontation at
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the u.s./mexicoborder, and we have the developing chaos. >> then situat got bad after the group began a peaceful march to appeal for t u.s. to speed processing of asylum. take another look at the situation here. hundreds of migrants making a run for it yesteday crossing under the bridge through a river that was filled with raw sege. they carried flags while chanting we are not criminals, we a international workers. many had babies and children with them. u.s border agents still fired tear-gas. this specific border sees about 110,000 people entering the u.s. ery day. and thousands of migrants are working up in tijuana and worried president trump will make them stay in mexico. we will keep you updatedon this
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story. >> thank you. we have new details of a winchester police officer killed on the job. he cra his cruiser while responding to a 911 call for a ght. fellow officers saluted his sket yesterday. e governordered u.s. and virginia flags throughout theo state lowered to half-staff on the day of the officer's burial. the trump administration is pushing back on the accusation that it deliberatelyed pic black friday to release a report on climate change hoping the public would be too busy to notice it. it says the evidence that humans are creating climate change is president t policies
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continue to be add odds with science, and he continueslpaq roll back regulations. and george papadopoulos will head to prison. he begins his two-week sentence. last year he plead guilty to lying about his entinteractions with government officials. and then staunch brexit supporters slmed the deal for not being a clean break from the eu. theresa may said it was the besl and only on the table. parliament is expected to vote on this beforest chris. and then a bigger business in maryland than predicted. in the first nine months of legal sales medical marijuana sales totaled $67 million m arket research firm predicted sales would reach $46 million the first year, since sales aready passed that number, the
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predictions being recalculated. now the sales are expecte to hit $100 million in december. what looks like not as many people physically shop unil they dropped this black friday. foot traffic was down by 1% from 2017, researchers say. online sales is where the money is being made. black friday sale reached a record $3.7 billion. more busypp sg days are included, the d thirday in december, and the 15th t and sunday before christmas, that's when everybody is checking theid list aking sure everybody is accounted for. 'tis the season,rom black friday to cyber monday. today is expected to be a record-breaking days for shoppers, too. >> it's predict the $ll8 n will be spent online today, but
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a lot of shoppers are not waiting until cyber monday to start shopping from computrs and phones. kohl's set a online record on thanksgiving day, and cyber monday spending is expected to spike 18%over last year. coming up in a few minutes we will look how you can protect your information when you shop today and alyelong. with a flip of the switch it's beginning to look a lot lik christmas yesterday. yesterday theatol hill neighborhood christmas tree was lit for the season. it's right there atennsylvania and 8th. >> yeah, so many great trees to see. >>he i think that's choir -- can't see the robes. >> kid musicians, love them. >> good stuff. rs what docto say is a major cause of a child-developing
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asthma. >> you have to see this video, a shark attacks a div while cameras are rolling. ut about vor speaks the experience. chuck? >> hope you enjoyed that 60-degree sunshine we had here yesterday, and today the clouds re back and so car washing forecast, it's probably going to rain today. mine was buried ineaves over the weekend. the five-day forecast is coming up.
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that sinkhole. the town is dealing with major flooding. i feel like that's going to be happening all arounour region because of all the rain we've h . >> we've had flooding over the weekend. >> we're getting more rain today. we're hearing from a man who survived a shark attack in the bahamas. >> he was spear fishing when this attack happened. one of the fries was recording the advenere when th shark bit the back of his head and neck. he said he felt the impact but didn't process it was a shack nel reached the surface. he shared that video on mthanksgiving saying he e grateful than ever. >> it reminds me that god's in control. that you can't plan for something like this. i think it's given me a new perspective on how i want to live the rest of my life. seems like the shark was trying to stop an attack right? he is doing fine, he said this encounter changed his life forever. >>o but people whothat sort of thing always say they're going to go back in the water. >> no. >> good luck.
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obesity may be linked to child asthma. they seo bees sity may be blamed for a quarter of childhood asthmas. kids who were overweight were much more likely to be diagnosed with asthma than those in a normal weight range. they say ten% to 20% could be avoided by maintaining a healthy weight. that part of your health i thinn helpsall sorts of situations. >> healthy weight. yeah. after being in operation for more than a hundred years, lord and taylor will close the flagship store in new york city ne last major sale. >> fifth avenue has been part of the holiday fu there, but this january the fun comes t annd. the store is one of about tenb ng closed by its canadian-based owners. the company say lord and taylor will increase its focus on gital opportunities. in the age of amazon, brick
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and mortar retailers are turning to technology to keep folks in their stores. macy's will have mobile eckouts in all of its stores this year for the first time. old navy and banana republic check out customers on the spot. and walmartusetstomers check out in the section they're shopping. shoppers said they would tap ngto alternate checkout options like us smartphones to scan and pay for things as they shop. i would imagine that creates a problem with receipts. it's like you still have to show -- >> some sort o a receipt. >> they do a quick little -- okay, and you're out. they're not going through everything in your basket. >> how was that? >> and you're out.
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>> like that. >> two bags of m&m and a bottle of wine. go with the eun yang list >> 20 minutes later they're like all right, ladies, let her go. so the leaf drop on my little street happened all at once. tees were still bright and yellow on thursday night when i went to bed and fray mornin that was it. the fall foliage was all down in one fell swoop. i measured it, almost three inches deep of leaves onur little street in northwest on friday morning. of course then all those leaves were stuck under the wiper of my car and the hood. right now, though, it say cloudy welcome to your monday morning with temperatures in the mid to upper 40s.i no sun today. yesterday was beautiful. today, not so how much. cloudy skies start to finish. the besti likelod for rain come in later forhe afternoon
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commute. traveling today, if you're still going out and you have to change planes in chicago or if your plane is coming from there could still have some significant delays. for us, no heavy rain is combun rain nonetheless. grab the umbrella. temperatures today will speak e pe -- peak in the upper s and 50s. dry for the rest of the week. but those leaves are going to be blowing a roe the next couple of days. no doubt. we haven't done our yard yet. laurel, southbound 95 crash there with vehicles on both shoulders. you're going to see a slow down southbound y 198're headed out soon. arlington gw parkway near reagan national right side blocked by a disabled vehicle. beltway looks okay and whitey fewe are still closed high water on the potomac river. more news, aweather traffic coming right up. we'll be right back. n when breast cancer patient comes to cancer
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treatment centers of america in philadelphia, she's coming for the multimodal therapy where
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the specialists form a treatment plan together. we were looking for a cancer team that would help us decide the best course of action. we many tools aour. ave so this is what attracted amy all the way from new york. these were people who were experts in their field. and for uste best choic learn more about our breast center r at
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>> announcer: you're wching news 4 today. there's a scam you'll want to steer clear of this hol day season. the secret sister exchange is back on facebook this it promises you'll get up to 36 gifts in return for buying just one by recruiting others to participate in the gift exchange. the better business bureau says this is a pyramid e,schem an illegal one. they say these exchanges are illegal gambling and participants could b subject to mail fraud penalties if the you receive an invitation, ignore it and report it to facebook. holiday shopping is in full swing and today millions of americans will take advantagef cyber monday deals. >> but what's the best way to protect yourself from onle
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hackers? chris lawrence is working for you with some tips on how to protect your identity while online shopping. >> americans are doing more of their holiday shopping online, and this season could spend more than $150 billion. >> where there's opportunity, where there's money,ou're going to find bad actors. >> kelvin coleman is director of the sieb security alliance. they'veaunchedn initiative with intel and microsoft urging shoppers to beef up their login information. >> it' adoin havink akin to hav door.n your >> coleman says it's worth a few extra seconds to type one of those 14 character passwords with special characters. >> as oppos to spending a year or two to figure out what happened to your account or money. didn't usebt cardit cards onlin. open your bruiser look for the
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https signal. if you're buying from your phone, shop from the ve own app instead of a browser and don't get too curious when you're bombard by online ads this time of year. bad guys can hide a small piece of code deep within an ad that looks legit. when you cli ton you pon it be your entire operating system at risk. >> you literally said come on in. >> a recent survey reveals holiday shopne holiday shoppers in d.c. are worried about overspending but are more concerned about identity theft and fraud. you don't want your personal info to be te giftat keeps on giving. ris lawrence, news 4. 5:25 right now. coming up, you nowho know to stay safe on cybermonday, now to scoring the best deals. what toy today and the expensive items you'll want to put off buying until tomorrow. and the daily grade on a
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monday with clds and raindrops in the forecast, monday gets a big fat high today only 53 degrees. plus, the sun willing ba-- wille coming back tomorrow. plus, a man killed by police during the holiday rush.
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>> announcer: news 4 today starts now. it's 5:29 as we take a live look outside right now. this is reagan national airport, already busy as we start this monday morning. it's time to get up and moving as we try to get back into the swing of things af r ang holiday weekend. it's always tough on this monday. >> it is. except for those people, they're going back home today. >> i'm eun yang, thanks for joining us. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. we're working with you to make sure you can make that trantion from the holiday as easy as possible. >> let's start with chuck bell for more on the raithat we're getting. can't believe it. >> the good ns is i won't be a ton of rain, unlike the super
5:30 am
soaker that we endured on and day, this will be hit miss rain showers. it will be in and out of here primarily during the first half or three quarters of the day, but just know you'll need the umbrella first thing this orning and temperatures are going to be mostly in the 40s to around 50 degrees. my computer here doesn't want to seem to be moving along. while you look at this oh, that computer doesn't like me at all. about .10 or .25 inches of rain on thexpectation list. temperaturewise in the'er 40s, afternoon it will be 40s or low 50s, take your umbrella with you. 100% chance you're going to get rained on but rain chances should start t fadeaway after 3:00 or 4:00 this afternoon. dry weather returns old testament. but it will be win -- tlamorrow. >> urel southbound 95 belre 198 stave this crash,
5:31 am
vehicles on both shoulders so no lanes blocked. new pro here, greenbelt northbound vw parkay after nasa goddard. we do have a delay. the left slain blocked. there's a tow truck on the scene. arlington southbound gw parkway, near reagan national, right side blocked disabled vehicle. beltway looks okay. in rlington, southbound route 1, 15 street south dirt spilled across the roadwand a remind another yellow line service through december 9th because of repairs over the potomac on that bridge there. alternate is blue line but aaring rush hour service cut in haufl. n. it's 5:31. another major metro closure as you return from a long holiday weekend andur beginning workweek. the yellow line will be shut down for a couple weekstting today. we have the reason behind thelosure.
5:32 am
justin. >> reporter: that's right. ason sheer going to here is goi repair. if you're yrsed toic tag ticu t yellow line, you will not be able to for the next few weeks. the blue line will continue running well, and also picking up slack between d.c. and virginia, however, we can tl you you will likely see some longer wait times and travel times as well because of the service dropping down to half capausty at hour in the is an inconvenience being suffered so that metro crews can get to work on tracks over the yellow line bridge over the potomac. the remayors incluclpairs ie st was well as track work in the is going to be the last capital improvement for the year but nth last for metro. and in the meantime shuttle bus
5:33 am
service will beup picking slack as well. you can find more info on that on our nbc washington app. back to you. >> thank you, justin. 5:33. hundreds of immigrants fleeing violence in central america ran from tieargas at the border yesterday. they say border agents used teargas and pepper spray af several people threw rocks at border agents hitting them. other migrantsade a run for it crossing a river filled with raw sewage with children in tow. all of this caused the border's busiest port of entry to be shut down for several hours. we'll check in with tracie potts for more on this in about 15 >minutes. oday there be a bond review hearing for four local high school football players carged in a hazing case. players are 15 years old and their students of da mass cas high school. they allegedly raped several teammates on the jv football
5:34 am
daem. they say theysaulted thafr teammates with a broomstick in the locker room in a hazing ritual she haveen charged as adults with rape and a fifth stud debt has beenharged as a juvenile. it's 5:34. president trump's former campaign foreign policyviser heading to prison. george papadopoulos begins a ilo-week science today. he pleaded g to lying to federal agents about his interactions with russia officials. th many are mourning death of a police officer killed in the line of duty. hunter edwards crashedis cruiser saturday night. he was responding to a 911l c for a fight. virginia governor ralph northam lowered the flags to be lowered to half staff on the day the officer is buried. a massive snowstocanceled hundreds of flights across the rockies to midwest. a blizzardwarning still in effect for parts of the country right now.
5:35 am
some areas sawp to 40 inches of snow this weekend. the delaware memorial bridge after causing pened traffic jams last night. both sides of the bridge were shut down as a precautionafter a chemical spill at a nearby plant. ecause it's the main route to the new jersey turnpike, it caused backups fors travel from delaware, pennsylvania, new jersey, and maryland. it reoped six hours after w closed. you may just be getting out of bed, but the deal cyber monday has bn going on for hours. they predict $7.8 billion will be spent online today. >> that's expected to be the larkest online shopping d of the year. all this despite the fact that most of us will be at work while we shop, apparently. a survey from robert half technology found that 64% of professnals plan to look at online sales today at the office. the biggest markdowns will be on
5:36 am
tv's clothing and beauty products. but save the airfare purchases for tomorrow. experts say that's when prices will be at their lowestof th big sale week. >> 5:36 now. coming up, it's the season for holiday parties but you may not ha an invite from your office this year. why more and more companies are cancelingheir annual events.
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>> announcer: you're watching news 4 today. 5:39. we have an update on the deadlyo campfire in hern california. it is now fully condantained. this is video showing the destruction of that fire. destroys more than 13,000 homes and killed at least 85 people. nearly 300eople are still unaccounted for this mning and the butte county sheriff's office says the remains of some of the missing may never be recovered because of the
5:40 am
severity of the fire. the family of a man t mistakenly snd killed by alabama police is calling on the department to release all video g. the shooti this happened on thanksgiving during some preblack friday rush inju a mall outside birmingham. >> officers initially thought 21-year-old e.j. bradford jr. fired shots that injured two s people durine sort of fight in a mall, but after further investigation, the hoover police department announced bradford was not the shooter, may have been involved in the altercation. they say they rushed to judgment. >> they say he walking around the mall waving a gun, running, trying to escape. thmy wasn'tchild. >> the family apparently learned about bradford's death on social media. you can hear more from histhe t 4 today. coming on 5:41 on a monday morning, skies have already gone mostly cloudy andr
5:41 am
drops are hitting parts of i-66 andal i-81. of the rest the roads will be wet before this day is done. check of the ten-day forecast coming up. ha twas the start of the 34 marine corporation marathon. >> this is the nbc 4 all state community shred event. people started lining up here at 5:00 in theorning,if you can believe that. >> we want to thank whoreveryono contributed to food for families drive. >> there's stillteime to do online. nbc 4 is working for you.
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you'ret the live de with breaking news. nikki haley says the security council is going to hold an overgency hearing today rising tensions between ukraine and russi russia attacked and seized three ukrainian naval boats yesterday injuring several sailors. moscow said these boats illegal enteredussia's territorial waters. ukraine mobilized all of its navy and response and called a eting among its war cabinet. this is the most serious clash be ueen russia andraine in years. now back to you. >> thank you, angie. the united states fired teargas on hundreds imgrapt immigrants to tried to come into cae country illegally yesterday and now men officials are beefing up security in anticipation of more groups trying to cross here san diego.
5:45 am
>> tracie potts is following lo this deng story for us from capitol hill this morning. any reaction from the folks her washington? >> we've heard at least one incoming democrat saying this sin hume, but customs and border patrol says it was necessary to fire teargas and perp spraynto that crowd that included children and elderly people's. these are migrants that are parh of caravan that's been moving in this direction from ntral america. border patrol says they tried to rush the border. they were throwing rocks, there injuries.ports of on the other side, migrants say they typically have been allowed to wait in the united states when they make asylum claims, but now they're having to wait in squally conditions, overcrowded conditions in tiuana on the mexi side while the u.s. and mexico try to whek out wherell be held and wait for those asylum claims to be processed. >> we have some new developments in the mueller investigation. one person headed to jail,
5:46 am
another one to court. bring us up to date. >> george papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi about his russiaonnections. he pleaded guilty, then he hired new lawyers and tried to micah ca that his sentence should be put off. the judge didn't buy it, he's going to jail for 14 days beginning today and paul manafort, the former caaign chair has a status hearing about his sentencing today. >> thank you. 5:46. today, jury selection is set to begin in the murder trial of a man accused of ramming a car into a crowd of people at the unite the right rally last year. he was one of the white nationalist protesting the removal of a statue of confederate robert e. lee. that afternoon fieldsammed his car into a kroucrowd of protest and hild heather heyer. keep eye on the nbc washington app for updates from
5:47 am
the courtroom. activists fighting gun violence march in honf 10-year-old ma chi wilson. anterday, the crowd followed ice cream truck through the streets of her northeast doimor neigod. this summer had was walking to an ice cream truck when she was shot and killed. crowd message was simple, asking for peace in their >> we're just asking foam put down t guns and stop the violence. please, put down the gun >> six people are charged in connection with her death, including a high school student. right now, authorities say speed and a wet,ma slick road have caused a 28-year-old maryland mothertor lo to lose c of her car and slamnto a tree. they say she was on her way to drop off a plate of food to a relative when she died. porter leaves behind a
5:48 am
3-year-old daughter. r family says her little girl was the most important person in the world to he >> she worked two and three jobs at one time so she can provide for her child. > porter's family has set up a gofundme page to pay for her funeral and care for her doubt. open thendpp search suedland crash. today in bethesda you might hear explosions it's part of the construction on purple line. >> chris is here with more on this story. chris, what's going to happen today? >> reporter: it's probably going to happen around 9:3 this morning or 1:30 in the and noon, a loud siren muffled explosion. take a look, they've got remove some of the rock fom ashaft, part of what will eventually bec a second ent to the bethesda metro station and a he connecter tourple line. here's the thing, you could be impacted by these explosions
5:49 am
even if you don't live or work nghere. good tto know, they're doing a lot of digging at the underground location, a tunnel in silver springs. crews have put up huge sound walls just yards away from some homes. you rlly get a sense of how complex this project is, sqeze your train between these very established residential neighborhoods. purple line is privately funded and it will feature 21 stops across 16 miles of late rail from bethesda all the way out to new carrollton. it opened in 2022 if the construction stays on schedule. but until then our folks are going to have to live with constant disruption dollars. these explosions are going to sw ful if you're requireding t -- riding the metro,et the may have to stop and then start running again. if you don't live anywhere nearñ here, you could be somewhat
5:50 am
impactedy what goes on over the next couple months. this isityenter d.c. in downtown washington where the beautiful 75 foot tree is nowly the up. this year it wa pouring rain just as chuck predicted. i wore my rain boots because i was low pressuring to you. rain did clear up, plenty of people showed up with their umbrellas because they were ready. it's oktiy. we're exp a lot of rain this season, that's the way it's been, but it's not going to mpen our irits. >> it's been a crazy year for rain. i also forecathe final score of the oklahoma game, 55-52. the answeras 59-56. that's a win. >> that really is a win. y a win for the right team, too. . >> on to the big title we go. because w anything other than rain, right? >> i mean right, chuck? >> back to rain we go sinceth t's what i'm here for. thanks to that soaker on
5:51 am
saturday, we've now equalled 60 inches of rain in the year now in fourth place for the fourth rainiest year on record here in washington. and places one, two, and three are certainly within reach. all we need is .10 inch today and we'll jump into third place ande get anymore of an inch between now and the end of the year, keep in mind we have until december the 31st. we only need 1nd1/3 plus one we will have the all time wettest year on record. i don't see any way we can miss that record with the pattern we've been in. more rain coming today and though it won't be as hard as what we had on saturday,it will still be raining nonetheless. already raindrops here, culpepper, lorain, page, shenandoah all wet this morning. so even though it's not wet in the heart of the city just yet, grab the umbrella. your rain chance stands near 100%. future weather brings the likeliest of the showers in
5:52 am
during the tail end of the morning commute around the city. and the steadiest is from about 10:00 to about 2:00 in the afternoon. after 3:00, er4:00, are signs that the showers will begin to taper off and we should beainly dry by about 7:00, 8:00 this evening.el so that'sme news. here's your ten-day forecast. another likehood of rain on the weekend, no less. between now and then, tuesday, , wedneshursday get out your winter coat, you're going to need it. temperatures only in the low 40s and a gusty wind f thre days in a. row melissa, would youather be windy or wet? >> can i take neither? do i have to pick one? >> you have to pick. >>in windy, dely windy. wet is the worst. greenbelt here this morning, take alook, north bound bw theway left lane blocked b crash. looks like it will clear out of the way in a minute but we still have those delays northbound. southbound 95 before 198, crash with vehicles there on both
5:53 am
shoulders as you look in district heights, inbou caitlin parkway. arlington near reagan national, this is cleared out of the way. we did a disabled vehicle blocking the right side. travel times, 270 looks good, so does top of the beltway. 286 beltw nine minz, 24 on the 495. with the holidays upon us, there's rushl there's usually a lot to celebrate b things are fferent across the country when it comes to holiday parties. it apparently has more do with a movement than money. they say the me too movement is canceling parties across the country. >> companies are worried about potential lawsuits stemming from inappropriate behavior that happens typically at holiday
5:54 am
paties and after hours when there's alcohol flowing. >> now if not canceling the parties, th're atleast eliminating alcohol served at annual holiday christmas parties. >> you have to take responsibility for your own actions too. mc eptionso. if you're drunk oh he was drunk, he had too much to drink. not a good excuse. >> no. two msnbc anchors pull off v wed irrnt ceremony. >> they exchange vows at the national archives in d.c. on. saturd the couple was engaged in march of 2017. maryland here, yas congress maine elijah cummings officiated the he the couple years of happiness. you can go our facebook page and learn how many people attended and the fo that was served.
5:55 am
good morning, i'm fank here at nbc headquarters. apple goes before the supreme court today to defend its apps against claims by consumers it's unfaiy dominating the market. apple is seeking an end to an could st lawsuit th force the advil maker to cut the 30% commission it charges aer developers whose products are sold exclusively through the app store. it says it doesn't own the apps or s ththem but they say apple control over that experience. and the price dolla end in 99 cents. with your cnbc morning business report, i'm frank holland. >> thank you, fran a bar dedicated to pandas and christmas, look at that. it dream come true. and now it is really happening in d.c. extra panned an vidda video jus. it's a pop-up bar, it hopp friday and will be open until new year's eve. the lines are downoc the
5:56 am
you can head over and sip on signature drinks such as santa baby, i mean how cute is that? we have to find a way toet in there. >> they have live music too, that a lot of fun. >> just to celebrate pandas and chr together. >> you think the theme itself is hat's drawing in these long lines? >> of course. >> panda lovers. >> and christmas lovers. >> still ahead on new 4 today, medical marijuana proving to be big business in maryland. >> we are breaking some sky rocketing topics aft just a few months in business, plus one of our regn's police officers killed in the line of duty. how winchester police officer hunter edwards is being remembered this morning. news 4 today will be right backi stay us, your time is 5:56. r:
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>> announcews 4 today starts now. >> good morning, i'm aaron gilchrist. >> ani'm eun yang we want to get you going on this monday morning after the long holiday break with a check on your forecast and commute. >> melissa standing by with a ds look at the rnd rails for us this morning. pretty busy out there. chuck bell with the storm steam forecast and the rain we don't want. >> no k oding. mathe hour, that bar must be low because i'm delivering another rainy monday across the region, not wyone needed. we don't need anymore rainfall at this point in time. the growi season's over, we've had 60 inches of rain this year. there will beou drying tonight. it will be dry for the remainder
6:00 am
of the week after today, but the wind will be blowing. our nexthance for rain after today arrives just in time for the weekend. right now, your monday morning starting out cloudy for all and already rainy forsome. those raindrops in central virginia are coming our way towards the d.c. metro are so everyone in the news 4 nation today needs to grab the umbrella. we're in the mid to upper 40s now so it won't be cold but it will be be wet. dog walking foreca toda dogs are here. if you ever had a dog you know the cone of sham dogs are having to wear the cone of shame this rning. a little cloudy this morning, rain midday and drying out for this evening. more about the cold wind in the next couple minutes. coming on over to melissa mollet. >> good morning. taking a look at chopper 4 right here. the bound bw parkway has left lane blocked by a crash. both lanes are open, northbound and southbound, everything is


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