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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 26, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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a november to remember. us.nks for joining this rainy afternoon. y i'm leon harri and this is pat. ou got wet, don't get upset. those rain drops were record breaking rain drops. >> we're now the wettest november on we only need about an inch more of rain before the end of the year to become the wettest year ever on record. here's the latest check. ly a f light showers remain across the area. many of us aredry. these isolated showers moving to the east. the top of the beltaway, through frederick, goingn get in on more rain this evening but for the most part we're drying out. it is about the cold and blustery conditions that will move in tonight, greeting us
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tomorrow morning. here's the wider look at storm team 4 radar. it is cold enough back in ohio where we're seeing a little snow mixing in. that coldair, not the snow. 50 degrees right now. most of usilbe dry by 7:00 p.m. everybody is dry overnight but e winds pic up. we're breezy a temperature around 43. i'm going t to have feels like temperature throughout the day. when you factor in the wind, it will feel much colder out there. >> all right, thanks. there are tears and tributes for the young police officer who lost his life over the weekend. >> hunter edwards die when his patrol car struck a tree when he was responding to a call. >> today, julie carey spoke to his new wife, now a widow about, his passion for policing. >> it was a solemn tribute, rst responders standing at attention as his body was brought back to winchester. later, tears and hugs at thene
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l home where fellow officers gathered with his family. he ande his w had been married just three months. >> just the best person. >> he was rushing to respond to a call for a big fight.on he lostol of his car and hit a tree. he later died at the hospitalgh today throu tears, his we had over and his mom remembering a young man determined t become officer. his dad was a cop and his mom en worked in lawrcement, too. >> it is one of those things that gs in your blood. he majored in criminal justice in college and there was never any doubt in his mind that was e career path that would be the perfect one for >>him. he was very much about helping others. being involved. heidn't have to be asked to do khat. he just t the initiative to be there and go above and beyond. >> now the winchester community
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helping to show support for the memily. other law enfor agencies have come to help wherever needed. hunter edwards'uneral is planned for friday at the church of god. news4. we're learning new details about four lajv footballrs charged with sexually attacking their teammates. >> h itpened in the locker room. and we're learning just how serious the punishment could be convictere >> meagan was at the hearing. tell us about it. >> reporter: these are very rious charges. in fact, the defense attorney for these foured suspects t to play up, we're talking about 15-year-old boys here. many of whom they told the judge, have no criminal backgrounds. never been in trouble and they're honor roll students. the judge of course did decide in the end to release them to bond but made sureo remind them they are facing life in is
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. for the first time we're learning new and disturbing details about what allegly happened inside damascus high school on halloween. according to court documents, caleb thorpe, will smith, jean abedi and kristian lee charged with sexually assaulting four freshmen teammates with a broom stick. the teens entered the locker room while the victims were changing for practice. the lights with turned off and police say the smallest teammates were targeted. the ones the suspects thought wouldn't fight back. the 15-year-old suspects appeared i court a listened as prosecutors told the judge that the victims were stomped on, laughed at, and thrown to the ground in an act the defendants are calling a hazing ritual. >> i am offended by the term hazing. it is not hazing. these are crimes. and i would caution anyone to refer to this as phasing. these boys were victims of criminal acts.ic
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they were notms of hazing. they were victims of firstee de rapes. >> the state attorney said and he his team took time review all the evidence in the case which they say ledhem on charging the 15-year-olds as adults. he also says that he fully expects them to file a motion to bring these charges, authorize case, bk to juvenile court. back to you. >> watch this very closely. meagan fitzgerald, reporting live. a major shake-up at general motors leaves thousandsf people looking for new jobs over the next year. susan hogan is at the live desk with the details. gm says it will slash nearly 15,000 jobs across the work force, plant workers, engineers, even executives will fl the effects of this major restructuring effort. dwmpb m plans to close three assembly plants. one i michigan one in ohio and another in canada. theyll build cars gm won't
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sell in the u.s. after next year. theutomaker could decide to keep the assembly plants openilo different vehicles, however. now, power train plants in michean and right h in baltimore, maryland, they're also on the chopping block. about 300 people work at that maryland plant. gm says it is shifting its focus to electric and self-drivinghi es chit believes is central to the automaker's future. it planso complete the process by the end of 2019. back to you. >> thank you. the future looking much brighter thanthat we've got breaking news coming in from outer space. nasa's insight spacecraf sitting safely on mars. lr happened more than an hour ago anddy it is sending back images like this one here.n cheers up following what nasa called the seven minutes of terror, when the craft was
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decelerating. they are hoping to learn more from below the surface of the an . they'll be studying seismic waves and heat. president trump is offering no apologies u for the of tear gas on migrants at the border. >> the busiest border crossing between the u.s. a mexicoas shut down yesterday after migrants tried to rush the fence between countries. it is a significant escalation in the crisis. >> and the president is threatening to go even further. blayne alexander reports. nt>> reporter: today presi trump threatening to close the southern borderor good after weekend showdown. u.s. officials launching tear gas at hundreds ofnt mig trying to cross legally. >> they had to do it they were being rushed by should rough people. nobody is coming into our country unless they come in legally. >> the clash leading to a six-hour st of the u.s.-mexico
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border near san diego. demanding mexo send migrants back to their countries claiming many are stone coldim als. do it by plane, bus, any way you want, but they are not coming into the usa. it comes as administration officials say the u.s. is ting toroker a deal with mexico will allow mignts seeking asylum to stay in mexico while awaiting a decision. so far mexico says no deal. >> mexico wants to see if they can get it straightened out. >> reporter: the tension at the border mirrored in washington where president trumpats thing a partial government shutdown unless congress approves $5illion for a border wall. >>ou've alrea heard republicans express concern gout shutting thernment down. they've not been able to corral the money on their side alone. >> reporter: meaning they would need to work w with democratsho would be a hard ll. both parties gearing up for a fight with the deadline less
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thee two away. blayne alexander, nbc news, washington. a change in the charges facing alec baldws. he i accused of hitting a man anrgument over a parking spoth.arlier this mont in court today, prosecutors downgraded t chargeso attempted assault and harassment. his lawyer says there's evidence that baldwin neverd punchee other driver. that man was taken to the hospital complaining of jaw paid redness around his neck. oprah winfrey's mother has died. she was 83 years ol a family spokesperson said that she died in her home o thanksgiving day. the funeral was private. no other details werepr ided. oprah has been open about her rocky relationship with her mother who was a teeger when she gave birth to winfrey. this is video from the 1990s. opra justweeted this picture family. she thanks fans for her could not dole egss saying her mom
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lived a good life. alarming ns for nearly half a million women who have breast implants. in conjunction with an investigation, theyer unc thousands of documents finding that breast implants could be link to a deadly cancer that's more common than doctors and patients realize. >> the scar tissue was full ofc er. >> did you think this could be cancer? >> never. never. myidlastic surgeont bring it up to me. my obgyn never spoke to me. shockingndings of this investigation all women need to see. tonight on nbc "nightly news." coming up next, thanksgiving weekend now in the rear view mirror. holiday sales a just getting started. coming up, shoppers turn to the internet and we are working for
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you. everything you nee to know as cyber monday rages on. > and millions of americans are trying to get home from their holiday the snow that has closed down highways. and what you need to know about the massive scienfic report on climate change issued over the weekend over the weekend a
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the rain is moving out for an evening commute as people continue their trek home from their thanksgiving travels. amelia is back in three minutes with the records set. ow cold iecord and will get. >> that record is not stopping with shopping. cyber monday, you're supposed to get the best deals online. in today's digital world, it seems people weren't waiting around to buy their gifts on their phones and tablets. how many people tookome time out today so far to do a little more shopping. >> reporter: it's likely to be a record day for cyber buying. retailers with physical stores still have the edge. >>eople actually buying something online is 28% more likely to happen if the job line retailer also has a brick and mortar store.
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>> they are blurring the line between online shopping. nearly half say they plan to pick upir t purchases at a store this year. retailers are competing to expand online ordering. curbside pick-up and same day availability to accommodate customers who want the instant gratification of buying in stores and the convenience of buying online. but the cyber experience is changing too. with more customers using voi assistance and smartphones. >> mobile is really taking almost 50% of visits to online retail sites actually are done on smartphone >> update the latest security patches. and while it may be tempting to have the same log-in acros retailers -- >> if any one of those sites is broken into, suddenly you're vulnerable to all. > reporter: don't ignore the browser securitypop-ups. >> ahead to warnings that our systems deliver. >> reporter: sohis record
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spending, good for retailers, not for headachers. nbc news. some online shoppers will notice they're being charged sales tax at some websites where they weden't being cha before. the reason for this, the supreme court. it all comes down to where you live and where you're shopping. go to the nbc washington a to ad about that. just search sales tax. right now, how things are going with the metro service. the yellow line closed down. blue lines and yellow lines are servin eisenhower and huntington stations. metro is warning of delays because service will be cut in half this is all being done to accommodate twoor weeks of work being done. you can find work arounds with our app. the halls are all decked at the white e.
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first ladyelania trump poste this picture on twitter. ou can see all the wreaths and garlands. this year's stheem american treasures. high school bands, choirs and christmas thes. entertainers were invited to decorate along with gold star families who returned to decorate their own wing. we have a look at it on our app. search white house christmas. a lot c ofistmas trees went from the lots to people's home you're seeing the capitol christmas tree. it is a big one with an ta82-fo noble fir. tons.ighs more than 70 we understand a fourth grader from oregon will be the one who flips the switch wednesday when we light the tree at the capitol. how about that? >> i love that tree.
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>> that tree will feel right at home if it came from a rain forest. >> it is the third wettest year on record. >> a look at tonight tnd rest of the week. >> we need a break. the good news is they're only tracking a few scattered showers out there. and these will come to an end. r most of us, the weather dry forhis evenin we are now the third wettest year on record and we're only an inch away from becoming thewe est year on record. i think it will be achieved pretty easily. we still hav the entire month of december and a little left of noember. now t a look at the second headline. tuesday, wednesday, it will be ndy. windy tomorrow wednesday and then breezy on thursday. we do have plenty ofnsne. at least in the forecast. and i am watching rain chances for the weekend. it is not looking like a washout
4:19 pm
t i do have a chance for showers and especially on sunday. currently our tture at the airport at 52 degrees. you can see the winds still prettyig out there. their going to pick up over the next few hours. breezy and windy. the storm system pulls out of the area and you can see it continuing on rotate through. a few shors out there. here's a look at the bigger picture. right now, we have feels le temperatures in the teens. that cold sarah moving away. take a look at current windchills. here. 52 30 in morgantown. 26 out in pittsburgh. so that cold air filtering in. it is not just with us tomorrow but wednesday and thursday as well. so here's your planner tomorrow and tuesday. by noon, we're about 53. 4:00 p.m., we hit a high of 46.
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and then tomorrow evening, dry but cold. you need the puffy coat is the sun dwrass tomorrow and then keep it going for wednesday and thursday. are hook dry the next few days. i went to spend spend for the holiday. it will be a good time on get the car wash ed tomorrow. friday and saturday, some scattered showers are in the forecast. again, it's not a washt. here's a look at the forecast. we're windy tomorrow it is cold start on wednesday west start off at 30 degrees in washington and 20s in the suburbs. a similar feel on by ay, there is a chance of rain later in theda the chances are pretty low. about 30 to 40%. highn friday around 50. on saturday, we're around 50
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degrees with a chance for more rain and i'm seeing the best chance falling on w sundayh. the high temperature of 62>> all right. thank you. >> they've always been close growing up. they've always been extremely close growing . >> yes. but now it seems things may not be going quite so between royal princes and it could be because of a rift between their wives. rumors swirling about a royal rift as they are getting set to move out of kensington palace. plus, a.k.a. hump day.e
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4:25 pm
two very different women. yes, they're in a s position in the royal family with you they're very different characters. announcement that the princes, their wives and children will live an hour's apart saying simply,e the d and duchess of sussex will move to frogmore cottage in the windsor estate. it is a lmege ho. and while in need of renovation, it is close to the chapel where the couple was married and to frogmore house wherehe engagement photos were taken. and there is space for her mother. but some say, a larger apartment was available. where william will still live and where harry spent his own childhood with last month it was reported the brothers are considering splitting theirat opns. >> i think the fact william and harry are considering going their separate waysy officia with separate households is a sign of the different directions
4:26 pm
they're going in in their lives. it seemed like natural timing. they orter: of course wouldn't be the first family on find that marriages and children change things and not every family want to live next door to each other. maybe thiis a natural progression. back to you. >> first case i've seen where a guy moving out of hisma 's house is actually news. >> i think he has a point. maybe they'veust gotten to the point where they need their own space andheir own families. millions of americans making their way home from a holiday weekend. >> a blizzardng causi problems. and a bombshell federal report on climbing change has a lot of people's heads swirling. wondering what they can do about it.ry >> e day, news4 is working for you.
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swing. >> breaking usrecords. with four days left to go in the month of november, it is officially theov rainiest nember on record in d.c. and snow and ice lead to thousands of people stranded and millions digging out. because of the powerful midwest stormeever thend -- >> the snow just as holay travellers were trying to go home. jay gray report >> from flurries to a full-on blizzard. mother nature making a mess. >> this might be the top five i've ever seen across the area. >> the winter blastelping from the rockies to the great lakes. with more than a ft of snow in some areas. >>wa i super windy. lots ofow sn. probably no fewer than 1 cars
4:31 pm
in the ditch. >> thousands of travelers haven't made it home from holidaytrips. >> definitely an inconvenience. i can't say that it's not. it is what it is. >> stranded for at least two days at o'hare airport. >> do yout w to get back home? >> where it's nice and warm. >> she turns her ternal into a concert hall. arm is not an option for millions. even clearing out a path to walk can be a problem. >> it's heavy and wet and wet underneath, too. i've had to clear out the snow blower. >> the heavy snow has snapped tree limbs and pulled out power lines. nttreme conditions across the middle of the c as the storm system now targets the northeast. nbc news. if you have the answer to this next question, you will be a local hero reveale for
4:32 pm
generations. how do you fix the awful congestion? a new report is out andt has lots of suggestions. the transportation reporter adam tuss haseen digging through this report and he joins us eave. >> reporter: at try on make it a little less painful for everybody. some of the things they're talking about, we've heard before. you're talking about more express lanes. more toll la you're talking about better train net works that can crisscross this area, for example. we're talking about a pretty controversial idea in a congestion tact that would charge people more money or some amount of money for being in the
4:33 pm
district. it is being recommend for further study. take look at the report.% >> of all people go from where they live to where they work acrs a jurisdictional boundary. >> reporter: one of the things he's talking about is that the whole regioneeds to look it a self across one whole unit from allimore to here in d.c. the way to richmond and figure out transportation solutions that cut across jurisdictions. that has not always been easy. if we can find a way to make it work better, we could have less traffic. this group is pushing for more solutions. back to you. >> that would be morealuable th a winning lotto ticket. now we turn on pauschback
4:34 pm
from the trump administration. it is challenging idea that it quietly released on blackin friday hop the public would be too busy to notice it. it says weather dasters have ramped up in intensity costing the u.s. nearly $400 billion since 2015. it says worsenity air quali is causing more health problems, more diseases om insec and nastier allergies. here are four things do you know to reduce your environmental impact. number one, try t use plastic made from plants. that will cut down on th demand of burning from oil and cole. also, you can go vegetarian. that's number three. it requires pounds of feed to produce just a pound of animal
4:35 pm
pro teach. livestock also takes up space that could be used to plant more trees. cutting meat out of youriet for a few days a week will cut back on demand.r and num four. unplug your devices. most use more electricity when the devicehey're attached to is turned off. if you're not charging or using a device, unplug it. >> you lost me when you went vegetarian. you know me. >> got to have your meat. speaking oou things eat. before you throw out those thanksgiving leovers, here are a few tips to waste less. use aging produce in a smoothy fry.tir and you can freeze them. 94% oeople admit to throwing away food. most say they dump it becauset is past its expiration date.
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a> cwell, ana he's scientist trickering alarmoss the community with the claim that he delivered the first gene edite baby. hat could be a new frontier in medicine. and important things to know about your personal information as you ctinue shopping online this cyber monday. and here'seshe l check. only a few scattered light showers moving through the area. the winds picking up and the cold moving in. i'll let you kno what the kids
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it is a controversial scientific break through. a chinese researcher says that he helped produce the first gene edited baby. >> twin girls. they were born this month.nb explains it is a procedure still bannede her in the u.s.
4:40 pm
>> reporter: scientists at th university laboratory in southern china claim they developed the powerful new tool that rewrites the blue print of life. the lead researcher said he altered dna uer a microscope, editing the genetic code. >> reporter: hsaid he is well aware of the moral and scientific consequences of his . wo >> i know this is probably going to be -- if not safe, many oble. >> reporter: he said gene predit gn was done during ivf, in-vitro fertilization in a laboratory dish. it works by making a cut in the dna to disable a specific gene. in this case, to increase resistce to possible future intext about the aids virus.
4:41 pm
this h work not been independently confirmed and an american ethics expert said it etl.oth pre a >>e aat lot m ofure work to do to prove and establish that the procedure is actuall safe. i would say that no babies shou be born at this point in time following the use of this technology. the risk according to some scientists is that it coulden permy aerlt dna for future generations or be used to design babies with desired traits. the chinese researcher said gene editing with embryos is inevitable. >> if it is not me, it is someone else. >> reporter: there is also controversy in china where the university that owns the lab says the work violated ethics d standards, and plans to
4:42 pm
investigate. >> that willaise a lot of questions. the implications could go on forever. if you're just getting ready to sit d and scroll through the cyber monday sales available, stickaround. susan hogan is working for you, putting in the time to find the best deals soou don't have to. s>> and tracking some cold day ne you have a lot of dead in your business, right? we miss deadlines, we don't get paid. what if you lost your network connection?
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y339qy y16fy james: this is jane. she's a busy consultant with an active lifestyle. jane is al a kidney donor.
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after donating her kidney to maurice, jane was back to her normal activities in st a few days. and kidney donation didn't cost jane a penny. i'm james brown. meet my friends jane and jane didn' maurice, she just wanted to help someone in need and you can too. to learn more about kidn donation at ornd -833-kidney3.ey centerll what about for the year? time will tell. amelia draper is back in three minutes witt the forecas for the rest of the month. tears and remember the use today in winchester for the young police officer who respondeto a call over the
4:46 pm
weekend. hunter edwards died when his ittrol car a tree. news4 at 5:00, his new wife and mother refle on his passion for his work. >> bad new for general motors employees before the holidays. the company unveid aajor restructuring plan and it includes laying off nearly ,000 workers. they assembly plants will be wn closing two in the u.s. and one in canada. 300 jobs in baltimore at the company's power train plant. gm says t layoffs will be complete by the end of next year. >> this is cyber monday but it looks like consumers got an early jump. according to adobe analytics, w spent an annual $622 billion online on black fridayalone. nearly a third of that was done on mobile devices. but the deals are not over and today could be another record breaker.
4:47 pm
>> i just saw a laptop. >> he doesn't watch anyway. i will tell you this. if you have not done this yesterday, do this you want to sign up for alerts. at a particular retailer or for a specific product. there are app that's w l let you know when a deal is on. here are four deals right now. google home mini. $25 sot's half off. it is available right now at target and walmart but not amazon. a 65 inch tcl roku tv. this is a savings of $170. d it is seeing the favorite tv deal. it isvailable online today only.
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it is a savings of $70. and t ring door bell plus the echo dot third. generati you'll save $110 on that deal. line at best buy. there are some things you should not buy today. you areetter off waiting for the prices to go even lower. smartphones. wait until december. nthe deals were black friday and many of those don't over to cyber monday. winter clothing. the best time ton buy is january when retailers want to clear their shelves. jewelry. wait until the new year to buy it. everything is deeply discounted in time for valentine's day. if annle retailer is charging you for shipping, go
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somewhere there are so many retailers offering free shipping. use a promo code for that. >> what i love is there is always a bargain to be found somewhere. >> push back with you. u want to check this one ou especially for lidays. an ugly sweater doughnut. on the menu today through christmas eve, it has a green icing, confetti. others include this santa bel doughnut and the holiday plaid doughnut. >> we have to have one. one of each. >> that doesn't look too bad.
4:50 pm
>> probably pass on the doughnut. >> we'reec settingds and we knew that we had gotten a lot of rain this month. now for the year, we've almost set a record as well. >>e have. the third wettest year on record and we're witn annch of becoming the wettest on record. i have rain chances over the weekend and some rain possibly next weekend. we'll loot the radar. some rain still out there now. these light owers, pushi through. it should be out of here by 7:00 p.m. based on the latest movement and models. these are moving from west to east. damascus seeing some rain, frederick, even parts of the district through parts of fairfax county seeing some light sprinkles. these should be out of here by about 7:00 p.m. what we're focused on now
4:51 pm
through thursday, the cold, the winds and sunshine in the forecast. what to wear, it is all about the sunglasses and puffy coats. you want t grab the small umbrella with the chance of rain later in the day. if you're out, taking advantage of the nice weather sunday. you hun up your holiday lights. go on our facebook page and click on the holiday lights tab and submit your photo. use the #doug's holidayights and he may just show upt your house. always, a really fun segment if we do. currently our temperatures in the 40s and low 50s. 50 degrees back in. manass 50 our high for the day. 6:00 a.m., the feels like temperatures in the 20s and 30
4:52 pm
we don't see the temperatures warm that. mu it is still feeling like the 30s.ures are i it is a cold night with breezy conditions remaining and then it stays breezy andin on wednesday as well as thursday. despite that, the weather is having a low impact. it is cold but at least it is dry out there. blustery and after school, it ewill still windy. a quick peek at the weekend. 50 on 62 on sunday with rain potentially both days. i ve to stress it is not a washout. and a tricky forecast. the computer models, all over the place.ay sus looking like the warm he of the two weekend days. beyond sunday, we'll have temperatures in the 50s, falling into the 40s with more rain next wednesday.yo
4:53 pm
>> i haven't done so, still seven hours left to i cash on shopping. >> what you need to know to keep your personal information safe online. o> a busy afternoon at 5:00. from securityine to security in our schools. a big change in a local school at officials hope will ke students safer. plus, while you are busy opping, criminal are busy too. we'll hear from officers who ut down one shoper living ion operating out of tysons. the surprise they found when they took suspects intood cu plus after cyber monday comes giving tuesday. why somerities are worried that people won't be as willing to open their wallets.
4:54 pm
perhaps there's not a lot left after black friday and
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4:56 pm
4:57 pm
what's the best way to protect yourself against online shopping hacking? americans are doing more of their shopping online and this year spending more tha $150 billion. kevin coleman isxecutive director of the national cyber security alliance. they've launched with microsoft, to bf up log-in ioinform >> it is akin to having a weak door lock on your house.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: he says it is worth a few extra seconds to type o of those 14 character passwords with special ch>>acters. rying to spend a year or two trying to figure out what happened to your money. >> reporter: don't use debit cards online. they don'trovide a much protection. on your computer browser, look for the https locked signal which encrypts communications. if you're buying from your phone, shop from the vendor's own app instead of a browser and don't get toour cus when you're bombarded by ads this time of year. >> when in doubt, throw it out. >> reporter: deep within an ad that looks legit. when you click on it, you put your entire operating system exposed. a recent survey from capital one yreveals that holida shoppers in d.c. are concerned abo overspending but they're far more worried about identity theft and financial fraud.
4:59 pm
you don't want your personal info to be the gift that keeps on giving. news4.lawrence, right now, honoring the fallen. a moving tribute to an office here died in the le of duty. tonight his family talks to news4. working to solve the dmv's worst traffic problems. the recommendations that could chan y the way commute. sounding the alarm. an nbces news igation uncovers disturbing information for hundreds of thousands of men with breast implants. we're working for you with cyber monday deals and find out what you shouldn't buy. good evening. our top story, prosecutors tell us it is beyond hazing. there are disturbing new details about an alleged assault at
5:00 pm
damascus high school in montgomery county. >> four jv football players are being charged with raping school mates in a locker room. today, the true story. >> meagan fitzgerald has the details from court. >> reporter: the state attorney is calling these criminal acts and they are punishabl by up to life in prison. the defense team argued thesear xv-year-old boys. on the honor roll. never been in trouble before. the judge in the end took into consideration and decided to release these boys on $20,000 bonds. tonight we're learning mor details about the alarming attacks that allegedly happened inside the damascus high school locker roo onhalloween. according to court documents, caleb thorpe, will smith, jean abedi and kristian lee sexually assaulted four freshmen


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