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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  November 27, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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new at midday, video from dover air force base overnight. the flag-draped casket of a 24-year-older armyant killed in afghanistan. this morning word of three more american deaths. crisis at the border affecting budgets in washington. coming up, will the president get the money for his border wall? and we are looking at a very blustery day outthere, but plenty of sunshine. however, rain is on the way the winds are going to stick with us for a while. we'll talk about how cold it's going toet over the next several days coming up.
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>> announcer: "news4 starts now. good morning. three american service members have been killed in a roadsideb ing. this happened today in afghanistan'srozny province. three other service members and an american contractor was wounded as well. there is no iediate claim of responsibility for the attack but theib t a extremely active in that area. >> the president says tear gassing children is not his fault. >> reporter: psident trump is defending tear gassing migrants at the mexican border,ng inclu children. >> why is a parent running up to an area where they know the
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tear gas is forming and it's going to be formednd they're running up with a child? >> reporter: at a rally in mississippi last night, he sisted again without proof that the caravan is full of violent timinal. >> the lawless caravans and illegals marching forwatoward o border, it's very tusimple. back now, go back home. we will not let you in. >> reporte hehreatened to shut down the government if congress doesot fund his border wall. >> i felt like somebody kicked me in the stomach. >> reporter: nearly 15,000 jobs lost. ohio senator blames trump's tax cuts. >> they shut down production in youngstown, ohio, they move erseas and get a tax break. it's just outrageous. >> and it's happening next year.
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sons thatart of the r are closing these plants is becausof the cars they're buying, suvots, the smaller ones they were making there. >> and one of the plants closing is outsid maryland, about 300 wo workers are employed there. >> mrs. pence is with the first lady at the red cross to assemble care packages for the ngtroops. ta look at our weather, lauryn ricke s is with usnow. we have a lot of wind, right? >> a lot of wind, aaron. gusts anywhere from 25 to 35
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miles an hour. even our cameras areut shaking there. no rain in the forecast, just winds in the forecast, as wue conthrough the day today. and again, it is going to be fairly on that breezy side. 42 degrees that, is it. 've got a sustained wind at about 22 miles an hour. that is coming out of the northwest. boy, is it chilly out there. these are gusts measured over a three-second time period. this is the wind chill. it's bitterly cold out there.ip pration on the way in terms of rain. we'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. >> all right,, laur thank you. a man was stabbed to death inside his apartment in the shaw neighborhood overnight. a neighbor told news4 he heard a fight coming from that apartment on new jersey avenue northwest
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around 7 p.m. d.c. police have not the victim's name or anything about the suspect. >> hours earlier, a man was shot on taylor street. he's in critical condition. and on benning girl ast, a fight over a may have led to the death of a young man. frances wa valid vedictorian at his d.c. high school. >> it's uncalled for. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser will talk to the public about violence this afternoon in ward 8. we hearing from the wife of a virginia police officer killed
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on the job over the weekend. hunt are edward was responding to a call when he lost control his patrol car and slammed into a tree. he was a newlywed and in the process of adopting her young son. >> you don't have to be asked to do that. he took initiative on his own to always go above and beyond. he was a good man, a good dad. >> the funeral for officer edwards is scheduled for friday morning. right now inlo chttesville, potential jurors are beingne qued behind closed doors. james field is accused of driving into a group of protesters. there will be evidence that fields fsrs he acting in
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self-defense. ho hutcmuch would you be willing to pay for an easier comm re? todayional transportation to weighre meeting those options. chris, good morning. reporter: they're saying we got to stop being so territorian d come up with solutions as a region. that's eier said than done. you're battling metro riders, cyclists,dreefivers, single people, big families from anacostia to hbn. the report taking a closer look at cgestion pricing zones. basically you pay a fee to drive through some parts of downtown. >> somehowo they have t find a way to alleviate the congestione >> repr: not everyone here is on board.
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>> taxpayers pay enough taxes now. there should not be an extra tax on the people. >> reporter: what about if it was mayor angi va drivers? >> no. i'm one of them. >> reporter: business leade say maryland needs to adopt the concept of the beltway, 270 and the bw parkway. the report says riders shoul have to switch between commuter rail lines. it recommends upgrading infrastructure to union station to a one-seat effort. >> there has to be coordination betwee three districts. >>reporter: this would cost about $7 billion a year of the money we're already spending. that works out to about $700 a person. me and you and everyone in the
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region, about $700 a year to pay for a stem like this. >> that's going to make it a hard sell. chris, thank you. president trump's ex-campaign chairman accused of violating a plea agreement and lying to the fbi. see how the president reacted this afternoon. >> and an update
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a major development iuethe robert mller investigation. the specialcounsel's office said manafort lied. prosecutors asked the judge to sentence manafort on charges of financial fraud. he was convicted on eight counts back in august.'s manafo attorney said his client believes he provided truthful information. this morning president trump railed againsthe mueller investigation again. he wheattweeted "the fak news m builds bob mueller up as a saint when in actuality he is the exact opposite." four b 15-year-ols accused of raping their fellow football players at damascus
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high school are out on bond this morning. they are accused of assaulting four freshmen teammates with a broomsticknside the locker room on halloween. theictims were alleged live sto allegedly stomped on, laughed at and assaulted. >> i'm offended by the ter hazing. it's not hazing. these are crimes. >> he's never had any kind of disciplinary problem. he has been an excellent student, despite difficulties that he has. >> reporter: overs weekend someone left broomsn and near the damascus high campus. aun montgomery teacher faces d.w.i. charges. nicholas saadipour faces
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arges. his car was disabled near gaston, north carolina. a car had to swerve to avoid h and the car crashed and the man died. saadipour is accused of having an open container and was charged with d.w.i. >> darcy spencer shows us h school officials think students wearing badges will keep them safer. >> reporter: students are tow required wear these i.d. badges. in e at one of the schools the pilot program. there are more than 1,100 students here. the badges will help keep track of wd is suppo to be here and who is not. >> jus looking forward to
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getting feedback from the teachers and studeunderstoostud parents. >> reporter: it willde implemenchool system-wide next year. >> d.c. understostudents have a card. fairfax and montgomery county do not have i.d.s. there are three new cases of a dangerous virus. we're told number of the new cases is as serious and none of the affected students had to go to the hospital. olivia died from complications with this virus a couple of weeks ago. she was in herfreshmanyear. >> nbc news and investigative journalists have begun releasing
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results into medical device dangers. about breast news katiexp beck elains how the implants could be linked to cancer. >> reporter: for years, this mother of two suffered from painful swelling around her breast and constant fatigue. >> i probably went to the doctor six times. nothing was working. >> reporter: she suspected the breast implants she had gotten 20 years ago. h bu mammograms came back normal. she had them removed anyway and then she got the news. >> my breast implant was filled poison. now new fears it's an emerging risk. >> reporter: did you think to yourself this could be >>cancer? never, never. my plastic didn't bring it up to
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me. my obgyn never spoke to me. there are 414 cas of alcl. they have considered it rare with odds i low as 1 in 30,000 women at risk, but an investigation with the icij found data from c otherntries suggesting the risk could be as high as 1 in 10,000, even 1 in 1,000. the main concerned is with textured implants saido remain cre firmly in place than smooth, but they carry a risk, too. eric swanson, researcher and th , believes this latest evidence shows textured implants are dangerous and should be banned. >> if youn have alternative that's completely safe, why on earth wld youecommend that
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device? >> reporter: michelle never knew she had textured implants until they were removed. allergan said the safety is peer reviewed. michle is now on a mission to warn others, thousands joining her facebook group for more information. >> there's not m enoughedical doctors familiar with this. >> reporter: the frenchnt governs now urging surgeons to stop using textured implants. the fda said they will meet next year to discu concerns about their safety. health officials say it isme okay to eat romaine lettuce again. the romaine appears to be from the california central coast region has the contamination.
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>> this is not video from one of the wildfires in california. it's a sell
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later, nasa had the celebration of a lifetime the insight spacecraft reaed the surface of.mars million dol project that launched back in may. it's the first mission to study the interior of mars. nasat says i knows the spacecraft solar panel are open and already collecting sunlight on the martian surface. baby parties are on trend right now. this one really went wrong. th dad to be is responsible for what became a mass of wildfire, burning nearly 37,000 aes for more than a week. the father to be is actually a u.s. border patrol agent. he was sentenced to five years probation and will pay more than $8 million in restitution for that gender reveal that then turned into a fire.w you bhings up in dry brush
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and -- >> i don't know what he was trying to do. i saw this earlier on the "today" show. >> bad idea.ay no other to put it, right? >> get a box with some balloons in it like everybody else. listen, they'd float far away today because of the wind out there. >> and it's making it colder, too. >> yes, the temperatures are only in the 30s and 40s so 20s and 30s win chills it's going to be like this over the next three da. today, tomorrow and thursday we'll have wind chills i the 20s and 30s. the roller coaster of temperatures her in thed.c. area continue to chuck right albeg because it's going t a windy day out there and, again, date out there but warmer for the weekend. you can see that camera moving around. we're seeing wind gustsp to about 30 miles an hour.
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today blustery. we head into your wednesday, still blustery and brisk. nd then thursday the wind settles down throughout the day but then by friday we change the wind forhe rain by friday. so we will have some rain in here as we get io you friday. unfortunately, for the weekend. anywhere from 25 to 37 miles an hour. that will cut throu you. feel-like temperatures in the 20s and 30s right now. it is a brisk day out there. our future wind chills are only going to stay in the 20s and 30s. this is 4:00 this afternoon so, again, it's still going to be cold this afternoon. now, tomorrow morning getting the kids out ready for the bus stop, running errands, look at this feeling like the teens out there. that doesn't improve. we do have plenty of sunshine
11:25 am
t again, we still tomorrow night have wind chills in the tes and 20s. be prepared for that. not a lot going on around the dea. we have some snow out into west virginia, but we are dry out here. a few clouds trying to push into the region. sunny most part, mostly to partly cloudy out there today. we're dry over the nex 30 days, eut then we head into friday. that's when we hore rain coming our way. ngst rain. not talbout snow or frozen precipitation. it will scoot up in the afternoon on friday. just a f o showers friday but then it moves right back in f s yourday and it looks like rain leading into your sunday morning as well. same deal as we get into your wednesday and thursday with the wend chills in the 20snd 30s. by friday we've got thatn rain the forecast. we'll talk about your sunday and
11:26 am
next week. show you those temperatures. we have a little warmup in just minutes. >> thank you. smartphones are already expensive but experts are telling us it be prdared. an self-driving cars, can the vehicle of the future handle traffic jams? >> and live pictures over the scene along i-70 i frederick county, maryland. we'r learning about a fatal
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breaking news now. chopper4 over interstate 70 in frederick county, maryland. this isthe meyersville area. police are investigating an accident. four people from a work detail from the localrectional facility were doing maintenance along the road when they were hit. one of the men has died at this point. no word on the conditions of the three other victims here. the driver of v theicle involved did remain on the scene. the westboundanes were severely impacted. this is right near maryland 17. we are course are getting reports about major delays in
11:30 am
that area nonetheless. if we get new information about this accident, we willring it to you duringhe newscast. we have chris gordon headed to the scere you can also find information any time o the app. american motoriant ford is testing its own line of economist cars. these could completely transform your car rides into car experiences they say. there is futuristic testing being dro in miami, florida. >> reporter: the traffic andco estion in miami a daily test of driver patience here. but this is the ford vehicle it plans to launch. >> we are focused on the autonomous vehicles.
11:31 am
>> reporte right now you're seeing the vehicle of the future. right now you see someone in the driver's seat. their hands have to hover the wheel. but thetware is controlling our speed, when we start and when we stop. these tests are done on a preprogrammed route but the traffic is real. this is designed tore t to what happens on the road and will eventually adjust fs for passengers. >> if they have a passenger and they know what temperatures they like, the idea is provide the customer experience. >> wre creating a business to run an autonomous business. >> reporter: the local ford auto making is makingon bilollar
11:32 am
investments. >> we're laser focused on profitability and how with the city and businesses. what autonomous vehicles provide isat provide transpon at lower costs than current vehicles. >> while other manufrers plan to launch their autonomous vehicles later this year, ford said it will launch theirs later. for decades d.c. central h kitchenas been cooking fresh
11:33 am
food for those in need. they also serve up second chances, offering a job program for folks w have had trouble finding work, like dwayne arrington. >> i was still doing the same old thing so it's definitely life changing. >> working with individuals to notto a place where they're looking for a handout, notin look for a free meal but looking for the next job, the next step in the career pathway towards independence is what we do andive for every day. >> reporter: but now tax breaks for giving to good causes will get.rder to it used to be you could deduct anything over the standard deduction, which was a little over 6,000. now the staard has been raised to 12,000, meaning you'dto hav give a lot more to get a tax k.
11:34 am
br >> reporter: the director of the catalogue for philanthropy said it's important to continue to give. it's important work. >> reporter: and back at the kitchen, the worrs say every dollar donated make a difference. >> we p hope thatple any of it as an investment in our shared community andut a bettere for all of us. >> aimee cho,news4. >> another group doing good work in our area is friendship place. e're here to talk about the eighth annual winter clothing and food drive today. needs ofk about the your organization. obviously it's giving tuesday and you ry on donations and volunteers, right? >> absolutely. so at friendshipplace, we empower people experiencing homelessness and people at risk
11:35 am
of homelessness to gain stable housing and to rebuild their lives. we really can't do that without financial support, without in-kind contributions. so we encourage peopleo check our web site, friendsh >> you also deal with the immediate things, food t clothing, at speaks to the events this sunday, right? >> yes. it will be at washington hebrew congregation here in northwest virginia. it is a wonderful event where we have usually between 100 to 200 homeless or low-income residents d.c. attend the event. we have about 100 volunteer
11:36 am
slots. we allow everyone to come through, get a warm wter coat, boots, hats, gloves, things like that and then to have a nice warm meal. it's a lovely environment, a great event and i'm really excited to be organizing it this year. >> i imagine you cld use donations going into it this weekend, right? >>e have some food donations we could use and certainly financial support. all of that can be found through the friendship place web pte. ple a lot of times want to help in whatever wayshey can. what do you suggest to people who are trying to figure out how you guys do what you do at friendship place. >> absolutely. this is the time of giving, the hohedays, but we are 365 days and we're ready to hear from people we invite you to check out our web site. we take clothing, professional
11:37 am
attire throughout the year. so you can find more information on the web. si just kind of get to know and we'll be ready to respond and get the community volved. >> we wish you the best with the event this weekend and all year round. friendship place will be taking donations all this week at the washington hebrew congregation here in upper northwest d.c. >> thank you so much. make sure you're u bundl when you're headed out.
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closures between noon and 8:00 tomorrow night. you may want to take met or leave fork wont work at a diffe time. tickets have been distributed through lottery. so bestet is to catch it on tv. >> that's where i thought you were going with. th >> i think -- >> you might want to watch on tv. it's goi to be coldtomorrow. to t's going to be too cold stand out there. >> the winds mainly. the winds will be stronger than thod are and the temperatures are going to be lower. it's going to be at night, too. you're not going out there? >>no. >> zero chance. >> let the kids have . enjoy. >> it's going to be chilly out there, not only today but tomorrow and going into your thursday. this weekend the temperatures will be in the 50s and 60s. let's look at rn chances because we don't have that many. we have dryonditions over t next three days, tuesday,
11:41 am
wednesday, thursday. dry conditions wh rain moving in as we head into your friday and saturday. of course as wnt head the weekend we have rain moving into our area. no rain out there right now, no snow. high pressure in charge. we're looking good. we have fewlouds moving through the d.c. area. we're going partly to mostly sunny today. really not that bad of a day in terms of sky but you factor in the winds, it's a little chilly. currenturtemper, this is where they're going to stay. this is where they've been for the last sixhours. but then you factor in the winds that are gusting in the 2s and mid 30s right now and this is what you get, the feel-like factorfe s like 27 in gaithersburg. this piercing wind is going to continue. 8:00 tonight winds are still gusting between 20 and 30 miles an hour. same dealovermight, getting the kids ready for the bus stop tomorrow morning. g
11:42 am
windts at 25, 35 miles an hour. wind chills tomorrow morning will be in the teens in a lot of the region andds those w are still strong tomorrow evening. the christmas tree lighting, winds up to about 25 miles an hour here in d.c. then they start totle down a little bit. but we trade the winds for the rain as we get into your friday. mid 40s for daytime highs. again, those wind chills not doing mucho help us out or warm us up. weep are drys we head to your thursday. expect showers to d the on friday. we have rain through the day ond sa. we'll talk about sunny in the next couple of days in that ten-day forecast coming up in about ten tes. >> thank you. we're getting a better idea around what the old fanny mae headquarters with look like in the future.
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♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ didn't you immediately start singing along? that is the broadway hit musical
11:46 am
"beautiful," the carole king musical coming to national theater in d.c. starting tonight. here with me with more on the grammy-winning show is elise vanderson. appreciate you being here today. >>appy to be here. >> d.c. is excited to see this production because everybody knows everybody. literally everybody knows caro king. there's a real story here, right? >> absolutely.rt it s when she's 16 and goes ul t all the way up to "tapestry." >> you hear so many of her great music. does that make it harder, having an audience of people who know what everyone is going to sing? >> stakes are high. i feel like as long as you embody the heart it havof it, p are quick to cheer us on. so we feel encouraged by the
11:47 am
audience. >> so spending so much time putting together a show like this, do you have a favorite song? are you looking forward to a specific moment in the show? >> my favorite song, i feel like it changes all the time because how could it not? it's probably "will you still love me tomorrow?" it's just so sweet! >> people like to maybe look for little surprises. is there anything in this show that might surprise people? >> oh, yeah. i feel like so much of the show is realizing the songs that carol oe carole wrot tons of surprises. >> sarah backelle stars -- >> she got snowed in! but she's here.
11:48 am
>> but as the be understudy, you have that part you need to know front and back but then you have to know your own pa y. >>'re excited to really learn and you learn you're capable of anything. it's swordo hard but you do it. >> we wish you well -- no, that's not what yo say. >> break a leg. >> break a leg. >>wegman's grocery store will be built in the rict. it will be located in an area developers will call city ridge. it's o the other side of the fannie mae headquarters. there will be office space, a health club and more than 600 apartments and kocondos, too. >> the next iphone could come
11:49 am
with a hefty price president trump saying he tpects to move ahead with tariffs on next products that come from china, which could include a 10% tariff iphones and other products imported from it's unknown whether apple would shoulder the extra cost ofs tarir pass them on to consumers. cyber monday sales were in line to hit a record of $7.9 billion as of yesterday. that would be an increase of nearly 20% from last year. adobe says sales bought from smartphonesilit $2on. and there was a trend of buying fline and picking items up in store. rank holland. there is a fight to keep a
11:50 am
slice of history alive in laurel, maryland. the tasty diner is poised to a become medical marijuana dispensary. it's one of a small number of diners left standing in. the u the new owners say it will requireti encapsu that structure to make it look more c like an o building. but not everybody is on board. community leaders are asking for a way to remove and repurpose the >>building. we want to salvage the physical piece of tit, 1951 diner that there are only two left in this country. >> i don't know what it w tl co move it but i don't have enough money and the city doesn't have the money. >> laurel was designated as par of the main street program, aimed at revitalizi downtown. laurel would like to see the diner incorporated into that plan somehow. >> the tamage an ice skating
11:51 am
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washington capitals coming off a big night. they added another win to their streak at the expense of the coach who led them to the stanley cup, former caps coach barry trotz and his assistants received their rings from the championship beforega the me. this was the first time the caps played trotz's new team, t new
11:54 am
york islanders, and the caps dominated, as you might expect. tom wilson put in two of the caps' goals. there was their sixth win in a row. that's better than any streak they had last season when they went on to win the cup of course. the caps are back home o friday hosting the new jersey devils. this morning the tucker roac ducksy team is still reeling from a fire that destroyed their rink and equient more than a year ago. now the team is finally ready to rebuild but they could use little lp. molette green is in town with more on the team's journey. >> reporter: we're with the wells warriors! they're the gracious team that has let the tucker roaducks use their rink to practice. the goal is to build up the tucker road ducks and when the new rink isy' ready, t be ready to go.
11:55 am
how are you feeling? you're feeling good. i want to bring in matt, the coach, to talk about the effort to bring in more team members. you haveive team members right now? >> correct. >> reporter: the goal bring in how many? >> 15 to 20. from 4 to 18, if you skated one hour or two years, come on out. >> alexandra is one of the parents w helps spearhead this effort to build up the team again. this is a passionf yours. >> it is. five years now i've been the president of tuck ducks. >> drew was a duck when the fire happened and destroyed all the equipment and devastated the rink. you want to see things come back to lif again.
11:56 am
>> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: and what would t mean? >> it would mean a lot. we just love the sport we play. it would mean a lon for every to sign up and come be a duck. >> reporter:perfect. sign up is real easy. thank you warriors team for letting them practice on your rink, okay? give it up for yourselves. and give i up for the tucker road ducks as theyebld their team! that is the latest. back in to you. >> wishing these young people a lot of luck in rebuilding their team. there's a link in the washington app if you wantin to more information about the tucker road ducks. how long will we have to deal with this wind, lauryn? >> those temperatures are in the 30s and 40s, wind chills in the 20s and 30s throughout the f the day. you can see over the next three
11:57 am
days we'll have plenty of sun. the winds will start to settle do as we head through thursday afternoon. friday we are looking at some rain showers moving our way, and we will have some rain, especially in the eveng. th also continues in to saturday. a few rain showers on sunday. look at those temperatures on sunday. back in the 50s and 60s. aaron? >> thank you, lauryn. air this on the afternoon first at 4. you can get news and weather updates any time with the nbc app.ngt have a good day, everybody. see you back here tomorrow morning.
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ah! i like that music with the palm trees right there. but looking at one year ago th toda announced the engagement. what a yr it's been. welcome to "access live." >> yes. >> did you try? >> it's horrible. >> you become royal again. pinkys up. >> she's moved tongnd. they got married. they're having a baby. now moving out of kensington palace and to the cottage. >> they moved. they've got things to do. >>y've got things down. >> think about truly what has happened in a year. harry, by the way, not together right now. he's on


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