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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  November 27, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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down this afternoon. >> jim, at the top of the show they said it wasn't a drill. it was a false alarm. we'ves received to both of those. it turns out and we've been able confirm this with our friends from nbc, it was both west want to show you a video as the montgomery county police responded to what they believed was a report to investigate an active shooter. i mentioned the tenet commands. they are 13 differentag cies, military agencies there. and that this had been referred a as ad hoc drill. drills that they plan to address specific things. according to nbc news, the planng for one of those ad hoc
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drillsng was g on in building 19 when someone mistakenly hit the alert for that drill that t d not even gone into eff yet with just beingmanned you've seen in the video, thelt re was montgomery county police responding as if this were a realf report an active shooter. weaw the people coming out with their hands in the air. we saw it shut down, all the way to cedar lane. being treated here on the scene very much as if this were an active shooter incident. we had a maryland congressman inside the building, talking about being barricaded in a room with people. they were told to shelter in place. a lot of questions about how exactly how a false alert, which
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i think is the best way to describe it. exactly how something like that could happen. news4. >>hat a frightening ordeal. >> we're following breaking news out of charles county. these are live pictures from chopper 4. a crash involving a student hitk by a t after getting off her school bus. this is oliver shop road. we'r told it a girl age 6 or 7. she has been air lifted to a hospital. ther dri of that truck did stay on the scene and is being questioned. stay with us for news4 updates. if you felt like you need to be tethered to a tree today, wait until tomorrow. we have a wind advisory. >> it goes into effect at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow and i lasts all day. expiring at 4:00 a.m.
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for everybody here, this includes the d.c. metro area, anne arundel county, northern fauquier, the i-81 character. today our w gdsting from 20 to 30 miles an hour. so tomorrow,he winds will be stronger. 39 is the current temperature with breezyonditions out there. when you factor in thee wind, temperatures feeling like they're in the 20s in the suburbs. tomorrow morning, it will be pretty brutal out there. hour by hour, coming up. >> thank you. to the growing violence in the district nearly 150 people killed in our city so far in 2018. that's a 42% spike. already well above the total o
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numb homicides for all of 2017. we had a deadl shooting this week. >> a big cha up there. a murder down here. an important arresr o there. sometimes yus can get by tracking the violenc in our city. >> a chase, anrrest in a d.c shooting case. surveillance video of a victim moments before he was gunned down in northeast. an arrest in the murder of a gas station clerk who surprised a robber on brentwood road. first, it started in.c. it ended in prince george's county. taken in a carjacking last night in northeast. the driver shot. gravely wounded. police locate the stolen truck.
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staked it out and when the guy got in it,hen xam crash. one man taken into custody. no charges filed just yet. now back to benning road. and the murder of this young man, seen here on surveillance video moments before he was shot and killed in the street. he's been identify as randall francis, a valedictorian in high school. he w a photographer and a model. police said it had somethir to do o a dispute with a woman. a number of shootings a four murders, commissioner henderson -- >> we won't be chased out of our community. we w a't stand by allow this to be rned into killing
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fields. >> reporter: remember when a person was shot and killed when heurprised a robber? the gunmannl mista locked himself into the store and had shoot his way out? the suspect, demetrius pierce, charged today with second-degree murder. now back to the murder case benning road. i am told police had some strong leads in this case. watch this space. >> all right. trying toe figur out why a bullet inside a montgomery coun classroom. students had to shelter in place while police searched for a gun and then questioned several people they not the find a gun. a deadly crash today. a group of tein here hurt
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while they were working on the de of theoad. right near the exit for route 17. chris gordonalked on drivers at that scenetoday. >> reporter: tragedy strikes a road crew on the highway. inmates were hit along 70 west in myersville this morning. maryland state police say this red truck caused the fatal crash. the driver stayed on the ene. the maryland state police stay tractor-trailer hit thi trailer and the van pulling it from the department of corrections. there was a corrections officer in the front seat. the truck hurt the workew it struck four inmates. one was pronounced at the scene. three others wer injured and taken to the hospital. two of the enmates on the crew were not hit or injured at all.
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>> thi should be even worse. wreckage.pon the >> i went to the shoulder to avoid hitting other cars and i guess trailer pushed me around and jackknifed. >> are you okay? >> yeah. >> reporter: traffic was diverted to alternate route 40. >> it is pretty japan packed slowed down a little bit. the maryland state police will chal will f any rngs be filed. maryland's move over law requires motoris to change lanes or to slow down substantially with passing work crews othe highway. reporting from myersville, neryland. eek after a freshman at the university of maryland died from a virus. there are three new cases er disc. the adenovirus has students
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worried. tracee wilkins w sayst they're doing about precautions to keep them safe. reelingnts are still from the death of a young woman who dd from adenovirus. >> it is hard to be in that ll y and think of her all the time. there is nothing else you can do. >> she was on f myor too. it is very sad that such a tragedy could take place. >> the first case of adenovirus was report to the university. on the fifth, second student was hospitalized.y the univers began cleaning surfaces. on november 19, the university became aware of six students with adenovirus. on novembe 20th, they announced the death.
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there are now nine recent cases at the uversity of maryland. medical experts are calng it an outbreak. >> we're working to make sure that we identify the strains, to understand how it is spreading, make sure we are getting the word out. >> it can cause the common cold and it is espially dangerous for people with weakened immune she was taking medication for crohn's disease. the goal as far as changing out utensils. this skams on high alert. at the universityf maryland. news4. >> the parents and students from the dormitory are concerned that moldwa tha discovered in the dorms earlier this year contributed to the spread of
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virus. the cdc says there is no connection between mold and the aone virus. a girl beating the odds with a rare disease. former trump campaign chair paul manafort allegedly violates the terms of his plea deal l th the speccounsel. pete williams joins us in the pete williams joins us in the
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james: this is alana, a very busy mom. she and her husband reginald wanted to grow their family. but alana is ore of thousands in the dcwith kidney disease. alana is healthy and enjoying fa full life., i'm james brown and meet my friends, - alana and reginald soonnjoying to be parents of two., to learn more about kidney donation, visit the gw ron and joy paul kidney center at gw or call 1-833-kidney3. z339ez z16fz
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y339ey y16fy the polls in mississepi cl in about three hours and that will decide the final senate race of the mid-terms. this got a lot of attention lately because the republican candidate cindy hyde smith has been caught up in a series of racial controversies including talk about a public hanging and revelation that's she had attend adscegregationist ol. she is facing a challengerom democrat mike py. whoever wins will finish thad congress rang's term. >> a new report from the guardian suggesting the former trump campaign chair paul
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manafort actually met with wikileaks founder julian assange. s comes after the special counsel's office says manafort lied to the feds about a variety of matters. prosecutors say by doing so, he a agreement.p that's a move that could have big implications for manafort and robert mueller. >> very confident in the white house's assertion tt the president was involved in no wrongdoing. hat part of any collusion. the things had to do with mr. manafort. i would refer you to his attorneys to addre this. >> pete williams, where do we gin with this? does the wikileaks thing have to do with the lying? or how do w separate all of wis? andt is manafort -- >> we don't know what he lied about. would assume he will be sentence in the january or early
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february. the government will no longer seek leniency for him and could in fact increase the charges based on a tougher so you might ask yourself why would he do this? why would a person agree on cooperate with the government in exchange for a leniency then decide not to do it? we should point out thatma fort's lawyers say that he hashe kept t bargain. did he answer the questions. the two sideshagree it isn't going anywhere. they both say we will get on with the sentencing. the cooperation part is clearly over. >> the question on everybody's mind. he looking for pardon and might he get one? >> well, we don't know whether he is thinking he will get a pardon or winks and nods. a president hasty the authori to pardon someo for committing
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federal crimes. the in the district and convicted in alexandria of bank fraud and tax fraud. so virgin, for example, where the bank fraud happened, the tax fraud happened, and i'll sure other states, new york, for e, exampl florida where he had homes, could go after him on stat charge if we to be convicted in state ial pardon reside could help him there. >> does this in any way affect mueller's investigation going forward? i'm assuming if he is lying, he ha plenty of evidence surrounding manafort's testimony. >> ,we again, we know so little about what is going on in the mueller investigation. is possibl they were counting on manafort to fill in some blanks but it is also possible that he knew all the answers already andow that's they knew he was lying. so whether it is a setback or
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not, clearly big new legal trouble for paul manafort. >> so theime line. when might we learn of a sentence for manafort? >> well, two sentencing to be done. one in the district where he needed i guilty and alexandria where he was convicted by a jury re's the interesting thing to think about. he faces perhaps tenn years the district. maybe up to 15 years in virginia. and one judge goes first. and then whichever it is, the second judge has to decide whether the two sentences are a served oneer the other or together. and that will make a huge difference to him. >> a busy week for you once again. pete williams on the set with us. we inviteou to stay tuned for all the latest involving manafort and the russia probe starting at 7:00. >> we have this just into our newsroom. we have identified the two spects accused of attacking the blind passenger on board a
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red-line metro train and they are seeking warrants for their arrests. markegves has more. >> reporter: it was just about the peak of monday morningush hour when the blind passenger with the service dog headedioor the st these the two suspects jumping the toll lane minutes before th attack. it has left some metro riders with concerns. >> we need more security. >> reporter: as the blind passenger and the service dog boarded the train, he inadvertently bumped into one of here.uspects seen according to the police report, the first suspect pushed the blindman andegan to verbally threaten him. when a woman on the train tried c use herl phone to call for help, police say a second suspect started to yell object
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sents at her. another person helped thend for stops when it reached union station, the two got off. >> when they're doing things like this. ey need some type of leadership, mentorship. >> reporter: nobody was seriously hurt idethe in. police say if you know these two suspects, if you were here, they want to hear from you. mark segraves, news4. you expect to hear ads on the radio in your car, right? how about on a metrob? adam tuss is on the campaign wl could lot of money. and a windis ay issued for our area tomorrow. a look at how bad it will be. and we begin to follow brking news. little girl was struck by a truck after she got on thesc ol bus at oliver shop road.
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ol bus at oliver shop road. 't donno
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to the hats and hair pieces. >> we saw wind gusts a 20 to 30 miles an hour. tomorrow it will be at about 45 miles an weather alerts will run through the day. you know how wet it's been out there for the third wettest year on record. we could see some downed trees and power outages. at least it is dry tomorrow and thursday. a shower or two on friday a then saturday, a soggy day with improvements for sunday. re a check of the wind advisory. nerve beige under the advisory from 6:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. into the teens and low 30s.
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you'll want the jackets a the scarves tomorrows well. 39 in washington after official high of 45 degrees. 36 out in esrg. freezing and winchester at 32 degrees. this is what greets you tomorrow rning. really cold start. feeling about 19 in the district. 16 back in winchester as the day wears on. around 9:00 a.m. and noon. we'll have 20s into the low 30s so it is aull wednesday out there where you want the puffy coat is that the sunglasses. it is a bit blustery. a chance for a shower or two but plenty of dry time right now based on the models for
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saturday. and figure out if you want to hang t outdoor decorations. 43 for a high tomorrow. the c43, moremon for a high temperature in january. on thursday, it is breezy. mid 40s. upper 40s on friday. a small chance for showerly bout 30%. look at the chance for rain at 70%. right now, keeping sunday dry. maybe very early in the morning moste day is looking dry. quite nice with high temperatures in the low to mid 60s. still to come, theru new just approved and why it could be a game changer. >> you might have to listen to advertis
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now we're learn more about what caused that false active shooter alarm at walter reed medical cente this afternoon. nbc has learned the navy was planning for a drill in theear future. as they were preparing for that, someone accidentally sent out an alert by mistake.
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that sparked a lockdown and a massive response from montgomery county police. everything is back to normal at this hour. >> one maryland inmate is dead. three others are hurt after a crash in frederick county. those inmates were part of a road crew working ang i-70 here when they were hit by a tractor-trailer. so far, no charges have been fi d. >> one week after the freshman died from complications of the adarovirus. ther now nine confirmed cases. >> hate eycrimes. re on the rise in our area and across the country. >> the fbi is reporting a 7% increase. in virginia and fairfax ,coun that number spiked to nearly 50%. >> inorthern virginia today, community leaders are talking about solutionshend impact of these crimes. our bureau chief has our story.
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>> i never thought i would become an expert on hate crime. >> he has the jewish comcenity er of northern virginia. hit twice in the last 18 months by vandals who spray painted swas particularas on the building. the most recen was days before gunmen open fire and killed 11 people. >> the fact that pittsburgh happened a week later makes us feel like spray paint is the tip of the iceberg and anything is possible. >> he was with the police chief as he talked about the rising number of hate crime cases and on thee aggressivay his department investigate them. still, he said it was the effect of one case after the oer that can change the way we live. a real example for him. spotting an unsbenld attended gym bag. >> wha seems like an innocent thing can be terrifying.
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>> so that kin of heightened awareness and anxiety makes us more ridge i handle which is good but it also changes the quality of life. and unfortunately, that is a change that we havee to bec more used to. >> he says very few members have left the jcc and he takes heart in one way they are pushing back against white supremacists and others. >> i take heart in howhe interfaith community, the faith basedcommunity, has bonded together in a way that i had never seen before. >> more proof of that in leesburg today. faith leaders, the sheriff and others met with the attorney general sharing the about how to strengthen virginia's laws. julie carey. news4. the ohio man accused of driving into a crowd of demonstrators inil charlotle last year goes on trial for murder. he was charged with killing
5:33 pm
heather hayier. during a wiote natlist rally. the juryelection going slowly but he does expect to it start r ow. and julie carey will be reporting from charlottesville as the trial gets underway. you listen to the commercials on the radio all the time. now you could be hearing lots of ads on the metrobus. metro is testing out a campaign that could bring some money in. and as adam tuss found out, riders are pretty split on how theyeel about it. >> with more than just your fellow riders -- >> m don'ts mom's home cooking. >> reporter: advertisements have now started playing on certain bus routes. >> i get sick of them. >> reporter: on the bus, minding
5:34 pm
ouur own bhis an advertisement comes over the speaker. is that annoying? or is that ju>>ified? i'm not paying attention. head >> reporter: the rider on the fence about the new ads. >> i think it is kind ofweird. it is a public good. >> reporter: but others see no harm. he just kno they're usul.or >> repter: here's a really interesting thrt. can be geo targeted meaning they're triggered when a bus passes a certain location. for example you might hear an ad by. a store close the payoff is not insignificant. the first contract from metro is worth at lea a quarter of a million bucks per year. if successful, this couldan exp to more buses and even abo an
5:35 pm
phones? the company that provides theay ads they'll only run about 90 to 120-second commercials during a 45-minute trip. the national christmas tree lighting is tomorrow night. that means road closures around the white house. to check out the full list of roads closed and the items, check out our app. all shut down on the memorial bridge starting next friday evening. no cars,l no bikes wilbe allowed to cross until monday morning during the time crews arin insta some temporary support under the middle arch of the bridge. they'll start removing some of the steel. the battle over whether tip
5:36 pm
workers like bar tenders and l others w get the sameouage as others be headed back to the ballot. it would have raised the minimum wage to $15 for all workers. this measure had been controversial, you'll recall. with many restaurant workers opposing it. and the counc a mayor overturned it. they're asking once againt to have up for a vote. it will be car referendum eightr news4ng for you in the community with an update. but they need help.y to build they say they want you to be a duck. >> would it mean a lot.
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we love it. it would mean a lot. tme be a duck. >> theeam needs another 15 to players. so sign up, go to any prince george's parks and recreation location and register. the fda scaling back a warning about romaine lettuce. why it is now back on the menu. and the surprise from the first sitting center to give birth. and it was blustery out there today but ridot windy tomorrow. so much so that everybody will so much so that everybody will be und a wind
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funeral arrangements have been released for the police officer who died on the job in winchester this weekend. hunter edwards was kille in a car accident while he was responding to a call. his visitation is set for thursday at the winchester church of god in frederick pike his funeral will be on friday at 11:00 s at thee location. it is openy to famil and friends of officer edwards. and theot route has yet been released. dozens of military moms to be were surprised today with aa special shower down at the wharf. ane goff washere to help
5:41 pm
celebrate the group. these 34 moms serve in the military or are thees spo of the deployed or active duty. both veterans and moms spoke at the event. the goal is to show support and make the moms fee special. >> it is great. they often move to this location where we host a shower. we don't have family or frnds. so often it is the only shower. >> each mom received a free baby carrier, a top of the line baby bouncer, diapers, wipes and gift cards and more. operationoshower hasd 113 baby showerse all over th country honoring more than5,000 moms. a day of appreciation. a great thing. a milestone from the fda. a new drug that could change cancer treatment. it is a special place.
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giving kids and their a families place to stay for free while participating in clinical trialt athe nationalti instes for giving tue and donations
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james: this is jane. she's a busy consultant with an active lifestyle. jane is also a kidney donor. after donating her kidney to maurice, ja was back to her normaltiv. and kidney donation didn't cost jane a penny. i'm james brown. meet my friends jane and maurice. jane didn't know maurice, she just wanted to help someone in need and you can too. to learn more about kidney donation visit the gw ron and joy paul kidney center at or call 1-833-kidney3.
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the fda is narrowing the date on romaine lettuce. to of the lettuce is okay .at again but it depends where it is from they trace the source of the e. coli to romaine lettuce grown in central california. they say any lettuce grown outside that regionhould be fine. if you don't know where your
5:45 pm
romaine lettuce came from, yout should s err on the side of caution and throw it out. >> there is a new cancer drug and it doesn't t targe specific type of cancer. it goes afteren theic mutation instead. focusing on where it is located in your body. it could have a major impact on the way doctors treat dozens of cancers. many of them rare. >> what makes it tick, what is driving the growth, if you have a drug that effectively intervenes on that. then you can see dramatic and almost immediate responses. >> the pillen twice a day has seen tumors reduced in the lungs and in the breast. the new drug is not cheap. the company making it expects most insurers to cover the cost. >> today is a huge day to comen
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together give back. it isiving tuesday. if you can't think of who to give to, meagan fitzgerald met a little girl is others like her who count on generous dotions. >> when you meeter -- you'll quickly real ize there's something special about thi confident and smart 4-year-old. her mom knew it before she was born. >> 7 is the number of completion. god's perfect number. >> 7 is also her seventh child and she is not your average little girl. she was born -- >> it is an enzyme in her body that breaks down the garbage in her cells. >> it causes seizures and
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restricts her ability to move her eyes. it is why she comes to the national institutes of health evy year for a pediatric trial and a check-up on her condition. >> i y want to pour this in. >> it is also why she come here to the children's inn. >> it is aor placehe family for critically ill children to stay when they are participating in alinical trial at the national institutes of health. >> it is also a home awa from home and an escape from reality for kids like seven who flew in from across the country. >> it takes a load off. it takes t worry. we don't have to worry about how s'll pay for it. >>erving free of charge because of generous donors which is why givin tuesday is so important. >> the funds that we raisell toy o directly to support the children and the families staying wamh us. >> fies lying seven who are hoping tir trip here will help
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researchers improve and save lives. >> we're hoping for a cure. we are. >> meagan fitzgerald, ne4. right now, you can find informationn how you can donate your money and your time to special places like the chilen's inn. or you can give to people all over the world. our team coverage now to make sure you donate wisely. over the past five days, we have opened up our wallets. charities are hoping you have a little ft. four tips to make sure your money h cp theses you care
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about. do your research. search the cause that y do care about like hurricane relief, california fires, and then use the phrases best charity or, quote, highly rated charity. you want to search the organization's name i know what words such as complaint, review, rating or scam. be on the lookout for look alike charities. a lot of tes they'll change one small word to trick you into donating to them instead. >> if you just don't recognize the name. if it sounds l atle fishy. i've never heard of this organization before, stop. do you homework. back off. >>ou can use charity watch dog organizations like the charity navigator. they can help you confirm how much of your donation goes to your cause. a have links to check out charity. all you have to do is search of course, charities.
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>> and if you give to a charity, they're coming afterllou. saying w double it or whatever. >> absolutely. we're helping the salvation army collect gently used coats. donations are being accepted now through decembe 15th at the downtown d.c. office. you can also drop off coats at burke and herbert. bank branch h cold are we going to t? >> the windchill temperatures the teens. >> i put together a tongue in
5:51 pm
chief graphic. are we still on pumpkin spice? is it like peppermint? >> rrow, the extra large with the winds out there. some isolated damag across the area. thursday, you only need large. by saturday, we're not talking about the rain why you need large iink. the chill and the rain. right now our winds are gusting 20 to 25 miles an hour. wind gusts in the disict right now, around 25 miles an hour. it is a blustery nightut there. that means we're talking about windchill tls in the low 20s to low 30s. definitely you want to bundle up. a perfect night to light the fire. 31 degrees in the district. 22 isow we're feeling back in winchester. thunder is the windchill in the
5:52 pm
district. tomorrow mornin a bitterly cold start. 20sth i suburbs. we do have partly to mostly sunny skies roughout the day. a high of 4 in the afternoon. 7:00, it is still breezy out tures with the tempe around 39 degrees. a cold day outthere. at least we're dry. the s windsrted to relax. by friday, check it there's the chance for a shower or two. best bet right now during the morning hours with rain moving in during the middayhour rain looking lightly. the good news is the computermo ls have set up the storm.
5:53 pm
it is looking to be out of here by sunday. the better of the two weekend days. check out how our temperatures warm from saturday to sunday. a high around 50. sunday, a high of 54 degrees. we're running about ten degrees above normal on sunday. and again, no rain in the forecast. s maybe awer very, very early in the morning. as we move throughout the day, we'll have increasing sunshine and temperatures warming up nicely. because of the winds in the forecast, it is a weather alert day. just about everybody under a wind advisory. the 43 feeling better west continue to warm friday into saturday. nday is hook really nice and then more rain monday and tuesday. if all those chances for rain materialize, by tuesday we will be the wettest year on record.
5:54 pm
and we still have a good part of december. what has been going on following bitter confirmation battle? and breaking news with the redskins. a controversial signing. they are bringing in ruben foster. he was cut by his previous team this weekend on charges of domestic virus. igmore on thening and igmore on thening and reaction.
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it's been two months since the contentious battle over brett kavanaugh's nomination to the supreme court. dr. christine ford has yet to go ck to her home. she is dealing with the immeasurable stress-related to her safety and privacy. >> my number one hope is that she ca move home. >> she hasn't seen her neighbor since september. that's whenhe testified at the then supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh's senate confirmation hearing. telling the judiciary committee, he s hually assault in
5:58 pm
high school. kavanaugh denied her claimsis a now a supreme court justice. dr. ford is not feeling safe enough to return home. in a recent go fund me page up te, she says donations from thousands of supporters are a godsend. writing, your donations have allowed us to take rnaeablsoe p frightening threats including security for me and my family and to enhance the security for our home. she started the thank you notes an they are pouring in. >> all over the world in all ages writing her with love and support. >> she wrote, im in awe of the many women and men who have written me to sha their similar life experiences and now have bravely shared tir experience with friends and family. many for the first time. fo closed the go fund me page which raised more an $600,000 and thanked her supporters. the mayor says when dr. ford is
5:59 pm
ready, she plans toer welcome home. >> everything she's done has been not only brave and courageous but certain lay brant new for women to follow. >> nearly 14,000 people donated to that go fund me page and she said the unused funds will be given to portions hp trauma survors. news4 a 6:00 starts now with doreen and jim. chaos andou that fusion at walter reed today. >> active shooter in basement 19. >> people leaving with their hands up. we learned with a went wrong. an outbreak of violence in the city. >> i heard a pop, po pop. a virus that can be deadly. the fear from students as more
6:00 pm
young people get sick and listen to this. the mixed reaction to ads on metrobuses. ic p with guns drawn move in after reports of an active shooter inside a building. patients and visitors barricaded and streets had to be shut down. >> we have team coverage of the massive response that felt all too real. >> we begin with jackie bensen to tell us how thelert beg in the first place. what have you learned? >> reporter: i wanto tell you, witht got off the phone dutch runnersberger. he was inside one of those


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