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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 29, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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as we come on the airhis afternoon, we take you up to we're flying live over a crash involving several vehicles, including two police cruisers >> this is along dumfries road. >> they weret pursuing tue vehicle. two suspects were wanted for a ooting in manassas. that ended with this crash. >> the good news, no one was seriously injured. by our count, itooks like four civilians vehicles were damaged. vanburen road is blocked off and two eastbound lanes of dumfries road are shut down. we're gathering more detailsnd will update you as soon as we learn more right here. now, we turn to more breaking news. the new guilty plea from president trump's former fixer, lawyer, michael cohen marks a new milestone in the russia investigation. >> soon after that plea became public, president trump canceled his plans to meet with russian presidendimir putin this weekend. blayne alexander is on capitol
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hill thill t tell us what this means. >> erica and leon, this is -- michael cohen once declared he would take a bullet for president trump. now his plea agreement today marks the very first tim in open court that the president's business dealings have been tiet wi russia investigation. today michael cohen, president trump'sormer attorney a long-time fixer, pleading guilty in federal court to lying t congress, something cohenit a he did out of loyalty to his boss. >> he's aso weak p and what he's trying to do is get a reduced sentence. so he's lying about a project that everybody knew about. >> that project, a deal to build the trump tower in russia. according to the plea agreement with special counsel robert mueller's team, cohen lied to congress about the timing of those discussion ws russia, telling the senate intelligence committee last year, talks on prot jekt ended in january 2016 en in reality they went into the summer and well into the
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2016 campaign. >> when i run for president, that doesn't mean i'm not allowed to do business. i was doing aif lot ofrent things when i was running. do business. obviously, i don't >> the top democrat on the senate intelligence committee, mark warner, says today's plea shows apattern. >> folks, affiliated with trump, dealing with the russians, lying about it to the fbi or to senate and house committees. >> from the president's defenders. >> i have t yeto see anybody indicted to colluding with the russians. >> it comes as president trump heads to argentina for the g20 summit and a planned meeting with vladimir putin. on board air force one, president trcep cd that meeting citing russian aggression towards ukraine. president tweet, the is talking about capture ukraian ships earlier this week. he would be open to meeting with ittin once thattion is resolved. many questioning the timing of
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this cancellation considering i came shortly after cohen appeared in court. >> this is a high level game of chess we're watching here play out. that's for sure, blayne. thank you much, blayne alexander. talk to you soon. g also break right now, the high-profile murder trial in charlottesville. james fields is accused of driving into a crowd of demonstrators, killing one person and injuring several others. nesses have t w taken the stand to tell what they saw august 12, 2017 when a ve acle plowed into group of counterrs demonstratouring that unite the right rally in charlottesville. the witnesses put a se lf-professed neo-nazi behindth e wheel. it killed ather h e and killed several others. images show a car driving into
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protestoto protesrs. his defense team is saying he acted out of fear for his safety. y after, he said he had seen someone with a gun. julie cay, the only local tv news reporter inside the courtroom as victims are testifying. she'll join us at 5:00 with some the emotional stories they're telling. i'm scott mcfarlane. >> we've got a change in the we her. >> amelia draper is trackingrn tomorrow g's commute and what we'll be looking at this weekend. as the winds finally calm down, our rain chances across the area start to increase. now, tomorrow through the weekend, we're going to have plenty of dryti . also plan to be dealing with showers at times as well. right now, 41 degrees. beautiful sunshine out this and the wind out of west at 10pe mis hour. still breezy today but the winds continue to subside overnightto ght. they're not an issue through the weekend. check out your road cond wions.
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tonighre dry. tomorrow morning some spotty showers will lea to some wet roads out there. tomorrow evening, the ride home is thankfully looking dry. before we talk more about that rain'stomorrow, l enjoy the beautiful sunset that's starting to shape up righ now. this is from chopper 4 right now. check out the high clouds streaming into the aa providing a beautiful filter. sunset around 4:45. as the sunontinues to set, i think we're going to have a fabulous sunset. we'll continue to check in with chopper throughout the show. tomoow at 7:00 m., notice we're dry but it's a cloudy start tomorrow. i'm noticing showers and i want to point out the areas of pink here in the western zones into prince william county. a slight chance for spotty freezing rain. more on this in 15 minutes. >> thanks amelia. amily owned r restaurant gutted by intense flames. take a look auto a this cell phone video.
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this is a west african restaurant on 7th street. strong windsaking conditions extremely challenging for the firefighters. megan mcgrath is talking to long-time chitomers about huge loss in their community. >> it's heartbreaking. iteally is. >> a saturdd sight. it litters the sidewalk on 7th street. the inside of the restaurant heavilda maged. this woman came to this restaurant every other friday. she says the owner went out of his way to welcome his customers, ming surehat everyone felt at home. >> first time lepe he would introduce them to the culture by sitting them down and havingll the items that they provide and just allow you to do a taste test so you can see what you like, what you didn't like. he treated you like family. >> this was the scene as firefighters arrived last night. the cell phone video shows the intensity, flames shooting out ofwindows. complicating matters, propane
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tanks up on the roore and the was the weather. last night's high winds fanned the flames. debbie woodsonre took pic of the damage this morning. she lives a few doors down. >> you could see the smoke, i was engulfed. you could see it coming down the street. i my apartment what's engulfed with smoke. the flames were everywhere. it was -- i never seen anything like that in myfe >> reporter: fortunately, nobody was hurt. but the big question today is, at started the fire. in northwest, megan mcgrath, news 4. two teenagers under arrest and facing charges forsellegedly ing a fire that destroyed a northern virginia restaurant. these are pictures of that fire. that was back in october. at the former marco polo seafood restaurant. news 4's cis gordon in vienna with new surveillance video of the crims >> t surveillance camera video shows two teenagers on the
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top of your screen riding bikes. they enter the building. when they leave, smoke can be seen coming out of a window followed by flames. it was sunday, october 14th. rick lian was working next door at a.j.'s sports stop. he was alerted that the fire wan ge close. he ran outside taking these pictures of the blaze that destroyed the empty building that wasormerly the marco polo restaurant. he was concerned that the fire would spread to his store. >> up tre, n to the store here. the trees, i was afraid the trees woucatch. so the police started roping off the area, no customers could come into the store. it was kind of scary. >> vnna police dharjd a 14-year-old and a 13-year-old with starting this arson fire and with vandalism. this surveillance video from a neighboring business shows teens breaking windows on five buses
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parkind the same building a month before the arson fire. people who work nearby tell me, kids often gathered to hang out here. david shriner who works for presti lawn and landscape tells me, they were concerned thet their trucks parked in same lot. >> we moved our vehicles away from the building as a result because we feared that a fire or they would eventually start vandalizing our vehicles. >> they're determining ifre bom s made in reston and mcclain are connected to this arson fire. reporting from vienna, virginia, chri gordon, news 4. a new report in "the new york times" alleges that les moonves tried to cover up a sexual assault claim. itt details messages, phone calls and conversations between moonves and a hollywood manager. nbc news has not verified these exchanges. an actress named bobby phillips claimed moonves exposed himself
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and forceder to perform a sexac t in his office 20 years ago. he does not deny it happenedut claims it was consensual. he's stepped down from cbs network. th severance package will be withheld until all allegations of sex assaultlaims are complete. we have a consumer alert for you. you may have had a hard time nding avocados through the end of december. i should say you liy. su are squeezed because of a strike in mexico that stops imports. growers clashed over pay with companies thatack and distribute the fruit. thoctober strike lasted 16 days and affected mexico's largest a producing state. >> if that means they can't have their aftvocado coats, they're going to lose their mind. right now at 4:00, we have a sad update about one of d.c.'s favorite dogs. romo, the mastiff mix, romo diea afteattle with cancer.
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this 150-pound pup a became internet sensation for -- >> 150-pound pup. >> always hanging out the window of his apartment. romo moved to arlington in 2015. that didn't stop fans from following him. >> look at him. >> last check, his memorial video has been viewed more than 6,000 times. >> sweet guy. all right. a new disturbg trend has researchers pretty worried. >> coming up next, we'll explain why americans aren't living as long as they usedo. >> the national institutes of health is looking for a few good men and fewo brave women try out a birth control product for men. amazon changed all of our lives and the livelihoods of lives and the livelihoods of businesses in our
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rain returns for the weekend. we're getting used to hearing that around here, right? we finally break that record for rainiest yea ever in d.c.? storm team 4 amelia draper is back in threeou minutes wit chances and a look at how to prepare for your friday morning commute. erica? >> thanks, s sobering news out of the cdc today. americans aren't living as long as the usedto. nbc's erica edwards with the two major factors bringing life expectancy down.
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>> so speaking of -- >> the nation's drug crisis, faced head on athiweekly meeting of foa. families of eaddicts. dayton, ohio-based group helps people find treatment. >> anyone else who has progress th they would like recognized today, please raise your hands. >> but overall, the country is not making progress on drug deaths. the cdc's national center f health statistics reports more than 70,000 people died of a drug overdose in 2017. that's a nearly 10% rise from e year before. nd the number of suicides increased by 4%. together, the two causes of death are the biggest reason life expectancy has declined for a third year in a row. >> the last time life expectancy three straight years in this country, was a century ago in the middle of world war i together with the flu epemic. this is not acceptable.
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>> in a statement, robert redfield said these sobering statistics are a wake-up call that we're losing too my american too early and too often to conditions that are preventable. life expectancy for americans is now at 78.6. >> erika edwards, nbc news. illegal, unaccept a officias describe research being done to genetically alter babies. they put a stop to that work today. many american scientists condemn the experiments, but the researchers behind the work claims altering a baby genes to make them more resistant t aids. the experiment on one set of twins. yesterday we learned another gene editedaby could b born soon. male birth control could be one step closer to a reality. more than 400 couples are participating in an nih study to test a male contraceptive gel.
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they will apply the gel to their backnd shoulders every day until their sperm count falls to level. at that point, their partner would stop taking their own birth control. >> it's getting coldtse. that means tis the season for war main breaks. the people who fix those say they are ready for the winter. giving us a look at the water filtra last year's bone chilling cold did a job on the water mains. they set an all-time record in fast fixing. 802 breaks and leaks. >> sohe to be and how many of tho issues we may have to deal with this year. >> there's somebody around here inthat knows a little some about that. >> what do you think? >> based on doug's winter forecast, he thinks winter won't move in until january or february as far as the cold and the snow is concerned. rtainly, this is the time of
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year where it's chilly out there and check it out. it's going to be lookie like this over the next few days as clouds move in. also tg rain chances. you want the umbrella handy, tomorrow, saturday and sunday. there is a small chance for freezing rain tomorrow morning. small.ver but i have to mention it. because i am seeing it on a few models. this is mainly in parts of prince william, fauquier, loud fn andderick county in maryland. chuck will be n tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 a.m. and he'll have the latest. tomorrow is a perfect morning to have the nbc washington app on yophone. you can take a check of the radar and if you see pink in your area, know that is the potential for isolated freezing rain. by no means will it be widespread. you're hearing a lot of rain chances in the forast thi weekend. we're going to have plenty of dry time as well. the weekendng is not loo like a washout. yet, we're finally warming up. temperatures on sunday warming into the 60 right now we're in the 30s and
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40s. 41 in washington. our unofficial high today at 42. 36 in gaithersburg and winchester at 37 degrees right now. he's the rain outlook. scattered showers in the forecast tomorrow. thee chance that youaling with rain, pretty low. at 30 to 40%. not the case on saturday. duringhe afternoon and evening hours, we're pretty much going to see showers at times geawide. dealith rain on saturday at 70%. sunday, scattered showers in the morning hours and then a nice sunday afternoon. motuay and day, we keep it dry. but temperatures on the chilly side. here's your friday planner. 7:00 a.m., we start off at 36 degrees. maybe a shower out there at 7:00 a.m. especially in northern virginia. by lunchtime, some scattered showers still possible. a temperature of 43. the afternoon and evening hours on frire now looking dry. so 4:00 p.m., we'll hit our hig of 45degrees. mostly cloudy skies and 7:00 in thet' evening, chilly, not
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frigid with a temperature around 42. as you look to t weekend and how the weather is going to impact your plans. if you're getting the tree,wo d recommend saturday morning or sunday afternoon. especially sunday afternoon. we're getting the nice temperatures. it's going to be muddy out there. the walk to -- it's looking dry. winter fest at nats park both saturday and sunday. i would recommend going sunday afternoon to see the nice temperature warmup. here's the four-day inrecast. i'm to have a ten-day forecast coming up at 4:50. a high tomorrow of 45. there's that 30% chance for some showers on saturday. rain moves in during the midday hours and continues at times for the afternoon and evening hours. some showers out morning, but look at that guy. 66 onda m 58 with a mix of clouds and sunshine. >> we're aing for sunday. >> right. thanks, amelia. it's been a prank since the
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1800s. the same person has been in charge. -- the man at the tops stepping -- the washington afro. when it comes to headlight when it comes to headlight safety, drivers are left in the
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james: this is alana, a very busy mom. she and her husband reginald wanted to grow their family. but alana is one of thousands in the dc area with kidney disease. thanks to a kidney donation from reginald, alana is healthy and enjoying a full life.
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i'm james brown and meet my friends, alana and reginald - soon to be parents of two. eyto learn more about kionation, visit the gw ron and joy paul kidney center at gw or call 1-833-kidney3.
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it's the end of an era that's a local newspaper that's been a staple on newsstands in our arth. man at the helm. washington afro is retiring after 30 years. she spoke to m d.c. about his plans and the future of this icon newspaper. >> the newspaper business is -- >> flourishing. >> at the washington afro. general manager edgar broke an says they want to pay for focused on african american audience. >> telling our community, telling our story to our people and the folk appreciate that. >> that's kept readers hooked from the very firstli ption in 1892. brookins manages the washington edition out of the thorough gool mars center. after nearly 30 years, he's part
4:25 pm
of afrohistory. many consider him the heart and soul of the paper. >> i've been told that. someone endowed me mr. d.c. what? >> the social page is -- >> the social page. >> the social page is the driving force of readership. >> who made it on the social pages of afro newspaper this week, because if you made it on the social pages, i have arrived. you know, i have >> there are ongoing challenges, such as advice nvisibility in sa on newsstands. bu's got plenty of pep in his step. at 71, after two years battling prostate cancer, he's retiring with a bucket list. >> i want to see what south korea looks like 2019, 2020. afro will surve regardless of who leads the ship. >> molette green, news 4.
4:26 pm
>> i bet he doesn't i've seen almost every event. he's been there covering. he's a fixture in this community. hemi going to be ed. >> you enjoy your travels mr. brookins. >> exactly. there's noroof that t christmas creep is a real thing and it's happening earlier than ever. nomber 29th and already mariah carey's holiday -- so the 1994 hit, all i want for christmas is you is a pop christmas classic. last year that song didn't make the hot 100 until the first weef december. even then that was a full wk earlier than previous years. >> come on. >> if you've already had enough -- you may b nota scrooge. we're going to politely call you overexposed. >> put me in that category. how many times have you heard it? >> it's been a lot. >> i like the idea -- >> we're not in december. >> we haven't seen snow yet. let's get two weeks out before we're overwhelmed by the stuff.
4:27 pm
that's all i'm saying. at least wait untildecember. come on. >> all right. >> i'm just saying. we're helping you get in the holiday spirit tomorrow on "news4 today." ouril molette greenbe live at the d.c. wharf as they prepare for the annualoat parade. what you need to know before you head out this weekend, tune in tomorrow for "news4 today." especially how many layers you need. >> they will be no doubt be playing mama rsoriah carey s. >> they will. the trp's former personal lawyer cut a pa deal with special counsel robertr. muel that's the big news today. what this could mean for the president. life has gone digital. resints inne local town are cheering on th opening of a new library. how this one is keepi up with ngth
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new today, test results released shining light on how well your headlights work. >> susan hogan is keeping you safe out on the roads. >> the good news, headlights are improving, but this latest round of testing reveals that some still arete inadeq the insurance institute for highway safety started testing vehicle headlights two years ago. and just recently tested 2018 model year vehicles. 67% of the headlights tested still earned only a marginal or poor rating. mostly because of inadequatevi bility, excessive glare from oncoming drivers or both. some headlights are optional or bundled with features tt raise the price of the vehicle. the genesis g 90 and are the only models with good ratings headlights. to see the results, go to our
4:32 pm
appnd search headlights. >> thank you, susan. next time you fly, the check-in process may be smoother. delta airlines has a new screening terminal before the next holiday rush. we'll see how the tdminal works ow it could save you time and energy. >> tom costello with nbc news. here i atlanta at the airport and terminal f. we're here because this is first airport terminal in the country going to total biometric screening. you come to the airport, ou check in with facial it compares your face against your passport ouphoto,e checked in. then you check your bags for facial recognition. eventually, board the plane itself with facial recognition. >> could thi be the future of air travel for domestic travel as well? we'll look at that. a behind-the-scenes look from atlanta coming up on "nbc nightly news." thank you for t tom costello reporting. let's get back to that breaking news. c michaeen pleading guilty
4:33 pm
for lying to congress about his work on a trump tower eal in moscow. >> this is the first time mr. trump and his private businesn dealings moscow were named in open court as part of the mueller investigation. so we getig i from nbc news intelligence and national securityn reporter delaney. ken, out of everything that came out today, what do you findo be the most significant piece that came out of court? >> erika, i thinkhere are two major pieces of significance. while donald trump was running for president, his top aides were pitching the putin government on a trump tower. it wouldn't get built in russia withou putin's say so. we learned that michael cohen lied about it to congress and his pitch to thsprussians was ded to by key aides of vladimir putin. they discussed the project. all of this was hidden from the voters during the 2016 campaign. this was not known about until much later. the second thing that's really important here, pulling back the lens, michael cohen, donald g trump's l time lawyer and
4:34 pm
fixer is now cooperating with robert mueller. he on eller's team. he had pleaded guilty to charges in new york, but this isueller bringing a case. there can be few people more damaging to a politicianhan somebody who knows all his secrets, who worked with him for ten years, been his fixer, you know, michael cohen knows the ins and the outs of the trump organization and there's allegations that he was a key figure as a go-between, a liaison between the russians and he's always denied that. will be the question going dirward. >> whear from the president today, ken, he called cohen a weak person trying to get a reduced sentence. we've also heard from mr. trump's attorney, rudy julianian i called him a proven ar. >> there was a point where giuliani was saying that michael cohen is auy great g and always told the truth. i meor, this ismal in these kinds of crues. donald t is essentially a
4:35 pm
punitive defendant. every time they do this, he has bad things to say about them. michael cohen is a liar. that's a fact. it's also a factob that rert mueller is not going to say anything cohen says at facelu vae unless he can corroborate it. they were corroborated with e-mails and testimony from other >> i mean a lot going on. where does this go from here? >> that's the big question. it seems like the mueller investigation is picking up steam. there's this other track investigating roger stone, theu associate whether he had advance knowledge of e-mail. we arexpecting potentially indictments on that score. it could be a while yet. michael cohen is cooperating and will be sentenced a point in the next few months. the question is, how much heto s ive robert mueller and whether he can incriminate anyone in the trumpcampaign. >> thank you, nbc news intelligence a reporter, kendyl anian.
4:36 pm
you can s more of his reporting tonight. he'll be contributing on "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. amazon hasn't even arrived in virginia. >> and one group is asking them to relocate. scattered showers are possible in the morning. i can't rule out ahower and recess frtly may be indoors. after school,t is lookingdry. i'm going to have the latest with future weather ho by hour with future weather ho by hour cour mi you know when you're at ross and you find their favorite hero at a price that makes you the hero? yes. that's yes for less. yes! with hot holiday toys for all ages, ross is your toy destination it feels even better when you find it for less, at ross: yes for less.
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4:40 pm
coffeehouses starting next year they tell us. switching gears. if you wou like to ge in a festive mood, head down to union station. the annual hristmas tree lighting ceremony starts in a few hours. this is a look at last year's tree. so i learned ts today for the past 20 years, norway has presented are christmas to us in recognition of its strong friendship with the united states. the festivities beg at 6:00 the station's main hall and you can check out live performance frs localartists, including howard university's gospel choir performing ington arts. >> thank you, norway. beats a pair of skis. a long awaited much anticipated library is about to open in the bramble ton .mmunity of loudoun coun the grand opening is set for saturday. we got a look inside today. a recordumber of peopl in that community have already gone online to find out about this new library. to attract a new generation o patrons, this branch has a game room. it's got 3d printers and a recording studio. library managers say it provides more than what we can find
4:41 pm
online. >> there are many resources availablet online. with a library card, you have free access to excluve resources, including digital, which streams media, as well as overdrive, which allows for e and audio book downlds. >> you c find the newg library alambleton plaza. it starts saturday at 1:00. >> i love that they sti use library cards. >> old school. >> love it. a story of survival that you have got to stick around for. >> i looked at my chest right here. i had been shot right in the heart. you shouldman says never give up, no matter what. >> making way for scattered showers. the day after chbao might mean a tri to
4:42 pm
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if you're looking for something else to be thankful
4:45 pm
for. think about this. pretty incredible story of surviv survival. a forr "washington post" employee shot in the heart by his neighbor. one year later, he shared his miraculous recovery with other survivors at gw hospital where they saved his life. meagan fitzgerald reports. >> the number of shootings nationwide is skyrocketing. feat's what we're seeing. >> time is the dnce between life and death for trauma surgeons and their patients t >> he was i emergency department for about 15 minutes or less. >> duane brown came rushing gw ugh the doors of the university hospital and ended up on dr.aran i's operating table. >> as i was washing my car, was wipin it and i leaned up and heard this loud noise. iooked at my chest right here. i had been shot right at thear >> brown was in a d.c. community when h neighbor steven jones shot him from his window over a trivial dispute about cleaning up the grass on his sidewalk.
4:46 pm
>> the vast majority of people overwhelming majority of people shot through the heart will die. >> brown spent ten days in a coma. he proved that he's not the majority of patients. today, alongside other trauma survivors, brown shared his story with the first responders and staff at the very hospital that saved his li. hi message was simple. no matter how bleak things may look, never give up.e >> l is worth living. at the end of the road, tre's a light. >> meagan fitzgerald, news 4. can you believe that? >> justincredible. no. i mean, obviously, thank god for those doctors, right? and much is on his will to live. >> that's anoth example of what i tell folks all the time. we happen to have the luck of living around the best health care in the world. >> he's lucwa that h here. >> that's an incredible story over something so trivial. come on, now. >> i'm glad he's okay.
4:47 pm
here to tell it. >> okay. so a local family got to watch the ellen degeneres show live from a very special vantage int, too. >> the turner family submitted a video to be my 12 days elves. they're here in the geico sky box up there. >> hi turners. >> thas michelle and augustus turner, and maximus and lilliana on the show. they're from alexandria. they g to see j-lo perform live. you can watch ellen every weekday at 3:00. switching gears now. dick's sporting goods is experiencing a sales slump. may have to do with its decision to curb gun sales.ow fog the parkland deadly school shooting, they announced ould stop selling assault rifles and high capacity clips. online and in store sales have fallen. the aarklandack hitting
4:48 pm
close to home for the sports retail giant. revealing that it had sold a gun to the parkland schoolshooter. although that firearm was not the one used in the massacre. here's something y't have a problem being sold. tickets on sale for the rolling stones concert at fedex field in landover next year. the stones no filter tour will stop in 13 u.s. cities starting in miami in april. b thd plays here on may 31st. mark your calendars. >> in recent years, they've played mostly in europe.ay mick jagger s it's a thrill play stadiums o here in the states. >> ellen gave away tickets to that concert too. amazing. back here at homeal we'reng about a little drizzle. selfishly, i want to ask you tout the weekend. i want get my christmas tree, as i'm sure a lot of people yd won't be alone, that's for sure. >> can we do it without being soaked >> you ca you have to pick a time based on the forecast. i would either go saturday morning when we haven't dealt with rain yet but it's nd of chilly out there or sunday
4:49 pm
afternoon when the ground can be a little muddy but temperatures are warmer. you can pick and choose there. i had to put this graphic out here for erika. her favorite graphic, the grilled cheese tomato soup. this is based on the chill and the dampness in the air. cohave navy for friday and sunday. d be chilly. never a bad day for grilled escheese. the day is definitely on your saturday when we're tracking rain out there. attered showers for t second half of the day and chilly temperatures as well. here are your weather headlines. for tomorrow, there's the chance for a shower or two. we're going to have plentyf dry time. most, if not all of the day is looking dry. but we have mainly cudy skies out there. temperatures in the 40s. for the weekend, again, we have showers for the second half of youraturday and early sunday morning sunday afternoon is looking nice. because we're moving up. temperatures on sunday in the s. here's a look at future weather at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow nomorning.
4:50 pm
ce we're cloudy, the clouds already in place with some scattered showers back around. the rain around charlottesville. these move east at 8:00 a.m. i have to point this out. notice this little area of pink in here with the rain. this is a very slight chance for some freezing rain in pts of rthern virginia, prince william, fauquier, loudoun even into frederick county, maryland. chuck will be updating the foreeest. i'm notg it as a huge concern. but i want to let you know. you can keep that in mind for your friday morning commute and getting the kids off to school. >> 9:00.m. dealing with scattered showers. notice noon, showers in spots but most of us mainly dry and mainly cloudy. maybe a peak or of sunshine tomorrow before the sunsets just before:00 p.m. yo friday night is now looking dry. if you have plans out, some good news there. currently, our temperatures are in the 30s and low 40s from 41 in washington to 39 in frederick. 45 down at the river. clouds increasing overnight. tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies. a cool day with a high of 45
4:51 pm
degrees. we're running about 5 to 10 degrees below normal tomorrow.ot r 30% chance of a shaur ower or two. the timing now in the midday o morning. as we look at the four-day forecast. on saturday, a high of 49. we have showers moving in during the midday hours. then we'll have showers at times for the afternoon and evening hours. rain pretty light in nature. not trackin anything too heavy out there. showers come to an end sunday by about the mid-morning hours. then we could get in on peeks of sunshine sunday afternoon with a high of 66. we keep most of next week dry. 58 on monday. then back in the 40das tu wednesday, thursday and friday. fxt weekend, guys, there's the chance rain on saturday. we'll be watching for the potential maybe of a of a wintry mix north and west of washington. you can see we're only forecasting high temperatures in th mid to upper0s on saturday. >> we know what happened last time you used those twowords, wintry mix. >> that means ice is potentially in the forecast.
4:52 pm
>> i mean, we're alreama playing theah. let's get on with it, shall we? marylante police say they need your help to find a lost canine officer. wtter the bloodhound was out fork last night when he broke out of his collar. he was chasing after a group of deer. state police say he was last seen in the skton estates area in talbot county, maryland. if you see begun gunner, police ask that you contact them and not try to catch him yourself. be careful out there. pushed out by a product powerhouse. >> theeloved loc theater nudged aside by the arrival of amazon's h q2. >> amazon's arrival here means that some companies here have to find a new home. we'll we k you through s the changes just ahead. that story in three minutes. first jim and wendy join us with what's ahead at5:00. >> hi, guys. busy afternoon at 5:00. the memorial bridge has been
4:53 pm
getting all the headlines whe it comeso repairs lately. what a nightmare around it. there is an awful lot o other bridge work happening all over our city. >> now there's some good news out a number ofnows projects. transportation reporter adam tuss will be joining he's going to explain how it's going to change your commute. plus, we're approaching the end of the workweek. you may be feeling a bit more tired. but maybe it's not the hours yop ke >> one size does not fit all. could the answer to your good night's sleepe as simple as, drum roll, your pillow. susan hogan with the expert advice on picking the pillow of your dreams. >> use one or two? >> i use one but it's that foam. th thermofoam thing. >> i think it has something to a do with the cos. one or two and i'm out like that. >> that helps as well. >> maybe not so much. >> maybe not so much. we'll see.
4:54 pm
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4:57 pm
make way for amazon. vacating their crystal city fate. >> one of the organizations is the beloved local theater. >> news 4's david culver is center stage. >> reporter: amazon's our rival to crystal city or national landing forcing some companies here for several years calling this place home to moveon out. of them, the space we're in right this is a theater that's one of the spaces that eventually will be taken over byzo ama now, the folks who run the recentl they were told they have to find a new home. >> the thought of going somewhere else is a bit but at th time, i think there's opportunity. >> question is like, what will happen with a small innovative
4:58 pm
art organization when a global huge corporation mov in, in your home? tbd so tok. sp i'm very optimistic. >> as you can hear, they're optimiic about what potentially could come from this. they're hopin that this may present a unique opportunity. i'll walk you through that ahead on news 4. reporting in national landing to be, david culver, news 4. >> now, jbg smith owns the building sin et i c theater is in. they tell us arts and culturals organizatire key components to a thriving mixed usey communitand we continue to explore opportunities for the theater to relocate within national landing later on, david will explain how the theater company hopes to collaborate with the tech giant. jim and wendy, the founder, smith, is helping them find a new home meanwhile. also, dramatic change coming to northern virginia. >> thank you, erika.
4:59 pm
leon, news 4 at 5:00 starts right now. right now at 5:00. making the case. the emotional testimony as the trial of a man who drove a car into a crowd in charlottesville gets under way. >> also, buyer beware. the warning from police after a string of robberies tt are connected to online apps. their advice to keep you safe. >> a pour with a purpose. aem local winery acing a political message. >>hi wasngton, d.c. it kind of comes with the climate andhe territory. >> asking you to sip for statehood. and good evening everybody. important new evidence as emotional testimony beginsth at e murder trial down in charlottesvill >> james field is accused of i drivingnto a crowd of demonstrators that kil heather hier. injured several others.
5:00 pm
>> julie carey was the only reporter in the courthouse today and she joins us live from charlottesville. julie? >> reporter: jim and wendy, even his defense team started by saying this is not a whodunit. this is about why did james field have criminal intent to kill when he plowed into that group of counter demonstrators. those protesting against the unite to right rally. prosecutors presented incriminating new evidence today, weeefore he came from ohio to charlottesville. jamefield posted on his instagram account two pictures f cars plowing into a group of people. prosecutors point to that as intent of a prior plan. we also heard today, terrifying stories from ticms who survived. >> one of the first witnesses marcus martin, you can see him on the hood of james fields' car in this photof the chaos. martin was a friend of heather r hi. he went


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