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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  November 29, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11:00, a familiar and dangerous scene. cold commuters darti down busy roads. tonight, it's happened again. a car slaom intone trying to cross a dark street. brick bandits, taking decorations from one womas garden and using them to steal
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from her neighbors. >> it's not just me, it's other people that are beingmi vicd by these people. >> how this homeowner caught them in the act. as we head o into the weekend, our rain chances are increasing. i'll ave the latest timing a impacts in my forecast. news 4 at 11:00 begins with breaking news. and that breaking news tonight out of ryland. a tragic update to a story we've been following since 6:00. >>hohe woman was hit by a car on old georgetown road in bethesda has died. chopper 4 flew over the scene earlier tonight, it's right near the intersection with lone oak drive between the beltway and democracy boulevard. >> news 4's jackie bensen spotted people runng into traffic even after this crash. she's live for us in bethesda. jackie? orter: well, jim, we have some new information for you. first, we've just learned that the woman who was killed was 74 years old. her name is donna and she lived in rockville.
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look behind me here. this is wheresi the col occurr occurred. and there's not a power outage here or anything like that. this is how dark this road is, and neighbors tell us theyear that that played a role in this crash. the collision betwe the jeep grand cherokee and a woman crossing old georgetown drive about 5:30 p.m.ce was forful enough to cause significant damage to the front of the suv. the investigation required month gomry county police to shut down thhb nond lanes of old georgetown road, diverting motorists onto residential streets. it is not clear why the woman was crossing the busy six-lane state road. but the spot where she was struck is close to a metro bus stop. we watched people getting off bungs and darti across six lanes of very dark road, a good half mile from the nearest crosswalk. >> yeah, should be a crosswalk over here to, you know for safety. >> this is not a good place.
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people cross here all the time, they don't go down to the crosswalk. cars are trying to come out. there's another road, a side oad, that access road over there. it's a tough area. >> reporter: there have now been 14 fatal pedestrian collisions in mony county this year, compared toal 11 iof 2017. live in bethesda, jackie bensen, news 4. eonarris with breaking news at the live desk of a more uplifting story. the special delivery tonight in northwest washington. a little baby girl just couldn't it to get to the hospital, so, mom had to deliver her in the car. the woman w in labor on her way to the hospital and stuck in rush hour traffict 17th and c streets. firefighters say there was another man with the woman and he called 911. th arrived inust a few minutes, but when they got there, the baby was alreadybo rn. something very rare on these types of calls.
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>> in the sense i that came out as pregnant woman having contractions and then next thing we know is that the baby is delivered. d.c. fire officials say mother and child are both doing fine. jim and doreen, can you imagine if they'd been stuck in th tree leicht ilighting traffic l night? >> oh, i'm telling you. leon, thank you. turning now to the weather, and our attention turning from cold, yes, to rain, lks. >> we don't like either one of those. amelia draper is in the storm center tracking it all. hi, aimee ya. >> good g,even doreen and jim. i'm tracking spotty light shower m during thening and midday hours, but most, if not all ofy, your s looking dry. the rain chances increase really as we head into the weekend, especially on saturday. right few, we're coming in at 39 degrees with winds out of the east at 5 miles an hour.
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the clouds have moved in, and here's the latest check of storm team 4 radar. we're try in our area, but notice this moisture back to the west. especially in kentucky, down through tennessee, virginia and north carolina. this is going to push in tomorrow morning and it will uch off some spotty showers out there for the morning rush, so, wre dry overnight tonight, some wet roadsut there tomorrow morning and then we're dry again tomorrow evening. i'm going to have more on the upming of rain saturday and sunday, jim, comight around 11:15. >> all right, we'll see you then. brick by brick. decorative ones vanished from a woman's front yard here, but who calls the cops for that? ght the until she c person taking them on-camera. as news 4'shori stone found out tonight, the petty theft of those bricks led to a much bigger crime >> reporter: this is definitely bizarre. someone stealing decorative bricks at night time. now, little did the thieves know that this ring camera capturd th every move, and the
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homeowner hopes that someone recognizes the thieves on the video so police can make an arrest. >> right now, i'm just irritate. >> reporter: julia proctor sits in frustration in her front yard. >> i work too hard for people to steal from me. >> reporter: thieves stole eight bricks eight weeks ago. they were only bricks, so she didn't call police, but she did install that ring camera on the front dodn. day night, take a look. someone picks up bricks again from her front yard, walking to an awaiting car, placing them in the trunk and driving sh after that, two people come back, stealing more bricks on the 1800 block of 61st avenue in shemaryland. >> the fact they came not one time last night, but they came twice last nigh really bothers me. nice to meet you. >> reporter: police met with julia and they're investigating, but this isn't just about bricks. take a look at these photos. police confirm the bricks from julia's yard are being used to prop up cars so crooks can steal
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rims in her ighborhood. julia showed detectives the photos. other not just me, it's people being victimized. >> reporter: as for the bricks, julia says she's n going to replace them until police arrest the suspec, it'soo expensive. each brick costs around $4. shomari stone, news 4. new tonight, a j.crew clothingtore in downtown d.c. is replacing a glass door for the second time in a month. police released this video of the burglary early monday morning at the store on 14th street. ar smashsee the bur the door open, steal some stuff hand run out. a very similar crime happened at almost the same time of day on october 23rd. a burglar smashed the door open, stole some things and left. it's not clear if the two crimes are connected. there is a $1,000rd reor information that leads to an arrest. this image represents the horror of the white supremacist rally last year in charlottesville. the man in the white shirt anda
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shorts here shook and cried on the witness stand today llas he re this moment. he was just one witness in the murder trial of ther drive of that car, jamesds fiel fields' lawyers claim he drove into the crowd on 4th street ecause he saw a counter protester with a gun and feared for his life. prosecutors say fields came to charlottesville with a plan to kill. weeks before the rally, he posted photos showing cars ramming a gro of people. his trial continues tomorrow. leon harris with more breaking news at the live desk. former fbi director james comey making headlines once again. he filed a lauit to quash a bpoena from house republicans. that subpoena calls on comey to come and testify abo the fbi's investigation of hillary clinton's e-mails and russian election meddling. comey says he's not against testifying, but he wants it to be done in public, not behind
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clos doors. his reasoning in the court filing is clear. he says he wants to prevent republicans from, quote,thsing pretext of a closed interview to peddle a distortedl partisan polit narrative through selective leaks. in a tweet, comey reiterated that point, saying, let the american people watch. comey's filing admits that courts are reluctant to quash congressional subpoenas. he hopes to convince the court this is a unique case. that testimony was set for monday, so, hopefully we'll get an answer soon.en dore, back to you. >> leon, thank you. yet another new twist tonight after the president's former fixer, michael cohen, pleaded guilty in connection with the russia investigat buzzfeed news was first to report cohen was in direct contact withse repreatives for russian presidentla vdimir putin. the report says cohen was trying to cut a deal for a new trump tower in moscow by offering putin a $50 million ipenthous the new tower. earlier today, cohen pleaded guilty to lying to congress about the timeline of those
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negotiations. he originally said they were over in january 2016. today, cohen said those negotiations lasted well into the 2016 campaign. the president, whoreviously said he had nothing to do with russia, now says he did nothing wrong. >> when i run for president, that doesn't mean i'm noto allowedo business. i was doing a lot of ducht thif things when i was running. after i won, obviously i don't do business. cohen says he lied to congress out of loyalty to donald trump. the cohen story unfolded while president trump was on his way to argentina for the g20 summit. he touched down about three hours ago. the summit begins tomorrow. the president has canceled a planned meeting with vladimir putin. new at 11:00 tonight, the former executive director of a d.c.-based military charity has been convicted for stealing from that oanization. patricia driscoll was with the
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no shuttered armed forces foundation for more than a decade. during thatti , the foundation says she spent $600,000 of donated money on herself. claiming it as money used to benefit eveterans. faces more than 30 years in prison for tax evasion and fraud. the university o is trying to combat mold issues in campus dormitories. tonight, the university announced planso improve air conditioning and ventilation in two dorm buildings. they're trying to prevent mold outbreaks like the one that caused a hall to be evacuatedhi earlier semester. last week, a freshman who lived in that room, died from complications of a virus. r father questioned whether mold made the illness worse, but there's been nothingconfirm that.>> up next, body camera video gives you a firefighter's view of a dramatic rescue. a tch as they struggle to rescue
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children trapped irning home. and a former "washiton post" employee shot in the chest, lives to tell his story of survival. >> and my heart stopped for four minutes. >> hear hiso advice t anyone facing an uphill battle. and basketball star steph and basketball star steph rry makes a promise, after agh alrit, everyone. santa will be right back, but i just got to say, if you're going to ask him for tech this year, you got to ask for fios too. sorry, why is that? because fios is a 100% fiber-optic network. don't you guys want all of the tech on your wish list to work as awesomely as you dreamed? i'm back! and he's back. 100% fiber-optic network. 100% phenomenal.
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a devastating fire t inas hospitalized eight people from one family, but new video shows how much worse it could have been. when her house caught fire, an 11-year-old grabbed her infant sibling and ran to a neighborhood's houseall
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911. ernew body ca video shows those neighbors and first responders working together to get everyone out of the burning house alive. >> drag herout, come on. come on. let's get her out, come on. the baby's acro street, okay? and your other two kids are being checked out, o >>ks than guys. >> they did get everyone out of that house, but the father and two children were critically injured from smoke inhalation. just awful. >> just awful, indeed. now to another pretty incredible story of survival. a"w former hington post" employee shot in the heart by a hbor. >> a year later, he's talking about his miraculous recovery alongside other trauma survivors at george washington university hospital. news 4's meagan fitzgerald spoke to him and the doctor who helped saveis life. >> the motorcycle, gunshot, fall afrom roof deck. >> reporter: trauma surgeons see and inds of injuries they're tasked with working quickly to fix the problem and
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save lives, which is why time is a difference between life d death. >> i think we're lucky that d.c. fire rescue was able to deliver him to us as quickly as they did. >> reporter: on october 20 of last year, duane brown came rushing through the doors of the g.w. university hospital and ended up oncthe 's operating table. >> as i was washing my car, i was wiping it and i leaned up and ieard this loud noise and i looked at my chest right here, i had heart.ot right at the >> reporter: brown was in his gated d.c. community when his neighbor, stephen jones, shot hi from his window over a trivial dispute about cleaning up the grass on hissi walk. >> the vast majority of people, overwhelming majority of people who are shot through the heart will die at thee. sc i'll never know those people existed. >> reporter: brown spent ten days in a ma, but h quickly proved that he's not the tients.y of today, alongside other trauma survivors, brown shared hish story whe first responders
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and staff at the very hospital that saved his life. >> you know where to find us. >> reporter: his message was simple -- no matter how bleak things may look, keep fighting. >> life is worth living. there is light at the end of the road, so -- i encourage everyone to not give up. >> reporter: meagan fitzgerald, news 4. >> pretty inspiring there. >> yes. >> by the way, the suspect in brown's case, sphen jones, plead guilty last december. >> he is in jail rightnow, still awaiting sentencing. a young girl o a mission. she got change she wanted, with the help of one of basketball's biggest stars. that's riley morrison there. she was upset that steph curry's under armour sneakers were only for boys, so, she wrote h a letter there. saying girls want curry 5s, too. the golden state warriors star wrote her back,o promising work with under armour to fix it. he told riley she'll be the first kids to get his next
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shoe, that's going to be the curry 6. look out. >> go riley. >> love that. >> spyeah. k up or nothing changes. >> absolutely. >> our weather's changing, pretg-time, though, isn't it? >> we're warming up, that's the good news,ut with the warmer temperatures come some rain chances. when you think about rain and theooler air and the month of autumn, you think about grill, chee tomato soup, right, am i right? the best day for grilled cheese and tomato soup is going to be saturday. but maybe on friday and sunday, who needs an excuse to eat gooey, melty cheese? i'm saying on saturday because that's when we're going to be dealing with the most rain and kind of a damp day out there, especially for the second half of your day. here are your weather headlines. tomorr, the chance that you're dealing with maybe a shower or two, but it's going to b30% to 40%. as we look to the weekend, i have rain showers in the forecast, mainly for the second half of saturday and very early
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on sunday. and we are warming up. sunday, a high temperature around 66 degrees. at, tomorrow, we start off 36 degrees, and some scattered showers are possible for the morning and midday hours. by lunchtime, a temperature of 43, and a high tomorro. of so, we're still running below norm, 53 degrees. maybe a few peeks of sunshine out there tomorrowl, but over the clouds do win out. your friday night now is looking dry. so, if you have plans, maybe dinner or early holiday party, the weather is looking good. jim, e our holiday party, doreen, are you heading out there? >> oh, yeah. we'll be there. >> you have to go. 42 degrees at 7:00 p.m. on your friday. saturday, this., is 8:00 a with future weather. notice we're dry. stlot of us already dealing with clouds. l mainly try by 10:00 a.m. as we move to the lunchtimeur notice some scattered showers moving through. those move out, we might get a few hours of dry time, between 1:00 and 2:00, but this is 3:00 p.m. notice just about everybody dealing with a steady rain, but
11:20 pm
for the most part, pretty light in nature. that steady rain continue, for your saturday night.s the great ns that it looks like it is out of here by about 8:00 a.m. on sund after that, some peeks of sunshine develop. so, for your weekendfo cast, 49 on saturday and then 66 on sunday. again, those showers saturday, later in the day. showers very earlysunday. and then those temperatures really nice out there on sunday. even monday not looking too bad. check it out. y herer forur-day forecast. a high on monday of 58 with a mix ofnd clouds sunshine and a bit of a breeze out there on monday. now, if a of the rain materializes, and it looks like it's going to, notice that chance on saturday at 70%. b we're going t close to becoming the wettest year on record. we're within an inch of that i bu don't think we'd hit it over the weekend. and notice next week is looking mainly dry.te eratures mainly in the 40s. and why not, of course, more rain is in the fecast next saturday, maybe even a little
11:21 pm
bit of a wintry mix out there with tempetures only in the 30s for highs and a bit breezy. again, tomorrow, h the umbrella handy, but might be one of those days where you really sin't end up it, because the shower chance is pretty low. >> better to have it than all ri thanks, amelia. ow> coming up, h the redskins are hoping to learn from their opponentthis week.s
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believe it. geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance. this is the xfinity sports desk. >> all right, this is the monday night we are going to break that jinx. >> oh, that'shat redskins fans are thinking, because mondays are pretty painful. >> ty are. >> they've not gone the
11:25 pm
redskins' way. they've lost six of theirast "monday night football" games, including a loss to the saints this season. but in fou days, a chance to enet that pre losing streak. good news. second straight practice for jamison crowder. he's bn out since october 8th with an ankle injury. colt mccoy getting rea h foris season.start of the first full week of practice with colt.arters for many writing the redskins off since they lost their starting quarterback, but the team the field on monday knows a thing or two about successful backup backups, winning the super bowl with nick foles. the redskins know, they can learn a lot from philly. >> you know, nobody gave them a chance last year, and thewent out an lost their startin quarterback and ended up winning a super bowl. you can lea a lot from that. it's just about how the team rallies around certain people and it not abo one guy. >> colt a veteran. he's not a young guy. it's not his firstrodeo. nobody's worried abouttcolt, me. he's been playing justs well
11:26 pm
as we thought he'd play. we can definitely win with colt and that's what we're going to do. y night ttle thurs football. the cowboys hosting drew brees and the saints. new orleans, the hottest team in the league, but not tonight. da was as. first quarter, dak prescott to oeekiel elliott. he the rest from here. 16 yards to the house. dallas out to a 10-0 lead. now, in the fourth, brees trying to march the saints back down three. brees back to pass, but check this out. intercepted by jourdan lewis. cowboys hold off the hottest team to only ten points, they win it 130. dallas is now 7-5. now, going down to high school football, the maryland 3-a championship. franklin taking on linganore. runng the reverse to joey felton. cuts outside and felton outrunning the entire franklin defens he's in for the 17-yard score.
11:27 pm
we're tied at . now, later, franklin on the move. vernon brown airing out for corey crawford. theau junior hng it in. a huge game for franklin, moving into field goal range. so, two seconds 2 left, yards out. franklin wins 17-14. they are your a champions. now, to the court. seventh ranked maryland women hoing georgia tech. skipping ahead, fourth quarter. maryland with a three-int ad, but here come the yellow jackets. pass inde, gets i to go. it's a 15-0 run. georgia tech down by one. but the terps answering right away. kyla charles, get a little contt. but getshe bucket an the foul, an -0 run justrom charles in the fourth. maryland perfect, they beat georgia tech 67-54. and the redskins launching year two of the aspire
11:28 pm
initiative. the initiative helpsspe, educate and build confidence in young women from loudon county and fairfax county public schools. today, they got to some influential women and participate in a q and a, which is a veryool event, those young girls asking very intelligent questions. we like to s >> nice. >> all right,fhat's sort o a >> all right,fhat's sort o a ereme going h
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here's to the stair takers, >> all right,fhat's sort o a ereme going h breakfast makers, step counters, outdoor explorers, faith restorers, appointment keepers, fantastic creatures. farmer's market goers, cholesterol lowerers cell phone silencers. the new lease on lifers, and the positive thinkers. here's to you all that see every day as an opportunity to thrive your way.
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and that does it for us. "the tonight show kw jimmy
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fallon" is coming up next. >> thanks for watching. we'll see you tomorrow.
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comcast business. beyond fast. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- claire foy,


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