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tv   Today  NBC  November 30, 2018 7:00am-9:00am EST

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guilty again. the president's long-time lawfor rced to admit he lied to congress to cover for president trump. did the president's busintis es to russia go far deeper and far longer than trump was acknowledging? i had nothing do with russia for anything. >> but the president saysae micohen is the liar. >> and what he is trying to do is get a s reductence. >> just ahead, what cohen may have told prosecutors in a report 70 hours of meetings. here it comes. a powerful storm begins its march akos the country. tens of millions facing severe weather, blizzard conditions and heavy rain from the california coast to new england. w l the weekend be a
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washout? what you can expect. school scam. a stunning twist to a viral sensation. the leaders of a headline making louisiana school hailed for getting eve student accepted to elite colleges accused of falsifying records andng abusi students. all that, plus caught on camera. the newly released videos of chris watts' chilling confessiol after kling his hanks gives thanks. we are helping oscar winner tom hanks shine aight on unsung heroes, our nation's military caregivers. >> one spouser one famil cannot do it by themselves. and dolnd bono. two of music's most legendary stars and they are joining us exclusively today, friday, november 30, 2018. >> announcer: from nbc news this
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is "today" wanh savh guthrie live from washington, d.c. and hoda kotb live fromtudio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, welcome to "today." thank you for joining us on thi. friday morn we are going to get to bono and dolly in a little bit. savannah guthrie i in d.c. boy, is you have a big night. >> you have bono and dolly but i have tom hanks. we had a great night last night honoring our military caretvers, a new effort t i'm joining. we have a lot to tell you about moment. a but we have big news here in washington. explosive new twis in the russia investigation. a guilty plea from president trump's former lawyer michael cohen now admitting hed l to congress putting the president's dealings with russia during the campaign u the microscope. it's a story with a lot of moving parts. we have them all covered. we start with nbc's justice correspondent pete williams in washington. pete, good morning to you. >> good morning. this is a dramatic turn in the
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investigation. michael cohen once donald ow says personal lawyer he lied to congress by underplaying therump organization's efforts to do business in moscow. he said he did it to keep h statements consistent with what trump wasaying during the campaign. new questions this morning about donald trump's dealings with russia during the 2016 campaign raised by michael cohen's court appearance. prident trump now calls h former perm laura proven liar at it again, this time to please robert mueller in hopes ftering a reduced sentence pleading guilty in august to separate federal charges. >> he is a weakerson. and what he is trying to do is get a reduced sentence. so he is lying about a project that everydy knew about. >> reporter: a big change from the praise mr. trump once lavished on cohen who was very close had his client. >> michael cohen is a very talented lawyer, a good lawyer. >> reporter: cohen said he lied when he told congress last year that the trump organization's efforts to build a trump tower
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inoscow ended in january 2016 before the presidential campaign heated up. e admitted in court that it actually kept going until mid-june and he talked aboru it with mr. and trump family members. then candidate trump said this in july 2016. >> i have nothing to do with russia. >> reporter: cohen toladmits hed contact with two officials of vlimir putin's government. cohen's former partner told nbc news he suggested offering putin the $50 million towernt pehouse, a suggestion that went nowhere. cohen also told congress there were no planso go to russia, t now says he suggested that mr. trump go there after getting the republican nomination for president. in court cohen said he made these misstatements to be consistent with mr. trump's political mess messaging and out of loyalty to donald trump. >> i have no deals that could happen in russia because we've stayed away. i have nothing to do with
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russia. wi i have no dealith russia. i have no deals in russia. ii have noestments in russia. none whatsoever. >> reporter: now the president says there was nothing illegal about pjesuing the p while he was a candidate. >> i decided ultimately not to do it. there would have been nothing wrong if did do it. >> it means when the president was representinhe during campaign he had no business interests in russia, that that wasn't true. >> reporter: but the president's defenders say all it proves i that cohen lied. >> all i've seen thus far are process crimes. i haveet y to see anybodyct in for colluding with the russians. se we'll e. >> reporr: court documents say that cohen met with the special counsel's prosecutors sevente sepaimes starting in early august. that's hours and hours with the mueller team, raising the question, what else did they talk about? so far, savannah, no answer. >> stand by there. w gilweac tetodld b aks to well. first, all of this is casting a
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dark cloud over the president's trip to argentina for a key g20 economic summit. nbc white house correspondent peter alexander is there. he has that of the story. hi, peter, good morning. , reporter: h savannah, good morning. president trump had been eying this global summit as an opportunity to showcase his deal-making skills. the signing ceremony thisrn g. that new trade deal that replaces nafta. the president alongside counters pas from mexico and canada, a deal that still needs to be ratified by there is one glaring hole on the president's schedule here. what was supposed to be the marquee mee of his visit. that sit down scheduled with vladimir putin. now it is off. the president making the announcement an hour after on the white house south lawn yesterday saying v it was ay good time for the meeting. the white house saying the president made that decision after discussing on air force one with his secretary of state, among others, russia's aggression towards three ukrainian ships. but the timing was interesting because the president had already received a full report
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on russia's attack in that region and it came just three hours after michael cohen's guilty plea. a russian spokesperson says that they learned about the president's cancellation on twitter today, saying that, that official sayinghe that believe this is not because of anything that's going on there buthat's going on atome in the united states. hae bottom line is the president, unclear he is going to do with that time -- angela merkel will be a late her military pad serious technical issues. german officials this morning saying that there is no evidence of anymi cl activity. >> we have a couple technical issues ourselves from argentina. pete williams and chuck todd, covering the legal and political ramifications of this michael cohen plea. let's start with the legal. you ended you piece on that tantalizing bit. seven meetings that michael
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cohen hh had w this special prosecutor. do we have any sense of what he may be telling them and where this may all be leading? >> no. what we get a good sense of is how much he i cooperating. he pleaded guilty in august and he was not required to cooperat he did not sign a plea agreement. so hng has been willi to meet with mueller'to prs. they sort of gave him theur cotesy of bringing charges this new york even though you could argue the cduct happened down here before congress. he is going to be sentenced december 12th. they are moving along smartly. clearly, he has been very cooperative. we don't know what else they are pursuing bas on what he told mueller. >> it was interesting on this note, chuck, to hear what president trump said. he said it's interesting t see -- and i'm pair praising m here --hael cohen is weak. he said unlike other people you see, which t broug mind paul manafort who we've now learned did not cooperate with prosecutors and prosecutors say paul manafort lied.
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so, i an, read the tea leaves there a little bit. >> i think it does show that michael cohens a much more dangerous person to preside trump the days than anybody else involved in this investigation. that's number one. but, look, think what this has done is this now calls into question anything tha congress has done. you realize michael cohen's version of eve ws used by the house republicans in their report ehatentially cleared the president. the president would use all the time as sort of propaganda on twitter. the house intelligence report, they found no collusion, they found all of this. aot of it wasased on michael cohen's testimony. now you throw that away. in some ways congress has to start from scratch, at least on the house side. >> right. unless you, as thees ent, say michael cohen's lying now, not lying then. >> that is the big danger here, right. at the end of the day mueller io relyin someone who is an admitted liar. >> what is this leading to, pete? this business abo wheth
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trump had business dealings in russia is certainly relatedo the ultimate question, but the question he is investigating is whether or not trump campaign officials were coordinating with russia in its efforts to election meddle, and this doesn't tell us a that specifically. >> or even remotely. it's important to remember, as you knows that there nothing in the court documents that suggest that there was anything l about trying to do business with russia, and that's not the basis of the charge. at cohen is found guilty of and pleaded guilty to is lying to congress. that's clearly a crime. now, anybody else who lied to congress is probably int troubl. hat it does say is that the trump campaign clearly, theat trump organn rather, the trump organization had set up a conduit to deal with russian government officials. so the question, obviously, is, having opened that circuit, was hesed for anything else? >> one thing we learned now, we now have an explanation of why donald trump is curiously
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praised vladimir putin from essentially december of 2015 through, obviously, through the rest of the campaign. why did it begin in december of 2015? we know that was i theeart of that 60-day period of when they were trulymp pursuing tower moscow. so that was on the front of donald trump's brain. >> candidate trump was still a businessman, probably perhaps inking let's keep this business opportunity alive. >> potential american foreign policy stances about russia in the meantime. that's alarming. >> and we know from an insider who worked on this deal with russia that they scatled it. they called it off in june the day "the washington post" reported that the russians were hacking emails. they decided it was too politically dynamite to keep going with it. >> a lot ofoving pieces. pete and chuck, nice to be in your home. thank you for having us hears in washington. but up to hoda. >> thank you. another major story this morning. tens ofillions coast to coast
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facing dangerous weather. we are talking about seve storms, blizzard "lion kg" conditio king"-like conditions. al is in panama city, florida,m thising. >> we are going to explain why we are here in a little bit. let's get to the big story that's going on right now. this coast-to-coast storm we started telling you about yesterday, this syste night, gusty winds i texas, new mexico. an enhanced risk of severe weather. tomorrow heavy snow and wind for the central plains. blizzard condiikonsy. severe storms across the deep south moving into sunday this system pushes into the northeast in new england. snow in northern maine but heavy rain throughout much of the northeast and new england. here are the impacts. heavy snow, as we said, blizzard conditions, gusty winds 40 miles per hour through the dakotas on nebraska. we also look a this possibility of severe weather, tornados developing. 16 million people at risk. and then as we make our way towards the east we've got damaging winds, hail, isolated
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tornados, including here in the florida panhandle. eight million folks at risk. heavy rain, widespread flooding possible through the floridand panhandlehat rain extends into the northeast and parts of the ohio and mississippi river valley. so it's a widanging system moving through and going to have a big impact throughout much of the co thank you so much. w>> and craig joins the table now. evelopments on a story we han been keeping a eye on. >> for the first time we are seeing new video of the confession of a colorado who admitted killing his own pl pregnt wife and two young daughters. new details emerging from the ess.s mis here is nbc national correspondent miguel almaguer. >> i don't know. reporter: hours of new video released by law enforcement take us inside thega interon room where, for the first time, chris watts in his own words breaks down to his father.
7:14 am
watts, who faile a polraph, later admitting to detectives are murdered his pregnant wife. >> i put my hands around my wife's deck and that same thing. >> reporter: their daughters, 3-year-oldte cel and 4-year-old bella, are also dead. >> they're gone. there's no bringing them back. >> reporter: after watts led detectives to their bodies, shanann was discoved in a shallow grave. bella and celeste were stuffed in nearby oil tanks. investigators also releasing footage of officers with search dogs first arriving at the this video shows him backing his truck into the familyarage where he loaded their bodies. >> the thing was so he was never hosttee. >> repor detectives also spoke to watts' mistress nicole
7:15 am
kissinger. police uncovered racy photos of her in a secret app on watts' phone. >> to this day, even after everything that i found out, i still look back at that and i don't seeny red lights with the way that he spoke of his mily. >> reporter: when kissinger learnes, of the murder she cooperated with authorities and was neverharged with a crime. police say she googled, did people hate amber friday, the mistress is o scot peterson, who also killed his pregnant wife? this molning a and calculating killer spending his slife behind b in a web of lies now exposed. for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news los angeles on thursday a massive document dump from investigators in the case caused a police server to crash. before that happened, though, multiple media outlets downloaded the materials and
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posted them online. if you are planning to fly the next couple of weeks, you could be in for some changes if your trips includeraveling through atlanta. delta air lines has opened the first all biometric airport terminal in the country. na means your face alone serves as your boarding pass. nbc's tom costello is there. this may be efficient,hey, tom? >> reporter: pretty cool. we are in delta terminal f. here's how it works. u walked up to the kiosk. it captures your image right mmere. itiately takes that photograph and compares it with your passport photo. if it matches, youe through. at the world's busiest airport, the all abouticking up pace. delta's international f terminal the first in the country to go completely biometric with facial recognition cameras replacing per tickets and passport
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it starts at the check-in kiosk. the camera recognizes your face, compares it to your passport photo on file and you're done. but don't forget your passport. you will still need to showt at the gate to prove you have one because when you get to youn destinatiohey are going to want to see your passport. when you check your bag, the camera again verifies is you. >> that's it? >> perfect. >> reporter: not just checking in and bag check, but come early next year you will be able to use your face as a boarding pass to get through tsa it's the same process when you get to the gate. the camera recognizes your face and you're on the plane. >> a long step. you ghn't have to go throu the hassles. >> reporter: homeland security already uses facial recognition cameras for arriving and departing international passengers, but delta is the first to add it to the entire check-in process curb to gate, shaving nine minutes off the
7:18 am
boarding time for an international flight. next month coming to detroit's international flights and soonh fl within the u.s. >> i think it's realistic to expect within the next coupls of to be able to experience this same benefit domestically as well. >> reporter: a slow rollout across thes country a facial recognition comes to an airport near you. here's how it works. this camera is actually taking a whole bunch of measurements of my face. the distance between my eyes, my nose, my ears, my mouth. the breadth and length of the nose and face. all of that isf part the measurements that they have on file. tsa andse homelanrity says it's 98% accate. so no more digging through your pockets to get your passport or ticket. literally, look at the camera an you're in. >> right. >> reporter: back to you. >> i guess it' special if you have twins. other than that, you're okay. >> thanks. let's go back to m roker. he is down in florida for the rest of the forecast. hey, al. >> reporter: hey, guys, good
7:19 am
morning. let's look at the rest of the country. as you mentioned, show you for today, we are looking at a lot of heavy rain down through the gulf coast. it's snowy and cold through the rockies. another storm comes into the pacific northwest. sunshine here in thelorida panhandle, but that will be changing over the next 24 hours. we will get to your local forecast coming up in the next 15 -- or 30 seconds. make it 30. good morning everybody. a little sliver o first thing this morning with the sun still low on the horizon
7:20 am
here, but skies are mostly cloudy. so sunshine will be at a premium today. inrrent temperature 3 washington. still a little colder in the shenandoah valley. low-to-mid 30s for most of the western and northern suburbs. rain chances 60% today. no heavy rain. certainly a period of light rain or some sprinkles. certainly a likelihoodoo today. aftehighs in the mid-40s today. rain likely again tomorrow afternoon and evenin >> and that is your latest weather. guys. we are going to check back in in a bit. >> also ahead, breaking overnight, shocking allegations against a high school that made worldwide headlines for these ivy league acceptance reactions. was it all a scam? guys, from here in washington, the important cse that has us teaming up with tom hanks. our exclusive conversation about that withhe beloved actor himself. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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just ahead, not one but two s jenna sit down with bono. how his relationship with her father is saving lives. look who is sitting our studio. you're headed down the highway when the guy in front slams on his brakes out of nowhere. you do, too, but not in time.
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this isn't a typical bank. this is banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? this is a news4 today news break. >> 7:26 is your time on this friday, november 30th, 2018. good morning to you. i'm unanimous. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. breaking news. marriott has announced massive security breach. the bethesda-based company believes that breach affects about m 500lion guests who made reservations at starwood properties. look for more information in nbc washington app. the university of maryland is trying to combat mold issues in campus dorms. the school announced plans to improve air-conditioning and ventilation in two dorm buildings. now let's check on your commute with melsa molett. how's it going, melissa? >> we have a pedestrian fatal crash investigation. this is in lorton right o now. poli the scene.
7:27 am
so southbound route at gunston road shut down because of this. hyattstown sthbound 355 afterd old hundad a crash at this point this morning. inner loop and outer loop of the beltway looking okay, no major delays there. >> thank you. today on news4 at 5, a local man goes from a deli counter in prince george's county to king of the ring. >> how a local boxer made it big time. that's on news4 at 5. a check on your forecast is next.
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good morning. mostly cloudy and cold. temperatures are mostly in the mid-30s currently, and there is an area of rain passing to our tiuth. our chance of g light rain and sprinkles around here is at 60% today. afternoon highs only in the mid-40s. your weekendplanner, cloudy and cold again tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon
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and evening. that rain should end early on sunday and a peek or two of sunshine on sunday afternoon should allow for a much milder day, up to 66. another local news update in 25 minutes. . what if you lost your network connection? you gotta be kidding me. chaotic. our gig-speed network lets you download files up to 20 times faster. and we go beyond fast with 4g lte backup for complete reliability. so, if you lose your network connection... ♪ ♪ you won't miss the deadlines. having the confidence of something that's never gonna go down would be priceless. right now, get fast reliable internet for a low price. sign up and get a $300 pre-paid card. comcast business. beyond fast.
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7:30 on this friday morning, november 30, 2018. what could be more festive than that? our newly lit paired with u2's version of the classic christmas baby please come home. ea>> there is an we picked that song. that's because our own jenna bush hager sat down with bono to talk about the life-saving work that brought him together with her father. jenna will join us in a moment to share that conversation. plus, down in d.c. savannah is also highlighting important work. >> hi. we had a great night last night at the hidde heroes gala. this is the elizabeth dole foundation's campaign to suprt andare for the people that are caring for our military veterans. the families who wake up at the crack of dawn and are at theid
7:31 am
be in hospital late at night and really helping to support our military vetwhans come home injured and wounded. it's an extraordinary effort. i am so excited to be a part of it, and we will talk to tom hanks about what he has been doing just ahead. >> all right. we'll get to that in just a moment, savannah. we start with a check of today's headlines. t nests in t russia investigation. michael cohen, president trump's fo pl atty and fixer said he lied to congress by undelaying the trump organization's plans to build a trump tower in moscow. he said he did it to keepenis stat consistent with what president trump was saying during the campaign. president trump now calls cohen a pron liar. >> he is a weak person and what he is tryin i to do get a reduced sentence. so he is lying about a project that everybody knew about. >> previously, cohen told congress he was not in touchus with anyan officials about
7:32 am
the project but now admits he did have contact withwo officials of vladimir putin's government. meanwhile, president trump saysi there was n illegal about pursuing the project while he was a candidate. >> the same area of northern california that was devastated by aildfire last month is h getting again. this time b flash flooding. the storm brought 1.5 inch of rain in an hour, totrling trees, apping motorists. butte couy ordered evacuations in some areas. southern california, more of the same. rers used a chopper to lift a han to safety after h was caught in a swollen river. al will be back in just a bit with thet latest forec in just a couple of minutes. the u.s. postal service is investigating one of its carriers this morning after the woman was caugh on surveillance video throwing packages. herk it out the simon family says it was shocked to see their package delivered via air mail, as in an underhanded toss. the carrier throws the package not just bonce, two times. the box was marked "handle with
7:33 am
caof." the posce says this is clearly unacceptable behavior that does not reflect the thousands of dedicated cares. this garnered national attention for sending underprivileged students to elite colleges. a bombshell repor in the "new york times", the school accused of lying about the accomplishments odethe stunts and it fostered a culture of >> i visited the college recently. while the school's accomplishments helping struggling low-income students t getting int universities impressive and inspiring, i had a healthy dose of skepticism about the methods used,ethods now under fire. >> reporter: it was the feel-good video seenund the world. a 16-year-old student opening his harvard acceptance letter viewed more than 8 million times.
7:34 am
but now after that video and others like went viral, the school, they y they all graduat is under fire. a "new york times" report released overnight, the tm landna school in louis facing accusations it falsified transcripts, made up student accomplishments, and mined the worst stereotypes of black america to manufacture up from hardship tales that sold toy ague schools hungry for diversity. we visited the school earlierea this where the students' growth seemed impressive, especially since the school's founders, mike and tracy landry, had no background i education. how did the founding. school happen? >> when we went to the school with our youngest son, he was passing, had good grades, all that stuff. and he couldn't read. >> reporte go the second. he could not read. at that point mike was like, oook, i'm going to home-school him. he him to grade levels in a summer. then we had other parents
7:35 am
come and say, well, if you did that with him, can you help my child? >> reporter: but you weren't remotely qualified to teach these kids? exactly. >> reporter: why were parents bringing them to your house? >> because when they c te visit they saw the smiles on kids' faces and the kids were saying, i'm learning, it's hard and weird, but we're learning. >> reporter: but according to "the times" who interviewed 46 sources, including parentnd current former students, former teachers and law enforcement agents, the kids were not one concerned parent had his child assessed at the sylvan learning center and found he was performing two grade levels behind. the parent telling "the times," the longer these kids stayed there, theth fur behind they were. another student who graduated from tm landry and went to wesleyan said she froze and failed her first chemistry tests shd walked out of a biology exam. left the university earlier this month after she said she fell into a depression over h
7:36 am
rst semester struggles. "the times" reporting that kids were afraid of the landrys, who fostered a culture of fear with physical and emotional abuse. students and teachers said students were forced toel k on hot pavement and were choked and berated, according to court documents. >> there was this little kid, he was probably 7 or 8, and he was acting u in class. mr. mike, he had took the kid by the neck and picked him up and body slammed him on the table. >> repter: in an interview, the landrys denied falsifying transcpts and college application. add for any allegations of abuse, michaelandry admitting, oh, i yell a lot. now a school once viewed by some as a dream come true, is becoming a nightmare. we should note here that we reached out to the school. i reached out to the landrys as well. so far no response. >> you would think that harvard, yale, and cornell would need
7:37 am
more than transcripts, s.a.t.s or another reason for the kids to get in. >> aft snding time with students and the landrys, they really teach to the test. by that i mean the a.c.t., the s.a.t. ey really focusn making sure that the students who are going to college know how to takehe test. you know, i mean, there are ways you can teach for the test and you may not be able to necessarily -- >> you feel s for the kids. >> you do. >> you really on. >> we willnue to follow this story. that big coast-to-coast stormnd impacting wee travel plans. al is in panama city, florida, with the latest. >> it's also affecting temperatures as well ahead of the sysm. we are getting a real big surge of warm air behind it, colder air being drawn in. we can show you the jet stream takes a dip out west. going up to the north in the eastern half of country, so it's growing, the warmth is growing there, turningr out west. dallas 13 degrees above average while denver will be 8 degrees
7:38 am
cooler. d.c. 44. that's 10 degrees belowverage today. saturday look at that warmth. indianapolis up to 59. austin will be 77. same in mobile, but las vegas will be 57 degrees. and then as we move into sunday, new york city is 60 with rain. atlanta3. degrees above average. while denver is going to be hit freezing at 32 degrees. that's what's going on around th cntry. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. good morning everybody. still getting just a little peak of sunshine on a friday morning. clouds will lower and thicken the nt couple of hours. temperature 38 at national airport and mostly in thelo to-mid 30s in the suburbs this morning. because the clouds are moving in that will seal out the sunshine and seal out much of aarmup. 60% chance of light rain and sprinkles today. you may want the u irella to pl on the safe side. afternoon highs today only in te mid-40s. upper 40s near 50 with rain likely saturday afternoon and evenomg. >> guys,g up in your 8:00 hour, we are going to be telling
7:39 am
you why we are here p inama city about taking a, shining a light on whaees going on after hurricane michael. we will be honoring some first responders in our 8:00 hour. ll right. coming up, how is this for a star-studded lineup? check it out. the legendary dolly parton is here. she is going to treat us to a live performance. also, steph curry's response to a 9-yeaold asking why his shoes aren't madeor girls. plus, bono opens up to jenna about his unlikely friendship with her father and the mission that shaped his life. before all of that, savannah goes o on one with tom hanks to spotlight a very worthy cause for our country's military families. that's right after this. sumsung phones you get a free 50" samsung 4k tv. seriously, no! [announcer]seriously! t-mobile is giving you a free 50" tv.
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7:44 am
sun comes up, that there are folks out there who are trying to get by right now who may not know about hidden heroes. >> i love that. carson joins the table. that's the beloved tom hanks talking about theovable savannah guthrie. you got the special event last night. tell usbout it. >> we really did. i had the privilege of emceeing the first annual hid-heroes gala to honor the americans who are caring for those who served our country. this is my first opportunity to be a part of this campaign as the hidden heroes ambassador for the elizabeth dole foundation. i was not alone. mptom hanks has been a cn of this cause from the very start. before that event we had a chance to sit down and talk about why it means so much to him. youa playe lot of roles that are either of veterans or touch upon these issues. >> yes. >> but it's not assumed that that would mean that you would want to make this a part of your life's work, and yet yot have. >> af the work that i did
7:45 am
open my eyes to an awful lot of stuff that your average civilian might not pay attention to. >> move your men! >> reporter: on film, tom hanks has fought on the front linst, epping into the shoes of those who served our country in movies like "saving private ryan." >> hey, bubba. >> hey, forrest. >> and "forrest gump." >> you rarely ask for help but you deserve our support. >> reporte led him to a bigger mission. giving back to those who gaveo much. >> given the option, what can you do in order to aid some aspect of making our, forming a more perfect union,n to coi a phrase. >> reporter: for hanks it's not just helping those who risk entheir lives to d our country. we talk a lot about veterans. and i don't think we can paytt enoughtion to our veterans, especially since we are the beneficiaries of their service. >> so much that they do, yes. reporter: hidden heroes is all about the people that care
7:46 am
for veterans who have come back with wounds some you can see, some you can't? >> yes. on the bruce springsteen song, we take care of our own. >> reporter: lt night hanks was honored adds the chair of the hidden a overpasses heroech campaign, la by the elizabeth dole foundation. it looks to give a voice and support to 5.5 million military >>caregivers. 5:00 in the morning. >> reporter: family and friends whose lives are also changed in an instant. nd it's whenever he needs me. >> reporter: mostly serve in silence. >> it is 24 hos a day that that loved one is going to require a certain type of care and attention, and one hum being, one spouse or one family cannot do it by themselves. not without suffering stresses and strains on their finances, not getting enough sleep, y know. >> reporter: or not living the life they thought they were going to live? >> signed up for. >> reporter: through the hidden
7:47 am
heroes campaign hanks ho as to buil community so caregivers know they are not alone. >> the great thing about america i think is that people will show up to help. this is not a self-serving thin but people aske about playing fred rogers all the time. he said something amazing look to the helpers. look to the people who show up. it might be babysitting somebody's kids, drivingdy someo junior college, it might be sitting with the wounded veten, the veteran that is now at home and helping them get through the course of the day or driving them around. there are a myriad of things that an individual can do if they just are made aware t of need. that is service to people who really need it. not just the veterans, but to that spouse and to that family who may be stretched to the extent of their ability tothet ugh the day. the simplest tiny things may make a huge difference in
7:48 am
somebody's day, and that means in their life. >>eporter: it's not just the thing that they do or a service they provide. i think it's also that caregiver knowing that they are seen. >> yes. and they are supported. everybody can write a check o without doubt. everybody can show up at an event. but it is not a substitute for one-on-one connection and one-on-one help. >> guys, tom hanks' commitments to this contagious, it's infectious. he walks the walk. he is calling caregivers and keeping in touch with thhe, sending letters. and in our next hour you are going to meet an incredible family. a veteran, his caregiver, and we had quite the surprise for them. so can't wait to show you that in a few. >> good s iff. >> a greerview, savannah. >> i don't know if he is running, but i vote for him. also ahead, another superstar doing life-saving
7:49 am
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(woman) hey mom, about tomorrow, we're g(g(woman)ave to cancel. ohit'n. (kevin) i have head lice. (kevin) now the couch has lice! (grandma) i'll mail your gifts. ♪ s this i a news4 today news break. >> 7:56 is your time on this friday, november 30th, 2018 i'm eunyang. right now let's check in on your first4 traffic. taking a look at the roads in lorton, southbound route 1 at gunston road. a fat pedestrian crash investigation. drivers getting by one lane each treks on the northbound side.
7:57 am
another problem southbound 355 after old hundred, all traffic turning right o to 109 there in hyattstown. southbound 270 after middlebrook road a crash with the left side blockel we wileck your forecast when we . hey, batter, batter, batter, batter.
7:58 am
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we're working to make things simple, easy and awesome. a fair amount of cloudover overhead. temperatures in the mid-30s across most of the area and att area of light rain passing to the south. some drizzle, light rain, isolated sleet pellet or two a possibily.y. mid-40s to near 50 tomorrow with rain likely saturday afternoon and evening and milder in time for sunday afternoon. now back to "the today show."
8:00 am
it's 8:00 8:00. coming up, weekend washout. a massive storm system bringing erdasoungdi con england. heavy rains out west.rd bliz-like conditions in the midwest. snow, ice, and rai the middle east. al is tracking it all. plus, bono and bush. >> do you remember the first time you met my dad? >> yes. >> jenna sits down with music legend bono to talk about his special partnership with her father that's helping save lives acro across globe. and a dolly good time. the one and only dolly parton stops by studio 1a ald we c not be more excited. today is friday, november 30th, 2018.
8:01 am
♪ if i could do it all again >> turning 62. >> it's me! >> celebrating mom's 65th birthday. >> from maple ove, minnesota. >> woo!od >> is m birthday. >> 5and fabulous. >> nifty in our 60s. >> from bakersfield to see savannah and hoda. >> on "today," woo! great crowdw york. welcome back to "today." boy, i wish i were there with you. hoda and craig are holding down the fort in studio a 1. i am here in washington, d.c. just ahea w guys,e will have more of wur conversatioh tom hanks and we have a big surprise for a military family that is being helped by the
8:02 am
hidden heroes campaign. and that was quite a moment. can't wait to tell you about it. >> w can't wait either. you know who else is here in studio? >> dolly parton. >> come on. >> i love her so much, tell her. ll dolly to call me. >> we will see you i a bit. right to the ns at 8:00, president trump arriving in argentina overnight for a high-profile trade talks at the or0 summit. nbc white housespondent peter alexander is traveling with the president. peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, craig, good morning to you. president trump eying this globalsummit, the g20 as an opportunity to showcase his deal making skills ahort time ago, participating in a signing ceremony. a new trade deal that replaces nafta. alongside hispa counts from canada and mexico. congress needs tot ratify t deal still. there is a glaring hole on the u president's 48trip here. that scheduled sitdown with ladimir putin has now been canceled. it was supposed to be the marquee meeting of this visit. president trump making the
8:03 am
announcement thursday after boarding air force one, an hour after saying it was a good time for the meeting. the white hou says he consulted with some of his top aides, including his secretary of state, and that they it because of russia's aggression against three ukrainian ships earlierwe this . the timesing was notable because the president had been briefed on that several days ae announcn three hours after the president's long-time former lawyer michael cohen's guilty plea became a r spokesperson this morning saying the president's decision, the true reason hadin no to do with russia's actions in the region, but with' president trown domestic political problems. hoda, craig, back to you. >> peter alexander there in argentina. december is about to roll in with a nasty storm, bringing dangerous weather to much of the al has the latest from panama city, florida. >> good morning, guys. as we close the dr on the 2018
8:04 am
hurricane season, we are worried about all of this storminess firing up. let's show you what we have going on right now. we have winter storm watches, we have got blizzard warnings, winter weather advisories stretching from california all the way into the midwest and we have strong storms getting ready toire up and bring severe weather into the gulf coast and into the mid panhandle area of florida. anywhere enhanced risk 16 million people at risk for tornados developing during the day today. tomorrow we are looking for a slight risk in the panhandle of florida, the gulf coast, thei mississiver valley for 8 million people. we are looking at heavy rain firing up. in fact, here in the panhandle we could be looking at flooding, but str ag winds damaging rain anywhere from one to three inches throughout a good portion of the country. blizzard warnings and conditions, i should say, blizzardhe conditions in upper midwest and the central plains. that's theha latest on system.
8:05 am
we will have more coming up in just a little bit. guys. >> all right. al, back to you in a few minutes. thank you. breaking news about a massive hotel data breach thate could a as many as 500 million custome. marriott revealing that someone hacked the guest reservation database for the starwood properties starting in 2014. it says the breach was just discovered about two months ago. informatn that was exposed included some passport, phone, and credit ca numbers as well as birth dates and addresses. marriott says it will start sending emails to affected customers today. all right. we he the news covered. ready for the morning boost? 9-year-old riley morrison wapp dinted because she wanted a new pair of basketball sneakers. the golden state warriors fan could only find her top pick steph curry series 5 in boys shzes on the under armour website. e wrote a letter to the twuetime mvp, and what? she got a personal response.
8:06 am
curry sai he and under armour would fix t website and he promised to send her a pair of curry fives, which he said were unisex. >> i was happy the letter wasn't typed. it was handwritten. >> i'm just so thrilledst with h curry and his response and the fact that he made my daughter's y, week, year. i mean, she is over the moon about this. >> loveret. oh, ts more, too. curry said riley will be one of the first to see curry's six shoe. a special event for international women's day. that's steph curry, man. what a good guy. >> he is my favorite. class act. coming up, more from savannah in d.c. and her inspiring conversation with none other than tom hanks himself on the hidden heroes campaign. plus, their very special surprise for a military family. >> cannot wait to see that.
8:07 am
first, another superstar who inspires. jenna sits dow b witho to talk art, activism and the special bondres e shawith her father coming up right after this. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪
8:08 am
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8:12 am
this morning on today's talker a rock star arcs president and a special friend. the white hse announcing at president trump will soon sign legislation providing more funding for ahe fightinst aids in africa. >> it will extent the plan for aids launched byde pre bush in 2003. jenna sat down with a man who helped convince her dad to make it happen. >> i did. a big deal. bono. when supply dad my d-- wheny dad became friends, they were one of the oddest couples in politics. it's now credited with saving 16 llion lives. >> this one of the most heroic chapters in the history of america. it's right up there with the space program. >> reporter: if you want to see what changing the world looks like, check out t fac of
8:13 am
these children in malawi. or meet pepsi, a nurse w spent a lifetime make the rounds in th here. >>years ago, would you have been laughing? >> no, no, i would have been sad. >> reporter: that's because back then this is what she saw. theon desperati and homelessness of a continentailagued by the virus. >> it's just an accident of geography. it's just whereou were born deciding whether you live or die. you have that problem here in new york. you live, you build. if you lived in malawi, you died. >> reporter: during the first time you met my dad? >> yeah, he didn't want to see me. just fairnoug eh. was the guy w the office and get him to look up fro h big oak table there in the oval officeis to let values tell him what to do.
8:14 am
i don't know if it's a texas thing, but your father felt the weight of responsibility presiding over this, the greatest health crisis in 600 years. >> seldom has history offered greater opportunity to do so much for so many. >> i rember that moment. when your father finally committed to this, he promise in the state of the union speech he would get those drugs on bicycles, on motorcycles, however it took. he would get them there. it was a ridiculous idea in some quarters. how are youoing to do this? it's complicated meditene. >> repor but in malawi, i met with a room fusi of hiv-potive mothers. thanks to pepfar and medication, all of your babies were born without hiv? >> yes. >> reporter: when you tellmo a er her baby is hiv negative, what reaction do you get? >> they start dancing. >> reporter: they dance? >> yeah. my baby now is free. >> you see that joy and the
8:15 am
defiance in her laugh, that gives me hope finall m >> reporte dad said without you, pepfar would never hbee . >> i think you have to look through the shenanigans of political cartooning and seeing that some people can have different views and still be principled people. it was hunting and fishing week. but you look at hise f and think people's sexiest man alive. >> reporter: i saw a p ture my dad posted of you whilet the ranch. it's such an odd couple. >> i have in comedic relationship with your father. we were riding the motorcade. people w te waving from side of the road and i said t him that, you are very popular. i didn't think you were this popular, mr. president. he said, when i first came here, they used to wave at me with one finger. >> reporter: that was a good impersonation, by the way.
8:16 am
>> i have become very fond of him. it's funny because underneath his armor, there is passion, compassion. he has it. >> reporter: what would you se to peoho say, we have already paid billions, we need to worry about us over here. >> i know the people whose lives will be lost to this. i know the health workers who have their lives turned upside down watching the waste of human potential. it's less than half a percent of the government budget that fights perty overseas. less than half of a percent. ♪ >> reporter: you played music forever. how does this work compare to that work? >>t's not lik i do the art and then do the activism. it's all the same. i have been able to make my celebrity, i can't stand the word, useful.
8:17 am
i decided u2 and my family,st i roud of. i know he feels similar. we are bound together whether he likes it or not. >> reporter: or whether you like it. >> hopefully americans remember what you can achieve when you work with people you don't agree with. >> fun. so fun together. >> you know, it's so interesting because they may seem completel different, but their work together has done so much. he said you don'tgr have to on everything, but if you agree on one thing passionately enough, you can be tied to somebody forever. >> that's the greatest life that was awesome. >> and i got to spend time with no. hello! >> that's the second greatest. >> bono andl my dad w continue to fight against aids. a particular concern, women are twice as likely to be infected in parts of africa. bon bono realway, but we have to keep fighting. >> you said 23 cents. it's like nothing.e
8:18 am
it's l change. it changes somebody's life. >> it's incredible the work they are done. >> we are going to head to al in florida for a check on the weather. >> hey, guys, thanks so much. we are here servire these first responders. we are in panama city, but this wholeanhandle is jus ated by hurricane michae back in october and causing am massive dage. third most powerful hurricane to hit the u.s. and so we wanted to shine a light on what's going on here. so let's take a quick look, show you what's going on as far as the weather is concerned.ou we will tellore about it on the back side. we are looking at, again, severe weather making its way through the gerf coast l today and on into tomorrow. snowy, chilly weather back ocound thees. thanks so much. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in yr ne of the woods. skies are becoming more and more cloudy andy eventuahere will be a chance for some sprinkles and light rain later on in the day. nothing heavy though. current temperatures on the cold
8:19 am
side of the mid-30s for most of the suburbs. there is that area of rain mainly to the south. you can see there is certainly a chance for a drizzle drop and maybe eve a lonely sleet pellet or two. we are above freezing, so we are not looking fny accumulations. nonetheless, cold enough. then for tomorrow rain saturday afternoon and evening. much milder on sunday afternoon. >> and that's your latest weatitr. i am here our sponsor, one of our sponsors from state farm, dawn mckenzie. why did you decide to have this fantasticfor these first responders here in the panhandle? >> well, al, we have been on the ground, boots on the ground for hurricane michael since itit so we've really had an opportunity to see the huge impact that our first responders have had. so what we really wanted to do was to t recognim and to just ensure that they know how appreciated they are. we are also here giving outcuome ty devices and grants to our local organizations.
8:20 am
again it's jusay a to say thank you and to give back to the organizations and to theho people have given so much to help this kplupt recover. >> reporter:s and there lot to do around here. a lot of folks feel like the have been forgotten down here? >> i hope not. we h fest responders, community organizations and state farm is here as well. >> reporter: thank you so:a heartwarming sto coming up in our next half hour. you don't want to miss it. back to you guys. >> we can't wait. to i savanna d.c. and her night honoring the brave caregivers out there. >> hi, guys. it was an amazing night. more than 5 million spouses a loved one across the country face enormous challenges. they are caring for our wounded veterans and they often do so in silence. hidden heroes is an organization aiming to bring aention to the untold store's of military caregivers. two american citizens originally from uganda. one who served on t battlefield and one still
8:21 am
serving at home. >> reporter: pat and jimmyn oche love spending time outside in their hometown of arlington, virginia, taking their 8-year-old son william to drive golf balls. on thehe surface t couple is cheerful and supbeat, so hard to imagine the great challenges this family has faced. >> being marrd, there are going to be -- you don't know what to expect. it's life or death. you pray. theyou never are told about in between, you know. he is coming back alive, but not aliv >> reportejimmy, a refugee from uganda, joi md thearines at 26. he was dep tyed threeimes. twice to iraq and once to afghanistan o afghanistan. n injur he now suffers from post-traumatic stress. >> nobody prepared me for how tough life was going to be, the sacrifices i would have to make.
8:22 am
>> reporter: sacrifice which included side linin her dream of pursuing a ph.d. so she to could ce for husband and young son. the isolation at times was unbearle until she was putti in touch with hidden heroes and other >> if you are a militaryre ver, there is no jacket or a cape, but you serve our country every day. >> reporter: osc winner tom hanks has been maychairman of t hidden heroesampaign since the beginning. hidden heroes is about the people who care for veterans who come back with wounds, some you can see, some you can't. >> yeah, it is 24 hours a day that that loved one is going to require a certain type of care ann, attent and one human being, one spouse or one family canno it by themselves. >> reporter: caregivers need help, and hden provides a way to volunteer that help or ask r. >> it might just be babysitting somebody's kids. it might be sitting wh the wounded veteran, the veteran
8:23 am
that is now at home, and helpi t them getough the course of the day or driving them around. there is a myriad ofthings. >> reporter: the thing that they do or the service they provide n is also that caregiver knowing that they are seen. >> yes. everybody could write a check without a doubt. but it is not a substitute for one-on-one connection. >> reporter: and senator elizabeth dole has been making those connections for years by creating the hidden heroes campaign as part of her foundation caring for military families. she was about to cnect us with pat and jimmy. they have no idea tom hanks is hind this door. are you pat? savannah. can i give you a hug's ito nice to meet you. oh, i brought a friend. oh! that's a good listen, let's do that thing that men do where they slap each other on the back. >> reporter: this is abouteo
8:24 am
honoringe like you, pat, and those who do the work of caring for our heroes. your husband. >> thank you. >> reporter: what has this orgazation meant to you? what was life like before and now?s it >> i can be very honest and tell you that i was lost. i remember just walking through the corridors in the hospital utand finding spouses, there was no connection until we discovered the elizabeth dole foundation. then ifi was shocked to nd out that there is a whole world of caregivers out there, military caregivers. next thing you knew we started sharing resources and telling each other we had to find thinlu. >> reporteding the help jimmy needed and a way for him and his devoted wif go back to school. >> you grew up inganda. he served in the united states marine corps. you are getting your ph.d. and he is getting his bachelor's degree. >> yes. er serving with three tours of duty, what better primmer do you need than the
8:25 am
promise of the united states of america and how what can happen when we all come together, when somebody raise their hand and says, i can help with that. >> very true. >> thank you. reporter: and it was an extraordinary evening. the first annual h hdenoes gala honoring these caregivers with extraordinary courage. >> saying, hey, we are here, yon . hidden heroes. we feel that our voice is heard. we are proud. we are notiding anymore. >> i wish you could have felt what i felt in that room. so many caregivers who are just working in tws sha every day to support our veterans, and they were just surrounded with love and respect. my thanks to tom hanks and senator elizabeth dole who is t tireless is work. guys, we are just getting started. >> that was beautiful, savannah. >> what do you got, mr. daly? all right. a national treasure. look who is here.
8:26 am
dolly parton, ladies and gentlemen! hello,ly d good to see you. >> good to see you toorks. >> you have a movie, a new album and a live performance coming up. first a look at your local news and weather. this is a news4 today news break. >> good morning,bo eve. 8:26 on this friday, november 30th. i'm aaron gilchrist. right now we will start with ac k on the morning commute. melissa molett has your first4 traffic. >> good rirning, aaron. t now beltway is looking good. an earlier crash outer loop at 193. that has cleared. so has this. this is where a fatal pedestrian southbound route 1 was. open in both di.iore ns h way, high yachts town 3 a reopened near 100. we will have a check on the forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:27 am
8:28 am
thanks. it's like a smart thing. what's the weather? [cowza device] sunny, perfect chicken eating weather. how'd you get in here? [cowza device] it's time for chicken. what's the traffic like? [cowza device] rerouting you to chicken. okay. hey cowza, order pizza. [cowza device] ordering chicken. no, pizza. [cowza device] chicken. moooo okay, chicken it is. it's chick-fil-a catering season. [cowza device] now that's smart. cloudy skies for just about everybody. light rain for a few andhere might be an isolated sleet pellet or two mixed in asur temper are just at or above the freezing mark. so certainly cold enough to have a rata tat tat of sleet here or there. no acculations asemperatures
8:29 am
will gradually climb, albeit wcold, above freezing. near 50 with rain likely saturday afternoon. >> thank you. you can get the latest news and weather anytime in the nbc washington app.
8:30 am
[ cheers andpplause ] 8:30 on this fridayin morng. hi is november the 30th, 2018. can i just say somng? we had a massive crowd out here today. >> a heck o a crowd. >> i think it has a lot -- >> the one, the only doppler. b dolly parton. >> walk with me. in time for t holidays we have an exclusive first look of one
8:31 am
of the season's hottestts g ladies and gentlemen, we have a full line offortnite" toys by jazz ware. let me go down the line. i play "fortnite." i play a lot thiss the llama. this is the llama piñata. that is awesome. you have 23 little toys in all of that. here is the pluck llama. you can haveou that in room. the kids will love that. that's only ten bucks. i'm telling iu, this like the hottest stuff for the holidays. this is a four-inch figurepack, less than 40 bucks. your kid's genetically-alteroin. or me, i wife's watching, look at this. oh, this is cool stuff right here. this is the turbo builder set. look at that! yep, i'll have one of those. and here we got the lute chest. all of these toys will are made available tomorrow. so happy shopping. happy "fortnite."
8:32 am
a lot of fun. don't get me started. speaking of," "fortnite let me borrow this. this is all of that stuff right here. >> this is happening. >> i love it. where is john henry,hn indiana? henry? how you doi, buddy? >> john henry? >> how are you? >> good. >> you have a birthday recently? >> yeah. >> how old are you? >> 13 skbr you like "fortnite"? >> yeah. >> what is your favorite skin? >> the nutcracker. >> buddy, this is for you, okay? >> wow! yay! >> tt's cool. >> watch your screen time. don't play too much, but have fun when you play. happy birthday. welcome to new york. good to have you. that's great. >> in a moment, the moment we've all bn waiting for, we are about to sit down, you guys, and talk with and listen to dolly parton. some live music from that icon coming up. then on the third hour of "today for the holiday season,
8:33 am
stress. we have creative things we can all try to battl again stress. and lester holt is going to join us as well. >> oh, w. all right. but first, down to al in panama city. >>y, guys, thanks so much. this part of florida so devastated by hurricane michael. we are surrounyd b the brave men and women, the first responders, not just the fire and police. we have got also folks from salvation army. we have got folksro f habitat for humanity,lt animal ser volunteers all helping to rebuild after hurricane michael. a quick look at your weekend weather, show you what's happening. we are looking tomorrow we are going to see stronstorms down through the southeast. look for heavy snow through the rockies. now and wind through the plains blizzard conditions. sunday, sunday we are looking at it's turning mildner the mid-atlantic state. wet weather in the east coast. rain in the pacific northwest. that's what's going on around the country.
8:34 am
here's what's happeni o in your nef the woods. >> soood. i'm storm team4 meteorologist chuck bell. dloud outside. there are areas of rain acrosst parts of c virginia and northern virginia now. a couple of raindrops which could includele pellet or two in winchester and loudon county. temperatures are at or above the freezing mark. precipitation is super duper light. eventually we will skeek into the low and mid-40s today.ol cloudy and tomorrow morning, rain sunday afternoon, mild on sunday. >> announcer: friends in floridd s crey "today" with our sponsor state farm. turn caring into doing. neighborhoodarm's of good dot-com. >> and as we said, we are here in panama city florida. this area so devastated by hurricane michael our trip made possible by the great folks at state farm. and standingith me here is
8:35 am
chelsea, her daughter rain. they made it through this hurricane, but they needed a little help from social media and first responders. >> breaking news. extremely dangerous. urricane michael strengthens overnight. now a powerful category 4. >> it's never happened before in 167 years ofrd keeping re there has never been a category 4 storm to make landfall in the panhandle. >> we went on an emergency schedule wt we call the alpha bravo shift. so, basically, everyone woofs 12 on, 12 >> we pushed the couch in front of the door and tried to block as many windows as possible with whatever we could find. it started getting more violent. right as that eye picked up and passed over w us, thed started
8:36 am
up and the trailer hit the window. the wind brushed in through the house and it completely lifted the roof off all in one piece. very quily it was a maybe five seconds it took for all of that to happen. once this window went, that entire roof came off. i think the number one thought in my head was praying towards go asking him to protect us. i didn't have enough service to call anybody. luckily, there was just enough to get onebook and make those posts. my first post was just to say help and put an address. >> it had reposted over 1,000 times and then it got to a riend of my sister's who then forwarded it to my sister. my sister lives in aurora, colorado. the friend knew that she had a brother that was a deputy in bay county, sent it to erika, and erika sent it to me. i think that's pretty amazing. that's nothing short of a miracle. >> it was very dangerous and
8:37 am
frightening, and i honestly didn't know if we were going to make it out without being hurt alive even. >> shortly after the storm it looked like a forest. i mean, these giant oak trees are blocking every roadway, power lines are down everywhere. >> i was shocked to see the officers pull up. >> and chelsea is in thes passenge seat with a small baby and she has like egg crate mattress toppers covering the windshield. >> i cried so much. i didn't think i had anything left to ace was swollen. it was a big shock. he asked if he could hold the baby and i said absolutely. and his partner, he actually, he took a picture for us. and it waser atouching moment. and that's a picture i will keep forever in my heart and i hpee le look at that moment the same way that i do with as much gratefulness. >> and we are here withhelsea and little rain and your fiance
8:38 am
austin. and what would you say to deputy procter if he were here? >> thank you very much forhi everyt he did for us. >> on second thought, why don't you tell him yourself.ig he is r here. jason procter, t deputy and his partnergo michael. od to see you guys. >> hey. ah! >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> you were about to tell me what you were going to say to him. >> i want to tell y'all thank oru very much for everything that y'all done f us. i will never be able to thank y'all for the fullest extent. had it not been for you, i don't know what we would have we didn't have enough supplies to be stuck for days out there. i appreciate t very much. >> thank you guys so much. >> what is going through your mind right now? >> well, really, i thiyb that evy that reposted the initial posting is really the
8:39 am
heroes. that travelled across the country thousands of times, and just got to the right people. i mean, everyone behind us has done similar things like this. this is just part of our job. >> and you guys have done such amazing work. we wanted to thank you, so we got a little som you in the truck. we brought in bashoally some day dinners for you. so come on up. everybody. all of you guys, come on. [ applauot ] >> we have sides. we have got ham for you. come on in. and we hope you have a great holiday. we really appreciate everything you have all been doing here for the folks here in the panhandle. thank you so much. >> thank you. we appreciate it. all right. guys, bac to you. these folks have been doing so much work. we want toobake sure ny forgets it. by the way, chelsea, a little something for you guys as well. for little rain. thank you.
8:40 am
merry christmas. happy holidays, okay? happy holidays. >> thank you. here we go. all right. you guys. >> that's great. >> don't you love it? >> so deserd. >> i love when we highlight stories like that. >> the helpers. >> thanks, guys. thanks, al. up next, the one, the only dolly parton. we are going to chat with the country queen. plus, she is going to perform fo us live. first, this is "today" on nbc. . first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:41 am
8:42 am
♪ >> all right. we have been waiting and waiting. you know it's going to be a great day when the lovely and talented dolly parton stops by. >> she is here with a brand new album to the soundtrack to the new netflixak movie. let' a listen. here is dolly singing one of the new son called girl in the movies.
8:43 am
♪ and i want to shine ♪ i want to be happy i want to be free just like the girl in the movies ♪ >> okay. that song makes you want to get the kleenexes out. first of all, we are so excited that youre here. and this song, not only is it awesome when you listen to it, there is already oscar buzz around this. that's like that one there for you, right? >> well, that would be great. i have beenominated twice. i am happy just to be nominated, but it would be great to win that. this is a contender possibly. so it's the theme song kind of from theumpling movie. >> we love the idea of this mo,e. first of aennifer aniston, she came across the book. it's based on little girl who just looked up to you. tell us about that. >> yes, the little girl was kind of overweight in the book. she just built her confirnce as mother was a beauty queen who is played by jennifer
8:44 am
anisto anyway, daniel mcdonnell is they girl that pl her. she is wonderful, by the way. anyhow, she wants to be special. so she kind of, inhe book, she grew up loving my music. she and her aunt lucy,nd going by dolly sayings and that sort of thing. wh i heard about the book i thought it was great. jennifer called and said i am going to make this into a movie. would you allow us to use some o your music? cours,f ce.would you write the music? aye aii wit shd, linda of perry and did a lot of new songs along with some old ones and here we are. >> i ran into linda at nbc yesterday. >> yeah, she is terrific. i love her. >> she is great. doing b aefit show for the people in california for the wildfires. >> she couldn't be here this morning. as here last night. >> she produced the soundtrack? >> she did, she produced it. we wrote five new songs together an a there is original that i'm singing. >> macy gray. >> yeah, macy ay.
8:45 am
>> allison kraus. >> yeah. >> miranda? >>ea and miranda lambert. >> can i tell you, so many things to love about one of the things we love is this morning you were rehearsing. you are going to play thifo son us. it's going to be amazing. but we were sitting here and your trumermer got the drum bea and you broke out into this moment. >> oh, you taped it? >> we did. >> well, that gets your blo going. >> i mean -- >> we were doingfo t for you. >> it meant the world to us. do you get that reaction every onme? >> that is so exercising, working people. we are all getting uparly in e morning, getting that cup of ambition and hitting the streets. >> what is your cup of in the morning? then what happened to dolly parton? >> actually, iet up early. i am usually up by 30k. i go to bed early. >> what are you doing at 3:00 a.m.? i get up,e do my lit
8:46 am
meditations, my spiritual work and then i look over the work i have to do. i enter mail, i call in different things. >> get your work done? >> i get more work done between 3:00 and 7:00 than most people do all day. et.s q the energy is low except mine. so g a lot done. i love the wee hours, i call it. >> what do you do before you fall asleep? >> i pray. and that's the first thing i do when i get up. i thank the lord for another day and i say thank you for this day. >> you said love is the holidays? >> i love christmas. i am like a kid. i love a the holidays. i dress the part. >> yes, you do. >> i have nieces and nephews come over to my house, itaress like slaus. >> dolly clause. >> claus. >> live performance coming up after is. >> but this is "today" on nbc. >> good deal. you covered a lot of stuff.
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
>> announcer: the citi concert series o "toda is proudly presented to you by citi. >> finally,he moment has arrived. we are back with one of our favorites, country music legend dolly parton. >> here she is performing girl in the movies off the dumpling soundtrack. lly, take it away. you.ank ♪ popcorn velvet cushion seats and soft armrest ♪ ♪ best seat in my favorite movie house ♪ ♪ starty dreaming as the ligh go out ♪ ♪ and up on theilver screen i
8:50 am
picture me ♪ ♪ living out my passions, hopes, andes fanta♪ ♪ i want to be the girl in the movies ♪ ♪ the one withli the in her eyes ♪ ♪ the girl that fills the music beautiful with grace a style ♪ ♪ i sing out her story standing in her glory ♪ ♪ happy ever after ♪ i want to be the girl in the♪ movie ♪ wish i had a nickel for each dime i spent♪
8:51 am
♪ watching others live their lives with confidence ♪ ♪ can't keep living in this make believe ♪ ♪ coming attractions will be starring me ♪ ♪ oh i want to b the girl in the movie ♪ ♪ the oneith thetars in her eyes♪ she gets the role she chooses ♪ she can laugh or she can cry ♪ ♪ standing in her glory ♪ whatever i'm supposed to say there ♪ ♪ but always happy ending ♪ i want to be the girl in the
8:52 am
movie ♪ ♪ i showorhe just what i'm about ♪ ♪ i'm stepping upnd i'm stepping out ♪ ♪ i'm feeling bold and i'm feeling proud ♪ ♪ yes i'm going to be that girl ♪ ♪ oh i wantt to be t girl in the movie ♪ ♪ mmm i'm going to stand up and because i have had enoh of my dreams being shattered ♪ ♪ and i've had enough of my tears being splattered ♪ ♪ i hav already been that girl ♪ ♪ oh i want to be ♪ i want to be i want to be that girl in the movie ♪ ♪ and i wantt to to shine ♪ just like that girl in the movie ♪
8:53 am
shine, girl, shine! [ cheers and applause ]ou >> y go, girl! >> yes. >> dolly parton. >> ty need to serve a box of t kleenex witht song. >> thank you. >> beautiful though. >> thank you. >> that was awesome. again, the dumpling soundtrack is out today. >> so good. dolly parton, thank you so much. ol>> more with d in our fourth hour coming up. back in a moment. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ cancer is smart. it pushes us.
8:54 am
we push back. challenging conventional thinking. s.finding smarter solution that's what makes cancer treatment centers of america one of the leaders in presion cancer treatment. using tools like advanced genomic testing and immunotheraptoto bring more options ur patients. cancer treatment centerof america. we're not just fightg cancer any more. visit to learnore. the holidays make me look forward to chick-fil-a honestly. every year we have an ugly sweater party. i like the manatee. that one is cute. i love this. we cater it with chick-fil-a. the crowd pleaser. scott's always so helpful. while the food's coming out as quickly as we can, since she usually has a small child with her, we want to make sure we help them to their car. it takes the stress out of the holidays. we're going to help no matter what. scott, here's a present.
8:55 am
it's my own ugly sweater! it's dinos! you'd win the prize. you think i win? you win the prize! okay. are we the happiest we have ever been? >>t's just sit here for a moment. am happy, too. >> we love you, dolly. >> thank you. >> what do you have coming up, willie? >> i have on sunday benedict cumberbatch. a great convelyation. but darton is here.
8:56 am
>> what is it about that song? there is something about that song. women re crying just listeni to that. >> you are such an incredible storyteller. you really embody the lyric and deliver it in a way that' so beautiful. >> thank you. i think when we were going to the movies when we were kids, w dream of what we want to become. when we do, we get emotional about it, like you. >> we love you, dolly. >> , thank you. bye. s t is a news4 today news eak. >> good morning everybody. 8:56 on this friday, november 30th. right now let's check on the morning commu with melissa molett. she is in first4 traffic. >> good morning. right now bethesda northbound 270 there at democracy the right side blocked. not much of a delay. ntat is good. ville westbound 66 before 28 a crash with the right side blocked right now. and beltway l most partks mainly dry, a little bit of
8:57 am
radar showing some rain on the west side. >> all ght. thank you. we will have a look at your forecast when we come back. stay with us.
8:58 am
8:59 am
cloudykies and already pocket of mostly light rain moving in. there could be sleet pellets on i-66 through parts of warren county. temperatures are just above the freezing mark there. we will climb eventually into the mid0s later o in the afternoon today. this is 6 chance of sprinkles. steady rain tomorrow. unday looks like a nice day, aaro over to you. >> thank you. and you can get the latest news and weather anytime in the nbc washington app. now back to "today."
9:00 am
live, from studio 6a, this is "today." [ applause ] >> hey, everyone. f >> il like i want to clap. re you can clap. you know who the clapping for? you. lester holt here. he set his alarm early to be with us. it is friday. >> ah. >> i don't know i you all need it the way i do. >> yes. >> happy friday. you made . i'm jenna, with craig, and sheinelle. as we mentione special guest appearance, by the one and the only lester holt. >> this is fun. i spent 12rs on the "today" show. this is back to those muscle memory thingsre clicking in right now. >> when you set your alarm, was it a little panic? >> it wasn't too bad. this is the later


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