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tv   News4 Today at 400  NBC  December 3, 2018 4:00am-4:30am EST

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the presidency in a moment rich with promise. >> i just want to get up into heaven and kbro get thei don't bragging on myself. >> remembering george w. bush he passed away on friday. his body will lie in date and america will have a chance to pay its respects. it's 4:00 a.m. >> in a matter of hours president bush's body will arrive at joint bas andrews and then the u.s. capitol. he rests in this photo was taken late last night. his service dog in front of his casket. we have complete coverage of the death of president bush and how he will be t honoreday and layed to rest this week. >> melissa has a look at the roads for us. we begin with chuck bell and i
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know i saw a little bit of fog coming in this morning. >> it's a dense fog advisory for the next couple of hours for northern marylan but there's pockets of lower visibility around the d.c. m efrro area as well. enjoy the relatively mild weather we have around today. temperatures near this morning. our average high is 51. that does kouncount as a mild morning. low 40s for most of the weekend. with colder air settling in, it's all about getting moisture to come our way. as we get toward next weekend, snowy lovers s tuned. 38 in manassas, 54 in washington. daytime highs today in the 50s. clearing skies and afternoon brees coming our way. the rest of the work week forecast coming up.
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melissa, good morning. >> good morning. aspen hill southbound georgia avenue near connecticut has just one leftane getting by a water main break there. wee keeping you updated and we'll have more on this in just a littl bit. outer loop after 66, that work zone and loop after 4. the rest of thelt y looks okay right now. eastbound 9 before shady lane have a crash there and looking up tophe of belt way here, northbound on 295 a little slow as y're passing. aaron. >> melissa, thank you. this morninge' remembering president george h.w. bush's life and legacyf service to our country. the 41st president of tat united passed away on friday. >> his legacy of service went well beyond the presidency. he served two terms in congress and became an ambassador to the, unpent a year as director of
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cia and 8 years as vice president. he'll make his final trip to washington. there will be an arrivaler is moyer at jnt base andrews when his casket arrives on air force one. there will be another arrival ceremony there for the bush family and congressional leaders. he'll lie in state until wednesday morning. mourners will be allowed in at 30 tonight toay their respects. >> the funeral servicesill have a big impact on how you get around town this week. there's a list of all the roads that will be impacted by president bush's arrivaltoday. the secret service wants people to know between 3:15 and4: p.m. there will be extensive traffic delays on the side streets you see here o your screen. you can see the full list in the nbc washington app. search road closures. >> the former president's funera will be on wednesday morning at the national
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cathedra president trump ordered all federal offices closed so the nation can mourn. he was a faithful epicopalian. former president george w. bush will eulogize his father. president trump and all the living former presidents will attend along with more than 2,50 invited guests. he was raised in connecticut but texas.s home in yesterday the houston texans held a moment of silence before their game. they also played a video tribute to the president that was a big texan's fan. from the white house to texas flags are flying at half staff. >> in a statement, president trump called him man with unwaivering commitment to faith, family, and country. hers are remembering him not just as a statesma but a father and neighbor. they paid tribute to his love of
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colorful socks and near the faly's home memorials continue to go. james baker visited him the day he died. >> he looked up. he opened both he looked at me and he said where are we going? i said we're going to heaven. he said that's where i want to go. >> mr. bush's last words were spoken to his son george w.. bu he said i love you too. our coverage of the life and legacy of george h.w. bush willu continue throu the morning. you can also find moreat informion on our website nbc and on the nbc washington app. >> five mines of the hour, we want to take a look at our other headlines this morning,s today a historic day in prince george's county. newrs leap will take over there. she'll be sworn in as the first woman to hold t office of county executive. voters overwhelmingly elected her after servi two terms ass
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the stat toerp aattorney. >> developing this morning, a violent sunday in alexandria police are investigating two incidents, one of which involved an offir. lice say a man was found stabbed on executive avenue and a short time before that, an officer was forced to open fire on a man on north patrick street. police came across an armed man around7:00 last night. officers were in the area of a flood of calls from neighbors that said they heard gunshots. an officer ordered a man to drop his weapon but he instead pointed it at the officer. the inciden shook up those that live in that area. >> very concerning. and it lking my dog wasn't that late. and just to have that kind of violence taking place right outside your living room. >> the man is expected to survive. we're still working to learnna s at this point.
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the officer involved has been placed on leave and virginia state police have taken over investigation. about 2.5 hours later, police found a man thatad been stabbed on executive avenue. officers say he was stabbed in arlington and ran through alexandria. the victim is expected to rvive. no wor on who may have stabbed m and why. >> police arrested the perso they say shot a clerk inside a whole foods store.ic 28-year-old mel whatley jr. tried to rob a crowded whole foods on late sunday mornin there was a struggle. >> young man was heroic in ayying to defend himself. >> investigators the suspect hopped in a red zip car found just off minnesota avenue a few miles away. the cashier is going to be okay. >> it's 4:07.g, this morn officials in
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montgomery county are searching for an arsost. take look at this large shed fire outside of a home early yesterday morning in kensington. fire officials say the fire caused $70,000 in damage. >> now to a developing story that may impact your monday morning. angie at the live desk. >> good mornin to yo we just got off the phone with the washington suburban sanitary commission. making the emergency repairs to the big watermane breakelissa mentioned earlier. there's images of that break at georgia avenue and connecticut. news 4 is told that right now there's about 300 customers without water overnight. there was a water station for those .impact that all ended at midnight. so far no update, no plan to open up another water station as of yet. in addition to what missa said a few minutes ago, this is
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impacting commuters. many people use connecticut avenue to geto androm the beltway. if this is part of your coowute, fo melissa at first four traffic. we'll breakh in w any new information we get about those water stations. >> thel skins w close out this week of nfl action tonight in philadelphia. the team needs this win big time. it would push them out of the last wildcard playoff spot. kick off is set for 8:15 tonight. i may be a little tired tomorrow mornin i'm going tave to stay up for a little of this game. it's a big deal.ig but t another candle will be lit on the national menora. >> thousands attended the lighting ceremony for hanukkah yesterday. he participated in the event. the united states air force band
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kicked off the annual ceremoner yey afternoon. in his messag president trump honored the victims of the s octoberoting at a pittsburgh synagogue. 10 minutes after 4:00, we're showing youow to figure out which credit card may work best for you. >> the holiday shopping season is in full swi if you have small children to buy for. we have a warning for soyou. gifts may prevent your child's development. we'll explain. chuck. >> good morning. not much o a weather concern on your early monday morning. temperatures are on the mild side. a little bit of fog early. that won't last much longer. a look at the week ahead, coming up.
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take a lookhe at road damage here. much are delivered to the rts. food deliveries have not been disruptedy the quakes. >> back to school for children displaced by the deadly wildfires. in paradise, california, 8 of the 9 schools were destroyed or severely damaged. only a high school was sped. >> with the holiday spending season in full swing, a lot of shoppers are spending more than they should. >> consumers will buy more than last year and that might not be a good thlfg. f all americans are spending the pressure to spend
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more this year. the average shopper will spend more than $1,000 on gifts. some consumers will spend as much as theironthly rent on fts this season. >> the study found that men are more likely to overspend than women and millennials and ge gen xors will spend more than older americans. >> nf you're making out a holiday list for young kids, keep it simple. the american academy of pediatrics urges parents to avoidon elecs. they say the gadgets don't give kids parental interaction, and they'd probably rather play with the box. i keep seeing that. people posting pictures of their kids in the front yard
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huge box. >> or container. >> here's another reason to cross off digital toys off your list. health experts say they're not always more educational. instead they recommend toys encouraging imagination and role play. adding dolls, action figures, puzzles, and books to your list. rain fell on turday, but that didn't stop hundreds from taking part in the walk to end hiv. >> it's been going on for 32 years. they provide high quality, comprehensive health care for those effected by hiv. chuck and i had the honor to mc ece event and big thanks to chuck bellse we were we ied about the rain where had to postpone the event from the end of october. there was no rain. it held off. it was chilly, but it was fine. it was such a great day because
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it was world aids day and i tell you, the number of people that came out. >> look at the crowd running. >> there were a lot of people that came. >> mission accomplished. >>reat job, chuck. >> it was chilly. chilly is one thing. chilly and wet is another set of problems. >> exactly. >> did you enjoy the weekend, though. >> i did. i was in atlanta for the weekend where it was 75 and -- >> rub it , why don't you. sunday was a nice day. >> was it that warm? >> it got up to 74. >> i was hoping we wld get into the 60s here yesterday. >> it didn't quite feel that warm. no. >> the clouds never broke. andlt as a ret remained gloomy and chilly outside. i was fot a myself. especially since i was hoping for 60 and we have been talking about it for days. foggy start to the day today.
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a little bit breezier this afternoon. be ready for a bit of a north westerly curr visibilities are down near zero in parts of prince william county where it's the coldest this morning by far. only a third of a mile of visibility there. the highlighted counts here in northern maryland, tha is a fog advisory for the next couple of hours, but it's mild. most areas are at or above 50 degrees now. don'txpect this weather to last at all. a much colder weather pattern is on the way for the next couple of days. we might have a flurry late this evening or on wednesday butth e's no big storm coming our way during the course of the eeek. that might cha next sunday and monday. we're keeping a close eye on
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that. 61 degrees in southern maryland. that's the mild air that's around and it was here yesterday but without any sunshine we weren't able to warm up much. manassas, the lone col spot. that is why, the temperature has really fallen there in princeia wi county. so your forecast for today, fogginess around this morning and we'll be back into the 40s as we get into the evening hours. prably 5:00 or 6:00 this evening. the 5 day forecast looks this way. turning breezy today but not a bad one at all. 58. tomorrow, dry. 43 degre for a high tomorrow. so a little bit below today and noticeably below average for the rest of the week. cold. temperatures only around 40
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degrees and i could rule out midday flurries on wednesdaythut temperatures close to 40 degrees, that's cold enough to get a snow flake o two but not cold enough to accumulate anything and another shot of cold, dry a ler on in the week. more about that sunday-monday time frame and any real opportunity for snow coming up. let's go over toa, meli good morning. >> good morning. this is the situation with the water main break. that left lane, the only tgeng ing by the water main break. could be several more hours ompletely out ts of the way. in woodbridge, southbound 95 at 123. a crash reported there. 66 erall looking good. no big complaints. two things to point out. outer loop after 66, two right lanes getting by that work zone and inner loop after 4,
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pennsylvania avenue blocks in the right lane there's a lot of cards to choose from and they chl come from promises and rewards of w will give you the most bang for your buck. >> be sure to stickun a for news 4 at 4:00. your time is 4:21.
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and the sun isn't even up just yet. enjoy it. it won't be this warm or mild for long. >> plus we continue to follow ourto top s this morning. tributes pouring in for former president george h.w.. bush his body is heading here tod.c. today. how he's being honored and i'm alex trebek here to tell you about the colonial penn program if you're -85 and looking to buy life insuranceed on a fudget, remember the three p's.
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>> his body will be brought frot texas washington where he seed has the 41st commander in chief. >> the entirnu country con to mourn the loss of president bush. much more on how you can pay tribute and what to know about the motorcade that could cfise tr trouble over the next couple of days. first a check on traffic and weather. >> melissa will fill us in on how the roads areooking this
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morning. >> foggy start for many people across the news 4 station. it's going to be a dry day for today as well. there's a fog advisory for the next couple of hours across northern maryland but the thickest fog is in prince william county now where the advisory is not in place. as you're driving in, you could have reduced visibility for the ride in. still 54 at national airport and stilleg 61es this morning. but colder weather.


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